Fox and Ice

Chapter 9- Finding the eye and tempers gone wild

Lily went straight to Mizuki who was being scolded by Kei as he continued to eat ice cream. Luca knelt on the floor while gasping for air due to running straight from the beach.

"Lily! Luca where did you both go off to? Where's Silver?" Kei asked as she and Ami rushed over to the exhausted duo.

"See I told you they would be back" Mizuki said looking chipper.

"Sorry but Mizuki I need a word now" Lily's stern eyes took them by surprise. "Luca go and rest okay" Luca did not complain for once, he was too tired to speak and walked over to Lily's futon and collapsed in a heap.

The pair left the area and headed towards the hallway. As soon as it was clear, Lily began to lean against the wall in order to calm her breathing down.

"What is it Lily?" Mizuki asked while smiling at the exhausted girl.

"I need to borrow the Time Rotation Incense burner again please. I need to find an object Silver stole" Lily's voice was strained but didn't care about resting when she was on a set time period.

"Lily do you like Silver?" Mizuki asked in a monotone voice, Lily ignored her cheeks as they began to ache for some reason.

"Whether I like him or not doesn't matter Mizuki! Silver has got himself into trouble and I need to get him out of it now. So can you help me or not?" Lily said sharply. She paused when she saw his lonely expression, seeing this made her feel guilty.

"Silver is very lucky to have a master who loves him. In a way I hate him for having such a master like that" Lily pursed her lips but stood up.

"Remember what we spoke about at your shrine. There will always be a place at my shrine but only once you are ready" Lily smiled while holding his arm. Mizuki's heart skipped a beat at how kind she was towards him. A small smile appeared on his face.

"It's still not the same Lily, you maybe too young to understand to feel envious, hatred-"

"Whether someone is too young or too old matters not. It's how you deal with it, in the right or wrong way that's what is important. Swallow these negative feelings now before you get into trouble" Lily slapped his face lightly with both hands and glared at him sternly.

"You are neither too young or old, so don't start acting like a child... or are you still a child who hasn't grown up?" Lily's words had hit home causing him to gasp slightly. Mizuki's eyes turned to one side in order to hide his pain.

"Very well, I'll help you" Mizuki began to lead her to a private room and placed the Incense burner on the floor.

"It's taboo to play with the past. But since you're a God, I don't think anyone will rebuke you for this" Mizuki replied calmly.

"Except the time keepers might slap me on the wrist" Mizuki looks up at Lily with confused eyes.

"Something uncle told me, he said those who have the power to travel through time through their own abilities can allow such things to happen. Those who use such means get told off" Lily said with a slight smile. Somehow this saying kept bugging her even to this day. What did her uncle mean? Did he know something about those who could time travel? Although her grandmother did appear a few times when she should have been dead, bearing gifts to her and her uncle especially on her birthday, the last present she received was a flute.

"Treasure it dearly darling. This flute will help when you need it the most" her kind voice echoed in Lily's mind, chuckling softly as she stroked Lily's cheek in a tender manner. Strangely enough her uncle did not mind but smiled at her instead. Greeting grandmother as if she was had just came to visit from her home near the forest.

"If that's true then I might need to stop you using it after this. The last time I sent only your soul to the past, however now I'll be sending your soul and body to the past"

"What about you?" Lily asked. She spotted her fleece and placed it on without knowing why. Now dressed in two long sleeved top layers, a pair of leggings and trousers. Lily placed two pairs of socks and her trainers on to Mizuki's surprise.

"Instinct, don't know why but I think I might be need to wear layers" Mizuki nodded after a few seconds before continuing.

"I'll act as your guide but you must find out things for yourself am I clear?" Lily nodded before losing consciousness.

"Do I like him though? It's easy to say yes when I may not feel anything" Lily blinked before screaming in fright. It was freezing where she was now currently in but was thankful for wearing very warm layers; they took off some of the chill away for now.

"Child are you cold? Wearing thin layers in the middle of a blizzard. Do you want this Kazuki?" Lily was startled to see a yōkai in the middle of a storm.

"If you give me the eye of the dragon lord inside your body. I wouldn't mind giving you this item" the woman yōkai smiled gleefully.

"Lily!" the voice of Mizuki scared the woman off to Lily's relief; she whipped her head round sharply to see Mizuki was looking at her.

"Stick with me Lily, it's not good to go off in a dangerous area" Mizuki said while wearing a black coat and white scarf.

"I met a yōkai who was she?"

"That's Isohime, she's usually disguised a duck. Ambushing humans along the beach" Mizuki said while crinkling his nose with dislike. Lily frowned as she folded her arms.

"Jeez what a con artist!" Lily muttered darkly until she felt an object fall on her shoulders.

"Thanks for the cloak" Lily smiled at him.

"Shouldn't you be looking for Silver?" This got Lily running as she remembered why he was in the past.

"Thank you!" Lily said before running, Mizuki stayed still as he watched her go.

"A real handful" Mizuki commented before grinning. She was definitely something to be act like this.

Lily continued to run until she saw a long red haired Silver dragging a big fish on the floor while holding it in his hand.

"Silver! How dare you destroy our palace!" a creature from the deep shot out and yelled at him. Silver turned round to smirk at them. Lily noticed that his eyes were slit and wild, so she was too late to stop him from preventing him from getting the eye.

"Return the Dragon King's right eye!" the creature yelled. Silver instantly burned the creature away causing it to scream until there was nothing left.

"Hmph! I have no time to be dealing with weak fools like you" Silver said darkly as he squeezed water out of his hair. Immediately he paused to see Lily standing there looking at him with surprised eyes as she held the cloak.

"Ah!" Lily was rooted to the spot; she was at a loss of what to say. After all she shouldn't be here since this wasn't her time. What could she say? Lily was completely at a loss of what to think as well. However what she did notice was that his mind was all over the place, and just from looking at her but why? How can her appearance cause such a stir in his mind or his heart? After all he shouldn't know about her right? Silver then took off on a chariot with flames on the wheels and didn't look back.

"H-Hey wait!" Lily cried as she saw the eye in his hand.

"Here" Mizuki placed her onto a long white snake, Lily immediately grabbed onto his coat as they flew through the air.

"We can't catch him on foot, not to where he's going" Mizuki explained, Lily nodded while looking down.

"His heart was... there was too much conflict inside him Mizuki" this took the snake by surprise before looking ahead. Her powers must be strong to see into that yōkai's heart like that he mused while following.

They followed him until Silver arrived at a house. It puzzled the girl to see him landing without damaging the items in his possession, did something happen? She saw how quick his movements were, almost as if he was in a hurry. Lily and Mizuki then snuck inside the house to hear voices.

"-You smell like the sea, did you go all the way there to get medicine?" A female's gentle voice caught Lily's attention and began to move closer.

"Yes" there was a shuffling noise before silence.

"Thanks to that I found a great medicine. If you drink this, I'm sure that you'll get better soon. Umi" Lily blinked from what she was seeing. Her shoulders sagged from seeing the cause of his pain. This woman Umi was sick and dying. How cruel to have such a thing happen to them without knowing what to do. It was no wonder he said to her that he didn't or as she not knows wouldn't love after losing this girl. A small smile bloomed on her face to Mizuki's surprise. How could she not hate Silver for this? It didn't make sense to the snake familiar, she should be feeling jealousy, envy but instead her face showed complete understanding and sadness. It almost made Mizuki angry to see her act like this. She was being too nice.

"It's more of compassion Mizuki. When you are looking after someone who you care for deeply, it hurts to see anyone suffer almost the same way you had to live with. Helpless is what he's feeling and hope" Lily thought to herself. She looked at Mizuki softly before looking back at the tender scene before them.

"This is probably why he lost his memory, such a thing would drive anyone over the edge since yōkai live longer than us" Lily thought with sad eyes.

"Umi please live with me forever" Silver placed her head near the crook of his neck and placed the eye in the woman's hand.

Lily felt like she should do something to help... but why were Umi feelings so different to Silvers? Did she not love him? No was the sickening truth. She lost her husband to a demon and sought Silver for help. But why? Why would she act like she loves him when there is nothing truthful in her heart? Unless something was wrong and she wasn't aware of it. Silver looked sharply towards the entrance catching Lily's attention. Someone was nearby and their aura wasn't completely friendly. It was a demon but it was looking for Silver but why?

"I'll be back soon. Make sure you drink that medicine" Silver instructed before leaving by the front door.

Umi stood up with a pained expression.

"How can he love a woman whose heart belongs to someone else? How can I even continue to lie about being the one that loves him? It's not right but... my baby I need to live so it can survive. I care not what happens to me. I just want my baby safe" tears almost fell from Lily's eyes. This was unexpected, memories of trying for years to have a child and now that she was having one. Umi had to face the loss of her husband to a demon on the exact same day, completely brutal.

"Oh Umi you foolish girl" Lily smiled at this woman, Mizuki looked at her with curious eyes. Umi was being selfless but selfish as well.

"Lily aren't you going to get the Dragon King's eye?" Mizuki asked catching her attention.

"Right" Lily opened the door only feel her heart sting from what she was seeing.

"!" Umi collapsed and began to cry out in pain. Without meaning to she dropped the eye causing Lily to act.

Lily scooped up the eye and lifted Umi's weakened form up.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you leave now that we have the eye?" Mizuki asked as he saw Lily trying to aid Umi.

"Listen you foolish woman! You have a baby who needs you to live, no not just the baby! Silver will never forgive himself if you die! He loves you Umi so do not give up what ever you do!" Lily yells as she looked at Umi. Mizuki grabbed Lily's hand which contained the eye in order to stop her from helping Umi.

"Don't be a fool, we came to get the Dragon King's eye and yet you are giving it to her?" Mizuki asked sharply.

"Shut up!" Lily snapped, hearing this took him by surprise.

"She's carrying a baby and wants to live for it's sake. Whether she loves him or not isn't my business! Right now there's life that hasn't done anything wrong and you would be a fool not to help. Yonomori would be ashamed to see you act like this" Lily hissed leaving him feeling like he had been struck. How can she say something so... true? What would his master say if she saw him now? Mizuki sighed before releasing his hold over Lily.

Lily in turn slipped the eye inside Umi's mouth, who in turn swallowed it whole. She immediately began to feel better within minutes.

"That was close, Umi if you are listening. Tell him the truth, there is no shame in being honest" Lily said softly as she placed Umi on the futon and draped her with the blanket.

"Times up Lily" Mizuki said softly before they vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of them behind.

Umi's eyes opened slightly to see a white feather in the place where Lily had been sitting.

"It's... you" Umi reached for the feather weakly and then grabbed it with a fragile hand. A smile bloomed on her face from what happened.

"I'll try... to be honest... Lily"

"So what are you going to do now?" Mizuki asked after Lily had finished retching out what was in her stomach. She was never going to get use to doing that Mizuki decided after what happened once she woke up. Mizuki was even surprised to see her so ill from using the Time Rotation Incense Burner. Was she allergic to it or something?

"Isohime from the past said I had the eye of the Dragon Kind. I need to arrange a deal with her to see if she can get it out" Lily paused while placing her head on her hand. She felt tired and dizzy as she woke up, head spinning and eyes burned but Lily refused to give in. Shortly before departing Lily donned on blue knee high dress and blue long jacket that was open in order to prevent her from being hot. However kept one pair of socks and trainers on in order to prevent herself from tripping over. Her hair was now back in a bun after it became undone from the running.

After locating Isohime thanks to Mizuki, the yōkai had immediately been splashed while she was doing business with her customers. The angry woman ranted at them for ruining her business.

"I want to make a deal with you" Lily replied as she approached Isohime who blinked at the sudden information being given to her by the girl.

"What did you say?! You're going to give me the Dragon King's eye? Gimme Gimme Gimme! Where is it?!" Isohime asked with glee as she looked all over Lily. Who in turn wanted to slap the demon for being too close.

"Heck no! Listen I need it out yes" Isohime checked Lily to see where it was.

"I can see the eye alright, it's gotten smaller but it's definitely the Dragon King's eye. Although... what will I get out of getting taking this eye out?" Isohime asked while frowning.

"I can give you this flute... it's a family heirloom... but it's important to get the eye back to it's owner" Lily said now fishing out the flute, her eyes softened as she looked at it. It's design was beautiful to say the least and it was a real shame to part from such an item.

"No" Isohime almost slapped the item away to Lily's surprise.

"But why? What can I give if it's not good enough?" Lily cried, she was getting worried about what was happening to Silver, who knows what was going on now and she was becoming desperate.

"Thirty years of your life!" Isohime said cheerfully. Lily almost snapped at the proposition. That was a horrible deal!

"Thirty years of your life? Lily I wouldn't take this deal at all" Mizuki said while smiling. Isohime glared at him.

"Of course she should! It's a good deal! Let's not forget that you may not be able to take the eye out since you don't know where it is. For a fall out familiar to say such things is laughable" this made Mizuki angry to hear such things. Lily patted his shoulder to calm him down; he looked at her briefly before she looked at the female demon.

"Fine if there's no other option... Jeez yōkai are such con artists sometimes" Lily muttered darkly as she approached Isohime.

"Don't do it" Mizuki said feeling a sense of helplessness for not being able to stop it from happening.

"There now this is a smart girl... although you might want to button that lip of yours girl" Isohime suddenly glared at Lily for the insult, Lily in turn shrugged in a nonchalant way.

"Try having a near death experience and losing a friend all in one day. It makes any day seem like a holiday" Lily replied darkly. Isohime rolled her eyes from listening to the comment and proceeded to lay Lily back on a stone slab.

"Very well, I'll collect your years after this so stay still" Isohime instructed as she moved her hand towards Lily's chest.

Lily jolted in pain from the hand entering her body. The pain was excruciating, what was this woman doing? And then without warning, darkness completely filled her until she was forced into a deep sleep.

"I have eyes that are able to see things little Miss Land God and who knew that you had this kind of power. So this is what you've been hiding you devious child! To think you are a daughter of that Celestial dragon!" Isohime said with a smirk. "Ha! The Dragon King's eye, a Land God's soul and the power of a Celestial dragon! How lucky have I become?" Isohime cackled with glee as she took the items away.

"See? Didn't I tell you so Lily?" this caught the woman's attention, she looked to see Mizuki sitting on a rock with a bored expression.

"Wouldn't it be better if you had listened to me Lily?" Mizuki asked knowing that Lily wasn't able to hear him. His eyes almost narrowed from seeing her skin as it began to turn grey. He could feel that her life force was fading fast from the loss of her soul.

"Silver is getting what he deserves, for being a wild yōkai who causes pain wherever he goes. But you Lily, I can't keep up with you and to think that you would go this far... it makes me more envious of Silver, now more than ever" Mizuki moved towards Lily before placing his lips on hers. Isohime was in shock to see him do this, it could mean trouble if he became her familiar.

"This is to show my highest respect, please let me serve you Lily" Mizuki murmured softly before he turned towards a startled Isohime who screamed as a giant white snake took the items away from her. Mizuki frowned at the icy blue ball of light that rested in his hand.

"To think that all this time you were a descendent of a Celestial Dragon. She could time travel without hesitation and was most feared among humans. Water and dragons were also her allies; water was an element that she could bend to her will. Any water users would submit without to hesitation, dragons would also submit due to her form and because of how powerful she was. It would explain the ice... was this the reason why your body couldn't handle the incense burner? Because you already had the power to travel but have not been able to awakened it?" a faint smile appeared on his face as he placed Mikage's mark and her powers back inside her body. Colour immediately went back to her skin and she groaned in discomfort.

The first thing Lily saw when she woke up was Mizuki who was kneeling beside her.

"Good afternoon my new master, how are you feeling?" Lily froze when she began stretching.

"WHAT?! Master?! Okay he had better not... he did didn't he?" Lily began to grimace at the thought.

"Now that I am your familiar, I'm sure that I'll be more useful than Silver. That you can now kick him out of the house" Lily was in complete shock. What the hell was he thinking?! Why did he not ask her first since kissing when someone is asleep is rude! Surely there must be a rule about this!

Mizuki's eyes trailed over to Isohime who was trying to make a break for it.

"Isohime!" Mizuki boomed causing her to scream in terror.

"Wow Mizuki... you might want to lower the temper rating to about three" Lily smiled weakly at his protective behaviour. He was furious and that was just saying something.

"Now that you have tried to make a move on my master. Don't think that you can get a way with unscathed" there was a murderous aura shrouding Mizuki as he moved closer.

"Mizuki! No don't kill her bad boy!" Lily scolded sharply as she looked at him; Mizuki however was in a euphoric mood from being restrained like that. It almost made Lily crinkle her nose now feeling discomfort from knowing what he was feeling; she almost released a strangled cry of shock. Oh he was going to get it.

"Please say it again Lily! And bind me with the invisible chain!" Mizuki cried with glee. However Lily was far beyond happy.




Slap SLAP!

Isohime watched in horror as Lily smacked Mizuki senseless before throwing the slab she once slept on at the injured familiar while tears were running down her eyes. How did she have that much energy to even do that? She was drained slightly from Isohime who took part of her soul away, so she couldn't have much to even lift a chair.

"What the hell is wrong with you pervert? And! And that last part! How dirty can you be?! Seriously men don't go kissing without asking especially if they are knocked out! RUDE!" Lily screamed while she rubbed her eyes with her sleeve furiously to remove her own disturbed tears. The angry girl was panting from her beat up session.

"You misunderstood me, but it seems like you have got it in your head, so I guess it's alright for now" Mizuki said while crying from how ruthless she was with her hands and feet. Guess it wasn't wise to anger a dragon's daughter after all.

"Bastard how dare you!" Lily ranted in anger.

"So this is the eye? But it's all shrivelled up?" Lily whined knowing that the Dragon King would not be happy with it.

"No matter what shape it is, we should give it back to the owner now... even so, that Isohime-" Mizuki turned to eye the demon who had gotten flustered.

"I didn't steal anything after what you put me through! I'll give you these tickets to the Dragon king's palace so we can call it even. Now get out of here! You'll scare my customers away!" Isohime yelled at them. Lily dragged Mizuki out in order to prevent her from yelling even more.

"You're too soft Lily. How can you forgive her for doing that? I do hope that Silver hasn't killed in front of you" Mizuki asked with a smile.

"Don't be so judgemental idiot! We don't have much time and since she didn't get what she wanted we might as well be relieved" Lily snapped now walking towards the area that allowed them to travel. To her surprise-

"Oh wow! A giant turtle!" it looks like Lily didn't even need to remember what Isohime had tried to pull after all. Mizuki smiled at how easily she was distracted.

"This is not so bad" Lily mused with a smile as they sat in the turtle ride.

"Don't get too close or the window will disappear" Mizuki warned gently while reading the leaflet about the turtle ride.

"Okay don't worry" Lily continued to sit while admiring the sea life; some of the fish that couldn't be seen were swimming before her. She loved every second of it. Then the thought of Silver came to mind. Seeing him with Umi left her saddened, especially when it came to the one sided love.

"I hope she told Silver the truth, but now I have to wonder how Silver ended up at the shrine and why?" Lily thought while clenching her trousers by the knees. Mizuki mistook this for thinking that she was miserable about the fact that Silver was in love with someone else.

"Lily are you alright?" Mizuki asked. Lily piped up before she nodded slightly; she was feeling tired and weary from it all.

"Just sad about Silver's one sided love" this took Mizuki by surprise.

"Aren't you upset about how he loved someone else?" Mizuki asked in alarm, Lily shook her head slightly.

"No... I was happy to see him really being true to himself. Even before our spat, he was shy almost as if he doesn't know what his feelings are. I don't know if someone subdued his memories and for what reason must be important. I won't hate him for something beyond his control" Lily smiled slightly. This almost annoyed the snake familiar but kept silent. He was so sure that this would break them up but it just made her care more than ever, so what was he doing wrong?

Lily yawned now feeling tired, preparing to nap the tired girl started to lay her head down on the chair. Suddenly the ride jolted before stopping causing Lily to fall to the floor. She cried out in alarm before Mizuki caught her and ended up under her in order to prevent Lily from getting hurt.

"Careful" Mizuki smiled before helping her up.

"What just happened?" Lily asked loudly at the turtle.

"Prepare for new passenger" Lily blinked at the turtle as it spoke in a very low voice almost sounding tired, is everyone tired today?

The door opened to show a purple haired, light pink skinned woman with big purple earrings that were attached to a sting of small pearls. She wore a light green dress that had dark green patterns on them, around the waist was a dark purple belt. She also a pink scarf that was around her arms that moved slightly as she entered the room.

"So beautiful- oh sorry!" Lily blushed as she covered her mouth, in order to hide her embarrassment from blurting out what she was thinking. Mizuki blinked in shock from what happened.

"Why thank you" even the poor woman was slightly taken back by what had happened.

"Sorry my mind was all over the place and blurted it out without thinking" Lily bit her lip while gripping both her hands together. The woman smiled at the nervous girl.

"Do not worry, we all tend to say things without thinking" The woman said softly.

"But complimenting aloud like that was uncalled for, I apologise" Lily dipped her head lowly until she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

"You have nothing to apologise for. Why you look as if you haven't slept for a day or two, you should rest sometime" the woman said with worried eyes. It's true Lily agreed, almost two days had gone by and she didn't even sleep one bit.

"I can't at the moment, a friend of mine is being held as hostage for collateral due to an incident five hundred and twenty six years ago. Twenty eight days ago, two o'clock, eighteen minutes and four seconds the morning- Darn it! Now the Dragon King has me doing it jeez!" Lily whined as she placed her hand on her chin. Mizuki and the shocked woman looked at each other before facing Lily.

"I'm afraid I'm confused my dear" the woman said as she looked at Lily.

"... Sorry. Now as I was saying blah blah the years, days and minutes" the woman masked her small giggle as she watched. "My familiar broke into the Dragon King's home and stole an eye to cure a sick pregnant woman who was dying. However my familiar doesn't even remember doing it and is being held hostage until I deliver the eye back to the king" Lily summarized while facing the woman. The woman however was in shock as she listened to the tale.

"Oh dear that is dreadful" The woman placed her hand to her mouth.

"So that's why the fox attacked him" the woman thought now slightly relieved but still upset about what happened.

"I hope you can clear the misunderstanding" she caught Lily looking at the parcel in her arms and smiled.

"This is for my husband" the woman said while smiling. "I am Kamehime, please excuse my manners"

"Oh I'm Lily Hikari and that is very... wow I don't even have words to say how amazing this looks" Lily gushed as she admired the clothing.

"Thank you Lily. This is a half coat, it took me seven days to make and I treasure the days as I created it. I look forward to see his face when I give this to him" Lily grinned as she saw the thread work. They had pale flowers on the dark blue fabric.

"He should love it! I even love it, I guess it's the artistic part of me that admires the design" Lily began to compliment the colours as they stood out from one another to their surprise. Kamehime chuckled from seeing how passionate the girl was. Seeing Lily's eyes light up from the clothing made Kamehime smile.

"I'm art student Mizuki" this snapped the woman out of her daze. Not realising that the boy near her had asked Lily something.

"Art student?" Mizuki tilted his head.

"I'm studying about art but on the digital and in a physical manner, although I still draw. I love sewing and received a grade A on textiles as well in school before going to college" Lily beamed as she talked about her school subject.

"Did textiles involve sewing?" Kamehime asked as she held the folded half coat in order to tuck it within the parcel wrapping.

"And the sewing machine" Lily nodded.

"I see, I do hope that you will succeed in what you are studying"

"Thank you and sorry for being to forward, if I was"

"Do not worry, I must say that you apologise a lot" Kamehime commented as she looked at Lily who started to blush from the comment.

"Sorry- oops" Lily and Kamehime started laughing from what had happened.

"This familiar of yours, I hope things turn out well and he is released"

"Knowing him, he's got himself into more troubl-eeee!" Lily cried out in shock as a strong blow hit the turtle causing the half coat to fall out of Kamehime's hands.

"Oh no the half coat!" Lily yelled over the loud noise and moved out of her seat in order to go after it.

"Lily no!" Mizuki cried as he grabbed her leg. Lily reached for the coat and narrowly missed the edges to her dismay. They watched it fly through the strong current and vanish without a trace.

"What an earth was that? Mizuki I almost had it" Lily looked back at him with wide eyes. Mizuki placed her back on the seat and sat beside her, just to make sure she doesn't go out the window.

"It's swept up by the current Lily, please don't leave the ride" Mizuki pleaded now developing a sense of worry that Lily would go out the vehicle to swim after the coat. The thought was scary even for him to even think, since the chances of succeeding were slim.

"Is everyone alright?" Kamehime's voice caught their attention.

"Miss your half coat" Lily cried out now feeling guilty for failing to get it.

"It's alright" Lily faltered at seeing the kind smile on Kamehime's face. "I will make a new one"

"But that took seven days" Lily whimpered weakly.

"Those days filled me with so such joy, the cloth does not matter. Not when a life is involved. Please do not worry" Kamehime reassured Lily who bit her lip in self anger.

"But still..." Lily felt Kamehime pat her shoulder again.

"I will be seeing him soon, just the thought of seeing him again will make me even more happy Lily. This wasn't your fault remember that. Although I do admit that was a strong current" the woman noted as she placed her sleeve to her lips. Lily had to agree with that statement.

"Wonder what caused it" Lily said as she looked out the window.

"Who knew the Dragon King would live here" Lily commented as she took in the surrounding area. "Although Mizuki has decided to do a runner" she growled darkly as she looked round.

"It appears that no one is here" Kamehime noted while standing behind Lily. Suddenly there was a loud rumble taking them by surprise.

"What was that?" Lily cried out in alarm

"It appears that something is going on in the palace" Kamehime replied as they saw smoke coming out of a nearby building.

"Lady Kamehime!" yelled two incoming sea slugs who swam directly towards them.

"It's dangerous here please don't come any closer" the second sea slug cried as they stopped.

"What is the commotion?" Kamehime asked in an authoritative manner.

"A fox we captured two days ago has gone berserk" answered one of the slugs.

"Master Ryuu-ou is trying to exterminating it at the west palace right now" the second one said beside the other slug. Lily yelp in shock now realising that Silver as causing trouble.

"Madam I am sorry I have to pick up my familiar" Lily bowed politely. She suddenly turned round sharply now showing furious eyes, seeing them took the trio by surprise.

"SILVER YOU BASTARD!" Lily roared as she dashed towards the west area.

"Oh dear" Kamehime commented quietly while smiling to herself.

"Lady Kamehime what should we do?" the first one asked.

"Take me to my husband please" Kamehime replied politely.

"You have a rotten nerve to embarrass me in front of my master" Silver smirked as he lit up more foxfires around his form. Ryuu-ou on the other hand struggled after a pillar landed right on top on him.

"I see... compared to when I met you at the beach, you are more beastly now" The Dragon King said with a small grin. Silver smirked darkly at the fallen king while foxfires flew around him.

"I'm sure even you would terrify that girl if she saw your true nature, surly that would make you wither for thousand years" he commented as he sat on his knees.

"You know Lily?" Silver asked coldly. Part of him was seething from the thought of Lily being injured by the Dragon King.

"Did you know she and a blond haired boy kept pestering me to let you go? Saying that you don't even remember attacking this place and defended you. I must say you are very good at deceiving a pair of humans. She even agreed to give me my right eye back in exchange for releasing you" Silver stared at him before frowning.

"That is a load of nonsense. Although she is a Land God, Lily is the only one who isn't even capable of doing anything and her nephew is no better" Silver said while resting his head on his knees.

"EH? W-W-WHAT?!" Ryuu-ou screamed in horror for the blunder.

"Honestly I can't even believe this! She doesn't even look like one and that boy was her nephew?!" Dragon King went pale from the thought.

"That girl is a Land God?! But I thought she was your wom-" Silver threw a fish at the king shutting him up instantly.

"No matter how she looks. Lily is definitely Mikage Shrine's respectable Goddess" Silver snapped calmly.

"She is not someone you can touch with filthy hands" Silver looked at him sharply before hearing the doors open.

"SILVER!" Lily's angry voice came from the open doors. She was panting loudly before composing herself slightly and proceeded to fold her arms. Eyes now glaring at him making Silver's eyes widened in horror.

"Oh hell no!" Silver panicked from seeing her show up.

"Jeez Silver..." She paused before a smile bloomed on her face while placing a tired hand on her hip "I'm glad-"

Silver immediately hid himself in a now closed clam to her shock.

"The F-?" Lily finished the rest of the curse mentally, before stomping over toward the clam like an angry bull to their surprise.

"What the hell are you doing?! Get out of that clam right now! I know everything you bloody asshole!" Lily roared while slamming her foot onto the sturdy shell. Silver remained wide eyed and continued to blush furiously in embarrassment from what was going on, part of him was shivering up like mad as he tried to stay confined in the clam that had once been his prison. The Dragon King even was at a loss of what to do from the fiery temper.

"She reminds me of my wife" Ryuu-ou thought while placing his hand to his chin, sweat started running down his brow in fear. Unfortunately Lily turned to glare daggers at him making him jump slightly. Suddenly his jaw dropped as she cursed at him for the comment, Silver at the same time started to shiver like mad. She was beyond furious.

"Get your red haired ass out of that clam or so help me I'll smash it open with you in it! Or better yet! I'll freeze your ass to it how does that sound?" she roared in anger.

"I wonder how she's going to do that?" the sea slug to the king's left asked quietly.

"SILVER OPEN THE CLAM NOW AND TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT LIKE A MAN YOU BLOODY COWARD!" Lily bellowed not knowing that both bracelets on her wrists fell to the floor with a clatter. The king looked at them oddly.

"Why would those-?!" Ryuu-ou screamed in terror as a blue aura formed around Lily as she snapped. Suddenly ice patches formed around the clam as she slammed her foot on it, the ice vanished after Lily lifted her foot to his surprise.

"I don't understand how the ice is even forming around that human? Is she even human?" Ryuu-ou asked himself weakly.

"Get out here now Silver I mean it!" Lily said coldly after the twentieth kick. Hands on both hips as she stared at the clam.

Silver remained shaking to the tail and ears until the sound of clothes shuffling caught his attention.

"Fine then Silver be that way, well I went the past and met the younger you. I get it... you needed to get her better and I'm sure she lived right? Although I doubt you remember for reasons I don't know... but know this" Lily sighed as she took a pause. "Your first love isn't going to be your only one. Umi might have passed away Silver but just because you're a yōkai doesn't mean that you can't try and move on. I do hope she told you the truth before she died and you shouldn't let her death burden your soul like this. It's not healthy" Lily placed her hand on the clam and gazed sadly. Ryuu-ou was shocked to hear that his eye was used to heal a woman. But the name Umi sounded familiar, where was the question.

Silver kept a sharp ear out in case Lily was about to blow up. He looked down slightly in confusion. In truth the fox didn't even know what she was talking about. The name was foreign to him anyways and speaking of love. It left a sting in his chest, not knowing why this also bothered him. The silence now started to become stifling for him to bear, did she leave? The thought made his heart lurch and slowly moved his hands slowly, lifting up the shell up cautiously to see what was going on.

A pair of hands suddenly grabbed the shell to his surprise.

"MOORROOOOON!" Lily yelled angrily at him causing every part of his body to shake in fear.


Silver's face was forced to the right from the force of the slap. His eyes were wide from being slapped; she actually hit him to his surprise. Her dress billowed showing her upper knees as she slapped him. The yōkai behind him were stunned to see her even raise a hand to the kitsune, he appeared to be undefeatable and yet this single girl raised a hand and didn't get hurt.

"I was worried" she snapped darkly, voice trembling as she spoke. Silver was too stunned to see her reaction to even respond. Tears were swelling around her eyes and the worst part; he had been to the one to make her cry again. Before he knew what happening, the fox was embraced tightly around the waist by a pair of thin arms.

"Don't ever do that again, do you hear me?" she mumbled while her face buried itself into his half coat. This also took Silver by surprise and remained rigid. He slowly moved his hands until they surrounded her frame. Silver was sure that she could hear his heart racing like mad but didn't care. Instead he smiled mentally and began to stroke her head softly. Silver was sure that he cared deeply for his master, there was no answer why but this need to make her smile filled him with relief and left him smiling as well. Luca... that boy was going to give him hell once they returned, he knew that for a fact but cherished this moment knowing that the chances of this happening again were rare.

"Unbelievable... That girl is a Land God you say fox?" Ryuu-ou muttered lowly so the pair or Lily wouldn't hear him. Just having her yell at him left shivers down his spine.

"No matter how I even look at her, she's just a human girl with ice powers" Ryuu-ou however didn't notice the two servants who were looking at him with dread.

"Errrm Master Ryuu-ou" One squeaked from fear.

"Some-Someone's here to see you" the second said as they now moved back.

"Hmm?" Ryuu-ou asked as he looked at them.

"Dear" came an angry purr. Ryuu-ou felt his heart suddenly stop in fear, oh no anything but that! First this girl and now this- this...

"What happened to this castle? Care to explain yourself to me?!" yelled a furious Kamehime. Ryuu-ou felt swear run down his brow as he shook in fear.

"Ka-Kamahime darling! Didn't you go back to your parent's house for the week?" Ryuu-ou's trembling voice got the pair's attention. Lily gawped in shock.

"Oh hell no! Kamehime please don't tell me you married this washed up moron?!" Lily cried now standing up. Rage coursed through her taking a startled Silver by surprise. The married couple didn't listen since they were too focused on the other.

"You are still playing with that wild fox again?! You really have not learned from your mistakes, have you?" Kamehime hissed darkly. Ryuu-ou continued to shake in fear as he moved back after falling onto the floor.

"When your right eye was stolen before, you had then promised me that you would never leave another scar on your face again! Or did you forget that promise?!" Kamehime was beyond furious and she looked like she was going to kill her own husband, for a moment Silver was reminded of Lily's temper. The thought left him shaking as well but only because Lily was giving him the death glare.

"Wait! I do have a reason for this! This Land God came to return my right eye, right Land God-" Ryuu-ou yelped at how angry she was towards Silver, who at that moment wanted to hide in the clam again.

"First this moron compares me to Kamehime and now you?!" Ryuu-ou tensed from his wife's glare. "Why don't you shut the hell up! Both body and mind if you can't think or say anything nice! DO NOT FORGET I CAN READ MINDS YOU STUPID ARROGANT FOX!" Lily roared so loudly that the roof started to shake.

"R-Read minds?! This girl can hear the thoughts of-guh!" Lily turned to face him with dark eyes, to his surprise her eyes were pure dark blue. The colour reminded him of someone from the past. Just thinking of that person left him so pale that someone would have mistook him for being dead. The person was so terrifying and held such authority over him, the thought of knowing that this person would be living within their own descendants made him whimper in fear. That person was a force to be reckoned with.

Lily began to stomp over towards him and slammed his eyes onto his hand.

"Take you stupid eye and be happy fool" Lily was daring him to even complain. Looking down Ryuu-ou peered at the eye... as expected he froze and began to tremble in anger.

"THE HELL?! IT'S All SHRIVELLED UP AND HAS BEEN TURNED TO STONE!" he roared at her while she glared.

"It's not my fault some demon wanted to steal years off my life! Be happy it's back!" Lily yelled back while holding her hands on her hips.

"Are you kidding? Negotiation's off!" he snapped angrily.

"Is that so? Well how about we negotiate with this Haori?" Mizuki appeared with the half coat Kamehime lost due to the current. Lily's eyes almost bulged out their sockets. So that's where he went, she nearly smiled had the person who made her angry began to open his mouth.

"Wh... What's with that piece of cloth?" Lily's jaw dropped in anger while Kamehime gave him a dark look. Both were furious to hear such a comment from a naïve demon.

"Are you saying you want to make a deal with me with that thing?! What are you playing at? Giving me this scrap of cloth? How stupid are you?" Ryuu-ou asked angrily.

"Well... this cloth was made by that madam over there, who made this especially for you, Lady Lily nearly drowned just to get it back. Had I not kept her inside the ride that took us to your palace" Mizuki said with a sly smile. Ryuu-ou turned slowly and nearly squeaked from looking at a red face Lily who's eyes were still blue and had what looked like fangs reveal themselves from her clenched teeth. He moved back shakily to look at his wife and almost screamed from seeing her. Oh they were going to kill him once this was over! He could feel the hatred and anger coming from both women that it almost suffocated him and Silver, well Silver would have been affected had he not heard about Lily nearly drowning just to get a present his wife had made him. Silver glared at him darkly making Ryuu-ou gulp.

"Or... are you saying that thing is not good enough to exchange for the fox's life?" Mizuki asked while continuing to smile knowing that he had the king trapped.

"You got yourself a deal!" Ryuu-ou yelled with a forced smile. As Silver moved to confront Mizuki, Ryuu-ou was being beaten up by his wife while Lily either threw ice at him or ranted at how ungrateful he was to have a wife like Kamehime.

"What are you doing here?" Silver asked coldly as he faced Mizuki. Part of him flinched from hearing Lily's furious voice, but glad that it wasn't him that was on the receiving end.

"You are horrible! Honestly to have Kamehime make such wonderful items like this! She doesn't have to make them or give them to you but she does and she pours all her love into them. Are you absolutely blind to not notice her craftsmanship?" Lily roared as Kamehime slapped Ryuu-ou to the right.

"I was worried about my senior Silver" Mizuki's words made the fox suspicious, what had the snake done?

"Now that you know, from now on. Let's work at the shrine together Silver" Mizuki said with a wide smile as he tried to crush Silver's fingers.

"W-WHAT?!" Silver roared while his tail bristled from hearing this information. He turned to confront Lily "Lily-!" the males paused and immediately began to feel sweat running down their brows from seeing two angry females attacking the fallen king who was wishing that this torture would end.

"Mizuki I will kill you later for the kissing me when I was asleep! Right now I want to teach this ungrateful bastard a lesson!" Lily snapped before booting the weeping Ryuu-ou's back side hard making him cry out in pain. It was now a scene with two women who started to kick him.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Mizuki asked while smiling weakly.

"I wouldn't dare stop Lily. When she get's mad just pray that it's not directed at you-hmm?" Silver noticed that her bracelets were off and spotted them by the clam. He moved to get them and froze from the unwanted noise from his pocket. Of all the things why did he have to pack it?

"Let's get it started ha, ha let's get it started in here!

Let's get it started ha, ha let's get it started in here!" suddenly it felt like the whole area had frozen over. Both women, Mizuki and the fallen yōkai turned to look at his blushing face.

"I swear Silver turn that bloody thing off!" Lily's low voice boomed in the palace while Silver scrambled to get the phone. Once he took the phone out, he paused and blinked before pressing the answer button.

"Hello?" Silver was mildly impressed by the reception despite being underwater.

"Hey fox where are you?" Kurama's voice reached Silver's ears.

"Can it wait you stupid crow? Lily's glaring at me" he heard Kurama cough loudly from shock.

"Wh-What did you do?" Kurama asked now sounding surprised.

"You called!" Silver yelled. Meanwhile the females glared at Ryuu-ou almost daring him to do a runner.

"Sorry I'll change the ringtone once we meet up. By the way I have a concert tonight around eight. Can you bring Lily over?" Kurama asked.

"She's mad at you-"

"I know that, just please I have a surprise for her" Silver's mind went back to Kurama's smile back at college and assumed that he had something planned.

"Fine just hang up please"

"Great! I'll text you the details bye" Kurama immediately hung up the phone leaving the area silent.

"Well now that's-"

"Hey sexy thing!" Lily's eyes immediately darkened and glared at a pale faced Silver who looked at his phone. "Message time!" and then before anyone knew what was happening...

Silver and Mizuki ended up screaming in shock and pain; ice started attacking them before encasing them in icicle blocks causing both men to start shivering. Kamehime was at a loss of what to say meanwhile Ryuu-ou went pale; he was so glad that he wasn't the one in their shoes now. But her kicks still hurt like mad.

"OW!" Ryuu-ou received a kick to the cheek from Lily who had heard what he was thinking.

"Then don't go blabbing your mind and mouth off you fool" Lily muttered.

"Are you okay?" Kamehime asked now taking notice of Lily's eyes. Lily blinked while her back went rigid.

"I'm fine how are you?" Lily asked as she looked up at Kamehime.

"I should be asking you that Lady Lily" Kamehime replied as she approached the girl and lifted Lily's chin up.

"Why's that?" Lily asked looking curious.

"You're eyes have turned dark blue" Lily balked in shock. How was that possible?

"What? Are you serious? How did that happen?" Lily asked looking completely confused.

"I think your anger made your eyes that way. Those eyes though..." Kamehime trailed off to a woman with dark sapphire blue hair and eyes.

"You remind me of this woman a long time ago" Lily was shocked to hear that and seeing Kamehime smile left Lily smiling as well. Lily's eyes slowly turned back to brown catching the Kamehime's attention.

"They're back to normal now" this took her husband by surprise, how was that possible?

"I didn't know I could do that" Lily commented meekly making the woman smile at her softly.

"You wouldn't but the key is to notice how much power you release" Kamehime gestured to the shivering familiars who were still encased in ice.

"Waaah!" Lily was shocked to see this, not realising that her powers had done that much damage... where were her bracelets? They weren't on her wrists! Lily looked round the clam to see them missing to her dismay.

"My bracelets are gone" Lily cried out in alarm. Kamehime looked round in shock where could they of gone?

"I have them. P-Please let me out!" Silver chattered mentally, for once his fire couldn't break him out of the prison to his surprise.

"How about some tea to calm your nerves?" Kamehime offered. Lily nodded slightly before giving Silver a dark look.

"So this Umi was the one who Silver went to give the eye for?" Kamehime asked while stirring her tea slowly. Ryuu-ou even after sitting down beside his wife was tense. His own tea cut shattered in his hands. The name Umi still nagged at him for some reason but why?

Meanwhile the familiars sat either side of Lily who was sipping on lemon green tea from her cup. Both didn't know what to expect but were glad to be out of the ice, Silver's eyes trailed to the bracelets that were now back on her wrists.

"Yes" Lily nodded after telling the wife what she saw.

"I don't approve of what this fox did to my husband. However, he saved a pregnant woman's life so I won't completely hold it against him" Silver didn't even know this Umi that they were talking about, Kamehime took note of the confusion in Silver's eyes and knew that Lily was telling the truth.

"Thank you Lady Kamehime, you are very kind" Lily smiled warmly at the Queen Dragon who in turn smiled back.

"You are very kind yourself Lady Lily. Helping others whether you know them or not, it's a rare feat to have" Kamehime sipped on her cup daintily before placing the cup back on her saucer. Lily blushed from embarrassment taking Ryuu-ou by surprise.

"I must ask how long have you had these powers?" Kamehime asked with curious eyes.

"Since I was four..." Lily looked down slightly. "I almost killed my uncle after he touched my hands... these gloves help, I guess" Lily gestured to the blue gloves that caught Kamehime's attention. The gloves were beautifully made as the ends hugged her wrists.

"Is he okay now?" Kamehime asked until she noticed a wince in Lily's eye, immediately she felt guilty for even asking such a personal question.

"Last year he died..." this took Ryuu-ou by surprise to hear that.

"How may I ask?" Kamehime gave her husband a dark look. Lily started to feel that her cup had gone cold and saw blue growing on it. She immediately place the cup on the table in order to remove her hold over it, the girl flinched once the cup broke in to two pieces.

"I-I'm so sorry I didn't mean to" Lily grabbed her hands tightly and placed them to her lower lap. Silver looked at her from the corner of his eye, it hurt him to see her this tense and upset. Mizuki also looked with curious eyes since this was new for him. Kamehime stood up slowly and walked silently towards Lily, kneeling down she placed her hand on Lily's cheek.

"I'm sorry you had to endure that, no child should have to go through that" Kamehime's gently voice caused Lily to shake as the woman hugged her close. Shortly within a few minutes the sound of a broken wails hit Lily's ears, she wanted to cover her ears in order to mask the noise and ask whoever was making that sound to be quiet. The urge to speak was nearly impossible due the pain wrapped itself like a noose round her neck, it was getting too stuffy and she wanted to leave the room.

"It's alright to cry, let it out now Lily" Kamehime said in a soothing tone in order to ease Lily. Lily shook as she realised that it was her that was screamed as she clenched the queen's dress tightly. She continued to cry until there were no tears left to shed. Kamehime smiled softly knowing that Lily had worn herself out and was now asleep.

"Fox would you like to take her?" Kamehime asked noticing the masked look Silver wore the whole time he watched Lily, she knew that he was sad and worried for his master than he would ever admit. Silver moved in order to take Lily and nodded his thanks. She nodded before sitting back in her seat.

"Give her some time to rest, she's exhausted" Kamehime said.

"As for this Umi, did she have a last name?" Ryuu-ou asked now changing the subject. Silver narrowed his eyes at him and said nothing.

"We don't know" Mizuki replied remembering the past. The king nodded to himself.

"It's getting late it's best to head home now" Silver said as he stood up. "Thank you for your hospitality Lady Kamehime" Ryuu-ou narrowed his eyes from listening, this was his home after all and yet he couldn't say anything, knowing his wife she would tell him off once they were alone if he complained.

"Safe travels you three and thank your master for me if you please" Kamehime escorted the trio out the room in order to get back to the turtle. By the time the turtle left, she sighed deeply.

"Poor girl" suddenly she looked at her husband. "Well?" her tone made Ryuu-ou stutter in shock.

"S-Sorry my dear" the dismal king muttered to his wife. The queen shook her head at him but looked at the departing turtle. Who knew that this would turn out to be one stressful week, compared to five hundred years ago to now the palace was less damaged and no one was dead, which was good on some level. However now he had one more problem on his list- his own wife was interested in communicating with that human Land God and he couldn't stop her to his horror. Ooh how stressful did his life become... a memory of a message from the swamp princess who would be coming in about six hours now left him pale. Maybe antagonising the fox wasn't such a good idea after all and now... how to hide these injuries?

Silver watched Lily with blank eyes leaving Mizuki to think that he was emotionless, that however was only a façade. In fact he was completely worried about his master. Seeing her cry like that tore a wall that blocked his emotions. Sure having her living with him left the fox on the receiving end of a whirlwind of emotions, but to his surprise it wasn't too bad. In fact he grew to almost like this challenge, the thrill of what it resulted in when things turned out well. His master looked so frail and small in arms that a smile stared to form on his face, but it was small so the blasted snake who angered her wouldn't see. That snake was going to get it once they arrived home. How dare he touch his beloved master like that? The nerve of it all... wait beloved? Where did that come from?

A sudden thought came to him and the feeling left him wanting to check the phone. That's right! The concert was about to start in an hour and Kurama wanted them to come. So much for relaxing Silver thought grudgingly while leaning back on the Night Fog Carriage. They had left the water transport to find Luca who stood on the sandy beach as he waited for them, almost as if he was expecting them which took them by surprise. Silver nodded at the boy who looked at her with sadness. The sullen mood hung over them like a cloud, it continued to linger even after they went on to the carriage.

"Is she going to be okay Silver?" Mizuki asked as he looked at her. This made Silver wrinkle his nose and began to glare at the snake. Luca was in no mood to stop them after seeing what they saw. The boy's own hand was rested on his chin as he leaned on his crossed legs. Powerless was the thought he was feeling, even now Lily still felt the sting of the past and didn't want to let others see her scared mind. It irritated Luca a lot but at the same time he understood her reasoning.

"She's exhausted snake so hush! We have a change of destination so sit down and wait" this took the snake by surprise, this was new to him. Luca looked at Silver who gave him a quick look saying 'don't speak' Luca didn't even want to argue with the familiar. Knowing that Kurama also invited him but Silver didn't want the snake to know that.

"Where are we going?" Silver kept glaring at the snake who refused to keep quiet.

"You will be going to the shrine! Lily, Luca and I are going somewhere" Mizuki pouted from the reply.

"You are so mean Silver! Why can't I come?" Mizuki cried loudly.

"Stop complaining and just go to the shrine. You have chores to do in the morning" Silver warned darkly but tried to keep his voice low as to not wake Lily up, sadly that was all for naught. Lily had started moving causing him to stiffen, he cursed mentally at the loud mouthed snake who had woken her up. Silver moved her position slightly so she could sit up.

"How are you feeling?" Silver's monotone voice caught Lily's attention as she released a small whine; she grabbed the closest thing to her which to his embarrassment was his haori. Lily started to open her eyes to see blurry things in a bright room.

"To much noise" Lily whined slightly, while at the same time using the haori as a shield in order to block the bright area from hurting her eyes even more.

"Auntie, We are going somewhere before heading home is that okay?" Luca asked. Lily looked at him sharply while keeping her eyes closed.

"Wha?" she asked weakly but sounded like a whine instead.

"Just relax already, you're tired" Silver shook his head at the garbled reply; he began placing Lily back in the position she was in before waking up. Lily almost fussed but immediately fell back asleep due to fatigue.

"I can see why she doesn't like to sleep late" Silver mutters slightly. Luca looked disturbed by what he had witnessed.

"Let's just get there and be done with it" Luca agreed silently before laying his back against the wall. This was going to be a long night indeed he concluded; as he looked at the night sky his own eyes began to droop slightly. Worrying was not good for his health but he was happy that they made it back in one piece.

However what happened before he spotted them at the beach worried him. After all seeing them there at the exact time on his watch left him spooked. Luca's mind went back to his dream, the odd thing was that he was sure that he was awake, definitely sure without a doubt. But Kei and Ami said to an awakened Luca, who looked as if he was daydreaming while sitting at the table that he was sleeping with his eyes open. Luca concluded that he needed to ask Lily once she woke up about this. It began to scare him recently since it wasn't the first time he was daydreaming.

What was happening to him and why was it happening now?

By the time they arrived at the concert Mizuki had been 'dropped' off at the shrine. Lily was awake and completely confused as to why they were here.

"Why are we here? I don't want to see a concert" Lily complained while folding her arms.

"We were asked to bring you to the concert. Kurama has something planned" Luca explained. Silver looked at him oddly, how did he know that?

"Oh no! I am not seeing him and that's final!" Lily snapped now pulling her arms tightly to her chest. Silver sighed as he guided her to the man at the entrance.

"Kurama has something important to say to you and wants you to hear it" Silver replied sounding tired. Not that Lily could blame the weary kitsune; it had been a stressful two days. Two days she would never want to relieve ever again unless someone was determined to get scolded again.

"I don't want to hear it! Take me home now" Silver's brows furrowed, feeling annoyed by her behaviour since she was using her power but said nothing.

"Silver don't! I know you take orders from her but just hear Kurama out Lily please" Luca pleaded now trying to calm her down. Silver was torn between taking orders from Lily and Luca. It was hard enough when they were family.

"He had no right to say such things Luca" Lily snapped; resisting the urge to use ice on someone. Mainly the crow or a building the decision was almost appealing than the last.

"I know that but give him a chance" Luca's eyes said to trust him; Lily sighed before nodding to their relief.

"I'll hear him out but he had better make it quick" Luca nodded sharply before getting his phone out. After sending a quick text to someone Lily had a guessed the person was Kurama, the trio made their way over to a bouncer who let them in. This confused Lily until his mind went to the part of Kurama, who had showed him their pictures and told him to let them in once he spotted them.

Twenty minutes until the concert started and it was already halfway packed as they went to the front part. Luca was interested to see there were a lot people in the concert; only the downside was their thoughts. He shivered from their thoughts while Lily pouted in silence. The boy had to smile at how this was affecting her. After all if she didn't care for the tengu then this wouldn't be bothering her. Kurama earlier on told him about his plan and how he wanted Luca to help by bringing Lily, whether Silver was able to bring her or not. This was the tengu's last shot in making things right and he didn't want to mess up.

"I don't get it! What's he up to?" Lily asked while biting her bottom lip. Silver just stood with her in front of him; there was no way any guy beside Luca was coming within ten feet of his master. Not unless they want to be on the floor.

On cue smoke shot out from the stage floor causing the girls to start screaming for the Pop star; Lily just scoffed before folding her arms. It made her nephew chuckle at her behaviour.

"Hello everyone! Are you ready?" Kurama yelled out to the crowd. They screamed in reply making him smirk. Wearing a long black jacket over his white shirt and black jeans. His black boots were also noticeable from under his jeans but he still held his signature smirk. Kurama's eyes were looking around the front near the stage until he spotted who he was looking for. Lily remained impassive as she looked at him. He felt himself grow silence from incoming nerves but kept calm. The male wanted to make things right and the last thing he wanted to do was mess up the performance.

The songs Lily had to admit weren't bad and almost smiled at how well they were put together. She could hear how happy everyone was except minus Silver listened silently.

By the time the last song had been sung, Kurama waved everyone to be silent. Everyone was confused at first until he spoke.

"I want to dedicate this last song is for someone" Kurama watched Lily from the corner of his eye; she was confused and started to wonder what he was playing at. "This person had been there for me and means a great deal to me. However something happened and I wanted this person to know I am sorry. This song is for them and I hope they find it in their heart to forgive me" Lily almost rolled her eyes at how some of the girls swooned at how amazing and caring he was. Kurama took the chair a person who was standing by the stage had given him. Nodding his thanks while the second person handed him a guitar. Taking a deep breath, Kurama strummed for few times before beginning his song.

The music was different to their surprise. It was catchy but at the same time contained a sad melody to it. Hands never leaving the instrument as his head bobbed up and down slightly as he played. Kurama began to sing with his eyes closed as images filled his head.

"I had a friend who made me smile in dark times

A friend who I called a sister

Someone that I wanted to protect

She was kind and listened

Helped me out of a situation when I was scared

I never asked for help but she took my breath away

I never understood why she, a stranger would help

It made me feel strange

I couldn't think straight, what was this feeling?

Grateful was the word right?

I think so" Lily's mouth parted in shock now feeling her heart beating quickly.

"That idiot! What is he thinking? Isn't he worried about his image?" Lily asked now biting her lower lip in frustration. Kurama continued to sing while his eyes were only focused on hers. It left her slightly uncomfortable since she could tell a few people were looking at her. It wasn't hard to guess who this song was for.

"Trust became an easy thing when she was around

I thought that it would last

But then that came to an end

I said something that ruined our friendship,

Our trust was broken" Lily's eyes narrowed to the time he blabbed and didn't ask if it was true or not. She felt hurt and betrayed by his actions. Especially since Lily didn't even know what she felt towards her familiar. Silver did help make her feel safe, even now when she tried to allow him to take over in parts of her life. He wanted to make her need him, wanted to make her happy. But it's hard since she had to learn about being independent from a young age.

Her own uncle had gotten sick so she had to take matters in her own hands, job finding was hard but her uncle had faith. He even suggested waiting until the time was right. Experience was a must so she needed to gain it by her own hands. Now that Lily was here, listening to this tengu pour his heart out. She wanted to leave, it was painful enough to be in the same room but she did not move. Why? Because his heart was pleading with her to stay and listen to what he had to say.

"It left me raw with emotions

Crying for the first time became hard

For I never cried not since I was a child

Guilt hit me without warning and I felt sorrow

Why did I do such a thing?" How indeed was Lily's reply, she nodded as she listened to his words. The last few lines left her rigid as thoughts back to his childhood hit her mind. Tears almost came to her eyes catching Luca's attention. Lily wanted to clench her chest to fight the pain, how could such a man do this to a child? It's no wonder Kurama never did try to make friends. Sure he had to blend in but at what cost? He was always alone with no one to truly care for him, every time Kurama arrived at home it was empty and void of people.

Lily could definitely relate to that. It was suffocating to be alone with no one around, no one to greet or talk to about their days. The last few weeks before her uncle died were a nightmare. For he often spent nights at hospital leaving her alone to pray and weep for hours. Lily wanted to hug and slap the fool for this. Now her mind was back, it was almost embarrassing but that's why he was doing this. So she could see that he was more than willing to admit his faults to the world and prove that he wasn't afraid to say it. Even if Kurama was being sly by giving her a message in the form of a song. Lily indeed love singing and music so this was his way of making it up to her.

"I hope she hears my voice today as I sing.

I am sorry dear sister and I hope you forgive me.

It wasn't intentional

I didn't want you to cry

I didn't want you to hate me

I wanted to help, like you helped others including myself

But it backfired for that I'm sorry" Lily frowned as she rolled her eyes almost as if she was saying duh. Kurama felt a smile bloom on his lips from seeing that.

"Trust became an easy thing when she was around

But then that came to an end

I said something that ruined our friendship,

Our trust was broken.

I hope you can forgive me

I miss your smile as it brightens the room

It dispels the darkness within hearts.

Even if others call you an ice queen

I ignore such words

For they are all lies, for you are anything but that

Your smile is warm and kind

I just wish I could see it again

Even if it's one last time" It was official she was going to slap him after this, he earned it big time Lily thought as she tried not to cry once more. Silver was looking at her to see her tears coming from her eyes. The song too was affecting him; it was definitely strange to see the egoistic crow admit that he was wrong.

"Trust became an easy thing when she was around

But then that came to an end

I said something that ruined our friendship,

Our trust was broken.

Please forgive me sister, my friend

You never judged my outer appearance

No you only saw people for who they are

Even when I was sad" Lily felt a smile fighting its way to show up. She even sniffled as his song tugged at her heart strings. He was almost not playing fair, by using what she liked to get her to listen what he had to say. She was embarrassed to admit that he was an evil genius to come up with that.

"Your thoughtful words picked me up

I could see light in the end of the darkness

Feelings of happiness filled my heart with hope

I made mistake and I hope you can forgive me

Songs can't make things better but it's a start right?

Trust became an easy thing when she was around

But then that came to an end

I said something that ruined our friendship,

Our trust was broken" Everyone waited to see if Kurama would continue, that was until he placed his hand on the guitar to strum once more and looked up. Immediately there was an applause erupted filling the whole room with a deafening sound. Meanwhile some girls were crying from how deep that song was. Kurama felt a twinge in his chest; relieved to know that the person he was aiming at was looking at him. What she was going to say and her response, it was all that mattered to him at that moment.

Backstage Kurama felt like a bundle of nerves. He was nervous and antsy about what his friend would say to him. Would she forgive him? The tengu wasn't sure however he was determined to make it up to his only friend. The past week had been torture for him and it affected his singing. However the thought of Lily seeing him sing with the lyrics that he composed for made it worth it in the end. Lyrics that were only going to be for Lily only, they were not going to be put in the album and that was that.

"Kurama" Luca's voice startled him out of his daze and looked at the group as the entered. Lily was rubbing her right arm with her left hand; she too was feeling nervous but kept her composure. He saw Silver who watched him carefully almost daring him to upset Lily. Kurama however was determined to disappoint the fox and kept his eyes on Lily.

"Hi did you all enjoy the performance?" Kurama greeted with a smile. Lily looked down before walking towards him.

"It was awesome Kurama! Although the girls except Lily were a little out of control when it came to their emotions" Luca said with a sheepish smile while scratching the back of his head. Lily grunted signalling that she agreed with her nephew on that. Kurama almost winced from the response; maybe it wasn't a good idea to put them in a crowded area. The tengu then turned to look at Lily who was looking away slightly.

"Look Lily, I really am sorry" Kurama began to apologise, to his surprise had found most of the words he prepared to have flown out of his mouth. "It was wrong and I messed up" Kurama walked towards Lily who looked up.

"Damn straight fool" Lily snapped angrily while her eyes narrowed at him. Kurama swallowed thinly before continuing.

"I... can you forgive me? I really don't want to... sorry I'm not good at this" Kurama turned his head to avoid her seeing his blush. Silver was at a loss for words, his eye caught Luca nodded sharply as if praising the crow for admitting his guilt. Lily on the other hand sighed quietly before folding her arms.

"What do you need to do to prevent stupid stuff like this form happening again?" Lily asked sternly. Kurama moved his head to face her, confusion all over his face.

"I-I-" he almost cursed himself for stuttering, especially in front of the fox who he often disliked on a daily basis.

"Try and ask me before you blab okay?" Lily replied while folding her arms. Kurama blinked before relief settled in his body. It felt like a weight had been lifted given how she was speaking to him.

"Y-Yes I won't do that again I promise!" Kurama spoke so quickly that it was almost hard for Lily and Luca to even catch a single word he spoke. Silver who caught every word almost rolled his eyes at how eager the tengu was. Suddenly the kitsune bristled at how Kurama pulled Lily into a tight hug without warning. The girl yelped at the sudden contact before sensing that Kurama was happy and still guilty for what he did. It almost made her smile at how he was acting.

"I'm really sorry Lily, you have no idea how this bothered me"

"Since you never had the opportunity to experience this except when you were younger" Kurama stiffened from her words and pulled back slightly to see her sombre expression.

"You did nothing wrong Kurama, that guy you consider a brother would agree with me on this. Do not feel guilt for what someone had caused" Lily soothed now passing a shocked Kurama a tissue, why the tengu wasn't sure until he felt something wet on his cheeks. It hit him hard to know that he was crying.

"Let it out you dummy, we aren't judging you" Lily and Luca helped him sit down on a couch so he could relax.

"You can't just say it and expect me to accept it Lily, it still hurts me to this day" Kurama muttered while feeling Lily rub her hand up and down his back in a soothing manner.

"I know but hear it from someone who can see the truth in your memories. Kurama you were a child, you can't be expected to be strong at that age. Flying to, it takes practice and the right guidance. Not to mention if you compare the past to now" Lily grinned at his bemused reaction. "You are flying and it was all because you made yourself fly" Lily complemented him.

"She's right Kurama, it's your own power that allowed this to happen" Luca agreed while looking at them. At that moment Kurama felt a rush of emotions which left him slightly claustrophobic. One was sadness of knowing that a tengu he considered as his brother would never fly again, the other was fear and resentment for what the other tengu did to make his life a living hell. The scars he suffered on the surface might have either healed or left cruel reminders of what happened. Something he knows will never leave him.

Seeing through his inner turmoil, Lily rubbed his back a bit more in order to comfort him.

"Give it time. No one expects you to recover over night" Lily says softly to the weary tengu. Silver watches now feeling uncomfortable, however at the same time feels slightly sympathetic but says nothing. It wasn't his place to comment, but hearing the loneliness that the crow had to endure left him with a different perspective. However that did not stop him from feeling annoyed by how much attention Lily was giving him. Why must he be mad though? She was only comforting the dumb crow?

"You have gone too far" a male said to a figure who was standing near a capsule. The figure was a long blue haired woman with sombre blue eyes. She wore a long blue kimono that made her pale skin stand out.

"I did what I had to do, you wouldn't understand" the woman said in a strong tone. The male glared at her.

"You-! That thing almost killed a few people! How can you look me in the eye and act so calm? Why- no how can you do this?" the man yelled in anger. The woman turned to look at him, it almost making him stutter in shock. The same eyes that haunted him, eyes that showed wisdom.

"She isn't perfect son, but I did what I had to do" part of her grew sad with each word she spoke.

"At what cost? It can kill people! It's touch means death!" the man yelled.

"You will understand-"

"He will never forgive you! My own brother died only to see the monster that she is. He purposely pushed her away the day he died" the woman glared at him.

"She is no monster! I told him like I'm telling you, I had no choice-"

"She no it is not even family" the man snapped as he disrupted her from trying to reason with him.

"She is if you let go of your hatred for her" the woman looked at the capsule with dread. Ever since that night, things took a downward spiral. Now it was almost impossible to repair what had been done.

"It is not even human!" he yelled angrily.

"She is" hearing her cold tone made him freeze in shock.

"It's an abomination! Mother I can't even look at it without thinking about her! This is torture! Seeing a corpse moving around acting like everything is fine. Heck it's not even a corpse!" the man yelled, pain erupted from his mind.

"And what about him?" the man stopped and looked to see her cold eyes harden. "When he finds out then what?"

"Mother this is getting too far, can't we go back and change it?"

"She isn't even alive anymore son! She is dead!" the woman screamed, blue light shone from her before she tried to settle. The man looked down, his hands were clenched knowing that it was true.

"If I let her out, she will vanish for good so let it go" the woman said softly. The man shook his head.

"I can not, your prediction is wrong" and with that he left the woman alone. She turned to the capsule that held a seal over a small form. The woman placed her hands on the capsule and began to weep in agony.

"You will live again, I promise you and then you can keep your promise to him as well. Please don't give up" the woman's voice wobbled as she spoke. The form did not respond or move. It was almost blocked from being seen by anyone.






"Just wait a bit longer"

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