Fox and Ice

Chapter 13- Tear me apart

Lily went rigid from her spot as she looked at Mikage with eyes of disbelief. No! it is not true, this couldn't be real.

"I am sorry Lily, but your grandmother did what she did to keep the promise. I am sure that you can hear me, see me even to know that this is true. Please don't hate her. The damages were so severe that she couldn't get to you in time" Mikage's head went down from sadness as Lily moved away, her breathing had quickened and tears started to run down her face.

"Oh my gosh... no! NO WAY!" Lily cried feeling her insides burn in pain. Her knees buckled as she began to lose feeling in them. Without warning the distressed girl began to bang on Mikage's chest from anger and grief.

"You're lying! You're lying! Lying! Tell me the truth you liar!" Lily continued to wail until there were no more tears to be shed. This was too much... it couldn't be true.

"I am so sorry Lily" Mikage said as he stroked her head in a fatherly manner as she continued to cry.


I feel sick, I can't breathe

This is horrible! No I can't believe this!

No! He's lying!

This can't be true!

I don't believe this! I wanted to scream and cry but I couldn't find it in myself to even move, even if I wanted to. I wouldn't be able to do so anyways.

I just wanted to vanish but that's why I am in this mess. I caused this; I made him sad... I almost killed him! How can I look him in the face? How can I look at him knowing that I did this?

I'm...I'm sorry - )*} r; I won't be able to keep my promise to you after all. I wish we never did meet, this way you would be free from this burden and truth.


"No! No! NO! Don't you dare give up!" A woman shrieked in anguish as she looked at the capsule as a crack started to appear once more. The man beside her gasped as he looked.

"This is what you wanted isn't it Loez?! She's dying because of your selfishness!" Loez looked at the woman sharply, he tried to push the tears away as best he could but this situation had now proven that it was too much for them to handle. He watched as the woman use her power to seal up the crack, but just as she sealed the first one more had started to form around the capsule. The cracks started crackle as they tried to damage more of the capsule until it was destroyed to their horror.

"Are you happy now?!" The woman screamed as she looked at him once more. "All you had to do was help her and you couldn't do it. No your personal hatred for her had to take over! Now like your brother, she will die to. I will never forgive for how you murdered him! My own son, your twin brother!" the woman cried in anguish.

"M-Mother, I never wanted-" Loez stuttered in shock. He felt numb and distraught from what was happening... it was like she was giving up.

"Spare me Loez, the damage is being done" the woman snapped. Loez faltered from how cold she was being towards him.

"It was an accident!" he cried as he approached his mother.

"You pushed him! Just like how you pushed her over the edge. She would have lived like she was suppose to but you took that away, you stole her innocence and her trust!" The woman focused more of her power on to the capsule in order to repair the damages. She gasped in horror. "No... please no! She's falling apart! This wasn't suppose to happen!"

Loez cringed from what was happening before he rushed outside the door. This was his fault and now the damage had been done. In truth Loez loved her and hated to have her memory tarnished by having that thing walking around with her face. All for a promise. Oh how he knew about the boy. He saw her with him two days before the death. He never did disprove of it, nor did he allow it. But the man did want to adopt the boy so he wouldn't have to deal with that father of his. As a favour to the mother. She was a member of the family in spirit; he owed her that much but then when the boy had vanished by her own powers. Things had then changed and not for the better. Loez hated the curse of how they could only love one person, even though she sent him back, she didn't know. None of them did and it destroyed her and caused her to die. It wasn't the fall that killed her; no.




It was her heart.

His mother did say that all did was stop her from crossing over... oh how he wished that was true but no. That was not true, in fact the girl's wish almost erased her from existence. The result- an abomination was born and allowed her to see through its eyes. It was unjust and no matter how Loez came across the teenager now, he could never have it in him to lie or reveal anything. The last thing he wanted was to destroy the boy.

"I just hope that things will end well... I am so sorry darling" tears ran down his shaking form as he ran. He had to stop the end; a vision came to his mind thanks to his mother. A demon would come and then-





-"...That is what she wanted you to believe"-

Shortly after Lily returned from the past, she immediately rushed towards Silver's room in hopes of freeing him from the curse. Lily knew that she had to, she owed him that and then... she would see what would happen next.

The moment she rushed into Silver's room, she was greeted by Mikage and Silver who was looking down silently. The kitsune appeared to be brooding about something. However the look on his face had changed once looked up after hearing her footsteps enter the hallway. The first thing Lily did was hug the tense kitsune.

"I am sorry I took so long, but I have the item that you used to make the contract" Lily smiled as she pecked his cheek and looked down. She saw to her relief that the marks were going away until there was nothing left of them. Suddenly his arms wrapped themselves around her frame causing her to look up, his eyes showed that he was a little lost but to her relief the kitsune smiled softly at her. They looked to see the pendent he gave her at the amusement park, it was a little damaged but fixable.

"Thank you" Silver said as he placed her head against this chest. He spotted Mikage who gave him a small smile before leaving them alone. Now that Mikage was gone, Silver frowned from his recent thoughts involving Lily. He had to know the truth now that his memories had been returned to him. If Silver didn't ask, then he was sure that he would live in regret.

"Lily" Silver asked, she looked up with innocent eyes that melted his heart. He had grown to love those eyes but now, it hurt him to just look at them. As Silver looked closely he could see dead filled eyes despite the emotions that were being shown.

"What is it? Are you still ill?" Lily asked as she looked over, Silver smiled at her as he held her wrists gently and spotted the gloves.

"I am fine... I just wanted to ask if you were able to keep the bangle safe" Lily blinked at him as she moved back slightly, confusion filled her face confirming Silver's suspicions about her now that Mikage had told him everything.

"Bangle?" Lily noticed his eyes darkened for a bit before returning back to normal, it left her baffled to see him act like that. Why was he angry? Did she do something wrong?

"It's nothing. Just... welcome back Lily" Silver sighed as he pulled her close once more in order to inhale her scent. Again he felt nothing towards her, nothing pulled him towards Lily and it made him sick.

"You should get some rest Lily, you have been through an harsh ordeal" Silver patted her head softly as he looked at her.

"I am fine, it's you I am worried about" Lily replied sharply making him smile weakly.

"I am going to rest so you had better do so as well" Silver flicked her head making Lily pout at the gesture.

"Meanie!" Lily smiled before pecking Silver's lips; next she stood up and looks down at him.

"I will see you in the morning okay?" Lily asked. Silver nods mutely before Lily leaves. His smile vanished and was replaced with sadness. Silver began to lay on this futon and began to think of something, it wasn't fair that this happened but he couldn't say anything. No this would destroy Lily, it would destroy everyone as well and that he could not do.

During the weeks Lily had started to become recluse towards everyone, which confused a few people both in the shrine and out. Silver on the other hand never complained, instead he spent his nights drinking and doing chores quietly. At times Mizuki would tease Silver about how he would not talk to Lily; Silver in return would just shrug in reply and say nothing. This annoyed Mizuki at how he was behaving but said nothing. Luca on the other hand was also at a loss of what to do. Silver and Lily would not open up to the other, and it mentally shocked the poor boy. It was as if going to the past changed their relationship for good, how was the question but he could not ask. It was not his place to ask. At one point Mikage had tried to assure the boy that they were just coming to terms about the past, Luca asked what had happened but was given this answer.

"Let them speak in their own time" was all Mikage said before leaving the stressed boy alone.

Kurama at one point had turned up one night for an unannounced sleep over. Once the tengu arrived even he was stupefied to see how distant the couple was. Kurama late on that night had tried to locate Lily in order to talk to her, however for a brief moment Kurama was sure that his eyes were playing tricks on him. Because in front of him was a skeletal corpse that appeared standing by the porch for a few seconds before Lily turned to looked at him.

"Is there something wrong?" Lily had asked softly, looking like she was lost in thought until he showed up. Kurama in turn replied that he couldn't sleep. Lily didn't comment, instead she walked away leaving him confused because of what he saw. Was it real what he saw? No it couldn't be, he was just tired. Yes that's right he had been working all day and fatigue must have messed with his mind. Kurama then began to go back to his temporary room while forgetting why he was out there in the first place.

Lily who noticed him leave frowned. She knew that what he saw wasn't an illusion... but she couldn't say. Not now. The girl clutched her chest tightly and frowned deeply as her eyes also became downcast. Lily was falling apart. She knew that it wasn't long now, but how could she tell them?

Knowing the truth had unknowingly sealed her fate. Mother will be saddened by this but there was nothing anyone could do. Mother created her to walk in her stead. All for a stupid mistake, it sickened Lily deeply to know how and why this happened and was about to lash out until a piece of a pillar had blown itself up beside the surprised girl. Mother did this, but she wasn't cruel no she loved her deeply enough to provide clues... clues?

Lily's eyes widened in realisation. That's it! She could do something, to make sure that this would never happen again! A smile of relief filled the girl's face as she ran to the entrance that would lead her to the World Over Yonder. As long as no demon would bother her, she could get back. And then it will be time to do the right thing.

Lily paused after entering the world. She could feel sorrow and dread leave a throbbing pain in her chest. It all made sense now, what was doing this, what had been the cause for her unease. It almost made Lily berate herself for not seeing it sooner.

"Wait for me, when it does happen. Read it and never stop until you finish the last page... it will be over soon... I just can't let anyone near us" Lily said with a determined expression. Immediately her eyes turned dark sapphire blue and had become slits. A smile graced Lily's face as she went to get the items that would help her.

During the week, Lily had been in her room and had kept everyone out to their surprise. Mikage was also confused. What was that girl up to? He hoped that she wasn't doing anything stupid. It would put everything Serena had risked in vain. It had definitely been a surprise to see Silver not only ignore but also looked at Lily with guarded eyes as she appeared. But who could blame him? Everything had been a lie and it was tearing him apart. Mikage watched his son as he began to unravel almost too quickly for the God to bear. He just hoped that a miracle would occur soon.

Lily faced a woman with long black hair that had been tied up by a long stick. She wore a long black dress that had large crescent shoulder pads while the middle had an eye laying sideways.

"This needs to be delivered safely the moment you see Me at the shrine once this is done" Lily said sharply. The woman took it carefully in hopes of making sure that nothing had been damaged.

"I will do what I can Lily. And the payment will be this Shikigami and this?" the woman looked at her with saddened eyes as she also held the cat in her hand.

"That I know... Yuuko, I will die soon and I want to make sure that this will never happen again. I cannot afford to see myself suffer again. It's too much and it will damage everyone" Yuuko nodded slowly.

"I understand and I will make sure that this will be reborn in order to aid you as well"

"No you need to give it to mother, she will know what to do with it. It was never mine to begin with, it was hers" Lily said softly. She looked at the cat one last time as it looked at her with longing, it didn't want to leave but it knew that it had to. For it's mother's sake.

"I will do as you ask. I am sorry for what you have to go through, I am sure that this was never easy for any of you" Lily smiled slightly at the saddened woman.

"Be sure to give the mirror as well. Alia will want to see me soon" This brought a smile on the both their lips.

"Your parallel selves are getting antsy. They want to help you"

"But how when-?" Lily stopped in order to recompose herself and opened her eyes. "You know" this they agreed on.

"I'll be sure to keep them in a safe location"

"Good luck... although it's odd that some people are practicing these methods" Lily said with a frown and tilted her head to the side. Yuuko smiled softly.

"I know, however your mother did this for a wish that is pure. The one who did what he did has done it for a selfish reason" and with that Yuuko left silently.

Lily looked round the place and smiled softly. She was going to miss this place, miss everyone but it was the right thing to do. It was best to do it silently and without prying eyes.

Spying her bag. Lily began to pack the necessary items before grabbing her bag. However the sound of knocking jolted her out of what she was about to do.

"Who is it?" Lily asked while trying to keep calm as her hands halted near her bag.

"It's me" Luca's voice caused Lily to relax slightly. It was just him.

"Is everything okay?" Lily asked.

"No, I just wanted you to know that Himemiko is hosting a tea party and she wanted to invite everyone" Lily paused, this was perfect. She could leave without anyone noticing.

"Sounds great"

"Do you want me to tell them you are-"

"I won't becoming however, I have homework to do so tell everyone to go without me okay?" Lily asked trying to sound chipper for his sake. However Lily could sense shock and unease.

"Auntie is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine Luca. Now go and have fun okay?" she sensed his reluctance.

"O-Okay... I'll see you tomorrow" Lily smiled guiltily knowing that Luca wouldn't be able to tell if she was lying or not. If there ever was a tomorrow for her at the shrine, it would be a miracle that was never happen. Luca after a few minutes had left the door leaving her with silence.

Lily swallowed before relaxing on her futon. They will be gone soon and then so will she.

Luca walked slowly down the hallway with a brooding look. Something was wrong with his aunt; he just knew and it was nagging at his sub consciousness. Something was going on and he wasn't sure if he was going to like it.

"Ooof!" Luca fell back after colliding into something hard. Immediately a hand grabbed onto his arm in order to help him stand up.

"You should be careful" Silver's voice broke Luca out of his daze. Silver looked slightly distracted as he looked at Luca, something was going on with Silver's mind and it was leaving Luca baffled. How and where did Silver learn how to block his mind?

"Something's wrong with auntie" Luca blurted out, he then noticed Silver's eyes darken from mentioning about her. But why? Why the sudden need to distance himself from her? Surely he liked no loved her so why? Nothing made sense anymore with them.

"I see..." Silver looked away for a bit.

"I'm not lying! I think she's up to something, she refused to see Himemiko as well" just then Silver's moved to look at Luca sharply, at that moment the young boy gulped at how wild and scary Silver's eyes looked. What was the cause of this?

"What would you have me do about it?" Luca gasped as he moved back from the kitsune. Disbelief was evident in his eyes as he stared at Silver.

"What is wrong with you?!" Luca asked him angrily. The red headed male looked away now feeling awkward. Of course Luca wouldn't suspect it. Lily was trying to prevent anyone from knowing. But Silver was no fool. Now that he knew it was almost as if he had awoken from a dream. It was terrifying to say the least but he wasn't going to be tricked again. "You love Lily so why-?"

"Loved boy!" Silver grabbed the boy's jaw before sending him against the wall. Silver could feel sweat running down his brow, it was killing him to keep this a secret but he had to. Knowing that the one he truly loved was too far for him to reach and yet was close enough to touch. It left him frustrated to the point that he would find himself sleep walking, once he had awoken from his slumber, he would see only before the Time Gate. Glowing in a mystical and yet mocking manner. Knowing exactly why he was there and yet showed nothing to aid him. But why?! Why was his soul being sent to the Time Gate?

"I do not love anymore Luca... it's an infatuation that has already passed" and with that the grip he had on Luca was gone. Silver immediately walked away from the stunned boy.

"You may lie to me face, try to hide your mind as much as you like but your heart cannot. It will not lie!" Silver stopped, the air almost left his lungs leaving him slightly breathless. "You love her Silver! Look I don't know why you are distancing yourself from her or what happened in the past but it will not make anything better! You're hurting each other" Luca said sharply. However Silver felt himself shaking with rage. How dare he? What would he know?

"YOU KNOW NOTHING BOY!" Silver sent a surprised Luca to the floor, Luca grunted as his arm was skinned from the impact. Seeing this left Silver horrified. That wasn't meant to happen, he didn't mean to do it... he just wanted Luca to stop talking. Without saying anything Luca continued to stare at Silver, who began to retreat to the other end of the hallway until he vanished from view all together.

"Stupid! Stupid! STUPID child! STUPID BOY!" Silver berated himself continuously for what he had done. He could not believe that he had raised a hand on Luca. In truth Luca was just confused because Silver had wanted to keep the boy in the dark. So how was that fair to take his anger and frustration on him?

Silver then stopped to realise that he wasn't anywhere near the shrine. Where was he? How did he get here?

"What are you doing here?" Asked a male who caught Silver's attention. He turned only to narrow his eyes the moment he realised who it was.

"Why are you here?" Silver asked coldly. Loez swallowed thickly before moving closer to Silver.

"Why do you look like my brother?" Loez asked softly. Silver's eyes widened in surprise before he moved backwards. What was this man talking about? Seeing that Silver didn't understand, Loez then began to clear his throat and looked at Silver once more. The kitsune paused once he saw the pain filling Loez's eyes.

"My brother had that look when he realised that someone close to him had died" Silver narrowed his eyes at Loez.

"You knew Lily was-" Silver didn't finish his sentence. He didn't have to since he was able to get the reaction he was looking for in the old man. Loez's eyes widened in horror as he searched Silver's eyes for lies, seeing that there was none left Loez's eyes to look down.

"I knew what my mother did was wrong-"

"No no no!" Silver shook his head in anger before glaring at the old man as he cut him off. "Is this why you were so cruel to her?" Silver roared in anger.

"What did you expect me to say?!" Silver faltered from seeing the pain in Loez's eyes. "I loved that little girl and now look what happened. I don't blame you because no one could predict what would happen. You must know that we only love once and then when they go, it destroys us to the point that only death is what awaits us. I wanted to tell you but I knew you didn't remember or know anything. Did you want me to be that cruel?" Silver swallowed before narrowing his eyes at him.

"What are you talking about?" Silver asked coldly. Loez sighed deeply before gesturing him to the house behind him.

"Get in doors will you fool. People are going to realise that you are a demon... damn idiot" Loez mutters before moving to the side. Silver frowns before walking inside.

Loez places a tea pot on the table along with some cups for them to drink from in the kitchen. He looks round the room before sitting down.

"My son and his brat will not be in for a few hours. This will give us some time to talk" Loez sighs before pouring himself a cup. "I don't drink sake if your are wondering, although given what's been going on Silver I wouldn't be surprised if I would be resorting to drink it... my foolish son wants me to live longer" Loez chuckles as he takes a sip of the tea. Silver watches him while frowning, so this was the man Lily resents? He just has an odd personality that almost reminds him of Mikage.

"Why would you do this when they aren't in the room? Are they not aware?" Seeing Loez pausing confirmed his suspicion. Loez looked at his cup before placing it down softly.

"I couldn't find it to tell them. It wasn't fair on them either" hearing this left Silver more sombre. "Luca doesn't know... does he?" Loez asked the silent kitsune. Eyes almost pleading him to say no.

"I... I couldn't tell him" Loez nodded slightly as he fiddles with the handle of his cup, he was relieved to hear this.

"He's such a bright boy, full of promise and he's what Lily would have been like. Except her ice powers would have been a force to be reckoned with" Loez chuckles as Silver looks at him. Tears were evident in the old man's eyes but were being forced to stay in.

"I have visions" Hearing this took Silver by surprise.

"I did not know"

"That I could have such a thing? It's rare like my twin who can hear things. I see things. It helped us have the other one's back... I didn't mean to push him. I just got angry with how he refused to see her for who she truly was..." Silver stood up sharply and was about to lash out had the eyes of the man not stopped him. They showed the same guilt that Silver had when he killed years ago.

"The vision Silver is inevitable..." Loez said softly before looking up at him.

"What vision?" Silver had a bad feeling that something was about to happen.

"Death..." Silver felt a lump form in his throat. This didn't sound good to him.

"Why and how?" Loez looked down once more.

"She's falling apart now that she knows..." just then a thought came to the old man causing him to look up. "Wait where is she now?" Loez asked as he stood up, he gripped the table slightly as he looked at Silver. Silver was at a loss of what to say from seeing this man act since he openly disliked Lily.

"She's in her room. She hasn't left in a while" Silver replied bluntly. Loez's eyes however widened in horror and began to move away from the table taking Silver by surprise.

"You can't be serious! She knows Silver! She will not stay here now that she knows!" Loez yells now moving towards the door. However before he opens it the man looks at Silver who is rooted to the spot.

"Silver, she is the last link. If she dies then everything my mother has tried to achieve is erased. All because of a wish" Silver's eyes narrowed in anger before rushing out the door to the house. Loez sighs as he looks at the exit. It wasn't right what his mother had done, manipulating the forces of nature. But she was known as the Goddess of Time and knowledge. She had her reasons and didn't interfere with anything unless it was necessary.

Loez had to chuckle at the irony, he wanted it dead but he still wanted it to live. Knowing that Lily would die if it didn't live left him miserable. Without wasting time Loez grabbed his cane before running out the house. He just hoped that the Gate was open. His mother always was a person to leave clues.

After checking that nobody was around, Lily began to escape via her bedroom door that led her to the garden. She didn't have much time before they would find out; but she had to leave for their sakes.

If it was important. She would have left a note for Silver but now wasn't the time. There was no need to leave such a clue. Maybe he did know who she was and had been distant because of it. Thinking that left Lily guilty, she never wanted to hurt anyone.

Lily spotted the stairs to the shrine and rushed with the bag strapped to her shoulder. They left a while ago so it would mean that they would be back in two hours or so, give or take. Her eyes went to the Time Gate that was still active to her relief, if anything were to happen. She would use her spirit to hold it open. She just prayed that her mother's wish would come to pass. However just before Lily could run past the torii gate. Her arm had been grabbed by something taking her completely by surprise. Lily's eyes widened in horror from who caught her.

"I should have known you would pull a stunt like this" Silver said coldly. Lily gulped before her eyes narrowed in anger, how did he get here? Why was he bothering her now? She immediately channelled her ice to her arm causing Silver to move his hand away to stop himself from being hurt. Part of him was shocked to see her act like this. What was she thinking?!

"Don't touch me fox! I have nothing to say to you" Lily hissed as she gave him a dark glare. Her eyes had become slitted once more taking him by surprise.

"Why are you doing this? Leaving without talking to us?" Luca's voice caught their attention. Lily felt her stomach drop. Kurama, Luca, everyone she knew minus Ami and Kei were standing at the door to the shrine. It was a trap, a lie just to get her out. She should have known and now it was too late to hide.

"What's going on Lily, please talk to us" Mizuki pleaded, it hurt Lily to see him like his. She was his master and a sister figure in his eyes. But she couldn't stop. She had to leave. Death was closing in.

"I do not have to answer that Mizuki, now let me pass! NOW!" Lily ordered Silver. Silver gritted his teeth in anger but was forced to move to one side. Lily nodded sharply as she looked ahead. Her hand clenched the bag strap as she took a deep breath.

"Lily please think about what you are doing" Lily almost groaned from hearing Mikage's voice. Only he would try and sway her.

"Lily talk to us please I don't understand, why are you doing this?!" Kurama asked now feeling upset.

"I have nothing to say. All I can say is that it's for the best" Lily barked angrily as she walked on.

"How? How is leaving a good thing?" Himemiko asked looking upset to see her friend act like this. This didn't make sense; none of this sudden change of behaviour had made any sense for that matter.

"I cannot say, just know that it's better this way... please, just don't go after me if you truly care about me" and with that she continued to walk until she crossed the torii gate.

"Lily don't go" hearing his voice made Lily stop and left her feeling guilty. She turned to face Silver and noticed his distraught look. She was not fool, he knew.

"You would stop me?" Lily asked coldly as she challenged him with her gaze. Silver narrowed his eyes as he stared back. No he will not back down this time. This had to be sorted now... in order to avoid Loez's prediction. They had to try.

"Lily please, just come ho-"

Lily suddenly grunted as she felt a sharp pain pierce her heart.




"Looks like you have let your guard down... Land God" chuckled a yōkai that they knew too well.




What just happened?

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