We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 4

"go Mike!" Bonnie shouted. Mike didn't have to be told twice. he ran as fast as he could. he didn't know the building as well as they did, but he was sure he could find somewhere to hide. he slid into Pirate's Cove and dove into a box. he held as still as he could. as he did so he was reminded of another time his brother was picking on him. he'd stuffed him into on of the boxes and nailed it shut. Mike had screamed and been in tears until a certain Pirate animatronic caught sight. he walked over and delt with the situation, Mike remembered hugging the Fox tightly when he was let out of the box. Mike swallowed hard and held his breath, peeking out of the small hole in the box. he froze when he saw Freddy walking toward the box, Mike managed to put some of the pirate costume stuff in front of the hole and hopped Freddy wouldn't see him. "hey! get back here Faz-fatass!" Bonnie shouted tackling him. he barley missed the box as he tackled Freddy. Freddy growled and they faught. Freddy threw open the box and grabed Mike out by his throat.
"h-hey! let go!" Mike choked. he kicked at Freddy, desprite for air.
"let him go Freddy!" Bonnie shouted. Freddy grinned and squeezed Mike throat. Mike choked loudly and gasp for air, struggling harder. Mike managed to kick a weak part on Freddy's arm and the Bear dropped him. Bonnie quickly tackled him while Mike tried despritely to catch his breath. he was slowly falling unconscious but the last thing he saw was Chica and Foxy coming to his aid. Mike groaned softly coming too.
"he be awake!" Foxy exclaimed.
"see I told you he wasn't dead Bonnie!" Chica exclaimed.
"n-not so lo-loud guys..." Mike mumbled.
"oh sorry Mike." Chica said softly. Mike tried to sit up and someone, he assumed Foxy by the size of the hand, helpped him. Mike rubbed his head.
"I-I see the li-lights are ba-back on. h-how long was I out?" Mike ask.
"about three hours. you leave in about thirty minutes." Bonnie said. Mike nodded and shakingly stood, with some help from Foxy and Chica.
"and Freddy?" Mike ask. the three animatronics looked at each other.
"Freddy... required some... rewiring. we need a mechanic to fix what we've determined to be the problem and have ripped it out of him, such as his CPU." Bonnie said. Mike's eye brows furrowed.
"rewiring? you ripped his CPU out?" Mike ask. they nodded. "why?" Mike ask.
"Freddy's always been a bit... quirky, mainly at night. we figured that if we fixed the problem he wouldn't try to kill you again." Chica said. Mike nodded.
"sounds reasonable." Mike said. "but what am I supposed to tell Frank? oh hi your animatronics come to life at night like a fictional movie. oh and hey! your main attraction tried to kill me so the others took him apart, hope you don't mind paying to fix him." Mike muttered. the three grew silent, they hadn't thought about this.
"oops." Chica said softly. Mike said.
"it's alright. i'll think of something." Mike sighed. he decided he'd wait until Frank got there to explain. Frank frowned and looked at the bruise around his neck.
"that looks an awful lot like something Freddy would do." Frank said. Mike blinked.
"you know about the animatronics?" Mike ask. Frank nodded.
"of course. let me guess, Freddy broke your arm too?" Frank ask. Mike nodded.
"yeah. sorry about Freddy." Mike said. "the others were just helping." Mike said. Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica stood behind them sheepishly.
"what did they do?" Frank ask. Bonnie and Chica led the way while Foxy followed behind the humans.
"they decided to try to... fix Freddy." Mike said scratching the back of his head. it was then that he seemed to notice his hat missing. it was suddenly plopped on to his head from behind. Mike turned around.
"'twas layin' on the floor." Foxy replied. Frank seemed a little wary of Foxy.
"now I didn't know that one could talk..." Frank said. Mike chuckled.
"Foxy? he never shuts up." Mike laughed. Foxy growled and shoved him. Mike laughed harder and patted his arm. "you know I'm just playing Foxy." Mike grinned.
"let's see how much playin' ye do when I get through with ye." Foxy growled. Mike laughed and smiled. he turned to Frank, who looked afraid.
"don't worry. he's just horsing around." Mike reassured the man. he looked nervously at Foxy, who nodded at him. Frank swallowed. "the only one you really have to worry about is Freddy. oh, and Foxy likes to sneak up on people and make them fall out of their chairs." Mike muttered glaring at the Fox. Foxy smirked.
"no me fault ye weren' payin' attention Mike." Foxy said. Frank blinked.
"they've learned your name?" Frank ask. Mike nodded.
"you don't have to talk about them. if your curious just ask them. it's what I do." Mike shrugged.
"here we are." Bonnie said. he flipped on the lights and there sat the mangled body of Freddy. Frank frowned.
"hmm... I'll call in a few favors and see if there's anything they can do. if there's not, I could always order a new one... this one was always a little hinky." Frank said. Mike nodded.
"yeah. I've noticed." Mike said rubbing his neck.
"ye alright Mike?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded.
"yeah." Mike replied. they got everything straightened out and Mike decided to head home for some well deserved rest.
*Friday night*
the handprint was visible in the bruise on Mike's neck, but the man didn't seem to care as he strolled into his job. though he knew they couldn't answer just yet, Mike smiled and said hello to the two on the stage.
"hi guys. enjoy your night." Mike smiled. he headed for the office. he was a few minutes early, but he wasn't worried. they'd packed Freddy up in a crate today and shipped him off to get him fixed, so it was just Mike and the three animatronics. the moment it hit he smiled and watched Foxy stretch and he stepped off the stage. he waived at the camera and headed for the office. Bonnie and Chica didn't move quiet as fast, as it felt odd not to have Freddy there. Foxy rested his head on Mike's shoulder, looking at the camera's with him. Mike smiled slightly and reached up petting Foxy's ear. "hello Foxy." Mike smiled. said Fox nuzzled his nose against Mike's neck. Mike shivered slightly at the cold feeling. he laughed slightly as the Pirate cuddled him. "hey excuse me. I'm working." Mike teased. Foxy whined softly. Mike chuckled and put the tablet down. "hey buddy. how was your day?" Mike ask, kissing his cheek. Foxy's tail started wagging.
"it was really borin' since we were closed." Foxy muttered. "but me, Chica, and Bonnie spent the day playin' board games." Foxy said. Mike smiled.
"I hope you know I love you." Mike said. Foxy's ears perked up and his tail wagged and he hugged Mike tightly.
"no one's ever loved me before." Foxy said softly. Mike nuzzled the side of his furry head.
"well, I do." Mike smiled. Foxy kissed his neck and nuzzled him. Mike sat on the ground and let Foxy, rest his head on Mike's lap. Mike smiled and patted his head gently and Foxy curled around him from behind, wrapping his arms around Mike's waist. Mike kissed his head and cuddled him. Foxy's tail wagged.
"I don' 'member ever feelin' this happy." Foxy purred. Mike smiled and kissed his head again.
"me either buddy." Mike replied. there was a loud crash.
"Chica!" Bonnie exclaimed. Mike got up and ran towards the crash. Foxy ran behind him. they slid into the kitchen and Freddy stood over Chica, whose arm was gone. Freddy grinned evily at Mike.
"Mike, run." Foxy said. Mike turned and ran and Foxy protected him the best he could. they fought hard and long, but Foxy lost. Mike was backed up in a corner Freddy grinned at him and held up a dog animatronic suit. Mike whimpered, seeing it full of cross beams and wires and other animatronic stuff.
"Freddy, pl-please don't." Mike said, tears running down his face. Mike screamed in pain, tied to a chair. he struggled until Freddy knocked him out. Mike woke to shaking.
"Mike?" Frank ask.
"Fr-Frank?" Mike ask, shaking.
"hold on. I've got an ambulance on the way." Frank said.
"wh-what happened?" Mike ask.
"Freddy got away. h-he... I'm so sorry Mike. I understand if you sue..." Frank said. Mike looked confused. "y-you don't know?" Frank ask.
"know wha-what?" Mike ask. he held up a mirror. half of Mike's head was a a gray dog.
"your left arm and left leg are the same. you also have a tail." Frank said.
"wh-where's Foxy and the others?" Mike ask. Frank moved out of the way.
"I managed to put them back together. Foxy is really worried about you." Frank said. Mike tried to stand up, but his leg did work very well. "stay here. I'll go get him." Frank said. Mike nodded and looked around, Freddy had a gun shot through his head. "don't worry, he's dead completely." Frank said. he left and Foxy walked in. Foxy's ears drooped.
"oh Mike..." Foxy said.

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