We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 12

"Foxy!" Chica exclaimed. he almost collapsed but managed to catch himself.
"Mi-Mike's sending out pain signals... b-but I can' do anything back... Fr-Freddy must have fried his circuit." Foxy explained.
"follow them. the stronger they get the closer we are." Bonnie said. Foxy nodded and headed back for the pizzeria, but they got weaker.
"h-he's not this way. if ye kidnap someone... where are ye gonna take'em?" Foxy ask.
"someone I can be alone with my victim." Bonnie replied. Foxy nodded.
"we need to head away from town." Foxy said. Mike screamed loudly as he was whipped. his bare skin was bruised and bleeding. he was trembling and had probably urinated on the floor from how scared he was. he didn't know, Freddy had stripped him and left his clothes below him so if he had, he wouldn't have heard it. Mike screamed again, crying loudly.
"shut up!" Freddy shouted. he kissed Mike deeply, and the man triied to hold back his sobs. Foxy froze.
"th-they stopped..." Foxy said. Chica ran to his side.
"it's okay. I'm sure Freddy just left the room..." Chica said. Freddy grabed Mike's chin.
"let's see if your as good as he was." Freddy taunted. Mike screamed and struggled sobbing and begging for him to stop. Foxy cried out loudly and fell over, curling up and holding his head tightly. Bonnie knelt beside him.
"c'mon Foxy. fight it. fight it for Mike, he needs us." Bonnie said. Foxy nodded and managed to get up. he stumbled, trying not to let his CPU make him reboot. he managed to push on. Mike screamed loudly as he was tortured and abused.
"FOXY!!!" Mike screamed at the top of his lungs. "FOXY HELP!" Mike cried. he was slapped hard in the face.
"shut the hell up!" Freddy growled. "you know, the other me, the one you got killed, yeah he had a crush on you. this is for him." Freddy smirked. Mike trembled.
"n-no! no! please don't Freddy! don't!!" Mike begged, trying to fight him. Foxy tensed up.
"e-either he killed Mike... o-or Mike passed out..." Foxy said softly.
"let's split up. it'll make this quicker." Bonnie said. Foxy nodded and they spilt. they searched for hours, untill midnight, but still found no sign of Mike. they went back to the police for help. this time the police agreed to help and they started a search party with them. Mike came to, he wasn't sure what time it was, as the room was always dark other then when Freddy turned on the light. Freddy didn't appear to be in the room. Mike started crying silently. Foxy stiffened.
"h-he's alive." Foxy said. he didn't pause a moment, he started following the weak pain signals. he didn't slow down and wait for the others, he just rushed on. he followed them untill they didn't get any stronger. "he's too weak to send out a strong enough signal. he's in the area." Foxy said. he kicked open the door to the first building he came to and ran in. Bonnie and Chia did the same to two other buildings. Mike sobbed, blood everywhere. the room smelt of blood, urine, and puke. Mike decided to take a chance. wouldn't be able to live much longer like this. he started coughing when he tried to shout for help. Foxy froze.
"Foxy?" Bonnie ask. Foxy turned and suddenly ran to a building beside Bonnie.
"he's in this one! I hear 'im!" Foxy shouted, breaking down the door. he ran in. "MIKE! MIKE!" Foxy shouted. Mike teared up hearing the voice and believed it was just his imagination. he could hear footsteps though, several sets of them and he saw the light of a flashlight. he tried to call out for help, but his voice was horse and it made him cough again. the lights suddenly flipped on and Mike flinched. "Mike!" Foxy shouted. Foxy caught sight of him. Mike, in a sudden surge of relief cried out for him.
"FOXY!" Mike exclaimed loudly. Foxy raced over without a second thought and broke Mike free. Mike collapsed in his arms. "h-he told me you were dead!" Mike sobbed into Foxy's chest. he was covered in blood and cuts and bruises. paramedics raced over and handed Foxy a blanket. Foxy wrapped it tightly around Mike and held him in his lap.
"he needs a hospital sir." one of the paramedics said softly. Foxy nodded.
"I know. I don' know how to get 'im up without hurtin' 'im." Foxy said. he scooped Mike, who cried out in pain, up and set him down, holding his hand tightly. Mike clung to his hand despritely. Foxy kissed his hand and held it tightly. "m'not goin' no where Mike." Foxy said softly. Mike nodded slightly but didn't let his hand go. Foxy could see he was crying and Foxy kissed his head. "shhh. shhh. it's okay Mikey. they got 'im. they got 'im." Foxy cooed to him gently.
"h-he said you were dead." Mike managed.
"m'okay." Foxy said softly. Foxy looked at the paramedics. "please, he needs to know that I'm not going anywhere." Foxy said. one nodded hesitantly and Foxy scooped him up and held him in his lap. he rocked him gently. "it's okay Mikey. it's okay." Foxy soothed him. he managed to calm Mike down, by petting his pourly abused ear, or he should say ears. Freddy had removed his other human ear and placed the other wolf/dog ear on Mike.
"h-he said he did it for the other Freddy." Mike sniffled softly. Foxy's ears drooped and he held tighter.
"I'm so sorry Mike." Foxy said. he kissed his head and continued to soothingly pet his ears. Mike cuddled closer and sniffled. Foxy rubbed his back gently and pet his ears. "I 'ave to put ye back down now, okay? but I won' leave yer side while they patch ye up. okay?" Foxy ask. Mike whimpered and held tighter. "I promise Mike. I'm not going anywhere." Foxy promised. Mike nodded hesitantly and Foxy laid him down, holding tightly to his hand. they had to force Foxy away from Mike once they got to the hospital because Foxy wasn't a blood relative, but when Mike nearly sent himself into a panic, they decided they could let it slide for now. Foxy was with him the entire time, whispering soothing words to Mike. he held Mike's hand and his head layd on Foxy's arm, which was around his shoulders as he layd down. he kissed Mike's cheek when he whimpered. Foxy nuzzled him gently. "it's okay." Foxy cooed gently. once they bandaged him up and Mike curled up in Foxy's lap trembling. Foxy rocked him and held him tightly.
"i-it hurt so bad... I-I wasn't awake when h-he did the other pa-parts... b-but he kept m-me away wh-when he pu-put the other ea-ear on." Mike cried softly. Foxy's ears drooped and he patted his back gently.
"shhhh baby. it's okay. I took care of 'im. I took care of 'im." Foxy soothed. he'd found Freddy in one of the other building's he checked and Foxy tore him apart. he'd ripped the metal out of Freddy's skin and tored skin off his bones and broke his hand s off. he was sent off in another ambulance. "he won' touch ye again. I made sure of it." Foxy said. Mike eventually fell asleep and his sister came in.
"i-is he okay?" Vada ask.
"I'm not sure, but I think he will be in time." Foxy said. "are ye okay? I know yer brother Joey's been on the streets... he tried to kill us." Foxy said. Vada nodded.
"yeah. we're okay." Vada said.
"we?" Foxy ask, looking at her. a little boy stared at him from her arms.
"this is my son Coda. I'm sorry for my pour behaviour before." Vada said.
"it's not yer fault. ye were worried." Foxy replied. "I'd come over and greet ye, but he's terrified of me leaving his side." Foxy said softly. Vada nodded and walked over.
"mama, whose that?" Coda ask softly.
"thats uncle Mike's boyfriend." Vada said. Coda looked frightenedly at Foxy, who didn't seem to care as he laid down beside Mike and pulled him closer.
"what happened to uncle Mike?" Coda ask. Foxy looked at the little boy before Vada could reply.
"uncle Mike got attacked by a bad man and a bunch of super hero's came to his rescue. they wanted to make him a super hero too but they couldn't so they gave him these special parts so when he's in trouble he can call for help and they'd come to his rescue." Foxy explained. Coda gasp slightly.
"is he a transformer?" Coda ask. Vada chuckled softly.
"no baby. he's still uncle Mike." Vada replied. Coda nodded.
"mama, I'm hungry." Coda said.
"alright let's go get you something to eat." Vada said. she took him out of the room.
"thanks Foxy." Mike's small voice drew Foxy out of his thoughts.
"huh? I thought ye were asleep?" Foxy ask. Mike shook his head.
"I wa-was just resting m-my eye's. th-thank you for n-not telling h-him what rea-really happened..." Mike said. Foxy kissed his head.
"what do ye mean? far as I'm concerned thats what happened." Foxy said. Mike smiled at him and sniffled. "don' worry Mike, they don' plan to fix 'im. I'm suin' the company for everythin' they got. they'll pay for their creation nearly killing ye." Foxy said. Mike curled up and whimpered in pain. Foxy soothed him. he nuzzled Mike gently. Mike smiled slightly.
"Foxy?" Mike ask softly. Foxy looked down.
"yeah Mike?" Foxy ask.
"I love you. so much." Mike said. Foxy smiled and kissed him gently.
"I love ye too." Foxy replied. Mike cuddled to his chest as Chica and Bonnie walked in.
"hi Mike." Chica said softly. Mike waived at her.
"hi." Mike replied.
"are you okay?" Bonnie ask. Mike nodded.
"just a little blood." Mike replied. they nodded.
"he's dead. just died." Bonnie said. Mike tightened his hold on Foxy's shirt. Foxy rested his chin gently on the top of Mike's head.
"I don't know weither to be happy or to be upset that he's dead." Mike said softly. Foxy nodded in agreement.
"get some sleep Mike, ye deserve it." Foxy said. Mike nodded slightly and cuddled closer with a small yawn. Foxy smiled and held him. once Mike got to sleep, Foxy cast a glance down at his sore wrists, covered with his jacket sleeves.
"how are your cuff burns?" Bonnie ask.
"they 'urt but m'fine." Foxy replied.
"you should let them bandage them." Chica said. Foxy shook his head.
"that requires gettin' up and movin' an I don' wanna wake Mike, or leave 'im." Foxy replied softly. Mike's furry ears twitched at the feeling of Foxy's warm breath on them. Foxy, noticing, turned his head to keep from waking Mike. Mike mumbled softly in his sleep, as if agreeing with Foxy, and nuzzled his chest. Foxy tightened his hold.
"they could get infected." Bonnie said.
"I'll take care of it. s'fine." Foxy replied. "what are they doin' with his body?" Foxy ask.
"they're cremating him." Bonnie replied. "he turned animatronic and faught the doctors once his human form died, but they killed him. he's going to be melted down." Bonnie said.
"good." Foxy said. Mike whimpered in his sleep and Foxy nuzzled him gently. "s'alright Mike." Foxy soothed.
"we're sorry Foxy. we trusted Freddy and ended up leading him right to Mike." Bonnie said.
"ye didn' do it on purpose." Foxy replied. Mike whimpered and started to struggle. Foxy purred softly and rubbed his back in an attempt to sooth him. Mike's ears drooped and he curled up, holding tightly to Foxy's shirt. "s'okay Mike. he can' 'urt ye again." Foxy soothed gently. Mike seemed to calm at his voice and relaxed. Bonnie wrapped an arm around Chica.
"we'll leave you two alone then." Bonnie said. Foxy nodded but didn't look over, focusing on Mike and keeping him calm. "come on Chica." Bonnie said. Chica nodded and followed, closing the door behind them.
"it's okay Mike. ol' Foxy's got ye." Foxy said softly. Mike's hold on Foxy's shirt loosened and he slowly uncurled as he fell into a deeper peaceful sleep. Foxy's thoughts drifted off to the lustful look that had been in Freddy's eye's when he'd been chained up in the closet. Foxy's ears drooped and he held tighter to Mike, hoping Freddy hadn't turned the lust on Mike. he hoped it wasn't true, Mike had told him everything else that had happened, why wouldn't he mention if Freddy had assulted him like that? maybe he was afraid or embarrassed... maybe he was afraid Foxy would leave him, or maybe he'd liked it and didn't want to admite it to Foxy. he whined softly and Mike shifted.
"Foxy? are you okay?" Mike mumbled worriedly. Foxy looked down at him.
"yeah. sorry. didn' mean to wake ye." Foxy said softly.
"no your not. I can tell your worried about something." Mike said, nuzzling his chest.
"Freddy... he was goin' on and on 'bout his love for me... but I refused. he... he didn'... the lust in his eyes, he didn' 'urt ye right?" Foxy ask. Mike seemed shocked at the question and shook his head.
"n-no! of course not. if he had I would have told you." Mike said. Foxy relaxed and nuzzled Mike.
"I know, but I had to ask." Foxy said. Mike nodded slightly and shifted, causing Foxy to wince when his wrist was hit. Mike turned his attention to Foxy's wrist and pulled his sleeve down. his ears drooped. "shhhh Mike, it's okay. jus' a couple burns from some chains." Foxy soothed.
"ar-are you alright?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded.
"yeah." Foxy replied.
"you should let them bandage those." Mike said. Foxy smiled slightly.
"Bonnie was sayin' the same thing. I'll let someone 'ave a look tomorrow." Foxy said. Mike opened his mouth to dissagree, but Foxy nuzzled his head, with his eye's closed and held him. Mike closed his mouth and cuddled to Foxy's chest. Foxy curled around him slightly and rested his head on Mike's shoulder, staring out the window infront of him. "stars are beautiful tonight." Foxy said. Mike looked up at him and rolled over carefully. he looked out the window and nodded in agreement.
"yeah." Mike replied.
"I don' think I ever properly thanked ye for freein' me Mike." Foxy said. Mike looked up at him, slightly confused. "ye took me from that hell whole where I was locked up day after day and ye brought me out to where I can see the stars again. I know I'll never be able to pay ye back but I'll try every day to." Foxy said. Mike smiled slightly and hugged him.
"you don' owe me anything." Mike said, if anything, Mike probably owed Foxy for saving his life all those times. the Pirate chuckled softly and shook his head.
"I do. more then ye know." Foxy said. Mike smiled softly.
"love me forever and we'll call it even." Mike said. Foxy smiled brightly and he nuzzled Mike's nose.
"I can do that." Foxy smiled, kissing Mike.

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