We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 3

Mike jumped and yelped falling out of his seat when Foxy tapped his shoulder.
"fuck! Foxy!" Mike blushed slightly, rubbing his broken arm. Foxy smiled sheepishly.
"ol' habits die hard." Foxy shrugged. Mike glared slightly and got back up. Foxy's ears drooped slightly at the glare and, suddenly like a puppy, pouted and looked sadly at Mike. Mike huffed softly.
"I got you something. close your eye's and hold out your hand." Mike said. Foxy tilted his head curiously.
"but-" Foxy started.
"do it." Mike said. Foxy muttered and did as he said. Mike put the bag in his hand and Foxy looked down.
"what?" Foxy ask. Mike laughed and pulled out some card cames and Pirate themed board games.
"just because you can't perform, doesn't mean you have to be bored." Mike said. Foxy smiled and hugged Mike.
"thank ye Mike." Foxy smiled. Mike nodded and hugged him back.
"your welcome." Mike smiled. they decided to head to the kitchen and see how Chica was doing. on there way there Bonnie jumped out and scared them. Mike had jumped and screamed falling on his back and hitting his broken arm.
"geez Bonnie!" Foxy hissed. he knelt beside Mike. "are ye okay Mike?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded slightly.
"y-yeah. just hit my arm." Mike said.
"sorry Mike. didn't mean to do that." Bonnie said. Mike nodded again.
"it's okay Bonnie." Mike replied. Foxy helpped him up. Mike rubbed his arm gently. Foxy glared at the Rabbit.
"ye gonna 'ave to be more careful!" Foxy hissed. Bonnie stuck his tongue out at Foxy.
"make me Fox boy." Bonnie smirked. he was teasing Foxy, not being rude but Foxy didn't see a difference. he growled and Bonnie backed up. "I-I was just joking Foxy." Bonnie said. Foxy huffed and headed for the kitchen.
"ye always say that." Foxy muttered, low enough no one heard him. Mike went after him.
"are you okay?" Mike ask softly. Foxy nodded and kept walking. "mind slowing down some? your legs are way longer then mine." Mike said. Foxy didn't seem to hear him. Mike decided to keep quiet and let himself fall behind, after all he knew how to get to the kitchen. Foxy didn't seem to notice him not at his side.
"ye sure yer okay Mike?" Foxy ask. when he didn't recieve an answer he looked down and looked surprized to see his human friend wasn't there. "Mike?" Foxy ask slightly louder. the man suddenly came into his sights. "what are ye do way back there?" Foxy ask.
"I ask you to slow down but you wouldn't. I have little legs." Mike replied. Foxy's ears drooped.
"I'm sorry." Foxy replied. "I didn' hear ye." Foxy said his ears drooping more.
"it's alright." Mike smiled. "I know my way to the kitchen." Mike said. Foxy nodded and looked up.
"Mike!" Foxy exclaimed. he turned and covered Mike with his body and yelped when the two knives hit him in the back, but he held Mike tightly. Foxy, after a few minutes turned and glared at Chica. "what the hell Chica!" Foxy hissed.
"sorry! you startled me!" Chica exclaimed.
"are ye okay Mike?" Foxy ask still kneeling in front of the man. Mike nodded.
"yeah. are you?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded and let the two remove the knives, thankfully, nothing vital had been hit. after a bit they headed back to the office, where they closed the doors, having seen Freddy watching Mike. Mike hugged Foxy tightly nuzzling him. "I'm glad your okay." Mike said. Foxy's tail started wagging and he hugged Mike back.
"I'm glad ye be okay too." Foxy replied looking down. Mike, without a second thought, leaned up and pressed his lips to the metal lips of the Pirate Fox. Foxy blushed brightly and froze. Mike pulled back.
"oh shit!" Mike exclaimed blushing. "I-I'm so sorry! I-" Mike was cut off by the alarm and he took off. Foxy's ears drooped as he watched him go. Mike felt like he was going to cry. he paniced the entire ride home and didn't manage to get any sleep.
*Thursday night*
Mike barley talked himself into going back. he managed to get there a few minutes before his shift started and headed to his office quickly. he decided the only thing he really needed to watch, was Freddy. he couldn't help but flip through the other screen's though. suddenly the power in the room went out and the doors slammed shut. Mike swallowed and whimpered softly.
"Fr-Freddy? i-is that you?" Mike ask. he was suddenly grabbed and pinned to the wall, he knew that hand. "F-Foxy?" Mike ask softly, seeing the golden eye's glare at him. "I-I'm really sorry! I-I didn't mean-" Mike started but was quickly silenced by a pair of lips crashing into his. the lips, though metal, didn't hurt. they were soft and gentle and Mike melted into the kiss. he felt the Pirate's other arm hold him tightly, his hook gently putting distance between his hard metal body and Mike's tenderly wounded ribs. Mike wrapped his good arm around the Fox's neck and pulled him closer. Foxy seemed to purr at the motion and pulled back to give Mike some room to breathe.
"what makes ye think ye can jus' kiss someone and run?" Foxy ask, a low growl at the back of his throat. Mike blushed slightly.
"well when that someone you kissed is a giant homicidal animatronic, it comes naturally to run." Mike panted softly. Foxy's ears drooped, which Mike saw after his eye's adjusted to the dark. Foxy looked hurt. "okay so maybe homicidal wasn't the right word... but I used to think you were homicidal." Mike said. Foxy's ears didn't move, though he seemed to smile slightly. Mike slowly reached up with his good hand and pet Foxy's ear. his ears seem to perk up and he seemed to purr. Mike smiled seeing Foxy's tail wag. "your like a giant animatronic puppy" Mike chuckled. Foxy growled softly and Mike laughed. Foxy blushed, happy the lights were out.
"I'm not a pet." Foxy growled. Mike shook his head.
"I didn't mean it like that Foxy. I know your not a pet." Mike smiled. the Pirate leaned forward and kissed him gently before putting him down.
"ye should warn yer boss the power went out." Foxy said. Mike looked confused and reached over to the tablet, he found all the camera's were down.
"huh. I thought you did that." Mike said. Foxy shook his head and growled hearing Freddy's signature laugh. Mike flinched at the laugh and looked around frightened as he heard footsteps. Foxy guarded him protectively.
"shhh don' make a noise." Foxy said softly. Mike nodded and shivered slightly. Foxy stod protectively infront of him. "Freddy likes the dark. he can' see so well in light. he has better eye sight in the dark, but his hearin' ain' so good any more thanks to all the screamin' kids." Foxy explained softly.
"what about you and the others?" Mike ask softly.
"I see okay in the dark. not loike Freddy, but not far from it. Bonnie and Chica can only see in the dark well if somethin' moves. they get around so well because they know the building." Foxy replied. there was a slight knock on the door.
"Mike? are you there?" Chica ask. Mike went to answer but Foxy stopped him. Foxy looked out the window and jumped back when Chica's purple eye's peeked in.
"Chica. it is ye." Foxy chuckled. he went to open the door but Chica stopped him.
"don't! the power has gone out in the entire building. Freddy's gone! we just wanted to make sure Mike was safe." Chica said.
"we?" Mike questioned. Bonnie tapped the other window and waived.
"we." Bonnie replied. Mike nodded.
"can Freddy open the doors?" Mike ask. Foxy shrugged.
"if I can he can. let's just hope he doesn't know how to get them open." Foxy replied.
"Bonnie and I are going to stay infront of the doors. we'll warn you if he's coming." Chica said.
"how will you know?" Mike ask.
"his face glows in the dark." Foxy snickered.
"seriously? Mike ask. Foxy nodded. Mike laughed softly. Foxy grinned. they sat down and played a board game in the low light of Mike's flashlight. Mike stiffened hearing Freddy's laugh, closer now. Foxy pulled him to his side protectively and shut the flashlight off. he stood and moved the desk and table around. he motions for Mike to get under them and Mike did as he was told. Foxy growled lowly.
"he's close. I can hear 'im." Foxy mumbled. Mike swallowed hard and curled up under the desk. the makeshift shield covered him completely, but left a little spot for him to see under, not that he wanted to look. he wasn't sure what was happening, one minute Foxy was standing ready to protect him and the next minute he was running for his life. Freddy wasn't too far behind. Mike was surprized when Bonnie suddenly tackled Freddy.

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