Tainted Love in Blood

By Jazjaz0616

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 4

"She's mine. Simple as that. She'll drive any fucker insane with her looks. I like that."


"Danger and mystery screams off of Vaas...Why am I intrigued with a man I only met? Yet it feels like I've known him since birth."


"There is a little good in evil and a little evil in good."


Vaas watched as she gazed around the room that was his but he rarely used it before she started to fly about like a butterfly with curiosity, her small feet barely making a sound as she went from room to room, which made him chuckle softly and a little surprise while he tied the red fabric around his upper arm again. The room was a mixture of white and red colored walls. A large living room, with a black love seat sofa in the middle, a huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall, with a Xbox Kinetic console on the desk underneath the TV with multiple games he has gathered. Glass doors on either side of the TV led to the balcony. To right of the living room was a small kitchen. Kitchen equipment quite new, untouched and unused. On the left was the bedroom, which had a king size bed, big enough for two. A flat screen TV in there also. The bathroom was also in there. The shower was a walk in shower, meaning that there was no curtain blocking. It was like the boys locker room showers. No privacy, just a small area where you turn on the shower and clean yourself right there in the open and pray to god that no one will walk in on you. Now, Vaas wouldn't mind walking in on Aria. He already wants to see what's underneath those clothing. The soft skin that tempted him so. He surprised himself with his actions in the elevator. How close he got, how hungry he got to have her but he manage to keep himself calm. "Like it hermana?"

"Like it?" she repeated as she did a slow spin in the middle of the living room, gazing at every little detail she could she with her eyes. Her rare blue eyes shining like diamonds. She felt like a kid at a toy store. She loved everything about the room. The simplicity. The style. The open space. The beauty and uniqueness of it. "I love it Vaas. It's more than I can ever imagine." She stop and gazed at him and sent him a soft smile before walking over to him and hugging him tightly. Her head rested on his chest and she could hear his strong heart beat pounding. "This is the best gift I've ever received. Thank you Vaas."

Vaas could feel a warm smile form on his lips as he stared at the tiny figure hugging him. He felt this strange feeling in his somewhat cold-blooded heart. He wrap his arms around her, gently patting her head. "Any time mi amor," he stated and Aria felt her cheeks flush. Than the sudden moments of what happened in the elevator pop back into her head and she felt even more embarrassed at the fact that she actually enjoyed what happen. She awkwardly pulled back from the hug, which made him give a questioning look as he quickly grasp her hands not seeing her sudden shyness. She stared at him, her eyes gazing at him. Observing him. Overlooking his feature's while he did the same. Green hollowed eyes trailed every curve of her body. Every feature of her face, his eyes landed on her soft pink lips. Without thinking much he intertwined his left hand with her right hand, their fingers tangled together. Her hand was much smaller than his. He could almost compare her to a baby. He than lift his left hand and softly cup her right cheek, gently moving his thumb across her soft flesh.

Aria, without thinking much closed her eyes and lean into his caring touch. She never felt such a tender, caring touch before besides her grandmother. It felt soothing, relaxing. She felt this sense of protection and security. She actually felt she was cared about for once in years. That someone was there for her. All these feelings emitting due to a man she just met. A man named Vaas. That didn't make sense to her. How can someone you only met make you feel so emotional and alive again? She hadn't realize that she actually forgot how it was to feel to have another human-being care for her. Daniel, Maya and the rest dulled her emotions, only leaving fear in her. They made her forget how it was to feel again. Over the years, Aria slowly locked herself in this imaginary box of hers, putting up a hundred walls and defenses up to protect herself from the pain and evil and yet here she is. Melting away under Vaas's caring touch, as if all the walls and defenses she put up didn't even exist.

She felt vulnerable, and she didn't like feeling like. She opened her eyes and gazed at him. She could see this hungry look in his eyes. And something else. Adoration? Amazement? Love? What was he exactly feeling made he more curious. She felt like she was staring for too long and broke eye contact with him, gently pulling her face from his caring touch. "How can you be so caring for someone you don't know?"

"And how can you hug someone you barely know?" he asked back and Aria felt her face burn in embarrassment. Vaas laughed at her reaction.

"Your so cute when you're embarrassed," he stated with a smile. She felt her face burn even more.

"I...I need to get some air..." she stuttered as she tried to unlock their tangled hands to get away only to have him wrap his available arm around her waist and pulled her into a death hug. Out of reaction, and mostly shock, she attempted to push him away with one hand. "V-Vaas!?" She gazed up at him and saw how dangerously close his face was to her. She could see this animalistic look in his eyes now. She could clearly see the hunger. He gazed from her eyes to her lips, to her eyes than back to her luscious lips again. He lean in more, letting their lips graze one another and Aria felt her heart pounding against her chest like a drum. She froze like a statue. She never been close to someone like this before. This close to a man in an hour, besides Daniel but that's a completely different thing altogether.

"What's wrong?" he whispered, his lips grazing hers gently. "My little Aria feeling lightheaded?" Her eyes stayed glued to his lips and eyes, flickering between them. She felt nervous, she took in shaky breaths. "I can give you all the air you want chica," he purred as he softly and teasingly nip get bottom lip, grasping the soft flesh between his teeth, pulling slightly before releasing her lip. "I'll make you feel cool and comfortable."

"T-that's not n-necessary Va-Vaas," Aria finally said, once she managed to find the words to say. She tugged herself away from his death hug, a tingling feeling going throughout her body. She felt weird, as if she were high though she had zero idea how it feels like to be actually high, besides adrenaline. That is the closet thing out there she could compare what she was feeling. He simply chuckled, as he let go of her hand and she shuffled back s few inches.

"You say one thing Aria, yet your body says another. It crave's to be touched and kissed." At this point, Aria was as bright as a tomato. She simply stared at him with wide eyes as she attempted to grasp what just happened. As quickly as the hunger in his eyes appeared it disappeared when he laughed, the hunger replaced with cheerfulness. "Don't overthink yourself mi amor! You're going to give that beautiful head of yours a headache."

"I'm not overthinking! I'm just...flustered," she muttered as she looked away.

"I think your beyond flustered hermana," he teased as he approached her. She gulped.

"I'm not feeling what you're thinking!" she said quickly in defense as she crossed her arms like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Oh really?" He smirked.

"Really," she answered serious though her face said the complete truth. She watched as he slowed his pace, a infamous smirk on his face. His green eyes locking on her and she raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?" She watched as he slightly hunched over. He looked like a lion about to attack. "Vaas?" She uncrossed her arms and slowly started to back away from him. "You better not." He simply stared at her, the look of playfulness written all over him. "You're gonna do it regardless aren't you?" He didn't answer. "Well, um, I'm just going to lock myself in the bathroom." And with that Aria made a dash to the bathroom, but Vaas was much quicker than her and manage to catch up with her. He wrap his arms around her waist from behind and picked her up, turning around with her while she squealed like a tiny mouse.

"Vaas! Put me down!" She yelled and laughed as he ran about with her in his arms. He than sat down on the couch, tossing her softly to his left side with her legs across his lap. She giggled as she sat herself up, laying on the cushions. Snuggling herself in them and let out a sigh of relief. "Why can't the cushions back in America be soft as these?" she sighed quietly to herself as she looked at Vaas.

"On my island, we emphasize more on hospitality and comfort for our guests." Aria gave a confused stare. "What's wrong hermana? Something on this handsome face of mines?" He started to get the hungry look in his eyes again and begun leaning towards her but she stuck out an arm and put her hand on his face. His eyes peered between her fingers and she laughed when she saw the scowl. But she couldn't help but make a mental note that his mood seemed to change within seconds and it baffled her. He doesn't even seem to acknowledge about what he did moment ago. He goes from being playful, friendly, and a kind person to a seductive, flirtatious, and possibly dangerous man. It made her question that he might have a personality disorder. Hell, maybe even bipolar. But she doubt someone as friendly as him would harm someone.

Would he though?

Yet, she didn't know because she didn't know Vaas. She only just met him. Instance friends the moment she got in his jeeps along with her other two new friends Mitchell and Josh. Speaking of them, it came to her realization that they haven't appeared yet.

"Where's Mitchell and Josh? Weren't they suppose to be here ten-fifteen minutes ago?" she asked. Vaas blinked a few times, his eyelashes fluttering against her fingers as he looked at her, thinking.

"You're right. Where are those cocksucker's? Did they get run over with the luggage carrier again?" He pulled back, sitting straight as he gazed behind them and at the door.


"Carlos, Mitchell and Josh were beyond drunk one day and for some reason the little fucks thought it would be a bright ass idea to use the luggage carrier as a skateboard to slide down the stairs. Didn't end well," he answered as he pointed at her. "Don't get any ideas hermana. I don't want to be rushing you to the nearest doctor here because of your stupidity."

Aria put her hands on her heart. "Ouch," she joked.

"I'm being serious. I don't have the time to be rushing careless fuckers to that damn doctor here," he stated, "But for you," he grasp her hands, pulling them off her chest and held them like she was a princess, "I'll make an exception just for you, mi Renia (Queen)." With that being said, he softly kissed the back of her hands. She watched as he did that. It made her question a lot of things. She felt that there was more behind him and his friends. There was more on this island. Hidden in the forests. Hidden within the mysterious beauty of this very island. She wanted to explore everything and know everyone. That curious, shy, adventurous side of her is going to get her trouble.

Suddenly the room door swung open hitting the walls very loudly, startling Aria that she yanked her hands from Vaas and let out a gasp of terror as she curled up immediately into a ball into the couch. Protecting herself from she thought was them but was actually Mitchell and Josh. Vaas watched, slight concern filling him. "Why did she curl up into a ball so fast? It looks like she's trying to protect herself from someone. But who?" His mind drifted off Daniel and he felt his jaw tighten in an anger that would've frighten Aria if she saw it. Vaas also knew all to well that position Aria was in. The fetal position. The position someone used when they're being stomp upon. How does he know you might ask. Well, he does take care of the rejects and the pricks that disrespect him. Disrespecting Vaas was a humungous NO NO in his books and the punishment always ended with death.

"Bloody hell mate!" exclaimed Mitchell, "Are you trying to break the doors?!"

"Break the doors?! Maybe I would've not kicked the doors in if you oh so kindly didn't shove me towards the door!" answered Josh as he hop on one to the nearest seat since he felt pain erupt through his ankle when he kicked those heavy, duty doors in.

"I'm surprise you still haven't learned your lesson since that stupid accident with this damn thing," stated Mitchell bluntly as he pulled in the luggage carrier inside. "Thought after getting mowed down by this things down the stairs that day was enough to not jump on it and ride as it kid!"

"We were drunk! And who doesn't want to ride the lovely thing?! It's quite fun! And I am not a kid!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Yes you are, don't even try to put up a debate about this!"

"Are you two bone heads done yet?!" yelled Vaas, hiding his seething anger. "What took you fuckers so long?"

"Well Carlos couldn't find the keys, so there was this huge manhunt for the lost key. Than we found the key. Then Josh rammed this piece of shit in the elevator and it got stuck when we were trying to get out and that's pretty much sums up why we are late and why this one currently has a hurt ankle," answered Mitchell in one full breath, while he went to the kitchen to get a bag of ice for his friend.

"Where's the lassie at?" asked Josh. Vaas simply lifted one hand and pointed down to indicate she was besides him.


"No. You two scared her shitless." Vaas gently laid his hands on her thigh and back and leaned in close so she can hear him. "Amor, it's only the idiots," he whispered softly.

"I know."

"Mind unwinding now?"

"I'll stay like this thank you very much." Vaas sighed, knowing damn well that Latina women are stubborn to the bone. Put up a hell of a fight when provoked or cornered. Have a mouth hotter than hell. Cuss faster than spanish music and a rapper combined together. Even the quiet, shyest ones tend to be more dangerous than the loud mouth ones. Best to leave Aria alone before unleashing the little fiery beast that laid dormant in her.

He patted her thigh. "I'm going on to the balcony. Join me if you want okay?"

She simply nodded. "Give me a few minutes." And with that, Vaas simply got off the couch, Aria watching him and he softly smiled at her and he saw how her body relaxed immediately. He knew she felt protected. He knew himself well that he wasn't going to let those scumbags of shit to lay a finger on her. Especially Daniel. He opened the balcony door and step outside and was greeted with the warming rays of the setting sun and the cool, crisp wind of the approaching evening. He took a deep breath in and let it, feeling somewhat relieved. Being a human trafficker and drug lord it takes on toll on someone sooner or later, but the high and adrenaline he felt doing wrong felt good. Felt really good. But it's good to take a tiny break once in a while. The body needs rest in order to perform at its best.

"Any events planned?" questioned Mitchell as he step onto the balcony and joined him, closing the glass door behind him so Aria wouldn't hear.

"Make them feel comfortable before we hunt them."

"What about Hoyt?"

"Don't worry about him Mitchell. He won't know about Aria."

"What about your boys? You know they're more intimidated by him than you."

"Hoyt barely comes down here unless it's shipment. But he's coming in five days, so don't worry about him."

"What if he finds out about her?"

"We'll lie. Say the jungle got her." As he finished, they heard laughter and the distance sound of a jeep. They both peered over the railing and saw the remaining 'guests' have finally arrived. They were laughing, making jokes, punching one another jokingly while an older man, who they could only guess was the professor was hushing them inside. Vaas gaze locked onto one person.


"And them?" asked Mitchell as he stared with a blank, emotionless face similar to Vaas. They watched as Daniel stop and gazed up at them, feeling their unwelcoming gaze and he smirked as he flip them off and proceed inside without a care.

"I'll take care of them. Especially him."

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