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Fox and Ice


"UUUGH! That stupid uncle! I can't believe he did that!" A black haired brown eyed girl screamed as she landed on the bench hard, clenching her gloved hands beside her waist tightly from anger. Lily Hikari is a seventeen year old girl has been kicked out of her home by her uncle's twin brother. As Lily is about to give hope given how little option she has left, she meets a blond haired man who gets himself into trouble. He offers her his house for free as a thank you but what happens once she arrives there? Elsewhere trouble looms in the distance, how will they fair against this problem? Book 1

Romance / Drama
Ai Star
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- The Unfortunate Meeting

"UUUGH! That stupid uncle! I can't believe he did that!" A black haired brown eyed girl screamed as she landed on the bench hard, clenching her gloved hands beside her waist tightly from anger. The girl was about seventeen and looked worn out from walking around constantly for a few hours. Beside her was a black bag which only contained her college equipment as well as a blue sweater, black trousers, black leggings that went up to her ankles, some socks in order to keep warm and her laptop including its charger.

The girl sighed in defeat as she remembered being yelled at by the new landlord who showed the deed with her rotten uncle's signature, saying that he had sold the house along with its processions. Thankfully she managed to obtain her mother's locket and a wooden flute that was a family heirloom. The rest was thrown out except her leggings, socks and sweater.

Silence echoed in the park as she looked round without thinking, there was only a tire swing and a sandpit nearby after the mayor ordered the park to be demolished. But thanks to protesters they saved the sandpit, swing and the benches making the park slightly empty but spacious from an angle. However loneliness bubbled from within her, how did this happen? Last year was rough but she was sure that things would come round in a good way. How wrong she was and that was the cruel truth. Now she had no one except a man who repeatedly said that she was better off dead for being who she was. Such an uncaring moron she thought while her head drooped. Fatigue was taking over and having no meals since lunch didn't help, it only made the situation worse. Reason? Now being penniless and homeless had been forced on to the girl without warning. There was nothing she could make the situation better.

Even though the girl was slightly cold due to the sharp temperature drop. She proceeded to lay down on the bench so she could sleep. Despite the fact she was only wearing a white long sleeved thermal top, a blue jumper and fleece, she also wore a pair of thermal leggings to keep warm, a pair of black trousers and black shoes. Despite wearing a lot of layers, the temperature was around frozen which was bad for anyone who was forced to sleep outside however the girl refused to give up. She would get out of this situation... somehow.

The silence was calming to her and caused her to close her eyes, despite what had happened. She needed to relax, get a plan of action. Maybe she could ask the new landlord for help somehow, given the situation it did seem overkill so send a homeless girl on to the streets.

"HELP ME!" screamed a shrill males voice causing her eyes to shoot up in anger.

"Okay what on earth is going on? Is someone getting mugged or heaven forbid dying?" she thought feeling annoyed and agitated. So much for resting due to feeling agitated from the loud cry and her situation made the girl more angry than ever.

"Right that's it" the girl hissed as she marched towards the voice's location. The girl spotted a blond haired man wearing a pair of round glasses that were almost about to fall off his nose, due to the fact that he was shaking in fear. He wore a grey hat, a purple scarf over his long grey coat, grey trousers and shoes and was currently cowering on a tree branch from a middle sized brown dog with a spiky collar on its neck. The girl marched over and stopped near the dog with stern eyes. Almost annoyed that it wasn't a dying situation, talk about embarrassing for anyone.

"Shoo shoo" the girl said coldly, waving her hand at the dog and it left without a second thought. The man sighed with relief as he went down the tree.

"Thank you! That dog for some reason didn't like me the moment it saw me" the man said with a goofy smile on his face. She took note that his skin was pale and watched him push his glasses back in place causing them to glint from nearby light. The girl raised a brow before walking off. Time for bed even if it was cold outside enough was enough.

"Don't get into trouble next time" she said coldly without looking back.

"Wait! Don't leave me here!" The man cried as he ran after her, he stopped after spotting her bag which was still on the bench. As soon as the girl sat down she looked at him with cold but empty eyes, showing that he had her undivided attention. It did almost leave him unsettled by seeing her body language and posture. Frozen and angry.

"Yes?" she asked in a monotone which leave him concerned due to how old she looked. She was quite young and it worried him deeply. More than he'll ever admit aloud.

"Well? Don't you need to get home?" the man asked now showing worry as he looked round to see if someone was coming. She eyed him oddly.

"Does it look like I have a home to go to?" she asked coldly. His eyes widened in shock.

"What-? Did you have a fight with your parents? Don't tell me you ran away" he asked looking completely terrified. Knowing that the girl could get attacked if she stayed outside during the night time. Only his body froze from the sudden chill that entered his bones as he saw her eyes hardened.

"Yeah you wish!" she snapped before folding her arms, crossed her legs and turned her head in a huff. Moments later he sat down beside her silently.

"I'm sorry that was wrong of me, can I ask what your name is? My name is Mikage" Mikage said with a warm smile, the girl's brows lowered from seeing his peppy smile. Deciding to humor him the girl sighed in defeat.

"Lily Hikari" Lily replied as she looked at him, Mikage's smile had gone wider almost creeping her out at his over enthusiastic attitude.

"A pleasure to meet you Lily" Mikage lifted his hand up to shake her hand before placing his hand back down. Then came the awkward silence.

"Can you tell me about what happened to you?" Mikage asked her with a warm smile. Lily faltered slightly from seeing how worried he was before exhaling weakly now feeling fatigue taking over. She hated pity but his eyes showed that he wasn't feeling pity, there was only genuine concern and nothing else.

"My uncle was terminal and passed away five months ago, but before he died my uncle contacted his twin and asked him to take care of me. However instead of doing that, he signs away the house without warning and I'm stranded... fool" the girl muttered darkly as she looked angrily at the sky. Mikage's eyes widened from shock while a small gasp left his lips. This was not normal nor was this right. How can such a man do that to his family member? It made no sense at all.

"You poor girl that must have been awful!" he cried before hugging her. Lily leered at the weeping man causing him to feel a chill running down his spine but kept on hugging.

"Off stranger!" she muttered causing him to look at her after releasing the angry teen. To her surprise he smiled slightly, Mikage looked guilty for some reason as he looked away taking her by surprise.

"I have a home but I left it decades ago and I am very worried about everyone there" The girl's eyes widened in shock as she saw him look at the floor. Guilt was definitely visible when he spoke about his home, did he have a falling out with the people living in there?

"It would be bad if it was left unattended so if you want, you can stay there and since I will travelling a lot and I don't plan to come back anytime soon. You won't need to pay rent and I'm sure you'll be taken care off" She blinked from listening to his words.

"Wait who lives there? And why are you giving it to me for free?" Lily asked looking at him with suspicion.

"A friend's son, if you want I'll give you directions to the house" the girl backed up from man. There was no way she could agree to staying with some random boy.

"There's no way I'm sharing a house with a guy!" she snapped angrily making him smile as he heard her reply.

"All the more reason for you to go. I know you'll be in good hands and think of it as my way of saying thank you" he said before leaning over, Lily froze as she felt something warm on the middle part of her forehead as soon as he kissed her. She could feel his shoulder length hair tickling the sides of her hair until he pulled back. In the end Lily was left stupefied and went rigid from what Mikage had just done.

"There now, here's a map of where I live and tell them that Mikage sent you. I'm sure he won't mind, although it might take him by surprise. Farewell for now" he said with a wave before going off. The girl stood up feeling panic take over, her body shook with rage.

"I didn't say yes!" she yelled but he was gone.

Lily let out a loud huff with her right hand on her waist then looked at the sky. That was one odd no a completely strange sign. Did her uncle do something from beyond the grave? She doubted it but knew she didn't have much to lose nor did she have much of a choice. After all it was either living out in the open where someone could attack her or worse kill her. Sighing in defeat Lily moved a gloved hand to tuck away a part of her fringe so it rested behind her ear.

"It's late so I'd better go see what he's on about... this guy's map is terrible" she stared at it as if it was evil, Lily then picked up her bag before placing it on her shoulder. This was not going to end well and she knew it. This could be a hoax but then again what were the chances? No even this man would try to prank a homeless girl... right?

By the time the girl arrived at the destination, she froze now realising that the 'home' was actually a shrine but the difference was that it appeared run down and looked as if it had not been used in years.

"Geez I feel sorry for the fools who had to stay here when he was around" Lily said softly before going up the stairs to where the wooden sliding doors were. Due to learning common courtesy she knocked on the wooden door before opening it.

"Hello, anyone in here?" Lily asked loudly. Suddenly she almost went back due to the appearance of demonic red fire ghosts. A figure was seen near a pair of bluish black flames that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Well, well Mikage, you took your time... TWENTY YEARS I'VE BEEN WAITING AND NOT ONCE DID YOU CONTACT US- huh you're not Mikage!" a male voice said now looking stunned. He looked at the glaring girl who's arms were folded and was now tapping her foot quickly. Lily at that moment looked as if she was going to punch him for pulling such a stupid stunt.

"You done?" Lily barked angrily causing two children with masks on their faces who had just appeared to recoil at how fearless she sounded. They floated near her so they could examine her.

"False alarm you pests, This is not Mikage" the male said coldly to the children.

"But she has his power flowing through her" says one of the children as they move closer.

"That's right" said the other.

"And why are you here?" asked the male sounding bored while he held his purple fan by his face.

"Mikage sent me here" the girl replied stiffly until one of the children touched her forehead.

"She's got the sign" said the second. Lily almost jumps in shock, she watches the male storm over towards her after shoving away the masked children causing them to cry out in surpise. He had red shoulder length hair, silver eyes, he wore a black kimono but what shocked her was the red fox ears and tail- a Kitsune. As soon as he looked at her forehead with cold eyes he grunted.

"How nice of him" he muttered dryly before going off. The girl raised a brow at his cold attitude. What was his problem? It wasn't like she wanted to come in the first place but she didn't want to offend Mikage after he offered her to stay there.

"Who are you?" Lily asked coldly as she kept her guard up. He tilted his head to the side so he could look at her. His eyes were cold as ice and almost left her shivering from the lack of heat.

"None your business human, I only serve Mikage and that's it" Silver snapped before vanishing before the spirits could stop him.

"Master Silver wait!" the first one who wore a green kimono looked at her hesitantly. "Sorry he's very sensitive about this since Mikage left twenty years ago" the girl nodded stiffly while looking at the spot where he once stood.

"So who are you two if you don't mind me asking?" Lily asked as she faced them properly.

"I'm Oishi and this is Dai what's your name?" asked the second one wearing a sky blue kimono. The girl looked at him wearily.

"Shouldn't you be going after him?" she asked looking at them with curious eyes. The masked children looked at her.

"He'll be back" both masked children looked at the other hesitantly before turning to look at her. "But you're our priority! What's your name?" Dai asked. The girl sighed slightly.

"Lily Hikari" Lily replied stiffly. Dai nodded at her reply.

"It's nice to meet you Lady Lily who is now the God of the Mikage Shrine" chirped Oishi. Lily stiffened.

"I am no God" she said sharply. They floated beside her while she stared at them.

"Our apologies but as long as you have that mark on your head it means you are the Land God" said Dai. She narrowed her eyes.

"I will not be addressed as a God so just treat me as a guest please since I doubt Silver will let me stay" Lily replied as she looked round the room. She frowned at how unkept it was. The two boys floated as they looked at each other for a while before nodding and looked at her.

"Lady Lily, we'll show you to your room" said Dai.

"It's getting late and you need some rest for tomorrow" Oishi agreed before showing Lily to her new room.

"What's your name dear child?" asked a male who's voice was soft as he approached a small red haired boy, the small boy looked up now realising that a man was watching him. The man had shoulder length blond hair and a teal blue yukata. At that moment the boy wanted to hide his ears and tail, the child didn't want this and he didn't even know what was going on. Why did things go black? The next thing the child knew was that he had these ears and a tail that were never there before.

"Leave me alone" the child cried before turning his head. The urge to leave was on the child's mind. That was until the man stroked his head were the ears were. The boy stiffened from the touch, it was gentle and the hand was warm. It reminded him of someone but who was the question.

"Why are you here? Surely this is not where a young child must be" the man said softly. His glasses twinkled from the light.

"..." The child looked away now feeling like he was being told off, he didn't like it one bit.

"How about I take you to a place where no one will ever hurt you again?" hearing this man speak to him in such a kind and fatherly manner. It left a weird ache in his chest. Without knowing why the child felt tears run down his face and started to cry. The man embraced him and tried to ease the sorrowful child's cries. They hurt the man to even hear such broken sobs.

"I want my mummy, but daddy locked me in a room. It was dark and I wanted to go out, the last thing I saw when I tried to escape was my father. I don't know where I am!" the child cried as he clung onto the man's yukata.

"It's alright now, your safe. Your father cannot hurt you anymore. What happened child is that you slipped through a time stream and ended up in the past. Do you want me to take you to my house so you can rest?" the man asked as he stroke the boy's cheek. Not knowing what to do, the child didn't have much a choice since it was either sanctuary or being out there alone with no help.

"Okay" the boy nodded meekly while hiding his face in the yukata.

He didn't see the man smiling in a kind fatherly manner.

"What is your name child?" the man asked as he tilted the shy boy's head up so their eyes could meet.

"Silver" Silver said tearfully, he saw the man smiling at him.

"My name is Mikage, it is lovely to meet you Silver"

The next day Lily woke up to the sound of her phone's alarm clock, it wasn't a pleasant sound to say the least. But she managed to get up and looked round her room, well temporary room.

"It's still awful but I think I can fix it" Lily said as she touched the walls which revealed to be rotting slightly.

Lily stood up before rolling her sleeves as she decided to see what part needed fixing the most.

As she began to fix the room, she saw the two children which she assumed to be spirits since they hardly touched anything without going through it.

"Good morning Lady Lily- what are you doing to the walls?" cried Oishi as he tried to stop her from tearing a part of the wall down.

"Repairing the room since the wood is unstable and could collapse at any time" she replied simply. The ghost children were at a loss for words as they looked at each other. Suddenly Silver entered the room looking annoyed.

"Now why is everyone in the room? Surely this weak human should be doing chores by now" he asked coldly while holding a closed fan to his face. She raised a brow while Oishi floated beside Silver.

"She was fixing the room, she said that the wood is unstable" Oishi said to Silver who scoffed at the reply.

"What can a mere human do? She'll just destroy the shrine" he said with a smirk but she wasn't smiling.

"Don't underestimate me since you've hardly been helpful so far Mr I go and neglect the shrine" his eyes glinted slightly, part of him wanted to wrangle her neck. What did she know about what he did?

"Do what you want" Silver said casually after a few minutes while staring at her.

"Fine then get out since I don't want dead weight that wants to do nothing. But go out drinking himself into a stupor and picks up whores as he goes" she snapped before barging past him, Lily managed to his his arm with her shoulder as she went. His eyes narrowed at the insult. Who was she to treat him like this?

"Lady Lily comes back!" cried Dai who floated after her.

"Master Silver shouldn't be rude to Lady Lily" Oishi looked at Silver before leaving.

"She has a nerve to insult me" he muttered before looking round. He went to the side where he saw Lily touching the wall and flinched slightly as the wall not only caved in but left a gaping hole in the room. He was about to turn to leave the hole, until he noticed Lily picking up the rope from the well through the hole. She looked at the bucked the rope was tied to and frowned.

"What's wrong Lady Lily?" asked Dai looking at her with curiosity.

"The water's gone; looks like the bad vibes have made the spirit of the water that lived nearby leave. It's a pity when I really need her help" she replied.

"How do you know that it's a female spirit?" Oishi asked looking curious.

"I felt a feminine presence and the water is dried up. She won't be coming back so we'll have to find water else were" Lily said with her hand on her hip. Silver frowned at her words before leaving.

"Where are we going to find a river spirit? We might need the water from the town as well" Oishi asked looking worried. Lily smiled before getting a shovel that was near the stairs. She started digging a hole near the well until the hole was about six feet deep and looked with a satisfied nod.

"What are you doing?" asked Dai. She put her hand up to silence them.

"Wait and see" she winked before touching side of the hole. Suddenly her right hand began to glow and without warning water gushed out from the dirt until the hole was covered with clean water which had no signs of dirt in it. She heard the spirit children cry out in awe as they watched her work. Lily placed her hands in the water and lifted them up so she could wash her face in her wet hands.

"Better! I've wanted to do that for some time now. Best not mention it to Mr stiff Kitsune since he'll bust a lung from knowing" Lily said with a grin as she looked at them. She felt their auras which revealed they were happy.

"Well let's get started on the shrine starting with my room since he made a hole it" she pointed at the hole causing the spirits cry out in shock.

"What can we do?" cried Oishi as he floated to the hole. Lily picked up a few talisman papers and began writing the words "solid but immune to injury" after she was finished she placed them on to their chests. Lily was thankful for the spirits as they informed her about how she could use them.

"Now you can help if you want?" Lily asked with a smile before going to the market to purchase wood. The spirits looked at each other before running after her.

By the time Silver came back he noticed the shrine was empty and grunted.

"I knew she wouldn't last" he muttered. His ears twitched to the sound of something being hammered into something. He went to the source of the noise with quick strides and paused at what he saw. Silver was completely stunned at what was happening.

"Dai hand me that nail!" called Oishi as he helped Lily hammer a floorboard in place while she worked on the wall. To his shock the wood was new and had replaced the rotten wood. Dai spotted Silver and waved.

"Master Silver come join us!" Dai chirped as he handed Oishi a nail. Silver's tail bristled in anger.

"No" he snapped before leaving. Lily glared at him from the corner of her eye before huffing.

"Jerk" she muttered under her breath.

When she and the spirits finished fixing the room it was the next day afternoon. Silver frowned as he noticed them curling up beside Lily who was asleep while she was in a fetal position without a blanket on. Silver saw her wearing only a thin brown top and knee high shorts, barely suitable for the cold temperature inside the shrine he thought while looking at them. Silver turned on his heel and left only to spot an elegant woman wearing a blue kimono stand near the makeshift lake. She smiled at how well the makeshift lake had been made. How did that hole get there was is question. And what's more, where did she get all that water?! It left Silver startled to see these things appear within less than two days.

"I might want to come back Yōkai" the woman winked before vanishing leaving a gobsmacked Kitsune in her wake.

"So where is the lazy bum?" Lily asked the spirits who were looking glum as she cleaned the main room. They looked at each other before replying.

"He's gone to the red district in the World Over Yander. It's the yōkai world" replied Dai looking slightly scared. Lily felt anger course through her as she threw the cloth she was holding onto the floor.

"Right! Let's go. That idiot's going to get it for slacking and then we'll leave him there" she said crossly before going towards her bedroom.

"Lady Lily there's something you should know about familiars!" Oishi cried. Lily paused so she could show that he had her attention.

"The best way to make Silver your familiar is the kiss him on the lips in order to seal the contract" her eyes widened and without warning dropped her cardigan that she had just picked up from her bag. Seeing the spirits chat about kissing the fox left her shivering. They were joking right?

"No way" she snapped shrilly before going out her room. Dai sighed before helping Oishi by showing Lily the way to the never realm.

As soon as the trio arrived, they showed her where Silver was currently in. But were stunned to see her barged past several angry tanuki girls.

"Watch it girl" one snapped as she glared at Lily. Lily however ignored her and continued to the room that hid Silver. Without warning she slammed it open revealing a stunned Silver with three tanuki girls. His black yukata was loose showing one of his shoulders as he lay on the mat.

"YOU!" Lily yelled the geishas pointed at themselves.

"NO HIM!" Lily barked while her hands were on her hips. Seeing her furious eyes caused them to nod in fear while Silver was left rooted to the mat, he gulped now feeling shocked to see her- a human now in the world of demons. Not to mention, seeing her angry almost made him want to flee in fear but he did not. After all he was a powerful yōkai who didn't flee from any fight.

"FROM NOW ON FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE! I WON'T TOLERATE SLACKERS AND YOU'RE NO EXCEPTION!" she boomed causing the geishas and Silver to freeze to the spot. Not waiting for his response she slammed the door so violently that it was sent to the floor from breaking off. As soon as the spirit children appeared. The door had combusted to flames the moment she left the brothel house causing them to yelp in shock. The building was in flames causing everyone to leave and scream in fear.

Lily trudged down the windy woods in anger. She was not going to stay here any longer than she needed to.

"Stupid! Stupid! STUPID!" Lily yelled as she continued to walk thought the woods.

As she walked on she spotted an old lady wearing a cloak.

"Hello sweat child can I help you, you seem lost" the old woman asked, her voice sincere however Lily wasn't impressed. Seeing Lily frowning took the old woman by surprise.

"I don't take help from deceitful demons" Lily snapped before going past the woman. The woman grinned before trailing after Lily. Lily quickened her pace but turned sharply to shake off the woman. Spotting a low branch Lily jumped on to it before hopping on more branches until she heard a loud inhuman scream.

"Land God! Come down this tree so I can devour your heart. By eating you I can live for a thousand more years!" yelled the old woman changed appearance, her eyes turned into black, she also had long and sharp teeth, horns on either side of her head and very sharp claws.

"Go away and leave me in peace demon! I don't want any trouble" Lily yelled as she clung onto the tree's trunk. To her dismay the woman began hacking down the tree's base making Lily flinch as she began to hear the tree screaming in agony.

"Stop it! You're hurting the tree!" Lily screamed as she saw her legs begin to bleed, Lily whimpered in pain as she felt the tree's pain causing her to curse for having such an ability.

"It matters not to me unless I have your soul and powers" the old woman hissed with glee. Lily cried weakly as she sunk down on the branch she was standing on, unable to stand up as her legs lost the strength stay up right.

"Looks like someone needs help" she turned to see a smirking Silver holding a fan. He stood on the branch above her before proceeding to sit down and drink from a red dish. She took note that his hair on the right side was singed from the flames, which would have made Lily laugh if she wasn't in pain. She glared instead before turning her head sharply causing him to raise a brow.

"Bug off deserter" Lily smirked mentally as she felt him flinch on the inside but glared at her to show how angry he was. She bit her lips to stop herself from screaming in agony as the tree took more damage.

"Lady Lily!" cried Dai as he looked at her. Lily ignored him and focused on the old woman. She took out a pebbled from her pocket and threw it at the woman who was hacking at the tree again. The pebble hit the woman in the eye causing the woman to scream.

"You bitch! I'll kill you for hurting me!" the woman yelled in pure anger as she looked up.

"Then stop hurting the tree!" Lily snapped angrily. This took Silver and the spirit children by surprise as she had enough strength to yell.

"If you beg for mercy I might spare you. All you have to say Master Silver I'm a foolish human who is sorry. Please help this weak human" Silver said with a dark grin as he leaned over from his perch. However this earned him an evil glare from Lily. The woman screeched again before trying to climb the tree. To their surprise the tree's aura sent the woman crashing to the floor. Silver took the time to see that Lily's legs were bleeding but just watched her with bored filled eyes.

"Just say it" Dai pleaded.


"He'll save you if you do right Master Silver?" Oishi asked Silver as he looked at the fox.

"T-That's right" Silver felt sweat dropping down his brow. What was this girl thinking? She could die if she continued to be stubborn.

"Drop dead asshole!" Lily roared at Silver, this made Silver glare but he didn't respond.

"Master Silver she needs help" Oishi cried feeling fear consume him.

"She's not my concern, after all I am not her familiar" he replied coldly. This pathetically weak girl was a human that needed to learn her place, the thought of her begging for mercy almost made him smile.

"Please Master Silver" Dai pleaded. Lily tried to stand up but lost balance and in order to stop herself from falling. She reached out instinctively to the thing closest to her- Silver's leg. He yelled out in shock as they started to fall off their branches. Lily was the first to fall off her branch due to losing the feeling in both her legs. To the Kitsune's dismay he had lost his footing thanks to the sudden move and began falling after her.

"Stupid girl! All you had to say were those exact words!" Silver yelled at the stunt she continued to hold on to his leg.

"I'd rather die then say such stupid words to such a arrogant idiot!" Lily barked. Silver was about go rant but looked down to see Lily's stunned filled eyes, he noticed her expression change, Lily's eyes now showed defeat and acceptance as she let her arms drop past her sides. Seeing her act like this made his heart skip a beat as fear began to rise up.

"This is it right? This is how I'll die and I'll- uncle... I'm sorry. I couldn't fulfill your wish" Lily felt tears fighting their way out of her eyes but held them in. No she did not want to cry nor will she die crying. The force of gravity then made her body fall quicker to where the waiting demon woman was. For that brief moment Silver felt his body go cold as he watched her plummet down further and further away from him. Without thinking Silver forced his body down towards Lily and watched the injured girl look at him with dead filled eyes. His mind conjured thoughts of Lily's remains which hadn't been eaten, rotting away as it was unnoticed by anyone and another thought was of her lying dead on the floor with blood surrounding her, eyes void of emotions. The next thought was when he saw her fix the temple without his say so, Silver could have easily fixed the shrine but refused to. The Kitsune began to feel guilt creep up on him as he watched but did nothing to help. Here she was determined to do something to make the shrine better and he just insulted her.

Lily glared at him slightly.

"Just leave me be! I'm no good anyways. I'm a failure to this job so why bother Yōkai? Mikage was wrong to pick me as his substitute so you should be happy " she snapped harshly. This took Silver by surprise at how bitter her words were. "I'll be dead so you won't have to deal with me anymore" Suddenly his eyes widened as he remembered a time that involved him being a small Kitsune. It was odd since he didn't remember much about his past, only now Silver's mind travelled towards a man who helped him in his time of need. The face was fuzzy so he couldn't tell who it was.

"Just leave me! I'm no good so why bother human?!" he remembered himself yelling to the man whose face was shrouded by the darkness.

Silver's eyes hardened in anger as he looked at her slightly started eyes. Why was he angry Lily pondered as she looked back at the fox.

"Don't ever say those things ever again human" Silver hissed at her. Lily turned her face to the side in anger almost making his anger flare up even more.

"And what are you going to do about it? In case you didn't notice. I'm going to die!" she yelled without looking at him. Silver's eyes narrowed in defiance, she was wrong. She will live even if he had to drag her away from death's doors.

"No you're not!" Silver roared before grabbing her chin with his hand and forced Lily to look at him. Confusion was evident on her face as she looked at him. To their shock he mashed his lips on to hers creating a bright light which blinding everyone, Silver felt himself become shackled by chains connecting themselves to the girl but ignored it for now.

"Do you want help?" Silver asked coldly after his hold over her slackened. Lily was stunned to the point that she didn't move. What? Why did he just do something like that? Didn't the fool know about what would happen if he kissed her?

"Girl! Do you want my help or not?" Silver yelled as they were close to the demon woman. Lily's eyes glinted anger.

"Doesn't it look like I need help? If you want to help me then do it already!" she yelled back. To her shock he held her in his arms. Next thing Lily knew was that Silver had pushed his body in to a standing position before sending them back to the branch she was on before. Gently placing her on the branch so she could sit down without straining herself.

"Wait here" Silver ordered and then jumped down. He landed gracefully on to the floor startling the old woman.

"Still want to eat that girl?" Silver asked coldly. Arms folded and he tilted his head to the side as he glared at her. The woman moved back in anger.

"That won't stop me" yelled the woman as she charged at him. His sent his hand at her and released bluish black flames which engulfed her without wasting time. Lily flinched at the inhuman scream that had been silenced by the roar of the flames. Silver looked up with guilty eyes as he sensed that she didn't want him to do that.

"Uugh! Stupid fox ruined everything" a weakened old demon lady cried weakly. Silver looked at her and felt pure anger erupt from his body. That demonic old lady ruined everything!

"This is all your fault you stupid crone! How dare you chase after her! Now I'm stuck-" Realization on what he did hit him like a tone of bricks. Silver was now once more a familiar to the shrine only it was now to a weak girl. The worst part- he was the one who put himself into this situation by kissing her!

"I can't believe this! Now I'm stuck as this weak girl's familiar! I hope you're happy now!" Silver screamed as he kicked her repeatedly while she was on the floor.

"You're beating up an old lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" The old woman revealed to have her arms tied to her sides asked coldly. She glared at him with hate filled eyes.

Silver continued to beat her up until he looked up to see Lily. His eyes immediately hardened at the sight of seeing her injured legs, knowing that they from the injuries that the tree had sustained. His eyes then moved to look at the tree and went towards it, Silver placed his hand on the tree and began to heal the tree of it's injuries. He then looked up to see her legs were still cut up from the injuries. Silver mentally sighed before going back up. Lily glared at him while shaking her head.

"Over kill Kitsune" she scolded coldly while ignoring the crone's ranting of wanting to be released.

"I'll just leave you then" Silver said casually while smirking. However she just smiled taking him by surprise.

"Go on then. I'll just ask the spirit children to take me home" Lily said cockily making Silver growl without meaning to which took him by surprise, why must she keep challenging him with everything? Silver silently picked her up so she was in his arms and went down.

"That's what I thought" she said with a victorious smirk.

"Don't get comfortable you... oi!" Silver's eyes softened as he saw that she was asleep in his arms.

"You had your fun stupid fox now let me go" The old crone yelled. Silver glared now feeling his mood sullen.

"Be thankful I didn't kill you" Silver snapped before walking away with the children, leaving the woman by herself.

When Lily woke up, she first noticed that her legs were wrapped up in bandages after removing the blanket. She then looked round to see the room had definitely changed and had a more items in it than yesterday. Lily growled mentally from realising who was responsible. The shrine spirits couldn't do it so that meant Silver had done this while she slept.

"Damn bastard's going to die for this" Lily muttered. The girl tried to stand up only to stagger slightly from the pain. She spotted a bucket next to her and grinned darkly.

After doing what she needed to do, Lily exited the room to see the spirits floating towards her in high spirits. Lily's eyes turned to find Silver who was currently reading a book with his back to her, she grinned innocently at them.

"Good morning Lady-" the shrine spirits tensed as they saw Lily moved the bucket in her hands.


Silver froze as his back and hair were now covered in freezing cold water.

"Next time! Do fix the shrine yourself instead of making me slave away! And by the way when it comes to doing my room! Do have the decency to ask me before doing anything that'll involve me or my stuff! GOT IT?!" Lily yelled and left the room in a huff. The spirits looked at his face which showed pure anger.

"I'm starting to regret saving her now" Silver said feeling a migraine coming along.

"She's your master now Master Silver" said Oishi causing him to become more angry and gripped what was in his hands tightly.

"Damn it! Curse that girl for even coming here!" Silver yelled loudly but she was already out the shrine and heading towards college. Part of Lily was relieved to have skipped a grade thanks to her hard work. An hour later Silver realized that she was out the house causing him to go on a rampage in the shrine with a terrified Dai and Oishi inside it. Silver released fox fires to find his new master as he snapped at how irresponsible she was. Within half an hour of tracking her down Silver sat on a tree by her school window while folding his arms in anger.

"She is going to be trouble" Silver muttered, slightly relieved that she was okay and had only just gone to this strange building what it was, was beyond him.

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