We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 2

"when I was a kid, my brother picked me up while he was taunting me. he put me in Freddy's face while he was singing... and Freddy bit my head." Mike said softly rubbing his head. the others outside the window froze. they remembered that day. Foxy looked shocked. "I shutter everytime Freddy gets close. not just because he wants to stuff me in a suit, but because he nearly bit my head off." Mike said softly. Foxy's ears drooped and he hugged the man.
"if yer so scared of Freddy, why do ye come back?" Foxy ask. Mike smiled slightly putting his hat back on.
"I'm not going to let one bad childhood memory push all the good ones away." Mike said. Foxy patted his head. Bonnie and Chica turned to Freddy, having not remembered the accident as they had to have their CPU's replaced when they caught fire.
"you told us it was Foxy who bit the kid." Chica said. Freddy stepped back as they glared at him.
"you told us for years it was Foxy's fault. we treated him like crap for something you did!" Bonnie exclaimed. Freddy swallowed hard.
"ea-easy guys. I-I can explain..." Freddy said. Bonnie attacked him and drug him away. Chica knocked quietly on the door. Foxy growled and put himself between Mike and the door. Mike trembled slightly and held onto Foxy from behind. Foxy turned the power back on and opened the door.
"what is it ye be wantin?" Foxy growled dangerously. Chica hugged him.
"we're sorry. Freddy always told us it was you who bit that kid." Chica said softly. she leaned up and whispered the rules of the game they'd been playing into Foxy's ears. smiling at his blush when she told him that Mike was his to do with as he pleased. Chica kissed his cheek. "we're sorry we've always treated you like crap and broke you and got you put out of order." Chica said. Foxy nodded.
"s'alright lass." Foxy replied. Chica smiled at Mike.
"sorry for always scaring you. we weren't trying to kill you. it was all just a game to us. we won't try again for a while, but next time we do, know it's all just a game okay?" Chica ask. Mike nodded slightly, but still didn't trust her and didn't let go of Foxy. she patted his head and giggled. "Mark right?" Chica ask.
"Mike." Foxy corrected before Mike himself could.
"oh, sorry. well Mike, if your ever hungry, I make some good pizza!" Chica exclaimed. Mike raised an eye brow slightly, stepping back when she got in his face.
"u-uh okay..." Mike replied. Chica giggled again and picked Mike up hugging him tightly. Mike froze and felt his heart race in his chest.
"easy lass. don' give the poor lad a heart attack." Foxy said. Chica let him go and Mike panted for air.
"oops. sorry Mike." Chica said. Mike nodded and rubbed his arm, where the blade had hit, Chica had accidently pinched it. it began to bleed through the bandages. "oh no! I'm sorry Mike! I didn't mean to hurt you!" Chica exclaimed. Foxy shook his head and rebandaged Mike's arm.
"i-it's alright Chica." Mike replied. Foxy smiled at his handy work.
"if you need us, don't come looking for us." Chica said.
"why not?" Mike ask curiously. Chica smirked.
"Freddy's gonna get it." Chica sang with an evil grin and skipped out of the room. Foxy frowned.
"whats wrong Foxy?" Mike ask. Foxy shushed him and peaked out into the hall, a chair slammed down on his head. Foxy dropped to the ground and Freddy laughed. he looked at Mike who backed up with a whimper. Foxy grabbed Freddy's leg and tripped him.
"go Mike! run!" Foxy exclaimed, struggling to hold the Bear down. Mike raced out the other door. he ran as fast as he could, but triped in his fright and fell on his face. he yelpped when he hit his nose, and sat up feeling it bleed slightly.
"ouch fuck." Mike muttered. he got up and looked behind him. he scrambled up and away seeing Freddy, who threw down Foxy's hand and hook. Mike turned and ran as fast as he could. Freddy jumped at him, but seemed to freeze in the air as in alarm went off. he dropped the pieces of Foxy held in his hands and Mike took off out of the resturant.
*Tuesday night*
Mike came in about four hours early and headed for the office. he picked up the pieces of Foxy he found and felt himself tearing up slightly.
"Foxy?" Mike ask softly, looking into the security room. Foxy's tail, bottom jaw, ear, and one of his arms lay'd on the floor. Mike gathered up all the parts he could find and put them in his bag, which had parts to fix Foxy with in it. he grabed the Foxy manual and headed for Pirate's Cove. Foxy lay on the floor, patches of fur missing everywhere and looking like he'd been dragged to hell and back. Mike dropped to his knee's and quickly got to work. he found himself explaining what he was doing softly to the animatronic, who he knew wasn't on. he didn't know what he was explaining what he was doing, but he did it any way. he grabed Foxy's jaw. "good thing your not concious for this." Mike said softly. he quickly finished putting Foxy together and sowing more fur onto him. he smiled slightly and patted Foxy's head. "try not to scare me to bad if you come to the office tonight." Mike smiled. he turned and headed for the office. he checked his watch, repairing all the damage had taken almost the entire four hours. he quickly headed for his office and got there just in time. Mike looked at the camera's Bonnie and Chica were gone, Freddy was staring at the camera. Mike shivered, crying out and falling out of his seat when Freddy suddenly pressed his face to the camera. he swallowed hard and climbed back into his seat. he checked the camera's and whimpered, unable to find Freddy. he checked the door lights and quickly slammed the doors shut screaming when Freddy appeared. he checked the other camera's, hoping one of the others would come to help and clicked Pirate's Cove. the Sorry, out of order! sign had changed and now said stay there! Mike cried out hearing banging on the door and dove under his desk, trembling as the door was busted in. Freddy grabed him and held him up, appearing to be looking him over. Mike trembled. "p-put me down!" Mike exclaimed, kicking his feet. he managed to kick Freddy in the face and the Bear dropped him. his face turned to anger and he kicked Mike into the hallway. Mike cried out and coughed up some blood from the hard kick. he shakingly got to his feet but was kicked down again.
"how dare you kick me! how do you like it?!" Freddy exclaimed. Mike screamed in pain when Freddy stomped down and broke his hand. Mike trembled and curled up tightly in a ball trying to protect himself.
"hey! leave him alone!!" Foxy snarled angrily. Bonnie and Chica appeared behind the angry Fox. Freddy smirked and stomped down on Mike's arm. Mike screamed again as his arm snapped. Foxy growled tackling Freddy. Bonnie helped him. Chica ran over to Mike.
"hang on Mike. I'll get you some help." Chica said. she scooped the man up and headed for the kitchen. she called an ambulance and Mike quickly made up a story that one of the animatronics had fallen on him. the ambulance rushed him away. when she got back, Freddy gone. Bonnie was trying to help Foxy up. neither were too damaged. "whe-where's Freddy?" Chica ask.
"the stage. we cemented and screwed him to the stage. hopefully, he'll stay there. where's Mike?" Bonnie ask.
"I called an ambulance for him. Freddy crushed his arm." Chica said. Foxy picked up his broken jaw with his ears drooped.
"will he come back?" Bonnie ask. Chica sighed softly.
"I don't know. he didn't say." Chica said. they looked at Foxy, who sat silently, with his jaw in his lap, watching the office. "I'm sorry Foxy." Chica said. Foxy simply stood and walked away, his broken tail dragging on the floor. Bonnie's ears drooped.
"maybe we should try to cheer him up?" Bonnie ask. Chica shook her head.
"no I'm sure Mike will at least come back tonight. I mean, it's only 3." Chica said. Bonnie nodded. Mike sighed and headed back inside. his broken arm and hand clutched closely to his bruised side. thankfully, Freddy hadn't broken anything other than his arm and hand. they'd also fixed up his other arm and his leg from yesterday. he limped slightly, back to the office. he notice Freddy watching him on stage.
"whats the matter Fazfuck?" Mike muttered under his breath. suddenly a loud squeal and he was being lifted.
"you came back!" Chica exclaimed.
"o-ouch! Chica! careful!" Mike exclaimed. Chica carefully set him back down.
"sorry Mike." Chica replied. Mike nodded and rubbed his broken arm, casting a glance over at Freddy. "don't worry about Freddy. he's cemented to the stage." Chica said. Mike nodded as Bonnie walked up.
"hey! you came back." Bonnie smiled. "we were worried you wouldn't come back be cause of Freddy." Bonnie said.
"I almost didn't but I decided I liked you guy's, except Freddy, to leave." Mike replied. he looked around confused. "where's Foxy?" Mike ask. Chica looked at Bonnie, who sighed.
"we didn't really keep our fear of you leaving a secret.... he's hiding out in the Cove. y-you were technically his only friend in years... I think he thinks you were going to leave." Bonnie said, his ears drooped. Mike nodded.
"thanks guys." Mike said and headed for Pirate's Cove. he found Foxy facing away from the curtains, his lower jaw in his hands, and his ears drooped. Mike managed to climb up and he tapped Foxy hesitantly on the shouler. Foxy swung around with his hook, cutting Mike's cheek slightly. "oh! sorry! didn't mean to startle you." Mike said, not seeming to care about the cut. Foxy whimpered softly and his ears drooped further. "it's okay. it was just an accident. here, let's see if I can put your jaw back on again." Mike said. Foxy nodded slightly and handed it over. with a yelp he felt it lock back into place. "better?" Mike ask.
"yes." Foxy replied.
"what else?" Mike ask. Foxy stood and revealed his tail and other damnage. Mike smiled and happily fixed him up. Foxy hugged Mike carefully, not wanting to hurt him. Mike smiled and pet his head. thought the fur was fake, it was soft and felt so realistic. he smiled seeing Foxy's tail wag slightly. "don't move. your ears bent." Mike said, reaching an arm up. Foxy stayed still and yelpped slightly when Mike fixed his ear. "sorry big guy." Mike said. Foxybacked up and rubbed at his ears.
"thanks Mike." Foxy said. Mike nodded.
"your welcome. it's almost five. I better get back to the office." Mike said. despite the fact Mike didn't need him to, Foxy followed him. Mike smiled at talked to Foxy, who nodded and listened. Mike taught him how to play a few card games, but eventually fell asleep against the Pirate. Foxy blushed slightly and shook him awake at six. "huh?" Mike mumbled.
"it's a few minutes till six. I should get back"," Foxy said. Mike nodded and sat up, watching him go, then left when the alarm went off.
*Wednesday night*
Mike arrived an hour early. he didn't know why, but he'd missed Foxy and decided to come early. he noticed Freddy was indeed, cemented to the stage, and he didn't look too happy about it. Mike shrugged and headed for his office, he'd stopped by the store and picked something up for Foxy, and hoped the Pirate would like it. Mike had told the owener about the attack by Freddy and he understood that the bear was now attached to the stage. Mike looked into his bag and smiled. Foxy would never be able to get his show back, as Frank couldn't afford it. Mike understood that, as did Foxy, but that didn't mean Foxy had to sit still and be bored all day. Mike smiled again and sat the bag down, flipping through the camera's as an alarm went off, telling him it was midnight. Mike smiled and checked the camera's. he checked the stage Freddy was glaring angrily at the camera, Bonnie and Chiac were gone. Mike smiled slightly and looked for Foxy. the curtain on Pirate's Cove was closed and Mike felt saddened, maybe the Pirate just didn't realize it was midnight.

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