We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 5

he dropped to his knee's in front of him. Mike had no shirt on, so Foxy could see most of the damage.
"d-did he do anythin' else to ye lad?" Foxy ask. Mike's ear drooped slightly and he nodded.
"h-he didn't do anything other then half my face, my arm, my leg and a-according to Frank, I-I have a tail." Mike said softly. Foxy scooped him up and held him tightly, Mike crying into his fur.
"shhh I be sorry lad. I should have protected ye better." Foxy sighed softly.
"n-not your fault Freddy was fucked up in the head." Mike managed after he calmed down. Foxy held him, kissing his head when he fell asleep, then stood with him once the ambulance arrived and carried him out. Bonnie and Chica watched from their spots on the stage as Foxy carried the unconscious man out. Foxy watched them take the man away and made his way to the Cove. he cried into his hand and hook. Mike would certainly never come back. Foxy lost his one and only true love, to a monster. Bonnie walked in.
"Fo-Foxy?" Bonnie ask.
"go to hell!" Foxy exclaimed. he slammed his curtain shut and curled up crying. he sobbed into his arms. Bonnie's ears drooped.
"Foxy, buddy, whats wrong?" Bonnie ask.
"I love 'im! an he's never comin' back 'cause of Freddy!" Foxy shouted at Bonnie. Bonnie was shocked.
"o-oh Foxy. I-I'm sorry." Bonnie said.
"yeah 'cause that fuckin' helps!" Foxy cried. Bonnie whimpered softly and left. Foxy watched the door day and night, through his curtain. he didn't participate in teasing the new guard. he just wanted his lover back. he cried softly and attacked the new guard when he started throwing Mike's stuff out. Frank had to come in and talk to Foxy, but Foxy nearly took his head off. Frank looked at him.
"I know your upset Foxy, but, you need to think of what's best for Mike." Frank said. Foxy waited untill he left, then cried into his hands.
*Monday night*
the weekend was torture to Foxy, knowing he was alone again. at 12:01 AM, Foxy heard the door open. he didn't bother to move.
"oh, my god!" Chica exclaimed. "Mike!" Chica squealed. Foxy's ears perked up slightly.
"Mike?" Foxy ask softly. all he heard was silence and the typical sound of robotic parts moving. he was suddenly tackled against the floor. "Mike?" Foxy ask. the human/mechanical man wrapped his arms around him tightly. "I-I thought ye'd never come back." Foxy said.
"I love you. I'll always come back." Mike said nuzzling his chest. Foxy caught sight of Mike's tail and whined softly.
"I be sorry, so sorry Mike, I couldn' protect ye." Foxy whimpered.
"it's not your fault. it's not your fault at all Foxy." Mike soothed softly, nuzzling his neck. Foxy held him tightly. Foxy sat him in his lap. Mike didn't have very good mobility of his new limbs. "the only thing I really know how to use is my head." Mike said.
"I can teach ye." Foxy said, nuzzling his head. Mike smiled at him.
"thanks." Mike replied. Foxy nodded.
"let's start with yer hand." Foxy said. Mike nodded and listened. Foxy quickly taught him how to work everything. Mike hugged him tightly and cuddled to his chest.
"Frank sort of bribed me to come back. I want to give you an option." Mike said. Foxy looked at him.
"I'm listenin'." Foxy said.
"he's raising my pay, as long as I don't sue for Freddy attacking, but was willing to let me make an offer." Mike said. Foxy nodded. "would you like to be free? have stuff to do other then just sit here in torture?" Mike ask. Foxy looked shocked.
"wh-where would I go?" Foxy ask. Mike smiled.
"with me." Mike said. "you'd get to come back every night. you'll be on all day, you'll have a sleep time. you don't have to leave your friends and you don't have to worry about me leaving you." Mike said. Foxy's tail wagged quickly. "what do you say?" Mike ask. Foxy kissed him deeply.
"yes." Foxy said. Mike smiled brightly.
"then it's done. guess that means your mine." Mike said. Foxy chuckled softly then frowned.
"wh-what about Bonnie and Chica?" Foxy ask.
"they're upgrading Chica. she'll be lead singer and Bonnie will still play guitar. they're going to try again to rebuild Freddy, and where Pirate's cove is, will be a set for kids to put on plays for each other and their parents." Mike said. Foxy smiled. Foxy kissed him deeply and Mike kissed back. "I won't let them forget about our friends." Mike said. Foxy nodded.
"thank ye Mike." Foxy said. "I love ye." Foxy added.
"I love you too Foxy." Mike said. Mike hugged Foxy tightly and turned around. "alright you've got a deal Frank." Mike said. Frank walked in and they shook hands.
"I loose no money and Foxy doesn't have to sit all alone all day." Frank said. Foxy nuzzled Mike's neck lovingly. Mike grined.
"alright. is there anything here you want Foxy?" Mike ask.
"hell take all the stuff you want. if this works the way I hope, people will donate the costumes." Frank said. Foxy whispered in Mike's ear and Mike nodded.
"thats it? are you sure?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded. Mike smiled. "alright, go get it." Mike said. Foxy grabed the sorry out of order! sign and a few things, and his bored games. he packed them into a box and looked at Frank.
"as a thank ye for allowin' me and Mike to do this, I leave all the Pirate costume's in yer care. except me hat. that's mine." Foxy said, grabbing his hat. he put it on his head. Frank nodded.
"sounds like a plan." Frank said. Mike put Foxy's stuff in his car. he came back in.
"you're going to be a little uncomfortable in the car, but you should be okay in the house." Mike said. Foxy shrugged.
"eh." Foxy replied. Mike smiled at him.
"I'm giving you a few days off, to get both you settled in." Frank said. Mike nodded. Mike watched Foxy get into the car and smiled slightly. Mike got in, his wolf ear laying down against his head so it wouldn't hit the roof. Foxy was excited. Mike smiled and reached over taking his hand.
"w-won' people think it's odd ye havin' an animatronic livin' with ye?" Foxy ask. Mike chuckled.
"I don't care." Mike shrugged. Foxy smiles and nuzzles his hand. Mike pulled up to his house and helped take Foxy's few items in. Foxy ducked slightly to walk in. Foxy's ears drooped slightly as he walked in. "sorry. I know it's more then a little messy, someone broke in the other day and the cops don't clean up when they're done." Mike sighed. Foxy huffed.
"well, ye do have a few days off. I'll help." Foxy said. Mike smiled at him.
"alright thanks." Mike smiled. they spent a few hours cleaning and eventually Mike fell asleep, collapsing on the couch. Foxy smiled at him and lay'd with him, pulling a blanket over them both. he held Mike tightly, cuddling him to his chest.
"sleep well Mikey." Foxy purred softly.
"love you Foxy." Mike mumbled softly. Foxy smiled and kissed his cheek.
"love ye too Mike." Foxy said. they snuggled together and fell asleep.
*Tuesday morning*
Mike yawned as he woke up. he rolled over slightly and smiled at Foxy, who snored deeply. Mike laughed softly and smiled up at him. he stretched slightly and decided to go back to sleep. he curled up slightly, his tail wrapping around Foxy gently. Foxy snored loudly and Mike chuckled softly, falling back asleep. Foxy woke up a few hours later and looked down at Mike, who was still sleeping in his arms, and smiled. he kissed Mike's neck, rubbing his robotic arm gently. he stroked Mike's grey fur gently and Mike seemed to smile. Foxy smiled slightly and kissed his head, getting up to look around what he hadn't seen of the house. once he was done he went back to Mike and gently pet his fake fur. Mike whimpered in pain, his knew limbs must still be hurting him. Foxy when into the kitchen and brought him some pain meds, shaking him awake.
"wake up lad." Foxy said. Mike's eye's fluttered open.
"F-Foxy? something wrong?" Mike ask. Foxy offered him the pill bottle, which his fingers couldn't open, and a glass of water.
"yer new limps are hurtin' ye." Foxy said. Mike nodded and took the meds.
"thanks Foxy." Mike smiled softly. Foxy nuzzled him gently.
"yer welcome." Foxy replied. he kissed Mike's forehead. "how bad do they hurt?" Foxy ask softly.
"I-I'm okay." Mike said. Foxy nuzzled him.
"how bad do they hurt?" Foxy ask.
"p-pretty bad. he burned them to my flesh after crushing my bones." Mike mumbled, half conscious from the meds he'd taken. Foxy's ears drooped.
"I'm sorry Mikey." Foxy said softly.
"not your fault Foxy." Mike mumbled, taking his robotic hand with his own. they made a soft sound as both metals connected. "I love you. I don't need to be completely dependent on you. it's okay." Mike mumbled, his head flopping to the side. he leaned over slightly and kissed Foxy on the cheek, before falling back to sleep. Foxy smiled softly and kisses his head.
"I love ye too." Foxy said softly. he carefully scooped Mike up and carried him to his bedroom, laying him on the bed. he went to continue cleaning, but Mike had a hold of his arm. Foxy smiled and lay'd with him. Mike smiledd slightly in his sleep and cuddled to his chest. "m'sorry Freddy hurt ye Mikey." Foxy sighed softly. Mike snored loudly in his sleep and Foxy laughed. he shook his head and smiled. "m'not sure how ye fell fer me, but I hope I can give ye the love ye deserve." Foxy said.
"just be yourself Foxy, thats all the love I need." Mike replied softly. Foxy looked down at him.
"I thought ye were sleepin'?" Foxy ask.
"I was, but then I woke up." Mike replied. he rubbed gently at his leg.
"it 'urts?" Foxy ask.
"a little." Mike replied.
"m'sorry." Foxy said his ears drooping. Mike pet his ears gently.
"it's okay. it's not your fault." Mike said. Foxy whined.
"yeah it is. I couldn' protect ye. ye needed help and I couldn'." Foxy whimpered. Mike kissed his head.
"it's not your fault. you were hurt. you were in pieces on the floor love." Mike said. "you couldn't do anything." Mike added. he held the Pirate tightly. "but you tried anyway, and thats what matters." Mike smiled. Foxy smiled slightly at him and nuzzled him. "now, are you bored?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded and Mike laughed at his adorable nature. Foxy tilted his head confused.
"whats funny?" Foxy ask.
"nothing." Mike smiled. he sat up. "come on. let's see if we can't find a hoodie or something and some pants for you." Mike said softly. Foxy nodded and looked at his hook.
"and probably a hand." Foxy said. Mike chuckled softly and shook his head.
"I was reading your manual, you know to fix your hand the other day, and apparently some places don't like your sharp hook." Mike said. "let me see your arm." Mike said. Foxy let him look his arm over. "they put in a button... right here." Mike added pushing the button. there was a click but nothing happened.
"s'not workin'." Foxy said.
"really? hadn't noticed. oh duh, forgot to remove your hook." Mike said. Foxy removed his hook, carefully, and Mike pushed the button. Foxy watched as he suddenly had two hands. he flexed his hands.
"thats pretty cool." Foxy said. Mike smiled. they managed to find a hoodie and some pants, but no shoe's would fit him. a child pointed.
"mommy look at his big metal feet." the child said.
"yes dear, he probably went to war." the mother replied. the child shrugged and walked off. Mike chuckled softly.
"don't take it personal Foxy, kids are curious." Mike said. Foxy nodded.
"hey mister. what happened to your face?" a child ask. Mike looked down at the kid.
"who me?" Mike ask. the child nodded and Mike knelt down. he told her an amazing story of an amazing adventure, all made up, and she gasp.
"wow!" she exclaimed. Mike chuckled softly. "your pretty cool mister!" the kid exclaimed then ran off. Foxy raised an eyebrow at him.
"ye were attacked by evil toys and rescued by unicorns?" Foxy ask. Mike shrugged.
"she's a little kid. what was I supposed to say? 'oh I got attacked by a vicious animatronic bear that bit my head when I was a little kid, then he tried to stuff me in a suit, but don't worry he got shot in the head by a shotgun'?" Mike ask.
"point made." Foxy replied. Mike took Foxy's hand and smiled. Foxy seemed to be thinking though.
"Foxy? what's wrong?" Mike ask softly. Foxy sighed softly.
"I jus' wish I was human, so I could be with ye better." Foxy said. Mike pulled him down into a kiss.
"you don't have to be human, I love you just the way you are." Mike said. Foxy smiled slightly.
"thanks Mikey." Foxy said. Mike smiled and patted his arm. Foxy nuzzled him gently and Mike smiled. "let's go home. sun is too bright." Foxy said. Mike nodded and they went home. they played some board games before Mike had to go to work.
"Foxy, love, you okay?" Mike ask. Foxy seemed to shake his head.
"n-no. I don' really feel good." Foxy mumbled, rubbing his face with his hook. Mike looked worried.
"should I stay home?" Mike ask. Foxy shook his head.
"I be okay, jus' 'appens sometimes. ye go one." Foxy said. Mike bit his lip and nodded. he kissed Foxy's head and left. Foxy moaned in pain and curled up. Mike entered the pizzeria.

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