The Spectacular Star Kids

Search for The Skull

Chapter 4: Search for The Skull

The next day, I was at school secretly looking at my hat with the map on it. “Wha’cha looking at?” asked Natalie. I hid the hat and shut the locker. “Its just me,” she said, “Chill.” I looked around to make sure no one was watching. “If I tell you, you gotta swear not to tell anybody,” I said. “I swear, now talk,” said Natalie. “I brought the hat to school,” I said. “YOU BROUGHT…..” said Natalie before I covered her mouth. “SHUSH!!!” I said. “YOU BROUGHT THE HAT TO SCHOOL?!!!!!” she said with her mouth covered. “shh,” I said. “Why?” asked Natalie. “So they won’t smash our apartment to find it,” I said, “I’m gonna keep hiding it so they’ll never find it while we go find the Skull.” “Are you sure this is the right way?” asked Natalie. “Sure as pie,” I said. “Ok,” said Natalie, “If you say its cool, then I’m fine with it.” “Hey,” I said, “My ideas work most of the time. What could happen?” Something shook the ground and made a flagpole fall. “What the hell was that?” I asked.

We were looking around to see what was going on. Daisy saw a strange looking tail behind me. “SHIIIIIIT!!!!” she said. She threw something. “Calm down!” I said. The tail appeared in random areas and everyone was scared out of their minds. “Be quiet and settle!” I said. “What the hell was that?” asked Saria. Something popped out the ground. It was a scorpion like skeleton. It tried to hit me and then I got away. “Let’s get out of here!” I said. We all ran out the school. “We need some help!” said Toadstool, “We can’t morph in front of them!” “I know just who to call!” said Saria as she got her phone. The scorpion skeleton started shooting at people. “This is an emergency, I need to talk to Falco Lombardi,” said Saria, “I need to……” Some windows crashed and she got out the way. “I DON’T HAVE A GODDAMN CREDIT CARD!!!!!!” she shouted. She was talking to some random banker. “Ma’am, the attitude is not going to speed things up any bit at all,” he said, “I’m gonna need you to speak very clearly and calm.” “I’m a 14 year old girl getting chased by a skeleton!” said Saria, “This is freakin ridiculous!!!” Saria hid from the scorpion.

“Does anyone have a credit card?” she asked. “I do!” I said. “Thank god!” she said. “Where’s your wallet?” she asked. “Pocket,” I said. “Which pocket?” she asked. “My back pocket!” I said. “You got 10 back pockets!!” said Saria. “Left cheek!” I said, “Left cheek! Left cheek!!!” She found it. “Its Visa!” she said on the phone. “Also, have you heard of our premium package?” “What the hell would a 14 year old want with that?” she asked. She finally heard Falco on the phone. “Nick, its for you!” said Saria. She tossed me the phone and I got it. “What’s going on?” he asked. “I ain’t never seen this in my life,” I said, “We need your team at the battlefield ASAP.” “We’re on our way,” said Falco, “Send me a picture of this thing.” I sent it to him. “Unknown man,” I said, “If you seen this shit….” We went to a private spot and started to morph. We came out as the Star Kids. “We’re almost there,” said Falco, “What’s your status?” “7 man team north of red smoke,” I said as I threw a smoke bomb, “Attack right there!”

Falco and his squadron started firing at the scorpion. “Get down!” I said covering my friends from the fire. “Keep firing!” said Falco. The scorpion took tremendous damage. We got up when they stopped and still saw it standing. “No way, its still not down,” said Toadstool. “Alright, looks like we need to up the ante,” I said, “Blow it up.” More planes came and starting shooting. The scorpion couldn’t take much more damage. It managed to escape but the tail was torn off. “That takes care of it,” I said. Later people were being evacuated from the school. “This is all my fault,” I said, “If I had listened to you, this wouldn’t happen.” I got on my knees. “You did listen,” said Natalie, “You just did what you thought was right. Though it did involve some damage, but no one was hurt.” “Yeah,” I said. Principal Hare (Peppy Hare) came to us. “Sir…..” I said. “I know,” he said, “All that matters is that all the students are safe.” Toadbert came here in his car. “Thank god you kids are ok,” said Toadbert. “Why wouldn’t we be?” I asked. The Star Spirits came out. “They’re friends,” said Toadstool. I gave Kasai the hat. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” I said.

He scanned the hat and it revealed a map. “There it is,” said Kasai. He showed us. “Looks like its in the G.U.N fortress,” said Daisy. “How do we get there though?” asked Saria. Some soldiers entered the area where the damage was done. We put out hands up. “We’re doomed,” I said. “You’re not under arrest,” said another soldier. He came to me. “Are you Nicholas Shay?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said. “Well I need you to come with us,” he said. “You’re not taking him to jail,” said Toadbert. “He just said he wasn’t under arrest,” said Daisy. “We just want to ask him some questions about all this,” said the soldier as he showed us a badge, “I’m Captain Douglass Jay, one of the leading soldiers of G.U.N.” “Hi,” said Saria blushing. “Ok,” I said, “I’ll go, if my friends can come with me.” “We have intel on this thing too,” said Toadstool, “And you’re gonna wanna hear it.”

A robot came to us. “I’d do what they say,” it said. “Give the boy what he wants,” said Douglass. We got in the helicopter. “Be safe,” said Toadbert. We were riding to the G.U.N fortress. “This is gonna be one hell of a scoop,” said Chelsea. As we entered, we saw some soldiers in a line. “No wonder they’re so tough,” I said. We kept walking. “Over the past few days we’ve seen attack from skeleton soldiers, and you kids always fought them,” said Douglass, “We wanna know what you know about them.” “Ok,” I said. “Apparently they’re after some kind of artifact,” said Maddy. “And its called the Skull of a Thousand Fists,” said Izzy. “This leads us to the information of U.S.A 1,” said Douglas. “United States of America?” asked Natalie. “No, Unknown Super Alien,” said Captain Douglass. “King Dry Bone,” I said, “He’s sending soldiers to look for the Skull so he can transform people into skeletons and build and army to take over the universe.” We were at a room where the scorpion skeleton tail was. “That’s the thing we fought,” I said. “Well at least its dead,” said Saria. It suddenly tried to attack us. “I thought you said that thing was dead!” said Natalie. “How do they even get all this power from?” asked Izzy. “I think you guys may wanna see this,” said Toadstool looking at a computer.

We all came to her. “What’s this?” I asked. “This is the structure of the dry bone soldiers we fought a few days ago,” said Toadstool, “Whereas this is the structure of the skeleton soldiers we fought today.” “Ok,” I said. “They were far from the Skull so they weren’t as tough as I thought, but over the days they get stronger from its power,” said Toadstool. “In other words?” asked Natalie. “The closer they get to the skull, the more power they absorb, the more tougher they become, the more soldiers come and try to attack,” said Toadstool, “This may be why the dry bone soldiers are getting stronger.” There was a moment of silence. “Here’s what I heard,” said Captain Douglass, “Blah, blah, blah. Science, science, science, stronger. And all I need to know is that we need to keep them away from the Skull.” “You know where it is?” I asked. He brought us to another room. “There it is,” said Saria. We were looking at a Skull glowing red. The Star Spirits came out and soldiers got their guns ready. “Hold it!” said Douglass. “We are not your enemy,” said Kasai. “We need the Skull,” said Mizu, “The safety of this world depends on it.” They gave us the Skull. “What you do today will save this world,” said Kasai.

Something rumbled. “What was that?” asked Daisy. “They know its here,” said Mizu. Dry Bone soldiers were fighting G.U.N soldiers searching for the Skull. “Tear this place apart!” said King Dry Bone. Bullet Bill went around killing snipers. “We need to get outta here!” said Natalie. “You can drive my car,” said Douglass. He gave me the keys. “Sorry if I get a scratch on it,” I said. Maddy took the keys. “Hey!” I said. “I’m driving,” said Maddy. “I’m a month older than you and have more experience,” I said. “Yeah, more experience in crashing cars,” said Maddy. “Less fighting, more running,” said Saria. We all ran to the car. “Drive!!” I said. Maddy started the car and we managed to escape. Bullet Bill saw us. “I’ll follow them,” he said, “Tank! Let’s go!” his war machine turned into a tank and they followed us. “Some dry bone soldiers are following us,” said Maddy. I saw some guns. “I’ll deal with them,” I said. I got a shotgun and started firing at them. “Nice shot,” said Saria, “Why didn’t you join Archery?” “Didn’t feel like it,” I said. I kept shooting.

“We’re heading for a wall!!!” said Daisy. Maddy quickly turned but I almost fell off, and Toadstool got me. “Thanks,” I said. We finally made it to the city. “Alright, now what?” I asked. “We need to hold off those creeps while security comes to get the Skull, but keep them away from it,” said Saria. “Got it,” I said. The tank came to us and transformed into a robot and Bullet Bill jumped out. “We meet again,” I said. “This time I’m gonna kill you,” he said. He got out a gun. “Looks like its just us against them,” said Toadstool, “What are we waiting for?” “Let’s do it,” said Daisy. We got out morphers. “Go, go Star Warriors!” we all said as we started to morph. “Rising Water Star Kid!” said Toadstool. “Soaring Wind Star Kid!” said Saria. “Fading Shadow!” said Natalie. “Crackling Thunder Star Kid!” said Izzy. “Rumbling Earth Star Kid!” said Maddy. “Growing Nature Star Kid!” said Daisy. “Blazing Fire Star Kid!” I said. “Star Kids Unite!” we all said. “Take them down!” said Bullet Bill. Some more bone soldiers came at us.

I went against Bullet Bill. We started fighting. He tried shooting me and I dodged his bullets and kicked him. “Cheap shot!” he said. He tried to hit me and I dodged and grabbed his arm and threw him. He landed on top of a building. Saria was fighting the Tank. “Where do they get the giant robots from?” asked Saria. The ground started shaking. The scorpion skeleton came back. “You again?!” she said. “I’ll take care of this!” said Maddy. She started doing earth attacks and it dodged. “You’re tougher than usual,” she said. “That’s because its closer to the Skull,” said Izzy. She tried shocking the scorpion but it dodged the lightning strikes. “Take this!” said Maddy. She jumped up and punched the scorpion in the face. “That’s gotta hurt,” said Natalie and Daisy in unison. The tank surrounded them. “Hello,” it said.

I was still fighting Bullet Bill. “You don’t give up do you?” he asked. “Nope!” I said. I kicked him and he dodged. He tried shooting me and realized he was out of bullets. He threw his guns on the ground. “Finally some excitement,” I said putting my fists up. We started punching each other. He tried hitting me and I dodged. I remembered all the moves Toadstool taught me. “You’re good,” said Bullet Bill, “But I’m better.” He tried attacking me and I dodged again and kicked him. He tripped and got right back up. “Give me a real fight,” he said. He kicked me in the face and I fell on the ground. Toadstool, Saria, and Maddy saw an old car. “We can use this to find Nick,” said Maddy. Maddy started the car. Tank was right behind them. “Um I know you’re kinda busy but…..” said Saria. “STEP ON IT!!!!!!” said Toadstool. She started the car and they got away. “You drive, I’ll shoot!” said Saria. “Ok, I’ll drive you shoot,” said Maddy. “You drive and I’ll shoot,” said Saria. “You girls, I’ll shoot,” said Toadstool getting a sniper. She started shooting and the Tank robot didn’t get damaged. “Snipers don’t work,” said Toadstool throwing the gun off.

She got a machine gun and started shooting. It damaged the robot a little bit. “This should work,” she said as she kept firing at it. “Out of bullets,” she said. She got a shotgun. Maddy did a hard turn and the robot tripped. “That should slow him down,” she said. The tank got up and kept following them. Toadstool kept shooting. “This thing’s gotta have a weak point,” she said as she kept shooting. After enough shots, she saw a red glowing spot. “That’s it!” said Toadstool. She kept shooting until it started slowing down. After one final shot it finally fell down and shut down. “Nice shooting,” said Saria, “Let’s go find our leader.” I was still fighting Bullet Bill. “There’s only room for one of us in this town,” said Bullet Bill, and its time for you to go!” he kicked me and I fell off the building. “This is it!” I said. I just realized that I still had the chain shooters Toadstool gave me. I threw a chain rope at a building and swung. “Here I…..” I said before hitting a building. I fell down and landed on a car. The Skull made a soundwave. I kept running. “Did that asshole just dent my car?” said a woman. Chelsea and Kirby were watching from a building. “We gotta help them!” said Chelsea. She gave Kirby a bob-omb. “When we get to them, we’ll drop it on King Dry Bone,” she said.

More bone soldiers were showing up as I kept running. Something sped by me making me fall. Bullet Bill faced me. “This ends now kid!” he said. He tried to attack me, and I dodged. “That’s it!” he said, “I’m through messing around! Now you’re gonna…..” before he could finish his sentence he was hit by a car. “That’s the last time I trust you with driving,” said Toadstool. Everyone got out the car. “Thanks guys,” I said. I just realized that I didn’t have the Skull. “Where is it?” I asked. “Too late humans!” said King Dry Bone. He had the skull. “Wait….. how’d you get the skull?” I asked. “I……. how did I Bullet Bill?” he asked. “Beats me,” said Bullet Bill showing a chart of the battle so far, “All and all it doesn’t make sense.” “Oh well,” said King Dry Bone. “Give us that Skull!” I said. “Never!” he said, “Its power belongs to me!” He pressed it by his chest. He started to transform into a reptile like creature with a spiky back and sharp teeth. “Face me!” he said. I went after him. “Get everyone out of here!” I said. Captain Douglass arrived. “We’re too late,” said Toadstool. More Dry Bone soldiers came from the underground.

They started fighting them. I was fighting King Dry Bone. “You humans are all the same, weak and defenseless!” he said. He swung his tail at me and hit me. “But we’re still strong enough to do what’s right!” I said as I punched him in the face. “Now, that wasn’t nice!” he said as he kicked me. He spat blue fireballs at me and I dodged them. He punched me in the face and I fell. I quickly got back up. Saria was fighting some Bone soldiers. Chelsea and Kirby were still running with the bob-omb. “We’re almost there!” said Kirby. She kicked one in the face. “Out of my face,” she said. One of them grabbed her from behind. Douglass poked it. “Excuse me?” he said. He punched it in the face. “Why thank you,” said Saria. “Anytime,” said Douglass. I saw my friends were in trouble. “I gotta help them!” I said as I ran to them. “Oh no you don’t!” said King Dry Bone. He spat another fireball at me and it hit my arm, and I screamed in pain. I kept going. “Hey Boneheads!” I said. I jumped up. “Falcon PUNCH!” I said. Flames formed around my hand and turned into a falcon as I hit the ground destroying the bone soldiers. “You GOT to show me how you did that,” said Douglass. King Dry Bone faced us all. “You kids have interfered with my plans for the last time!” he said as he got out a sword, “Now I’m going to kill you all!”

“We’ll see about that!” I said. We did hand signs and got our Star Weapons. “Star Fire Sword!” I said. “Star Water Staff!” said Toadstool. “Star Wind Bow!” said Saria. “Star Shadow Claws!” said Natalie. He came closer to us. “Star Thunder Kantanas!” said Izzy. “Star Earth Ax!” said Maddy. “Star Nature Sais!” said Daisy. We started attacking him but he was too strong. I clashed my sword with his. “Let’s end this!” I said. We kept clashing at each other. “Foolish humans cannot stop me!” he said. He knocked me out of the way making me drop my mask. “Leave him alone!!” said Toadstool knocking him with her staff. She got out of the way before he attacked. “Star Kids,” said Samuel’s voice, “Combine your weapons together to create the Star Cannon.” “I’ll distract him!” said Douglass. The rest of us got together and combined our weapons to create the Star Cannon. Douglass was still fighting King Dry Bone. He knocked him to a corner breaking his arm. “HEY!!!!” I said. We started firing at him. The rays didn’t affect him. “He’s too strong!” said Saria.

Kirby was still carrying the bomb and tripped dropping it. It was falling to the ground. Once it hit, it exploded launching King Dry Bone in the air. “Good job Kirby!” said Chelsea hugging him. King Dry Bone landed in a pit. “Did we win?” asked Daisy. “I’ll check it out,” I said. I looked at the pit. A hand came out and punched me and I fell to the ground dropping my sword. King Dry Bone was still alive. He went after my friends. “Fire!” said Toadstool. They kept firing at him but he wasn’t affected. He kept coming towards them. I got back up and saw my sword on the ground. I grabbed it with my chain. “Keep firing!!” said Toadstool. “You humans are fools!” said King Dry Bone, “The only way to defeat me is to take the Skull from me, which will never happen!” He came closer and knocked the cannon out of their hands. He grabbed Toadstool. “And now you’re going to die!” he said. “Hey bone bag!!” I said. He turned around and saw me. “Heads up!!!” I said as I jumped down. I decapitated his head. Then I brutally punched his stomach and pulled the Skull out. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” he said as his voice faded away. “Game over,” I said. I kicked his body back down the pit, and as it landed it broke into tiny bite size pieces.

I went to help Toadstool up. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said. She gave me a big hug. “Thank goodness you’re ok,” she said. I hugged her back. I suddenly heard cheering. Some people saw the whole battle and were amazed at what we did. We put our hands up in triumph. “You make one great captain,” said Saria. “Captain,” I said then gasped, “Captain.” I went looking for him. “CAPTAIN!!” I said. I found him. He was still laying where I last saw him. “King Dry Bone….” He said. “Don’t worry, we stopped him,” I said. “Good,” said Douglass. “Let’s get you outta here,” I said. I tried helping him, but his arm was really hurt. “You’ll be ok,” I said, “I called for some soldiers to get you.” “Good,” said Douglass, “You might need this.” He gave me my mask back. “Those people were right,” said Douglass, “You’re heroes.” “Yeah,” I said. “I want you to promise me something,” said Douglass, “An old friend knows that you’re in Seattle, and she wants to come visit you…” “Colleen?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said, “If she ever figures out who you really are…… take good care of her, be there for her.” I looked at my old necklace of my friends from New York. “Can you promise me that?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said, “I’ll keep her safe no matter what.” “Good,” he said. Some soldiers came and helped him up. “You know she really……” he said before he remembered his arm was injured, “If I had any sense I’d mind my own business.” The helicopter left and I saluted them.

We were at the Star Hideout. “Well done Star Kids,” said Samuel, “You’ve managed to save this world and retrieve the artifact.” “It was nothing,” I said, “But it was fun.” “You kids sure make a great team,” said Mizu. “Well, we didn’t do it alone,” said Toadstool, “We had some essentials to help us along the way.” “Teamwork,” said Saria. “Courage,” said Natalie. “Wisdom,” said Toadstool. “And a great leader,” said Daisy. They all looked at me. “Thank you kids,” said Kasai, “You honor us and have the right to truly call yourselves heroes.” I set the Skull down. “If anymore monsters wanna take over our world, I’ll be ready for them,” I said. “You’re not going alone,” said Toadstool. “I’m with you,” said Saria. “You’ll need me too.” “Same with us,” said Izzy and Maddy. “Daisy’s here to help too,” said Daisy. We all put our hands together. “Go, go Star Kids!!!!!” we said as we all jumped.

A few weeks later we were at my apartment celebrating a victory. I was still looking at my necklace. “I’ll find you guys no matter what it takes,” I said. “Nick, come and eat,” said Toadbert, “Its great.” “Sure,” I said. Daisy was looking at her favorite T.V Show, “Paranormal”, then she heard something. “…..The story of the Star Kids….” Said a narrator. “Nicholas!!” said Daisy, “They’re talking about us on T.V!!” We all came to the T.V. “A group of 7 young heroes who were first seen saving people from a bridge,” said the narrator, “And managed to retrieve an ancient artifact and save our city from an evil skeleton general. All picture and videos of them were shot and posted by the Scoop Duo of Kirby and Chelsea.” We all looked at Chelsea and Kirby. “I told you this would make one hell of a scoop,” said Chelsea.

“Now that’s a story to be heard,” said Saria. “I’d call them the ‘Spectacular Star Kids’,” said the narrator. “Spectacular?” I said, “I like it!” Later I was walking around and I saw a star in red. In the middle it said “Great Leader” I also saw some people copying my moves. I felt like I started something new, like I inspired Seattle. I saw Magnesium walking by and had on a shirt with the Japanese meaning for fire. “I see you heard of them too,” I said. “They’re some pretty damn good heroes,” said Magnesium, “They make a good team.” “Yeah,” I said.

Later I was standing on top of a building patrolling the city. I saw police cars going by. I decided to jump into action. I jumped on rooftops and swung from some to catch up with the cars. My other friends followed me to join in the fight. “Oh boy,” said a person watching us, “If only you kids knew what you were up against.” This is my destiny, my gift, and my secret. We all have secrets, whether it’s the ones we keep, or the ones that are kept from us. I will always remember these words as I continue my path as a hero. Who am I? I’m a Star Kid.

Nicholas: Daisy wait! What are you doing?
Daisy: Putting the cast of characters up.
Nicholas: This isn’t a movie.
Daisy: Yeah, but they have a right to know the characters and their references
Nicholas: Go ahead
Daisy: Yay! Oh, you should fix that 4th wall, it can’t take much more
Nicholas: Oh god! (Runs to go fix it)
Sam: You’re still paying for the damage you did to it!
Nicholas: Oh Mama Mia!

Nicholas Shay: Blazing Fire Star Kid
Princess Toadstool: Rising Water Star Kid
Saria Fate (Reference to Saria from Zelda Ocarina of Time): Soaring Wind Star Kid
Natalie Clements: Fading Shadow Star Kid
Izzy Ciampa: Crackling Thunder Star Kid
Maddy Ciampa: Rumbling Earth Star Kid
Daisy Shay, Nicholas’ kid sister: Growing Nature Star Kid
Sam/Samuel the Powerful sorcerer
Kasai the Star Spirit of Fire
Mizu the Star Spirit of Water
Kaze the Star Spirit of Wind
Kage the Star Spirit of Shadow
Kamanari the Star Spirit of Thunder
Chikuyu the Star Spirit of Earth
Shizen the Star Spirit of Nature
Dry Bone King
Bullet Bill, the soldier (Reference to Bullet Bills from Super Mario Bros)
Kirby (Reference to Kirby from Kirby’s Dream Land) and Chelsea, the Scoop Duo
Mr. Luggs
Magnesium Kanoski
Professor Elvin Gadd
Master Yin
Instructor Sid
Master Yin's unknown killer
Falco Lombardi
Captain Douglas Jay (Reference to Captain Falcon from F-Zero)

The Spectacular End
Or is it?........

Some people were looking at an old experiment. “So this is Subspace,” said someone. “Yes,” said another person in the shadows, “We should make sure we don’t let the boy know we’ve been watching him. He may be connected to all of this.” “He won’t see us coming,” said another person. “Good,” said the man in the shadows, “When the time comes we will find him and see if he’s the one we’ve been trying to find for 14 years. Ever since that day my research on Project S.H.A.D.O.W was discontinued, I’ve been trying to find him, but one day I will complete my project on the Subspace Emissary.” “Should we keep monitoring him Master Jones?” asked someone. “Yes,” said the man in the shadows, “Keep an eye on him. And one more thing. Raditz Jones is no more.” “Yes sir,” said another person. “Call me…..” said the person in the shadows as he walked out of the shadows, “Black Shadow.”

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