I Promise

What the actual fuck happened.

James was about to kiss me. And I was going to let him.

Oh my... Merlin.

My head was spinning. And I couldn't pay any attention to Fred Weasley’s speech involving something about Quidditch. I was standing in the back of the small classroom we'd gathered in, trying to dissolve into the darkness around me. If the ground could split open right now and swallow me whole, that'd be great.

I let the world know I hated Potter every day and yet, here I was, being the biggest hypocrite ever known to humanity. How could I insult and shake my head at all the girls that had a crush on the guy and then almost go and... almost kiss him myself? I flinched at the thought of kissing James. How could I've almost let that happen? I groaned inwardly and tried my best to listen to Freddy. Ignoring Potter and Damian's stare from across the room was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.

Yes, even harder than accepting the fact that Trolls, Dementors, Dragons and other scary magical creatures actually existed, at age 11.

I could feel their eyes burning holes into my skull. But I could not, under any circumstances, lock eyes with either one of the two.

Apparently Potter wasn’t lying about the Quidditch meeting. The rest of our team had already gathered in the classroom. I might have been the only one they were still waiting for. But whatever. It wasn't like someone told me. Communication wasn't our strongest point.

We had to discuss our new practice hours and meet-up locations. The Hufflepuff house was (if I could believe Freddy) whining about how little practice time they had again, so the whole schedule had to be rearranged.

Bloody Hufflepuff. Taking the little free time I had away from me.

The awkwardness that was clearly hanging around me was almost suffocating me to death. I couldn’t concentrate on anything coming out of Freddy’s mouth because my mind was torturing me by replaying the incident with Potter of just five minutes ago.

After Damian had caught us standing so close to each other (almost bloody kissing!) I finally had enough functioning brain cells to push Potter away. I'd glanced at him in disgust and had to do my very best not to hit him in the face before I walked past Damian into the classroom to the rest of my team.

After Potter followed me into the classroom, it got really awkward. For me I mean, James on the other hand looked like he was floating on cloud nine. The git.

It was especially awkward because everybody knew we almost kissed.

Thanks to my so-called friend who couldn’t stop screaming at us to let go of each other because his fucking eyes were burning at the sight of us being so close!

What kind of a friend embarrassed another friend like that?

I couldn't look, but I had to know if Potter was looking at me. I just had to. And I couldn't ask Damian after he caught me almost doing something very very bad. I was probably not going to be able to look my 'friend' in the eyes for two weeks.

"Alice." I casually went to stand next to one of our Beaters, Freddy being the other one, to 'make conversation'.

She was listening very carefully to every word coming out of Freddy’s mouth. Something I should've probably been doing too.

She looked at me surprised when I approached her. "Hi?"

You see, I never really bothered to talk to people outside of my group of friends. A little sad if you thought about it, but I found it easier that way. The less people you knew the less feelings you had to deal with. Right?

How was I not in Slytherin?

Anyway, so Alice’s questioning 'hi' was understandable.

"I was just wondering whether you could do me a favor." I whispered to her. I tried not to move my lips and focused on Freddy.

She looked confused. But really, who could blame her. We didn't have random girls with creepy forced smiles and scary big eyes come up at us every day to ask for a favor now did we?

"Can you look at Potter - very subtly, please, he can't see you, and tell me what he's doing."

No I don't sound like a stalker at all.

"I'm not stalking him I promise, he's just... He uhm owes me money."

That's the first thing I could think of? He owes me money?

How original. And believable. Because sure, the boy coming from the wealthiest family in this school would borrow money from someone other than his parents. What a joke.

"Then why don't you just ask it back?" She sounded annoyed and by the look on her face I could see she was judging me big time.

Only twenty seconds into the first conversation ever and already labeled as a weirdo, great job, Ali!

"I can't. Can you just please tell me what he's doing."

"Fine." She sighed and stretched her neck to search across the room.

So far for being subtle.

We were here with only 7 people how hard could it be to find him? He wasn't exactly the typical wallflower. With his shoulders so lean and his length a few inches above six feet he put ever other guy's physic in the room to a shame.

"He's talking to Damian."

Well fuck. Damian was probably asking him about what happened before.

"Oh wait now he's looking over here. He's smiling at... me... wow."

Wait, what?

I turned to look at her. Freddy was completely forgotten. She was staring at James now, who was staring at us, smirking, along with Damian. Only Damian wasn't smirking. He shot me a look that promised me I was in for a good talking to later, which was a bit strange.

Damian wasn't like my older protective brother, Louis was more fitting for that title. He was the one who always pushed me into doing stupid things with him, like getting drunk or jumping in the Black Lake at night, he was the kind that liked to live his life to the fullest –crazy, fun and dangerous. The guy you didn't want to bring home to your parents. Not that he encouraged me to do extreme things like sleep with random strangers or jump off of high buildings. He just didn't like to tell people what not to do. So imagine why I was so surprised at his reaction.

I tried to ignore James and Damian for the last few minutes of Freddy's speech. Apparently, another reason why we were here, was because we needed to sort out our gaming gear. If we wanted to win from Slytherin, our first opponents this school year, we'd need new stuff to play with. I had to admit; I was pretty excited the school had finally decided to grant Gryffindor permission to buy new materials. I loved a new stick between my legs now and then.


Well, you know what I meant.

“Now I’ll give the word back to our captain, he’ll tell you guys a little bit more about practice hours. James? If there aren’t any more questions? No?”

Freddy looked over the room very briefly, which was why he didn’t see my hand shoot in the air.


“Oh, yeah, Ali. What’s up?”

“I was wondering,” I heard a few of my teammates grown, including Damian and Potter, so I shot them the finger and continued (yea, we were a very caring and close team). “why couldn’t we have this meeting in our common room? We’re all from the same house.”

“Martins,” it wasn’t Freddy who responded to my question. Because the one saying my name sounded nothing like Freddy’s calm and warm voice. More like as if he’d just woken up (or had just taken a jab in the throat). Guess who that was. I smirked when I thought back about the incident before the other terrible, almost-life-changing incident. His voice was still rough and deep around the edges. He was still in pain. Only he didn’t show it.

“How long have you been on this team?”

I didn’t want to answer to Potter’s question, he didn’t deserve the satisfaction of talking down on me. I hated how he always had to remind me that I was the newbie -even though I'd been on the team for over a year- and that he was the one who let me in.

If our teammates weren't looking at us, holding their breath, I would’ve just shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes. But they were.

Yeah, this ‘tension’ that Potter and I had between us was no secret at our school. Everybody knew that a conversation between Ali Martins and James Potter was something worth watching because one of the two –usually this being Potter- had to walk away humiliated and defeated.

Only James never seemed to understand that he was the one losing every time.

“Long enough.” I clenched my teeth and immediately cursed myself for opening my mouth in the first place.

Potter quickly touched his cousin on the back, making him clear that he could take it from there and Freddy stepped back. “Then you must already know that not everybody can be trusted. Yes, the people around us in the common room are all Gryffindors and I’m sure they want us to win just as much as we do, but you can’t. trust. anyone.” His last three words lingered in the air a second longer than necessary, as if he was explaining something to a small child.

“You think our housemates would go running to the other teams and expose our strategies?” I crossed my arms over my chest and shifted my full weight to one leg, showing him that his ‘talking down on me’ was not having any effect on me whatsoever. “Some faith you have in your housemates.”

James placed both of his hands on a table in front of him to support his body when he leaned down. He looked me in the eyes even though I was standing a good 7 feet away. “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t share my strategies with anyone. Not even my team. But seeing as I can’t play alone, according to the rules, I have no other chose but to train all of you in order that I can win.”

Dead silence.

The person who assigned Potter as our Captain last year needed a serious visit to the St Mongu’s hospital for a brain check. What happened to team play and team spirit? I mean, two of his teammates were his friends! One of them was even related to him! How could he talk about us like this, in our face.

Now you understand why I hated the git?

“You’re a prick, you know that?”

He smirked and pushed himself off of the table, running a hand through his messy black hair for no reason he said; “Told me a solid hundred times. Now are there any other questions?” Potter asked looking around. “and if there’re just as stupid as Martins’ I would advise you to just keep your mouth shut.”

If I weren’t so angry, my mouth would've probably been touching the floor right now. How could he talk to his team like that and expect us to win every match? Potter had been our captain for almost two years now and everybody considered him to be a Quidditch god. Yes, he was a very good player, and yes, we almost won every game with him as our captain but the whole ‘team spirit ting’ was absent.

Every time we played, it was like we played on our own. We happened to be good at it… seeing as we won the cup last year but I was certain that one day this whole thing would turn around and bite us all in the ass.

I mean, it was practically as if I played with strangers. Besides Damian, there was no one of my teammates I ever had a decent conversation with. The only thing I knew about Chirs Arden, our Keeper, was that he failed most of his O.W.L.s. last year and now had to repeat his fifth year. And that he had a slightly crooked nose because of a Bludger that hit him several times on the nose. Alice… was aggressive once she had a bat in her hands but aside from that she appeared to be very quiet and innocent. Freddy had a calm voice, a tanned skin and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. So all I knew about him was that he was pretty attractive and my best friends' cousin. Potter was a prick. And Spencer I had no comment on. I didn’t know her at all. The only thing I ever saw her do was flirt with James and score some killer goals on the pitch. I swear the only reason why she even tried out was to be closer to him (the fact that she was an awesome Chaser just helped her get in).

I looked around to see if any of the others were just as much in shock as I was. The first one I looked at was Damian, he just rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulder and mouthed “typical” at me. Alice right next to me was staring at the floor, was that a whimper I heard? Chris and Freddy were the only ones that looked really annoyed by what James had said and Spencer was staring at Potter’s lips while twirling her hair.

I couldn't believe I let those lips almost kiss me.

I disgusted myself.

“I guess the silence means there are no more questions. Good.” Potter turned towards the open classroom door, pulled his wand out of his back pocket and summoned something from the common room.

I didn't get how people could keep their wands in their back pockets. Weren’t they afraid that it’d break once they sat down? I closed my hand around my 12 inch long wand -just to check if it was doing alright- and looked away shivering when I realized I was still staring at Potter's back pockets.

But seriously, I shouldn’t be surprised. James didn’t care about breaking anything because he took everything for granted. ‘Broke my wand? Oh no big deal, mommy will buy me another one.’ ‘Lost my wallet in Hogsmeade? No worries, there were just 200 Galleons in there.’ ‘Oh shoot, the newest Nimbus came out, but I still have this one-month old broomstick.’ His parents could probably buy him a hundred new wands without batting an eye. His father was Harry Potter for god’s sake.

After about half a minute of complete silence, Spencer’s two glances at Potter’s behind and Damian’s incessant sighing, a small black book had finally arrived.

That genius little book. All his game tactics were writing down in there, if anyone outside our group ever got their hands on it, we were screwed.

“You summoned that here? What if someone had caught it?” Chris was no longer standing and instead took place at one of the tables in the front. He was tiredly rubbing his forehead.

I feel you bro, I’m sick of this too.

Potter shot him a blank look, “I charmed it. Obviously.”

He motioned for us to gather around him and the book, so we did. I left my safe place from across the room and strutted towards him, keeping my eyes glued to the floor. I was planning on standing at least three feet away from Potter, but when I walked past him he gently grasped my hand and put me to a halt right next to him. I was shocked at how soft his touch was and looked him in the eyes surprised. “I need to talk to you. Stay by my side.” He quickly whispered before anyone could hear him.

I didn’t have time to push him away or even ask why because within two seconds everybody had gathered around us, leaving me with no other chose but to stand next to him.

I shot my eyes to the ceiling and groaned inwardly. Of course, thank you Merlin. Finding this funny yet? Say hi to my goldfish Squid for me up there will ya? It's been a while.

“In a few weeks we play against Slytherin.” The minute Potter started talking I realized he still hadn't let go of my hand under the table. And that he probably was not planning on letting go of it anytime soon.

Oh hell no.

“I have a good feeling about this because it’s my brother’s team, and I know practically all of his weaknesses.”

My eyes widened when his thumb started caressing the back of my hand. Was he kidding me right now? I tried to pull my hand from his but he only gripped it even tighter, interlocking our fingers.

I turned to his direction, “Potter!” I hissed before thinking twice.

James looked at me with a confused jet amused expression on his face. I was startled for a second when I noticed how close his face was to mine. I could just count the green specks in his eyes from this distances. It was a small table, so we had to squeeze ourselves around it in order to see anything in the book. This was what he was getting at, he wanted to make me look stupid in front of our teammates.

"Yes, Ali?”

“I mean…” I eyed the people standing around us who were not aware of what was happening under the table. They looked confused. “Uh, it’s nothing. Never mind.”

I gestured for them to keep their attention back on the book with the one free hand I had. Under the table I dug my nails in the back of Potter's hand as revenge for making me look stupid. He flinched, and I could swear I heard him curse under his breath quietly.

When I caught Damian’s confused eyes following both my and James’ arm disappear under the table, I pretended that nothing was wrong.

Potter shot me a quick sidewise glance, but because he focused his eyes so fast on the book again it was impossible for me to read the message he was trying to send me. “I’ve already planned everything out. We will go over the basics today so that tomorrow we can really start practice.”

James squeezed my hand under the table, “We’re going to crush Slytherin.”

I sighed when James still didn’t let go of my hand after the fifth try. I should be sitting in the common room right now, surrounded by my close friends and laugh at the little things going on in our lives. But no, instead I was here. Interlocking my fingers with the biggest jerk I knew against my will whilst discussing Quidditch tactics.

I guess the universe really was against me.


There were a lot of perks to being a sixth year Hogwarts student. We officially became adults in the wizarding world –which meant that we were old enough to be taken seriously but still young enough to make stupid mistakes- and we still didn't have to worry about what we were going to do with the rest of our lives for one more year. But the biggest one by far were without a doubt the many free hours.

Which were granted to us supposedly to study for our N.E.W.T.s but come on… who were they kidding.

Being friends with Rose Weasley also had its perks. She was smart (which was a great help for average students like me) but most of all, she was a Prefect. So we knew almost every passage in this castle by heart. Almost every one, we still came across secret passages on a weekly bases. It was scary how big this castle was sometimes.

“There’s no way we’ll ever find it.” Nell’s voice was muted due to the large pile of books, empty bottles and jewelry stacked on an old chair that was separating us.

“I’m telling you, it’s here.” Even though I couldn’t see him, I could hear Damian walk past the many other similar piles of rummage.

I turned to Rose, “Why did we come here again?”

We were in The Room of Hidden Things, wasting the precious free time I was just on about on looking for an ancient closet.

Yes, you heard it right. A closet. Such a fun way to start the weekend.


Damian was just too stubborn to let things go. The hour right before this free period we were practically dying in History of Magic. Half of the students were drooling away on their closed textbooks, fast asleep the minute they entered the class. It wasn't like professor Binns cared. He was too dead to even notice.

Even though about 90 percent of the students were not listening to a word coming out of professors Binns’ mouth; I was. History of Magic wasn’t my favorite class by a mile but I did like to absorb as many stories as I could about the history of our ancestors. I grew up in a Muggle family, when I came here… I had zero to none experience with magic, let alone our history.

I found the second Wizarding War one of the most interesting topics, but seeing as it was our parent’s generation who fought in the war, most of the students already knew everything and couldn't help but fall asleep.

Until he mentioned Draco Malfoy’s Vanishing Cabinet. Well, technically it was not Draco Malfoy’s but he was the one who used it during the war to transport several Death Eaters from the dark magic shop Borgin and Burkens to Hogwarts.

So… you might wonder what all this had to do with the fact that we were in a half burned down room that seemed to have no end to it. Well, Damian was looking for said cabinet. Because the dingus claimed to have ever seen it in here when he was hiding some books (and we all know that by ‘books’ he meant Firewisky) whilst professor Binns assured us that it was burned down because of the cursed fire that Vincent Crabbe had let loose.

But why did we fucking care?

I didn't know. Damian was just a stubborn piece of poop who liked to prove people wrong.

“Guys, let’s do something else. Something fun!” I had to raise my voice in order that Nell and Damian could hear me.

They didn’t answer. Not even Rose who was standing only six feet away, checking out a dozen empty potion bottles.

“Great, nice friends I have!”

“Oh come on Ali, this can be fun too. Do you have any idea how much history there is in here?” she turned to me with two bottles in one hand and a book pressed against her nose in the other. “I can literally smell the past!”

I wrinkled my nose and walked to a sword I had seen laying around on a small tin table. It was the only thing that looked remotely interesting in here.

I guessed you could say that, *puts sunglasses on she'd conveniently stored in her back pocket whilst raunchy background music plays*, I was only attracted to the dangerous things.


God I was an idiot.

"All I smell are ashes and burned skin.” I complained.

“Burned skin? How is that even possible?” Nell appeared from behind a pile of books with a disgusted look on her face. She didn’t want to be here either.

I picked up the sword and flipped it around. I didn't notice anything special to it until I saw the Arabic inscriptions on the back. I guessed Rose was right. There was a lot of history in this room. "Crabbe died here." I focused my attention back on Nell. "He never came out if I may believe Rose’s parents.”

I noticed Nell freeze in her spot and couldn't help but let a small smile form on my lips. Nell was really, really gullible. She believed anything as long as you sounded just a bit convinced of what you were selling her. “They say this place is haunted now.” I lowered my voice to a scary tone, playing with the sword in my hand.

“Right after the war was over, a group of five students came back here to see if the stuff they hid here wasn’t ruined.” I spun the sword on the tip of my index finger while talking really slow. “The five of them decided that it was better to split up, so that they could find their stuff faster. Some said they heard it. You know,” I traced the blade with my index finger, being very careful not to hurt myself. “the screaming. One of them even said he saw Vincent Crabbe.” I stopped talking because I had no idea where I was going with this story.

“Guess how many of them came out alive?” I looked up from the sword to meet Nell’s scared face. she had wrapped her arms around herself tightly, her eyes fixated on the silver sword in my hands, a hint of fear in them.

“I- I don’t know…”

“Ali stop it you’re scarring her.” Rose came from behind me and grabbed the sword out of my hand to place it back on the table.

Thanks for killing off the little fun I was having Rose.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “All five of them came out alive actually. I was just messing with you.”

“Very funny Ali. I hate when you do that.” Nell groaned frustrated and let her arms fall back against her sides.

“You shouldn’t believe everything people tell you. I was doing you a favor.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes, “Whatever.”

“I’m serious! You're not 12 anymore you should know when someone's not being honest with you. Change'd do you good."

I didn't mean for it to come out as harsh as it did, especially since it was Nell who I was talking to. The Nell that cried every time she just heard the words 'poverty' or 'starving children'.

“Some build op frustrations you have there, Ali.” Rose pulled an old chair that looked like it was used one too many times from under a pile of books –which tumbled to the floor but she didn’t seem to care- and sat on it.

It was official, the three of us had stopped looking for the bloody Vanishing Cabinet. Damian was on his own now, and I could easily promise you he hadn't even noticed we hadn't followed him.

"So you're telling me that I should change myself?" Nell raised both of her eyebrows at me, challenging me to explain myself further.

I shrugged, crossing my arms over my chest. "Though love. Growing up means learning to accept new things. Or to let old things go. Especially if those old things don't even care for your existence."

I honest to god had no idea how I managed to turn the subject from Vanishing Cabinets to Nell's crush on James Potter. Neither did I know why I did it.

The room fell silent.

Nell started shifting her weight on her legs uncomfortably, and I could clearly see the faint blush that was forming on her pale cheeks. It was obvious to most of us that Nell had a thing for James but everyone always ignored it because of the weird dilemma our group was in. Since Louis had a thing for Nell, and Nell had a thing for James, whilst James couldn't stop hitting on me, we all found ourselves in a very awkward situation that was never spoken about out loud. Until I just did.

Rose glanced at me, trying very careful that Nell wouldn’t see the messages she was sending me.

What the hell are you doing?

I tried to answer her, but I could only say so much with just my eyes.

I'm trying to finally make her speak up. I'm sick of it.

After that Rose and I just stared at each other, her eyes wide and her hands balled into fists by her side. She wasn't mad at me for bringing this up, that was actually Rose's nervous look. This conversation was long overdue and we both knew it. It was just a bit nerve-wracking to confront your best friend about their secret.

Finally, after what felt like an hour, Nell sighed and took a few steps back to lean against a wooden desk. Defeated, she let her eyes drop to the floor.

"I hate that I like him." She whispered.

I decided to keep my mouth shut for a minute and let Rose do the talking. Because the only things I could think of saying were insults towards her ridicules crush.

“You should've told us you liked James.” Rose whispered.

The minute those words left Rose’s mouth, I felt awkward. I didn’t like talking to Nell about dating or anything boyfriend related since fourth year. The sucky part was that James didn’t even care about her, or her existence, because he was too busy flirting with me –or better jet, annoying the crap out of me constantly. Which meant that I could never complain or mention Potter’s name in front of her.

Nell made a noise that sounded like something between a snort and a laugh, surprising both Rose and I with her nonchalant behavior. "How could I? He's your cousin, which makes things just super awkward," she focused her gaze on me. "And he's too hung up on you."

I looked away, feeling the guilt build up inside of me suddenly.

"You know you can tell us anything regardless." Rose answered and I nodded my head in agreement.

Nell looked at her hands in her lap and let out a soft sigh. I hated seeing her like this and not being able to do anything. "I don't want to be just another girl that likes him."

"You're not just another girl. He's just another asshole." I replied easily.

Because she wasn't. Nell was beautiful inside and out. Her hair was this rich shade of mahogany-brown that ended right above her shoulders. And her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-green that seemed to always brighten the world. She was so much more than those over hormonal bimbos that followed Potter around.

Nell laughed. "I wish I could be as cold as you, Ali."

Well, ouch. I guessed I deserved that one.

"I just can't help his..." Nell trailed of, thinking of a word to fill in the blank.

"Charm?" I offered, taking a step closer to my two best friends. "Trust me, you'll get immune to it eventually."

“We're your best friends, you can tell us everything.” Rose said, looking her in the eyes with those kind and warm eyes of hers.

"It's not that simple." I cringed when her voice broke. Oh god it felt like we were accusing a little kid for doing something bad. "I love you Ali, I really do, and of course you are more important than any guy in this world but... every time when he's around you.. and he literally throws himself at you and you just insult him... I can't help but get a little frustrated."

I bit my lower lip, not knowing what to do or say. I couldn't tell her that he was just an arrogant manwhore, or that he was only interested in getting into my pants because I was the only girl to have ever rejected him. That would only make her believe that I was an ungrateful bint (not that I should be grateful for having Potter practically stalk me every day, but you know, to her I should be).

Neither of us said anything, so we let the awkward silence creep up on us. At some point it became so silent that I could hear Damian curse in the far distance.

You’re not going to find the damn thing, give up already.

“You know what? Screw James! Wait no I mean-" Rose broke the silence and made us laugh because of her slip up, turning the tension back to a normal.

"You know, you shouldn't get frustrated anymore." I stopped talking and looked at Nell, expecting for her to interrupt me but she let me finish. "If there's one thing I can tell you for sure, it's that I'll never fall for the sod."

She raised one eyebrow at me, a small smirk playing at her lips. "I don't know about that... he can be really sweet if he wants to."

"No, I promise you-"

"Stop, Ali, you don't have to promise me anythi-" Nell raised her hands to make me stop talking, but I just continued.

"I promise that'll never fall in love with James Potter."

There, I said it. There was no turning back from it now.

Nell just smiled and shook her head. "Whatever you say."

I had to admit, I never liked making promises. You could never predict what would happen in the future, things always changed, people changed and time went by. On the other hand, I knew this was about Potter. And my friendship with Nell was much more important to me. I was promising not to let him get into my head -in other words, I was promising my best friend I was never going to fall for the overrated bad boy. A promise I was a hundred percent sure of I was going to keep.

“Well then... enough sharing for today, let's get Damian and get out of here." Rose suggested.

"No need. I'm already here."

I turned around to look into Damian's familiar brown eyes. He was leaning against a pile of rummage, his arms crossed over his chest, looking at the three of us. He looked frustrated to say the least.

I cringed inwardly when I realized he must've heard what I promised Nell. At least he wasn't planning on telling the others about what happened, or almost happened, between James and I yesterday.

“Giving up on the cabinet?" Rose grinned at our tired friend.

He shrugged the one shoulder he wasn't leaning on. “Binns can stick it."

“Are you sure you weren’t too drunk to remember?" I asked.

He narrowed his eyes at me, taking his bottom lip into his mouth. "I wasn’t drunk.”

I rolled my eyes at him, “We’re supposed to believe you were hiding books? Damian, you don’t read, you drink.”

Damian cocked his head back and placed a hand over his heart, a small smile playing at his lips. “I'm slightly offended," his right arm reached behind his back and he grabbed something. "But that doesn't make it less true."

We all laughed and rolled our eyes when he opened a bottle of Firewisky.

"Now let's turn this shitty Friday afternoon, into an unforgettable Friday night."

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