The Spectacular Star Kids

The Prophecy Begins

Chapter 2: The Prophecy Begins

Its been about a month since I have been training with Toadstool but it was worth it. I was finally ready to take my place as a student in The Black Dragon. We were walking to the dojo. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” she asked. “Sure as a green mushroom,” I said. We went inside. I saw all my other friends inside to support me. Saria was filming the whole thing. Chelsea and Kirby were thinking of a new newspaper article for this moment. “This is gonna be a scoop,” said Chelsea. “Who’s the girl with you?” asked Saria. “She’s my best friend from 7 years ago,” I said, “Didn’t you read chapter 1?” “Hey, careful with the 4th wall breaking,” said Saria. “Guys, I think we should just stick to the script,” said Izzy. “Daisy agrees,” said Daisy, “Daisy is really excited about this.” Master Yin and Instructor Sid saw me come. “I hope you’re prepared for this match,” he said.

“You bet,” I said. “Magnesium, step forward,” said Sid. Magnesium entered the ring. “Wait, that’s not fait,” said Toadstool, “He’s way above Nicholas’ level.” “Silence!” said Instructor Sid, “I decide who goes against who.” “I’m not so sure if I can take on this guy,” I said. “Relax Nick,” said Daisy, “Daisy has total faith in you. You can take on this guy.” I entered the ring. Saria turned on the camera and started filming. “The match will go on for 3 minutes,” said Sid, “Whoever remains standing will win the match unless someone forces someone else out of the ring.” The bell rang. “Begin!” said Sid. Magnesium came charging at me. I remember the step technique Toadstool taught me and got out of the way. “What the…” he said. He turned around and saw me. “Hello,” I said. He tried to tackle me again, and I jumped out the way. “No more Mr. Nice Guy,” he said. He tried to attack me, and I used my open/shut locker technique to dodge and counterattack him. “That was good,” said Toadstool.

“Finish him off!” said a student as he gave Magnesium a chair. He hit me with the chair. When I tried to get back up he hit me again and kept me down. He picked me up and threw me around. “Is that even allowed?!!” said Toadstool. He kept throwing me around. “Instructor Sid, stop this!!” said Toadstool. “Let Magnesium have his fun,” he said. I was thrown near the edge of the ring. “Kick his ass!!” said someone else. He was about to finish me off. I quickly did a sweep kick to trip him. He got up and tried to hit me again. He hit my face, and I stood there like a rock. “My turn,” I said. I kicked him in the face then tripped him again. “Why you….” He said. “Sweet move!” said Saria. Magnesium looked at her. “You stay out of this veggie princess,” he said. She flipped him off. He tried to attack me again and I dodged and jumped in the air and did a flying kick. I forced him off the ring. Everyone cheered for me. I went to Magnesium and gave him his hand. “You’re pretty damn good,” he said as he took my hand. “Ladies and gents give it up for our new champion, Nicholas Shay!” he said. Everyone cheered my name. Toadstool gave me a big hug.

Instructor Sid went to another room and we followed him. We were waiting for an answer. He looked at us. “Now get out of here,” he said. “Hold up,” said Toadstool. “What?” he said. “You said that if Nicholas could make 3 minutes with Magnesium, you would let him be part of our club.” “You don’t listen little girl,” said Sid, “I said free access to this dojo if he could stand 3 minutes, and he pinned Magnesium in 2.” “So?” asked Toadstool. “He’s not fit to be part of this dojo,” said Magnesium, “Now beat it.” “How am I supposed to prove I belong here?” I asked. “Not my problem,” said Sid. We walked out and another guy with shades came in. He tipped something over. “Really?” he said. As he went to pick it up, the guy with shades stole the money from a cash register and ran off. “Not cool bro!” said Sid. The guy with shades ran by us and I let him pass. “Stop that guy!!!” said Sid. I didn’t listen. “You let him get away you idiot!” said Sid, “How am I supposed to get my money back?” “Not my problem,” I said.

Suddenly we all heard a gunshot. Toadstool and I went outside and saw what happened. The master was laying there lifeless. “Oh my god,” said Toadstool. She went to him. “Master…” she said, “CALL AN AMBULENCE!!” All the students surrounded him. “Our master….. gone,” said Sid. He turned to me. “All because of you!!!!” he tried to attack me and Toadstool got in her way. “Leave him alone!!” said Toadstool, “This isn’t his fault!” “Hold your tongue!!” he said as he slapped her. I went to help her up. “That boy is a menace!” said another student, “And a murderer!!” “No he’s not!” said Magnesium, “If you hadn’t been so stubborn this wouldn’t have happened.” “Stay out of this,” said Sid, “And as for you! You’re banned forever!!!” “But I….” I said. “GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!” said Sid, “And don’t ever come back!” Fine,” I said as I walked away. “Nicholas wait,” said Toadstool, “I’m coming with you.” “If you leave, you’re expelled!” said Sid. “You can’t expel me!” said Toadstool, “I quit!” She went to go find me.

She saw me sitting on top of a building. “Hey,” she said. “Hey,” I said. “I’m really sorry this had to happen,” she said, “I really wanted to have you as part of our club.” “Yeah,” I said, “But I guess it won’t happen.” “That murder is still out there,” said Toadstool, “Somebody ought to stop him.” “Yeah,” I said. “I got an idea,” said Toadstool. “Let me hear it,” I said. “I can make you a costume and you can hunt down the criminal and bring him to justice,” said Toadstool. “Really?” I asked, “How?” “You’ll see,” said Toadstool smiling. Later I came out with some clothes and a mask. “This feels like Spider Man all over again,” I said, “But I like it!” Later that night we were listening to a radio for some crimes going on. There was a robbery at a market. I sprung into action and stopped the criminals. I looked at his hand and saw no eel on it. I ran off before anyone could see me. “Remember, the guy we’re after has a tattoo of an electric eel,” said Toadstool. “Who’s that guy?” asked Kirby. “I don’t know, but this would make a great scoop!” said Chelsea as she took pictures.

We spent the next few days hunting for the criminal responsible for the murder. We caught some of his lackeys but we didn’t see him yet. Toadstool was creating some kind of chain shooters. She did a test run and a chain shot straight at the wall. “Eureka!” she said. Later we were at the top of a building. “These should help you swing across rooftops,” said Toadstool. “Did you get this idea from Spider-Man as well?” I asked. “No,” said Toadstool, “Well yes…. But I also got it from the Shiekahs, who use magic chains.” I went to the edge of the building. “Here goes….” I said. I jumped off screaming. I pressed a button and shot a chain at the building and swung across. “Sweet,” I said. Another night, we stopped some more criminals, but none had the electric eel tattoo. A few days later I came out with a new costume. “Pretty neat,” said Toadstool.

Later that night we were at the top of a building waiting for radio responses. “Well, looks like nothing’s going on,” said Toadstool. “I guess so,” I said, “But we should still keep our guard up in case something tries to slip through our fingers.” “I’m gonna head in,” said Toadstool, “Don’t stay up too late.” “Sure thing,” I said, “Oh, Toadstool….” “Yeah?” she asked. “I was wondering about your hair…” I said, “It might be better short.” She was blushing. “So are you saying you like short hair….. on girls Nicholas?” she asked. “Better think of something,” I said to myself. “You’d just look better with short hair…” I said, “Not that you don’t look good now…. I mean…. Gah!” She giggled. “Thanks,” she said. “No problem,” I said. “I was gonna say the same with yours,” said Toadstool, “If you cut yours it won’t get so hot in that helmet, and plus no one would be able to grab it in a match, and also…” “I think I may need a haircut,” I said. “At least you’re honest and say it in a nice way. Have you heard the things Yumi says about it?”

Suddenly an alarm went off. We saw a car driving really fast and police cars chasing it. “That’s our guy!” said Toadstool. She got in her Arwing and chased after him. “I better go with her,” I said. I saw a building and shot a chain at it. “Here goes nothing,” I said. I jumped off and started swinging. I was about to hit the wall until I shot another chain at another building. I continued the method while trying to catch up with Toadstool. “How the hell do you steer this thing?!!” I said. I finally caught up with her. “I see you’re getting the swing of things,” she said, “Literally.” I saw the car. “Time to deliver the coup de grace!” I said. I jumped on the car. “What the…” said the guy with shades. He got out a gun and tried shooting me. I jumped onto a truck. “That was close,” I said. I jumped back on the car and punched the window and made him crash. I got out the way before I was hit. The man with shades ran off into a building. “There he goes,” said Toadstool. She got out her arwing and followed him and I went with her.

The man with shades was trying to find somewhere to hide. He heard footsteps. “Who’s there?” he said. He fired the gun. I snuck right behind him. “Ahem,” I said. “Words of one of my fav heroes, ‘if you’re gonna steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief’.” “Are you some kinda cop?” he said. “No,” I said, “But I do have a habit of stopping criminals.” He tried to hit me and I dodged. He tried again and I blocked him. “What the…” he said. I kicked him and he fell down. He got out a knife and tried to stab me, and I got out of the way. He threw the knife up and it got stuck on a ceiling. I jumped up and kicked him again. He fell and landed near a window and it revealed who he was. “You….” I said. It was the guy from the dojo, the guy I could’ve stopped. He got out his gun. “Bye-bye,” he said. “Stop!!” shouted someone. It was Toadstool. She jumped and kicked the gun out of his hands. It landed on the ground. They both ran for the gun. He managed to get it. “No!” I said. I ran to stop him from shooting her. He pulled the trigger but I kicked him making him miss and he fell out the window. We both saw what happened. “Damn,” said Toadstool, “Good kick.” “It was an accident…” I said. “Its ok,” said Toadstool, “Let’s just say he had a bad swim.”

Later I started heading home. I saw Toadbert outside. “Hey,” I said. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked. I suddenly remembered what I was supposed to do. “Oh my god,” I said. “Relax Nick, its cool,” said Toadbert. “No its not,” I said, “I told you I’d be there and I forgot.” “We all forget things,” said Toadbert. “I owe you an apology,” I said. “Calm down,” said Toadbert, “Its not that big of a deal. You don’t have to apologize.” “Yes I do,” I said. “You always manage to make things up for people,” said Toadbert, “Now chill.” “But still, I should’ve been there to help,” I said. Daisy came downstairs. “For god’s sake, Daisy can’t get any sleep,” she said, “What’s with all the ruckus?” “Nick thinks he owes me an apology for not being there to help me paint the fence,” said Toadbert. “And I do,” I said, “I should’ve….” “Chill out man,” said Daisy, “I think you’re a little defensive. Besides what were you doing anyway? Were you…… kissing girls in a bar?” I was blushing. “Was i….” I said, “NO!” “Sorry,” said Daisy, “Daisy may have had a little too much marshmallows.” “Well what were you doing?” asked Toadbert. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said. He got out an old costume I had. “Try me,” said Toadbert.

I took the next few minutes explaining to Toadbert what I’ve been doing with Toadstool and where I got all the technology and why I always go out at night. “I see,” said Toadbert. “Yeah,” I said, “So how much trouble am I in?” “You’re not in trouble,” said Toadbert. “Huh?” I asked. “Look, I don’t care that you’re fighting crime at night,” said Toadbert, “I don’t care that you’re always going out in strange costumes.” “You don’t?” I asked. “No, I care that you told me the truth,” said Toadbert, “As long as I know that I’ll be fine.” “Oh,” I said. “Look,” said Toadbert, “I know you’re trying to protect your friends with this secret, but secrets have a cost.” “You don’t have any secrets,” I said. “Everyone has a secret Nicholas,” said Toadbert, “Whether its one they keep or one that’s kept from them.” “Ok,” I said. I started heading to my room. “One more thing,” said Toadbert. I stopped. “I don’t mean to lecture you or preach,” said Toadbert, “And I know I’m not your father.” “Well that doesn’t mean you have to stop pretending to be,” I said, “I’d listen to your advice any day, and anyway, you’re a great dad.” He smiled and I went up to my room.

I was asleep and had dreams about the past and about some strange skull. I woke up from the dream. “What the hell?” I asked. I couldn’t get anymore sleep. I went up to the top of the roof and looked at the sky. “Trouble sleeping?” said a voice. I turned around and saw Sam. “Yeah, I…” I said, “Wait, how’d you get here?” “The front door was open,” said Sam, “And you should know me by now, I’m a powerful sorcerer. One sec…” (Narrator: What the….) (Sam: What the hell?!! You couldn’t let me appear in Chapter 1 of this godforsaken fan fiction?!!!!) (Narrator: I’m sorry but…) (Sam: Sorry? You’re gonna be sorry if I don’t make an appearance in the FIRST BOOK of the sequel of this so-called story!!!!!!) (Narrator: Yes Ma’am….) (Sam: AND STOP CALLING ME MA’AM!!!! I’m asking nicely, and by nicely, I mean I am going to turn you into a goomba and squash you if you call me ma’am again! Are we clear?) (Narrator: Yea ma’am…. I mean sir… I mean boss… I mean Poobah.) (Sam: Poobah. I like it. But DON’T EVER CALL ME THAT AGAIN!!!). “Now where were we?” asked Sam. “So what’s going on?” I asked, “You here with another mission? Trying to get me back into the world?”

“Trying to save it,” said Sam. “From what?” I asked. “I’ll tell you tomorrow,” said Samuel. “Bring your 6 other friends to my hideout tomorrow, and I will explain everything.” He disappeared. “This is one weird story,” I said to myself, “Almost like Power Rangers…. There I go breaking the 4th wall again.” “And you’re paying for any damage you did on the 4th wall!” said Sam from far away. The next day, Toadstool, Saria, Natalie, and I and the rest of my friends were heading to the location Sam told us to meet. “This looks like the place,” I said. I opened the door and it revealed a room. There was technology and things anywhere. “This almost looks like a command center,” said Daisy. Toadstool saw some writing in Japanese. “Ye who have the 7 Stars shall summon the Star Spirits from their slumber,” she translated. “How’d you know what that was saying?” said Saria. “I took Japanese since I was 4,” said Toadstool. We all took out our Stars and put them near a spot. They started glowing and lights appeared out of nowhere. 7 people appeared from the Stars and landed on 7 pedestals. The one with red hair looked at me. “Are you Nicholas Johnson Shay, the legend of Orphan City?” he asked me. “They know your name,” said Saria. “Yeah,” I said. “My name is Kasai,” said Kasai, “We are 7 spirits of the legendary Star Warriors from Star Haven.” “But you can call us Star Spirits,” said the blue haired spirit. “My first partner, Mizu,” said Kasai, “The Star Spirit of Water.”

“I’ve been stuck in that shell for way too long,” said Mizu, “Its great to be out again.” “How’d she learn to talk like that?” asked Toadstool. “We’ve spent the last few years learning Earth’s languages,” said Kasai. “I am Kaze, the Star Spirit of Wind,” said Kaze. “I’m Kage the Star Spirit of Shadow,” said Kage. “I’m Kaminari, and this is my brother Chikuyu,” said Kaminari. “We’re the Star Spirits of Thunder and Earth,” said Chikuyu. “I’m Shizen,” said Shizen, “The Star Spirit of Nature.” Suddenly a giant head appeared in the center of the base. “Come forward Star Kids,” it said, “I am Samuel, an intergalactical being who chose earth as my hiding place.” “I’m Nicholas…” I said. “You all have been told by Sam to come here and be told of a great legend,” said Samuel. Daisy saw something. “Wait a minute….” She said. She went to a curtain hiding a machine and saw feet. “AHA!” said Daisy. She ripped the curtain off.

“Sam?” asked Daisy. “Um….. Anyone wanna try the big voice?” said Sam. “Daisy knew it was you all along,” said Daisy, “I’m not stupid.” “Wait, if you’re so powerful then why do you need all this technology?” asked Saria. “You think they’d believe a kid would have all this power?” asked Samuel, “I have this thing for Theatrical appearances.” “Ok,” I said. “And the creator of this story and I made a deal,” said Samuel, “I promised not to hurt him if he gave me all this technology.” “Guys be careful,” said Daisy, “You might break the 4th wall again. “I told you the disguise wouldn’t work,” said a voice. Our from a shadow came a little star. “He’s so cute!” said Daisy. “I’m Twink,” said Twink. “Can we get back to business?” asked Sam putting the big voice back on. “Sure,” I said. “Why have you summoned us?” asked Toadstool. “To look for an ancient artifact known as the skull of a thousand fists,” said Kasai, “And you must find it before The Dry Bone King.” “The who?” I asked.

Kasai showed us some footage of what happened years ago. “Our home of Star Haven was once a powerful empire of peace,” said Kasai, “Each of its chosen people were born to grant wishes to all people with pure hearts.” “The Star Spirits set out with one rule; never destroy a planet,” said Mizu, “Until one of our chosen allies tried to defy this rule.” “His name forever more was the Dry Bone King,” said Kage, “He wanted to use an ancient artifact known as the Skull of a Thousand Fists to make an empire to rule the universe, but the skull’s magic backfired turning him into a man, made of bones.” “Ok,” I said, “I’m with you so far…” “We had no choice but to steal and hide it from him,” said Shizen, “We sealed it in a rock, but The Dry Bone King somehow found a way to launch it to your world.” “But luckily we managed to seal him before he could retrieve it, but it came at a cost,” said Kaminari. “We were turned into spirits,” said Kasai, “If he manages to escape his prison and finds the Skull, he’ll use its power to transform people into skeletons and build an army and wipe out the human race.”

“So where do we come in?” asked Daisy. “There was a prophecy that told of 7 youths who would be chosen to become the next team of heroes,” said Sam. “And each of you were born with special gifts,” said Kasai. Some strange watches appeared in our hands. “What are these?” asked Daisy. “There are your Star Morphers,” said Sam, “Use them to become the new team of guardians: The Star Kids.” “Princess Toadstool,” said Mizu, “You have been chosen as the Rising Water Star Kid.” “Saria Fate,” said Kaze, “You were chosen to become the Soaring Wind Star Kid.” “Natalie Clements,” said Kage, “You have been chosen to be the Fading Shadow Star Spirit.” “Isabella and Madeline Ciampa,” said Kaminari, “You were chosen as the Crackling Thunder and Rumbling Earth Star Kid.” “Your bond together makes you strong,” said Chikuyu. “Daisy Shay,” said Shizen, “You were chosen to hold my power as the Growing Nature Star Kid.” “It seems that you have been chosen Nicholas, as the Blazing Fire Star Kid,” said Kasai, “And as the leader of the Star Kids.” “Me?” I asked, “A leader?” “Yes,” said Sam, “There are reasons why you were chosen to be leader, and all the things you did as a child have shown that you were the one.”

I looked at my Star Spirit and smiled. “I accept,” I said. “So how do we find this skull?” asked Saria. “Many years ago during the battle of Orphan City, someone stole your hat and drew a map on Nicholas’ hat,” said Kasai, “If we manage to find the map, we can find its location.” “How’d you know about my hat?” I asked. “We’ve been watching you kids for quite a while,” said Shizen. “Right,” I said. “But be warned, there are forces that will stop at nothing to make sure you kids are out of the way,” said Kaminari, “And try to revive the Dry Bone King to destroy the world.” “You kids are what stands between them and world domination,” said Kasai. I looked at Toadstool. “Please tell me that you still have that hat,” I said.


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