Fox and Ice

Chapter 8- Ocean Panic

Lily sat in the refectory area and with Kei and Ami; her brooding look left Ami slightly unsettled. Kei on the other hand just watched from the corner of her eye while her fingers moved rapidly as she texted a message on her phone. Before lunch Lily had forced the Silver to go and study in the library alone. It aggravated the fox from having to endure her mood but said nothing. On route while walking towards the library, he spotted a sullen Kurama who looked at him briefly from the corner of his eye before walking away. This surprised Silver a lot since Kurama would make fun of the kitsune for various things, but now it seemed like the crow had lost his spark for even doing anything. Which was odd since he had a massive ego that hardly even showed signs of deflating. Something Lily and Silver had agreed mutually at one point, just then he mentally winced from thinking of his master.

"Lily" Silver had felt like he had been punched in the gut, from just thinking about how badly he behaved. The kitsune only wanted to distance himself in order to stop himself from feeling such emotions and look where it got him? Lily wasn't talking to him and Luca was frowning constantly whenever Silver entered the room. It felt like the pair were judging him, one was probably thinking about how little he trusted her, the other was also thinking about what possessed him to hurt his aunt like that. What could he say though? Lily was his master and shouldn't be interested in him, nor should he. It was taboo for him to even go there and she was human. It would never work. Humans were weak, frail and break easily. Their emotions never stay the same, that he knew as he saw the college students always either looking at him or Kurama. It sickened him; it also irritated him when Lily had thrown a fit over seeing the girls from the Red District. Why though? They were only cutting his hair and giving him something to drink, so what was the harm in having that in the shrine?

Silver didn't even know why he was going after the tengu; he continued to follow until Kurama was seen on the roof sighing to himself. Sitting with his back against the wall looking solemn and didn't notice Silver until he moved his head.

"Coming to make fun of me fox?" Kurama asked dryly, his face showed sadness as his hand covered his face.

"What makes you think I would do something to a lowly crow?" Silver said as he folded his arms. Silence greeted them for a bit, the air blew past making his hair move slightly.

"Have you ever made a mistake and realise that it might be too late to fix it?" Kurama's question left Silver curious.

"That depends on what happened" Silver replied, he felt like avoiding any regrets from enter his mind in order to keep his composure as he stood beside Kurama.

"I made a friend here, the first ever person I could ever call friend. She never judged me and spoke her mind about whatever was bothering her, I even did the same because she trusted me enough" Kurama smiled lightly while reminiscing about the past before his blunder. Silver frowned at how Kurama spoke about his master. Why speak about something like this to him? Now Kurama smile dropped as he thought about last night.

"Things were going well, only I ended up saying the most stupidest things without thinking about how she would feel about it. She was the only one who actually didn't see me as an idol or yōkai but as an actual person, family even and I ended up ruining her trust. She won't even look or speak to me now because of it" Silver's hidden ears flattened at how heartbroken Kurama was, he could tell by the tone of the tengu's voice as he spoke. Not once did he pity the crow but hearing those words leave his mouth, Silver could feel some sort of emotion towards him, sympathy or pity maybe. Silver however was aware of who exactly the tengu was talking about and it made it worse.

During last night and today, Lily refused to talk or even look at him. Luca even tried to help out silently and ended up being smiled at, but it wasn't the same. It was as if Lily was slowly losing trust with everyone. Now that Kurama and he had made the error of not speaking to her properly, or thinking if what was being said was true or not. In the end they both messed up big time.

"Do you think that one day she would forgive me?" Kurama didn't want to cry but the thought of hurting a friend, even if it was in the best intentions had unknowingly sabotaged a friendship that could have grown had he have left things alone. Lily, Kurama had known was being kind enough to let Ami see him in order to thank him for what he did. He too wanted to push give the same push with Silver to Lily but ended up creating a mess.

"I don't know what you want me to say" Silver said as he stood beside the pop star. Kurama looked up at the fox.

"She won't look at me either, talking is out the question" Kurama nodded slightly.

"We both screwed up big time" Kurama agreed as he spoke dryly towards Silver.

"So what are you going to do now?" Silver asked as he looked down as his hands hid inside the pockets.

"I'll give her time to heal before speaking. It's not fair to push her into a corner" Kurama's eyes looked up at the sky with a vacant expression, this feeling was new to him and it left a bitter taste in his mouth. No he wasn't going to mope instead he was planning to make it better. A smile went to his lips as a thought went to him, Silver's ears twitched as he looked at Kurama's sudden change in mood.

"I'll see you later" Kurama said now standing up to brush dirt of his clothes. "By the way in three days I will be holding a concert. I'll send over some tickets so you both can come" Kurama grinned as he went off. Silver suddenly blinked at what the tengu said and then began to glare.

"Like I want to go to your concert stupid crow!" Silver barked at Kurama who ended up laughing at the reply. Silver now folding his arms as he pondered on what the fool was up to. Alas he couldn't stay up for long. Class was starting in five minutes and he had to go.

By the time Silver went to class he spotted Kei talking to Lily.

"I don't think I want to go" Lily said weakly. Silver raised a brow from hearing her words, just where was she planning to go now?

"Come on it's the weekends tomorrow and you need to heal. The beach is the best place to go. Plus there are guys there, plenty of them to test out what you read about" Kei said while her hand rested on her side. Silver almost felt his tail bristle. The beach of all places! Silver was not happy one bit knowing that he could not go into the ocean water. Why was beyond him but something told the fox not to go or something bad would happen.

"Kei... is it wise? I don't want to be in a relationship at the moment" Lily said meekly as she gripped her arm with her right hand.

"Lily I know that but you are miserable right now. You just need a rest from all that stress and when is the last time you went somewhere without being interrupted by problems" Lily's brow rose. Sadly her friend had a point, last night was a disaster so maybe... it could work right? If so what was the worst that could happen?

"Sure I need a break from everything" Lily admitted with a sheepish smile. Silver felt his stomach drop, this was not happening. Anything but the beach!

Silver felt his tail and ears drop in fear as he saw how Lily was easily sucked into something like that. Silver really wanted to hide at home but he couldn't, he had a job to do and that was to protect his lady and mistress. Even if it resulted following her.

Kei nudged Lily who turned to see what had Kei's attention, immediately Lily's face darkened and immediately went back into class. Kei shook her head at him before going to her classroom. It was decided Lily, Kei and Ami were going and it was beyond Silver's control.

Things went bad to worse once Lily arrived at home. Silver tried talking her out of going to the beach but ended up being forced to go to his room.

"Demons will be at the beach Lily! It's not safe" Silver had said crossly while Luca frowned at him.

"I'm going with her" Luca said grudgingly as he looked at the fox.

"All the more reason for both not to go, you both are human! And you are a Land God who will be attracting unwanted attention from the other yōkai." Silver yelled but it was all for naught. Lily refused to listen and continued to pack up some clothes for the beach.

Another thing that annoyed him was that Mizuki decided to accompany them to the beach earlier that morning.

"Great that damn snake is even here!" Silver muttered as he laid on a chair that was positioned under the parasol, tail slapping the ground as he looked at them. Part of him heaven forbid even wished that Kurama was here instead of the snake.

"I'm actually surprised to see how shameless these people walk about in almost nothing on" Mizuki said while watching Luca who was in a pair of green swimming trunks and a white shirt talking to Lily. Lily shocked them by wearing a blue one piece suit while wearing an open white short jacket that went up to her knees. Lily's hair was free from the band and flowed onto her lower back.

"I can't believe she wore something like that" Silver muttered darkly.

"It's almost completely modest" Mizuki said with a relaxed smile. Silver glared slightly from his parasol; trust Lily to turn a few heads from her clothes.

"You have to admit that she looks cute, although cute maybe that's not the right word. Beautiful might be the right word" Mizuki commented knowing that this was bothering Silver a lot. "However I'm quite surprised that you are here given that you can't go near the ocean right?" Silver scoffed at his words, still why he couldn't was a mystery to him.

"So how are you enjoying the day? Although I don't know why you are staying under there in the first place. After all the weather is great" Lily said as she placed her hand on her hip.

"I like to rest in the shade" Mizuki beamed at her as he spoke. Lily nodded slightly.

"A snake habit?" Lily asked looking curious, she saw him nod while smiling. Lily smiled at him until she noticed Silver.

"Foxes also prefer to be lazy in the shade too huh?" Lily asked darkly. Silver almost shivered at how cold the tone was. She was definitely not going to stop being mad any time soon.

"I guess so, can I join you and the others in the water since he doesn't like going in at all?" Mizuki asked with a wide smile. Lily nodded causing him to stand up, Lily almost tensed as she felt his arm wrapped round hers, she even sensed glee coming from him while peeking at Mizuki. She almost snorted from seeing a smirk appear on the snake's face and before she immediately sensed Silver's anger rolling off in waves. To prove it, his tail thumped the sand so hard that it almost sent the grainy texture all over the place.

"Now now Mizuki be nice please" Lily scolded lightly while smiling. Silver's brow rose from hearing her defend him, maybe there was some hope yet for him.

"What ever do you mean Lily? I'm just happy to be playing in the water with you and your friends" Mizuki replied as he looked at her with innocent eyes. Lily was no fool and smiled.

"I know that you're rubbing it in, your mind gives it away" Lily hinted causing him to pause, this was news to him.

The group played in the water without a care and they used Kei's ball to play volleyball. Meanwhile Silver felt bored and dare he admit it lonely. Sadly he couldn't do much except read or sleep.

Lily floated alongside Ami who was in a tube. The water felt nice as and warm thanks to the heat. She felt at ease while looking round.

"I'm happy that we came out here today" Ami said with feeling happy, the flow of the water almost left them at ease, almost as if the sea had washed away their problems.

"Me to" Lily replied softly before looking up at the white puffy clouds. It was definitely a peaceful day. However before she could relax properly something had alerted her to a rock that rested at a distance, there sat a pink haired man who was wearing in Lily's opinion the most atrocious swimming costume ever to grace anyone's presence, he blew a kiss with his two fingers as he looked at her with a smirk. Lily's eyes widened as she lifted her head up from what she witnessed, immediately her eyes narrowed from dislike. Suddenly a glint appeared in her right eye almost taking him by surprise. Without warning the man screamed as mini icicles suddenly went after him causing the man to jump into the ocean in fear. Lily cackled darkly at what happened causing Ami to look at her oddly.

"What happened?" Ami asked as she tried to see where Lily was looking at, there was nothing there. Lily however just swam closer and placed her wet gloved hand onto her dear friend's shoulder.

"Oh Ami, you saved your eyes from seeing the most disturbing man wearing a fashion disaster that I call a swimming costume" Lily laughed while Ami looked at her with confused eyes.

"What happened to him?" Ami asked looking curious.

"He jumped in to the water due to incoming icicles" Lily continued to laugh as she did a butterfly stroke for a few minutes.

Luca choked on a laugh as he looked at Lily's direction causing Kei, Mizuki and Silver to look at him with confused eyes.

"Do I need to ask what happened?" Kei asked sounding bored as she typed on her phone. Luca smirked at Silver's direction.

"She fired icicles at a pink haired man wearing a horrible swimming costume. The man screamed like a girl and jumped into the water before he could change the water's tide" Luca chortled as he spoke. Kei's hand almost dropped the phone while her eyes were wide, shock was all over her face making it hard for him to breathe thanks to how funny the situation had gotten. Silver's jaw almost dropped from listening, his own tail had literally slackened while Mizuki blinked in shock. Everyone was at a loss for words.

"She actually fired icicles at a man?" Kei asked now looking at him with amused eyes, Luca continued his laughing fit causing Silver to roll his eyes.

"So she's been practicing?" Kei asked with a grin.

"She was using Silver's sake as target practice last night" this made Silver and Mizuki's stomachs roll in horror.

"That woman! I knew something was wrong when I counted how many sake were available last night!" Silver cursed as he ranted at his master mentally. Mizuki looked at him almost showing pity.

"I can make sake so that's kind of scary to know that she would damage them, how accurate was she with them?" Mizuki asked weakly. Luca's expression said it all.

"Deadly accurate. Almost as if she was planning to take someone's head off" the familiars gulped in fear. It was clear, never upset an ice user.

The pink short haired man shot out of the sea water hastily causing a blond haired man with glasses to look up at him. Confusion was written all over his face.

"That was awful! So awful Mikage! How did those things even come after me?" the pink haired man cried while holding his arms to his chest, as he tried to shake off what he endured. Mikage blinked from what he had just heard.

"I don't understand Otohiko, how can that be when it's hot outside?" Mikage asked while giving him a small smile. Otohiko cried out in horror, as he walked no stomped over towards Mikage's chair.

"It's true Mikage! I was looking at that girl you assigned and then icicles came at me from nowhere! How can such a thing happen?!" Otohiko asked shrilly before turning to sit beside him. Mikage blinked before a smile appeared on his face.

"Lily is definitely getting stronger than I thought, she might have been playing but that wasn't very wise to do upset a Wind God. Especially since he's going to be judging her" Mikage thought as he laid on the chair, suddenly a thought came to him. "Wait icicles were fired at him? Does that mean Lily is starting to control her powers?" he thought before looking at his friend.

"You believe me Mikage don't you?" Otohiko pleaded as he looked at Mikage.

"It is pretty hot out here my friend, the chances of ice surviving this long is pretty slim, maybe it was a trick of the light" Mikage tried to reassure his friend. Otohiko scoffed before turning to the side.

"I know what I saw Mikage! And if it was that brat then there will be trouble" Otohiko said darkly and tried to soak up the sun in order to relax from his ordeal.

Mikage mentally smiled; yes Lily will definitely be a handful. He closed his eyes and started to remember the first time he laid eyes on her.

"If I had known sooner, what would have happened then? I hope they can get along" Mikage said softly before sleep took over.

It was a lovely day and it would definitely be a shame not to enjoy it. After all everyone would the need time to relax at some point.

"That girl though" Mikage smile grew wider. Yes Otohiko will definitely hold a grudge if he knew what Mikage knew.

Lily allowed herself to float awhile longer. Yes the water was definitely at ease now that the man was away, the air even tasted wonderful. Untainted by negative energy. Lily could almost sleep from where she floated but knew better. It was never wise to sleep in the heat lest she wanted heat stroke or to drown.

"We should head back" Ami said now feeling sleepy from the water's gently rocking. Lily smiled in reply.

"I think you're right, last thing anyone needs is for us to fall asleep. Race you!" Lily winked. Both tried to move towards the sandy beach, it was fun to them and didn't want the time to end. But alas things had to end soon. Lily felt a twinge and looked back. She cried out before looking at Ami. A giant wave appeared out of no where and was about to hit them. Lily instinctively rushed towards Ami and without meaning to but knew that she had to, in order to save her friend. Lily immediately raised her hands up in defence and caused the wave to freeze. Ami gasped in shock as the giant wave was now frozen in place.

"Ami swim to the shore!" Lily yelled as she turned her head towards her friend.

"Lily how did you-?" Ami was in complete shock, she was a loss of what to say or do.

"Not now! I can't hold the water quickly!" Lily groaned from the heavy weight.

From a distance Otohiko was mildly impressed to see Lily freeze the giant wave. But it was only in defence, how disappointing.

"Tsk that girl is all defensive, no real power behind it" Otohiko pushed the water further towards her with the flick of his wrist.

Lily sensed the man but felt anger rising from within her. How dare that man or what ever he was do such a horrible thing! There was a human girl who hadn't done anything wrong. Anger crawled through her skin causing the ice to crackle through her gloves, but she was too angry to care.

"Ami" Ami looked at her with fear. Seeing ice appear on her friend's hands startled her. She didn't know what this was happening but it was saving their lives so it was a good thing right?

"Go now please. I need to stop the wave, do you trust me?" Lily asked as she looked at her friend weakly. Ami felt her heart leap; Lily's eyes were pure blue and no longer brown. Ami nodded shakily, not knowing why Lily was asking after all they both needed to go to shore. Just then realisation hit Ami like a ton of bricks, Lily wasn't coming back with her, was she?

"But why?" she cried mentally in frustration. They needed to go back to their friends and it's dangerous for them to stay where the wave was. So why was Lily planning to stay?

Lily sensed her friend's conflicted emotions and smiled slightly. Ami gasped at how her friend smiled, it was a sad one that reminded Ami of what someone would often see in films or books. It was a smile telling her that it might be the last time they see each other alive.

"Swim as fast as you can... don't look back" Lily's voice suddenly darkened as she looked at the wave, determined to stop it from hurting Ami at all cost. Ami felt like her body was shaking, gone was the warmth and now frozen gales were leaving her body cold. Ami from seeing how Lily was stopping the wave with ice knew better than to argue, she began swimming as fast as she could with the tube. Lily was holding it for her sake and needed to get help. The sea was cold and felt something pushing her forwards until she was close to the shoreline. Ami wasn't sure of what was pushing her but the need to help save her friend was growing stronger than ever.

"K-Kei!" Ami cried in terror. As soon as Ami reached the shore, she rushed straight towards a stunned Kei and wailed now feeling fear take over. Silver and Mizuki looked at her while Luca's face went pale.

"She didn't?!" Luca's horrified voice shook catching their attention.

"What happened? Where's Lily?" Silver demanded now standing up. Within seconds he saw a giant wave had been turned to ice from a distance, his heart plummeted as realisation hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Lily told me to get to shore! She saved us from getting hit by the wave. I don't understand Kei! Why did that happen? How did Lily do that?" Ami pleaded at her startled friend who tried to calm the pink haired girl down. Kei looked down, she felt sick from what was in Ami's hands.

"What is she thinking? Doesn't Lily know that she could kill herself- unless she knew that only one of them could survive! Lily's powers were the only thing stopping the wave so she couldn't move" Kei hugged Ami closer, thankful for what Lily did but angry that this had to happen. The light caught Lily's bracelets that were being held by Ami, almost a cruel reminder of what Lily had done.

"Where are you going Silver?" Mizuki's voice shook her out of her trance. Silver rushed towards the water and stopped, his body went tense from seeing the water but his eyes hardened from determination.

Lily tried to push the wave back as much as she could but the girl felt her energy gradually slip. It was too much and she felt her powers fade until the ice blocking the wave started to make a crackling noise. She looked at Otohiko who looked at her with confused eyes; Lily's eyes were filled with anger but soon placed her hands by her side.

This took him by surprise, Otohiko at that moment then realised what she was about to do and before he could do anything. The ice broke and hit Lily, forcing her underwater before she could make any noise.

The male felt sick knowing that she could have easily allowed the wave to push back but chose not to hurt anyone.

"She was too gentle for her own good" he thought while feeling sick.

Lily's body was falling towards the seabed, head first, her eyes slightly open but weary from fatigue. Pressure was building up around her making it harder to stay awake, water was also forcing itself through her nose and her mouth making her body fall down faster. Lily loved water but knowing that something like this was going be the death of her was almost too good to be true. Was this it? Was this the end? Her vision was fading in and out, almost surprising her on how she was still alive. Her arms by her sides as she fell, body becoming rigid as the cold water began to claim her.

There was nothing she could do but wait. However a thought went to Ami, she hoped that her friend was okay and safe. Did Ami make it to shore? Oh how Lily hoped but smiled to herself as the sea touched her bracelet less arms. It felt weird... sleep was coming to her at last making Lily slowly close her eyes more.

"Lily? Lily where are you?" a voice made its way towards her ears. Lily opened her eyes slightly, feeling someone's shock from noticing her eyes. It almost made her laugh lightly, if she had any energy to spare. She was a weird person but didn't care one little bit, dealing with others and their negativity especially towards her made it second nature to ignore them.

"Lily take my hand!" the person's voice was slightly muffled by the sounds of water and their body was unrecognisable. However she did see a distorted hand heading towards her. Lily felt herself smiled faintly at the person, why did they bother? Speaking of, why was she was even in water anyways? It seemed odd for to even be there.

"Please Lily!" the voice was getting closer. Lily blinked slowly, while trying to move her arm so the voice was able to grab hers. However it proved futile as she slowly began to lose feeling in her body. Darkness began to claim her mind causing the girl to black out slowly.

Silver cursed now seeing her eyes close, seeing that made his chest tighten in fear. He was going to lose her to the sea? No, that was not going to happen. Silver's eyes narrowed in thought of losing her. There was no way that he would lose her, he didn't want to be alone again. Lily made his life more bearable for some reason, not that the fox was complaining and surprisingly he was grateful to having her in his life. His mind went Mikage, the man who he saw as a father leave without looking back. Saying that he was going to leave the shrine and made Silver look after it. That man said he would come back but lied to Silver's frustration.

What did he do to make Mikage leave him and the spirits all alone?

Did he mess up as a familiar somehow?

Why did it have to happen just when he was getting use to having a family?

What did he do to displease Mikage?

Why did it even have to happen?

Then there was Lily's memory of the bloody hand which left a negative impression on him. What happened to give her such a painful memory?

There was so much he wanted to know about Lily but why? From the moment Silver saw her at the shrine. He hated her for invading, for trying to take Mikage's place in the shrine. Not caring if it hurt her, he just wanted Lily gone without caring of the consequences. But now having Lily living with them left the shrine feeling purer and a more happier place to live in. Despite being strict and often pushing him away, scolding him about his drinking and heaven forbid the smoking. In the end of it all, Lily did genuinely care and it slowly began to heal the gaping hole inside his heart.

Then there was Luca, that mischievous boy left an impression in him deeply. This boy was like a little brother and like hell he was ever going to admit that aloud. The boy even gave advice for someone so young and like his aunt contained secrets, it irked him to see how secretive they could be but pushed that thought aside. After all there would be a time where they would tell him right?

Grabbing Lily's limp form with his arms, Silver pushed himself towards the surface and gasped in relief. However Lily wasn't moving, she wasn't breathing either making him panic. They had to get to shore as soon as possible, without wasting time Silver began swimming towards the shoreline. To his surprise no one was around except Lily's friends, Luca and Mizuki who had worried looks on their faces.

"-ily! Lily! Lily wake up!" a distorted voice called. Lily started to groan from the pain in her head as she tried to open her eyes. What happened?

"Lily can you hear me?" the voice asked, the voice felt and sounded worried but why? Immediately the urge to cough took over and left her uneasy. What was coming out of her mouth as she coughed? Not blood she hoped.

"Lily can you open your eyes?" asked another voice, this voice was male also.

"Give her time to wake up you foolish idiot! Lily almost drowned in the water in case you have forgotten" the first voice snapped.

"Don't yell at me Silver" ah so it was Silver who called was her. That made sense after all she was only his master and that was that. But why did it hurt to have him only think that? Wait- Ami! Where's Ami?

Lily's forced her eyes open only to whine from the bright light that hit her eyes. She closed her eyes in order to block the sunlight.

"Easy Lily" Silver's voice was gentle as he picked her up so he could shield her from the sun.

"Is she going to be alright now?" Lily identified the voice to be Kei.

"Uuughh" Lily groaned darkly confirming their suspicions.

"LILY!" Mizuki cried with joy, the noise made her wince from how loud he was being. That was until the sound of him crying hit her ears making the girl's ears ring.

"Shut up you stupid snake! Your making Lily worse" Silver snapped. Lily's eyes slowly adjusted as soon as she opened them. In her line of vision were five worried faces.

"Lily I'm so sorry" Ami began brawling as she moved towards Lily. Lily felt a weak smile form on her face and tried to move her hand in order to pat the hysterical girl.

"Auntie is thinking don't worry, she'll be alright" Luca said for her since she couldn't speak much. Ami looked up and nodded shakily.

"You idiot! Lily gave us a right scare, Silver even went after you once he saw the ice" Kei replied looking upset before a smile bloomed on her face. She was relieved to see her friend in one piece.

"I hate sea water, it hurts my throat" Luca replied for Lily once more. They looked at him once more and Kei chuckled at what he was doing.

"So what? You're translating what she's thinking of now?" Kei asked slyly making Luca stick his tongue playfully.

"How are you feeling?" Silver asked as he picked Lily up gently.

"Like my head has been hit by a sledgehammer. Did you get the licence plate of the idiot who hit me with the tidal wave?" Luca asked while chortling at her sarcasm. That was crude. Silver meanwhile narrowed his eyes at her and sighed.

"Jeez Lily you can be a handful" Silver muttered darkly.

"I believe these belong to you" Kei's voice attracted their attention; a glint came from what was in her hand- Lily's bracelets.

"I think you might keep an eye on them from now on" Kei said lightly as she helped put the bracelets back in their proper place.

"I don't understand auntie, you could of easily pushed that wave back but you chose not to" Luca commented as he moved closer. Lily frowned before shrugging slightly; this didn't make him feel any better.

"Don't do that again please. I don't want to lose you and I'm sure no one here wants you to leave either" Luca scolded lightly but smiled knowing that Lily was happy to hear such things.

"Shall we go?" Mizuki asked now sounding cheerful that everyone was okay.

"Sil...ver" Lily tried to speak but ended up coughing, hearing her caused Silver to look down at the weakened master in his arms. Dread filled him knowing that he was close to losing her.

"Tha..nk yo...u" Lily smile was small but it filled him with some relief. What was he thinking? Lily could sense his emotions and here he was making her worry even more. Without realising it, a smile started to appear on the fox's face.

"Don't scare me again okay?" Silver asked her softly. Lily almost scoffed at him but sensed a new appearance.

"Behind Silver?" Luca asked until his body went rigid.

"I must thank you Silver for playing in the sea once more" Silver turned round to see something appear in the water. Silver was stunned to see a yōkai appear out of the water. Who was this yōkai and how did he know him?

"After all if you didn't, I wouldn't have been able to see you again" a purple haired male who had fish like ears, sharp nails, an eye patch covering one of his eyes. He wore black and white clothes.

"You couldn't possible have forgotten Ryuu-ou who reigns over water" Ryuu-ou said sounding slightly happy and angry at the same time. Lily looked slightly and almost made a noise of shock from seeing Kei and Ami sleeping. Surprisingly Luca wasn't affected like the girls.

"Why are you here?" Silver asked.

"I have come to collect a debt from you" Ryuu-ou said while Silver placed Lily on the sand so she could stand. She gripped Luca's shoulder for support and blinked.

"Silver what an earth did you do?" Luca asked for Lily as they frowned at him.

"I don't know this yōkai! Heck I don't even know what he's talking about or this debt" Silver said to the pair who were still frowning. Something was up and it wasn't going to end well. A pair of sea slugs and a huge shell appeared behind Ryuu-ou.

"What are you talking about-?!" Silver yelped in shock as tentacles from the shell shot out and grabbed him before sending him high into the air.

"Let's make our friend remember shall we?" Lily tilted her head to the side as she saw the man take out a paper pad and opened it. How the hell did he keep them dry?

"Let's see, in exactly five hundred and twenty six and twenty eight days ago. At two o'clock, eighteen minutes and four seconds the morning" Lily's face dropped at how accurate this yōkai was. He must be furious to have recorded this grudge down.

"But who's counting?" Lily said weakly while shrugging. Ryuu-ou almost glared as he stared at his paper but continued to read.

"The demon fox Silver here, had wounded and killed seven dragons, three giant sharks, five rays and a small platoon of sea slugs. After annihilating them he then moved to attack the north gate of Ryuuguu castle" both Luca and Lily felt their jaws slacken at how much damage Silver had created.


"Do not you finish that curse!" Lily snapped at her nephew who gulped.

"W-what is going on here?"

"He continued destroying the buildings at the North Gate furthering the damage to almost all the ridge at the North Gate. He also stole the right eye of this Dragon King Sukuna and fled the scene after that" Ryuu-ou concluded as he put the pad down slightly.

Lily and Luca after listening were in total shock from hearing the crimes against Silver.

"What the hell Silver!" Lily screeched at the shocked fox.

"I'm telling you I didn't do it!" Silver yelled at her.

"Oh I know it was you Silver, I recognise you from anywhere foolish yōkai and now I'll have you pay this loan, plus interest with your body" Lily almost snapped.

"Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! He's not going to red district to pay off this stupid loan!" Lily yelled as she moved towards them.

"Who says he's going to the red district! What kind of yōkai do you think I am?" Ryuu-ou ranted at Silver, not noticing that it was Lily who yelled at him.

Silver meanwhile almost looked away, his face reddened from what he heard her say.

"Lily..." Silver's heart lurched from the sudden movement. The tentacles had pulled him into the shell and snapped shut.

Luca and Lily were rooted to the spot while the Dragon King gloated about his victory to two sea slugs.

"Can you give him back now? You've had your fun" Lily asked as she approached them.

"Huh who are you and how are you two still awake?" Ryuu-ou asked looking puzzled.

"Listen I'll punish him accordingly, just let him go please"

"As if!" Ryuu-ou snorted before putting his hands on his hips. "What can you do to pay of this loan?"

"I'll do what you ask, please let that idiot go" Lily pleaded angrily. Ryuu-ou paid no heed and took off with the shell and slugs. Luca helped Lily grab the shell and Lily in turn used her ice to keep their grip on the shell.

"We can't keep going on like this" Luca said mentally to Lily who was still weak from the last time she almost drowned. Lily moved her free hand and sent in icicle at the Ryuu-ou who moved out just in time. The demon gawked from seeing them on the shell.

"What- What are you doing on the shell? Get off now!" he ordered.

"Not until you give him up!" Lily yelled at the Dragon King mentally who blinked at how he could hear her since she wasn't moving her lips. Without warning he sent them both up causing them to gasp for air.

"You are very persistent I'll give you that humans" Ryuu-ou mutters grudgingly as he folds his arms.

"Please just tell us how we can pay off Silver's loan" Luca asked while coughing.

"Silver's mind is telling us he didn't do it. So unless his mind has been altered to forget, he isn't lying" Lily said as she glared at Ryuu-ou who in turn blinked.

"How would you know about him telling the truth? He's a fox who lies" Lily shook her head leaving him confused.

"I saw his mind when you appeared, he has no recollection of meeting you" Lily replied sounding tired. Ryuu-ou bit his lip in anger.

"I remember him quite well girl" he lifted his eye patch up and showed them a grey eye that was different to the other.

"This fox stole my right eye without mercy girl, so don't tell me that it couldn't be him. If you are so desperate to help pay back the debt, then help me find and return that eye. My eyes are known as the Longevity elixir. They are said to bring great powers to one who drinks it. As I mentioned, five hundred and twenty six years ago that idiot fox humiliated my by wounding me and left his scare that you see before you" Lily frowned now feeling the Dragon King's anger and pain. To think that her familiar caused so much damage but why?

"What if you say is true then what did he do with it? Surely he would have had a reason for doing such a cruel thing" Lily asked taking them by surprise. "I may not knowing that well, but there are things that someone would do if something bad had happened to make him act this way" Lily asked. Ryuu-ou pondered on her words.

"That's right, Silver is really protective towards someone he cares about and wouldn't act like this without a reason. Please believe us" Luca agreed with Lily on this one. After seeing Silver's mind there were holes to his surprise, but Silver's time at the shrine was something to leave a deep impression on the young boy.

"Whether it is true or not doesn't excuse him for what he has done. You have two days so don't be late" and with that Ryuu-ou left them to travel back to his home.

"So what are we going to do auntie?" Luca asked Lily who bit her lip in frustration, a pet peeve she wished that she had quit until the stress began to creep up on her.

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