Fox and Ice

Chapter 11- Amusement parks and unease

"Silver!" Lily called now looking round the shrine. Mizuki earlier on had left in order to see Kurama for a visit; Lily smiled in reply and allowed him to go. Part of her was happy that Kurama was helping Mizuki and that they 'almost' began to get along. It was a start but if it helped her snake familiar to adjust to human life then she had no problems with it.

Luca looked up from hearing his aunt calling Silver's name, while she walked down the hallways.

"Auntie what's wrong?" Luca asked as he popped his head out the moment Lily was about to cross the hallway.

"Have you seen Silver?" Lily asked as she tugged on her fringe lightly. Luca then noticed that she was wearing a blue dress that was below the knees, it bell like at the bottom and fluttered as she walked, she also wore white knee high socks as well. Lily even had her bracelets and gloves on as usual.

"Is he in his room? He might be sleeping" Luca suggested while smiling at her. She looked amazing in his opinion. "How come you are dressed up?" Lily paused before looking away shyly.

"Silver said we could go out to the amusement park today so I was just about to see where he was, he's a little late" Lily replied while tapping the floorboard with her foot covered sock. Luca blinked at the information, Silver didn't even think about that last night.

"Don't tell me he forgot?" Luca started to resist the urge to go and find Silver. Lily bit her lower lip from the thought and sighed.

"Don't worry I'll look for him, focus on your homework" Lily patted his head in a sisterly manner making Luca whine. Trust her to direct his attention back to schoolwork.

"Fine but give me a souvenir please" Luca then went back to his room and muttered about how unfair she was being. Lily chuckled lightly before walking towards Silver's room. As expected the room contained Silver, who was in fact sleeping with his back to the door.

"Are you kidding me Silver? Come one we need to hurry and beat the lines" Lily whined as she kicked his back lightly. Silver snorted awake, he began to moan weakly from the rude awakening caused by Lily and immediately began to grow annoyed.

"Do stop kicking me girl! I am awake now" Silver muttered darkly as he proceeded to sit up on his futon, the blanket rested on his legs as he placed a hand over his face. Silver groaned as he felt an incoming backache coming along.

"You forgot didn't you?" Lily frowned as she folded her arms, she ignored how adorable he looked thanks to his innocent looking eyes which were caused from waking up, was he always like that? Lily blushed at the other thing that came to mind. She was in no way ever going to admit that part to anyone, not even to Luca or the other females in her life!

"Forgot what Lily? I have chores to do... wait what time is it?" Silver groaned as he looked at her weakly. Lily was sure that he never did have a clock but didn't complain, after all his body acted like a clock, which meant that he would sometimes wake her up for certain things for example college or duties at the shrine.

"Time to be at the amusement park, come on Silver! I asked you last night" Lily said looking annoyed. "You even said that you would come with me" Lily tapped her foot in an impatient manner. Silver then noticed what she was wearing and felt a twinge in his cheeks. What an earth was she wearing? She looked... cute dare he admit it. Wait amusement park? What was that?

"Don't tell me she woke me up for something stupid?" Silver groaned from the thought. Lily who was listening in almost snapped at how dense he was, was he that scatter brained the night before that he would forgot what he agreed to?

"I said no such thing human now let me sleep" Silver snapped now moving back down to sleep. Lily bit her lip and looked round with curious eyes, she hardly ever entered his room as she noticed how clean it was. There was hardly any mess and it fascinated her to see how he kept his room, then again some kitsunes according to Lidia were naturally neat and hated messy areas. Lily almost giggled as she remembered how Lidia would always clean Lily's face whenever dirt or food was present, in fact the kitsune went as far as to clean Lily's room when she was having a crisis with school. It shocked Lily and her uncle a lot to see her friend act like that.

A box caught her eye and moved over towards it. On closer inspection Lily then saw how thin the dark blue box was, it almost reminded her of a box that contained necklaces and bracelets, hair pins even and it left the young girl confused. Was this a present for someone? Or was it a keepsake from someone dear to him?

"What's this box?" Lily asked sounding curious. Silver on the other hand who was listened to her question almost shrugged it off, he flicked his ears lazily as he tried to go back to sleep. However after realising what her question was about, had forced his eyes to snap open and rushed over without a second thought in order to snatch the box out of her hands. Lily felt like she had been slapped by the action and said nothing but looked at the red head. Silver felt his face heat up once again and turned his head away in order to hide it.

"G-Go and wait outside I'll be out in a moment" Silver hastily shoved her out the room and slammed the shoji door shut causing it to rattle slightly. Lily remained rooted to the spot as she tried to process what had just happened.

"Jeez! That girl is too nosy. What if she saw it?!" Silver berated himself for being careless about how he stored his items. He went to his closet and pulled out a dark blue haori, which was plain knowing that people would be staring whether he liked it or not. Next Silver pulled out his black hakama and a dark blue kimono before starting to change.

Suddenly to his annoyance the door was suddenly pulled open.

"Lily I am-!"

"Save me a souvenir and tell me what happened" Luca's voice caught Silver's attention causing him to look at the door sharply.

"Luca let him get changed already" Lily whined before Silver's ears caught the sound of Luca protesting. The fox felt a small smile form on his face before shaking himself out of his day dream. He spied the case and pocketed it in his haori, checking to see that he had everything he needed. Silver calmly walked out to see Lily looking at the hallway with her arms folded; already he could see how flustered she was.

"Trouble?" he asked in a monotone voice.

"Luca" Lily replied bluntly before looking. Lily tilted her head to the side and gave him a disapproving look taking him by surprise.

"Really? It's a sunny day and your wearing that?" Lily asked as she looked at his choice of clothing. Silver felt a twitch coming along on his right eye before narrowing his eyes.

"I don't need style advice human" Silver snapped angrily.

"Fine but don't complain about heat stroke, yōkai or not you will be feeling tired" Lily said while shrugging in a nonchalant manner. It irritated him to see her acting smug as he walked back inside his room. So much for the idea of just getting it over and done with...

Lily walked into the amusement park with Silver lagging behind slightly. To Lily's surprise Silver had a white kimono with purple on the collar, a light blue hakama and a light blue haori while wearing his usual foot wear. Not once did she fuss over his clothing and it left Silver slightly relieved. The last thing he needed was a lecture about heat, especially since he had the power of fire at his disposal.

"Where to first?" Lily asked while opening the map containing information about the park. Silver leaned over her shoulder and looked at the paper with narrowed eyes.

"Which one do you want to go on?" Silver asked bluntly.

"How about that? Lily pointed to the rollercoaster taking the yōkai by surprise. His ears which were covered in a red hat that hid his ears, the cloth however didn't muffle the noise one bit. Silver's ears twitched from the sound of screaming as he looked at where Lily pointed at.

"Why are those humans screaming? Are they in pain or something?" Silver asked looking at the people in a weird metal box with wheels that moved without pausing. The fox looked confused as he watched the people. Lily smiled slightly at his curious nature; he looked nervous just from looking at the whole thing.

"It's part of the fun, some often get scared but get dared to go on the rollercoaster" Silver's eyes showed that he didn't understand making her grin. Lily took his hand in her right one leaving him to stiffen slightly. Silver felt his heart leap from the touch before being pulled towards a line of people, his hair moved slightly as they walked briskly towards them. It did feel weird having a girl who was slightly smaller than him pulling him in a public area but said nothing. Instead he tried to battle the heat forming on his face, she was right about the heat for sure. Not that he liked having to be bested by his master. However his mind also went to his pocket and hoped that it didn't fall out from the sudden movements.

"Shouldn't take too long" Lily assured her familiar as they waited. Meanwhile Silver was still fighting off what was causing his cheeks to go hot. It was the heat for sure and was thankful for wearing lighter coloured clothes, but it didn't help when it came to the fact that her hand was still on his. Silver felt the urge to remove his hand out of her grasp to wipe of the sweat that was forming on his hands. Silver was sure that his hands were clammy by now but Lily hadn't even released him leaving him squirming, he just wanted to free his hand however instead of asking her, he kept silent. Why was it so hard to even ask something simple as that? It was definitely confused and he didn't like this feeling one bit.

By the time the line ended with them Lily moved her hand containing Silver's causing him to snap out of his trance. There before them was a metal box like the one they saw before.

"It's metal cart that we need to sit on" Lily explained on how to secure himself on to the ride and waited, relieved that her hand was away from his. Silver discreetly wiped his hand on the side of his hakama; at the same time he kept his composure in order to avoid suspicion, the last thing he needed was to be interrogated. Meanwhile Lily smiled in anticipation of what was about to happen while Silver looked ahead, he was left feeling completely confused on what was going on.

That was until Silver felt that the air had being forced out of his lungs from the sudden drop, instinctively he gripped the sides in order to stop himself from falling off. His hair fanned around his face due to the strong winds that had been created as they moved quickly, meanwhile his eyes turned to Lily who was screaming. What emotion she was showing almost left him baffled until a smile formed on his lips. This was definitely a fun ride to be on. Lily in turn looked to see him laughing as the cart moved more quickly, she was definitely glad to know that he was having fun. It wasn't everyday that he would let out any emotions or any sound, other than anger or showed signs that he was irritated.

"Whaahooooo!" Lily whooped with glee before the cart took a sharp turn to the right, which was where Silver sat. This caused her to move her right hand in reflex and grab the thing closest to her, which was in fact Silver's hand. Silver would have immediately clammed up but was having too much fun to care, instead he held it tightly as their ride made more sharp turns, dipped a few more times and rose up sharply before turning. Silver felt exhilarated by the ride as he experienced what it had to offer, he was definitely thankful for having Lily bring him here. It was good to have a break from to time he admitted to himself. Lily on the other hand was happy to see him having fun.

"Maybe I could ask to come again" Silver thought as soon as the ride was nearing its end. He was slightly disappointed to know that it was over; this didn't go unnoticed by Lily who grinned.

"Wasn't it fun? Shall we go again?" Lily's question took him by surprise before noticing her hand was in his. He looked up to see her beaming at him leaving the poor kitsune wanting to get off the ride now in order to avoid the uncomfortable feeling, which had in fact risen up again leaving his face going hot again.

"How about getting something to eat first" Silver said in a hurried tone taking Lily by surprise.

"You sure? We could eat later after all we have time" Lily's warm smile made his face turn red once more. What was wrong with him today? It's just a day out, so why would spending time with Lily bother him?





"I know! When we grow older- we should go to the amusement park" a voice caught Silver's attention causing him to stop and look round in order to see where the voice was coming from. Lily paused to see his startled expression.

"Silver? Are you okay?" Lily asked but it was on deaf ears, Silver wasn't replying. Instead he was focusing on where the voices were.





"I can't... father wouldn't approve of it" Silver was surprised to hear a familiar voice who was actually replying to the first voice. However this voice sounded like his but younger, it didn't make sense. Was he having a memory or something but that couldn't be right after all he was born five hundred years ago, even if his past was blurry.





"Weeeell we could always sneak out right?" the voice giggled, hearing the voice left him almost going red in the face at the very thought of... wait what? Why would it leave him feeling that?

"Silver are you okay?" Lily's hand touched his shoulder catching his attention; he looked down to see her worried expression and cursed mentally for making her have such a sad expression on her face.

"Y-Yeah I was just thinking about something" he stammered causing him to mentally swear at his sudden behaviour.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Lily asked.

"No no I'm okay" Silver said while trying to regain his composure. The last thing he needed was her to see him as weak, no he was not the to give in to emotions. However, given what he had to endure these past months left him questioning that. Surprisingly it almost felt slightly normal to show honesty, both emotionally and vocally whether she was aware of this or not.

"Are you sure? We could just have a drink if the sun is bothering you" Lily's kind eyes left Silver's heart skipping a beat. Trust her to leave him embarrassed, that's what it was right? She left him embarrassed because of how she was worrying about him. Even though it's was suppose to be the other way round, she was his responsibility and yet she ends up doing things like that left him edgy.

"I really needed to get my act together" Silver muttered mentally as he looked at her, metallic eyes looked at her worried brown ones.

"I'm fine, you should be worrying about yourself. Unlike you Lily, I can't collapse from the heat as easily as you" Silver said sharply making Lily smile slightly, looks like he's back to normal and here she was worried that something was wrong with him.

"I'm fine really" Lily continued to smile at him, Silver nodded before looking round to see where the nearest area that contained a place to eat or drink.

"I think-"

"Silver we just got here, please don't go all over protective on me and have fun for once" Lily's words made him stumble, she was using her powers to influence him and he did not like it one bit.

"Fine so where to next?" Silver asked bluntly. Lily took out the map again and showed the next area.

So far they were having fun, not that Silver was ever going to admit it but Lily wasn't fooled one bit. After going on four rides they decided to have a break.

"Take a seat and I'll get the food" Silver instructed Lily who frowned in reply but said nothing. Instead she watched him go to the stands were ice cream were being sold. Lily gripped her dress skirt slightly as she sat on the bench, she began to feel giddy as she moved her legs up and wiggled her feet that were in her shoes. She didn't know why but having Silver coming with her made her very happy. Which is odd since Silver wouldn't ever want to come here unless she managed to encourage him, somehow.

Lily after a few minutes began to look up to see where Silver was. She immediately blinked as soon as she heard a girl's voice; Lily had then noticed that Silver was looking at the girl with confused eyes, while he held two containers of ice cream. The girl was about Lily's age and began to giggle at something leaving Lily frowning. Who was this girl and why was she even bothering Silver? Not that she was jealous but it was odd to see... oh shoot it's her!

"Not her... please tell me it's a joke" Lily looked at the platinum blond haired girl who had green eyes. Her skin was pale and wore a green cashmere sweater, a white skirt that so short that Lily could almost see her pink lacy underwear. She also had a pair of low heeled white shoes and wore a flirtatious smile on her face as she twirled her braided hair. Seeing the girl left Lily upset but kept it hidden. No this girl will not bother her one bit... she wouldn't allow it.

Lily immediately went rigid as the girl leaned over and had kissed Silver on the lips, Silver on the other hand was shocked to see how this girl was behaving with him, they didn't even know each other and yet she kissed him out of nowhere. He could see how upset Lily was given how ice was forming around the girl's hands. Did she not know that she was freezing the bench? No instead her eyes were focused on them, eyes filled with disbelief, seeing those eyes made him feel slightly sick. But why? He wasn't doing anything wrong; it was this girl who was coming on to him.

Lily stood up on shaky legs before walking away and didn't look back; the girl smiled and patted his arm leaving him slightly irritated.

"Can I have your number?" the girl asked while smiling. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at him. Silver knew what type of girl she was and almost glared. Just looking at her reminded him of some of the tanuki girls he would stay with at the red district. The same area Silver had completely avoided ever since he became Lily's familiar. Seeing the look on his master's blank face. She may seem unaffected but her eyes showed pain leaving him with guilt.

"How about it?" the girl asked as she touched is arm. Silver moved away from her and frowned taking the girl by surprise.

"I am with someone at the moment" Silver replied bluntly. The girl twirled her hair once more making him annoyed.

"That girl? She's a nobody so why bother with her?" the girl asked rudely even though she was smiling. Silver bit back a growl, no he would not react to the insult whether she deserved it or not, nor would he hurt her even if she deserved it. Instead he left without looking back making her grumble at how he got away.

During her time at the amusement park, Lily had spent most of her time avoiding Silver; her mind always went back to the girl who had been flirting shamelessly at him. Whenever Lily was about to look for him causing her to get cold feet. Knowing Silver, he would find her regardless so why bother looking for someone then if that was the case?

"She's always like this, she always steals and destroys what's mine. She would even try and take those who I might like away as well, so it makes it harder to even talk to anyone... always" tears began falling down her cheeks as she sat in one of the gondolas of the Ferris Wheel by herself. So much for having a good day, especially since it all went to hell once she showed up. Lily's mind went back to the teddy her mother had given her when she was a baby. Lily was so happy about how it was from her mother; it had been one of the only things that had been left by the person who cared for her at one point.

One day during kindergarten she decided to bring it to school and show it to her friends, however that went south once that girl's eyes caught the bear. The next thing Lily knew was that it was in tatters when it was time to go home. In fact it was the first time Joseph had actually came to her defence before his cruel teasing began. He too was upset about why it happened. The girl however just smiled sweetly and said it wasn't her, and that was it. All she had to do was put on a cute, innocent, teary face which had everyone turning the other cheek. It left Lily broken hearted to see the doll destroyed, where she went to next was a blur, but she did remember going home with a smile on her face. That was a good thing right? She had no idea.

"Once again Stephanie strikes again... blooming thief" Lily muttered darkly as she looked at the view from the glass door, her back was leaning against the chair as she tried to relax. Part of her wondered where Silver was but ended up pushing that out of her mind, he might still be with the girl and that stung a lot. After all she still didn't know where she stood with Silver or what her feelings were.

What Lily did know was that she didn't want to lose him for it left her a hole in her heart from even thinking about it. To think he might chose Stephanie over her was too much to think bear. After all he spend most of his time with the girls in the red district before she showed up, what were the chances of him actually chasing after another girl who just simply bats her eyes at him. Lily shivered in disgust, just thinking about it left her skin crawling in anger.


Lily went rigid as she looked to the left of her, Silver frowned once he stood at the entrance and held the door with one hand, and the other was on his hip showing that he wasn't amused. How did he find her? And wasn't it dangerous to be standing by the door?

"About bloody time that I had caught up to you" Silver snapped before getting into the small compartment and slammed the door shut behind him. "Do you have any idea of how worried I have been? I couldn't find you anywhere!" Silver asked angrily. His mood vanished when he saw how red her eyes were, it left a pit in his stomach to see her this way.

"You are crying?" Silver commented bluntly as he moved his hand over towards her eyes. Lily flinched and looked away making him freeze in his tracks.

"No I wasn't" Lily denied hotly while keeping her gaze away.

"Lily what's wrong?" his voice was gentle but it didn't make her feel any comfort, instead she just wanted to hit him until he backed away. Sadly that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"Nothing!" Lily turned to yell at him, she stopped to see how concerned he was. "Jus-Just drop it please" Lily asked meekly as she gripped her dress tightly. Silver felt himself go numb from seeing her reaction to him. Suddenly a thought came to mind.

"Don't move for a minute" Silver said as he moved towards her.

"What are you doing?" Lily asked sharply as she recoiled in shock. Silver's hands stopped her lower neck before looking at his eyes.

"Just wait" Silver said softly, Lily's ears soon caught the sound of a case opening leaving her confused. What was he doing? Lily felt his arms snake around her neck leaving her shivering from how his skin skimmed her slightly. In the end Lily felt something metal touching her skin and heard the sound of a small clip sound closing. She watched him move back to his seat and watched her. Curious Lily looked down and blinked in shock. It was green magatama which had two white beads on each side. It was a simple design but Lily loved it nevertheless.

"Silver..." Lily touched the green pendent in awe.

"I know you don't like flashy items so I thought you would like it" Silver felt his face heat up once, talk about embarrassing. Why wasn't she saying anything? It was leaving him twitching slightly and was about to speak until he felt her arms wrap themselves around him, it made him jolt in surprise and resisted the urge to push her off. Silver could smell her floral scent and inhaled softly, it somehow soothed his nerves leaving him slightly relaxed.

"Thank you I love it"

"Magatamas are suppose to protect you and hopefully give you luck" Silver said while trying to act like giving gifts didn't bother him.

"That's really sweet Silver, thank you" Lily said as she started to smile now feeling her mood brighten up a lot. He really did care after all.

"After all, your luck isn't all that great anyways" and with that her smile not only dropped but was immediately replaced with a dark thunderous look.

"Is that so?" Lily asked coldly. Silver then felt a chill in the air and turned to look at her, just then it took all his self control not to freak out from seeing her expression. In fact she could kill a few hundred yōkai, who would even think about turning to look at her. That was definitely scary to say the least.

"Care to say that again?" Lily's sweet tone was a façade and Silver knew that without a doubt, he was definitely in trouble.

"I dare you" she whispered in his left ear as she leaned closer, he ended up stammering from how close she was to him.

"Really... SPIT IT OUT WILL YOU?!" Lily yelled causing Silver to cry out in pain from the sudden ringing that erupted in his ears as she yelled directly into them. Didn't she know his ears were sensitive?! Silver whined as he placed his hands to his flattered ears and moved his head down. This woman had issues. Lily just kept glaring as she looked away from him. The kitsune looked at her with one eye and saw her sombre mood. What's upset her now?

"That girl..." Silver watched her with curious eyes. "Don't ever associate with her ever again. Even if you have to scare her off, don't ever speak to her" Lily's words were cold and filled with anger. Silver went quiet, why did she dislike that girl? It made no sense; his eyes almost went wide from the thought.

"Is she-? Don't tell me that she's jealous?" Lily's angry eyes left him gulping.

"I am anything but jealous when she..." Lily gripped the right side of her dress from frustration. This confused him, she looked so conflicted but why wouldn't she tell him what was on her mind. He didn't understand what was happened and wondered why she had such a deep resentment towards Stephanie. For Lily the pain was too deep to even speak about and there was no way in hell, that she would allow him to touch her hands. The last thing she needed was a familiar who died of brain freeze, even if the thought almost amused her if not slightly. The ringing in Silver's ears dimmed to his relief, which meant that he could finally move his hands away.

Silver then stood up from his seat and knelt down before her knees, hands in his, he could feel her pulse beating rapidly in her hands.

Lily's hands tingled from how her heart was beating, it wasn't from his touch. No it was because of that girl who always did everything she could to hurt her. The reasons were unknown to Lily and that made her even more upset.

"Lily please tell me, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's on your mind" Silver's voice was soft and showed concern, it almost left Lily choked up by the kind gesture. But she wouldn't cry, she cried enough because of Stephanie and she wouldn't do it again. Silver caressed her cheek softly almost making her skin tingle, this was nice she thought to herself as she looked into his eyes.

Despite the hardened look he always showed to everyone, she could see that there were things in his eyes he would rather keep away from others. In a way it made her feel bad for being strict, but she didn't want him doing something that he would regret. She was not his mother nor a sister... but that didn't stop her from worrying. She liked him; the thought now left her heart beating more quickly than usual. Lily wanted to be with him but she was scared, she didn't want to be hurt so she shut almost everyone out.

"Please rely on me" Silver said huskily, his own heart was beating leaving him slightly breathless. What was this feeling? It was driving him crazy and he almost wanted to rip his own heart out of his chest just to get rid of this funny feeling. But seeing Lily who looked vulnerable left him wanting to take away any pain she would be feeling.

Silver leaned closer until, both their lips parted slightly as if anticipating what was going to happen, compared to when he was dressing her at her room. Both were awake and aware of the other one's presence.

Lily placed her hand on his and placed the other hand on his cheek. Both were silence except for their heavy breathing was the only thing hitting their ears, slowly, slowly their lips connected.

The kiss was sweet and brief before they parted. Lily was quiet, like the kitsune she was speechless. That just happened didn't it?

"Sil-" Silver quickly covered her mouth with his once more causing her to moan in alarm. She gripped the sleeves of his haori before relaxing in his embrace. Both tried to pull the other closer until Silver had accidently pulled them to the floor, he winced slightly but didn't stop. They didn't want to stop; they didn't want this to be a dream. If it was then they wanted it to be something they could remember with a smile.

Lily moved her hands to his haori and made small noises as she continued to kiss him. Silver on the other hand grabbed near her elbows lightly, mindful of his nails. This was odd even for him, he was respectable familiar and yet he was doing something indecent towards his master. What as wrong with him?

There had to be if he was actually enjoying this. Silver moved one of his hands to touch a stand of her hair; it was soft to the touch which encouraged him to hold it in his grasp. Silver growled as he pulled he closer so she was sitting on his stomach.

"!" Lily broke the kiss quickly and grabbed her chest. Silver's eyes widened in horror as saw her fall to his side. Lily was gasping for air as she cried out from the sudden pain. The pain was excruciating and it felt like she was being torn apart from the inside. What was causing this? Why did it have to happen now?

"Lily what's wrong?" Silver cradled her to his chest. He looked to see if they were near the ground and saw to his dismay that they were still high in the air, the worst part was that they were all alone with no one to help.

???? prov










What is this?

Where am I?

This place is cold, I don't like it. I feel strange, numb and...

I feel like I can't breathe, it's horrible, I can't even see. What am I doing? What was I doing? This feeling... what is this feeling? Where am I?

I'm scared and I want to leave this place. But I can't move, I can't even open my eyes; I don't even know how to wake up.

I feel trapped, am I forgetting something? What am I forgetting? Something I should be remembering but I can't!

Somebody help me I can't take this darkness!

What-how did I get here?

I feel like I'm dreaming.

What was that I saw? Who is that person? He- do I know him?

I don't know anymore... maybe I should sleep. Yes sleep would be best, that way I can forget everything.

I don't like this anymore.

Maybe if I concentrate I can look through this weird light... it's too bright, my eyes and ears hurt! Why are there so many emotions? Who is this person? Am I'm looking through someone's eyes? This person feels familiar; this body is weak, too weak but why? Bodies aren't like that? Right?

My face feels hot, why is that? I want to move it's getting weird here.

My face feels weird too, something is that my lips and they are feeling weird?

I hear a voice but it's faint.

My head hurts; it feels like I was hit by something like an elastic band, what is that? I feel like I should know what it means. But my head doesn't remember.

I want to pout, I want to do something but I can't move. Why though?! I want to go! I want to leave this place but something is trapping me? Trapping me but why? What did I do?

Did I do something wrong?

I feel sick and numb, this feeling of being useless. Why did that mean guy have to say that I'm useless? That I can't help; he didn't give me a chance! I may be weak but I don't want this!

I don't mean to be useless... I just don't know how to deal with such- no it's this person. She's sad and scared. She's leaving now; no I'm leaving the area, it's me who's moving and I can see a purplish blue fireball moving past me. It's scary just looking at it. I want to know who is really controlling this body? I feel like it's her but it also feels like I'm controlling it. Am I seeing through her eyes? Kind of feels like I'm looking through a picture that had the eyes knifed away so I can see what is being shown.

I'm curious but at the same time I'm scared. This place is scary; nothing feels like it's changed but why? It feels like the body has but I don't feel like I have. It's odd, what happened?

The guy and the white haired snake person see me walking back to this creepy area. Why are they happy? They wanted me to go since I can't do anything right. Even when the body danced, I felt at ease with and wanted to dance instead of seeing this through the girl's eyes.

I want to cry, tears it feels like they are falling but the body isn't crying. It hurts, I hate this. I don't want to feel any more pain. I want to sleep! I want to forget! It's not nice here! Make this go away! But this thing whatever it is, is stopping me! Why won't you let me go?! I don't want to be here! Or seeing this!

My face goes funny again as the guy does something to... is he touching his lips on mine? Ewwww! That's gross! Get him off me! I wanted to slap him off, but the body wouldn't move to my dismay.







Strange, it doesn't feel too weird anymore though. I feel like I know him but where?

That blond haired boy keeps looking at me oddly before the girl ran away. Luca his name is and that dark red haired boy- Kurama. But why is Luca acting like that? Is there something wrong with the girl? Why does she keep wearing gloves? I want to touch what she's touching.

It's not fair though! I want to join in so why can't I?

I want to smell things, see the sky above my head through my own eyes. I want to hear things, touch things that are different. But I can't and I don't know why!

And I want to know why!

What did I do? Am I being punished? Did I do something wrong? I don't know and I want to know now!

It's not fair! It's not fair!

Can't anyone hear me?! I want to move and be free!

Let me go!

I see an egg in my hands; some pink haired weirdo I think is called Otohiko gave it to me in order to hatch. I know this man! I saw him at the beach when I was dreaming. This egg is weird though; it feels like there is already something in it compared to the other girl's which gives off an empty vibe.

The red haired boy with weird ears keeps saying that I could just drop out; the girl doesn't need to do this. Luca doesn't like him putting her down. He wants her to go there, he even wants the girl to see Mikage even if he doesn't say it out loud.

Luca's been trying to get her alone but something always keeps getting distracted. But why? his mind is desperate for some reason, is something wrong?


I felt my stomach; no it's the girl's stomach is aching from shock. The snake guy stood on the egg! What has he done? Now look it's dead! What is that egg suppose to be anyways?

The egg starts cracking more than usual to my surprise... is that a white cat? I like it! It's so cute! I want to touch it but I can't, I'm stuck here which isn't fair! Why can't I join in?






My mind draws to a blank as something leaves my head. What was I thinking about? It's probably better if I forgot since it has already been done.

The girl is now at the summit of Izumo where the great shrine is, it leaves me with a feel what is it? Is it excitement? But at the same time resentment!

First off there's this guy Ikusagami who is so mean! Why does he look down on the girl? I wish I could yell at him to leave her alone. Uncle always say that it's not right for a man to yell or be rude to a girl- wait uncle? What's an uncle and where is he?

Grrr! How annoying what's going on?

Who is that guy who created that butterfly? Ah so the girl knows him, it's Mikage but she's keeping it quiet. But why? Didn't she want to speak to him?

This girl is looking at this man called Ookuninushi. I don't like him, too weird and keeps looking at the girl like she's something... I don't know but it's creepy.

The girl is now heading over to an area where Yomi no kumi or is it spelt as something else? Isn't that to do with death? Uncle once said Yomi is a place where spirits go to rest- uncle? Where is-what is uncle? I'm confused. I want to move again but I can't.

I don't know why but thinking about it gives me the chills. Death is creepy and dark... am I dead? Is that why I'm all alone here?

I want to move and put my knees to my chin but I can't, it stinks not being able to move. How I got like this is weird since I don't remember anything.

The pink girly man is taking the girl on a cloud. What are those things and didn't I see that black haired boy before? What's his name again? I don't know (yawn).

Me very sleepy I want to sleep but I feel like I can't breath. That big hole is making me dizzy. Is that a door?

It's cold now... it's really cold where the girl is now. That boy is mean though. Such a bully! I don't like him... why does he look sad though but the eyes. They- he feels resentment towards something but what and why?

That woman behind the screen, she doesn't show herself but I think there's something about her that is hiding something, is it a secret? Why does she speak to me so nicely? Does she know who I- no who this girl is?

Miss can you hear me?! Do you know who I am?

I'm trapped!

Please let me out!

I don't know what I did wrong! Why won't you answer?

I feel like looking down but even if I did, I would still see what's going on. It's hopeless. No one can hear me, I can't get out and nothing will change.

Even when that rude boy hugs the girl tightly, even after the girl finds him. I feel like he is desperate, is he scared of the dark?

I wanted to hug him back and pat his head, telling him it's alright to feel sad and that he is not alone. But I can't, I'm stuck in here, wherever here is...

That cat lady scares me though once they run away but the doorway to outside is being blocked by something! But why? Who would do such a horrible thing?

The boy is also not feeling well, what's wrong with him? Is he sick?

The girl says to him that he needs to move- please you need to stick together you can't go alone!






Lily continues to run away. She feels her body is wearing down from the strain of running for sometime. She had to get away for Kirihito's sake. She didn't want him hurt whether he deserved it-no; no one deserves this kind of pain. Seeing his expression when she broke him out of his cell. Lily felt her heart shatter from how he reacted. She knew that on the outside he seemed hard but on the inside he was emotionally damaged.

Whatever caused this; she hoped that he would heal soon, for his sake.

Lily in a way could understand the sadness but his mind was foggy, memories were almost scattered but at the same time there which left her confused.

Was he really alive? It was odd as she suspected. His body almost seemed dead almost as if it was claimed by the last minute, but the soul was a different matter. The soul didn't seem compatible with the body, was the soul too advance which was leaving him with excruciating pain? Maybe.

Suddenly light appeared behind her causing the girl to look backwards. There before her was Silver only he looked different. That didn't matter to Lily, she was happy to see him. Tears almost streamed down her face as she rushed towards him and hugged his waist tightly. She heard him gasp and moved back slightly from being winded. Lily giggled and continued to hug her familiar. Lily smiled as she inhaled Silver's scent; he smelt of sandalwood and it left her smiling. Without caring if it was weird, Lily nuzzled her cheek into his chest. Silver's face almost went red from embarrassment. She was being very weird, what exactly happened here?

Eyeing the cat woman Silver shot a fox fire at her causing her to scream in pain.

"Lily are you okay? Are you hurt?" Silver then pushed her back in order to assess her appearance, to his relief she didn't have a single scratch on her.

"I'm fine, just scared... wait why do you look different?" Lily asked without thinking. Silver tensed up from realising what his master was talking about. Lily moved back and placed her hands on her hips, the glare she showed was deadly.

"Silver!" Lily bellowed in anger. Silver turned is head and scratched the side of his head feeling nerves take over. She was not going to take it well but why would she complain? After all he 'kicked' the God of War off the large rock containing a talisman that stopped Lily from escaping. She should be thankful...

"God help me! She won't stop glaring!" For once Silver was losing the will to ignore the glare. She was definitely angry and it wasn't going to end well once they head back.

"Lily we'll talk later-"

"NOW!" Lily yelled making his tail bristle; already his ears began to ache from how loud her tone was.

Nearby Kirihito watched them with a frown. Who knew that the fox would be associating with a girl who was so weak, no she wasn't that weak since she used ice to move them away from danger.

He almost snorted from seeing how Silver appeared to be panicking from how angry the girl was. Did she have that much influence over him? How pathetic, so this is what his brother has been reduced to? A weak scared foolish yōkai. He was glad that the girl from before had died by his own hands. This was not the Silver he knew, no his brother was heartless and cold towards humans. He would attack men, women and children. Burn villages without a care in the world, they would fight together, they saw the other as a brother and would protect the other from danger. His immortality and Silver's smarts made them unstoppable. But now he frowned at how weak his brother was that made his hands clenched tightly. Kirihito didn't notice pain no his sole anger and resentment was towards his brother who betrayed him blinded him from the pain. He then noticed that Lily was looking round for something before looking at his direction, the male was shocked to see her tilting her head and made a gesture for him to come. He frowned after all; she wasn't the boss of him. Nor was he a dog.

"We have a way out now!" Lily called while smiling at him. Kirihito stared at them with stone eyes, she heard him muttering to Silver that she wasn't done with him. It almost amused him to see how this proud yōkai, his brother who had told him that he wanted to be human for a girl had now been reduced to this. Did his brother recognise his aura? No he seemed suspicious but...docile. What trickery is this?

Surely this had to be a joke and he wasn't laughing. No he was irritated.

After escaping Yomi no Kumi Lily signed with relief, she then turned to Silver and glared.

"I should say thank you but I want answers! Silver what the hell did you d-"

"Lady Lily you're back!" Oishi's cry caught their attention. Even though he had a mask on, the mask showed he was happy but tears ran down his open and closed eyes as he rushed over. Lily hugged him tightly knowing how worried the shrine spirit was.

"Oishi can you tell me why Silver looks different?" Lily's voice was laced with anger but it was masked by her smile. Silver was no fool, he was in deep trouble. Oishi looked up with confusion. Silver mouthed 'don't tell her' to Oishi who tilted his head from feeling puzzled.

"But why Master Silver? You were able to get Lady Lily back after I used the mallet" Oishi asked. Lily stiffened before an eye that looked at the kitsune narrowed slightly.

"And what exactly did he do with the mallet? And do I know what type of mallet it was?" Lily continued to glare while a dark smirk appeared on her face leaving the boys to shake slightly. She was not someone to be taken lightly.

"I-I did it to save you!" Silver yelled ignoring the human beside him; Kirihito gave him a dry look. He was not amused either.

"Oishi... no Silver I'm ordering you to tell me exactly what you did!" Lily snapped and she turned to face the pair completely while holding Oishi, this way she wouldn't have to lash out knowing he was in her arms.

Silver gritted his teeth, he was mortified to know that she was forcing him to tell and in front of a human as well, oh how low had he fallen.

"I asked Oishi to use the lucky mallet to return me back to before I became your familiar" words left Silver's lips to his dismay.

"...And why is that?" Kirihito felt his heart beating quickly from seeing her eyes sparkle with a strange light, was it his imagination or something? No human can- is Silver shaking with fear? Kirihito looked at him with disbelief.

"Because Ikusagami wouldn't open the door and attacked when I tried to get closer. I couldn't defeat him as a familiar" Silver replied. Lily however didn't relax from that comment. Instead she turned to look at where the fallen God was and pursed her lips. No one was going to get in the way of her temper now. Poor Kirihito.

"Is that so?" Lily purred as she replied. Silver stiffened in fear as he started to shake.

Shortly after placing Ikusagami beside Silver, Lily watched him wake up, his body was burned but Lily was beyond livid to care.

"Oh Ikusagami?" Lily's sweet tone made his eyes snap awake. However he regretted it now as fear entered his body. Behind Lily was a dark blue dragon and it looked furious. He was no stranger to seeing that dragon and if that was who he thought it was, then he was in DEEP trouble!

"Is it true that you not only sealed the entrance to Yomi no Kimi but you also attacked my familiar?" Lily asked silkily and she looked at him with disturbingly calm eyes.

"So you were able to escape with the yōkai? I knew-" Lily's voice stopped him.

"I KNEW YOU BOTH WERE UP TO NO GOOD YOU BASTARDS!" Lily roared with anger despite the fact that she was smiling and her eyes were now pure dark blue.

"Lily! Lily please stop! I swear I wasn't going to kill him! No please!" Silver was pleading while Kirihito and the fallen Ikusagami shook like leaves while feeling petrified to see her acting like this. They were scared from seeing her temper however both Kirihito, Oishi and Silver were the only ones who didn't see the dragon as it blew dark blew smoke from it's mouth.

"SO WHO WANTS TO DIE FIRST?" Lily boomed as she moved closer.

"Lily please don't do it! I won't do it again I promise-" (Kids never antagonise a girl with a dragon's temper! Also kids- don't ever grow up to be like the males you are reading here)

Otohiko rushed over to where they were on his cloud. Ookuninushi had given him a message to head over to where he lost Lily; as soon as Otohiko began to travel, he knew that something had happened. How? Because the clouds near Yomi had gone dark which meant that something was going on.

"GHAAAA-! AAAAAAAH!" Silver's screams hit Otohiko's ears followed by a feeble scream by someone he knew well. Immediately Otohiko's eyes went wide as saucers because of what he was witnessing. Ikusagami was encased in ice and looked petrified, his skin also showed he had been badly burned leaving Otohiko shocked. Silver on the other hand was on the floor; he was covered in cuts and bruises to Otohiko's surprise and horror. Meanwhile the human who had fallen into Yomi was shivering in the corner. What an earth happened here? Where's Lily? Came to his mind.

"Lily where are you?" Otohiko asked as he looked round.

"Here" came a dull voice. Otohiko's head turned shakily to the right and saw that Lily sitting on a large stone with a scared Oishi in her lap. Already the urge to flee was on the wind God's mind.

"W-What happened? Are you okay?" Otohiko asked as he tried to regain his composure.

"Meh, been better can I go back to my dorm please?" Lily slowly stood up from her perch and walked over towards the scared man.

"What happened?" he cried, he was unable to hide his surprise. Not after seeing this!

"Silver and that guy happened" Lily pointed to the frozen and beaten up pair. "This human was just scolded for reckless and rude behaviour so he'll have to sleep it off" Lily replied dully.

Kirihito's shikigamis appeared in order sneak him out to his relief. He was probably going to need a drink for what happened. That was not pleasant and he now understood why Silver was scared of his master. She was cruel and scary! Dare he ever admit that to anyone.

"Oh Kirihito!" Lily's sweet tone made the trio pause; he looked at her deceitful smile and almost yelped in fear. "Don't ever cause problems again, am I clear?" the male tried to keep his emotions in check but it was hard, his right cheek was throbbing from the force of the slap he had endured earlier on. Without replying Kirihito left now wanting to put as much space between them as possible. If he had his body he might of stood a chance but that girl was abnormal when she was angry.

Lily after a few days had woken up to see herself in room, she was feeling slightly drained for some reason and it left her confused. She looked at the porridge that Mizuki had placed beside her.

"I'm sorry I couldn't find the man you were looking for" Mizuki then started to brawl loudly from failing. He was also disappointed with himself for allowing Lily to be put in danger. Lily smiled at his caring heart; he really did worry about her and patted his shoulder.

"Don't worry I'm fine now... wait where's Silver?" Lily asked now looking worried.

"Usually I'd find this amusing but after enduring Lily's wrath... I might have to think otherwise now" Silver said bluntly as he looked at his wrist that had been placed in chains and looked round slightly. He was currently in a dungeon thanks to the other Deities who wanted to punish him for his crimes now that he wasn't a familiar anymore.

"Please tell me you are joking?!" Lily cried in shock as she stood up. Immediately she rushed out towards the dungeon to Mizuki's dismay. What did she see in that fox anyways? He resented Silver now more than ever.

As soon as Lily arrived in the dungeon she rushed over to find Silver.

"Silver why are you in prison?" Lily asked sounding annoyed to even be here. What was he thinking? Getting himself into trouble like that? Silver suddenly jolted at the sudden voice. He looked back and glared at her.

"Lily why are you here when you should be working?" Silver asked dully. His eyes showed that he was bored "surely since I am no longer you familiar, you no longer have to bother about me knowing where I am" Silver was still shaken by yesterday's events but didn't let it show.

"I still have every right to worry idiot, you may not realise it but I do care about you" hearing those words made Silver's heart twinge. It almost felt nice to hear those words.

"Why? You should be focusing on your duties" Silver asked as he looked at her.

"You are family to those shrine spirits and even if Mizuki, even if he doesn't admit it. You are a brother that he cares deeply for" Lily said sternly. Silver's eyes narrowed slightly.

"How are you feeling from yesterday?" Silver asked, he moved his right arm and frowned from the chain as it made a noise. Lily blinked before gingerly grabbing one of the bars.

"Fine, just tired" Lily replied now sitting down. She spotted a bruise on his right cheek and was shocked to see such an injury.

"What happened to your face?" Lily asked looking concerned, Silver frowned at how she pretended to not to know about what happened.

"You hit me" Silver replied bluntly. Lily's stunned eyes took him by surprise.

"I hit you? No I don't remember doing that!" Lily said in a high pitched voice as she shook her head. Silver bit his lower lip. What was she playing at? She hit him.

"Don't jest Lily, You hit me after we left Yomi" Silver said coldly as he glared at her.

"Don't you remember Lady Lily?" Oishi asked looking at the confused girl.

"No I didn't hit you. All I remember was a blur before we left Yomi" Silver's eyes went to Oishi who was also surprised as well.

"So you don't remember hitting or freezing Ikusagami either?" Silver asked as he looked at her carefully, there was no lie in her eyes. She was generally confused and had no idea what was going on.

"No like I said it was a big blur" Silver went cold from hearing her words. If she didn't remember lashing out... did that mean she was being possessed that time? If that was true... then who was it?

"That was too close!" the woman sighed with relief as she looked at what was left of a bracelet that was laying in her hand.

"If you had completely lost your temper Lily, then it would have killed you, do not do that again please. My heart cannot take the sorrow of seeing you suffer again" she looked at the capsule with heavy eyes. The thing inside didn't move at all. Instead there was a crack that had been sealed in order to prevent further more damage.

"I know it's hard but don't do it again... my child"

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