We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 7

"Vada Schmidt. Mike's little sister. who are you?" Vada ask, bitterly. Foxy sniffled again.
"Mike's boyfriend." Foxy replied. Vada narrowed her eye's at him.
"his what?" Vada ask. Foxy got in her face.
"his fuckin' boyfriend! do ye 'ave a problem with it too!? cause that's how he got shot!" Foxy exclaimed, then took off into the hallway. Frank decided to explain to her what had been going on. Foxy curled up in the hallway, leaving blood everywhere as he was soaked in it, and cried into his knee's. "d-don' die on me Mike." Foxy whimpered. Foxy managed to calm down enough that he went back into the waiting room and sat down in a chair. he brought his knee's up to his chest, wrapped his arms around them, and stayed quiet. eventually the police came for his bloody clothes and the bullets. they striped Foxy and Mike down and took their clothes, after Frank went and bought Foxy some clothes so he wouldn't be naked. they let him shower in the staff shower and Foxy dressed quickly. he waited in the waiting room.
"you know, there's blood on your hands." Vada said. Foxy's ears drooped.
"she mean literally." Frank said. Foxy looked at his hands, there was still blood on them. he stared at it blankly as if not understanding what it was. he hid his hands in his lap and stared out the door, waiting for the doctor. a blood covered surgen came in.
"Schmidt?" he ask. Foxy was up and over to the doctor in a second. "you brought him in?" the doctor ask. Foxy nodded. "my name's Dr. Foremen. are you related to the patient?" Dr. Foremen ask. Foxy's ears drooped.
"I-I'm his boyfriend does that count?" Foxy ask. the doctor shook his head.
"a blood relative or spouse is needed." Dr. Foremen said. Vada rushed over.
"I'm his sister." Vada said. Dr. Foremen nodded.
"follow me." Dr. Foremen said. Vada went to follow, Frank in tow, but she paused. Foxy watched from the doorway, tearfully and crushed, and wouldn't get the news if Mike was dead or alive. she shook her head and kept walking. Foxy watched them go and his eye's welled up again. he collapsed in a seat a sobbed. Vada heard his heart broken sobs and her heart throbbed with pity, but she ignored it. she was determined to ignore the poor man and focus on her brother. Foxy sobbed into his hands, all he wanted was to see the man he loved. he just wanted to hold him and know he was alive, but since he wasn't married to him or blood related, he wasn't allowed. he didn't even know if Mike was alive, maybe thats why he wasn't allowed back? maybe they had to make sure it was really Mike's body? those thoughts made him sob harder. all his thoughts turned to Mike being dead. he had hope that Mike was still alive, but he didn't know and probably wouldn't until Mike left the hospital, whether he left via car or body bag. Foxy couldn't stop his sobs.
"h-he's dead. I know it." Foxy whimpered. a nurse walked by and put a hand on his shoulder.
"calm down sir or we'll be forced to sedate you." the nurse said.
"who cares!? h-he's dead! Mi-Mike's... Mike's dead..." Foxy trailed then started sobbing into his knee's again. the nurse went off. Foxy took off to the bathroom, so the nurse wouldn't be able to find him. he cried into his knee's in the bathroom stall. "I-I lo-love ye Mike." Foxy cried softly. after a few hours, Foxy headed slowly back to the waiting room. he sat in a seat. if Mike was indeed dead, Foxy had no where to go. he couldn't go back to Mike's, he couldn't go back to the resturant, and he doubted Mike's sister or boss would allow him to stay at one of their houses. he wrapped his arm around his knee's and stared blankly at the wall a head of him, his ears flat against his head. his stomach growled, as he hadn't eaten all day, but he ignored it. Mike was dead, what was the point of eating. Frank lay'd a hand on his shoulder, Foxy looked up at him.
"come on." Frank said, his voice emotionless. Foxy followed him. he didn't answer any questions Foxy ask. they looked in through a window. Foxy turned his head, seeing them clean up all Mike's blood, trying ont to get sick.
"Frank, please, i-is he even alive?" Foxy ask, tearfully.
"barly." Frank replied softly. he opened the door to the room and Mike was hooked up to several machine's. Vada was asleep by his side. Foxy, not caring if he woke her ran over to Mike's other side, tearing up. "keep quiet. he just fell asleep." Frank said. Foxy nodded and wiped despritely at his face. he carefully took Mike's hand and squeezed it gently. he relaxed when he felt a small, weak squeeze back. Foxy couldn't help but cry softly into his knee's.
"Fo-Foxy?" a weak voice called. Foxy's head flew up and he gave a tearful smile.
"I-I thought ye were dead. th-they wouldn' tell me nothin' an they wouldn' let me back 'ere with ye." Foxy said.
"unle.... unless b-being dead... hu-hurts I-I... th-think... I'm al-alive." Mike replied. Foxy kissed his hand and held it tightly.
"ye better be or I'll kick yer ass." Foxy said. Mike gave a tired smile. "sleep." Foxy said simply. Mike nodded and his eye's fluttered shut.
"I-I... lo-love y... you." Mike said.
"I love ye too Mike." Foxy smiled. Mike relaxed as he fell asleep. "I owe ye one Frank." Foxy whispered.
"no, this one's on me." Frank replied. "but if Vada asks, he wouldn't sleep until he saw you. he kept asking for you but Vada kept drawing him off you." Frank said. Foxy nodded. he held tightly to Mike's hand while the wounded man slept.
*Wednesdat night 10 PM*
Vada woke up and Foxy was out cold beside his lover. she glared.
"what the hell is he doing in here?" Vada ask.
"Mike wouldn't sleep until he came in. he had to know Foxy was okay just like Foxy had to know Mike was okay." Frank replied.
"I didn't wwant him in here." Vada said. Frank huffed.
"it's not about you. it's about what's best for Mike and if he hurt himself getting up to look for Foxy, he could die." Frank said.
"get him out." Vada said.
"I can't Mike's the only one that can. I know Foxy and he'd fight any one tooth and nail if they tried to make him leave." Frank said. Vada smirked.
"oh really? well maybe I can help Mike kick him out." Vada smirked.
"leave Foxy alone. he gets dangerous when he's upset." Frank warned.
"I get dangerous when my brother dates asshole guy's." Vada said.
"Foxy's nice when you get to know him. how would you feel if you'd been abandoned and alone for thirteen years, then one day you finally find someone who cares?" Frank ask. Vada huffed.
"no one would leave me alone for five minutes. thirteen years sounds like a blessing." Vada said.
"he's not leaving Vada." Mike mumbled softly, holdling tightly to Foxy's hand while the Pirate slept. Vada and Frank turned to Mike.
"how long have you been away?" Vada ask.
"long enough to know you hate Foxy's guts and you don't even know him. if you don't like him, leave, because I'm not letting his hand go until we get home." Mike said. "and yeah, I said home. he had no where else to go, so he lives with me." Mike added. Foxy, sensing the tention, nuzzled Mike's hand gently and purred in his sleep. Mike reached over carefully, with his real hand and gently pet Foxy's hair and ears. Foxy's tail wagged in his sleep. Mike smiled when Foxy's ears twitched against his hand.
"love ye Mikey." Foxy purred.
"love you too Foxy." Mike smiled. he felt the fleshy hand grip his metal hand.
"not so hard Mike, that hands easier to crush then me other one." Foxy yawned sitting up. he stretched. he looked at Mike and chuckled. "nice bed head Mike." Foxy smiled.
"I was about to say the same to you." Mike replied. Foxy smiled brightly and blushed slightly when his stomach growled. "in my coat pocket, my hospital eating card. take it and get you some food." Mike said. Foxy nodded hesitantly and grabed the card, Frank led the way. Mike turned back to Vada. "he's staying." Mike said.
"not if I have anything to say about it! he will go!" Vada exclaimed.
"why do you hate him?" Mike ask.
"I'm not stupid. I know he did that to you." Vada said, pointing to the metal on Mike's body. Mike growled.
"Foxy would never hurt me! he tried to save me!" Mike exclaimed. "if it wasn't for him I'd either be all metal or dead!" Mike added.
"he goes or I do!" Vada exclaimed. Foxy's ears drooped hearing this. he handed Mike his card and kissed him deeply.
"I won' cause any problems if I can help it... I'll leave." Foxy said. Mike looked crushed. "I'll be back when ye get released... I love ye." Foxy said. he turned and left, with his ears drooped and tears in his eye's. he really didn't want to, but he didn't want to cause any problems for his boyfriend.
"F-Foxy! wait don't go!" Mike exclaimed, but the man was too far away to hear him. he didn't have a house key yet and he didn't have a car, so he went to the closest place he knew, the pizzeria. he slipped in and sighed, plopping down on the stage close to Bonnie and Chica's feet.
"ye two probably don' recognize me, but s'me. Foxy, the Pirate animatronic/human screw up." Foxy sighed, putting his head in his hands. "I got Mike shot and his sister hates me. she told 'im she do whatever it took to get rid of me, so I left." Foxy said. he sighed. he heard the familiar mechanical whirr and knew they'd woke up.
"Foxy? is that really you?" Chica ask. Bonnie knelt down beside him.
"I'm sure it's not your fault Mike was shot." Bonnie said. Foxy explained what happened.
"and if I'd been payin' attention, no one would 'ave gotten shot!" Foxy exclaimed. Bonnie was shocked at his sudden shout.
"geez those human emotions must be taking a toll on your system huh?" Bonnie ask.
"ye 'ave no idea." Foxy mumbled with his face in his hands.
"so why didn't you go back to his house and wait?" Chica ask.
"I don't have a key yet." Foxy replied.
"thanks okay. we don't mind having you back for a little while." Bonnie said patting Foxy's head. Foxy yelped and held his ears.
"easy! everything but the metal is sensitive. I had some sort of reacton to somethin' and it put me in the hospital remember?" Foxy hissed.
"whoops sorry." Bonnie said. Foxy mumbled. there was a crash.
"huh?" Foxy ask. he got up and walked towards the noise, but got tackled. "aye! get off me!" Foxy shouted.
"this is the one!" a voice exclaimed.
"lemme go!" Foxy shouted.
"hold him still!" a second voice said. Bonnie rushed at them and roared. Foxy yelped when he was dropped and started getting kicked.
"ouch! hey! stop that hurts!" Foxy hissed. Bonnie carefully scooped him up and scared the humans away. he carefully sat Foxy back on his feet. "thanks." Foxy winced rubbing at his ribs.
"your welcome. who were those guy's?" Bonnie ask.
"I-I think they hang out with Jeremy, the guy who shot Mike." Foxy replied. he went for a phone and called police. they got there.
"and just what are you doing here?" the police officer, John, ask.
"I'm the night guard... I ruined my suit today." Foxy lied. John nodded buying the story.
"alright. have a good night. let us know if you see them again." John said and they left. Frank came over and Foxy explained what happend.
"hows Mike?" Chica ask.
"he really wants Foxy back but he doesn't want his sister to leave." Frank replied.
"I'll stop by tomorrow mornin'." Foxy said. Frank shook his head.
"you need to go now and work this out." Frank said. Foxy muttered as Frank pushed him out.
"Frank, oh me god, I will bite ye." Foxy said as he was being shoved. Frank locked the door and pointed towards the hospital. Foxy flipped him the bird and headed for the hospital, quickly in fear of being attacked again. he made his way quickly into Mike's room. "Mike!" Foxy exclaimed hugging him.
"wh-whats wrong Foxy?" Mike ask, hugging back the best he could.
"some friends of Jeremy's attacked me, I had to make sure ye were okay." Foxy said. Mike looked shocked.
"I-I'm fine. are you okay? what happened?" Mike ask.
"some guy's broke into the pizzeria, loike five of them. I didn' realize how many there were so I went to tell them to get out and that started beatin' me up and tryin' to kidnap me. thankfully Bonnie scared them away." Foxy replied. Vada walked back in.
"what the hell are you doing here? didn't you get lost hours ago?" Vada ask. Foxy turned to her and narrowed his eye's, Mike was afraid Foxy would hurt her for a few minutes.
"look, ye don' loike me, there fer I don' loike ye. that doesn' matter. 'ate me to yer hearts content, but the man I love is 'urt and in the hospital and there's a bunch a guys after us, and I ain' leavin' his side because some lass thinks she can control me. so 'ate me all ye want jus' do it quietly!" Foxy exclaimed. the room was silent as the other two stared at him in shock. Mike snapped out of it quickly and took Foxy's hand, the metal making a soft clang, smiling brightly. Vada turned to Mike, as if silently demanding he do something about it. Mike shrugged.
"hey, I'm not arguing with an angry Pirate. I have no death wish." Mike said, squeezing Foxy's hand so he'd know he didn't really mean it. Foxy calmly sat beside Mike and kissed his cheek. Mike smiled at him. "you just going to stand in the doorway all day sis?" Mike ask. they looked towards the door and she was gone. Foxy's ears drooped.
"sorry." Foxy said. Mike shook his head.
"she'll come back." Mike said. he pulled Foxy down closer to his face and kissed him gently. Foxy kissed him back, his tail wagging. he smiled at Foxy and scooted over. "here, since she's gone, climb on up." Mike said. Foxy looked hesitant but eventually gave in and climbed up. Foxy layed back and Mike smiles, cuddling to his chest. Foxy purred softly and nuzzled his hair. Mike smiled and yawned softly. Foxy managed not to hit any of Mike's wounds.
"sleep Mike." Foxy said. Mike nodded and cuddled up. Foxy pet his hair gently and it slowly lulled Mike to sleep. Foxy smiled at him and pet his fur gently, chuckling softly when Mike's tail thumped gently against the bed. Foxy yawned and slowly fell asleep.
*3 AM Thursday morning*
Foxy woke to shaking.
"Foxy? Foxy wake up." a voice called. Foxy knew the voice, but couldn't put a name to it in his tired haze, so he assumed.

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