Tainted Love in Blood


"The Rook Islands. Beautiful land. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful women. Appearances hermana, can be deceiving. Think of this as Alice in wonderland. Fantasy made into reality."

Romance / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This story is based and inspired by Far Cry 3. My characters belong to me.

The trip on the plane wasn't the most pleasant since most of my bullies were either sitting in front of me, behind me or right beside either side of me. It was not only utterly annoying but it was stressful. The main one, Daniel, the 'leader' to say the least kept attempting to get a reaction out of me. By taunting me. Edging me on by using things that has happened in the past against me. The cruel pranks they pulled on me. The day I almost kissed the nasty little dirt bag because he tried to make me kiss him and I rejected him. So in his twisted little mind, he started up the rumors that I tried kissing him. Telling people that I was allegedly telling him that I 'want him' and that I 'need him.'

Most people believed him. Almost only one percent believed that I didn't say anything like that and those were the good kids that were too scared to speak up and defend because I was also scared to speak up for my own damn self. I've tried, I won't lie, but most of the words that come out my mouth don't make sense. I make myself look like the fool and add to the humiliation that I already get on the daily basis. I managed to ignore Daniel half way through the plane ride, but it was undeniably hard because he was on my right. That's when he attempted to touch my private area and I bolted out of my seat so fast that I accidentally rammed my head into the little control panel that was above me and laughter erupted throughout the place. Face flushed with anger and embarrassment, one of the flight attendants who witnessed what happened kindly and helpfully moved my seat and sat me in between these two grown men who's name were Josh and Mitchell, who also heard the commotion from the beginning since the plane took off nearly three hours ago, they introduced themselves to a little, twenty-two year old girl who was scared of even talking to them, yet became my instance friends.

"You know," stated Josh, who's accent sounded like a combination of a Irish and Scottish accent, "You're a very beautiful girl. Prettier than the blond one that's for sure." He was referring to Daniel's girlfriend, Maya. She was dumber than a rock yet had the tongue of a sharp snake. Aria didn't answer him, though she wanted too, she felt that he was just saying that to make her feel better.

"You don't believe him do you?" questioned Mitchell, noting how she didn't even move an inch to his friend question. She looked at him from the corner of her eyes momentarily, before slowly shaking her head a no. Very gentle though, because she felt their very eyes burning into the back of her head. "Why don't you love?"

"I-I can't talk."

"Why not?" asked Josh. Aria stiffened. She felt their stares. Josh saw the tensity in her body and decided to look behind them and saw that they were staring. He could almost taste the disrespect and dislike they had for Aria. It mad him angry, but he kept his posture. "Don't be scared of them. Dipshits like them don't survive long in a world like this. People with smarts," he gently thump Aria on her upper arm, "Like us can. We know how to survive."

"Give it time. They won't even get another second to gasp for air once dead," mumbled Mitchell as eyed them with a distasteful gaze. Why would people with everything. Who have money. Have an amazing education, job, life style, friends. Have an amazing family unleash hell upon a girl who hasn't done anything to them?

"Come on. Talk sweetie. They won't do anything as long we're with you," encouraged Josh as he comforted her. "How about we introduce ourselves first? Huh? Sound like a good idea?" Aria agreed by nodding a yes. "Well, my name's Josh. The block head besides you is Mitchell."

"Who you calling a block head?" Aria giggled, quickly stifling it though.

"I'm just messing with you buddy," laughed Josh, as he reached over her and ruffled his hair, causing Mitchell to slap it away laughing himself at his friends stupidity.

"What's your name? Since we both introduced ourselves love."

"A...Aria." She could feel her heart start to pound away at the nervousness.

"Aria? Beautiful name for a attractive woman," complimented Mitchell, smiling. Josh agreed by nodding. She blushed when he used the term 'woman' rather than 'girl.' Aria eyes drifted to his eyes and his eyes widen in amazement. Her eyes were a rare pale-blue. Almost like a combination of a light and dark sapphire. Medium in color, yet bright as the moon when the sun hit them and they shine like two crystals. Mitchell found them breathtakingly stunning. He had beautiful honey brown eyes. She turned to Josh who had green eyes, with specks of brown in them. He scrunched up his face without warning, making her face light up with laughter and amusement. She found both of them beautiful. Not that way. She wasn't looking at them as partners. Or lovers. Or boyfriends. Nothing like that. She saw them as beautiful people with hearts made of pure gold. Like people said, pure gold is hard to find nowadays.

Aria hated nothing more but one topic. Love. She gave up on it due to a traumatic experience. Years ago, an incident between her and Daniel happen. Yeah. Who would suspect anything between them? No one besides Aria herself. She thought Daniel meant everything he said. That every word he said was true. Now all she hears is the bullshit and lies he makes daily about her. This is not about the kissing incident, but the incident where he attempted to violate her along with two of his friends who pinned her down. They didn't know she was a fighter by heart and she's thankful she managed to escape and kept her virginity to this day. She found out later that the incident was a 'dare' that Maya made because she envied her. But she kept quiet, since they threaten to do more than what they already did. It scared her to death and she's still scared.

"Thank you Mitchell. I...I never received such a nice compliment before," she gazed back at him with a smile. Yet Mitchell could tell she wanted to breakdown right there and now just by looking at her eyes which looked beyond exhausted. It made him question when was the last time she got a good nights rest. His gazed soften and he softly placed his hand over hers. He nearly pulled back when he felt her tense but then felt her relax knowing there wasn't any danger. "You should rest Aria. You look exhausted. You haven't slept since this plane took off."

"I know," Aria silently murmured," I can't sleep with them around." Him and Josh felt this pang of anger build up slowly inside of them. Usually they wouldn't feel this way towards anyone, especially towards a woman before due to their line of 'work' which requires to show little to no emotion whatsoever. But this little woman, this little beautiful, petite, curvy person was sparking something within them. A need to protect her. Protect a stranger they barely know and just only met from the demons that torment her day and night.

"Listen here, my beauty. Don't worry about them. Don't think about them. Pretend they don't exist," whispered Mitchell to her.

"It's hard enough already as it is."

"Just try. That's all we're asking Aria," added in Josh. She sighed. She knew they weren't asking anything big to do or anything complicated but trying to ignore ten plus people wasn't going to be easy, especially since a few like doing bodily harm to her. Leaving bruises on her arms, back, legs. Wherever they get to hit her, she got those purple, discolored spots on her soft flesh. But right now, all they wanted was for her to sleep. The plane ride still had another five hours to go before reaching the Rook island. "Close your eyes lassie. Close your eyes and sleep," instructed Josh. "Act like they never existed. Go to your world. To your own world that balances sanity and insanity. Just go to it and let your worries and fears go." His voice relaxed her and she listened. She closed her eyes, but she didn't push anything out of her head. She didn't push any of her bullies out of her mind. All she imagined what she would do to them. What she would do to them if she had the chance. Put them through hell a hundred times more worse than they put her through. Josh was right. She did have a world of her own that evened out her sanity and insanity. There were days where she felt like she was losing herself and reality than there were times where she felt grounded to earth but tormented daily by Daniel, Maya, Michael, Logan, Gloria, Diana, Mike, Jennifer, and whoever else.

But than again. Her heart thought different than her mind. She's too kind. Too nice and she hates that. Yet she can never change herself. Not being herself killed her more than being someone else she wasn't.

It didn't take long. Under ten minutes she was asleep. Her head had fallen to the side and rested on Mitchell's shoulder as if it were her pillow. He didn't mind. That was his new friend. And Josh's too. He felt his eye twitch slightly when he heard the people that harm her whispering and giggling. He regretted looking back slightly only to see the blond making sexual gestures with her mouth to the others, while pointing at Aria. It irked him.

"Calm down my brother. Don't need you starting a brawl on this here tiny plane. They are idiots."

"No shit."

"All I'm trying to say is that they are not worth it. Let us just watch out for our little Aria."

"Hm. You know they aren't going to last long on the island."

"Yeah. I know. They might be big and bad now wait till Boss gets them." Suddenly, Mitchell's phone begun to vibrate and he sneakily got it out and answered it, being watchful of the flight attendants. "Yes Boss?"

"How long till you get here you little fucks? You know I need a new shipment right now. Hoyt needs to make business. I need to make business. You two too."

"About five hours," answered Mitchell nonchalant. He looked over to Aria, who was sound asleep and than at his friend who was working on something on his computer.

"Five fucking hours?! Are you fucking kidding me?!"

"Trust me Vaas. I would make this plane go faster if I wanted too. It's going to take time but don't worry," he looked at Aria's tormentors out of the corner of his eyes, a smirk growing on his face. "We have very good candidates that would bring top dollar and make profitable money from your buyers."

"That's what I want to hear," chuckled Vaas over the phone. "I'm going to have fun with them once they arrive. Few drinks here and there, an ambush attack a few days later. Ransom videos. Kill a few. Haven't felt this excited since those six idiots parachuted into my little island." Ah. Mitchell remembered them. Caused so much trouble for Vaas. Especially from that one guy. He wondered what became of him. "Anyway, I'll be at the place where the plane drops ya off hermano."

"Okay. We'll see you soon." With that, he hanged up. He sighed as he put the phone away and looked at the little sleeping figure besides him. He watched as her chest slowly rise and fall in rhythm. He softly pushed back a strand of hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ears. He felt a rush inside his heart when he touched her soft skin. "You know, something about her...Vaas is going to like."

"I thought I was the only one thinking like that. But we can't rise our hope Mitch. You know how fucked up in the head he is. You know what that man did to him. What his tribe did to him. He'll most likely see her as profit and product rather than a human. He always does and has," whispered Josh.

"I wish he thought before he acts. Some of these people are worth keeping and others," he glared at Aria's classmates who were still talking about Aria no doubt, "Not."

"We will just have to see how things play out."

Currently, we were loading our belongings into jeeps. Well, everyone else except me. I really didn't want to go in the same jeep as them. I really didn't. I felt someone hand clamp down on my shoulder and I looked up. Being five foot four, I was considerably short. It was Mitchell. "Oh. Hey. Thought you guys left already."

"Our ride isn't here yet. He'll be here in two minutes. Got an unexpected delay."

"Oh. Well, I'm expected to jump abroad with them. But stalling time seems to be the best at the moment though the professor will sooner or later force me to go in the same jeep," I sighed as I watched Daniel and the rest of the guys put their stuff in the back of the jeep while I had mines right besides me. Knowing better, I don't trust them.

"You know, we can offer you a ride to where your going. I'm assuming it's to that hotel. Paradíso am I correct?"

"How did you know?"

"Josh and I have been here before. That hotel is popular on this island. Must be because of the beautiful women like yourself who come here to sun bathe and relax." I blushed as I brushed back my hair as the soft ocean breeze blew my curly hair around. The sunshine hit my rare eyes making them the brightest light blue for all to see.

"What have the other trips been for? Business?" I asked.

"You can put it like that. But yeah, most of times it is business. Other times just to visit for the hell of it."

"I feel like your saying less than what your really are," I stated as I looked up at him. His face looked shocked and I smiled at him showing perfect teeth. "Is there more to this island than the eye can see?"

"Much more," he teased. I rolled my eyes.

"You know, this island is where my parents came to vacation. Sometimes I thought it was to get away from me. Sometimes to get away from work. I was always left with my grandma. They weren't the best of parents but they tried. I won't lie, I just wish-"

"They were in your life more?" finished Josh for me as he joined us after he unloaded his and the remaining of his friends belongings.

"Yeah. I mean, they were there but it didn't feel like they were there most of the time. But I guess it was just me."

"But like you said they did try. Even if they weren't there the majority of the time, at least they get a point for effort. That's all that counts. Most parents out there nowadays would rather act like a friend to their children rather than a parent. It's sad but true," replied Josh as he kicked a rock around with his foot.

"Why did you come to this island?" butted in Mitchell, curious.

"Huh? Oh...um...research related things." I had to lie. If I said it was to look for my missing parents on this island they would either feel sympathetic or think it was stupid. I didn't want neither. I hated when people felt sorry for me.

"Research? Your professor doesn't look like he's dressed up to do research," stated Josh causing all three of us to laugh.

"We're Americans."

"He is," Mitchell suddenly pointed out, as he pointed a finger towards my college classmates and at my professor than at me, "Your not." I gave a questioning stare.

"Just because I wasn't born in America doesn't deny the fact that I was raised there and therefore shouldn't matter," I stated as I poked him in the chest. He chuckled.

"I was playing Aria."

"Oh I know that," I stated as I winked at him and saw his cheeks flush a barely noticeable light red as he looked away flustered. Suddenly the roaring of an approaching jeep caught our attentions causing us to turn in the direction the sound was coming from. A large jeep came into view, barreling down the path towards us. From where I was standing, I could see what looked like a mohawk. "Is that your ride?"

"Yeah," they both answered. The jeep stop in front of us, causing dust to rise and get in my eyes. I blinked away to get rid of the particles and opened my eyes again to see who was their driver. This man, who seemed to be a little older than me, at least mid twenties. With a mohawk. He was wearing camouflage pants, steel toe military boots. A tight fitted red tank top that outlined his muscles body. He had this little red fabric wrap around on his upper left arm. He was wearing black, finger-less gloves. Yet what caught my attention was this nasty cut that he had on the side of his head that looked like someone used a knife on him. It made me curious to how he got it. Then he had these piercing green eyes that met my piercing rare pale blue eyes. I just froze on the spot. As odd enough it was to say, a strange look of recognition appeared in his eyes as he peered into my eyes. It was as if he was looking into my soul. I just stood still and let him look at me.

"Hey Boss," said Mitchell cheerfully. He drape an arm around my shoulder as me and the man he call 'Boss' just stared at each other. "This little beauty here is Aria. The handsome laddie in the jeep is Vaas." I awkwardly waved a polite hello, in which 'Vaas' smiled and waved back.

"Hello Hermana," he greeted. Spanish accent. I felt myself get flustered.

"Hello Vaas," his name rolled naturally off my tongue since my ethnic background is Hispanic. A look of interest and curiosity appeared in his eyes. Those haunting eyes of his that seemed lost.

"Is that a beautiful Spanish accent I hear?" he asked, as he gazed at me.

"Hispanic to more exact," I corrected him, "Puerto Rican background."

"Simply perfect for a beautiful chica like you," he complimented. I gazed at the ground blushing furiously.

"Hey Boss. She needs a ride to Hotel Paradíso. Think your willing to provide for her? Since she has a few people that 'dislike her' in the other jeeps," stated Mitchell, while he nodded towards the others. Vaas turned his head around and gazed at them for a few minutes before turning back.

"Yeah. I'll offer her a ride. Put her shit in the back." With that being said, Josh and Mitchell were off with putting my things in the back without a second thought. "Hermana, come here." I gulped and approached him without thinking. "Take passenger." I looked passed him and at my bullies who were staring at me with these glares that sent fear down my spine before Vaas turned his head and sent them a cold stare that made them divert their hateful gazes somewhere else. I climb in and sat in the passenger seat, putting my seat belt on. "You know Aria. I like you." My heart raced when he said those words. "Let this be the start of a new beautiful friendship hermana."

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