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0.2 Solitary Vagrant

Arceus’ dimension was a hodgepodge of other dimensions, all linked by invisible-to-the-eye portals in the star. One could travel from the Kalos region to Kanto in the blink of an eye; that was how dimensional travel worked. It made it much easier for Mew to slip through among the incoming Legendaries and into its portal, returning to its dimension.

Mew’s dimension was like Arceus’ in that it was also outer space, however its “sky” was a light pink gradient like its fur, and it had much brighter stars. Then there were its “toys,” those being items that the humans had thrown out and it collected. It tried to lay the boy in a crib with a broken gate but found him too big; briefly searching its collection, it rediscovered its favorite item: a large bed with very soft sheets and a very soft mattress. It carefully laid the boy down on it, maneuvering him away from the protruding springs, and covered him with the sheets, as if he was asleep. To be honest, Mew was hoping he was simply asleep.

Mew, what are you doing? Arceus’ heated voice rang in its head. Mew sighed and, casting one more forlorn glance at the boy, passed through the portal again into Arceus’ dimension. It was packed in a figurative sense, being filled with every Legendary Pokémon in the world, but not literally, so it was still able to float and maneuver around the others until it was at Arceus’ right hand side.

How are you, Arceus? Mew asked genially. If its expression could change, Mew would’ve said it seemed irate.

Listen, it said pithily, turning to acknowledge every Legendary present at the haphazard meeting. I know how arbitrarily this gathering has been called—

You can say that again! Latios snorted, Keldeo clicking its hoofs together in agreement.

—however, it was extremely necessary, Arceus finished, staring at them passive-aggressively. There has been an infringement in Earth’s atmosphere due to Rayquaza’s impertinence— Rayquaza snorted, openly glaring and growling at Mew, —and we need to decide on a course of action. Palkia, if you please.

Palkia grunted as the magenta lines crisscrossing its body glowed with pink energy. A rip suddenly appeared in Arceus’ space, as if someone had brought a knife to the air and sliced straight down. Deoxys appeared in the center of the room as opposed to just outside of the portal, though it was still in its Speed Form, so that was most likely the explanation. Its beady eyes scanned the room quickly before landing on Rayquaza. *GANIA, UYO! SYK DURAGINA AUQYRZAA* Everyone grimaced a bit at having to experience its alien form of communication, even Rayquaza, who was used to it, which caused its reaction to be a fraction of a second too late as Deoxys charged it.

Hey! A blue aura appeared around Deoxys, immobilizing it; it made an odd sort of screeching sound, eyes searching for the culprit. Latios rolled his eyes. The next time you want to attempt to attack someone, do so without a Pokémon able to sense emotions in the room, okay?

You’re so not amusing, Latias scowled, gliding over until she was within breathing distance of Deoxys—assuming that it did breathe. She laid a gentle hand over the alien’s head; it immediately bucked forward, both surprising and irking Latios as his face twisted in concentration. Deoxys was stilled yet again, though obviously by a small margin. Latias closed her eyes and hummed gently, an action quite familiar to the other Hoenn Legendaries but not as much to the rest.

What is that supposed to be? Zekrom asked.

She is reading his being using her Psychic abilities, Suicune answered placidly.

Sounds like a sham to me, Heatran snorted, stomping his feet.

So does cleaning yourself, but nobody here is judging, Keldeo said, laughing. Cobalion looked at it censoriously; Keldeo whistled and kicked at the ground innocuously in response. Latias’ eyes snapped open before Cobalion could come up with an apt reply.

Deoxys is the DNA Pokémon, she said, meeting everyone’s eyes. It originated from a virus floating in space suffering from a mutation; this stone in its chest is its nucleus.

Latios continued, It means to do harm, and a lot of it. A very vengeful Pokémon, it is; it’s very obviously unsafe to let this eyesore roam the regions. I say that we burn it at the stake presently.

Thank you for your outdated views on dealing with anomalies, Latios, Virizion commented sardonically. Latios shot it a withering look.

I suppose you have better pacifistic ideas, then?

Everybody has better ideas than your prepubescent self, Zapdos said. Your best idea was to remain in Hoenn, sparing us Kanto Pokémon the stress of seeing you.

Zapdos, please, Articuno chided.

All of you, please! Entei barked.

SILENCE! Arceus roared. All of the Legendaries closed their mouths; the only sound remaining was a low gurgle of breath. Breath. Everybody looked at each other; it seemed that the sound had not originated from Arceus’ dimension. Rather, it was coming from one of the stars. Did someone carry another being in our sacred place? Arceus demanded, stomping a hoof.

No, the Legendaries chorused. Arceus’ head snapped in Mew’s direction when it was a heartbeat too slow in responding.

Latios, Kyogre, and Groudon, Arceus said without turning. I want you two creators to make an island far off of Hoenn’s coast and seal Deoxys up there. As for you, Mew— Mew whined, shrinking back into a little pink ball. Arceus jabbed it hard with a hoof; Mew landed on its stomach with a wheezing exhale. We are going to have a very serious discussion. Meeting dismissed! It punctuated the sentence with a loud slam of his hoof.

The Legendaries scattered, random thoughts flying back and forth as they slipped back into their regions. Soon, only Mew and Arceus remained. Show me, it demanded, the finality of its tone leaving no room for protest or fabrications. Acquiescent, Mew went back to its world, Arceus at its tail.

He’s right—what? Mew broke off as it realized the boy had disappeared from the bed. It tried to search for him but the endless piles upon piles of random human possessions made it hard to find such a small person. He’s somewhere in here, it said. He can’t fly, so he couldn’t have escaped.

Arceus looked to the side and bowed its head slightly. Mew followed its gaze and spotted a dark spot against its plush fuzzy “carpeting,” if it remembered the name correctly. It floated down and found the boy sitting on a vinyl armchair, a large leather-bound volume balanced on his knees. Hello? Mew said, tapping his fingers. He simply adjusted himself, not bothering to look up. It looked at Arceus helplessly.

Human boy, Arceus boomed in its loud authoritative voice. The boy jumped, dropping the book to the ground and nearly falling from the chair as its head snapped towards Arceus. Is this a survivor of Deoxys’ attack? it asked Mew.

The only one, Mew murmured wretchedly, landing on his head. I am sorry.

He appeared tense at first, then touched its fur and relaxed. “I know you.” It was the first time it ever heard him speak; his voice was very musical, like soft bells. It had the lull of one who was unused to speaking. “You’re the Ancient Pokémon, Mew. I read about you.” He pointed at Arceus. “And you’re the Alpha Pokémon, the one who is said to have created everything.”

He studies well, for a human, Arceus noted. They are usually too preoccupied with the now than the before; they are more concerned with present affairs than the intricacies of how they came to be.

He’s different, Mew said. Very much so.

Arceus appeared pensive. The boy, finally appearing adjusted to the presence of two ultra-Legendary Pokémon, reached down to take up his book. Nevertheless, he must be returned to his world, Arceus finally decided.

But Pallet Town is destroyed, Mew protested. His eyes widened slightly; it turned to him apologetically, remembering that he had been unconscious.

There are many cities in many regions; pick one and drop him off.

That is quite callous of you, Arceus.

My responsibility does not lie with an orphaned child, Mew, neither is he a pet to be kept by us.


Mew, do you not understand me?

But how do you even know—

“Shh,” he murmured, engrossed in his book yet again.

He doesn’t appear to want to leave, Mew said.

That’s not the problem. A human can’t exist in these conditions—

I’ll help him!

Arceus gazed at it evenly. Why are you so interested in this human boy?

I just am, like you were interested in Damos.

That seemed to strike something within Arceus. It sighed, rising into the air. Only know that I highly disapprove of this, Mew, it said before passing through the portal, disappearing. Mew smiled, falling back on its bed. It knew Arceus well enough to know that was its way of agreeing, albeit grudgingly. It turned to the boy, who had resumed reading, and floated over, plopping down softly in his lap and curling up like a Persian.

“Why do you want me?” he asked, his voice even softer than before. “I’m unimpressive. I’m nobody. Joey and his friends always beat me up ‘cause I’m a nerd that reads books… My parents caught Pokérus and died, and nobody wanted to adopt me ‘cause they were afraid I had it too…” Mew was perplexed as small drops of salty water fell on the book’s pages. Where did it come from? “I’m totally unimportant… Why would a Legendary want me?” Mew realized that the moisture was coming from him; it did understand tears in a scientific way, but not too well. It knew that things only cried when they were sad, however. It patted the boy’s shoulder hearteningly.

It’s okay, it cooed. You’re not unimportant. I really like you… It trailed off, still unsure of his name.

“Aristotle,” he sniffed, wiping his nose on the back of his hand. “My name is Aristotle. But… Oak called me Aries because… He said I have a kind of fire in my eyes…”

Aries… The name seemed to fit him. Do you really wish to stay? it pressed. Arceus said that these conditions aren’t suited for humans; you can be in extreme pain without proper training.

“I really want to read these, though.” He looked at the tipping stacks of random books around him. “You have books from all the regions, and I really love to read…”

It’s never been done, training a human to be like a Legendary. It could take years and would place more pressure on your body, mind, and spirit than anything you could ever experience in the human world. You can go back now, Aries, and find human friends and live a normal life.

“Hah,” he murmured. “I’m five years old and I know twice as much as Oak; I can’t really be called normal anymore. I’m just that weird kid that would rather read a novel than battle Pokémon like everyone else his age.”

You’re not weird at all.

“Doesn’t matter. It was stupid of me to say,” he muttered. Mew stood up, hugging his arm awkwardly.

It was not, it protested. His eyelids fluttered.

“Everyone is really gone, aren’t they?”

They are, Aries.

“Even Joey?”

Joey as well.

His eyes shut tightly. “I miss him. A lot.”

He was very quiet for a long time, long enough for Mew to gather that he was sleeping. It poked his cheek curiously; he was injured, so resting was not abnormal, but if he had a concussion then he could potentially slip into a coma. It was terribly irritating to be unable to use its powers on him, which included healing. Someday, Mew would find the answer to that, but for now, the human needed his rest.
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