“So, Rose? How was the sex for you? Because I certainly can’t remember any of it.”

And suddenly, disgusting, shewed up food went flying everywhere.


“The fuck, Malfoy?”

“Bloody hell!” I was covered in Damian’s Pumpkin Juice with bits of scrambled egg and almost gagged.

“Scorpius? What are you talking about?” Rose shrieked.

Right. So I guessed Rose was the only one who hadn’t heard about the rumor yet. The one who –ironically enough – her best friend started. Aka me. It only happened less than two days ago and it seriously spread like wildfire. Of course, teenagers feasted on rumors and anything that had to do with it, so I shouldn’t be so surprised. The thing was, I’d been so busy with school, detention, Andrew’s letter (which I still handed opened), stressing out about the game tomorrow and replaying the conversation I overheard between Spencer and Alice, that I completely forgot to inform Rose about what happened.

I gulped and lowered myself in my seat, whishing I could just disappear under the table and never come back up.

Scorpius looked at me, his handsome face stuck in a permanent frown. “You haven’t told her?”

I shook my head no, and slowly turned to a confused Rose on my right side. I was about to open my mouth when Scorpius cut me off rather rudely.

“Apparently, we are expecting a child.” Scorpius hissed, and the few Gryffindors that were already enjoying their breakfast at our table looked at us. It was rather early, (don’t ask me how I managed to get up so early, I was amazing myself right now) so apart from Damian and Louis no one important was sitting with us.

“What?!” Rose looked like she could die of a heart attack any moment now. All the color had disappeared from her face and her eyes were suddenly two black holes instead of baby blue buttons.

Scorpius nodded his head and sat down. He didn’t want to attract more attention to our table. And seeing as Scorpius Malfoy was quite the tall bloke, it was better if he sat down. Although, it didn’t quite help. A Slytherin at the Gryffindor table was not something that happened every day. And certainty if that Slytherin had (supposedly) impregnated a Gryffindor. So all eyes remained on us.


“Erm… there was something I had to tell you.” I started, succeeding in tearing Rose’s gaze away from Scorpius’ face. “I kinda… sorta… blurted out that you were pregnant with Malfoy’s child the other day in the library.”

“The other day?!” Rose’s voice broke, and I cringed. “How long ago was this?!”

“Erm… about two days? I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you. Or that I even did it. I was nervous. I had to improvise, you know how I get when I have to lie, I can’t lie, haha, I’m sorry. I really am. Louis was desperate he needed my help and-“

“Oi! Don’t turn this on me!” Louis interrupted my series of word vomit, his mouth filled with Nutella. Really attractive, mate, really.

“You were desperate beyond words spying on – oi! Sun of a –“ Louis’ foot came slamming down on my own under the table and I glared at him.

“I don’t care who’s fault it is! People think I’m fucking pregnant?! Is that why people have been looking weird at me when I walked by?! Or why they stopped talking when I joined the convers – oh god, is that why McGonagall tried to take me to the hospital wing?!”

Scorpius groaned frustrated. “I didn’t know until this morning when Al woke me up by planting a fist in my face.”

Now that he mentioned it, the skin around Scorpius’ left eye was swollen, exposing the place where Lil’ Potter had hit him.

Rose started hyperventilating. “Oh Merlin, my parents, my dad wha – what if they find out?”

I took a very, very, high risk and placed my hand on her shoulder. I waited for her to shrug me off but, surprisingly, she didn’t. She was probably too much in shock to be angry at me right now. Oh I was going to have to deal with numerous smartass jinxes I couldn’t get myself out of later on, no doubt about that.

“It’s not like you’re actually pregnant.” I whispered. “It’s just a rumor.”

“Yea, spread by you which is probably the most reliable source. Who is not going to believe the best friend?”

Geez, Scorpius, thanks you’re being a great help in calming down Rose. I shot him a dirty look and turned back to my friend.

“I promise you I will fix this. I don’t know how… right now… but I promise you.”

Rose sighed and dropped her head in her hands. “You better!”

We stayed quiet for a few seconds, calming down from the overwhelming news Rose just had to take in. (Merlin, you’d think someone died).

Until Scorpius had to open his idiot mouth again. “Trust me, if we had slept together, you’d remember.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned whilst Damian and Louis – who had been taking in the whole scenario wide-eyed and with open mouth – glared at Scorpius.

“Are you implying that you want to have sex with me, Malfoy? Because I’m certainly not in the mood, having to carry your child and all!” Rose spat, slamming both her hands down on the table in front of her.

Well that was a side of Rose I’d love to see more often. I couldn’t help but snigger when Scorpius’ mouth dropped. He just stared at her, whilst she stared back hard, not planning on losing the unexpected little staring competition they had going on.

Well this was not awkward at all. I could just dissolve into the sexual tension that was suddenly suffocating the rest of us into an unpleasant situation. Yeah, rather that than having to deal with an angry Rose later.

“Uhum.” We all looked up to see Potter sit down not so far from where we were sitting, accompanied by his three puppy dogs. “What’s going on? Why’s Malfoy here?”

The way Potter pronounced Scorpius’ last name seemed not to have pleased him. Because Scorpius’ trademark frown reappeared, and with that, he got up and staggered of to his table without so much as a ‘goodbye’ to his new baby mama.

Well there was some history right there. You’d think with his brother being in Slytherin and best friends with Scorpius Malfoy would make him let go of the past that wasn’t even his. Rose once told me that her entire family had forgiven the Malfoy’s for what they did. That even her mother, who was tortured by Scorpius’ father had accepted the Malfoy’s apologies. In fact, they were even on good terms now, thanks to Al and Scorpius who practically forced the two families together.

Except for Mr. Dramaqueen (this being Potter, if you couldn’t quite follow) over there. Who for some reason thought it was cool to still hold a grudge towards someone who hadn’t even done anything wrong.

Except for maybe sleeping with his cousin. But whatever, those were rumors.

It all came down to this: James Sirius Potter was a dick.

Now that I think of it, it always seemed to come down to that.

“Good morning, everyone!”

I snatched out of my inner rant and looked up. My jaw dropped open, and I noticed that all around the table, people had the same reaction.

“N- Nell?” I spluttered and finally swallowed my cereal a second too late.

“Hey, Ali.” She smiled and sat down next to me.

“Whoa. What happened?” Rose asked her.

“What do you mean?” Nell piled some pancakes on her plate, and without looking, reached out a hand and snapped Damian’s gaping mouth shut.

“You look gorgeous.” Rose breathed, gazing at Nell.

She smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’re not Nell. Go get the real Nell. Now.” Damian demanded. Nell rolled her eyes.

Nell had finally come to terms with her beauty, it seemed. Instead of wearing her mahogany hair loose around her head like she always did, she had pinned it back, proudly exposing all of the features on her face. She was wearing the slightest touch of make-up, but that was somehow enough to make her emerald eyes pop out.

“Hey-whoa.” Louis looked up from his food, his eyes fixated on the new – but still somehow the same – girl he was in love with. “Nell…?”

“Hey, Louis.” She grinned and waved a little, failing to see the effect she had on him by just doing such a little thing.

“You look great. You look… really great.”

Smooth, Louis. Sure, that’ll get her to fall hopelessly in love with you.

Louis stared at her for another five seconds –a second before it got too awkward, and focused his attention back on the Nutella in front. If only he’d just… wipe that stupid chocolate off his face. He looked like a three year old, how was he supposed to impress her looking like that?

To my immense surprise, Nell had not once glanced over to look at Potter, who was sitting in his seat without a care in the world. Did she not care anymore? Or was the girl just a bloody amazing actress? I smiled to myself when I saw him just sit there, contemplating what he should start his breakfast with. I had to admit he looked kind of cute when he didn’t open his mouth. He didn’t really have that boyish look to him that screamed ‘bad news’ from afar. Until he looked up and caught me staring at him. He winked and I turned away, rolling my eyes.

“Why the sudden change Nell?” Rose asked incredulously.

“It’s just a bit of make-up and a ribbon in my hair.” She said airily. “I don’t really call that new.”

Not if you suddenly looked 100 times different. That was new, Nell.

“Wow.” Bloody Zackery, had finally decided to pay attention to what was happening a few feet away from where he was sitting and opened his mouth to speak. We all looked around at him, but he was staring at Nell, who gave him a vague smile and turned back to her pancakes.

“I – wow – I mean, you look…nice. You look great, Ornella.” He finished lamely.

Uuugh. Would. He. Just. Give up already.

You see, after the surprisingly fun detention with Jacob yesterday I went straight to the Great Hall to get some food, where Nell had been waiting of me with apologetic eyes and a mini chees-cake in hand. She said she was sorry for lashing out on me and even thanked me for pulling me away from Zackery in the library. Because, believe it or not, she did not ‘feel comfortable’ with a guy constantly glancing down her shirt.

You know, boys were such hypocrites. They claimed they preferred a girl with no make-up, that they liked the natural look. But once a girl walked in with her eyes highlighted and her shirt maybe one size smaller they gave her more attention than usual?

Hah. Pigs.

“Hey Boon,” A random guy I vaguely remembered was in Hufflepuff passed by our table and winked at Nell. “Looking good.”

Damian snarled at him, and he walked away, but not before giving her another wink. Nell turned and hit Damian on the arm. “What the hell?” She hissed.

“Ornella Marry Boon, I know how guys are. I am one of them. Which is why I am not going to let one of those jerks go out with you.” He said sternly. Geez, he was nearly acting like her brother. So not-Damian.

“Damian Patrick Andersons, if you don’t butt out, I’m going to jinx you. Stop getting all-overprotective I can handle myself.” She growled.

He opened his mouth to argue but she shot him her big, innocent eyes look.

“Okay, fine!” He muttered.

“Cool! Now, I’m off to Charms. Bye.” Nell swung her bag over her shoulder, waved at us, and skipped happily out of the Great Hall.

“Don’t come running back to me when you get knocked up and left behind!” Damian yelled after her from his seat, making me freeze on my spot.

Realizing what he said had struck the wrong chord with me, especially since he knew about the letter, he turned to face me fast, his brown eyes filled with regret. “I’m sorry! I – I didn’t mean to-“

I shook my head and forced a smile, I knew he didn’t mean anything bad. He was just looking out for our friend. “It’s okay.” I whispered back.

“Are you sure?” Damian placed a hand on top of mine, squeezing it slightly. “You know you can always talk to me about whatever. Even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.”

This time a genuine smile broke on my face. I knew I could always count on Damian. I loved how he was crap at saying nice things to make me feel better, so he always just sat there and listened to whatever I had to say, most of the time a bottle of alcohol by hand in case we needed to wash the pain away. He was the one I always ran to when I needed to blow of some steam, but was not ready to get hit by reality yet. Which was why I gave him Andrew’s letter to hide it from me. He promised he’d give it back once he taught the time was right.

“Did you notice the way all the blokes were looking at her?” Louis had finally decided to speak up after Nell left. “Did you?”

“Yes, Louis, that’s what usually happens when a girl is hot and single. Guys go after her.” Rose said reasonably.

“Well, I don’t like it.” He stabbed angrily into his eggs. “No one looks at my best friend like that.” He muttered, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Yeah sure, ‘best friends’, more like ‘secret lover’.

“And you, weirdo.” Rose nodded her head towards Damian, raising one of her brows. “Where was that over-protectiveness when Sebastian Hendricks trapped me under a mistletoe last Christmas against my will? Or when Jake Atkins tried to snog Ali during that Easter party?”

I grinned, so Rose noticed how unusually over-protective Damian got, too. Damian glanced at Louis, who was looking at his food with the saddest expression on his face. The sight of him almost made my heart break and want to go hug him. I hated seeing my friends hurt. And then I understood. Right. Damian was probably looking out after his best mate. Louis’ secret crush was no secret to the rest of us.

“Wait, what?” James looked up. His eyes immediately found mine from across the table. “You snogged Jake Atkins?”

So that he did hear.

I rolled my eyes at him and focused my attention back on the cereal I was eating. “So what if I did?”

Note: I did not. He was drunk.

“Did you?” Potter’s voice sounded strained as if he was angrily biting down on his cheeks.

I looked up. He was angrily biting down on his cheeks. “None of your business.”

“No, it’s not, but I’d like to know whether or not the girl I have an eye on sets a high bar when it comes to guys. Jake Atkins, you say?” James rubbed his chin sternly (which I couldn’t help but notice was covered in a small scruff… damn it… why did that make my stomach flip?) and raised one of his brows at me. “guess not.”

“Fuck you Potter, at least Atkins doesn’t treat girls like shit.”

James grinned. “When have I ever treated you like shit?”


“James, stop being a dick for once and let the girl have her breakfast in peace.”

Shocked, I glanced over Rose’s head to look in the direction of the guy who had just spoken. Cole, I believed, was rolling his eyes at Potter and sat in his seat as if he’d not just insulted the biggest guy in this school. I mean, if anyone else would’ve talked to him like that they would’ve been expelled on the spot. That’s how powerful James Potter was. But I guessed Cole really was a friend, I mean, only true friends could call each other the nastiest names and still stick around.

Wait, so Potter had real friends? Why did that sudden realization make him look more human?


“Evening Star,” I said vaguely to the Fat Lady.

“A beauty I will never see, dear…” She muttered, swinging open to let me in.

I sighed happily as I entered the roaring warmth of the Gryffindor Common Room. I just came back from the Great Hall where Jacob had approached me right after dinner. He wanted to wish me good luck for the big game against Slytherin tomorrow, in case he didn’t have the chance to talk to me right before the game. He was nice. He was a nice guy being nice by saying nice things to a girl he thought was… nice. That was all. I think. I mean, he hadn’t really mentioned anything about our first night together (bloody hell that sounded wrong) and it was not like he asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him next weekend. Did I like him? Yes. Did I like him like that? I don’t know.

The common room was the most peaceful place at this time, completely quiet and –



I let out a scared squeak as Rose came flying at me, red hair flinging me in the face. I staggered back.

“Aaah, Rose! Get off of me, you –”

“She’s been like this since we came back from the Great Hall.” Damian pried Rose off of me and stood there, his eyes sparking with the same fear that was probably visible in mine.

Seriously, if Rose was mad, it was better you stayed the hell away from her. Unless if you wanted to deal with numerous jinxes you never even knew existed.

“Bloody pregnant! With Malfoy’s child of all people!” Rose continued to shriek, hitting me on the arm and ignoring when I let out a yelp of pain.

“Where were you? She’s gotten mad!” Louis demanded. He was standing by the fire, amusement sparkling in his eyes. “Rose, seriously, give her some space. She didn’t mean to start a rumor about you. And besides, people have stopped talking about it since you screamed you didn’t sleep with Scorpius in Transfiguration class.” He said, coming up and pushing Rose back away from me.

I sent him a grateful look, even though what he said wasn’t completely true. On the five minute walk from the Great Hall to here, I already heard four girls whisper about Rose and Scorpius when I walked by.

“I was with Jacob.” I said simply, shrugging a little. Rose’s eyes softened slightly.

“What’d he say?” She whispered, and I laughed. Rose couldn’t help but get too nosy when it came to my love-life (or the lack of it, for that matter).

I shrugged. “He just wished me good luck for tomorrow.” I said.

And to this, Damian groaned and fell backwards on the couch he was standing next to. “Yea, sure, we’ll just win the game, no big deal.” he mumbled.

“Since when do you get nervous before a game?” I raised my brows and took place next to him on the couch. “I mean if anything I should be the one to be nervous.”

“What, why?” Rose noticed the change of tone in my voice and sat on my other side, forgetting that I’d completely flushed her good reputation down the drain for a second. “You’re amazing in Quidditch and everyone knows it.”

I shrugged. “Not everyone thinks so.”

“What are you talking about?” Louis and Nell sat on the floor in front of us, concerned expressions on both their faces.

I looked at my friends. They were sitting around me, all four of them directly focused on me, as if they subconsciously created a circle to protect me from the outside world. I smiled, it had been a while since we were last together like this. The five of us. It was nice, once in a while, to know that you had people who seriously cared about you.

I let my gaze drop to the hands I’d folded in my lap. “Spencer and Alice think I’m a slut who’s only on the team for Potter’s entertainment.”

For a good thirty seconds, the crackling fire was the only thing audible around us.

Until they all opened their mouth in an outrage.

“That’s complete bullshit!”

“Those bitches!”

“Who the fuck do they think they are?!”

“To think I fancied Spencer in third year.” We all turned around to Damian, shocked. He just waved it off. “Forget it.”

“When did they say this to you?” Nell piped in, her brows furrowed. “I mean, how could they? That’s so mean!”

I smiled sadly at my naïve friend on the floor. “I overheard them in the locker rooms yesterday.”

“They have no idea what they’re talking about. You know that, right? You’re better than the both of them combined they’re just jealous.” Louis whispered whilst Nell nodded agreeingly.

“Yea, totally. You’re one of the best Quidditch players I know.” Damian shrugged. “Besides me of course.”

I smiled and looked at their faces. “You guys mean that?”

“Of course we do! You know what!” We looked at Rose who clapped her hands together, a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. “This calls for a giant – “

Before I could comprehend what was happening, four bodies attacked me against the couch, yelling simultaneously the exact same thing, causing for many unwanted attention from the other students around us.


I laughed at the mess they’d created. It wasn’t so much a group hug as a Dog Pile with me on the bottom, hopelessly trying to catch some air. The fact that I was laughing so hard didn’t help a least bit. Especially since Damian’s copper colored hair was in my mouth, Rose’s foot against my chin and Nell’s elbow in my chest.

“Oi – Louis, that better be your wand pocking me in the bum and nothing else!” Damian shrieked, making us all laugh to the point where tears started to come out.

“Shut up you prick, I’m nowhere near your arse!”

Merlin, people must’ve been looking at us as if we lost our minds. We were so bloody weird.

I just loved my friends.


About two hours after that heartfelt conversation, we said our goodnights and staggered up to our rooms, exhausted. Until I realized halfway up the bloody stairs that I still had a DADA essay waiting for me that was due tomorrow. I’d completely forgotten about it with all the (more important) things I had to worry about. You’d think having to play an important game tomorrow professor Findley would have given me a pass. But no.

And thus, here I was, sitting all alone in a dark common room, lit only by a faint fire that was slowly dying out, and trying my best not to fall asleep.

I was working in peaceful silence, until it was suddenly shattered when the sound of high-pitched giggling wafted my way. I swiveled around to look at the source of the noise, but saw nothing more than a lonely bookcase standing in a far corner of the common room.

Was I not alone? Or was I so tired that I imagined the noise? Surly, no one would be stupid enough to stay up ‘til 2am on a school night? I mean not if you went by the name of Aaliyah Martins.

I got up to investigate. Maybe Peeves was just trying to scare me, again.

I arrived at the bookcase and peeked behind it, and that’s when my jaw unhinged itself from my face and landed on the ground.

Tamara Bennet, 7th year Gryffindor Prefect, was pressed back against the wall, her arms tightly around James Potter’s neck, one hand massaging through his hair and the other holding the back of his head tightly to her face. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, and he seemed to be holding her up from the sheer force of his body pressed against hers. Potter’s hands were all over her body, making me sick to my stomach.

Oh. My. Merlin.

I swallowed the squeal that was about to escape from between my lips in time and pulled back. But, of course, because we already knew that the universe loved to make my life a living hell, one of the books on the shelves came crashing to the floor, interrupting the quiet which was previous only filled with the many moans and groans coming from the heavy snog session.

Tamara’s legs left his waist in a second, and Potter turned around slowly, probably to yell at the person who’d just interrupted them. He was frowning, until his hazel eyes finally found mine, and his face mimicked the shocked expression on my face.


I scrambled the last bits of grace I had left together and closed my gaping mouth shut, straightening my back doing so. “I am sorry for interrupting your little rendezvous.”

I glance at Tamara over Potter’s shoulder. She had the decency to look ashamed. Hah! She was embarrassed? No girl with the slightest bit of self-respect would do what she had been doing. In the middle of the freaking nigh. All alone. Behind a bookcase. With someone who wasn’t even her boyfriend. Need I continue?

“Pretend I was never here. Carry one.”

I turned around and ran to the spot where I’d been writing my essay by the fire. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the century. What the hell was that? My body was going through so many emotions I didn’t even know what it truly was I was feeling. Was I just shocked because of what I saw? Embarrassed? Confused? Disappointed? Repulsed? I knew Potter was a man-whore beyond measures, but I’d never really seen him like that.

I pressed my palms in my eyes and groaned to block out the terrifying images and noises of a second ago. I stared into the fire. There was no way I could concentrate on my essay right now.

Damn you, James fucking Potter.

“I didn’t mean for you to see that.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when Potter suddenly stood right next to me. I let my hands fall from my face and stared at the half-full parchment on the floor.

I bit down on my cheeks, well this was awkward. “I didn’t mean to see that, too, trust me.”

“I’m sorry you did. That must’ve been hard.”

Wait… what?

I turned to my left to face him, and realized, to my complete displeasure, how close he was. “Why in Merlin’s name would that be hard? Repulsive, yes, but why the fuck hard?”

James just stared at me. He blinked. “Well… because… you looked like someone’d pulled your heart out of your chest and smashed it against the wall.“

Potter stopped talking when I burst into a fit of laughter. Was he bloody kidding me? Was he serious? I did not look like he’d crushed my heart. I did not. What the bloody hell? Why would I even care who he snogged? I actually didn’t care. I was just repulsed beyond belief.

I was finally able to take in a large breath and contained my laughter. “Potter… you’re so…” I looked him in the eyes and searched for the right word to describe him. “Clueless.” I stated. Because yes, he was clueless to the fact that I did not like him.

Potter smirked. “Don’t you think I would’ve given up already if I didn’t see a possibility here?”

I raised one brow at him, and suddenly noticed how dark the common room really was. The fire was just bright enough for me to make out the dark features on his face.

“Potter, I don’t feel like yelling at you today. And I have this essay to conti –“

“You’re not answering my question.” He interrupted me.

“What question?”

“Don’t bullshit me, Martins. Answer the question.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Potter.” I huffed and reached down to pick up my books. If he was not going to leave me the hell alone, I was going to finish my essay in my dorm. But I felt a large hand on my forearm. Before I could register what was happening, I was pulled against Potter’s muscled chest, his hand still tight on my forearm.

“You keep walking away from me.” He commented, still wearing that stupid smirk. If I could, I would’ve smacked it right from his face.

“Yeah? Why do you think?” I ground out, trying to pull myself away but failing.

“You know, you’re one of the first girls to ever reject me.” He whispered, looking me directly in the eyes. I hated how close he was. My gaze traveled down to his lips and, disgusted, I noticed how red and swollen they were from his make-out sesh wit Tamara.

I narrowed my eyes and scoffed. “Just when I thought that your head couldn’t get any bigger.” He smirked but didn’t answer me. Instead he just brushed his thumb along the bare skin of my arms.

“I’m not big headed, just… confident.” He shrugged, letting my arm go. I yanked it back and took two steps away from him, distancing us. I didn’t want him to know that he’d just made my heart beat a little faster.

Stupid heart. How dare you betray me?

“Damian is confident, you live with your head stuck firmly up your arse.” I muttered, bending down to pick up my books and leave.

“Oh and Potter.’ I turned around one last time when I reached the girls stairs. I could vaguely make out his silhouette in the dark. “Next time, when I catch you with another girl, wait at least five minutes before you hit on me. Because this was low. Even for you.”

A.N: I just wanted to throw this out there: I think Gaspard Ulliel is the sexiest man alive, and therefore it is him who I imagine James to look like. What do you think? :)

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