We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter `11

"I hate to say this but please, brush yer teeth. yer alcohol breath is goin' to make me sick." Foxy said. Mike stared at him a moment then chuckled softly and went to brush his teeth. Foxy looked confused. "whats funny?" Foxy ask. Mike held up a finger and finished brushing his teeth.
"had anyone else said that I would have told them to piss off, but the way you said it was just funny and you said it slightly politely." Mike said. Foxy looked confused as he brushed his own teeth. suddenly Chica burst in.
"Mike!" Chia exclaimed. she grabed his hand and dragged him off. Foxy quickly finished and followed them.
"Ch-Chica! where are we going?" Mike ask.
"something's wrong with Bonnie!" Chia exclaimed. she dragged him into the room and Bonnie lay on the floor.
"Bonnie!" Mike exclaimed. he rushed over and checked him for a heartbeat. he started CPR and looked at Chica. "got to Foxy tell him to call 911!" Mike ordered. Chica nodded and raced off for the Fox. Mike opened Bonnie's mouth and listened for breathing, but didn't hear anything. "come on Bonnie, don't make me kiss you." Mike muttered. Bonnie remained unresponsive and Mike muttered to himself. he held Bonnie's nose and blew into Bonnie's mouth. "come on Bonnie!" Mike hissed. Foxy raced in on the phone.
"he's already doing CPR." Foxy informed the woman on the phone.
"Bonnie, you own me big time." Mike muttered. he held Bonnie's nose and blew into his mouth again. he listened for breathing. by the time the ambulance arrived Mike had Bonnie breathing again. they loaded Bonnie up and took him and Chiac away. Mike stood and looked at Foxy.
"CPR is interesting. I've seen humans do it before, but never really understood the whole kissing them thing." Foxy said. Mike chuckled softly.
"it wasn't actually kissing him. I was trying to re-inflate his lungs by holding his nose so the air wouldn't excape and blowing into his mouth. although most people call it the kiss of life or mouth to mouth resuscitation." Mike replied. Foxy nodded. "let's get to the hospital and make sure he's okay." Mike added. Foxy nodded and they headed for the hospital. when they got there Bonnie was sound asleep with a mask over his face.
"what happened?" Foxy ask.
"he's allergic to nuts." Chica replied. Mike frowned. "h-he's lucky he didn't die..." Chica said tearfully. Foxy hugged her tightly.
"shhhh. it be alright Chica. he be okay an now we know right?" Foxy ask. Chica sniffled softly and nodded.
"they're keeping him over night. you guys can go back home if you want." Chica said. Bonnie groaned and opened his eye's. he saw the three and smiled tiredly.
"so here's the man who kissed me to save my life." Bonnie muttered. Mike laughed.
"brush your teeth. it's a wonder you weren't drunk off the smell of your mouth." Mike said. Bonnie chuckled softly and coughed deeply. "and like I told Foxy, it was mouth to mouth resuscitation, not kissing." Mike added. Bonnie smiled at him.
"thanks Mike, I owe you one." Bonnie said.
"just brush your teeth and live and we'll call it even." Mike said. Foxy chuckled softly and Bonnie nodded.
"I will." Bonnie replied. not long later the two left and headed back to the pizzeria. when they entered Freddy walked up to them. Mike, without a second thought, punched Freddy hard in the face, with his animatronic arm. Foxy laughed as the man fell over.
"ouch! hey!" Freddy said. Mike narrowed his eye's at him and walked off with Foxy, who was still laughing. Foxy stopped him adn pulled Mike into aa deep kiss, where Freddy could still see them.
"I love ye Mike." Foxy chuckled. Mike smiled.
"love you too Foxy. let's head to the arcade." Mike said. Foxy nodded and they headed for the pizzeria arcade. Freddy growled watching them go. soon Foxy would be his and Mike would be gone. Freddy smirked and headed to get the items for his plan. Mike sat down in front of Pac-Man while Foxy headed off to play Zombies 3. Foxy heard a noise and went to check it out. "where are you going?" Mike ask, not turning from the screen.
"something fell, I'm going to go check it out." Foxy said. Mike nodded and Foxy left. Mike continued to play when he felt someone behind him.
"well that was quick. what happened Foxy?" Mike ask. he suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and he fell unconscious. Foxy looked at the kitchen and cleaned it up. he shrugged and headed for the arcade.
"I guess a pan in the kitchen fell or something." Foxy said walking in. he looked around and noticed Mike's stool and blood on the ground. "Mike ye okay?" Foxy ask. he searched the building and began to panic. "MIKE!" FOxy shouted. Freddy gave an evil grin as Mike moaned in pain and came to.
"F-Foxy?" Mike ask softly.
"wrong." Freddy replied. Mike looked up at him and glared.
"go to hell Freddy." Mike said. Freddy slapped him hard across the face.
"you'd be wise to shut up." Freddy said he held up a box. "no one can hear you, but..." Freddy trailed and held down the button on the box. Mike screamed in pain as the electricity made contact with his skin. after a moment Freddy let the button go and the electricity stopped. Mike whimpered and panted softly. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve." Freddy said. Mike managed to look at him.
"wh-where's Foxy?" Mike ask. Freddy grinned.
"don't worry about him, he's mine now." Freddy said. he gagged Mike and started to beat the crap out of him while he was attached to the wall. Mike screamed through the gag. he tried to break free of the cuffs that held him to the wall, but he couldn't. his arms were held above his head. he looked pleadingly at Freddy, begging to be let go, but the brutal bear just laughed and left him there. Mike trembled as tears ran down his cheeks. he sobbed through the gag, crying for Foxy or someone to help him. Freddy appeared beside Foxy.
"Freddy! have ye seen Mike?" Foxy ask worriedly. Freddy, looking worried, nodded.
"come on! he's this way! he's really hurt!" Freddy exclaimed. he led Foxy to his room and Foxy looked around.
"I-I don't understand where's Mike?" Foxy ask. Freddy suddenly looked very upset.
"I'm sorry Foxy." Freddy said and knocked him out. he tied Foxy up in a secret part of his room and wached him until he woke up.
"where's Mike?!" Foxy exclaimed. Freddy smiled.
"he's being taken care of in a building far from here." Freddy smirked sexily. Foxy growled and struggled against his restraints. "easy now. the angrier you make me, the more Mike suffers." Freddy smiled. Foxy instantly stopped. he glared at Freddy.
"what do ye want?" Foxy growled. Freddy nuzzled him.
"your love." Freddy said.
"never." Foxy replied. "I belong to Mike jus' as he belongs to me." Foxy said. Freddy frowned and stepped back.
"fine then. if you won't love on me, I'll make Mike do it." Freddy smirked and left. Foxy struggled with his restraints, but it was no use. Freddy purred walking up to Mike, tauntingly. Mike swallowed hard watching him. to his utter surprize Freddy ripped the gag out of his mouth and thrust his tongue in. Mike faught with him and managed to push him off, spiting at him. Freddy growled and punched him hard in the face and Mike cried out. Freddy grabed him by the front of his shirt. "do as I tell you to, or Foxy will be on the recieving end of my anger and I'm felling alittle hot for Foxy." Freddy said. Mike squeezed his eye's shut in pain and nodded at Freddy.
"d-don't hurt him. please. I do whatever you want." Mike said tearfully. Freddy smirked.
"thats better. I want Foxy, but he's little too fiesty right now, so you'll just have to do." Freddy said. he leaned forward and kissed Mike roughly, forcing his tongue into Mike's mouth. Mike fearfully kissed him back, hoping to save his boyfriend. Freddy purred and pulled back. "well, if me and Foxy don't work out, your a mighty fine kisser. I think I'll keep you instead of killing you like I first planned." Freddy said. Mike swallowed as the bear began to kiss his neck. he trembled and kept his eye's shut tightly. Freddy caressed his body and bit his neck. Mike yelped in pain when Freddy drew blood. Freddy purred at his cries of pain and grinded against him. Mike squeezed his eye's shut tightly and turned his head away, in fear, but Freddy suddenly stopped. he checked his watch and growled. he left suddenly and Mike let out a shaky breath.
"Foxy. I-I'm sorry." Mike cried softly. Foxy growled hearing the pizzeria door's open, he couldn't risk calling out for help, Freddy had Mike. Freddy suddenly opened the door and smirked at him.
"well I can see why you practically crave his kisses, he does have a nice taste." Freddy purred.
"keep yer lips off me boyfriend!" Foxy hissed. Freddy chuckled.
"your not really in the position to demand things." Freddy said. heran his claws down Foxy's bare chest and shoved a gag in his mouth. "there. now. I'll be back in a few hours." Freddy said. Foxy watched him go and hung his head. his ears drooped and he whimpered. he decided he'd do whatever it took to get Mike free. Foxy's inner clock told him it was a little after noon. he side then his head snapped up, maybe he could call Bonnie. they all had something to connect them to the others in their head and Foxy hoped he could get a hold of Bonnie. Mike, hearing foot steps that were too light to be Freddy's, called out.
"h-hello?" Mike trembled. "wh-whose there?" Mike ask tearfully. a soft meow came to him. it was a cat, not help. Mike sniffled at the cat and watched it. "y-you here to hu-hurt me too?" Mike sniffled but the cat just stared then left. Mike broke down, crying. Bonnie was shocked when Foxy's distress call came in. he jumped and Chica looked at him.
"whats wrong?" Chica ask, then she too recieved it. "oh god!" Chica exclaimed. Bonnie struggled to sit up and managed to leave with Chica. they headed for the pizzeria. they checked for Freddy then headed for his room, but they couldn't find Foxy.
"F-Foxy!" Bonnie exclaimed. a muffled call. "m-make some noise if you can hear us!" Bonnie exclaimed. it was quiet Foxy looked despritely for something and managed to wrap his tail around a pipe. he quickly hit it on the wall and Bonnie jumped at the thump. they followed it and managed to find the man they quickly got the gag out of his mouth.
"w-we gotta hurry." Foxy panted softly. "h-he's got Mike!" Foxy exclaimed. they quickly broke the nearly naked man free and he fell to his knee's, rubbing his wrists. he stood and Chica tossed him his clothes. Foxy quickly dressed.
"where's Mike?" Bonnie ask.
"I-I don' know. he said he's not here though." Foxy said. they quickly left the pizzeria and headed for the police station, they needed help. Freddy growled hearing the alarms for his room go off. he raced back and Foxy was one.
"alright Foxy you wanna play? I'll play." Freddy smirked. "with Mike." Freddy grined. he left and slapped Mike awake. Mike trembled and watched him. "unfortunately, Foxy and I didn't work... he had to be desposed of." Freddy said. Mike teared up.
"you killed him?! you bastard!" Mike screamed. Freddy electrocuted Mike again and purred at Mike's screams of pain. Freddy chuckled.
"how pathetic." Freddy said letting the button go. Foxy cried out suddenly and held his head.

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