We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 6

"Bonnie! Chica! I know your up! I'm late!" Mike exclaimed. Chica and Bonnie raced over hugging him.
"Mike!" they cried together. Mike laughed as he was hugged between the two animatronics.
"hi guy's." Mike said.
"wh-where's Foxy?" Chica ask.
"he said he didn't feel very well. his eye's weren't as bright as normal either... but he told me to go anyway." Mike said, shrugging slightly. Bonnie and Chica looked concerned.
"I hope his battery's not giving out..." Chica said. Mike looked confused.
"huh?" Mike ask.
"today in the middle of the show, our batteries quit. they had to replace them... we hadn't felt very good either." Bonnie said. Mike frowned and looked at his watched.
"okay.... well... I'll call and check on him at about one, sound good?" Mike ask. they nodded. Chica made pizza and they talked a while.
"the kids love what you did Mike! they love to put on plays! they ylet us walk around to day, we got to sit and watch a play." Chica giggled. Mike smiled.
"of course we only have a few pirate costume's so it wasn't very fun, but it was still good." Bonnie said. Mike chuckled.
"I'll see if I can get my hands on more costumes for you guys." Mike smiled. he checked his watch. "I'll be right back." Mike said. they nodded. Mike went out into the hallway to call Foxy, but the Pirate never answered. Mike frowned.
"something wrong Mike?" Bonnie ask.
"yeah. I'll be back in about thirty minutes... Foxy's not answering. I just want to check on him." Mike said. they nodded and Mike left. Mike went to his house. "Foxy?" Mike ask, looking at the mess. his house looked as though it had been robbed again. there was a low moan. "Foxy? you okay?" Mike ask. he followed the moan and gasp. there in the middle of his living room, on the couch, lay a naked man with red hair and a metal hand. "wh-who are you?" Mike ask. the man couldn't seem to answer and Mike walked closer, he had the same metal parts as Mike, only he had two red fox like ears instead of one. the man whimpered.
"ohhh... me head." the man muttered. Mike looked shocked, he was either crazy, or this man was his boyfriend.
"F-Foxy?" Mike ask. two golden yellow eye's opened slowly to look at him.
"Mi-Mike?" Foxy mumbled.
"what happened to you?" Mike ask.
"s-some ho-hooded men, 'bout seven of them broke in... someone followed them. I thought it was ye. they tore me apart and the one followin' them, ch-changed me to this on-once they left." Foxy said. Mike frowned and scooped him up carefully. Foxy moaned in pain.
"easy love." Mike soothed. he carried him to the bedroom and lay'd him on the bed. he was skinnier then Mike, but close to the same height, being about a ten inches taller than Mike. "I'm pretty sure you can fit my clothes. we need to get you dressed and up to a hospital." Mike said. Foxy didn't answer, just moaned and cried out in pain as Mike dressed him. he scooped Foxy up as he called the pizzeria.
"this is Mike Schmidt." Bonnie said.
"very funny Bonnie." Mike said.
"Mike! is Foxy okay?" Bonnie ask.
"something's happened. someone broke into my house and screwed Foxy up pretty badly, u-uh he's in need of medical help and I'm rushing him to the hospital. I don't know if I'll be back tonight." Mike said.
"alright... keep us posted..." Bonnie said hearing Foxy's moans of pain.
"I know Foxy. I know." Mike soothed. "I will Bonnie. goodbye." Mike said. he quickly rushed Foxy into the hospital, calling Frank Fazbear as he did so. Mike watched worriedly as they rushed Foxy away. "I-I don't know what happened. Foxy's human now. someone broke into my h-house. h-he's in the emergency room... I-I don't think I'm going to make it in tonight." Mike said, his voice cracked and he tried hard not to cry.
"alright. take as much time as you need. keep me updated please. your on paid leave untill he's alright, okay?" Frank ask.
"y-yeah." Mike said. Frank hung up. a doctor came out.
"Mike Schmidt?" the doctor, Harry, ask.
"th-thats me." Mike said walking over. the doctor smiled slightly.
"your friend is okay. he's just got a rash on his body. we managed to get rid of it and the burning should stop in a few hours. just give him this." Harry said handing him a prescription.
"where is he?" Mike ask.
"he's in an ice bath. we put him in one to cool the burning. we're keeping him over night just to be safe." Harry said. Mike nodded.
"thanks. c-can I see him?" Mike ask. Harry nodded and led the way to him. Mike knelt beside the tub where Foxy lay. the doctor left and Mike kissed his cheek.
"y-ye know, this i-is the sec-second time ye've s-seen me naked, a-an I still ai-ain't seen ye." Foxy teased, his voice horse. Mike chuckled softly.
"im my defense, I haven't been looking at anything, but your face." Mike said. Foxy chuckled softly.
"l-liar." Foxy said. Mike kissed his cheek. Foxy cuddled closer, shivering slightly. "fuckin' Fazbear, i-it's cold." Foxy said.
"it's an ice bath. it's supposed to cool down your skin." Mike said. Foxy trembled and reached for Mike's hand. Mike took it and lowered them both into the water, not caring his shirt was getting wet. his metal security badge made a soft clang as it collided with the tub, but he ignored it.
"I lo-love ye Mike." Foxy shivered.
"love you too Foxy." Mike said. "I'm going to call Bonnie and Chica and update them on your condition okay? I'll be right back." Mike said. Foxy seemed to hold tighter to his hand. Mike kissed his head. "I promise I'll be right back Foxy." Mike said. Foxy bit his lip and nodded, letting go. Mike stepped out into the hall to make his calls, making sure he stayed in Foxy's line of sight. he smiled at him before continuing his phone conversation. Foxy watched him growling when someone grabed his arm. Mike, hearing the growl, quickly walked over. "hey! what are you doing?" Mike ask.
"we need this for a more important patient." the doctor said.
"if you pull him out of that his skin will be on fire!" Mike exclaimed.
"and if we don't, this man could die." the doctor said. Mike looked at the patient.
"he's got frost bite! you don't put someone like that in ice water!" Mike exclaimed. the doctors left for Foxy's doctor.
"ca-can I get out of this now?" Foxy shivered, his lips turning blue.
"yes. I was just on my way to get you out." Harry said. Foxy shakingly stood and a towel was wrapped around him. he held it tightly and was sat in a wheelchair. Mike pushed the wheelchair, following the doctor. "he'll need knew clothes. we had to cut his off." Harry said. Mike nodded, despite the fact Foxy had been wearing his favorite shirt, he cared more about the fact Foxy was going to be okay.
"thats okay. it's just clothes. I can replace those. I can't, however, replace Foxy." Mike said. the doctor nodded and showed him to the room.
"we'll get him another hospital gown so he doesn't have to stay in that wet one." Harry said. Mike nodded and helpped Foxy up. he helpped the taller man into the gown and then into the bed. Foxy shivered and curled up under the blankets. Mike got up on the bed and cuddled with him. he called Frank.
"hello?" Frank ask.
"hey boss, sorry but could you do me a favor?" Mike ask.
"sure." Frank replied.
"go to my house and grab some clothes. they had to cut through Foxy's." Mike said.
"can't you?" Frank ask.
"uh, no. they're acting really strang towards us. I don't want to leave him alone." Mike said.
"alright. I'll come pick up your key." Frank said. they said goodbye and hung up. Mike cuddled closer to the shivering man.
"g-god wh-why i-is it s-so c-cold?" Foxy muttered. Mike smiled slightly and held him tightly.
"you'll warm up." Mike replied. Foxy sneezed. "I hope they didn't make you sick." Mike said worriedly. Foxy cuddled up to his chest. Mike pet his hair gently and eventually Foxy fell asleep. Frank walked in and raised an eye brow. Mike looked at him and pulled out his key. "here." Mike said. Frank took it.
"uh... anything specific?" Frank ask.
"shirt, pants, socks, I'm pretty sure there's a brand new package of boxers in my closet. just grab some clothes." Mike said. Frank nodded and left. Foxy snored softly, shivering and cuddling closer. Mike held him tightly and slowly fell asleep.
*Wednesday morning*
"h-huh?" Mike mumbled.
"hey. here's your key." Frank said. Mike nodded and grabed it. he looked down.
"wait, where's Foxy?" Mike mumbled.
"bathroom, changing clothes." Frank replied.
"why'd you wake him up?" Mike ask.
"I didn't he was awake and watching tv when I got here about five minutes ago." Frank replied. Mike nodded and the bathroom door opened. Foxy slowly managed to walk out.
"how's your skin feel?" Mike ask.
"loike a thick sheet of glass." Foxy replied. Mike chuckled softly.
"your just a little stiff." Mike said. "walking around will fix that." Mike added. Foxy nodded. Frank looked at Foxy.
"boy don't you look different." Frank mumbled. Foxy didn't pay him any mind.
"hey! what are you doing up? get back in bed!" a nurse exclaimed. Foxy huffed and ignored her.
"I be doin' what I please." Foxy replied. the nurse walked closer and glared at him. Mike got up.
"hey! what's the problem? he's just walking around." Mike said, taking his position at Foxy's side. the nurse, Betty as her name tag said, looked at Mike.
"he needs to be laying down until we release him. hospital regulations." Betty said.
"bite me." Foxy muttered. Mike slapped him gently in warning.
"I see no problem with him walking around. it's not endangering him, it's not hurting him, it's not hurting anyone else. he should be allowed to walk around." Mike said. Betty huffed.
"your in our hospital. do as we say." Betty said. Mike laughed.
"you think your going to scare me?" Mike laughed. Foxy smirked.
"Chica's butts scarier then you, and it doesn't do anything." Foxy muttered. Mike laughed and covered his mouth.
"Fo-Foxy!" Frank exclaimed. Foxy simply shrugged his shoulders.
"s'true." Foxy replied. Betty narrowed her eye's.
"lay down or I'll sedate you!" Betty exclaimed.
"uh, no you won't. I signed him in and I can sign him out. come on guy's." Mike said. Betty followed them, threatening them the whole way. Mike ignored her and signed him out. Foxy smirked at her as they left. they headed for the pizzeria, just to check it out. Mike watched, impressed, he looked at the stage and Bonnie and Chica seemed to stare at Foxy, though they continued to perform. Foxy watched them and smiled.
"they seem to be 'avin' fun." Foxy said. Mike nodded.
"yeah, they do." Mike replied. they left after a while and headed back to Mike's. "so what do you want to do Foxy?" Mike ask.
"go back to yer house and get a shower." Foxy replied. Mike chuckled. "a warm shower not a fuckin' ice bath." Foxy added. Mike smiled.
"alright." Mike chuckled. he pulled in to his drive way and there was a car there. Mike narrowed his eye's. "stay here." Mike said, knowing who it was. Foxy nodded uncertainly and Mike stepped out. a man climbed out of the other car and walked towards Mike. he seemed to try to hug Mike but he pushed the other away. "what do you want Jeremy?" Mike ask. Jeremy smiled.
"what, I can't come visit my man?" Jeremy ask. Mike glared.
"I've told you this several time's it's over." Mike replied. Jeremy didn't seem to take no for an answer. Foxy, sensing he was dangerous, climbed out of the car, his hospital bracelet visible.
"I see your taking in strangers from the hospital now." Jeremy said. Foxy looked down at the bracelet and glared at Jeremy. "so, who is he?" Jeremy ask.
"that would be Foxy. my boyfriend." Mike replied. Jeremy narrowed his eye's and his face seemed to turn red with anger. Mike continued to watch him, unafraid. "oh boo hoo. your going to get all red in the face, smile, try to kiss me, then leave and come back in a month. piss off. come back again and I'll call the police and get a restraining order." Mike said. Jeremy grabed him by the front of his shirt, but Mike spit in his face and kicked him in the knee with his robotic leg. Foxy watched amused slightly, but ready to step in if Mike needed help. Jeremy yelped and dropped Mike holding his leg.
"get back here! you belong to me!" Jeremy exclaimed. Mike, frustrated, turned and swung his robotic arm at Jeremy, knocking a few of his teeth out. Mike seemed to pause, then he smiled and turned to Foxy.
"I think I'm starting to see why Freddy beats up people he doesn't like." Mike said. Foxy laughed. they started to walk into the house and Mike heard a click. he turned to Jeremy and gasp. "Foxy!" Mike exclaimed shoving him out of the way. he cried out when the bullets hit him in the right shoulder and his stomach. Mike held his shoulder and hit the ground. Foxy managed to catch him before his head hit the concrete.
"Mike!" Foxy cried. he pulled out the mans cell phone and called for the police, and an ambulance. Foxy craddled Mike's head a moment then started putting pressure on his wounds. Mike whimpered softly, but Foxy held tight. "what the hell were ye doin'?!" Foxy screamed at Jeremy. "ye fuckin' shot 'im!" Foxy exclaimed, tearfully. the bullet had gone clear through Mike. he was loosing blood fast. he was paling and gasping for breath. Mike managed to put his hand over Foxy's, blood pooling in his mouth. blood poured out of his mouth and Foxy held his head up so he wouldn't choke on it. "Mi-Mike? can ye hear me?" Foxy ask. Mike looked at him with a small bloody smile.
"yo-your a l-lot.... of tr-trouble. you kn-know th-that?" Mike joked. Foxy's ears drooped and held Mike tighter. "w-we both kn-know the am-ambu-ambulance wi... will never ma-make it." Mike said. Foxy whimpered and growled.
"do-don' gove up Mikey, keep fightin' it." Foxy said. Mike's eye's started to flutter shut. "don' ye dare do that!" Foxy exclaimed. Mike faught to keep his eye's on Foxy, but the darkness was creeping in.
"I... I l-love you." Mike managed. Foxy had tears down his cheeks.
"this is not goodbye asshole! knock it off!" Foxy exclaimed. Mike swallowed and looked at him, crying himself.
"te-tell me... y-you... l-love me." Mike said. Foxy kissed him gently.
"I love ye more then ye know." Foxy sniffled. Mike smiled as his eye's slipped closed. "n-no... no! MIKE! Mike wake up!" Foxy cried. the ambulance and police arrived. Foxy went with them. he was covered in blood as he sat in the waiting room, crying softly. he didn't know what to do, he didn't know who to call, he didn't know what he would do if Mike died. Foxy needed Mike, he loved Mike so much. Foxy, with tears in his eye's called Frank not knowing what else to do.
"hey Mike!" Frank exclaimed answering it.
"Fr-Frank?" Foxy ask.
"Foxy?" Frank ask sounding confused. he heard Foxy sniffle.
"d-do ye know an-any of Mike's family? h-he's jus' been shot." Foxy managed, trying to fight back the tears.
"he's what!?" Frank exclaimed. "where are you?" Frank ask.
"h-hospital wai-waitin' room." Foxy replied, more tears on his cheeks.
"alright. I'll call his sister and we'll be there in a few minutes." Frank said. Foxy sniffled softly, choking back his tears. "hey Foxy, you don't have to be afraid to cry. it's okay." Frank said, then hung up. Foxy broke down once more after he hung up. thirty minutes later Frank and a women raced into the waiting room. "Foxy." Frank said rushing over to him. he knelt beside the upset Pirate. "what happened?" Frank ask.
"we pulled into the drive way and some guy named Jeremy was there. Mike told 'im off and we went to go in the house and he shot 'im! he shot Mike!" Foxy explained, trying to stop crying.
"Jeremy?" Frank ask confused.
"an old boyfriend of Mike's." the woman said. Foxy looked up at her and sniffled.
"an who are ye?" Foxy ask.

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