Fox and Ice

Chapter 7- Lily gets advice and misunderstandings

Lily's cold continued to change during the four days that went by. It was now a question of whether she would get better. Despite saying that she was fine Silver would always tell her to stay at home.

"You still have a chesty cough! I am not risking it end of discussion" Silver ranted on the fifth day. Lily pouted as she crossed her arms.

"But why? I am fine just coughing" Lily whined while looking at him.

"The class is stuffy as it is and I am not letting you stay inside a room like that. You'll just end up coughing and get no work done" Silver replied now passing Lily a bottle of medicine with a spoon in two hands. Lily took them grudgingly and swallowed two spoonfuls of medicine.

"This is unfair Silver! I (cough) always go to college even if I cough or not. I'll just get water if I my throat acts up"

"You will rest Lily end of discussion!" Silver barked.

"I mean it!" Silver snapped the moment he saw her lift a hand up. Lily placed it down and frowned. Sure she was getting work done but it wasn't the same since she wasn't in class hearing the teacher telling them what they need to do.

"Won't the teacher get suspicious since you're 'not' at college?" Lily asked.

"For the fifth time I have that covered" Silver glared at her constant need to leave when sick. It was just making the recovery time grow longer and he wasn't having it.

"How?" Lily asked crossly.

"Silver has been using leaves to make an illusion of himself" Luca decided to poke his head in the room. Silver growled at Luca, he was not helping the slightest.

"Hah?! Why Silver!" Lily cried, this was really unfair and Luca knew it. "People who have colds go to school or college. Why do I have to be the exception?" Lily whined.

"Because you have duties at the shrine and by the way your cousin is coming to check you in two hours since the cold is not getting any better"

"It's probably a chest infection Silver" Lily paused before she whined in despair knowing that she had just given him ideas. Silver turned to stare at her with wide eyes.

"You are staying home and that's an order!" Silver hollered now feeling a sense of fatigue, looking after her was tiring as it is but adding college work and shrine duties almost made him exhausted. Luca did offer to help with cooking and some cleaning which lifted some of the chores from Silver's mind. Lily paused for a bit from observing stubborn his attitude; she then turned to Luca who was puzzled at her sudden change in mood. Without warning Lily started to grin to his surprise.

"Oh Silver..." Lily showed her teeth as she smiled, that in turn worried him because whenever she smiled like that. It was never good news.

"I order you not to stop me from going to college" Lily ordered with glee. Silver immediately cried out in shock. He just had to give her ideas and the word 'order' made it worse.

"Fine! See how I care if you collapse from a cold" Silver snapped before stomping off in a huff with the medicine in his hand. Lily sighed feeling a sense of satisfaction. This was just great! Now he couldn't tell her to stay home.

"Wow Lily I didn't know you had it in you" Luca said now sitting next to her; he picked up the remote and flipped through channels in boredom. However that was a façade since he had a program in mind but didn't want her to know this.

"I hate being cooped up in the shine no offense. But when you're ill there's nothing to do except sleep" Lily ranted crossly. Lily looked at the channel he stopped at and leaned back with the remote on the table. "What's this?" Lily asked.

"Oprah" Luca replied looking slightly pleased with himself.

"An English channel? I didn't know you were into women channels especially English ones at that" Lily asked looking curious.

"No Lily this is for you" he laughed before lightly patting her shoulder beside his.

"Huh?" Lily was sceptical but did not complain.

"We are here with best selling author and comedian Steve Harvey" said a woman on TV.

"Never heard of him" Lily said bluntly.

"Sssh! Listen" Luca hushed his aunt as he listened. Even the blond haired male was surprised that this was actually useful. After all he never read or paid any attention to books that involve advice.

"Times have changed, but your playbook hasn't. I received letters from all sorts of women saying that they find it hard to keep a guy, they don't know how to find a guy"

"Luca" Lily whined before he covered her mouth. Silver who was entering the room with a drink to help the girl with her cough turned to glare at the TV, feeling curious as to why she was listening to a foreign channel like this piped his interest. Truth be told he had no idea what was being said.

"-Or they even can't seem to get what they want out of a guy. Now until you understand how a guy loves, how he operates, how a man thinks you'll never win with us in the game of love" Lily looking slightly interested nodded in agreement.

"That is true" Lily said now that the man had stopped talking.

"I knew it would help" Luca grinned smugly. Silver shook his head at the boy's antics, what ever the boy was up to would mean problem for him. Just a shame he didn't know what was being said, Luca knew of Silver's predicament and purposely didn't tell him about subtitles. Luca was determined to help Lily with Silver's stubborn nature and if this helped, then he would be more than happy to stop Silver from listening.

"We have a question from the audience" said Oprah as they were sitting down.

"Hi Steve I've been with my man for six years and he says that he loves me. I just want to know why he hasn't popped the question yet?" the woman asked as she stood up.

"He hasn't popped the question because you haven't acquired him to" Steve replied.

"Whoa" Lily was mind blown from the answer. He just went to it with the answer, no hesitation just straight to the point. Luca was stunned to hear that answer while Silver yawned signalling that he was bored. Lily glared at him darkly stopping him in mid yawn.

"What's got her upset now?" Silver asked.

"You by yawning" Luca hissed before looking back at the screen. Silver was shocked to see how intent the boy was when it came to watching this show. The show left Luca interested to listen to the questions and their answers. Silver however just sat down feeling as if he was missing out on something important.

"Hi Steve, I am a single parent who is dating"

"Oh?" this piped Lily's interest.

"I just wanted to know when the best time is to introduce my date to the kids?" Lily watched now fixated by the question to Silver's surprise. Why the need to listen to this rubbish? Silver cursed the fact that they spoke in a language that he didn't understand. What bothered her was getting him anxious.

"Look I know you're a single mother who doesn't want a parade of men around the kids, I get that but when you are dating it's important to introduce them as soon as possible. The reason being is that if you invest six months on a guy and then introduce them to the kid and he's not feeling it. Then guess what, you've just wasted six months on a relationship" Steve explained.

"Don't I know it" Lily nodded from listening.

"You know I can't understand what he's saying right?" Silver drawled sounding annoyed. Lily looked at Luca who looked back at her with a blank expression, Lily grinned.

"I want that book" Lily said now rushing towards her laptop causing Luca laugh at her determined attitude.

"What book?" Silver asked now standing up to see what she's doing. Lily shielded the laptop screen from him.

"No Mr. this is for women-" the sound of a fire engine hit their ears. Lily immediately dived towards her futon in order to fetch her phone and answered it without a second thought.

"Hello?" Lily asked. Her eyes lit up from the person on the phone.

"Yay! I was just thinking about you" she said with glee. Silver looked at Luca oddly while the boy shrugged with a smile on his face. He knew who the person was that made Lily smiling without missing a beat.

"Sick so my familiar has me skipping college. You saw me? Oh that was definitely him" Lily suddenly chortled before looking at him darkly. "Did I now? Well I hope 'I' apologised to Luca for hitting him" Silver stiffened at the warning tone as she glared at him.

"Yeah I am at home now. Actually I was just planning to order a book online" Lily replied sounding cheerful until she coughed loudly.

"It's called Act like a lady, think like a man" She whispered the book quietly to the phone not knowing if Silver was listening, to her relief Luca was distracting the kitsune from listening so he couldn't hear. Silver glared at him for missing on what the book title was called.

"Wait you want to get it for me? Thank you! By the way can you get it in English? This way the Peeping Tom will keep away from it please? You will that's amazing so how's touring?" Lily asked looking more happy than usual leaving Silver annoyed. How is it that he was one of the only one that made her angry enough to ignore him?

"Really so you'll be here tomorrow? So Joanna is allowing you to-? Okay I'll come over after college- oh so you'll deliver it- got you" Lily nodded as she held the phone to her ears. Silver at that moment wanted to listen to what was being said. Lily suddenly cackled at what the person was saying.

"I had no idea foxes were like that, I keep forgetting who I hang out with. Silly me" Lily giggled before looking at Silver who looked like he was going to press her for information.

"What about male foxes? Oh wow remind me to lock him in a cage if he does that" Lily joked making Luca laugh. Silver in a cage? Not likely.

"I'm out!" Silver snapped as he stomped out the room with his long hair flying in the air as he left. This caused the pair in the room to laugh.

"He left! Had Silver heard that you were talking about clothing I think his face would have gone red" Lily giggled once more, Luca covered his mouth not getting what was going on. Lily tricked Silver so he would leave the room!

The conversation left Lily happier than ever before and ended the call ten minutes later. Lily began to stretch on the floor in a cat like manner.

"Was that Lidia?" Luca asked now laying on his belly.

"You know it but allowing Silver to think it was probably a guy made it more funny" Lily replied. Luca snorted at how she manipulated him to leave.

Next day was Saturday to Lily semi relief. That meant that the young girl didn't have to miss college and she could now relax.

Luca and Lily were once again in the room by the TV, the time was ten in the morning.

"Do you want an orange?" Luca asked now standing up.

"I'll get it" Lily replied patting her nephew's shoulder as she went, not wanting to force him to do chores when she could walk fine. Walking through the hallways Lily started to hear giggling and Silver's voice. Lily was puzzled to hear a woman's voice as she walked towards the kitchen; the voices were coming from Silver's room and decided to take a detour to see what was going on.

"Oh?" Lily paused to see Silver sitting on a chair with two women who wore a fancy kimonos and head ornaments around him. One of the women was cutting his hair until they saw Lily entering.

"Lily" Silver said calmly with a sake bowl in his hand while another woman poured some sake into his drink. Lily guessed that they were tanuki girl thanks to Silver's mind. Instead of bothering about the untold guests Lily frowned at him. She really didn't want his company coming to the house, since that would mean hearing inappropriate noises which would upset Luca's innocence.

"Drinking is one thing Silver, but drinking when it's morning. Shame on you and need I remind you Luca is sixteen. He's too young to hear such noises from coming from you and the women" Lily scolded slightly before going off. While at the same time leaving a stunned trio behind from what they heard.

"W-What?! Lily get back here" Silver yelled standing up and was about to tell her off for insulting the tanuki girls.

"Master Silver sit back down I haven't finished cutting your hair" one of the girls said before pushing him back on his seat. Silver had no choice but to sit and allow them to finish cutting his hair. So much for a peaceful morning, Lily just had to catch him in the worst time possible. Looking at the sake Silver passed the bowl back to a surprised tanuki girl.

"I have no need for it now" Silver said grudgingly now folding his arms. The girls looked at one another wordlessly.

"First my pipe, now this" he muttered to himself and kept quiet after that. The girls continued to look at the other another wordlessly. Who knew that his new master had that much control over his life and it shocked them deeply.

Lily stomped back to the room with an orange in tow. Luca looked up to see her annoyed mood and handed him an orange.

"Not hungry" was all she said. Luca blinked but thanked her for the orange. However a smile appeared on his face.

"Lidia peeked in the room just after you left" Lily bristled and turned to see a package now in Luca's hand. He smirked at how she quickly took it and began opening the wrapping paper. A smile bloomed on her face and began reading the book title. 'Act like a lady, think like a man'

"I am going to read this in my room, see you!" Lily said in a hurried tone and began running out the room; she almost crashed into a surprised Silver who was almost knocked over along with the tanuki girls in tow.

"Lily watch where you run!" Silver scolded now forgetting why he was walking towards the living room in the first place.

"Busy!" Lily yelled as she moved further into her room.

"I wonder what excited the young God?" a tanuki girl asked looking at Lily with curious eyes.

"I don't know Hatsune" replied the other.

"You call that excited?" Silver asked now turning to glare at Lily's retreating form.

"Don't go bothering her" this got them looking at Luca's grinning head as it popped out from the side of the door.

"Why not?" Silver asked in a monotone voice.

"Once Lily gets a book she likes, she hates to be bothered and according to Vincent, it wasn't pretty" just thinking about it almost made Luca shiver and laugh at the same time. Vincent was lucky that it was low charge. Not really understanding why Luca would say that, Silver then made his way over to Lily's room and saw the girl reading a book with her back on the wall. She had a highlighter by her hip and was reading with the utmost concentration. It surprised Silver to see Lily even behave in such a manner.

"She looks like she's busy" whispered Hatsune.

"Maybe it's wise to come another time" said the other tanuki girl. However Silver was too angry to care and made his way over towards his master.

"Silver you have the count of three to leave me alone or you will be sorry" Lily warned while keeping her eyes on the book. It annoyed him to see how rude she was.

"Lily you're attitude today is unreasonable, they were only cutting my hair since it was getting hard to do chores round the house. Apologise to the tanuki girls now" Silver scolded. Lily kept her eyes on the book almost making him growl. The tanuki girls were at a loss for words, she was definitely a force to be reckoned with given how Silver was snapping at her.

"Two" Lily's voice went dark. This gave the girls an uneasy feel, Lily looked annoyed and they knew it.

"Not until you tell me what's going on with you. You almost sent us to the floor because of your carelessness" Silver snapped.

"One don't make me do it" Lily warned once more only this time her right hand moved to her jumper. Silver continued to ignore the comments and moved to get the book out of her hand. Only what happened next shocked the trio.


"AAARRRGHUGHG!" Silver released a strangled scream that sounded like he was drowning underwater as he began to flail on the floor while he started to twitch like mad, his tail started twitching all over the place and his ears were pinned to his skull from the pain. Luca began to laugh like mad from watching Silver twitching uncontrollably.

"I warned you!" Luca cried while laughing. He saw that in Lily's right hand was a taser which was still crackling with electricity.

"Luca when you're done mocking him please take him out please. I'm trying to read" Lily said in a nonchalant tone while smiling inwardly, however before Luca could move Silver started to scream again as Lily tasered him once more, just to make sure that Silver had learned his lesson on why he shouldn't bother her when she was reading. Silver was never going to forgive her for this but she to into the book to even care. Luca along with the assistance of the scared tanuki girls pulled a twitching Silver who was making garbled sentences as they went.

"That girl is something else" Silver muttered darkly as he put an ice pack on his head. Luca was sitting by him on the lower table and stared at him. Silver within a few minutes turned his head to look at him with narrowed eyes.

"Whatever" Silver sighed making Luca laugh more as he banged the table with his hand.

"Come on it was hilarious you were warned and you still didn't listen" Luca replied while laughing.

"I get it!" Silver snapped before turning away once more.

"Although I can't tell if you are being brave or just being dumb when you did that" Luca commented as he looked at the fox. Occasionally Silver would twitch sharply for a brief second before stopping.

"Just what is going on with that girl?" Silver asked crossly. Again he twitched from the electricity residue. A while ago Silver had to apologise to the girls for what they witnessed and asked if they didn't tell this to anyone. They agreed but looked disturbed before going.

"There's a book she's reading-"

"I saw that but what's it about? I couldn't read the symbols" Silver asked sounding glum.

"It's in English Silver, we live in Japan so what language do we speak here?" Luca replied almost sounding sarcastic.

"Don't get rude with me boy. It's bad enough I had to endure Lily's attack" Silver growled angrily before twitching. Meanwhile the shrine spirits passed him a bowl and a bottle of sake; Silver leered at it before making a gesture to put the items away to Luca's surprise. He could always drink at night when she was asleep so the kitsune could have some peace and quiet.

"Like I said. Don't bother her when she is in a mood" Luca replied now sitting back with his hands behind him.

"I'll keep that in mind" he muttered now removing the pack only to twitch sharply. Silver had to put the pack back on his head after that.

"So what's for dinner?" Luca asked only to see Silver give him a foul look.

"I am not a waiter boy, I have wor-rk to do and-When am I going to stop twitching?!" Silver snapped before slamming the pack onto the table angrily, they heard it make a thump noise the moment it hit the table.

"Probably in an hour, she must have cranked up the charge since you're a yōkai. On the bright side you can't complain about her being defenceless against yōkai if she's managed to send you to the floor" Luca said looking impressed to see the strong yōkai who had now been reduced to a twitching mess.

"Jeez" Silver growled darkly. Never did he feel more humiliated until now. It was just lucky no one beside the two tanuki girls and Luca were present. His pride as a familiar and yōkai would have been tarnished immediately from being injured, and with a human item as well.

"Just be thankful it was just us three who saw it" Luca said after hearing his thoughts on the matter.

"Did you just read my mind?" Silver asked now feeling violated by the thought.

"Can't help it, you're too loud and be thankful auntie is ill so she is restricted from using her powers which involves the mind"

"Lucky me" Silver growled darkly. Although it was a good thing in turn, the last thing he needed was Lily accessing his mind and emotions.

"Well I have to catch up on some homework, I'll see you at seven when it's dinner time" Luca said while waving at the twitching kitsune. Silver now relieved for the silence began to turn on the TV with a bored expression. Seeing the man Lily saw on TV Silver began to access the subtitles and watched in silence.

"Times have changed, but your playbook hasn't. I received letters from all sorts of women saying that they find it hard to keep a guy; they don't know how to find a guy. Or they even can't seem to get what they want out of a guy. Now until you understand how a guy loves, how he operates, how a man thinks you'll never win with us in the game of love" Silver stiffened as he listened to the man. This wasn't going to end well and looked at the book that was being shown at the bottom of the screen. It looked exactly like the one Lily had and twigged.

"That girl has the exact same book!" Silver noted looking slightly bored. Why bother reading a book that is just about relationship advice. After all Lily wasn't in any relationship that he was aware of.


By the time it was dinner Lily joined them but was still reading the book.

"So auntie how is the book?" Luca asked while eating ramen. Lily was flicking through the book while highlighting the important parts.

"Educational. Who knew you men were like dogs" Lily said while reading and taking occasional sips of her orange juice. Silver who was drinking sake spat out his drink in shock, meanwhile Luca's grip on his noodles slackened allowing them to fall back on the plate with a plop. Both eyes turning to Lily in horror. What the hell did she call them?!

"D-Dogs?" Luca was the first to break the disturbing silence between the males.

"Yeah so loyal once you get petted" at first they almost were relieved from hearing the first part until the word 'petted' was brought in. This was a new low for them.

"What exactly do you mean petted?" Luca asked suspiciously.

"I'll tell you when we get a dog" Lily replied in a cryptic manner. Silver grimaced causing his tail to fall to the ground. This was not going to end well for either of them. Luca was starting to regret that the book even existed. To make it worse, this book had made by a man which added salt to the wounds.

"Did you know there are four types of men in the world, each has their own pattern making it easier to spot them" the males didn't like the sound of that but decided to humour her.

"And they are?" Silver asked sounding bored.

"Well since you are that interested the list is as follows: The Dreamer, The Non-Committer, The Mama's Boy and I'm sure the one who lives here will be most proud to be known as The Player!" Lily said as she looked at Silver. Silver however narrowed his eyes at Lily.

"How exactly am I player?" Silver asked coldly.

"Dare I ask Mr. Who goes to the Red District?" Silver's face went slightly red. Wow that was a low blow and from his own master no doubt. "Not to mention the girls flocking you makes you and Kurama makes you both just as bad as the other. Whether intentional or not" Lily smirked at how badly this was getting to him. Luca whistled from watching the scene unfold before him. Lily identified Silver and just from reading some pages in a book. Silver however stood up, not wanting to be insulted any longer. No he was a proud kitsune and they don't take insults easily so he decided to leave in order to salvage what wounds were inflicted to his pride.

"Lily I think you hurt his feelings" Luca said as he watched the familiar go.

"He needed a dose of reality. No one likes the truth when it's shown. Steve Harvey made this book to protect women from guys that would hurt them" Lily replied, after a few minutes she smiled catching Luca's attention. "Although the petting I was talking about is rewards after helping me. For example opening the door, holding groceries and so on. Things that a gentleman should do be doing but now a days they hardly do it since chivalry is almost gone from some guys. I just hope for your sake that it hasn't left you" Lily said now glaring at a nervous Luca who in turn chuckled weakly.

"It hasn't auntie I promise you that" Luca said hoping to get her off his back. "I'll be right back just need to get my book for revising" Luca said now getting up.

"Just say you want to talk to Silver, I know you're lying" Lily said now putting a hand on her hip. She smirked at how his face went red.

"S-Sorry be right back" Luca said as he ran out without looking back. Lily who was left alone sat with her book on her lap. She looked down with saddened eyes.

"Lady Lily, was it wise to upset Master Silver?" Dai asked now walking closer with Oishi beside him. They faltered when Lily rubbed her left eye with her sleeve.

"I'm not hungry. If they ask I'm going to sleep okay" Lily said before standing up and walked silently though the hallways. Once in her room Lily closed the door and placed a talisman with the words locked written onto it. After doing that she took out her plushie from under the futon covers and hugged it tightly.

"I never really did get advice on how to deal with guys but lately, I'm confused and I don't know how to feel. I want Aunt Laura here so I can talk to her. Why does my chest hurt sometimes? Am I ill or something? Best keep this quiet and lock up my problems. Wouldn't want to upset Luca. After all it's my job to look after him and burdening him would cause problems. He's strong like sis... oh Ayami where are you?" Lily asked herself now feeling snowfall inside her room even though there was a roof above her head.

Kei noticed Lily's silent expression when she arrived to college with Silver. The young adult even noticed Lily's cough, which was odd since she wasn't coughing yesterday.

During break Lily spotted Ami who was looking skittish when she spotted Lily from a distance. Lily walked out of class and confronted her.

"I just wanted to see how you are, after the ghost incident I think left you angry when you entered the girl's toilet" Lily glanced at how nervous Ami was and smiled.

"I'm sorry I don't remember that part, can you tell me about it-?" Lily paused when the images of what happened appeared in Ami's head just before the girl could talk. She almost choked on a laugh, knowing why Silver was a little angry when he came home and it wasn't just because of Mizuki. No demon likes to be licked by another one to boot.

"Don't worry I remember now" Lily chuckled while covering her mouth slightly; Ami watched looking confused but smiled slightly.

"So... Kurama kissed your cheek huh?" Lily asked in a sly tone that got Ami blushing.

"Huh? How did you know that?" Ami asked looking confused as well before looking down with a downcast expression. Lily moved closer to comfort the saddened girl "I wanted to say thank you to him, but there are so many fan girls around. No doubt Kurama wouldn't give me the time to even say thank you for that time" Ami admitted. Lily pondered before grinning.

"Oh he will" Lily said while looking at her, Ami looked up at the confident girl with shocked eyes.

"How?" Lily stood up before brushing her trousers.

"He's a good friend of mine and he'll almost do what ever I ask of him. Even if I happened ask if 'I' can see him on the roof at lunchtime, he'd be there" Lily winked before walking away. Ami gasped at what Lily was up to; already she was getting cold feet from the plan.

"But wait!" Ami stood up looking nervous.

"Don't worry just be there and I'll take care of the rest promise" Lily said now setting the plan into motion.

On route she met Kurama as expected and beckoned him over with a wave. The idol rushed over in order to speak properly without many ears in the background.

"Can I see you at the rooftop around lunch please? I really want to look at the lyrics for the next gig" Lily asked giving the cute eyes. Kurama ended up laughing at her playful behaviour before patting her head in a brotherly manner.

"Sure, although you never were that eager to see them. What's got you that interested since I know that you never buy any of my albums" Kurama asked in a teasing voice.

"Just wanted to since we both know music gives me ideas" Lily replied. Meanwhile Silver was walking out the library and stopped to see her talking with Kurama, however to him they appeared to be flirting much to his annoyance.

"Okay I'll see you on the rooftops Kurama" Lily said before waving at the tengu.

"I'll be sure to inspire you enough to at least buy or download an album" Kurama joked while laughing. Lily giggled before walking off. As soon as she was near the steps, she spotted Silver frowning.

"Nothing Silver... nothing at all" Lily giggled again now going upstairs.

"What are you up to with the tengu? May I remind you that he was trying to eat your heart last time?" Silver said now bringing up the incident that ended up turning Kurama into an ostrich.

"That was then and this is now, besides-" Lily giggled while placing one finger to her lips. Silver looked at her feeling confused but kept it hidden.

"A girl wanted to thank him for what he did when you were dealing with that ghost yōkai back then"

"Interfering again Lily?" Silver asked in a monotone voice as he followed her. While trying to mask how horrified he was about the fact that she had found out about the ghost. Did Kurama tell her about this?!

"Obviously but can you do me a favour and hold this" Lily asked after putting her bag strap on a startled kitsune's shoulder, who in turn jolted slightly from the added heavy weight.

"Carry it yourself" Silver snapped as he glared at her. Lily turned back with mock shock. This left him irritated. First she was cruel to him yesterday and now she's ordering him to carry her bag.

"Oh? And here I thought you were a strong guy. Speaking of aren't you suppose to be my familiar? Which means that I am suppose to be relying on you for things, no matter how mundane they are right?" Lily asked with a sly smile. Silver however was rooted to the spot as he watched her retreating up the stairs to their classroom. It was official, he had walked right in to that one, even if it is true.

Class time ended and that gave Kurama some extra energy, he was going to meet Lily on the roof and with new lyrics he had been working on. On route he spotted a pink haired girl who looked familiar but almost casted it off.

"Are you lost?" he asked now walking towards her. The girl jumped as she heard his voice.

"Kurama!" the girl said now forgetting what she was suppose to be doing.

"That's me" Kurama said with a cocky smile, another one of his fans he assumed. Slightly wishing to go up stairs, but couldn't leave her alone when she needed help. Lily would have him skewered if she found out.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did when that ghost attacked at the girls toilets a few days ago" the girl said looking embarrassed that he was in front of her. Kurama was a little confused, he didn't recognise her and yet he did.

"I'm sorry. But who are you again?" as if a pinned dropped silence echoed in the room without warning. The girl went red from what happened.

"This is a bad idea I'm sorry" the girl cried only to trip, not only did it leave the girl mortified as he saw her skirt fly up and ended up showing her underwear to Kurama's surprise. Joseph who was walking past noticed the girl and laughed with his friend standing beside him.

"Seriously Ami! Strawberry underwear? Aren't you a little old to be wearing them?" Joseph asks between laughing. Ami felt like hiding and never showing her face again, tears almost appeared on her face from the teasing. Kurama started to feel irritated from seeing how rude the boys were and noticed how upset she was at the same time.

"You know that's not a nice thing to do right? Laughing when a girl has fallen" Kurama chastises the shocked males as he glares at them. Now noticing the red haired male as he walked over to help Ami up. She in turn started to blush furiously at what happened.

"Ami Nekota right? I apologise for before, my mind was on something else for a bit" Kurama apologises while the Joseph and his friend left them alone in order to save face.

"That's okay. I'm just happy Lily was able to help me in other to thank you properly" Kurama blinked at what she said. Ami in turn gasped before covering her mouth.

"That sneak! I can't believe she lured me up here just to meet a girl so she can thank me for something as meaningless as helping her with the demon" Kurama thought dryly while masking his irritation.

"What's that in your hand?" Ami's voice startled him out of his mental rant and saw the lyric sheets.

"Oh? I was planning to meet a friend for advice on song choices" Kurama almost forgot who he was talking to and cursed inwardly for letting it slip.

"Can I ask what they are about?" Ami asked with her eyes shifting from side to side, she was nervous for even asking. Kurama paused before showing her the papers.

"Wait why am I handing them to her?" Kurama berated himself until he saw Ami looking at them, one page at a time.

Elsewhere Lily was smiling at what was happening in the opposite building that allowed her to see Kurama and Ami.

"I don't think that was a wise thing to do" Silver said coldly. Almost amused to see Kurama going pink for once.

"I dunno Silver, I smell the beginning of love in the air" Lily said now sighing with a smile on her face, as she leaned on the windowsill. Silver stared at her sharply.

"A yōkai and-"

"Shut up and be nice about this for once. Honestly can't anyone be happy without you droning the same phrase over and over again? It's killing the mood Silver. Now that's sorted we need to get to class" Lily said now moving towards their classroom. Silver mentally growled at how she silenced him.

"What's that in your hand?" Lily looked up to see Kei with her phone in her hand as she texted.

"A book" Lily grinned at the answer, Kei on the other hand just shook her head as she smiled at the smart reply.

"I can see that" Kei said now sitting beside Lily while Silver was typing on the laptop due to an evaluation that was needed to be done. Lily to his dismay had already finished it thanks to the notes she took along the way. While developing the flash document they need to make. "I mean what's it about"

"Relationships and how to get the guy" Lily replied. Silver huffed at the answer catching Kei's attention.

"Don't tell me he's not happy that you've decided to take up dating" Kei asked slyly knowing that it was a complete lie. Silver narrowed his eyes but said nothing. He did not want to get involved knowing that it would never end well.

"Meh not really just interested. It'll be good to get a quick heads up on how to get a guy's attention" Lily replied with a smile.

"Lily let's have a chat elsewhere without guys listening in on our talk" Kei said now taking Lily out of the library. Silver scoffed but said nothing, after all this had nothing to do with him.

"Fancy seeing you here alone" Silver felt his ears flatten from the person who was now talking to him.

"Not now Kurama I need to get work done" Silver muttered as he looked at his work so far. To his dismay Kurama whistled almost sounding amazed that Silver was actually taking an interest in something that was human. Without warning Kurama chose to sat down beside Silver.

"Funny thing happened a while ago during lunch involving a girl. Ring any bells?" Kurama asked while grinning slightly.

"Listen Crow what you do at lunch is your business. I have no time to deal with you"

"Even if it involves your master" Silver paused from hearing Kurama talk about Lily.

"Let's take this somewhere without prying eyes" Kurama patted Silver's shoulder. Seeing as he had no choice Silver stood up and packed his stuff away. Now following the tengu to a private room.

After meeting up with Lily who looked slightly out of it in his eyes. They walked out the college silently.

"Silver, can we see the aquarium?" Lily asked looking hesitantly at her familiar. Who in turn gave her an odd look. Why the sudden need to go to somewhere that might be potentially boring?

"Is there a reason to go there?" Silver asked in a monotone voice.

"Please" Lily asked looking like she really wanted to go. Silver sighed in defeat due to the sudden need to avoid having a miserable master by the time they arrived him.

"Fine but we need to be home around five and it's half three already" Silver said now following a peppy girl to the aquarium that was fifty minutes away by bus.

By the time they entered the aquarium Lily was looking round the fish and took out her sketchbook or her phone, to either draw or take pictures. Silver frowned at how quickly her mood changed and observed the fish. It seemed dull and felt like a waste of time. Now checking his watch which said four forty nine meaning that it was time to go soon. Silver walked towards his master and was about to tap her shoulder. He saw her drawing a type of eel with her phone out in front of her. It looked very detailed to his surprise but shook it off. They needed to head home soon.

"Lily it's time to go now" Silver said catching her attention.

"Just a few minutes there's an area that allows you to touch rays" Lily said now bounding up after packing her stuff away. Silver frowned but said nothing as he watched her go.

The rays left Lily giggling as she touched them and watched the sea creatures move back in order to show her their faces. Silver just stared at them from behind Lily who in turn felt uncomfortable with the glare directed at her back.

"Silver you can touch them if you want" Lily said now turning her head to see his sullen mood.

"Why would I want to touch slimy creatures that I would have eaten without a second thought?" Silver muttered as he looked with his hands in both pockets.

"Stop being so moody it's the first time a while that we get to do stuff like this. Enjoy it for once" Lily said now smiling at the creatures.

"You've touched them now can we go?" Silver asked now touching her shoulder.

"Okay but I want to see the view point please?" Silver wanted to glare, something was wrong with her and it was leaving him agitated. Why the sudden need to do all these things it made no sense, no matter how he looked at the situation.

"I don't see why you made those drawings. They aren't to do with work we are currently doing in college" Silver commented as they walked to another building so they can see the view from below.

"You take work too seriously, don't you ever want to have some time away from everything? Just for even a few hours?" Lily asked looking miserable but tried to stay positive.

The view left her breathless and smiled at the lights and buildings around them.

"This is amazing, there's so many lights and we're so far up" Lily said with awe. Silver however grew impatient.

"Lily I've been patient here but enough is enough" Lily stiffened now turning her head to look at Silver who's eyes had narrowed in anger.

"What?" She asked feeling a bubble of peace burst. So much for allowing her mind to feel at ease. Lily didn't want to mention about how she wanted to feel normal for once, without the noose called her powers constantly filing her with dread. Just getting away from the problems seemed like a good idea but now. She was just making Silver agitated; her heart sank at the thought. Here she was trying to get him to relax and yet it was having the opposite effect.

"I want to know exactly what's going on with you?" Silver asked now looking at her. Lily rolled her eyes at his negative tone.

"Nothing I just wanted to relax for once. All we've been doing is work or being ill or dealing with the shrine" Lily said now allowing the wind to caress her face. It was gentle and made her feel happy. Silver narrowed his eyes at her.

"You're not falling in love with me are you?" Silver's tone bit at her. He didn't mean to but the familiar wanted to put the distance between them. After all it was taboo and he was not going to be one of the foolish yōkai who broke the rules, all for a human. The idea seemed foolish to his mind.

"What?" Lily pulled a face; surprise filled her face as she looked at him.

"Where's this coming from?" she asked now feeling a sudden chill from his expression.

"The crow told me that girls tend to act odd towards the other gender, especially around this age. He even mentioned that you might have some feelings for me" Lily blinked as she listened. What is Kurama trying to pull? This was beyond out of order. Why would he say something so false? After all, there was no way that she would develop anything for a guy who thinks that drinking sake till he develops a hangover, to having women in the red district as part of his entertainment is a way of living. Not to mention the memory of how he nearly attacked her in the past had still left her shaky and weary of him. Lily however did vow to expose whatever past Silver was hiding before making any judgements of him. However now that Kurama's forced her hand, it had gotten personal and this was low even for the tengu.

"And you listened to him?" Lily asked now turning to look at him, disbelief filling her eyes as she looked at him. "That's nuts since it's not really true" Silver felt a part of him had been hurt from the reply but nodded mutely.

"That's good, it would be bad since you are my master and I am your familiar. My job is to protect you, it'll be impossible to help you if you develop feelings for me" Lily shrugged casually.

"Just like a yōkai is forbidden to love a human, got it" Lily replied bluntly. Silver looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"I don't love" was all he said bluntly.

"Listen I only wanted to relax since the past weeks have been filled with nothing but stress. But since you're so desperate to go home then let's" Lily said trying to sound petty in order to mask her anger. Silver at that moment began to feel guilty for upsetting his master, if that was what she was trying to do them it made him curse mentally for being so insensitive towards her.

"Lily-" Silver lifted his hand up to get her arm even though she was already heading towards the elevator doors.

"Enough Silver I'm tired" Lily snapped now pulling her bag strap closer. She felt him pull her arm causing her to stop.

"No you are not" Silver snapped as he tried to pull her to look at him. No, Lily refused to cry, she promised herself not to get close to anyone. But hearing his attitude towards her, he just had to assume that she liked him that way and began to force himself away emotionally as a result. Oh Kurama was going to get it from her!

"Silver let go" Lily barked angrily. Silver recoiled and was had no choice but to as she used Sacred Word Binding to force his hand off her. He felt like she stung him and it was only going to get worse when they walked home.

The walk home was dismal and silent. No one spoke as they continued on route to their home. By the time the pair arrived home, Lily had immediately slammed her bedroom shut. The sound left Silver, Luca and the spirits shaken, and speechless from what they witnessed.

"What the hell did you do Silver?" Luca asked with bewildered eyes. Silver kept silent and went to his room.

Immediately she turned on her laptop and began logging on to messenger.

"Kurama you had better be on" Lily typed furiously on her laptop, not caring if she left the others upset from seeing her recent outburst. Well except Luca who had sensed her emotions kept his distance knowing that she would explode in rage.

"Hey Lily how are you?" Kurama replied.

"What the hell were you thinking Tengu?" Lily bit her lip as she typed.

Kurama looked at his phone and froze. Something in that message meant that he was in for it.

"What's wrong?" he typed on his phone. The reply was immediate.

"Why did you tell Silver that I had feelings for him? Are you mad? Why would you say something so stupid?!" Kurama felt a bucket of cold water wash over him. The fox told her as he suspected. But the result was not something he had expected on but.

"Don't you like him?" Kurama asked now choosing his words carefully.

"You had no right! No right to say that! And for your question- no I don't! I am well aware that yōkai do not love" Lily's reply shocked him. She was furious and knew that calling her was a bad idea.

"I'm sorry I didn't know" that in fact was true. He had no idea how this would turn out.

"You're sorry? Cut the crap Kurama if you are sorry then why blab something so false? I can't even look at him for that! He actually believed you instead of thinking things properly! I just wanted some time to relax and here he asks me if I like him!" Kurama's brows furrowed at the reply.

"But that book about relationships?"

"It was something to read about just in case I was interested in getting a boyfriend you bloody bird brain!" Okay she was really upset with him now given the bird insult. Not only did Kurama jump the gun but he might have probably jeopardize the relationship between Lily and Silver. And to add more salt to the wounds, Kurama began to feel immense guilt hit him in the chest. But why? He was only trying to give that fox the heads up about Lily, who might slowly be developing feelings for him. However the result backfired in the worse possible way.

"Do not talk to me again until you learn about the real meaning of keeping things like this to yourself! If you had thought that I liked him then you should have asked me! But you asked him that I can't forgive" Kurama grimaced and was about to reply until the words "You have been blocked from talking to user" appeared on screen. The tengu felt dread knowing that he crossed the line.

Sorrow continued to hit Kurama and it had affected his singing later on that day as he practiced for his performance. Not even the thought of having screaming fan girls made his mood better.

Not after what he did to upset Lily.

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