Fox and Ice

Chapter 12- The Past

Lily prov

Many things have happened during these months, first Kurama no Shinjirou's father had fallen ill. For some reason though since the moment he looked at me, I could sense hostility, like he didn't trust me or something like that. But why though? I don't understand, what did I do to have him look at me in that way?

Then there was incident with my body... ugh how annoying! Oh it got worse though why you ask? That dumb fox familiar didn't even know that a toad had taken my body and had put me in a small frog's body, that idiot!

Mizuki even had to stop himself from eating me as well; I-I was petrified to be in the same room as him let alone area after remembering that frogs didn't like snakes. (Shivers) It was when he looked at me oddly that confirmed my suspicions and I wanted to flee or I should say hop away from him to stop it from happening.

Shortly after that I was able to get my body back, only instead of feeling relief. I was immediately facing Silver who wanted to break my leg! What is wrong with him?! Oh so now he gets that something is wrong with me? That idiot even bit my neck causing it to bleed slightly just before I could tell him I'm back, bet he regrets it now! -_-*

As punishment he was forced to sit outside for three days straight, mostly to reflect on what he did and also- I can't even look at him after his stunt. I swear his clueless and that's not good. I even marched up to my room in a huff before calling Vincent to get a rabies shot thanks to that stunt.

Silver prov

Something has been bothering me for a while as I continued to kneel on the grass. It wasn't the weather but Lily, her outbursts leave me troubled. But why?

My mind goes back to when I saw Lily as a child. She was happy until something happened to make her change from a child of happiness, to a child filled with only sorrow and emptiness. Almost like she was a shell of her former self. The area around Mizuki and I grew unstable by what we witnessed. The sounds even grew quiet to the point we couldn't hear anything. No screaming, no cries. Her face troubled me so much.

Flash back

Lily had gone missing to our dismay, what was she even doing? She had just entered the gate with her name on it and didn't come out the other side!

So useless that girl I swear she loves to get me annoyed, I even had to put up with Mizuki that damn snake.

Without caring about Mizuki's words, I stomped over towards the doorway that contained Lily.

Very soon I was facing a small child. She had a sky blue dress and a white cardigan that was open, a pair of blue shoes and her hair wasn't tied up to my surprise. This girl looked so carefree and happy that it astounded me.

I was beginning to ask myself who this little girl was; this couldn't be Lily... could it?

The snake sadly had tagged along and started to talk about her nonstop to my dismay. At that moment I just wanted him to be quiet so I could pay attention to this Lily... something was off about her. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing on not.

"Lily!" That damn snake's voice would have made anyone's ears bleed by how high he was being.

Lily looked behind her to see him, she started to blink while showing us the most cutest confused pair of eyes I- wait what? Cute?! What am I saying she's only a child for goodness sake!

"I have been looking all over for you! We need to head back home-"

"Don't know you" Lily pouted as she spoke coldly towards the snake. This was definitely the Lily I knew, just hearing that reply left me slightly relieved. I almost laughed at how Mizuki gasped in shock, what did he expect? She didn't know him during this time.

"Lily it's me Mizuki you're best familiar- where did she go?!" Mizuki cried as he looked round, even that took me by surprise. She was just there just a second ago, how did I not see her go?

Without wasting time I began searching from the rooftops and looked round. There she was, she's near the park edge but what is she doing there all alone?

"Silver! You should be focusing on getting her back home!" Mizuki whined as he looked up. No not yet, I want to see this Lily. I want to know why she has a cold personality, why she is always aggressive when she is angry.

I followed her silently until I heard a giggle, was that Lily?

Making sure that snake wasn't following. I moved slowly by hopping from one tree branch to another until at last I found... what?

I can't even tell who that child is that Lily is talking to, it as if he is a living glitch. Yes I know I said a technical term, what can I say Lily's determination when it came into staying class meant that I had to know these types of things, that I had to try and keep up with what she is doing.

There is no face, no hair, no body nothing. Even the voice is filled with static, but that can't be right since this is one of Lily's memories. Surly the memories should be intact right?

As I watched Lily talk a sliver of grey caught my attention. It appeared that Lily was wearing some kind of bracelet. Was this from her uncle?

For some reason though I am getting annoyed with this glitch that I am guessing is a boy, why is he so familiar with her? Lily never talked about him at all and it's leaving me agitated. A thought however came to mind, how did she forget him anyways?

I was able to get my answer later on as a month passed. Lily was known by her uncle to sneak out of the house to play with that boy. Instead of the lake area, she went to a building and snuck in which took my by surprise. What was that girl up to? Surely it's dangerous and yet she is doing something as reckless as that.

I followed her quietly to see a door... my legs stopped for some reason. I can't even move an inch which is surprising, why can't my body move? Get it together already! Lily is in danger and my body just wouldn't move.

I was forced to watch a gun as it was pointed at her and the boy who was behind the Lily. I wasn't able to see what was in the room; it was all black in there.


My head moved quickly to see Lily's stunned eyes, oh please tell me she didn't-

Lily had slumped onto her knees and began to call out to the glitch in a weak voice, as she noticed that he began to bleed. My hand went to my mouth from horror and disgust. How could a person kill a child cold blood and it was in front of another child as well?

It was sickening to see blood but the feeling grew worse, Lily was the one who witnessed it. Her clenched fists went to her eyes and started to cry, blood was all around her front and in her hands. No one moved as she cried, it was as if time had stood still.

Lily didn't move, she only continued to release cries that pierced my heart as I watched.

"It is sad that Lady Lily had to see something like this, it just shows how cruel humans can be right Silver?" Mizuki asked; his eyes were downcast from what he saw. It just makes my blood boil, seeing these humans take lives without any care or show any shred of remorse. They were just children so why did it have to happen? How was this just?

What I also want to know is who that boy really was? All those emotions Lily had were all directed at him... it makes me mad to know that she cared for someone and the worst part... I didn't know why.

"It's a well known fact Silver that my friend, she and her family are only able to have one mate in entire their lives like yōkai do. Did you know that? Once their love dies, it is as if a part of them dies along with them and they will never be the same afterwards. Some even go as far as following their mates to their death which is sad. The worst part is that some don't even know that they were in love until it was too late" I don't know why the words of Mikage had entered my mind. I did know that Mikage would meet someone every few nights, most of the nights ended with Mikage sitting on the porch with a bottle of sake. His smile was sad and his eyes were lost to my surprise. What had happened to make him sad? I had always wondered who she was? I don't understand why this memory appeared when I asked my self that question about the boy?

What the-?

Lily's body started to vanish for a second and then stopped. What did that mean? Why did her almost vanish like that? I don't understand why.

I continued to watch as the days go by; her eyes were more vacant and then after a few weeks, she is back to being happy again. I don't understand though, how did she change so quickly? Surely that wasn't possible.

Flash end

Even now it doesn't make any sense on how she could just easily forget this boy, what was even strange was that I didn't even know his name. It was as if she never mentioned or knew about it in the first place. Something is also bothering me; my mind is giving me headaches just by thinking about it. What is it that I am missing?

What is it?!

Lily Prov

Two weeks later

It was snowing outside while I sit on the porch with Silver, who continued to watch Himemiko and her beloved Kotarou with pensive eyes. It made me smile knowing that she didn't have to hide who she is anymore, Kotarou loves her for who she really is and isn't afraid to admit it.

"This won't work out" Silver said coldly.

"Why's that?" I asked feeling a smirk fighting it's way out. He is so clueless when it came to love.

"Eventually the human will die and the princess will be all alone in the world because she will live longer than him" Silver replied in the same tone. Oh seriously he shouldn't keep saying it after all we girls are sensitive and don't like being told what we can and cannot have.

"That maybe but she'll have memories and" I stopped after all, he might not like the thought of it but Silver looked at me with curious eyes as he noticed that I stopped talking.

"And what Lily?" I smiled at Silver taking him by surprise.

"Well Silver... they love each other and it won't change as they grow up right? So eventually" I slowly lean closer towards him, I could even hear his breathing had quickened from how I had gotten so close to him. Just seeing him react made me giggle mentally.

"They might end up starting a family, so even if he does die. Their children- part him and part Himemiko will live on with her" I batted my eyes as I looked up at him. It makes me sad knowing that he really likes me but won't even admit it. Lately I think it's for the best, after all... I think something is wrong with me. I occasionally get weak by the mind or the body. I feel like I'm falling apart but why and how? Even Ryuu-ou's wife Kamehime doesn't have any idea on what's wrong and it seems bad to include Vincent in my problems since he might rat me out. Luca's power might even catch me out but I've tried to create a barrier. So far it's working well to my relief.

"You think that it will solve things? She's a yōkai Lily, we mate for life" Silver said quietly but I could hear anger, he was being quiet for the couple's sake. Was he thinking about us as well? Oh Silver I'm not going anywhere so don't hide this from me please.

Within minutes Silver decided to leave the porch in order to inside, his mind was so conflicted I knew that it was going to take some time before he could say anything.

But that didn't mean that I should just let him deal with this alone. No I shouldn't even if I am his master, he shouldn't be afraid to speak to me.

I... part of me cares for him a lot and it hurts me deeply to see him this way. Determination allowed me to follow him, I feel bad for not bidding Himemiko goodbye but this was something I had to do.

"Silver..." I called as I turned a corner; my body went cold and numb from seeing Silver. He had passed out and wasn't moving an inch. No, this wasn't happening. Not when I was about to talk to him about... What or who could have done this?

"SILVER!" I screamed before running over to his fallen form. I placed his head in my upper arm and hugged his frame close, please Silver wake up. What's happening to you?

Silver prov

"What is your wish yōkai?" a voice asked as I saw something appear in the hallway of the shrine. Why did I feel intimidated by such a presence? Was it a yōkai as well? This area started to become stifling as the clean air started to leave once this creature appeared, almost as if miasma had settled into the shrine. This wasn't good, I had to get Lily... no I need to deal with this-

"I want to be human?" I froze from hearing my voice reply to the creature. Me a human, why?

" I want to marry this girl in order to be with her" I felt a chill enter my bones causing me to rub both my arms in order to regain some heat.

"Ah? A human? But weren't you human before you died? Why the need to change back?" the voice almost sounded like they were mocking leaving me to frown... wait human? I was human before-

My heart started to beat out of my chest in fear and shock. No, no that wasn't possible I couldn't have been human... why did the creature say that I had died as well? It didn't make sense. I would have known about that. What is that creature trying to pull? Lying to me like this... the nerve!

"I do not know what you are talking about" my voice echoed once more, suddenly the creature laughed lightly almost sounding like it was pitying me.

"I see; it's that woman's price to making you live. Your promise must be very important to encourage the Goddess who relinquished her eternal form to help such a frail human who had been turned into a yōkai... or was it you who stopped yourself from dying?" the creature was revealed to be a black haired faceless person. Who was this entity? I didn't like this one bit.

"I told you I have no idea of what you are talking about! Will you help me turn into a human or not?" I snapped losing my cool. The person chuckled before leaning closer.

"I will worry not. So tell me who this girl is that you want to bind yourself to?"

"Her name is Umi, I wish to be Umi's life partner" my voice replied towards the creature. A girl with long black hair appeared in my mind, she had a white yukata and her hair was tied up. At first her back was towards me before she started to turn around, however the moment she faced me... my heart skipped a beat from seeing her appearance change. There in front of me was now a small girl wearing a blue dress, but her... her face was so distorted that I couldn't even see what she looked like. Why is that I couldn't see her, who was she? Why does she look familiar though? It doesn't make sense, what is going on?

Just before darkness came, a light twinkled by her right arm catching my attention. My eyes looked to see almost nothing but black fog leaving me agitated.

"I am sorry Silver... I couldn't..."

No wait! Don't go! Please tell me who you are? And why are you sorry?

"Please don't go!" I cried as I moved towards her, however just before I could blink, I immediately spotted streams of blood tears as they started to run down her eyes. Seeing them left me scared to my core for I don't know why they appeared.




Lights were blurry as I woke up. I couldn't tell if it was morning or night anymore, it all seemed dark around me as I began to look round. I know this place.

This was... my room.

Normal prov

"I am happy and relieved to see that you are awake Silver. You worried everyone in the shrine" said a voice that he didn't expect to hear after twenty years. Silver looked to his left and spotted Mikage looking at him with a sad smile on his face. The first thing Silver wanted to do was yell at Mikage for leaving him alone for twenty years without any explanation. As much as he wanted to have Mikage leave, he couldn't find himself saying anything. It was as if all the words had vanished from his mouth. Instead Silver looked down and took in a deep breath, on his arms were black lines that were all over his body.

"What's happening to me?" Silver asked out loud as he panicked, he heard Mikage shuffle before patting Silver's shoulder gently. Silver's ears flattened as he looked the marks.

"Silver these marks are from a curse, for some reason the spell I placed on you to prevent your death has been broken" Mikage said softly. Silver looked at him sharply.

"What do you mean death? Why is this happening?" Silver asked angrily before coughing, he felt something dribble down his mouth and placed a finger to his lips, after moving it away the kitsune looked at what was on his finger. He tensed from seeing blood and started to feel lightheaded.

"Silver, do your remember making a contract with a fallen one?" Silver's eyes went to Mikage's, Silver at that moment started to see images form in his mind causing him to lay back on the bed.

"I wanted to... become human" Silver said breathlessly as his head rested on the pillow. Mikage nodded mutely.

"Lily has gone to the past in order to save you" Silver barked out a weak laugh from listening, the kitsune looked at his old master thinking that he was making a joke to liven up the sombre mood. Sadly there was no humour in his eyes making Silver gulp slightly as a feeling of worry began to creep into his body. He tried to get up only to be stopped by Mikage.

"You are too weak now Silver, let Lily solve this" Mikage warned the sick fox. Silver glared at him sharply.

"Why should I listen to you? You lied to me. You said you would always be there for me but you weren't!" Silver snapped before wincing from the head rush.

"This had to happen, Lily had appeared five hundred years ago to see me and had told me of how you would die in this time period. Twenty years ago Silver I had received a call from a woman who that I have known for a very long time. I could not ignore this call for it was urgent" Silver blinked at how serious Mikage was. The God of Marriage looked like he was holding back on something and it didn't sit well with Silver.

"Say if that was true and I believe you, where did you go and who was this woman you were meeting with?" Silver asked coldly. Silence echoed in the room before Mikage took Silver's hand, the kitsune almost pulled back had he not noticed the sorrow in Mikage's eyes.

"Lily's Grandmother" Silver immediately tensed up. This was a first after all, he was not aware of her grandmother. Nor did he know that she was even alive.


"Silver... please, what I am about to say will come as a shock but do not react differently no matter what okay? I know for a fact that Lily will not be taking this well either when she sees me in the past" Mikage watched Silver's face become conflicted with anger and worry.

"What are you talking about?"

"You see Lily's grandmother appeared five hundred years ago. Something had happened to Lily and it was very bad" Silver felt his heart quicken from the news, just hearing those words reminded him of when Joanna spoke about the time when Lily had arrived to Japan with broken bones.

"Was it to do with her falling out of a tree?" he felt Mikage's hand tense up confirming his suspicions.

"Y-Yes... Silver I am so sorry" Silver looked at him oddly, what was he talking about? Why would he be worried about Lily? She was fine before he passed out.


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