Fox and Ice

Chapter 2- Bad Uncles and a Doomed Fox

Days flew by without pause. Despite the setback of having to endure Silver, who during that time had continued to force Lily by making her wear a pink cat hat. The hat also contained ears to make the situation worse and in her opinion proved a little too much for her to take. She also knew that people would make fun of her.

Much to Lily's dismay it left her slightly embarrassed to even be in the same room as the abomination called a hat. So in order to prevent the teasing from even happening she hid the hat in her bag, which had resulted in having to endure Silver's scolding once he caught Lily out. Ironically it was the same day she had forgotten to bring her lunch to college much to her dismay. The next day arrived and Lily had just returned home from college looking tired and flushed. While clutching her bag with as much strength as she could muster.

"I'm home" Lily yelled until she saw an angry Silver by the door.

"Still not wearing the hat?" he asked crossly. She eyed him angrily at the question and didn't even want to fight with a stubborn kitsune at the moment.

"It's against the rules and I refuse to wear something as stupid as that hat" she snapped before going to her room to sleep. Lily smiled as she fingered the soft fabric of her futon, it was nice to be home and was about to close her eyes from the euphoria that the bed had given her until...

"LADY LILY!" called Oishi causing her to shoot her eyes open in anger.

"WHAT? WHAT?!" Lily yelled sounding frustrated as she sat up. Oishi faltered as he saw her red eyes which were made from the lack of sleep. Lily checked the time to see that it was 7 in the morning. Not good, only two hours worth of sleep.

"There's a man at the shrine. Master Silver's asking him why he's turned up and replied that he's your uncle-" without warning she got out of bed shocking Oishi who ended up falling on the floor from the unsuspecting move. Lily's movements were slightly sluggish but her feet made loud noises as she moved.

"I'll deal with him now" Lily said harshly now exiting the room with anger in her voice. Who was he to turn up and why now bothered the girl as she walked.

A man with long grey hair was wearing a green jumper over his white shirt, he had a pair of green trousers and a pair of white shoes. The man held a bird like cane with his right hand and looked at the host with narrowed eyes. Silver was at a loss of what to do as he spoke to him. For the first time he felt intimidated from a human's dark eyes.

"I heard Lily lives in the shrine" said the man in a cold voice. Silver eyed him looking nonchalant.

"Yes so what-?" the grey haired man gave him a scrutinised look causing Silver to recoil slightly but remained standing. Not giving the man a hint that he bothered him, instead Silver's tail moved slightly as he watched like a predator. Trying to predict any foul play coming from the man but found nothing but resentment whenever Lily's name was mentioned.

"Tell me boy, have we met?" the man asked in a manner that scared Silver. The eyes pierced Silver's mind, almost daring him to lie, this left the fox uncomfortable.

"!!!" Silver almost asked what he meant by that. They couldn't have met, he would have remembered seeing the old man.

"Silver shut it and YOU! Go away!" Lily bellowed with raw anger that was evident in her tone. The man glared as soon as he heard Lily's voice.

"Show respect to your elders" the man scolded angrily.

"You're no uncle of mine! How dare you come and desecrate this place with your malice and stupidity!" Lily said in a cold tone. "And FYI my uncle is dead" she said harshly. Silver looked at the man and then at Lily in shock.

"They're related?!" Silver asked himself mentally as he observed them interact, it was clear by her reaction that the uncle wasn't welcome. The man sighed.

"I did it for your own good, I told that fool the experiments were not healthy and he ignored me. Now look at what has happened- he's dead" the man said harshly. Lily remained cold.

"And yet you didn't collect me, instead I was sent on to the streets to suffer alone. Some love old man" the man's eyes narrowed at her sarcasm.

"That's uncle Loez child. And I would of come sooner if I wasn't held up" the man replied while clutching his cane tightly.

"You never wanted me! I was too dangerous and you even gave the excuse that you had no time for children. Which in my opinion is funny since you have a grandson under your roof. Now here's what I want. Take you and your excuses and shove off! This is my home now and I live the life that I want, whether I live by your standards or not" Lily snapped. Silver watched them wordlessly alongside the spirit children. Loez's eyes narrowed angrily at her rebellious attitude.

"You are coming home. As your last relative who is even capable of taking you in, do as you're told"

"Home?!" Lily let out a dry laugh. "What home? With you? As if I want to go to your home! A pack of ants wouldn't want to live with you, not after you abandoned your twin in his hour of need!" Lily sounded hysterical to Silver's ears; she was breaking apart the longer this man stood in her presence. However what could Silver do? This was between them and he had no interest in getting involved either.

"So no, I will not stay with you" Lily said in a tone signalling that she wasn't going to budge.

"You will change your mind" the man said coldly as he looked at her. Why he thought that confused the fox as he looked at them.

"Uncle Satoru said no. He said to leave when you replied and I quote 'take care of your own problems. You brought this on yourself brother and I will not help a foolish man who goes looking for death' I know you wrote that when I found his safe" Lily growled angrily while she had her arms crossed. Silver watched her wordlessly, she was still trying to stay strong and didn't seem fazed by her uncle's words. Loez sighed.

"Just like Lacy, only she hid her grief well when her son died from his own power" Lily scoffed at Loez's words. This took the old man by surprise.

"Funny I thought his father killed him" she replied coldly. This took her uncle by surprise.

"And how would you know? You weren't there?" he asked tonelessly while masking his surprise. She couldn't have known about the incident, it was impossible.

"No but my mother was, she hid the body from anyone who would dare to look" Lily replied to their shock.

"To think a human would do that but why? It doesn't make sense" Silver thought while folding his arms. Loez was furious, what lies filled this girl's mind! She had no idea of what happened after all. Knowing that almost relieved the man but at the same time, it left him with repressed fury of the thought of knowing who the person was that gave her this knowledge.

"You had no right to know that!" Loez barked while gripping his cane tight, veins could be seen through his near paper thin skin. Lily could sense his fear but ignored it, instead she kept pressing at the scared man.

"The spirits don't lie and neither did mum. She sacrificed her life to save mine and I will repay my debt" Lily vowed with a determined look that almost made the old man falter. However his mind also went dark with anger. What the anger was she wasn't aware of. Why? Because his mind was closed off to her surprise.

"You're making a mistake" he said in a deadpan voice.

"No I'm embracing my fate unlike you. So please leave, my familiar doesn't like to be in dark presences for too long" Lily replied in a cold manner.

"People will scorn you when you show yourself to them. You always bring death to anything you touch whether it was an incident or not" Loez said softly before going. Lily scoffed before going inside.

"Stupid old fart" Lily huffed as she went indoors. She cared not if Silver or the masked spirits looked at her. It was her business not theirs.

Lily reached for her bag and began walking to the entrance of the shrine. Her shoes were near the door as expected.

"Just where do you think are going?" She heard Silver's stern tone coming from behind her. Lily sighed before she turned to face Silver. Now seeing his white haori over his blue hakama, Silver also wore a pair of white tabi and brown zōris, his sandals hardly made a noise as he moved towards her.

"College Silver, I have Interactive media class to attend to. I don't want to take any time off since it is assessment day in three days" Lily replied in a dull voice. Silver folded his arms and glared.

"You have responsibilities at the shrine. Drop out after all, it won't help you in the future" Silver said in a monotone voice. In truth he had no idea what the place was or what she even studied. However the kitsune wasn't about to let up. Lily pursed her lips before turning her head.

"No thanks, I can do it after college" Lily replied bluntly. She gripped her bag tightly while walking away, avoiding looks from Silver who was masking his surprise. Why did she always do that? She wasn't like other human women who were easy to bend, no Lily was something else and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not.

"You can do anything dear Lily, especially when you put your mind to it. Don't worry about me, just see where your dream of art takes you" the image of Lily's fallen uncle left a gaping hole in her heart, seeing him smiling as he laid on the hospital bed despite being in so much pain left her wanting to cry. She sighed miserably to herself as she walked on the pavement that lead to college.

"I promised uncle Satoru that I would do this, he even left some money so I could use it next year when I turn eighteen. I want to do this for him" Lily said with determination now burning inside her heart. A smile formed on her lips and she nodded with new found determination, ideas of what Lily wanted to do after graduating left her giddy. Some of the classmates were jerks to her, but Lily paid no heed. Instead thoughts of wanting to do something during her break time appeared in Lily's mind, it left her with possible ideas involving jobs that she could take on as a career. Lily walked by herself straight past the corridor after entering the college not caring that it was noisy. She could be an illustrator or a graphic designer, something that may benefit the shrine if possible. Although web designing was never her forte but that didn't stop Lily one bit. So why let some fox stop her from doing what she wanted to do?

Lily continued to stand alongside some of the people in her class, they waited for the teacher to arrive so they could get in and do work. The reason as to why they had to wait was because the door had been locked for security reasons, much to Lily's chagrin since she wanted to get straight to work once she arrived. Reasons for why the door was locked had been because of a few time incidents that occurred before she came to the college, the door at one time had been left open and some computers were damaged as a result. This meant that she had to deal with a few people she considered idiots before class, so in order to pass the time Lily had sat down by the door quietly and relaxed. A few were chilling out either in the refectory area or near the door. Lily on the other hand preferred being alone, so she placed a pair earphones in her ears and turned her MP3 player on. Lily almost nodded to the beat, this one was just filled with gibberish but the music complimented it. That was fine by her standards, since you didn't always need words that made sense to enjoy music.

"I heard we have a new student in the college" said a girl from the art and design department, excitement was all over her face. She had brown hair and blue eyes, her skin was pale and almost flawless as she wore a light brown designer jumper over her white shirt, she had a pair of brown boots that were underneath her brown trousers.

"Who is it?" asked a boy taking architecture. He had black hair and green eyes. The boy wore a black jacket over his blue jumper, the jumper contained a picture of a troll with some writing on both top and bottom of the picture. He also wore a pair black trousers and laced up trainers.

"Why Kurama the pop star of course!" the girl said with glee. A few girls gushed with excitement while Lily just ignored the noise and continue to enjoy her music, while the girls on the other hand gushed about the pop star. How vexing and it was barely ten in the morning.

"What subject is he taking?" asked a strawberry blond girl. She had brown eyes and had a green dress on which had been tied tightly to her waist by a brown belt. She had knee high brown boots. She took graphics and like everyone else wore her Id around her neck.

"So Lily rumour has it that you are homeless! Is it true?" asked a blond haired boy with green eyes. He had a white shirt and black trousers, white socks and black trainers. Lily almost scoffed since he always made it his mission to tease and make her miserable, people looked the moment the boy opened his mouth. Some giggled and gossiped about Lily, not caring about her whether she was listening or not.

"Hey! Lily!" The boy called now poking her shoulder.

"If you have a death wish then stop pocking me Joseph Mcpainmealot!" Lily said as she turned to glare at him. He shivered while looking back at her angry look, Joseph also noticed that her music play had now been paused. The teen backed up before grinning as he put his hands up almost signalling that he was surrendering.

"Still is it true? I heard your uncle kicked the bucket and his brother sold the house" Lily's eyes almost went wide from shock, damn gossipers.

"I have you know that I am living somewhere very comfortably thank you, so do leave me alone please" Lily said coldly.

"Oh come on Lily, we all know that's a load of lies-" smoke appeared near the door taking them by surprise. A male with reddish brown hair, wearing black eyeliner that brought out his grey eyes. The male had pale skin which stood out as he walked in a white shirt, black trousers and black boots.

"Hello ladies, the Fallen Angel Kurama has entered the building" the male said in a over enthusiastic but charming manner as he smiled at everyone. The girls minus Lily swooned and cried out with glee. Kurama looked around the love struck girls with a smile on his face, his eyes stopped from noticed Lily and Joseph who were in one corner by the door. Lily just scoffed before turning on her MP3 Player so she could drown out the noise.

"How utterly pathetic" she thought angrily. Lily's face showed that she didn't care one bit for the pop star. Kurama however walked over towards them suave manner and smiled at the pair.

"Hello you two, how are you this fine morning?" Kurama asked with a wide smile.

"Fine" Joseph replied smiling back while Lily remained attuned to the music, she didn't give him so much as a glance taking them by surprise. Kurama blinked at how easily Lily gave him the cold shoulder, just as he was about to tap her shoulder he received this reply.

"Touch me and I will break your hand" Lily who had her music on loud had to raise her voice, this action had everyone around her looking at their direction. Girls glared at Lily for being rude, sighing to herself she pressed paused, It allowed Kurama to notice her MP3 player as it rested on her hand. Now realising to his surprise that she wasn't listening at all, it was rude but it interested him to see such behaviour.

"My apologies, I was only saying hello-" Kurama paused to see her frowning. Lily didn't like this guy one bit, aura wise he was not a very good person. Meanwhile Kurama was starting to develop an interest for the girl, who was she to treat him like that while every girl fawned over him? It didn't make any sense.

"Pop star or not, I do not give royal treatments so beat it. Your fan girls are getting restless" Lily said bluntly before pressing play again.

"So you're interested in music?" Kurama asked as he tried to get her to talk to him, unfortunately he saw Lily raising the levels of her MP3 player which meant that the discussion was over. The idol almost laughed at her behaviour but didn't retaliate.

"Oh well I can't have every girl's heart but at least I have you lovely ladies" Kurama said with a smile, as he moved towards the happy girls who turned back to him.

"By the way!" Lily called catching his attention, he looked back to see Lily pursing her lips and glaring darkly at him. What could she want with him now?

"The music department is outside, not inside so do remember that" Lily said curtly before turning away once more. This took him by surprise and left the male smiling.

"Oh ladies who will guide me to the music room?" Kurama asked in a sing song voice, almost every girl cried out for his attention as a result. Lily rolled her eyes as she scoffed again catching Joseph's attention.

"That is unexpected" Joseph said looking stunned.

"Shut up the teacher is here" Lily said now standing up, she brushed dirt off her black knee high dress, the sleeves were up to her elbow so she had a white thermal top under it in order to keep her warm. Next she had a pair of black leggings that were up to her upper ankles and black ballet flats. Lily took her black bag up from the floor and hoisted it onto the right shoulder in preparation for going in. Lily pushed her long fringe back while the rest of her hair was in a tight but messy bun.

Silver watched the room Lily was in with a bored expression, watching her was tedious work. However he was slightly interested to see how she handled this Kurama, almost amazed to see that Lily was one of the only one people who didn't go after him.

"Master Silver is everything okay?" Dai asked as he floated beside Silver. The male sighed before leaning back on the tree, while holding a cup of sake in one hand.

"Bored, what is so great about this 'college' anyways? It's just a building with strange objects, even Lily uses a thin version of those items at home" Silver asked, he briefly remembered Lily bringing a man to the house in order to install something called 'broadband' it was annoying to say the least, since the shrine didn't need any cables connected to it. Not to mention she did it without permission or even bothered to ask him about whether it was okay to do that.

"Silver! I am only installing broadband since there's no internet here. The cables are ten miles away from the shrine so it's just the box that is needed" Lily replied sounding tired after spending a day trying to explain modern technology. Lily earlier on had brought in an extension cable using some of the money that had been placed in the offering box. By using the cable she could put the plug for the laptop and TV, this way they didn't have to keep without taking the plugs in and out. Still Silver had no idea of what to make of this 'box' she called broadband. During the times it was after dinner or when she came home, Lily would always go on the thin item she called a laptop. It was odd and had buttons, the screen almost blinded him when he first looked from behind her shoulder.

"Why do you have to use that a lot? You have responsibilities at the shrine" Silver remembered asking. Fan by his face as he looked down at her.

"I just have homework that needs to be done as soon as possible, please just let me finish this and I'll do it I promise" Lily pleaded, however as soon as he went to check up on her later on that night. Lily had fallen asleep around eleven at night with the laptop still on. Silver being curious took the laptop from off the floor and looked at it. Testing the item, he pressed a button which had an empty looking box. Pressing what looked like a letter it appeared to his surprise and an arrow showed up. He tried to press another and a letter showed up, next Silver spied the lower part of the laptop which showed a large square thing. He tapped it and the laptop screen shook to his surprise. Not once did the screen change to the kitsune's surprise. Was it suppose to do that? And how was this homework? Silver frowned at it before closing the lid down like he had seen her do. He then tucked the sleeping girl into her futon, which in itself was a chore since she slapped him a few times when he had picked her up wrongly.

It didn't make sense but he might as well ask her when she comes home. Although Lily did look like she was struggling with the bag. Was it heavy?

"Wait why do I care? She chose to carry such a heavy load" Silver muttered, then again it was the duty of the familiar to help his Mistress. That itself didn't sit well with him, why did he even kiss her as well? Silver knew that he could be living a life of freedom with no Mistress to tell him what to do. But imagining the cost of freedom meant that a life would have to be sacrificed for that goal, he never cared about anyone so why bother with this girl?

Because Mikage sent her there, surely that would be enough to mean something. It did but it didn't go well with Silver one bit. Yes he was thankful for the man more than he'd ever admit, being a God that he was took in someone with no memory. He would never forget that one bit.

Silver spotted Lily typing and moving something on the screen, ugh even looking at it gave him a headache! How can she even tolerate it? What was she doing?

Silver watched her put something in her ears and did some more work. He definitely saw those things before but didn't know what they were.

Lily began enjoying herself as she listened to some music that had been saved on to the computer. The Mac was a little complex but it took some time in getting use to. Lily as she worked could hear some girls in her class swooning about Kurama quietly in order to prevent getting themselves into trouble, the boys even spoke to each other about Kurama, she could even hear them praising him for having such a gift. Lily however just ignored it, it was a waste of time to think about boys when work came first. She finished the landing of her building on a software called Cinema 4D, it was a little hard but she managed to get it done. Now all that was left was the background, colour and lighting for the area.

"Miss Hikari" a person beside her caught her attention, it was a mousy boy with black hair and blue eyes. He was also working on a building as well, without speaking he passed her a paper note. Eyeing it Lily nodded her thanks and opened it.

"Miss Hikari

Meet me on the roof at lunch. I'll be waiting to see you


Lily narrowed her eyes at the name before looking at the window behind her, she tried to relax and take in the view, Lily at that moment wanted to rest her eyes, now feeling the stress of work and from continuously looking at the screen without breaks. Lily stiffened from seeing something unexpected. Her skin almost went pale.

"What the-?" Lily whispered in shock now realising that Silver was watching on the tree with Dai by his head. Lily looked at the note and ripped it into small pieces before laying them on the table. She was going to bin it later since there was no way that she'd meet the arrogant fool. Silver however just looked at Lily with a bored expression, almost as if saying that this was her fault that he was here. Lily just turned her head in order to work. There was no way that she would leave this work undone, unless she wanted Silver to start barking at her for shirking her responsibilities. That was something she refused to deal with.

To the girl's surprise no one noticed him, was he invisible to others or did they not care?

By the time lunch started, Lily chose to go stay at the library in order to relax and skipped lunch. Purposely ignoring the note after binning it. She felt a sense of satisfaction for rebelling against the pop star. Lily knew for a fact that she was no dog, refusing to listen to his whim just because Kurama felt like it. He had most of the school at his beck and call so that was that.

Boys in her opinion were so last season since most of the male population left her resenting them. Some even took advantage of her naivety, saying they want to be their friend or that they wanted help before turning round and hurting her emotionally. It stung but lesson learned.

Lily placed her earphones in her ear and began to play the music from earlier. On the MP3 player the words on the screen said Levaan Polkka by Miku Hatsune Vocaloid, music began blaring in her ears leaving the girl with a sense of positive energy. The tune was bouncy and the words were gibberish but it was the feel of wanting to dance left her almost head banging to the song. Lily was sure that Silver almost caught her dancing silently to the music in her room, however he didn't bring it up nor did she play the music without the earphones. The last thing Lily wanted was Silver telling her off for the loud noise.

Checking the time on the phone, she noticed that it was nearly time for class. Lily grabbed her bag after logging out and went out the library room, only to have Kurama blocking her route much to her dismay.

"I missed you upstairs" he said with a flirtatious smile, "you really did upset me by leaving me waiting" Lily just went past him with music being played loudly in her ears still. She was not going to give Kurama the satisfaction of getting to her one bit. Lily even skipped lunch just to stay away from him.

"Hey wait up" Kurama called now rushing to catch up. His eyes spotted a long wire near her dress which could be identified as part of the earphones. It almost made him laugh to know how she was ignoring him.

"So she's just listening to music. The girl must think that I will let her get away from me, even when I know that she's a Land God" Kurama smirked as he formulated a plan to get her alone. After school was perfect since she would be by herself.

Kurama spotted girls watching him and waved at them. It was almost so easy to bend them to his will, the fallen angel persona even helped his popularity as pursued his singing career.

As Kurama followed Lily to her classroom, they remained silent until she went inside and not once did she look back. Kurama just watched from a distance before going to his classroom, a hidden smirk formed on his face.

After college Lily had just passed the market place and proceeded to walk through the park. The walk was almost peaceful and left her admiring the area around her, after all nothing was the same after a day had passed right?

Sadly her journey had to come to an end the moment she spotted Kurama, who stood by the exit she was heading towards. Lily pursed her lips in anger from seeing him, he was getting on her nerves and she felt something inside her wanting to come out. However instead of lashing out, she tried to remain calm, the last thing she needed was to cause a scene.

Already Lily could feel something making a crackling away at a distance, her eye caught a frozen flower to her dismay. She had to get home and soon before things went out of hand.

"Hello there Lily Hikari" Kurama greeted with a smile and waved at her, almost mockingly to her dislike.

"Why are you here Kurama? Surely you should be going home now and I want to finish my homework" Lily drawled sounding tired. Kurama just kept smiling.

"Why Land God don't tell me you're exhausted already?" Lily stiffened, what did he just say? How did he find out?

"The fun is just about to begin" a smirk appeared on his face before charging at her, black wings sprouted from his back taking her by surprise.

"A tengu?! But why is he after me?" Lily dropped to the floor in panic and looked round. She was left winded as the heavy bag made the girl fall twice as quickly. Lily prayed that her laptop was okay from that abrupt fall before trying to get up.

"What's wrong Land God? Surely you can fight back-!" Kurama moved back in time to avoid a blue fireball that was aimed for him. He looked round to see where it came from.

"Picking a fight with my Mistress? Shame on you tengu" Silver said with his arms folded, Lily turned to see a climbing frame where Silver stood watching passively over the pair.

"A fox?!" Kurama cried out before seeing Lily stand up. She picked her bag up silently looking like she didn't have a care in the world.

"Take your time why don't you! Seriously I have homework to do, so unless you don't want me doing my duties Silver you had better show up early" Lily spoke coldly. Silver grunted now looking at her.

"I told you to wear the hat so don't blame me" Silver shrugged, Lily just sighed at his behaviour and went off.

"Where are you going?" Kurama moved towards Lily, however the tengu immediately moved away from Lily as a fireball almost hit him again.

"I didn't say that I was done with you bird brain" Silver's mood darkened from seeing Kurama.

"I never expected that girl to tame a fox, tell me why do you put up with her? Wouldn't it be better to let me devour her heart so I can become the new Land God, who knows you could be my familiar" Kurama grinned. Silver stood watching Kurama, he really didn't like the crow one bit.

"As much as I want to be free from the girl, I don't think I'd ever want to serve a lowly crow. However" Silver paused now opening his eyes. They were slit like signalling that he wasn't happy taking Kurama by surprise. "You tried to harm Lily so you've made it personal" Silver's tone darkened. They began fighting shortly after that neither giving the other an edge.

"Looks like having Lily as my mistress had become interesting since filth like you are popping up like bugs" Silver grinned as he took out his wooden umbrella to avoid Kurama's attack.

Once arrived at home Lily immediately took her shoes off before walking towards the inner part of the shrine.

"I'm home" Lily called out in a tired voice.

"Welcome home Lady Lily, how was college?" Dai asked as the spirits rushed over.

"It could have been better" Lily replied weakly, She was desperate to drop the bag as she juggled the weight of the item, the bag had been switched from her right shoulder to her due to a bruise from her recent fall.

At that moment Lily just wanted to her futon and sleep off her fatigue but no. She had work to do and then the shrine needed her. She paddled on the floorboards to the area where people prayed and spied the books nearby. Lily picked up one and smiled. Even if it was slightly deserted, people however still believed that a God existed. Lily too was religious but only believed that one God existed. In truth she was only part Japanese and the rest of her was English. Lily had been born in the United Kingdom before moving to Japan with her Uncle Satoru, who in turn wanted to have her live a peaceful life from the age of four. Lily remembered the trouble her ears caused, hearing the thoughts and feelings of others left her with constant headaches.

It got to the point that she would drop out of reception and stay at the infirmary in order to sleep, her mind always swam when things got to much. Not once did she gain friends after that. Sure she did have two friends, but one of her aunts suggested moving to a rural area of Japan in order to help Lily ease into her powers. It was their heritage and that was why her aunt once suggested it, that and it would do her some good. At first it felt nice to be there but the headaches still kept coming to their dismay. Lily almost had to drop out of school except her uncle spoke to the head teacher, explaining that she was sensitive to the noise in the room. At first the head teacher was puzzled until he saw her in a class full of students. The head asked her what was wrong after taking her to the infirmary. Realising that she was sensitive to noise whether it was quiet or not, the head decided to have her both home schooled and tutored in an empty classroom. Away from praying eyes, sadly this just led to school children bullying her for being different.

While she stayed at home, Lily would often draw and wanted to observe her uncle at work. It left him happy to the point that he would show her things as long as she watched silently. He was a scientist and worked on machinery. Lily admired him, seeing him tinker with machines. Seeing how magical they appeared to her. Lily however never touched nor interfered with anything in the lab because it was dangerous, sadly two years ago provided her with a fear for the lab.

One day she was returning from school only to hear silence in the house. Curious Lily went to her uncle's lab which was situated in the basement, her heart plummeted and a scream filled the air with dread the reality of what happened entered her system. Her uncle was lying on the floor with a massive cut on his stomach. Blood was flowing and his face was pasty white, sweating as he tried to stay alive but had not strength to move. Lily rushed upstairs to call an ambulance and went back down to pull him away from the item. Lily never did know how he ended up that way. But it haunted her to this day, thankfully though Lily had applied enough pressure on the cut to stop him from dying. The injury was only half an hour old so he had a chance. Or so she thought, her uncle despite being stitched up developed an infection and couldn't work again. Her uncle Satoru spent most of the time in bed at the hospital, even when he protested that he was fine the doctors had ordered him on complete bed rest. Her uncle at one point was finally allowed to come home since he refused to put her on child services. The infection crippled him so much that lifting things became a problem. There was no cure for the infection and it was a living nightmare for Lily, just knowing that he could die at any time and there would be nothing to stop it.

Seeing him suffer for a year affected her slightly emotion wise, she was too tired to speak to anyone least of all her teachers. Not long after he was immediately rushed back into hospital. He never did come back out after that. Lily wasn't able to say good bye that night as the doctors and nurses moved her away from the room. Last thing she remembered was seeing him seizing up on the hospital bed before waiting outside for news, only the sound of a low flat lining sound filled her ears as soon as the door opened. Lily wanted to cry and scream... but nothing came out. No a single sound. Emptiness filled her body as the only person she called a father figure was now gone from this world.

His twin never did bother to come, nor visit. They were the opposite of one another, one kind, the other cold as stone.

Lily's room almost left her suffocating from the memories to the point that she left the bag near her bed. Keeping the book of prayers in one hand, Lily made a beeline towards the door and went to sit on the porch in order to get some air.

"Silver's taking long" Lily pondered as that thought came to mind. What an earth was he doing to the fool anyways? Shaking her head, Lily opened the book in order to ease her mind. The wind was delicious and fresh as she inhaled the clean air. Lily was unsure on why the area around her left her at ease but didn't complain. A smile blossomed on her face as she read. The first prayer made her happy, such a thoughtful child wished for his mother to get well.

Ten minutes passed and Lily was on the forth page, now feeling at ease and the spirit children sat beside her as she read.

"Silver's handwriting is better mine so I can read it more easily. I should thank him for that" Lily noted now turning a page. Feeling the spirit children's joy on praising Silver left her smiling.

"Silver does try hard but it's a shame that his attitude stinks, he could be more friendly and it might attract more friendly spirits and people alike, maybe" Lily mused until a disturbance near the market caught her attention, the air was restless and full of fright. Lily had no choice but to drop the book on the porch and stood up.

"Lady Lily?" Oishi asked now standing up with Dai.

"Stay at the temple, something's wrong near the market area" Lily said now slipping of her seated area. The grass made a soft crunching noise as her bare feet touched it. The soft blades ticked her feet leaving Lily giddy before sprinting off.

"Come back soon" Dai called now watching her go towards town via the stair route.

"I hope she'll be okay" Oishi said while looking at his brother spirit.

"Me too, it'll be sad if something were to happen to her" Dai nodded in agreement.

Lily rushed down the stairs to the streets barefooted, ignoring how dirty they were getting and focused on getting to the market area. So far there was no smoke or damages so far which might be a good thing, right?

"SQUAWWK!" A giant bird cried loudly catching her attention, immediately she moved backwards to avoid the source of the noise, this caused Lily to fall onto the floor, elbow scraped from the fall but the pain wasn't being registered to her mind or body.

Lily instead looked up to see an ostrich running for it's life as a fireball which could be identified as foxfire chased after it. Lily's eyes went wide from shock.

"First of where did that ostrich come from? And second why is there foxfire chasing it?" Lily asked herself as she assessed the situation. The ostrich fell on the floor by a building before getting back up again in panic. However Lily shot up so she was sitting on her legs while her hands were on the floor. A feather necklace was around the bird's neck catching her attention, where had she seen that necklace? And why was it even wearing it?

An image of Kurama entered her mind startling the girl to the spot. Lily started shaking with fury as she started to get up but in a shaky manner, oh she was mad now. Seriously?! Silver just had to turn the guy- tengu or not into a bird! Complete overkill.

Lily now standing up, glared at the scene being played out before her. The ostrich changed course quickly so it was now running towards her. Taking a deep breath Lily opened her mouth not caring if it crashed into her, the bird can wait.

"SILVER!" Lily bellowed in fury, without warning the bird was forced off its feet and landed on the floor. It looked completely dazed as it looked at the sky. Silence echoed in the area and almost no one made any sudden noise or movement. Not after hearing that loud voice as it broke the mood of the surrounding area.

"Silver get here right now or so help me there will be problems!" Lily yelled causing Silver to flinch as he stood from afar, he immediately stood before her and watched Lily as she pointed to the bird.

"Care to explain why this bird has Kurama's necklace?!" Lily snapped at a stunned Silver, surprised to see her angry.

"Mistress I was only-" Silver tried to smile proudly at Lily until her look silenced him.

"NO! You WILL bring the bird to the shrine so we ALL can have a nice LONG chat about what you two were thinking- WHEN YOU DECIDED TO PICK A FIGHT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!" Lily roared at the stupefied duo. Lily then turning her body away from him leaving him almost stuttering from how angry she was.

"NOW!" Lily ordered without looking back. Silver looked at the terrified ostrich before hoisting it up, this wasn't going to end well. However Silver did notice that she came to town without shoes the moment she started to walk away, they were filthy to his shock.

"Did she just run all the way from the shrine?" Silver gave the ostrich a bewildered look before following.

"What the hell you two? What the actual hell?!" Lily began scolding the pair, Kurama was laying on the floor while still in ostrich form. Silver on the other hand was looking at her weakly, fake tears ran down his face while holding a handkerchief to his right eye.

"Mistress Lily, surely this crow had to be taught a lesson-" Lily's icy look froze him to the spot.

"I don't want to hear it Silver!" Lily exclaimed angrily as she held her hand up. Silver closed his mouth after hearing her snappy remark.

"Honestly what if someone saw!" Lily gasped with eyes wide open from the thought leaving the males looking at her. The spirit children sat beside her without another word.

"Oh hell no what have you two done? Think of all the mess you've created with your reckless behaviour! Seriously hardly anyone comes here as it is and you two are stirring up trouble! No, not just trouble but more needless problems! Honestly you two are grown ups... well practically grown adults, how about acting like it for a change instead of acting like a bunch of tough guys who like stirring up trouble! Am I making myself clear?" silence echoed in the room. Both males were too frightened to speak after hearing her scold them in such a manner. Seriously how old was she and did she even know that they were yōkai? And yet she had the gals to lecture them? Silver was alarmed also, just enduring this reminded him of when Mikage lectured him about how to behave around humans.

"Am I or am I not clear you two?!" Lily yelled before hearing a yes from Silver and a caw from the ostrich. It almost made Lily relax but she was too stressed and wound up from the ordeal.

"Now you two! Apologise to one another and change him back Silver" Lily said looking annoyed while her arms were folded. Part of her grimaced at how her dirty feet were to the point that they left dirt marks on the floor. However part of her cared about being clean and knew that she could easily clean her feet once she was done with them. Deciding that Silver would have to clean it as punishment went to mind.

"But Mistress Lily, I was thinking of having him for our dinner-" the ostrich squawked in fear as it looked at him, while at the same time Silver's smile grew wide as a result of seeing Kurama's reaction. Lily wasn't amused.

"Did I say that I wanted to eat an ostrich?! NO! So apologise and change him back- BOTH OF YOU HAD BETTER MEAN IT!" Lily roared at them now standing up. Her messy bun fanned around her neck, leaving the males looking at her appearance. For a Goddess she was a mess and being very angry left them almost shivering in fear. It almost made them both come to the same conclusion that making a girl angry was never a good thing to do.

Silver and Kurama looked at one another before muttering apologies to the other.

"Hold it on the changing him back" they both looked at her as she gave them the angry parent look. Lily kept sitting and looked at Kurama, who in turn tensed up.

"Now Kurama, you had better not come after me, especially when it comes to my powers again. Am I clear? No one likes being hunted down for power and eternal life it's just plain rude" Lily warned him lightly, Kurama nodded weakly with tears in his eyes. He was so sure that he was going to die but Lily stopped that from happening to his surprise, and she didn't even like him either. It looked like he owed her a favour for that and to think that Lily could have ended up holding a grudge against him, especially for trying to eat her. Not that he blamed her. Lily could have easily had him killed off by her fox familiar, but to Kurama's surprise she didn't and it intrigued the tengu. Guess that was a mistake after all, to judge a book by it's cover.

The lass wasn't so bad after all.

Lily nodded now gesturing for Silver to continue, Silver grumbled in reply had changed a stunned Kurama back using a leaf.

"I-I'm back! I thought I was done for" Kurama cried until the sound of coughing made him stiffen. And it wasn't just him that stiffened, Silver too sat rigid from his spot as Kurama glanced at the fox discretely.

"Well boys" she drawled crossly. "Did you both learn your lessons?" they nodded, both unable to comprehend on how humiliated the other was feeling.

"Good now Silver it's dinner time, I have homework so call me when it's done. As for you Kurama" he looked up at her now wondering what she wanted.

"It's late so stay for dinner and then go home" Lily said knowing that no one has had dinner yet. She stood up after a few minutes, once she was sure that no one was going to cause problems and looked at the males briefly, who were either half laying on the floor or sitting. Lily then began to walk out of the living room in order to wash her feet in the bathroom area. The males however were still in shock, did she just invite the one who wanted her dead for dinner? That was not something they expected one bit, it was almost laughable to a certain degree. If someone had told them that this was going to happen, they would have thought that the person had gone completely crazy and yet here they were.

"Hold it!" Silver called sternly. Lily looked back coldly while the tengu looked at them wordlessly.

"What is it now?" she asked angrily as she folded her arms.

"Your foot is bleeding" Lily and Kurama looked at her feet to see nothing. Sighing to himself, Silver slowly stood up and made his way over to Lily before scooping her into his arms.

"H-Hey!" Lily cried out in shock from the sudden move.

"You're left foot is bleeding" Silver explained now sending the stunned Lily to the bathroom area.

"I can walk" Lily replied hastily until he placed her down so she could sit on a stool without falling off.

"My job is to make sure that you are safe" Silver's words left her quiet. Seeing that she wouldn't reply Silver made his way to the sink while rolling up the sleeves of his silvery white kimono and took a bucket from it's resting place. He filled it with warm water and took a sponge that had been placed by the side of the sink. Silver made his way back and picked her left foot up to see some blood. Seeing it almost made him purse his lips at how he missed such an injury. Using his long nails, Silver pulled lightly on the glass and it came out while she jolted from the movement of the glass fragment. Lily stiffened now feeling pain on the back of her foot. However Silver kept her foot still and placed the glass near the bucket. Silver next took out the sponge after making sure that it was coated with water, began cleaning her left foot in a slow but delicate manner. Lily watched silently as he kept his eyes on the task at hand. Now finishing the left foot he placed it in the water filled bucket and went straight to cleaning her right foot. The water stung her left foot as he placed it inside the water filled bucket. How did she not notice the glass was beyond her.

"I guess being too angry at them got me too distracted to even notice the injury" Lily commented mentally.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Silver began to place the other foot in to the water. He immediately stood up and went to pick up a plaster from the first aid kit Lily had placed inside the bathroom cabinet. Silver once again lifted up the left foot and began to dry it with a towel gingerly before placing a plaster on the appropriate area.

"Be more careful Lily, shoes were made for a reason" Silver commented softly as he examined her feet, humans were so frail to the point that it almost scared him. Lily watched him with a blank eyes.

"I wouldn't have had to run out without shoes, if a certain someone hadn't been causing problems" Lily said sarcastically. Silver felt a twinge in his mind. Part of him almost smiled at how she responded, she was a firecracker alright and it didn't bother him too much compared to when they first met.

"My apologies, next time I'll try not make such a mess or create a scene like that again" Silver apologised now placing her foot away from the bucket. He picked up the small glass shard and left without another word. Lily just watched him wordlessly before placing her other foot out. Lily then gingerly placed her injured foot down and stood up slowly. The pain was there but manageable, she went slowly towards the sink in order to empty it, next placing the bucket back where Silver had left it and placed the towel in the hamper. It did leave her uncomfortable to know that he was washing her clothes but didn't complain, it was his job after all or so he says.

Dinner was silent for the trio. Dai often filled Silver's cup with sake while watching Lily and Kurama silently eat their meal without speaking or commenting about anything in particular. By the time they were finished, Lily had escorted Kurama who was nervous to even leave knowing that once he was alone. The fox could come and kill him, but hoped that Silver didn't. Lily's words still rang in his head as he left silently without looking back. It occurred to Kurama as he walked through the empty streets, that he never did say thank you to Lily for saving his life.

Then again he could say it the next time he saw her.

Meanwhile Silver was washing the dishes and immediately dried his hands after finishing. Silver started walking quietly towards Lily, who in turn didn't notice his presence as he saw her sitting on the tatami mats. He spotted the laptop as it rested on her knees and watched her work. As he watched his ears twitched slightly, he could hear his master making tap tap noises on the laptop as she looked blankly at the screen. Silver approached her until her back was to him, the screen was different he noticed. There was something that resembled a building on it and it wasn't on there before he looked.

"What are you doing?" Silver asked. Lily looked back slightly to see that he was looking at her work.

"Homework. I'm modelling a building in the city" Silver nodded but he didn't understand exactly how and why she was doing it. Lily seeing confusion in his eyes moved slightly away from the laptop and gestured him to come closer, which he did and looked at her silently, tail moving slightly as the fox waited for the information.

Lily began explaining the program that was currently being used on the computer, she also showed him how she started the frame of the building. in a way it almost made sense to him but allowed her to work in silence knowing that she wanted nothing to interrupt her concentration.

"How is your foot?" Lily piped up once more and saw his blank face staring at her.

"It hardly hurts as long as I don't put it on the floor" Lily replied now yawning.

"It's late and you didn't even do chores" Lily turned round and tilted her head to the left side of her. Silver looked to her left and saw to his surprise- a book filled with prayers, only it had a book mark on it.

"I was reading it until a disturbance caught my attention" Lily replied now massaging her slightly injured shoulder. Silver took note of what she was doing.

"I bruised it when I fell over" again another thing to be mad at the stupid crow for. Then again not wearing the hat made it worse.

"I'll put some ointment on it, get ready for bed and put the laptop away" Silver instructed in a monotone voice. Lily saved her work before turning the laptop off, silently closing the lid down Lily placed the laptop back into her bag. He saw her reach for a white shirt and black trousers from the bag she had brought with her from the home she use to be in.

"Why didn't you put them away in the draws? This is your home you know" hearing that left Lily shocked, Silver however almost berated himself for being too nice.

In order to save face Silver immediately left the room without another word, Lily however just looked at him before shrugging. She pulled her black dress up so it slipped off her body and placed the shirt over the top. She then took her leggings off and slipped the trousers on, now changed Lily moved to the hamper by the door and slipped the clothes in. Next Lily took some of the clothes from her bag and sorted them in appropriate areas. Satisfied with her work Lily made her way over to the futon. It was uncomfortable to sleep on it since it was the floor, nevertheless Lily didn't complain and just laid down. The shōji door slid open and Silver entered with a small bowl.

"Sit up so I can place the medicine on"

"Say please next time" Lily said crossly before pulling the sleeve down slightly so he could see the injury. It was purple but didn't look good he noticed while looking, however Silver began to treat Lily's bruise without saying anything.

Silver knew that he had to do something to stop Lily from getting injured but how?

Three months two weeks later

"WHAT?!" Lily screamed in horror. This could not be happening.

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