We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 8

"Mike ten more minutes or I'll dress ye in drag and make ye do the hula." Foxy muttered.
"what the hell? man, wake up!" the voice called again. Foxy growled as his eye's slid open. there stood Frank.
"go to hell." Foxy yawned. he pulled Mike, who was still sleeping in his arms, closer.
"Mike has visitors." Frank said. Foxy tiredly turned his eye's to the door. he didn't recognize thee people in his tired haze.
"good for 'im. we;re sleepin' beat it." Foxy mumbled.
"same old Foxy. still an ass." a new voice said. Foxy's eye's flew opened.
"Bonnie? Chica? that ye?" Foxy ask. they nodded, both half mechanical like he and Mike. Foxy seemed to blink tiredly at them and shrugged, closing his eye's. "okay." Foxy mumbled. he held Mike tightly and sunk down under the blankets. he noticed Mike shivering in his sleep. "turn up the heat before he catches a cold." Foxy said. Frank nodded and did as Foxy ask. suddenly Mike yawned.
"are you talking to yourself Foxy?" Mike ask softly. he wasn't fully conscious, just sometimes he'd wake up as his medication mechine took a few minutes to load the next dosage.
"you have guests." Foxy muttered. Mike yawned.
"hi. bye." Mike muttered falling back to sleep.
"is he okay?" Chica ask. Foxy yawned and nodded.
"medicine has 'im in and out of consciousness." Foxy replied. he drifted off as well. the three stayed to watch over them and wait for them to wake.
*8 Am*
Foxy yawned and stretched. he opened his eye's slowly and Mike was gone.
"Mike?" Foxy ask, flying up from the bed.
"he's okay. they just took him to get a little walk." Bonnie said. Foxy sighed and released a breath, nodding. his stomach growled but he seemed to ignore it. "they got a new Freddy." Bonnie said. Foxy growled. "yeah thats about what Mike said." Bonnie muttered. Mike walked back in with a nurse helpping him. he sat on the bed and she left.
"walking has never been so tiring in my life." Mike muttered. Foxy chuckled softly.
"guys what Bonnie is telling you is important!" Chica exclaimed. both raised an eyebrow at her and turned to Bonnie.
"speak away." Mike said. Bonnie explained the situation.
"so you guy's, and Freddy, are human and animatronic, and Freddy still remembers us?" Mike ask. Bonnie nodded.
"but we can go back to our animtronic mode at any time." Chica said.
"I wonder if you can..." Bonnie said watching Foxy. Foxy shrugged. "try." Bonnie said. Foxy did and was surprized to see he could.
"I hope Mike can't do that." Chica said. all heads turned to Mike.
"oh hell no. I'm not trying. that looked painful." Mike said.
"not really, but then again, I didn' get shot twice." Foxy replied. there was a knock on the door and Foxy quickly shifted back to his other form as a man walked in.
"hello Mike, Foxy." the man said. it was Freddy, judging by his deep voice and bear ears. Mike seemed to stiffen up and Foxy took his hand soothingly.
"Freddy." Foxy replied stiffly. Mike waived slightly. Freddy stepped in and his eye's landed on Mike's mechanical parts.
"I don't recall you being one of us..." Freddy said.
"I'm not." Mike replied.
"or at least he wasn't untill ye tried to kill 'im." Foxy grunted. Freddy's ears drooped slightly as the memory came back.
"oh... I'm sorry." Freddy said. Mike nodded silently.
"oh yeah, cause that makes it so much better." Foxy hissed. "'oh, I tried to kill ye by stuffing ye in a Fazbear suit? oh, sorry.'" Foxy said sarcastically. Freddy flinched back slightly at his anger.
"easy Foxy. remember, it wasn't him... it was the other Freddy." Mike said softly. Foxy huffed slightly, but didn't say anything else. Mike held his hand tightly.
"s-so why are you in the hospital?" Freddy ask.
"I got shot twice." Mike replied.
"ouch." Freddy replied. Mike nodded silently.
"hey Foxy, come show me where the cafeteria is." Chica said. Foxy nodded.
"may I come with?" Freddy ask. Foxy growled softly but said yes for Mike. they followed behind him.
"if Foxy didn't want him to go, why'd he say yes?" Bonnie ask.
"because, he know's I'm still afraid of Freddy and probably doesn't trust him to be left with me again, since last time he nearly killed me." Mike replied. Bonnie nodded. while they waited for Chica, Foxy and Freddy stood quietly in the hall. Freddy talked, constantly, trying to get some sort of response from Foxy.
"your hotter then I remember." Freddy said. Foxy huffed, not falling for it. "I'm serious. your hot." Freddy replied. Foxy narrowed his eye's at him.
"shut up." Foxy replied.
"your accent is hotter." Freddy replied. Foxy growled and bared his teeth, which were still slightly sharp.
"I said, shut up Fredrick." Foxy said. Freddy chuckled softly.
"it's just Freddy, you know that Foxy." Freddy smiled. Chica came out at that moment and Foxy sighed.
"finally! this one never shuts up." Foxy muttered glaring at Freddy, who smiled at talked more.
"and I was thinking, to make it up to you and Mike, I could like, throw a party!" Freddy exclaimed. Foxy turned around and slammed Freddy against the wall, growling dangerously.
"Mike think's ye've changed. I don'. if I see ye even look at 'im I'll tear you apart!" Foxy growled. he dropped the man and kept walking. Freddy rubbed his throat slightly and stood up.
"fine. I can throw a part for him without looking at him." Freddy shrugged. Foxy walked back in with them, looking pissed. Mike saw the bruise around Freddy's neck and shook his head.
"oh me god if ye don' shut the hell up I'll kill ye!" Foxy shouted at the talking man. Freddy frowned sadly and kept his mouth shut. Foxy sighed in relief. Mike chuckled softly at Foxy.
"you get aggrivated why too easy." Mike said.
"he's talked non-stop since we left." Chica said, rubbing her temples. Mike smiled and fell asleep.
*Thursday after noon*
Foxy carefully picked Mike up, once he was released. Mike yelpped.
"sorry Mike." Foxy said. Mike nodded slightly and wrapped an arm around Foxy's shoulders.
"i-it's alright, just be careful." Mike replied. Foxy nodded.
"I'll try." Foxy replied. Freddy, standing with the other two a few feet away, turned to Chica.
"why is Foxy being so nice to him?" Freddy ask, remembering Foxy as rude and mean.
"oh, because he and Mike are dating." Chica replied.
"what?" Freddy ask, not believing it.
"it's true." Bonnie replied. Foxy carefully placed Mike in the car.
"are ye okay?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded slightly, wincing.
"y-yeah." Mike replied. Foxy nodded and put the seat belt around him.
"be prepaired. I ain' drove too long before." Foxy said. Mike nodded slightly. Foxy turned to them. "if yer comin', come on." Foxy said. the three headed for the backseat and Foxy got in the drivers seat.
"just d-don't ruin my car." Mike said. Foxy chuckled softly.
"if I break it, I'll fix it." Foxy replied. he started the car and headed for Mike's house. he suddenly slamed on the brake's. Mike cried out in pain and the other yelped.
"Foxy! man what the hell!?" Bonnie exclaimed.
"not me fault! some kid just ran out in front of me!" Foxy said. a little boy stared at the car, standing infront of it.
"hello." he said. Foxy glared at him. Mike leaned over and honked the horn. the boy jumped slightly but didn't move. he tilted his head. "hi!" he exclaimed. Foxy huffed and shook his head, putting the car in reverse. the child followed the car backwards.
"oh good grief." Foxy muttered.
"just go around him." Mike said. Foxy nodded and tried to go around the boy, but everytime he move, the boy moved. Foxy rolled the window down.
"move yer ass or I'll run ye over!" Foxy growled.
"Foxy!" Mike exclaimed.
"he's doin' this on purpose." Foxy said. the boy sat down in front of the car and waited. Foxy smirked, putting his arm infront of Mike, so he wouldn't go forward and get hurt. "hang on guy's." Foxy said. he quickly put the car in reverse and backed up. he quickly put it in drive and drove for the kid, Mike covered his face so he wouldn't see it. Foxy, at the last minute, swerved around the kid, at a high speed, and drove off. once far enough away, Foxy slowed down.
"why didn't you just get out and move him?" Bonnie ask.
"thats the gang part of town, an I don' know about ye, but I don' want to get the shit beat out of me for touchin' one of their kids." Foxy said. he looked over at Mike. "ye okay Mike?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded slightly.
"y-yeah." Mike said. Foxy nodded and moved his arm back.
"anyone hurt?" Foxy ask.
"define hurt..." Bonnie muttered holding his head.
"either yer bleedin' to death, or yer okay." Foxy replied. a sudden gun shot and a bullet zoomed past Foxy, who yelped. "fuck! stupid gangs. duck! duck now!" Foxy ordered. he took off as fast as he could as more bullets were fired. Mike reached in to the glove box and grabed his gun, turning and firing back. "Mike! ye idiot! get yer head back in this damn car!" Foxy exclaimed pulling him in.
"hey! i'm trying to help!" Mike exclaimed.
"ye've already been shot twice!" Foxy exclaimed, taking the gun. he drove around the corner and parked the car behind a building. "ye keep yer asses in this car or I'll shoot ye meself." Foxy growled, getting out. he started firing at the gang members. Foxy hit at least three of them before he was shot himself. he cried out and fell backwards. he gritted his teeth and ran back to the car. he jumped in and sped off towards the gang. he vaguely noticed Mike tying off his arm, right above his wound.
"Foxy are you okay?" Bonnie ask, then cried out as his ear was shot.
"get yer big head down Bonnie." Foxy hissed. Bonnie ducked. "I promise to fix yer car Mike." Foxy said.
"huh?" was all Mike managed before Foxy slammed into something. several shouts of pain. "you ran them over?!" Mike cried.
"they wouldn' stop shootin'! what the hell was I supposed to do?!" Foxy exclaimed. he headed for the police station, while calling them, and told the officer's that the gang was trying to kill them and take the car. Foxy winced and unbuckled, throwing himself over Mike to cover him, whimpering when he was hit with a bullet. the police managed to settle the fight and called for an ambulance. Foxy had stitches in his upper arm and in his side, and a small half bullet shaped notch missing from his left ear, but he was okay. Mike kissed Foxy's cheek. Foxy winced slightly, moving forward to hug Mike. he was covered in blood from his wounds and threw his shirt in the trash.
"are you okay?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded.
"I'm okay. are ye? they didn' hit ye did they?" Foxy ask worriedly. Mike shook his head.
"I'm okay. Bonnie's ears okay. it only nicked his ear, but he's okay too. Freddy got hit as well, but he's okay. I didn't stick around to see where he got shot." Mike said.
"good." Foxy replied. the few Foxy had shot were dead. the ones he ran over would live. Foxy pulled Mike closer and kissed him deeply.
"I be glad yer okay." Foxy said softly. Mike kissed back and smiled slightly.
"I'm glad your okay too." Mike replied.
"is yer stomach okay?" Foxy ask. "I know I hit the brakes kinda hard." Foxy added. Mike opened the jacket the police had given him to reveal his shirt gone.
"they started bleeding again. they cut off my shirt instead of asking me to take it off..." Mike replied. he had bandages from his shoulder to his pants line. "some of the stiches cut me here and there, but I'm okay." Mike replied. he cuddled closer to Foxy, when Freddy walked over, having no shirt and bandages on his shoulder. Foxy rapped his metal arm around Mike and lifted him up, onto the gurney beside him. Mike yelped slightly, then cuddled to Foxy's side. Chica was the only one who hadn't been hit, as she'd been in the middle and Freddy and Bonnie had covered her. she hugged Bonnie tightly, kissing his cheek and cooing over him. Bonnie was blushing slightly.
"Chica, relax it's just a little scratch." Bonnie said. Freddy walked up to Foxy.
"are you alright Foxy?" Freddy ask.
"we're fine." Foxy replied. Mike swallowed as Freddy looked them both over, he wraped his arms around Foxy's chest, leaning against his robotic arm. Foxy smiled down at him and wraped his arm around Mike's shoulders carefully. it was Foxy's right arm that was robotic and Mike's right shoulder that had been shot, so Foxy was careful not to agitate the wound. Freddy seemed to frown at their cuddling. he stared at Mike. Foxy growled. "you got a problem with me boyfriend Freddy?" Foxy hissed. Freeddy seemed to snap out of it.
"no. just looking at his arm." Freddy replied. Foxy growled.

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