Brother Dearest

It was unforgettable alright.

I woke up the next morning with the worst case of headache in the world, morning breath you could probably smell from miles away, the same jeans I wore last night and a missing shirt.

Only the funny thing was; I'd forgotten everything about last night.

So much for it being unforgettable.

"ROSE!" I screamed, immediately regretting doing so and covering my ears from the loud noise I made myself.

Rose was beside me within a second, a cup of water in her hand. "You can't drink for shit, do you know that?"

I thanked her for the water and placed the cup to my lips, letting the cold liquid travel down my dry tongue and smoothen my burning throat.

I knew I couldn't control my alcohol to save my life, which was embarrassing like crazy. Especially since I turned into a completely different person every time I drank and usually couldn't remember anything the day after.

Yea, I was that person. I'm genuinely sorry.

I fell back on my pillow and pressed my palms in my eyes to block the bright sunlight out. I had no idea what time it was. "I'm never drinking again." I groaned.

I heard a snort from next to me and didn't need to look to know that it was Nell, laying on her bed reading one of her muggle magazines. "You always say that and only succeed for a few weeks."

I heard Rose snort and whisper something I couldn't hear. She was probably laughing at my irresponsibility. Besides from the occasional Butter Beer when we visited Hogsmead or a glass of wine at a wedding, Rose didn't drink. She did however always stay with us because, as a Prefect, she thought it was her duty to make sure we were safe. Even though we were breaking the rules; for her friends, she made an exception.

Not that I was always running around with alcohol in my system... I just liked a drink now and then. And Damian more than eagerly liked to give it to me.

I finished the cup of water and turned on my side, placing the empty cup on my nightstand. I looked at Nell. She was dressed and looked the opposite of hung over. I glanced over our room and found nothing out of the ordinary that could help me remember something about last night.

Rose was sitting on the floor between mine and Nell's bed, painting her toenails a dark blue.

"What happened?"

Neither of them said anything and stayed silent.

"That bad?!" I shrieked, wincing at my throbbing head.

It felt like a little man had crawled inside my ear and was banging his little hammer against the inside of my skull.

Rose shrugged, not looking up from her toenails. "You took three swigs from Damian's bottle and were suddenly drunk out of your mind."

I groaned into my bedsheets and cursed Damian for letting me drink. He knew how I was with Firewisky. I wrinkled my nose when I swallowed and could still vaguely taste the alcohol from last night. I didn't even like the taste of it.

"Who was I this time? Funny Sunny? Dramatic D? Flirty Fefe? Angry Mandy? Careless Clair? Or oh god." I tried to sit upright in my bed, but my head wouldn't let me. "Please don't tell me I created a new character?" I whimpered.

Nell laughed at how fast I was able to talk regardless of the state I was in. "You were kind of a mixture between all of them. I mean you were yelling at the sky about how unfair it was that women can't run around topless and men can whilst you took off your shirt and put it over a random owl, crying that you'd found Gonzo again."

I felt the blood rush out of my face. "Please tell me you're kidding."

"Nope." She answered, popping the 'p' to make it even worse.

"At least it can't get worse than that." I whispered, more to myself than to anyone. Rose and Nell quickly glances at each other but didn't say anything.

"Tell me!"

I ignored the throbbing headache and sat up straight, feeling as if my life was slowly but surely coming to an end.

Rose sighed, closing the nail polish after she'd painted her last toe. "After we'd managed to convince you to let go of the owl the poor thing flew away with your shirt still wrapped around its body, which was why Damian had to give you his jacket to cover yourself up from the other guys' hungry drunken stares." She waved her hand towards my headboard where, indeed, a guy's black letter jacket was carelessly thrown upon.

"Wait, other guys? I thought it was only the four of us? And where the hell were we?!"

"It was just the four of us. Until you dragged us to the astronomy tower because you wanted to look at the stars. That's where we found some blokes who had the same brilliant idea as you."

Some random guys I'd never spoken to in my life before, plus one of my best guy friends, had seen me in nothing more than black jeans and a bra.

My life was a joke.

I finally got up from my bed and walked to the bathroom right next to our room, having heard enough of my ridicules behavior.

'Urm, Ali? There's one more thing though..."

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around slowly, not ready to hear what horrible story Nell had to add to my misfortune.

"After uhm we finished the bottle we were walking back to our dorms. We were telling you to be quiet or someone would hear us but you wouldn't listen and instead you were yelling at portraits who were yelling at you for shoving your lit wand into their faces.."

The expression on her face informed me that it was only going downhill from there.

"We heard footsteps and saw professor Longbottom walk our way so we quickly hid behind a tapestry. Only you were so utterly drunk that you tripped and fell before you could even reach the wall. You panicked, and that's when Flirty Fefe came out."

Rose got up from the ground and strutted towards her nightstand. She picked up a much too familiar piece of red parchment and handed it over to me. "You got detention for being out past curfew and drunkenly trying to make pass at a professor. You're lucky it was uncle Nevill who caught you. If it were anyone else you would've been expelled on the spot."

And that's when Rose and Nell couldn't hold their breath any longer and exploded into a fit of shameless laugher. Rolling on the floor and everything.

So much for friendship.

As it was only worsening my headache -and seeing as they weren't going to stop laughing any time soon- I decided to proceed towards the bathroom, thinking of painless ways to end my life because surly, there was no propose in living mine any longer?


A pounding headache and an empty stomach was the worst combination ever.

Since Nell and Rose were kind enough to not wake me up for breakfast *she says sarcastically*, I had to drag my ass down to the kitchen instead. I longed for some eggs and bacon.

I praised Merlin when I finally found my wand under my bed and rushed down the stairs to go to the kitchen. I was about to step through the portrait hole when I heard a soft, but still audible groan coming from behind a couch near the fire.

I stopped when I immediately recognized the sound, a small smile playing at my lips. Without hesitating a second, I turned around and sneaked towards the couch, ignoring the weird looks I was getting from my fellow housemates.

I reached the couch and peeked over.

There they were; the familiar golden curls I was looking for. I scrunched down until my face was leveled with his and put my lips close to his ear. "Justin, wake up!"

“Bloody hell!”

And here he was, ladies and gentlemen: Justin Martins, 14 year old Gryffindor, a plain pain in the behind, careless life-enjoyer, future dragonologist, but also known as -my little brother.

I forgot about the pounding headache for a second and laughed along with the people around us who saw me scare my poor, sleepy little brother.

Justin pushed some of his golden curls out of his face and looked at me, his green eyes wide with shock. "Merlin, Ali what's you're freakin' problem?"

I shrugged, still laughing. "I couldn't help but scare my baby brother. That's what sisters are for."

Justin growled and rubbed the visible sleep out of his eyes. "I'm almost 15 stop calling me a baby."

"And I'm almost 17 but I still don't pretend I'm an adult now do I?" I flicked his forehead just because I knew how much he hated it and he swapped my hand away.

Justin gave me a look. "Oh really? So drinking strong alcohol under the age of 18 is not acting like an adult?"

My eyes widened and I quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard him. Snitches were everywhere. Although, I did already have detention, so much trouble couldn't they do to me anymore. I winced when I thought about what Rose said.

I made pass at professor Longbottom. How? Why?

Shaking my head to try to forget about it, I cleared my throat and turned back to my brother. "That's not the point. How do you know that anyway?"

Justin sighed and rolled his eyes, as if I was completely boring him by sitting in front of him he said, "Emmet told me."

I stared at him.

"Emmet's Jacob's younger brother." He explained.

I stared again.

Justin raised one brow at me, his lips slowly lifting upward on one side. "You have no idea who Jacob is, do you?"

I shook my head, biting my lower lip.

"From what I've heard you two seemed to have hit it of quiet well. Really well."

I gasped. This could not be, no no, I did not fool around with someone. No, no, Rose and Nell would've told me. No... Justin was just messing with me.


"What do you mean? I don't even know a Jacob!" I hissed, trying to keep my voice down.

Justin leaned back against the couch and crossed his arms over his chest. Using his fingers he pretended to lock his lips and throw the key away.

I reached forward and grabbed the collar of his shirt aggressively, pulling him down to my face. This was no time to be playing games with me, my memory of last night was completely blank. I was panicking!

"Tell me or I'll tell mom the real story behind that scar on your forehead."

My brother’s eyes shot up to meet mine, scared, his hand reached the small scar right under his hairline. “You wouldn’t.” he whispered.

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Watch me."

Before completely understanding the story behind the scar you had to know one fact about my brother; Justin was obsessed with dragons.

Ever since he was little, even from before my family knew about magic and this new world, Justin had a thing for the flying fire-spitting chickens we knew form the Muggle fairytales. Everything was dragon themed in his bedroom when he was little -from dragon bedsheets, to the paper on his walls and his books.

A few months back, right before the summer holidays, Justin got a PM from a guy named Jaén in Spain. He claimed that he had succeeded in breeding a Horntail and Croatian Firesnout hybrid and told Justin that he could use a portkey and come by to 'check it out' if he wanted to.

I had no idea what he was up to until I got a call from the Spanish police asking me if I could come get my 14 year old brother out of jail.

'Jaén' never existed. The guy who was waiting for Justin was actually a psycho witch who stumbled upon Justin's WizzTeck profile and fell in love with his golden curls and perfect white teeth. At least that's what she told him when he tried to run away from her and she threw a brick at his head crying, hopelessly trying to make him stay.

Needless to say, I travelled over a thousand miles via portkey to go get him because Justin knew our parents couldn't use magic to go there and, you know, they'd kill him if they ever found out.

He told them he tripped and fell.

Yes, lying was our strongest asset.

Justin groaned and looked away when he realized he wasn't going to win our little staring competition. "Jacob is a sixth year Ravenclaw. Apparently you two were a bit too touchy-feely last night. That's all I know."

Great, so I was officially labeled a wench for hitting on two people -one being way older than me- and taking my top of in front of some guys.

I only hoped no one would find out.

I was seriously never drinking again.

I stood up and sat next to Justin. Sighing, I placed my head on his shoulder. “What were you doing here asleep anyway?” I asked him, suddenly remembering how I’d woken him up.

He shrugged, making my head move along with him. “I fell asleep reading a book. What were you doing before you woke me up oh-so-politely?”

“I was going to the kitchen for some late-breakfast.”

“Want me to come with you? I can make you those killer pancakes mom always makes.” He offered, placing the side of his head on top of mine.

I nodded my head. I missed those pancakes. “I’d like that.”


“I can’t believe you.”

“Oh c’mon on. Ali, please, just this once.” Rose placed her elbows on the table and put her hands together as if she was begging me, right under her beautiful, baby blue eyes.

Argh. Those eyes. No one could say no to those eyes.

“Okay fine, fine.” I rolled my eyes and took a sip from the pumpkin juice in front of me. “But I want you to know that if I get a bad grade, it will be because you dumped me for your stupid cousin.”

Damian snickered from beside me whilst stuffing his mouth with some apple crumb cake. “Don’t let him hear you say that. Al doesn’t like being called stupid. Or anything for that matter.”

I raised a brow towards my friend, “You know him?”

“Of course I know him, he’s James’ brother.”

I scowled, it was too early in the morning to be talking about James Potter. But I still found myself asking, “You two do seem to have grown closer over the past few months, what gives?”

“What gives is that he’s my captain, and I find it easier to communicate on the field, if we still communicate of the field. And he’s a nice lad,” A smirk tugged on his lips, and for a second, it looked like I was sitting next to Potter, and not my friend. “knows how to have a good time.”

“He’s my captain too.” I mumbled and started shoving the blueberries on my plate, already not liking how this day was starting.

“Yea, but you deliberately choose not to have anything to do with him.”

I rolled my eyes, yeah, because he was a prick. Not wanting to talk about Potter any further, I ended the conversation. “Whatever.”

Rose dropped a bomb on me this morning when I was struggling to get out of bed, by telling me that she was not going to be my partner in potions class today. At first I thought she was kidding, that it was a way of her to wake me up, but when she started saying something about ‘wanting to spend some quality time with her favorite cousin’ I realized she was, in fact, serious.

What a great way to start a Monday morning, I thought.

We gathered our things and left for class. On our way to the dungeons we said goodbye to Damian who had Transfiguration with Louis and Nell.

I didn’t really mind that Rose wanted to pair up with Albus that much, seeing as it was the only class they shared. But this meant that I had to pair up with someone I could not disappoint. Which Rose was used to by now.

We were on our way to potions class, and I sighed for the hundredth time. “What?” Rose finally had enough of the sighing and closed the potions book she was reading. She always looked over her notes briefly before going to class. A habit that sadly enough irritated all of us.

“Don’t feel like brewing potions.” I explained.

“Well, I don’t feel like looking at Miles Novak’s disturbing nose-picking either but we have no choice now do we.”

“No ma’am.” I replied under my breath, making my way towards the seat next to Fletcher Finnigan, the only person in this class who didn’t mind pairing up with me because he sucked at least as much as I did.

I was about to great Fletcher when professor Gibson dropped her books on the desk, startling all of us. “Good morning students. As I was grading your individual potions yesterday, something came to my attention.”

“What’s that?” Albus Potter arrived in the room, taking his time scanning the room and slowly walking towards his cousin. By the time he sat down, he had made sure every single person in the room had really seen him. His moves were subtle, discreet and almost inconspicuous. It was nothing like his brother, who made sure everyone noticed him in an obvious and loud manner.

I didn’t know why, but I found myself already liking Albus over his brother. But then again, who did I not prefer over James the Second?

“That you should get up, Potter, because I am assigning you to new partners. Once I choose. This time.” The room fell silent. No one expected for this to happen. Especially not in a sixth year. I looked over to Rose and saw the sad look in her eyes. The poor thing, she was just getting so excited about working with her cousin.

“I will find everyone a partner who is… intellectually stimulating to the other.”

“So what you’re basically saying is that you’re pairing up a smart student with a not so smart student?”

Professor Gibson shot the Slytherin -who I unfortunately enough did not know by name- a vile glare and commented rather fiercely. “No, a student who does well in my class and a student who can use the help. If you’re asking me, I’m doing you all a favor. Because trust me those Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test you have to take next year, also known as your NEWTs, really are as nasty and exhausting as they imply.”

I swallowed, this was not good. I was going to get paired up with some stuck-up Slytherin who had the patience of a shark. And, uhm, I didn’t want to go ‘round stereotyping, but the snakes were not quite known for their patience.

I crossed my fingers under the table when professor Gibsonl started reading the names of the her list. “Vanessa Florence and Katia Dan. Rebecca Velbert and Christoph Dunn-“

There was still a chance for me to get paired up with Rose. I mean, she was obviously good and I was obviously ba-

“-Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.”

Nope, never mind.

I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing out loud when I saw Rose’s face. The color of her cheeks had turned the same color as her hair. Just like me, Rose didn’t like to socialize with people she didn’t know that well. Especially with boys. And most certainly not with attractive boys. And boy was Scorpius Malfoy one good-looking lad.

“-Albus Potter and Aaliyah Martins.”

I realized my name was called a second too late. I looked up when Albus was already halfway toward my desk. He took Fletcher’s place beside me and leaned on his elbows, placing his face in one hand to look at me sideways.

I raised a confused brow when I couldn’t figure out the expression on his face.

Finally, he smiled, pushing himself back in his seat he said; “Oh, how my brother won’t like this.”

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