Fox and Ice

Chapter 14- Love Shall Bloom

Blood continued to drip from the katana that was positioned right through Lily's heart.

All sound at that moment had vanished before the sounds of anguish filled the entrance to the Mikage shrine.

Silver instinctively fired Foxfire at Yatori who screamed in agony before vanishing completely. Behind him was Kirihito who was just as stunned from what had happened that he had not moved an inch.

The reason he was here was because of a rumor, the same one who had spread the rumor that if a demon takes a bit of a Celestial Dragon's heart would allow them to gain eternal life. She had spread another rumor that the dragon's heir was someone who had been born as human; she would have the power create a doorway to Yomi. Whether that was true or not, Kirihito no Akura-ou would never want to pass up a chance to get his body back. He was getting desperate and began to have a sinking suspicion that Lily was the Celestial Dragon thanks to the aura her hair had given off. Her blood could open Yomi he had hoped it was true but now he was here watching her bleed right in front of him, did he realised that he had been deceived and he really hated to be lied to.

Mikage watched with horror as Silver rushed towards Lily who was standing still, the kitsune wrenched out the sword out of her and was about to grab Lily. However instead of falling from the injury, she was actually standing still!




At that moment Lily was in shock, still not knowing what had just happened. This didn't seem real. This ambush, the sword, the cries, screams even filled with pain consumed the air around her. They were not happening, just fragments of her imagination. Lily at that moment wanted to laugh and turn around in order to face her friends, if she could call them friends after what she discovered and immediately say 'very funny guys I am alive' but her body nor her mouth had any strength to move to her surprise.

Images of what happened before she was awakened for the first time left her with sorrow. To think this all happened because her 'mother's' granddaughter had given up the will to live. It was saddening to know she was born in order to help remind the boy that she cared for about the promise, but it was a sick and cruel thing to do. If he had forgotten then his heart would be saved but no. She was the exact image of the granddaughter, what she would have looked like if she was still alive.

Now the truth is out- that she 'Lily' was not normal, was not human...

"Lily-!" Silver froze from running; he couldn't deal with this again. Even if she was different, not human. She was still Lily and it left him sick with guilt. If only he had asked her where the real Lily was instead of avoiding her because of his resentment, if he had been more kinder and open towards her. Then she would still be alive, she wouldn't have had to deal with Yatori as his katana impaled her from where she stood. Taking everyone by surprise, no doubt that his real intention was to kill her.

"You knew that I wasn't real, right Silver?" Lily asked bluntly at a grief stricken Silver, his heart was beating this out of his chest as he looked at her with helpless eyes. The others watch in horror as they watched her body as it began to disintegrate into Sakura petals. They were also shocked that she had gained the ability to speak, even though her heart had been pierced right through. She should be dead but was still standing as her body started to vanish little by little.

Without warning memories back to when Silver had died began to surface, the first time when he had experienced death had left him shaking now that it was revealed to him. It all made sense now, those images of what the young girl had saw. The blood on the hand came in to mind, he was so close to figuring out what truly happened that night. Was it his blood that had been on her hand? But there was something that didn't add up. But the truth was that the Lily he knew, the one who he loved dearly had scarified her own time to save him. Because her feelings were strong, it saved him but at a price her existence had become endangered to the point that she would have vanished from all the timelines that were connected to her. However as a result a clone had been created by her grandmother, which had left as a reminder of how much the real Lily had cared. Even in the past, she was different but somehow familiar.

"The touch always made you shiver, how the ice would hurt you instead of comforting you. You knew that it was all an illusion" Lily's eyes began to water from sadness as the created wound from Akura-ou ally started to get worse. Kirihito's eyes widen in horror from seeing the body disintegrate more into petals and then dust. He was at a loss and had no idea of what was going on. What was she talking about?

"The girl you cared about... I was only a reminder. You knew I would never love you because your heart belonged to the real Lily" Silver gritted his teeth at the impostor who looked at him with Lily's eyes.

"The Lily you know is dead... but she is not" The clone said meekly as she forced her head to turn so she wasn't looking at anyone, her eyes looked down as tears ran down her cheeks. Hearing this information took them completely by surprise.

"What do you mean?" Kurama yells in anger, while at the same time had tried to fight the tears that wanted to come out. All this time she wasn't real and he didn't know. A part of him had a sinking feeling that his father knew about this. But how and why didn't his father say anything? All this time it was a lie... a bittersweet lie that was now coming to light, this dream was now vanishing before everyone's eyes.

"Lily made a wish to save you but at a cost... she lost everything" once the girl spoke of the wish, the bloody hand from the past immediately came to Silver's mind once again, only instead of his hand that was covered in blood... it was actually hers to Silver's horror. His ears had pinned themselves to his skull while his tail sunk in despair. Kirihito no Akura-ou turned to see Silver's face, he immediately saw how tortured his brother was and it made him feel something unpleasant.

"Please save the one I care about" The real Lily's words began to enter Silver's mind causing him to gasp; he sunk to his knees as he felt it become harder to breath. "Save him from his father" All this and for his sake, it was unfair to know that Lily had died and wasn't aware that he was still alive. Whether it was because of her or not, part of him knew that he had fought to live for her sake, in order to see her once more whether he was aware of her existence or not.

"I-In o-order t-t-to her-" the clone version of Lily continued to fight the urge to fade away; she had to tell him the truth even if it killed her. She turned to Luca who looked right at her with his eyes wide open. She nodded slightly knowing that even after all this, he still had her back. Because even if they were not blood related, they were family.

"To save her, you need to sever your bond with her. S-She cannot meet you any-" Before she could finish her message, the Lily that they knew vanished from their world completely. Silver's knees buckled on to the floor. Sever the bond? No he couldn't do that, he couldn't lose her again. Not after what he went through to meet her once more.

"I think auntie..." Kurama looked at Luca's sorrowful eyes as tears ran down the tengu's face "She erased herself in order to save him. She changed time so she never met Silver five hundred years ago" this made them feel like a hole had been placed in their hearts.






"Who are you?" a small girl's voice entered Silver's mind. That was when he first met her. The real her, he never did see her die but when he was in her memory, it had been foggy for a second, almost as if someone had tampered with it. Now he knew, someone switched the real with the fake just before anyone had noticed. But why? And how could he fix this?






"The gate!" his breathing quickened from the answer. It never did vanish nor was it in ruin, it was still usable. It was not too late change the past. He had to get to the gate and stop this from happening, was this what Lily's grandmother had planned from the start? She was giving him a way to the past? Silver hoped that it was true.

"Don't you dare" Kurama blocked Silver from moving. The kitsune looked up as anger began to fill his mind. Who did this tengu think he is stopping? Silver knew that he was running out of time!

"What are you doing?" Silver snapped. Staring down at the tengu.

"I know what you are up to, you can't change time" Kurama warned. Even he knew that there would be consequences to this. There was no way that the Timekeeper Serena would allow this.

"If it means saving her, I'll do it" Silver snapped as he tried to push Kurama to one side.

"Then what will you do then?" Kurama roared. "In case you have forgotten, you can't be sure whether it will help or destroy time"

"I can't live without her!" Silver roared back at Kurama who remained empty of emotions. Kirihito gritted his teeth. This was stupid, all this time she was a clone... the clone that even spared him even after knowing that he killed Umi, the real Lily's ancestor and even had said to him that he would have to deal with living within a human's body as punishment. Even now he regretted what he did and wanted to fix it. He had an unknowing part in ending Lily's life and now was the time to rectify it. Whether the demon wanted to or not.

"If anyone is going back in time, I need to do it" they looked at him with bewildered eyes.

"I did this! I killed Umi! I killed Lily by my actions. If I had known the girl was an impostor I would have made her talk" Silver glared at him with hate filled eyes, this startled Kirihito at how protective his brother was, even if that girl was a clone she still mattered to the kitsune. And there was no way that Silver would allow his 'brother' to even think about touching Lily, whether she was a clone or not. It was bad enough Akura-ou had killed Umi in cold blood; he refused to risk losing another. The clone did provide him with a clue... he could almost laugh knowing that the sly shikigami had sent him a message.

"Come and find me if you dare"

It was the real Lily no doubt, Silver could still remember how she would play and tease him slightly. She was always shy and polite though, she never aimed to upset him, no she only wanted to make him smile. Even if her presence had somehow allowed her to pass on the message so the shikigami could relay what she had wanted to say to him, it was growing weak by the second; he could still pick up an amused but innocent smile from those words.






"I will be waiting for you"

"No I have to finish this, you don't know where it was at... but I do" Silver looked away. Mizuki also knew about where it took place, he didn't say anything because he knew that this was Silver's battle to finish. But that didn't mean the kitsune wouldn't have his support.

"Don't throw your life away!" Luca yelled feeling agony enter his body once more in waves. "I lost auntie, I won't lose anyone else"

"But it's her time, in a way I stole it without meaning to" Luca faltered from Silver's words. Silver left the torii gate without warning only to see Mikage blocking the Gate of Time. His eyes were impassive as he looked at his adopted son. Was this the last time he would see Silver? Only Serena knew of this and might not be able to interfere after this.

"Silver, once you go through there-"

"I know Mikage, I won't see you again. Maybe I will but it'll be up to her grandmother" he noticed Mikage's eyes had become sullen. Truth rang in Silver's voice causing the blond haired God to nod slowly.

"I watched you as a child, even when you were cursed it truly hurt me to see you that way. Even now that you are going to go to a place that not even I can watch, I cannot follow because of Serena's influence. Just please, don't do anything reckless" Mikage pleaded as he looked at Silver. Blood once again filled the kitsune's mind; he wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. He had to do this.

Silver started to walk up the steps before touching the gate, after a few seconds it had started to glow a holy white light that blinded those who looked, it slowly began to reveal a pathway filled with gears and stars leaving him staring in awe. After taking a deep breath he entered it.

There was no bottom nor a floor that could be seen below him but Silver on kept walking regardless. By the time he reached the other side, he could now spot how different and yet how familiar the forest was.

Without wasting time Silver began to run towards the last place he remembered, his father's office area. Right there was where his younger self stayed at, the room where hardly any light entered. Already he could hear the screams and noises filling the air as he walked in order to stop himself from being lost. Part of him knew where to go given how his was feet guiding him to areas that left him shivering from memory, he remembered trying to escape this building a lot when he was younger. Within seconds his walking pace started to quicken as the time drew nearer to when the tragedy occurred. Lily was close he could feel it, the real one was going to die if he didn't hurry. Turning a corner led to a narrow passageway filled with light and darkness. He immediately spotted someone with a gun in their hand, who it was proved hard, they didn't show their face.

Silver followed quietly almost as if he knew where the person was going. His eyes widened at what was before him, there! It was this area where the death had occurred. Foxfire was already waiting to be fired from his hands in order to stop the person from killing anyone. He had to stop the death. Lily could be seen opening the door in order to guide his younger self out. Both had paused to see the stranger. However in front of them to their left was his father who glared at them with the same hatred that haunted Silver's mind. Silver for a moment began to piece things together on what was about to happen in front of him, but instead of allowing Lily to die.

Silver started to swallow thickly as the thought came to his mind, it was a cruel thing to do but he had to. If he didn't then they wouldn't meet, it was only a matter of time of thinking of a way on how to stop Lily from making that wish.

The sound of gunfire rang in his ears, it deafened him thanks to his sensitive ears but he moved quickly regardless of the how badly his ears were screaming from the pain. Instead of grabbing his younger self, he took Lily's body and shielded it from the fire. What happened next was excruciating for him. The sound of Lily screaming shortly after realizing what happened. It terrified him. Now looking behind him, he could see his younger self fighting to live as the bullet hit his chest. A bit of blood hit Lily after the impact, despite being in a bloody scene she tried to go towards him in order to help save her friend. However Silver stopped her by pulling her closer towards his shaking frame. She screamed at him to let her go until she sank to the floor, legs on either side of her as she cried. Blood smeared her face as she placed her clenched bloodied hands on to her face, covering her eyes as she wailed.

"SILVER!" she screamed in agony and in despair. His arms kept her in place as she cried. Hearing her screaming made his heart hurt from seeing her this way. But nothing was happening to his surprise. Instead his hand became see through much to his horror and surprise, he was disappearing? But why? Lily at that moment then tried to move now that his grip had slacked. Lily took the younger Silver's hand and cried as she placed his hand against her cheek. The silvery white bangle glittered from the dull light as it showed itself.

"Please don't die Silver! Please wake up!" Lily pleaded as tears streamed down her face. The younger Silver's eyes were dull as he looked up at her weakly. He wanted to move his hand, so he could place his hand in hers. He wanted to speak but found no words; his strength was fading fast to his dismay.

"Please live... please, I'll do anything" hearing her words tore at the older Silver's heart. Suddenly without warning a bright light shone from her body causing his younger self to glow and vanish instantly taking everyone by surprise. Just then the older Silver's body became solid once more as he watched his younger self vanish into bright particles of light. This was what she did to save him. He realized that her wish had sent him back in order to stop him from dying; through her own power she had unknowingly saved his life and gave him a new one. Silver felt tears almost run down his face at knowing that she did all this and had not idea of what it resulted in. However he could not relax, it was still dangerous to for them to linger. Without wasting any time Silver quickly pulled her into his arms once the child had vanished and left. Lily continued to scream as if she was dying instead of him. The sound of agony was becoming too much for him to bear as he ran. He could still hear the yells of his father but ignored it, her life was more important than having a confrontation with his tormentor.

"Lily... please don't cry" Silver spoke ever so softly to the girl, who in turn continued to cling onto his haori tightly. They made it out of the building safely before stopping at a nearby fountain and proceeded to sit down with her on his knee so they could rest. Surprisingly she was as light as a feather or maybe it was because he was yōkai he didn't know... his face however went red knowing that she was on his lap. Not once would he allow her to even sit there when he was younger. He would often complain about her weight in order to get her moody... yup he was very sadistic when he younger but Lily knew he was playing at times. What moved Silver was that she never abandoned him nor did she even think doing about it. That girl was a completely open book much to his amusement whenever she expresses her reactions to what was going on.

"He's gone... but why? What did he do to suffer like that?" Lily asked weakly now looking up at his pain stricken eyes. Her eyes widened for a bit before becoming downcast.

"Tell me please? Why did it have to happen?" Silver pulled her close to his chest and allowed her to cry once more; time slowed itself down for them as Silver continued to comfort the child.

"Lily, he will be alright. You... you did what you could to save him. The rest is up to your grandmother" Silver said softly while stroking her tear stained cheeks. This was the real girl he knew. Her skin made him jolt and her tears tugged more at his heartstrings. There was no way he could sever his connection to her, not when they were bound together. Promise or no promise.

"What has my grandmother got to do with this? It's my fault this happened" Lily wailed into his chest once more. Her cries were muffled from his haori as she clenched it. Silver rubbed small circles on her back in hopes of calming her down.

"No Lily, this had to happen... Please don't cry, It hurts me more than you'll ever know to see you like this" Lily suddenly looked up as she continued to cry as she took in his pained expression, she started to rub her eyes and frowned slightly.

"Why should it bother you? Who are you and why did you do that?!" Lily asked angrily. Silver at that moment had to laugh at her naivety. She really did not notice the similarities. But then again it made sense since she did just lose someone she cared about. Lily immediately pulled a face at him and glared.

"What similarities?" Lily snapped sharply, her question immediately caught his attention. Leaving shock to appear on his face.

"Did she just read my mind?" the kitsune asked himself mentally. What answered his question wad when he felt her stiffen, without thinking Silver moved his hand in order to touch hers gloveless hand. Lily immediately recoiled in shock and from fear of what touching her hand meant.

"Don't touch my hands!" Lily screamed now moving back so she was off him, in order to get her hands away from his. Silver smiled mentally at her response. This was definitely the Lily he knew. The one who always placed everyone's needs before hers? Lily continued to look at him with guarded eyes.

"Why did you take me away?" Lily asked weakly. Silver slowly knelt down at the girl in order to prevent her from being more spooked than she already was. Lily moved back once more in order to avoid his hand from going near hers; only he grabbed her hands softly so he didn't crush her tiny bones. Images of what they witnessed ran through his mind causing his eyes to flutter slightly. Only this time, her power didn't hurt him at all to his surprise. Lily however wanted to move away knowing that her power could potentially kill him. The poor girl wasn't sure about why she was determined to keep him alive, but was scared to even think about harming anyone. Silver on the other hand wanted to keep her safe, even if it meant pulling her away from himself for good. He could still see the dangers that would come after her and he couldn't protect her like he hoped. But a part of him refused to give up.

"Who are you?" Lily's startled voice caught his attention. Without warning Silver placed her hands on his the sides of his face and looked at her deeply. Lily began to squirm in his grasp, why was he doing that?

"Lily it's alright... I may be different but you can trust me" Lily stopped moving and looked deeply into his eyes. His hair and face almost reminded her of someone but who? Silver during the silence noticed the silverish white bangle that was decorated with rose coloured patterns as it rested on her wrist; he remembered that this was his mother's bangle. The one he gave her that night by the lake, he remembered they had made a promise. A promise to stay by the other's side no matter what, and to always be there for the other, Silver remembered they had made this vow just two nights before he died.

"I remember that bangle" Silver smiled softly catching her attention. She wanted to hide it but was unable to move, seeing how his eyes changed to show an emotion that created an even bigger hole in her heart. It reminded her of him. The one she cared deeply for. Even if she was too young to understand this feeling that made her want to stay with him, no matter what. His thumb began to trace the texture of the item on her right wrist making her upset at how he could touch it so casually. Silver's next words suddenly shocked Lily to her core.

"I promised you two night ago, that we would marry right?" Lily felt air leave her lungs. There was no way... it couldn't be him... could it? He was dead! She saw him die right in front of her; his skin was slightly warm as he was slowly dying when she touched him. He had suddenly vanished right into thin air which meant that he had died right?

Silver smiled before pecking her cheek softly, the exact same spot he had kissed two days before he died. He could feel her stiffen leaving him sad from knowing that she didn't trust him nor did she believe his words. It wasn't surprising since he was suppose to be dead.

"This bangle was my mothers" Silver commented softly now pulling her body close to his chest, so her head could rest on the crook of his neck. He could feel her tremble slightly in his arms.

"Who-who are you? Why are you saying such things?" Lily whined weakly as she looked at the side of his haori. Silver sighed deeply from what he would need to say to her; he hoped that the future would be saved if he altered a bit more of the past.

"I am sorry Lily, I am so sorry for putting you through so much pain. But do not sacrifice your life for mine. I couldn't bear it, knowing that you weren't there once I came back to find you" Lily shook her head sharply as she tried to see past the trick, he was lying, it wasn't possible.

"No! What are you talking about? Why are you doing this?" Lily started to cry again until Silver placed a hand under her wet chin and tilted her head up slightly, the kitsune saw pain and despair, disbelief even show up in her eyes.

Silver without warning slowly leaned in forward before closing the distance between them. Lily almost squealed in protest as she tried to get out of his strong grip, that was until images began to fill her mind. Images of a child she knew too well, only he had a tail and ears... just like the man before her. Again she tried to push back so she could get off of Silver; only this time he didn't stop her. Silver knew that she was trying to get a better look at him. Lily looked up with pouting eyes as she observed him; just having her stare like that left him slightly uncomfortable but kept calm nevertheless. Silver's tail moved slightly as he watched her. She was still distraught and shocked to see him sitting there before her. Almost like nothing had happened at all and that things like what they witnessed was normal to him. Lily placed her closed right hand against her chest as she looked at him with scared eyes.

"It's hard to take in... I know, but Lily I had to stop you. It's not fair that you would take your own life when I waited all this time. You have no idea of how much pain you caused, do you understand Lily?" Silver tried really very hard to not yell at the child, who in turn was left terror stricken as she realised who he was. However what also shocked her were the tears that had started to fall down his cheeks, at the same time he tried to wipe the tears away using his sleeve so he look at her. What also unsettled Lily was from hearing a sob that had forced it's way from his throat as he cried. Repressed emotions started to come out much to his dismay. Something happened next that had left him shocked. Silver looked down to see Lily, she started to hug his left arm as tightly as she could, Lily even placed her right cheek on his arm. She too was crying and began to feel completely guilty for making him sad in the first place. Silver felt his heart warm up from seeing her actions and proceeded to pick her up gingerly, this way he could place her head on the crook of his neck. They stayed like that for a while as he sat on the right side of the fountain.

"You can't stay here, it's not safe anymore" Silver concluded causing Lily to tremble from what that meant.

"I don't want to leave you again!" Lily cried as she looked at his face. Silver smiled slightly before pecking her forehead.

"If you live then we will meet again... you'll know where to find me" Lily nodded sharply with determined filled eyes. "Promise me that you'll live" again she nodded and tried to hug him despite the height difference.

"But uncle, I can't leave him" Lily said softly. This made him smile before standing up with her in his arms.

"Let me deal with that. In the mean time, try and learn to control your powers as well. You have a lot of people waiting for you when you turn seventeen. Come back here once you are at that age okay?" Silver asked while smiling at the young child. Lily smiled with a child like innocence that melted his heart. This girl had stolen his heart not once but twice, it left him slightly amused to know that she had affected him this whole time whether they were aware of it or not.

By the time they arrived at her uncle Satoru's home, she was fast asleep to Silver's relief. Silver wasn't surprised given what she had to go through but hoped that things would turn out better than before. He spotted her uncle rushing out the house with worry etched on his face.

"Who are you? Why are you with my niece?" the man asked now wanting to take Lily from this person he called a stranger. Silver kept protective hold on Lily taking the man by surprise.

"I need to tell you something" Silver said, eyes showing that he was serious.

"How do I know that you aren't going to hurt us?" the man asked looking skeptical at the kitsune before him. Even though this yōkai's mind showed that he meant no harm, it might have been a façade just to trick them.

"Satoru... please" the man faltered in shock from hearing his name.

"How did you-?"

"I need you to take Lily out of Japan, it's not safe here" Silver pleaded at the man while hoping that the man believed him. Satoru even now was at a loss for words.

"Tell me everything Silver" Satoru said sternly, Silver at that moment felt his own breathing had stopped. Satoru knew his name but how?

"Mother told me you would try and change Lily's fate... it pained me to know she could die tomorrow and I wouldn't have known" ah so that's it. Lily's grandmother did have a hand in saving them after all. Just thinking about it left him smiling with relief.

Silver went to take a seat on the opposite chair and began his tale once Satoru was ready. It was a long tale but Satoru never did once stop listening to the story, he could even feel the raw emotions coming from the kitsune as he spoke. It intrigued the man as he watched with guarded eyes. By the time Silver had finished speaking, the man was lost in thought for a while.

"I see... I believe you Silver" hearing that response took Silver by surprise.

"But how? A-and why?" the man smiled softly at him before giving him a warm father smile that made Silver feel at ease.

"You have your mother's kind heart. To know that you would risk your own happiness and existence just to save hers. I'll do what I can to protect her from harm until it is time for her to come back. As for you, you need to head home now. Seeing as you are still here means that the future is secure" Silver had to agree with him on that. He wasn't disappearing like last time, so does that mean she was alive? He wanted to stay with her but knew that he couldn't. His place was in his own time period. But it didn't stop him from being sad, after all he had missed out on so much of Lily's life that it left him at a loss of what to think and feel.

"If Lily asks, I'll tell her that you had to go home. It'll upset her but it is for the best" Satoru said after allowing Silver's mind to be at ease. The kitsune nodded meekly, part of him wanted to stay so he could know for sure that she was going to be okay but knew that it wasn't possible.

"Be patient" Satoru said before placing a hand on the male's shoulder. "It won't be for much longer" Silver knew that he had to go now or he wouldn't be able to stop himself from leaving. It wasn't fair, he had just found her and now he had to go so suddenly without having to say good bye.

"Don't get injured by your items, and keep your doors locked" and with that, he bid the man farewell and walked out the house without looking back. Satoru didn't even know what to say to that comment as he went back indoors. His eyes went to Lily who was asleep in her room, immediately he spotted something that was definitely not hers.

Silver's blue butterfly haori was being cradled by the sleeping girl.

As soon as Silver crossed the time gate, things began to feel different somehow. The kitsune began to feel as if he was forgetting something as he walked over to the shrine. But what was the question.

Meanwhile five hundred years ago during the time of when Akura-ou had continued to pillage villages and had created vast amounts of destruction in his wake. A girl who's named is 'unknown' had just saved child kitsune from death. But instead of taking him to a village that she had moved into temporarily, she immediately began to take him somewhere where no one will discover him. An elderly couple agreed to take him in and had also agreed to her odd request. The request was simple; to not tell the kitsune that it was her who saved him, nor had she come across him when he was injured. She also asked them to not tell him what her name at all; she will just be a fragment of his imagination if he did see her before he passed out.

After she was sure that they would agree, the girl immediately left the area without looking back as a dark cloak covers her form as she runs away from them. However what she doesn't know is that she accidentally left behind a purple old hairband by his bedside.

Before passing the child over, her hair band had been dropped by the door as she moved away. The couple assuming that this was from the boy's pocket, had placed it by his pillow as he slept shortly after giving him a peach pill elixir medicine. The hairband itself was old but still wearable, what nobody knew was it would soon be important as it contained her scent.

The woman sighed as she looked at the mirror.

"Oh darling... after all this, what am I going to do with you?" suddenly the woman was smiling as she watched the red haired young boy, who was in fact currently disguised as a child. He started to wake up with tired but confused looking eyes.


The End

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