The Spectacular Star Kids

Rise of The Dry Bone King

Chapter 3: Rise of the Dry Bone King

Some people were working at a construction site. “Hey!” said someone, “Look at this!” The others came and joined him. They were looking at a treasure chest with a skull in the middle of the chest. “What the hell is that?” said another worker. He touched it and was forced back. “We ought to get the professor to look at this,” said someone else. Some care from Gadd Science Incorporated came to the construction site. Professor Elvin came out. “Well looks like we have some paranormal activity around here,” he said. “What do we have here?” asked one of the people. “This chest has some strange power,” said a constructor, “The professor ought to take a look at this.” “I’ll start right away,” said Elvin, “Take it away boys. They brought the chest into a truck. One of the workers was disguised as a worker. He secretly placed a tracking device on the chest before he put it in. The car drove off. “What kind of world do we live in?” said someone else. Chelsea took a photo. “So many scoops in so little time,” she said. “I’ll say,” said Kirby. Later that night the chest was back at Gadd Science Incorporated. Some security guards were guarding the chest to make sure nobody stole it. Suddenly some strange light appeared releasing some strangers. A man in a cloak, a ninja-like woman, a ghost, and a soldier like man.

“What do I care about some stupid chest?” said the woman. “This is no ordinary treasure chest,” said the man in the cloak. “Well I say we ravage the thing and steal the treasure,” said the woman. “I’m with her,” said the ghost, “I’ll bet its food.” “Luggs, you eat too much,” said the soldier. “Says you Mill,” said Luggs. “Its Bill, Bullet Bill,” said Bullet Bill. A security guard woke up and saw them. “Hey,” he said waking someone else, “Take a look at this.” “No need to wake him,” said the man in the cloak, “In fact, you look like you could use a nap yourself.” He did some strange magic with his scepter and made both fall asleep. “Excellent work Lord Tatanga,” said the woman. “Thank you Julie,” said Tatanga. He looked at the chest. “After all these years of searching, the secret weapon is mine at last,” he said, “And now you shall awaken from your long slumber!” He used the scepter to open the treasure chest. It opened and revealed a bunch of bones.

Julie picked one of them up. “What?” she said, “You spent all these years looking for a tub of bones?” “Patience,” he said, “Watch this.” The bones started to go back to shape. It formed into a man with a strange suit. He cracked his neck. The Dry Bone King was finally free. “Ladies and gentleman,” he said, “The Dry Bone King is back!” “He’s so handsome,” said Julie. “Why thank you,” said King Dry Bone. “I am Tatanga,” said Tatanga, “The most feared sorcerer of all the land. I am honored to meet you.” “Too kind,” said King Dry Bone, “How can I repay the favor of setting me free.” “Are you familiar with the name Samuel of Star Haven?” asked Tatanga. That made him snap.

“I think he’s heard of him,” said Luggs. “He’s the reason why I was born with this curse,” said King Dry Bone. “Rumour has it that he is creating a team to stop my army from taking over this planet,” said Tatanga, “I want them eliminated to that my evil may once again reign supreme.” “It will be my honor,” said King Dry Bone, “Then I will destroy Samuel and his entire legacy!” “Finally, a real man,” said Julie. “Bullet Bill will serve you and follow orders as given,” said Tatanga. “Yes sir,” said Bullet Bill. The others disappeared. “So how do we take care of these new heroes?” asked Bullet Bill. “First we cause a little trouble,” said King Dry Bone. He summoned some Dry Bone soldiers. “Wreak some havoc in the city,” said King Dry Bone, “Bullet Bill will lead you.” “Yes sir,” he said.

The next day me and my friends were walking around Seattle. “So let me get this straight,” said Daisy, “We’re gonna fight a king made out of bones and find an artifact before he does?” “Looks like it,” I said. “This looks like a big responsibility,” said Saria, “We ought to take it seriously.” I saw some strange looking people running to a different location. “What’s that?” I asked. I went to follow them. “Nick?” asked Toadstool. She followed me. I chased them down to a corner and they threw me right back out. “Ouch!” I said. They all came out and faced us. “Whoever these guys are, they’re not friendly,” I said. We all started fighting them. Saria dodged each of their attacks without counterattacking. “Don’t you ever strike back?” asked Toadstool. “No need,” said Saria. “Its gonna take all of us to take out these….. Dry Bone Soldiers,” said Daisy. Someone else entered the fray. I recognized his face.

“Bullet Bill,” I said. “You remember me,” he said, “I’m touched.” “What are you up to now?” I asked. “You’ll see soon enough,” said Bullet Bill. He tried attacking me and I dodged using my step method. I kicked him and he blocked. He got out a pistol and I dodged his bullets. “You never learn do you?” I asked. He kicked me in the chest and I fell. I got right back up. Natalie was fighting off some Dry Bone Soldiers. She turned invisible and trapped them all in a force field. “Never mess with a ghost,” said Natalie. Izzy and Maddy worked together to face their half of Dry Bone Soldiers. Maddy did an earth bending technique to crush them and Izzy shocked some of her opponents with lightning. “That ought to do the trick. They formed back together. “Or not,” said Izzy. “Come on!” said Toadstool, “How do you take these guys down?” She noticed her Morpher started to glow. Mines started to glow as well. “What’s going on?” asked Saria. “Sam said these things would give us power,” I said. “So what are we waiting for?” asked Daisy, “Let’s do it!”

We took out our Star Morphers and raised them in the sky and started to transform. We found ourselves in colors or red (Me), blue (Toadstool), green (Saria), purple (Natalie), yellow and black (Izzy and Maddy), and pink (Daisy). The Japanese words for our elements were in the center of our costumes and we had on masks. “They did it!” said Twink watching us. “Well done Star Kids,” said Samuel. “Amazing,” I said. “So the prophecy has begun,” said Bullet Bill. We started fighting again. “So I see you can fight a little,” said Bullet Bill. “Stop babbling and let’s fight,” I said. We continued fighting. Toadstool fought some more bone soldiers. “I can’t believe this power!” she said, “Its amazing!” She kept fighting them. Saria used her wind powers to blow her opponents away. Daisy used her nature powers to create roots to help her in battle. “No wonder why nature loves me!” she said. We continued fighting them off. “You should just give up now,” I said. “I always like going out with a bang!” said Bullet Bill. He got out a trigger and pressed it causing a lot of destruction to a bridge.

“You have two choices,” said Bullet Bill, “Stop the villain, or save the people,” he said, “I’ll kill you another time.” He started to disappear. “Wait!” I said, but I was too late. “We gotta save those people,” said Saria. We all rushed to the bridge. We saw a lot of damage done. People were running to shelter. I saw a little girl looking for her mother. She was near a gas can near fire. “I better be careful,” I said. Something exploded catching the gas can. The fire was heading straight for the little girl. I jumped down and caught her before the flames reached her. I was somehow absorbing the flames. “Help!!” she said, “Someone!” “Calm down,” I said as I took off my mask, “I’m a human, like you.” The flames headed for other people. Saria did some movements and blew the winds away. “That should take care of it,” she said. Natalie was getting other people to safety with Izzy. A fire truck went out of control and crashed into a side. “The truck is about to fall!” said Daisy. Maddy rushed to it and grabbed it just before it fell. “Don’t you dare……” she said as she tried pulling it up.

I was helping Natalie get other people to safety. Maddy was still pulling the truck back. “Almost there….” she said. The ladder went down and a fire fighter was right on it. He fell off and was about to hit the water until something caught him. It was Daisy. “I got you,” she said as she pulled him up. Maddy pulled the truck back and it was safe. Toadstool washed away the rest of the flames. We all got back together after everything was taken care of. I brought the little girl back to her mother. “My baby!” she said, “You’re safe.” A lot of people saw what we did and cheered for us. “Who are you?” asked someone. I put my mask back on. “We’re the Star Kids,” I said. We transported to another location. “Those guys are heroes,” said the little girl. We were at the Star Hideout.

“Well done Star Kids,” said Samuel, “You have managed to use the powers of the Star Morphers and become the Star Kids.” “That was a fun experience,” I said, “If this is my destiny then I accept it.” My other friends agreed. We were all looking at Toadstool. “Well?” I asked. “Well, it was fun and all, but the helmet ruins my hair,” said Toadstool. She got out a knife and cut it short. “That’s better,” she said. “She looks even cuter now,” I said to myself. Saria and Daisy were looking at me with grins. “The time will come when you must reveal your identity to your loved ones, but until then try to keep it a secret unless they find out for themselves,” said Samuel. “You got it,” I said. I put my hand in the middle. “This is it guys,” I said. The others put their hands on mine. “Go, go Star Kids!!!” we said as we jumped in the air. King Dry Bone was watching us from a globe. “It seems I’ve underestimated these kids,” he said. “I’ll take these kids down next time,” said Bullet Bill, “The boy and I have a little score to settle.” “Patience,” said King Dry Bone, “We’ll get them in time.” One of his soldiers came before him. “Sir,” it said, “I overheard them talking about some kind of hat with a map.” “The map!” said Bullet Bill, “If we have it, we can find the Skull.” “Excellent,” said King Dry Bone, “Find the hat.” “Yes Sir,” said Bullet Bill.

Another day we were at lunch period. “This is amazing,” said someone, “I heard it 7 super heroes saved a bunch of people from a collapsing bridge. They call themselves the Star Kids.” “Looks like we’re getting publicity,” I said. “Yeah,” said Toadstool. “Don’t forget, we’re on a mission,” said Natalie. “Don’t worry,” I said. “What about the hat?” said Saria. “I gave it to Toadbert,” I said, “Its perfectly safe. Don’t worry.” “OK,” said Toadstool. “I got a call from the professor,” said Natalie, “He says he has a treasure chest he wants us to look at. It may have the answers to this Dry Bone guy.” “Maybe we can seal him back before he gets the Skull,” said Saria. “Alright,” I said, “We’ll go there tonight and find the chest.” “Good plan,” said Toadstool. “But why weren’t you chosen as leader?” I asked. “What do you mean?” she asked. “You’re the oldest, you’re the smartest, you’re the wisest,” I said. “True, but you have more wisdom and courage than all of us combined,” said Toadstool. “And all the things you did before helped us get this far,” said Saria, “You’re a great example of a leader.” I smiled and said, “You’re right,” I said.

Later that evening King Dry Bone was at Gadd Science Incorporated with Bullet Bill. “This is where my weapons of destruction were taken to,” he said, “But with me free, they will wreak havoc once again.” He summoned a scorpion-like skeleton. “Head out to the city and destroy everything in your sight until you find that Skull,” he said. The scorpion skeleton went off. “I’ll search everywhere until I find it,” said Bullet Bill. “Good,” said King Dry Bone. He smelled something. “It smells like…….. teenagers,” he said. We were at Gadd Science Incorporated. “This place gives me the creeps at night,” said Saria. “I’ll say,” said Daisy. Toadstool saw the chest. “There it is,” she said. We all looked at it. “There’s nothing here,” she said. “They may have the real chest at their headquarters,” I said. A security guard saw us. “What are you kids doing here?” he asked. “Um….. We’re looking for a skeleton man,” said Saria, “Have you seen one?” “Skeleton man?” asked the guard, “What the hell is that? Wait… did it look something like this?”

He took his skin off revealing himself as King Dry Bone. “Gross!” said Maddy. “Too kind,” said King Dry Bone, “I am the Dry Bone King, the most feared monster of all the universe, and soon to be ruler of this planet.” “Well pack your bags cause you’re going right back where you came from,” said Izzy. “Well, looks like nothing has changed over the years,” said King Dry Bone, “Teenagers are still trash talking to adults.” “You obviously don’t know who you’re facing,” said Daisy. “Is that so?” asked King Dry Bone. “Yeah,” I said. “We’re the Star Kids.” “So Samuel has some kids doing his dirty work,” said King Dry Bone, “Well meet my kids!” He summoned Dry Bone soldiers that looked like thugs. “Bone Thugs!” said Daisy. “Welcome to my nightmare!” said King Dry Bone. He disappeared. “What do we do?” asked Saria. “There’s room down there,” I said. I kicked one of them while the others ran. I saw a shovel and pulled the shovel part off. “Welcome to my nightmare,” I said. I started fighting them.

Some other ones went after my friends. Saria punched one of them in the gut. “Ouch,” she said. Izzy and Maddy worked together to fight a Bone Thug. Daisy was facing one. She stretched herself over her limit and tied it up then spun it around. “I forgot I could do that,” she said. We continued fighting them off. “These guys are tough!” said Toadstool. Chelsea and Kirby were watching us. “Is that Nicholas?” she asked. “Looks like it,” said Kirby. “This scoop is so epic,” said Chelsea. All of us kept fighting them until we reached a dead end. “There’s too many of them,” said Toadstool. “These guys don’t know who they’re dealing with,” I said, “Let’s do it guys!” We got out our Star Morphers. “Wait!” said Daisy, “Daisy thinks we may need a catchphrase.” “You have a point,” I said. “Oh, I got one,” said Saria. She whispered it in my ear. “I like it,” I said.

We did some stances and started to morph. “Go, go Star Warriors!” we all said. “Rising Water Star Power!” said Toadstool. “Soaring Wind Star Power!” said Saria. “Fading Shadow Star Power!” said Natalie. “Crackling Thunder Star Power!” said Izzy. “Rumbling Earth Star Power!” said Maddy. “Growing Nature Star Power!” said Daisy. “Blazing Fire Star Power!” I said. We noticed they were gone. “Where’d they go?” asked Toadstool. Saria saw one trying to run. “Careful, this could be a trap,” I said. Someone else was monitoring us. It was a robot from G.U.N. “Should we capture those kids?” asked a soldier. “No,” said someone else, “Let them do what they’re going to do first. We’ll pay them a little visit soon.” “Yes sir,” said the soldier. We were now at a construction site looking for those thugs. “Its pretty dark in here,” said Saria. “I can help that,” I said. I snapped my fingers and made a flame to light our way. We continued looking. “This game of hide and seek is starting to creep me out,” said Daisy. Toadstool got out a scanner. “Time to scan the area,” she said.

She saw someone coming. “There they are!” she said. They surrounded us. “Let’s power up!” I said. We started fighting them. Toadstool kicked one of them in the air. “You guys make me sick, sick, sick!!!” she said. “Come on!” I said. One of them tried to tackle me, and I used my step method to dodge them, then kicked them in the back. Daisy fought one of the bone thugs. She slid under them then kicked them in the air. “Its gonna be one messy night,” she said. “These guys are tough,” said Natalie. She shot force fields at them. “But they’re not bright,” she said. She and I surrounded one of them. We both kicked it in the face cracking it. Maddy was fighting two of them. “Two against one is a challenge,” she said. One of them got her and threw her down. “That does it,” said Maddy. She jumped and shook the platform causing both of them to fall. “Training with the gorons sure paid off,” she said. Chelsea and Kirby were taking pictures of us. “This is getting good,” said Chelsea. “We should keep this a secret though,” said Kirby, “Their identities I mean.” “Yeah,” said Chelsea. There were only a few left. “Star Kids,” said Samuel. “I hear his voice,” said Toadstool.

“Form your hands to make the Japanese words for your elements and you will receive your Star Weapons,” said Samuel. We did what he said. lights appeared forming into weapons. I got a sword, Toadstool got a staff, Saria got a bow, Natalie got claws, Izzy got Kantanas, Maddy got an ax, and Daisy got Sais. “Sweet,” said Toadstool. We continued fighting them. Toadstool used her staff to shoot water at her opponents. “Let’s see how its used in combat,” she said. She used it as a weapon and attacked some of them. “This is sick,” she said. Maddy chopped some of her opponents down. “I love this!” she said. We took some of them down one by one. Saria saw a crate hanging from a rope. “Now you’ll see why I got an A+++ in Archery,” she said. She got a magic arrow out and shot the rope perfectly making the crate drop. It landed on the dry bone thugs crushing them. We all jumped for joy in victory. “Awesome!” said Saria. I heard someone clap their hands. It was Chelsea and Kirby. “Its Chelsea and Kirby,” said Daisy.

“They know our names,” said Kirby. “That was a nice performance,” said Chelsea. “You kids shouldn’t be around here,” I said trying to disguise my voice, “Its dangerous.” “Don’t worry, we do stuff like this all the time,” said Chelsea, “Besides, you’ll need someone to direct you to battle.” “She’s right,” said Saria. “Besides, I know you guys,” said Chelsea, “You may have everyone else fooled but you haven’t fooled me, Nick.” “Well, I think you kids should…..” I said, “Wait a sec….” We powered down. “How’d you know it was us?” asked Daisy. “We’ve been following you guys since Chapter 2,” said Chelsea. “Chels, be careful with the 4th wall breaking,” said Kirby. “Let’s get outta here before someone notices us,” I said. We started walking back home. The robot was still there.

I was at home. “So I hear you kids got into a fight with some thugs,” said Toadbert. “Bone thugs,” I said. “Oh,” said Toadbert. “Toadbert, I wanna say something,” I said, “I wanna apologize right now in case it becomes a habit that I come home late and make you worry….” “Its expected cuz,” said Toadbert, “Besides, you’re a hero.” I saw he was watching Captain N. “I remember this,” I said, “This is the episode where Captain N faces Mother Brain.” “Yeah,” said Toadbert, “I can see why you like this show.” “Yeah,” I said, “I wish I was like him.” “You are,” said Toadbert. “How?” I asked, “I wasn’t able to save some people from terrorists in Brooklyn when I wanted to.” “Don’t focus on the past,” said Toadbert, “Focus on what happened now.” “Yeah,” I said, “I did save those people from a collapsing bridge.” “And that was just one of the things you did,” said Toadbert, “You managed to do many good things for everyone. That is what makes you a hero.” I went to the mirror and looked at my reflection. It slowly turned into my Star Kid Uniform. “You may not be Captain N,” said Toadbert, “But you are a hero by being yourself.” I smiled. “Remember that Nick,” said Toadbert, “Remember that.”

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