We're Sorry Foxy, chapter 1

We're sorry Foxy, chapter 9

"ye were doin' what?" Foxy ask. Freddy, remembering the threat from earlier, frowned deeper.
"nothing." Freddy replied and walked off.
"what was that about?" Mike ask.
"I think, he's got a crush on me. he keeps callin' me hot..." Foxy muttered. Mike shuttered.
"well thats disturbing." Mike said. Foxy nodded and kissed his neck. Mike shivered slightly. "mmm Foxy. stop it." Mike said. Foxy growled softly, in warning, before nuzzling his neck and kissing it again. Mike cuddled closer, melting into the gentle kisses. Mike swallowed. Foxy smiled and purred. he nuzzled Mike's neck again and cuddled him.
"come on. let's get ye home." Foxy said.
"wh-what about the others?" Mike ask.
"Frank's setting up bedrooms for them and an extra in case I come back, he's giving us all key's. they'll be allowed to come and go as they please." Foxy said. Mike smiled and looked at his trashed car.
"well... I guess we should start walking huh?" Mike ask. Foxy nodded and Mike took his hand. they headed for the house. Mike yawned halfway there and Foxy shook his head.
"alright. come on. up on me back." Foxy said. Mike shook his head.
"I'm fine." Mike replied. "beside's it could hurt you." Mike said. Foxy waived it off and knelt slightly.
"come on." Foxy said. Mike shook his head and did what Foxy said.
"when you wake up tomorrow in pain, don't whine to me." Mike said, jokingly. Foxy chuckled.
"lad, I picked up Bonnie loike this when he got his let crushed, ye ain' nothin'." Foxy said. Mike laughed and nuzzled Foxy's neck. Foxy smiled and held him. Mike rested his head on Foxy's shoulder and the Pirate squeezed his butt. Mike yelped.
"F-Foxy!" Mike chided. Foxy smirked.
"jus' makin' sure yer still awake." Foxy laughed. Mike blushed brightly.
"could have just ask." Mike muttered.
"that was more fun." Foxy replied. Mike kissed Foxy's neck and nuzzled it. Mike smiled feeling Foxy's tail wag against his own. Foxy wrapped his tail around Mike's and the man smiled. his eye's slowly fluttered shut. "Mike. hey Mikey." Foxy said.
"hmm?" Mike ask.
"we're home. get yer key out." Foxy said. Mike nodded and managed to get the key out of his pocket, handing it to Foxy. Foxy opened the door and walked in. he carefully set Mike on his feet and Mike kissed his cheek.
"we'll head to town tomorrow and get you a house key." Mike said. Foxy nodded and looked out the window.
"hey Mike, whats that?" Foxy ask. Mike went over and looked where Foxy was pointing.
"oh, those are Halloween decorations." Mike said. he explained Halloween to the Pirate.
"so... kids dress up and get free candy from strangers which on any other day isn't allowed because it could be posioned or laced with drugs... and ye people let yer children do this?" Foxy ask. Mike chuckled.
"yup. I'm taking my nephew, as Vada will be working. you can come with us." Mike said.
"when is it?" Foxy ask.
"in a few days. we can get some costumes tomorrow while getting you a key." Mike said.
"whats yer nephew going to be?" Foxy ask. Mike shrugged.
"I don't know. he wanted it to be a surprize to everyone." Mike shrugged. "I usually just wear a puppet mask, you know, from the other resturant... but it was accidently destroyed when my nephew decided to play with lighters." Mike said. Foxy chuckled. Mike pulled out his photo album. "I have picture's of me, Vada, and Coda." Mike said. Foxy sat beside him and flipped through the picture's. "this is from four years ago, Coda's first halloween." Mike said.
"what the hell were ye?" Foxy ask.
"a drunk who forgot that it was Halloween." Mike said blankly. he flipped through more pictures.
"hey what're these from?" Foxy ask. Mike looked over.
"oh, thats my third birthday." Mike said. it was a picture of him being hugged by freddy and he was crying. "yeah, what the picture doesn't show is that I'd fell and cut my legs up. I wasn't actually afraid of Freddy yet." Mike said. Foxy flipped through the picture's.
"I see all but yer sixth birthday... where are those?" Foxy ask. Mike's ear drooped.
"in the back." Mike said. Foxy flipped back and saw what caused Mike's sudden mood change. there were picture's of him opening his gifts in the hospital, he looked upset and his brother wasn't there.
"oh god..." Foxy trailed.
"yup. the year he bit me. my brothers still in jail. he was always trying to kill me and I finally had proof. my parents didn't want him anymore, so they sent him to juvey... then he tried to kill me when I was eighteen and he's in jail now." Mike said.
"I'm sorry." Foxy said. Mike shook his head.
"it's fine." Mike said. Foxy continued to flip through the pictures and found one that made his heart stop. "I-I don't know why... but I've never been able to get rid off it, no matter what..." Mike said. who ever had the camera managed to take a picture just as Freddy bit down on Mike's head. Foxy quickly flipped back to the page he'd been on and stopped. he grined.
"I remember this." Foxy said. Mike looked over and laughed.
"dear god thats old." Mike laughed. he was about five in the picture. he was dressed up as a pirate and had several teeth missing. he was on Foxy's knee, listening to the Pirate's tall tale. his toothless grin and his stary eye'd gaze up at the Pirate, made Foxy smile brightly.
"ye were me biggest fan... then ye jus' stopped comin'." Foxy said, his ears drooping.
"I stopped coming because Vada was paranoid and scared to death of you guy's. when I finally got our mom to agree to let me go without her... your act was closed down." Mike said. Foxy nodded.
"so ye were the one who snuck behind me curtain." Foxy grinned. Mike chuckled and nodded.
"I never gave up on them bringing you back... untill the manager caught me and put me back with the others, on the stage." Mike said. "right infront of Freddy, who of course, stared at me. I never went back after that." Mike said. "okay, so I can't say never. I did come back, just not for a while. I'm only twenty-six." Mike said.
"ye were what eight when ye stopped coming?" Foxy ask.
"nine." Mike replied. he chuckled. "I thought it was so cool how the first day you were there and open was my second birthday. I sat there all day, I missed my own party." Mike chuckled. Foxy smiled at him.
"what was it ye found so fun about me?" Foxy ask. Mike frowned softly.
"my father was a NAVY man. he was always on ships. he'd always bring me and my brother things. he brought me a Pirate costume one and my brother a NAVY costume, but I liked the Pirate better... when I was young I didn't understand, I used to imagine men out on the boats with my dad dressed like Pirate's." Mike chuckled. "everything was Pirate's then. my bed was shaped like a boat, my shoe's had Pirate's on them, my clothes were Pirates, everything was Pirate styled. I wore that Pirate costume everytime I went to the Pizzeria, every birthday." Mike smiled. Foxy smiled at him.
"thats cool." Foxy replied. Mike's smile faded.
"it was. my father took my mother on a boat trip, they got in an accident, she's been in a coma ever since and I haven't spoken to him in years." Mike said. Foxy's ear's drooped.
"I'm sorry." Foxy said. Mike nodded and wiped his eye's, once he realized he was crying.
"fuck." Mike muttered. Foxy pulled him to his side.
"are ye alright?" Foxy ask. Mike nodded. Foxy picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. "alright. get dressed and let's get to bed." Foxy said. Mike realized they were both covered in blood and tossed a pair of shorts and a shirt at Foxy.
"here." Mike said. Foxy nodded at him and Mike grabed himself some clothes. they changed and cuddled together on the bed. Foxy wrapped his arms around Mike and nuzzled him.
"I love ye Mikey." Foxy said.
"love you too Foxy." Mike yawned softly. Foxy held him tightly as Mike slept, but Foxy couldn't sleep. he didn't know why, he just couldn't. he lay awake for hours and sighed softly.
*Friday morning*
Foxy woke, not remembering falling asleep, to a knock. he muttered to himself and managed to get untangled from Mike. he stretched and walked towards the door. he opened it and the man seemed confused.
"look. whatever yer sellin' we don' want any." Foxy said. he tried to close the door but the man stopped him. "get yer foot out of the door, or I'll break it off in the door." Foxy said simply.
"Mike Schmidt?" the man ask.
"is asleep loike other normal people and loike I was." Foxy said with a glare.
"can you wake him up? he knows me and we need to talk." he said. Foxy growled.
"I'm not lettin' ye in until I 'ear that from Mike." Foxy said closing the door. he went to Mike and shook him awake. "hey, someone wants to talk to ye. didn' gimme a name. said ye knew 'im." Foxy said. Mike muttered softly and stood up. he stretched and went to the door, Foxy following not to far behind. Mike opened the door and froze.
"hello little Mikey." the man smiled. Mike swallowed and his ear layd against his head. the man grined and stepped forward, but Mike held his ground. he shook his head, his hair moving to reveal his childhood scar.
"no way man. your not staying here." Mike said.
"but Mi-" he tried.
"I. said. no Jojo." Mike said. the man, Jojo, as Foxy now knew grinned slightly.
"awe. you still call me Jojo." Jojo said.
"beat it Joey." Mike said.
"look, my parole officer said I have to stay with a family member while I'm on parole. I can't find mom and dad's on a ship and Vada doesn't even know me." Joey said. Foxy growled realizing who it was. he moved Mike out of the way.
"so yer the evil bastard who caused Mike his scar and nearly his life." Foxy growled. Mike pulled Foxy back.
"I've got this thanks." Mike said. Foxy glared at Mike's brother. Mike turned to Joey. "mom's in the hospital. dad put her in a coma soon after you went to jail. dad's at sea. Vada has a kid and your not allowed around those and your certainly not staying here. so your going to have to get back in your parole officers car and go back to jail." Mike said. Joey narrowed his eye's and stepped forward, Mike instinctively stepped back.
"I won't go back to jail Mike." Joey said. Foxy gave Mike a reassuring look and Mike glared at Joey.
"well your not staying here either." Mike said and slammed the door in his brothers face. Foxy smiled and kissed him, but heard a click. it was a sound he'd learned well a gun.
"Mike!" Foxy exclaimed, tackling the man behind the couch. he went animatronic, ignoring the pain from his wounds, and covered Mike as the rain of bullet's started. Mike cried out and trembled beneath the Fox. Foxy, scooped him up, using his metal endoskeleton to protect Mike, as he carried him into the bathroom and closed the door. they took cover in the bath tub. there was a loud crash and it sounded like someone broke in. Foxy quickly locked the bathroom door.
"wh-what are we going to do?" Mike ask, trembling. "h-he'll shoot us..." Mike whimpered. Foxy tapped the side of his metal head.
"built in police radio. cops are on their way now." Foxy said softly. Mike nodded slightly. "ye don' 'ave a gun do ye?" Foxy ask. Mike shook his head.
"I kept it in the car..." Mike replied. Foxy nodded.
"I'm sorry about this Mike and I hope one day ye'll forgive me." Foxy said, pulling out his hook.
"d-don't kill him. please Foxy. he may have tried to kill me but he's my brother." Mike cried, tearfully. Foxy looked at him and his ears drooped. he put his hook away.
"alright. alright. I won'." Foxy said soothingly. he held Mike and dried his tears. "I won' 'urt 'im." Foxy said. he hated to see people cry, especially Mike. there was a knock on the door.
"police! open up!" the officer shouted. Foxy went back to his human form and scooped Mike up.
"alright. hold on! we're comin' out." Foxy said, alerting them. he carried Mike out. he put Mike down and saw a sheet over a body. Mike teared up.

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