We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 10

"Jo-Joey...?" Mike ask. he slowly walked closer to it.
"Mike! don'!" Foxy exclaimed. Mike ignored him and pulled the sheet back, tears down his cheeks. he sniffled and looked confused.
"th-this isn't Joey. this isn't my brother." Mike said.
"yer sure?" Foxy ask walking over, followed by an officer. Mike nodded drying his face. he sniffled again.
"yeah. this isn't Joey." Mike said. Foxy looked shocked as he looked.
"who the hell is that?" Foxy ask.
"the guy that was shooting at your house." the officer said. they took the body away.
"come on. we can stay at the pizzeria while this place is a crime scene." Foxy said. Mike nodded and packed some clothes, he packed up all his important belongings, after they were checked out by police and put them in a storage locker. all his photo albums and things from when he was kid. some of his mothers belongings, all of it went in to a storage locker. they showed up to the pizzeria and walked in. it was close to closing time. Foxy led Mike away into the back. Frank stood there waiting.
"I saw it on the news." Frank said. Mike cuddled closer to Foxy's side silently. "I cleared out the storage room and put a bed in there and a new lock on the door." Frank added.
"thanks." Mike said. Frank nodded and they headed for the room. Mike put his suit case down and collapsed on the bed. Foxy cuddled to his side. Mike sighed softly.
"are ye okay?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded.
"yeah." Mike replied.
"place closes in five minutes. then we can go and get ye some food." Foxy said. Mike shook his head.
"not hungry." Mike replied. Foxy nodded.
"is there anything ye'd loike to do?" Foxy ask. Mike shook his head.
"not until Joey's caught." Mike replied. Foxy kissed him gently and nuzzled his cheek. he rested his chin on Mike's lap, looking much like a sad puppy trying to comfort his master. Mike sniffled softly and pet his head, his hair just as soft and red as his fur. Foxy smiled slightly and nuzzled closer. Mike continued to pet his head gently, scratching his ears occasionally. Foxy purred and his tail thumped against the bed. Mike smiled slightly as Foxy's eye's slipped closed. before he and Mike started dating, Foxy hadn't had attention in years, or at least positive attention. he remembered the first time he'd tried to pet the Foxy, he flinched back and growled slightly, probably expecting a blow to his head or something, but eventually he'd let Mike pet him. having been without positive attention and affection for years, Foxy knew not to take this for advantage. he'd only resorted to this when he couldn't figure out how to comfort Mike or when Mike was bored while watching the camera's. Foxy felt like he was in heaven. no one had ever been so kind or gentle to him. he purred loudly, something he hadn't known he could do until Mike had first kissed him. Mike's hands were always so gentle and Foxy sighed contently, almost content enough to fall asleep. Mike kissed his head and Foxy smiled brightly, his tail thumping contently on the bed.
"are ye feelin' better?" Foxy ask.
"yeah I do." Mike smiled, kissing his head. "thanks love." Mike said. Foxy's tail wagged faster at his words then it did while Mike was petting him. Mike smiled and gently pet Foxy's ears. Foxy purred. "your ears are sensitive huh?" Mike ask curiously.
"mmmm very." Foxy replied. Mike smiled.
"your adorable." Mike said. Foxy growled softly.
"Pirate's ain' adorable, they're viscious." Foxy said.
"you can be adorable and viscious at the same time." Mike argued. "and cuddly! your so cute and cuddly." Mike smiled hugging Foxy's neck. Foxy growled warningly and Mike laughed softly letting him go. Foxy saw the teasing look in Mike's eye's and smiled.
"it should be closed by now." Foxy said. Mike nodded and they left the room. Bonnie and Chica were talking excitedly, until they saw them.
"hi guys! what happened? you looked upset earlier..." Chica ask. Mike explained, leaving out the part about killing Joey. Chica looked shocked and Bonnie's jaw dropped.
"thats awful! are you both okay?" Bonnie ask putting his guitar away. they nodded.
"hey Foxy, if your looking for a job, they're putting me back on back up singer. we get to learn new songs and we may need a drummer." Chica said. Foxy smiled.
"I'd be happy to Chica." Foxy said. Chica clapped.
"yay! it'll be just like old times! only you won't be telling made up pirate stories that scare little children." Chica said.
"hey! me stories didn' scare no one!" Foxy argued, his ears drooping.
"who wants pizza?" Bonnie ask, drawing attention away from the arguement. Foxy still looked angry.
"hey, where's Freddy?" Mike ask. Bonnie and Chica shrugged.
"he took off after the show, said he had to get something." Chica said. Foxy frowned slightly. Mike jumped and screamed when Freddy suddenly appeared beside him. Foxy growled at Freddy.
"what the hell do ye think yer doin'?" Foxy ask.
"having fun." Freddy shrugged.
"o-oh great! s-so heart attacks are funny to you?!" Mike exclaimed. instantly he had everyone's attention.
"Mike?" Foxy ask. Mike was breathing hard.
"I'll be okay." Mike replied.
"new rule, when Mike's here we aren't allowed to just pop up beside him without warning." Bonnie announced. everyone aggreed, except Freddy.
"we should go out and do some stuff tonight!" Freddy exclaimed. Mike cuddled closer to Foxy.
"like what?" Bonnie ask. Freddy shrugged.
"something fun." Freddy replied. the others shrugged and nodded.
"I know this cool bar... oh wait you guy's don't have ID's... oh! I know this cool place that can make you fake ID's." Mike said. everyone turned to him and he shrugged. "I was a kid once that snuck into bars." Mike shrugged. they shrugged and headed out with him. "now just keep quiet. she's not really a people person. she hates strangers." Mike said.
"okay." Foxy said. they went in.
"hey! Laura! ¿Hola? ¿aquí? (hello? you here?)" Mike ask. a young woman walked out.
"Mike!" Laura grined. "¿como estas? how are you?" Laura ask.
"not bad. not bad. hey I wanted to know, if I could call that favor you owe me." Mike said.
"¿eh? with what?" Laura ask.
"I need a few fake ID's. they're new here and can't get one until the office opens next week." Mike said. she frowned.
"nop! lo siento, no puedo ayudarte. nope! sorry. can't help." Laura said. Mike frowned.
"don't tell me you've quit. I know a few people who've gotten some from you." Mike said. Laura shook her head.
"I'm clean." Laura said. Mike shook his head and looked at the others.
"stay here, we'll be right back." Mike said. he took her too the back and talked to her. he pulled four twenties out. "look I'm not asking for free, I know they cost fifty a piece, but all I'm ask is for a little discount. twenty each." Mike said.
"cuarenta. fourty." Laura replied. Mike bit his lip.
"look. I'm out of the job right now and just got robbed. I got a one hundred but thats it." Mike said. she frowned and sighed.
"Veinticinco." Laura replied. "twenty-five." Laura said. Mike smiled and handed over the one hundred and they walked back "alright you in the red. stand in front of the camera." Laura said. Foxy looked confused slightly but did as she said.
"smile Foxy." Mike said. Foxy gave a half smile. Laura quickly made them and Mike handed her two twenties and the one hundred. Laura snatched it up and handed him the ID's. "thanks Laura." Mike said. he handed them out and they left. Mike stopped by the bank. "I hate tricking her, but you do what you need too." Mike shrugged and withdrew some money. "it's a club bar. the club price is twenty bucks unless you have a group of three or more then it's ten bucks. first three drinks are on the house, you don't have to pay, but after those three you do have to pay. I usually pick up the tab at the end of the week. let's go." Mike said. they all got in, Chica and Foxy having been checked twice, because how young they looked. they looked around curiously and Mike headed to the bar. "Julio! hey man." Mike grinned.
"hey you better have brought friends this time." Julio said.
"I did. four of them." Mike said. "they were looking for some fun and well, twenty bucks is too much for one person." Mike said.
"what can I get for you?" Julio ask.
"the usual." Mike said.
"one Dirty Monkey coming up." Julio said. Mike smiled. Foxy curiously sat beside him.
"whats that?" Foxy ask pointing to a drink down the bar.
"thats a dirty banana." Mike said. Foxy raised an eye brow. "let's start you out with something a little less strong. "hey Julio! he wants a Alcopop." Mike called. Julio seemed to laugh as he delivered the drinks. "oh shut up. he's never drank before." Mike said. Foxy looked at the drink curiously.
"whats so funny?" Foxy ask.
"it's basically a bitch beer. chicks mostly order them, but I figure since you guy's have never drank we should start you off with something small. it's a fruity alcoholic drink." Mike explained. Foxy huffed and handed it to Chica.
"I refuse to drink a bitch beer." Foxy said. Mike chuckled softly.
"here. try mine see if you like it. it's kinda strong." Mike warned. Foxy shrugged adn took a sip. he shrugged.
"thats pretty good." Foxy said. a second one came sliding down the bar.
"I don't know if you've heard, but Mike over here doesn't like to share his drink. he get's pissy." Julio said. Mike blushed slightly.
"it was twice and it was the same guy both times and he pissed me off." Mike said. Foxy picked up the drink and downed it. Mike raised an eye brow and did the same.
"oh no not again." Julio muttered. Bonnie seeing them with their challanging looks stood up on a stool close to them.
"drink! drink! drink! drink! drink!" Bonnie started. soon the whole bar got in on it.
"shall we?" Mike ask. Foxy chuckled and nodded. "Julio." Mike said.
"I know. I know. try not to kill this one Mike." Julio said.
"I won't kill him." Mike replied. soon they were six down each. Foxy looked like he was going to get sick, Mike could take it. "Foxy? do you need to stop?" Mike ask. he may have been in a competetion, but he was always conserned for the other person he was up against. Foxy shook his head.
"m'okay." Foxy replied, his words slurring. Mike smirked.
"two more Julio. up it man." Mike said. Julio started pouring more and more alcohol into each of the shots, pouring more into Mike's then into Foxy's hoping to give the man a chance. Mike finally seemed to reach his limit and puked all over the floor. Foxy threw his hands in the air with a drunk and wild call before falling off his stool. Julio cleaned up the puke and served Foxy his winning drink, a Panty Dropper. Foxy downed it and let out a wild call again. the others went off to drink, after helping the two up. "ooowwww...." Mike muttered. after a while they all made their way drunkly back to the pizzeria, happy it was the weekend and there'd be no work tomorrow. Mike laughed and stumbled over his feet, having drank more then ever before. Foxy quickly caught him, drunk but no where near as bad as Mike. Mike felt like a little kid again, a collage kid again, but atleast he was still slightly in control Chica was so drunk she'd gotten them kicked out of the bar by throwing her shirt off and showing everyone her breasts. Mike walked into a wall.
"dis way." Foxy slurred and led him to the room. "strip down and change." Foxy slurred. Mike laughed and fell over on the bed. Foxy muttered to himself and changed into a pair of shorts, then began to help Mike change clothes. the drunk man laughed and struggled. he suddenly whimpered and curled up in a ball.
"nO!" Mike cried.
"jus' changin' yer clothes." Foxy muttered. Mike seemed to laugh and sprawled out in just his boxers. Foxy debated putting a shirt on Mike, but after failing to put his own on he decided not too. he could vaguely hear Bonnie and Chica banging each other down the hall. he looked at Mike, he did look super hot and Foxy shook his head. he would not take advantage of his lover like that. he quickly put a pair of shorts on Mike and cuddled to his bare chest. he wouldn't take advantage of his lover, but that didn't mean he couldn't look and cuddle. Mike laughed drunkly.
"yOUr s-SeXy..." Mike said drunkly. Foxy shook his head and pulled Mike to his chest.
"yer drunk." Foxy replied. Mike ran his nails down Foxy's chest slowly and Foxy shivered in delight. he pushed Mike's hand away.
"bUT FOxY..." Mike slurred. "I loVe YoU!" Mike exclaimed.
"I love ye too. look but don' touch. ye'll regret it in the morning." Foxy said. Mike pouted and pressed against Foxy, who blushed brightly. "Mike, stop." Foxy ordered.
"I wON't reGrET iT. WhY do YoU ThINk I Go-gOT DruNk? I diDn'T hAvE thE CUraGe tO MaKE A MoVE SoBEr." Mike slurred drunkly. "al-ALwaYs GeT dRuNKy hOTts." Mike said. he hiccuped.
"I won' do it Mike. knock it off. I refuse to, because if I do and ye really don' know what yer sayin' ye'll leave." Foxy said. Mike laughed shook his head.
"No I WOn't." Mike sang giggling. he grabed Foxy's boner through his shorts. "YoUR MoUTH saYs No, BuT yOuR COcK saY'S YEs." Mike giggles. Foxy moaned at the sudden grab. Mike stroked him hard and Foxy moaned louder. Foxy growled deeply and pinned him.
"I hope yer tellin' the truth..." Foxy muttered. he bit down on his neck and caressed his body. Mike moaned loudly. Foxy reached into Mike's boxers and stroked him. Mike moaned his name.
"cH-ChECk mY BaG." Mike said. Foxy looked confused but did and pulled out a bottle of lube. Foxy chuckled softly.
"ye weren lyin' ye did plan this." Foxy smirked, after properly prepairing them both, he leaned down and kissed Mike deeply, Mike slipped his tongue into Foxy's mouth and Foxy huffed softly at the taste of alcohol, but didn't break the kiss. Foxy thrust two fingers into the man gently and Mike moaned. once the smaller adjusted he thrusted a third finger in and thrust them carefully. Mike moaned but soon whined.
"StOP PLayINg." Mike moaned softly. Foxy chuckled softly and pulled his fingers out, thrusting himself in roughly. Mike arched his back and moaned loudly. "mmm Foxy!" Mike moaned.
*Saturday morning*
Mike groaned coming too. he was sore and his head was pounding, and the loud snoring of his partner wasn't helping his head. he saw the bottle of lube he'd packed and blushed brightly, knowing it had worked.
"thats probably why I'm sore..." Mike muttered. he pulled the blanket up, shivering at the cold and cuddled closer to Foxy, who held tighter. Mike moaned in pain, holding his head as he stood.
"goin' somewhere?" Foxy muttered.
"to the store. I need advil. my head is going to kill me." Mike muttered, getting dressed. Foxy muttered in agreement. "I might want to get a few extra bottles for the others too..." Mike muttered. he left and came back, dropping off bottles and notes to each. he came back with a glass of water and took two advil. Foxy did the same and they cuddled on the bed. Mike muttered softly, cuddling closer to Foxy and falling asleep. Foxy stretched then curled around him.
"I love ye Mikey." Foxy yawned softly. Mike snored and the Pirate chuckled, kissing his head. ye closed his eye's and was almost asleep when there was a knock on the door. Foxy tried to ignore it but the person was persistant. Foxy opened the door ,forgetting he was still naked, and there stood Freddy. Freddy blushed and stared. "well what the hell do ye want?" Foxy growled. Freddy seemed to snap out of his trance.
"I wanted to apologuize for my acti-" Freddy tried. Foxy punched him in the face.
"apology not accepted. ye shoved Mike to the ground and kissed me! ye ever do that again, an I'll kill ye!" Foxy shouted, then slammed the door shut. Freddy's ears drooped and he walked away. the shouting and slamming door, woke Mike. who sat up yawning and rubbing his eye's.
"what's wrong?" Mike ask. Foxy seemed to tense up.
"something happened when we got drunk. I guess ye don' remember it. Freddy shoved ye over last night and tried to make out with me. he jus' tried to apologuize but I told 'im to piss off." Foxy replied. Mike frowned slightly and rubbed his arm.
"that would explain why I remember getting alcohol poured into a cut on my arm..." Mike muttered. he shrugged. "my head still hurts too much for me to be pissed at him." Mike sighed. Foxy gave him a sad look as he walked closer.
"ye ain' mad at me are ye?" Foxy ask. Mike looked shocked and hugged Foxy.
"it's not your fault Freddy has a weird crush on you." Mike said. "though you probably made his day answering the door naked." Mike added. Foxy blushed slightly and covered himself.
"shit! I forgot about that..." Foxy said, flustered. Mike chuckled softly tossing him a pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. Foxy quickly dressed and Mike chuckled at him.
"why are you so flustered? it's not the first time I've seen you naked." Mike grined.
"how would ye feel if yer exboss with a crush on ye jus' saw ye nude?" Foxy ask. Mike chuckled softly.
"good point." Mike said. he smiled softly and kissed Foxy when he tilted his head down to button his shorts. Foxy purred, seeming to forget about the button and wrapped his arms around Mike, pulling him closer. Mike's tail wagged and he moaned softly. Foxy pushed his tongue into Mike's mouth and kissed him deeply. Mike moaned again kissing back. they pulled back, a trail of siliva connecting their mouths.
"ye never answered me, are ye mad at me?" Foxy ask. Mike shook his head and Foxy looked shocked. "re-really?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded.
"because I can do something Freddy can't." Mike said. Foxy tilted his head, confused slightly.
"and what be that lad?" Foxy ask.
"this." Mike said. he kissed Foxy deeply again and cupped him through his pants. Foxy moaned blushing brightly when Mike pulled back and wrapped his arms around the Pirate's neck. "now, if you ever let Freddy do that, then I'll be mad at you. your mine." Mike said. Foxy purred loudly and pulled him closer so he pressed against his body completely.

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