Fox and Ice

Chapter 3- Requests and Snakes Part 1

Three months two weeks before

Lily was finishing some work on the computer as she continued to sit in her classroom. It had been quiet for some time now to her relief. That was until Kurama showed up earlier that morning and gave the girl a letter.

"I don't do confessions Kurama" Lily said coldly, she continued to glare causing him to laugh as a result. This took the young girl by surprise as she looked at him.

"I know but just... read it please" Kurama without waiting for her reply had waved good bye which left her rooted to the spot. After witnessing the confrontation between the idol and Lily, it left people looking at him with bewildered eyes before glaring Lily angrily. What was their problem? She would never understand especially when it came to fan girls or boys. Waste of time she thought now trudging into her classroom since it was about to start. Against her better judgment Lily decided to did read it in order to be polite. Immediately the girl almost rubbed her eyes. She must have been dreaming.

"Lily Hikari I'm sorry for the way I acted.

It was wrong I know and I won't do it again I promise.

I also want to say thank you for saving my life, you didn't need to do it and yet you took the time to help.

Are you busy at lunch? I wanted to ask about lyrics to a song I am currently making

Thanks again Miss Land God

Kurama" Lily after reading the letter did not know what to think, it was good that Silver was watching over her since she refused to put on the hat. Silver at times tried to tackle her to the ground just so he could put it on. Unfortunately this left him kneeling on the floor as his body shook from the pain she had inflicted on him, Lily on the other hand had gripped her arms and gave him a look disbelief as he one pulled her right sleeved top down.

"What the hell is wrong with you psycho?! I'm not a geisha from the red district pervert!" Lily remembered snapping last week. In fact it was the same day he tried to jump on to her back, he had held the beams of the ceiling to stop himself from falling. Just thinking about it almost made her laugh if it wasn't for the fact that he was doing it to her, and all for a hood!

It was half way through class to her relief which meant the first break. She tilted her head to window in order to see if Silver was nearby. He could be seen laying on a branch to the girl's relief. The kitsune was wearing a black hakamashita and a black hakama, this way he could blend in with the shadows of the tree. Lily made a gesture with her eyes as he watched, she wasn't sure if he did caught the gesture but it was worth a shot. Lily stood up silently and walked towards the teacher.

"Sensei I need to print something off in the library please" Lily asked now standing beside the teacher. He nodded before helping another student.

To Lily's relief she made it to the courtyard area of the college, but Silver could not be seen anywhere to her dismay. Was he still in class?

"Silver?" Lily called quietly hoping no one heard her, there were people who could be seen by the bike shed smoking as they took their morning break.

"You called" Silver's nonchalant voice caught her attention, he stood to the left of her with his arms folded. Silver's eyes were void of emotion as he stared at her, his red furred tail swished slowly form side to side. Sighing with relief she turned towards him.

"Why are you not in class?" Silver asked bluntly, in his right hand was the same purple fan from when she first met him at the shrine.

"I just needed to tell you, Kurama has just asked me to see him about some lyrics during lunch time. I wanted you to keep an eye out but don't make any hasty actions" Lily replied as she looked at him. Sure Kurama seemed harmless now but that could be a façade for all the girl knew, she didn't want to take the chance of going somewhere without knowing if the tengu had in fact planned to double cross her from the very beginning. Lily wanted to believe him, she really did but previous experience told her not to trust anyone who had hurt her so easily. As the saying went once bitten twice shy.

"I am not a babysitter Mistress Lily, but I must ask on why you are so determined to put yourself in the line of fire to begin with?" Silver asked now sounding bored, his tail moved slightly from behind him as he watched her with eyes that suggested that he wasn't interested in helping. That didn't sit well with her.

"And yet you are here" Lily folded her arms crossly. She spotted that his tail had stopped moving, at the same time Silver started to bite the inside of his cheek.

"It is my job as a familiar to protect my lady and mistress at all cost Lily, you of all people should know that" Silver replied now putting a hand which held a fan on his hip as he looked at her.

"Please Silver, I just want to make sure that there is no funny business" Lily almost pleaded but kept her voice as strong as she could, there was no way in life that she would beg someone like him. Especially since they were at each other's throats almost twenty four seven.

"Very well Lily, but be home by-"

"About that" Lily interrupted the familiar, she looked embarrassed as she had cut him off of his usual speech of being home at a certain time. Silver raised a brow and his right ear twitched from the sudden change in voice as he looked at her, he didn't like that response one bit.

"What is it now?" Silver sighed loudly as he spoke. He folded his arms and his tail now laying near the floor.

"Charming" she muttered darkly. "I was going to say that I am going to be late home due to doing extra work at college, I was also going to say that you can take the night off as a way of saying thank you" Lily replied bluntly. A night off did seem appealing to Silver, but knowing that he had duties to attend to which also included on her safety whenever she travelled away from the shrine. Keeping Lily alive and well was his main priority.

"I'm afraid that I have too much to do, to even want a day off" Silver said bluntly as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Like what?" Lily asked now looking curious, she tilted her head to the side as she looked at him.

"Well for one I can't leave my Lady and Mistress by herself in the night. Especially when Yōkai are after Mikage's mark" Lily resisted the urge to sigh as well. "Not to mention you're useless against any potential threats" Silver continued to rant at Lily, he looked completely annoyed from just thinking about the list of never ending problems. They always seem to pop up without any means of stopping.

"Here we go again" Lily droned weakly, part of her wanted to punch Silver just to show how 'weak' she truly was. However the rational side of her said no, not after what happened with her uncle that one time...

"Please Silver, I will be fine even if I have to ask you to bring Dai and Oishi. Get some time to yourself-" Lily said weakly.

"The answer is no! Now go back to class Mistress. Need I remind you that you have work to do since you won't do anything at the shrine" Silver barked before shoving a startled Lily back into the building.

"Oh come on!" Lily cried but he slammed the door shut before she could say anything. The kitsune sighed deeply while at the same time his ears flattened in frustration, after regaining his composure. Silver slowly went back to his post up in the tree. This wasn't working out well as he hoped. It was hard to even see what was going on in the building, given that there were solid bricks blocking his line of vision. If only he could see what was going on without raising suspicion. Posing as a classmate wouldn't sound too bad but there was a flaw to that logic, he didn't even know a thing about technology and would end up being kicked out of the class before he knew it.

Not to mention tonight involved the visit of Princess Himemiko and her guard who lived in Tartara swamp. Lily no doubt being late due to human studies, had surprisingly provided him with a surprisingly good opportunity to please the princess. The best part was that it allow them to leave before Lily would show up. It wasn't that he didn't want Lily to even meet with the Princess, but others didn't exactly welcome a Human God. Let alone a Land God who wasn't very skilled with her powers, nor was she any good at protecting herself and is human to boot. Silver did hope that when she agreed to stay out the way after speaking to her last night. Maybe keeping her out might work, at the same time he hoped that the foolish tengu would keep his hands off of her.

Lily continued to read the lyrics with a pensive expression, within minutes she placed the sheet down on her lap.

"It's good Kurama. But I think it might be best to hear them being sung out loud and reading the lyrics at the same time, you never know it could provide me with a better feedback" Lily noted as she looked at the tengu, meanwhile Silver watched them at a distance in order to make sure she was safe. So far nothing was out of place, in fact Kurama was surprisingly being polite but it didn't stop Silver from being suspicious.

"Would you like me to sing them?" Kurama felt his his heart jump when he asked, for some reason he felt nervous and didn't know why. After all it's not like anyone else was listening, Lily nodded in reply which made him feel happy to know that she was interested. Kurama started singing the lyrics based on memory, As he sang Lily began to closed her eyes and listened carefully. One thing which was good about closing one's eyes, was that your sense of hearing increases because of the lack of sight and it would help her listen more. By the time the tengu had finished singing Lily slowly began to open her eyes. She had a pensive expression as she processed what she heard. Just seeing her look like that made Kurama nervous. Was it not good after all? Were the choice of words okay? Did he miss something to add to the song, or did he add something else when it should have been taken away?

"Not bad, I can tell that you're going make a lot of heads turn however!" Lily took out a pen from her bag and began to write feedback on the back of the page. "This will help, if you want to woo girls more then try experiencing love or infatuation, it would be better to gain knowledge about things like that in order to help with your choice of lyrics. A voice by itself wouldn't cut it" Kurama nodded as he listened to every word. She was right to his surprise.

"I'm surprised to see that the crow would even take advice from a human" Silver thought to himself, he began to feel something uncomfortable hit him in his chest. Silver's own tail gave away at how uneasy he was about the situation that was being played out before him, his tail almost slapped the floor with dislike as he continued to look. What was wrong with him? They were just talking so what was wrong with that?

"Can I ask about the name of the song you were listening to?" Lily blinked from hearing his question. Why the sudden interest?

"I listen to various songs Kurama" Lily almost smiled but kept her lips thin lined, the girl tried not show how amused she was as she saw his face go red from the slip up.

"When I approached you before, you were head bang to something while your earphones were in" Kurama replied as he looked at her. Lily pondered for a few seconds before smiling from remembering the song. Silver's ears pricked from the question, curiosity nagged at him to know what the tengu was on about.

"Oh that! I have the song on my laptop. Someone made a video using a song I was listening to and I ended up downloading it" Lily grinned from thinking about the music video. "If you have an email address I could send it" Lily offered to a interested Kurama. This side actually Lily suited of her better he thought before asking for her pen. Silver continued to watch, but some part of him did not like where this was going.

Lily watched Kurama are he tore off the bottom part of his empty page and began to write down the email address.

"I admit the video looked shocking but it definitely made me laugh" Lily admitted as she took the paper, she politely thanked him for the paper as she took it.

"I look forward to seeing it" Kurama smiled as he stood up. He then helped Lily to her feet much to the girl's relief, since her bag was heavy enough as it was as she picked it up.

"Thank you for your help, even though you're not a fan it's nice to hear someone else's opinion for a change" Kurama explained as he placed his left hand in his trouser pocket. Lily nodded with a smile on her face.

"Pleasure to have helped you with your lyrics, have a good lesson" Lily waved before she walked towards the door. Silver was about to move now knowing that Lily was not in any real danger.

"Lily" they both paused, Lily looked back with confused eyes.

"Are you busy after class?" Kurama asked now wondering where that question came from. Kurama didn't know why he did that, but some part of him didn't want the moment he had just experienced to end so soon.

"I am doing extra work in the classroom since there's an assessment in two days" Lily replied now adjusting her bag.

"Maybe we could do our work in the library" Kurama offered.

"Library's closed after five dummy" Lily giggled at the red faced Kurama who had slipped up. It did make sense since he hardly entered the library anyways.

"Pfft" Silver almost choked on a laugh that threatened to come out, to think the crow's brain was that small after all.

"There is a library nearby right?" Kurama asked now looking embarrassed for not checking the times properly.

"Yes near the shrine" Lily replied with a smile, she could see that he was getting flustered from the previous mess up, the girl even noticed Silver's eye had started twitching causing her to blink slightly.

"What's got Silver's tail in a twist? Wait... do I even want to know? Uugh boys!" Lily thought crossly but kept smiling on the outside just to prevent Kurama from suspecting anything.

"What on earth is this crow doing? Can't he just take the hint!" Silver muttered darkly to himself. Right at that moment all he wanted to do was confront the tengu and give him a piece of his mind, but restrained himself since he knew that Lily would have his head if he caused any problems.

"What time does that open till?" Kurama asked now moving towards the door.

"Eight" Lily looked at him as he paused, within minutes Kurama before nodding slowly as he stood beside her.

"Care to study there instead of class?" Kurama asked it almost looked like he wanted to spend time with her. Seeing how he wanted to spend time with her after class shocked Lily and Silver who looked at him.

"You're not asking me out are you?" Lily asked with a teasing smile as she looked at him.

"No no! I know you don't feel that way" Kurama said now putting his hands up. Lily felt no lie coming from his heart and nodded.

"I finish around four so I'll meet you by reception" Lily conceded defeat but was smiling at his determined he was to actually spend time with her. Lily could sense that he only wanted to be friends and that was it. Kurama on the other hand had a sinking feeling that Silver would probably be watching over her like a hawk throughout the day, just thinking about it left the tengu shivering from the thought.

"Great! I'll see you then Lily" Kurama immediately opened the door and allowed her to pass by first.

"Thank you and have a good lesson" Lily said before walking ahead.

On route to his class, Kurama heard his phone vibrate and took it out his pocket. He noticed that phone had an email message and opened it. It was from Lily to his surprise and without waiting he opened the link directly from his phone. It was a video that was almost one minute thirty seconds long, Kurama deciding to humour the girl he placed his earphones in and pressed play. However what was on the video left him chortling as he walked in the hallway.

"That girl not only watches odd videos, but also listens to the most weirdest things as well" Kurama noted to himself. What as that video about anyways? He'll have to look it up when he had free time.

Class ended on a quiet note since Lily hardly interacted to anyone in the group, after checking that her stuff was safely in the bag, Lily made her way out of the class until a row stairs greeted her by the hallway. Being on the second floor wasn't too bad since she had a phobia of heights. This way she felt that her feet were on the ground and didn't have to worry about falling too far thanks to the rail. Her blue long sleeved dress fluttered below her ankles as she walked. Over Lily's dress was a long sleeved white cardigan that went up to her knees moved behind her as she walked down, it allowed people to see front part of the plain dress.

One thing Lily took pride in was having no revealing clothes thanks to her upbringing. Wearing revealing clothes would have left her uncomfortable from the thought of having to endure looks from other people who would notice. Another way of ignoring people was her music which was currently being played during the trip to the office. Lily spotted another song from her MP3 and began playing it without haste. Her hair had been tied up into a messy bun and moved slightly as she walked. Lily continued to walk towards the office after passing the double doors, she spotted Kurama sitting on a chair looking bored. That was until he spotted her and waved immediately, Lily on the other hand was startled by the sudden move waved meekly as a way of saying hello.

"What song are you listening to?" Kurama asked as soon as she took out her right earphone.

"Gravitation it's from an anime" Lily replied shyly. The tengu nodded in a thoughtful manner, both ignored stares given to them from people as the left the building.

"What anime?" he asked as they left the college gates.

"My Bride is a Mermaid" Lily replied as they continued their walk.

"I wanted to thank you for meeting me at short notice again" Kurama commented as they made their way over to the library. By the time they placed their bags down, Lily immediately took out her laptop and turned it on after taking a seat by a large table.

"Isn't that bag heavy?" Kurama asked as he took note of how light it appeared now.

"Well I had to switch shoulders since the stunt you pulled yesterday had given me a bruise" Lily replied now imputing her password onto the computer silently, her fingers were quick when she began typing taking him by surprise. However part of Kurama winced from the memory of remembering how she fell down, he mentally admitted that he did go a little too far that time.

Silver felt himself grow nervous from looking at the clock by wall, it was nearly time and he started to get a feeling that something was going to go wrong. His ears twitched to any sound while the spirit children moved round the house in order to complete last minute preparations. The princess was coming but that was the least of his concern. Lily was out with the dumb crow, true that they were in a library which meant that they weren't alone. The library though didn't exactly feel safe to him. What was that crow up to now?

Just as Silver was about to summon his foxfires to check up on Lily, he immediately felt Princess Himemiko's power, which meant that she was approaching the shrine. Time to see what the princess wanted.

Lily was surprised, to know that they almost liked the same genre of music, they were currently looking at what music she had currently stored in her laptop. Lily showed him her selection of songs from her laptop and he in turn showed his online. It was nice at how they were getting along and better yet Lily was able to get work done to the point that all she had to do was proof read her evaluation. Kurama helped with that and by the time they knew it. It was closing time.

"Are you eating at the shrine?" Kurama asked as they left the library. He was impressed to know that he was having a fun time, even if it involved classwork and sharing what their interests were without any problems. Lily at one point had helped him with work despite the fact that though he could have done it himself. Kurama's opinion changed once Lily's eyes had immediate caught a few mistakes on his work leaving him startled.

"No I'm giving Silver a night off on cooking, I planned to get take out as a way of saying thank you" Lily grinned as she looked at the stars. Even though the light from the lamp posts had filtered some of the light, it was still a beautiful night to observe them.

"Do you want to eat at a restaurant?" Lily shook her head.

"It's late and I need some sleep, someone was making noises in the shrine so I was stuck taking sleeping pills at two in the morning" Kurama blinked from hearing her blunt response.

"Do you know what it was?" Lily shook her head.

"Not really. Either ways it'll be nice to let Silver had some time off" Lily commented with a smile, silence left them in an awkward situation since no one had anything to say to the other.

"I'll see you tomorrow" Lily waved as she was about to leave the tengu alone by the library, the thought of being alone left him uncomfortable and reacted without thinking.

"Just a bit longer" Kurama thought. He wanted to spend some more time with his new friend, he did not want to have to deal with an empty apartment filled with darkness and silence. The silence itself was deafening and left him with images of times, those memories were so painful that he desperately wished with all his heart to forget.

"How about I escort you home" Kurama offered a startled Lily who had stopped from hearing his question.

"You don't have to" Lily was left bashful from his suggestion, not that she was complaining. It would be nice to have some company on the way home, but what about him? Even though she speaks to him here and there, in truth Lily did not know much but at the same time she knew a few things that he kept to himself. However he wasn't aware of this and it left her guilty.

"That is true but your familiar would kill me if I let you walk home alone" Kurama noted to a pouting Lily. She nodded slowly knowing that was true.

"True... oh all right but no funny business" Lily agreed, she grew more tired due to constantly working on her project without taking a break, all Lily wanted to do now was sleep and not have to think about work until the morning. Smiling mentally from his victory Kurama followed her.

"I'll carry your bags since you need a rest" Kurama offered as he noticed that she looked tired.

"No it's alright, I'll manage" Lily replied meekly before covering her mouth as she started to yawn.

"At least let me carry the take out" Kurama insisted as they walked towards the direction of the shrine.

"Why are you so persistent?! They're just bags, it isn't the kitchen sink!" Lily exclaimed while smiling at his chivalrous behaviour.

"That is true but a lady shouldn't be carrying heavy bags when they are tired"

"Even if they don't want to burden others?" Lily replied now looking at him. He was confused by her response but at the same time admired how independent and selfless she was as a whole. He had definitely underestimated her.

By the time Lily purchased ramen take out, which from a nearby shop that wasn't far from the library. They continued their walk towards the shrine, while at the same time they chatted about songs they had or hadn't of heard of. And before they knew what was going on, the pair had arrived at the doors to the Mikage shrine.

"Well thank you for taking me home, you're not such a bad person after all. Even if you are a tengu" Lily smiled as Kurama narrowed eyes at the insult slash compliment.

"Hey I can be charming if I want to" Kurama retorted before laughing along side Lily.

"Well I do like birds, foxes, wolves, hedgehogs and dragons. So it does make sense that I like crows to" Kurama paused as he remembered when they talked about what animals they liked.

"But don't let it go to your head Kurama, one false move and it'll be problematic" Lily warned sternly, the tengu simply smiled at the reply. Still feisty but kind was his opinion of this current Land God. Who knows what Lily would offer to this area, and it'll be interesting to see what she does.

"I won't and that's a promise! After all seeing you and Silver has left me wanting to opt out of taking your role" Kurama admitted. He wouldn't be able to withstand Silver's wrath, but seeing Lily tame Silver with her temper was amusing to him at least.

"Okay I'll take your word on that. It's been fun" Lily smiled once more leaving him intrigued by seeing her smile. His eyes also went to her gloves, not once did she touch anyone or him without them.

"Lily I... can I ask you something?" Kurama asked feeling nervous for some reason. Lily piped up from the tone.

"Sure what is it?" Lily asked as she noticed that his mood went from happy to serious.

"Why do you always wear gloves?" Lily went rigid from his question. The young girl could almost felt that her heart beginning was beginning to beat so quickly, that she was sure her ears were going red from the pressure.

"I have sensitive skin" Lily replied smiling weakly, she hoped that would put him off. Kurama paused from hearing her answer but nodded in reply.

"Well I'll bid you a good night Lily, it's been fun talking to you" Kurama waved as he walked off.

"See you tomorrow Kurama" Lily said now walking towards the doors. The warmth left her body shivering as she tried to adjust to the change in temperature. Lily remained silent as his question echoed in her head.

"I can't tell anyone about my problem... who would want to go near a person whose touch can kill someone?" Lily mused as she placed the bag on the table.

"Silver?" Lily called, no response which was odd. Was he out?

"Mistress Lily!" Dai called as he ran towards her. Oishi followed suit until they stood beside her.

"Where did you go?" Oishi asked now looking at the contents of the bag.

"I went to the library and ordered some take out, this way Silver doesn't have to cook" Lily replied with a smile.

"Will you be going to your room Lady Lily?" Dai asked as she placed one of the takeout tubs which contained the ramen into her bowl before taking out a second container which also contained sauce for the ramen.

"I have some work to do I'm afraid, so I need to get that sorted out" Lily replied looking guilty, meanwhile she placed the bowl in a microwave that Lily had asked Silver to get, after arguing about wasting food and drinks. It had taken some time before he agreed to her surprise.

Lily placed the spoon in the bowl after it finished reheating and walked through the hallways that lead to her room. However she did hear some voices nearby, one she was sure had been Silver's.

Now placing the bowl down by her futon, Lily started to walk over to where the source of the noise was and opened the door slowly. To her surprise Silver was sitting in the room with two strange people. One had a face of something fish like and wore an elegant purple kimono. The other was a man wearing ninja clothes. Immediately the room grew silent the moment she opened the door.

"Oh sorry I didn't know that you were expecting company Silver, just came to tell you that I left some food in the fridge if you are hungry" Lily bowed slightly before closing the door and left the silent trio alone.

As soon as Lily made it back to her room. she immediately turned the laptop back on and inserted her earphones into her ears before playing music. Which was the same song she listened to when Kurama had first showed up, the song left her smiling at how bouncy it was, Lily started to eat her dinner silently while smiling as she worked.

Silver almost went pale at how Lily had just ruined his attempt to please the duo.

"So that was the Land God? She doesn't look much" the male snorted. Silver almost twitched angrily from the insult.

"I can assure you that there is more to my master than meets the eye" Silver replied calmly.

"Why did she leave the room? Surely she knows about the princess' invitation?" Silver had to pause. Now that he thought about it. It did strike him as odd that she would dismiss the guests so lightly. Didn't she know about them? Surely he did tell her about them.

"I'll be right back" Silver said calmly as he stood up.

"Better tell that Land God of yours that Princess Himemiko doesn't like to be kept waiting" the man said coldly. Ignoring the crude remark, Silver walked out the room in order to find Lily. However what he saw left him speechless.

Lily was sitting on the futon, fair enough but she was doing something out of character... she was doing something with her arms!

Lily moved her arms as she danced while sitting on her knees. She was even bouncing on the futon. Lily continued to dance while her eyes were solely focused on the screen, not once did she noticed a stupefied Silver who looked completely petrified by what he was looking at. Within seconds Silver had rushed out the room and closed the door so quickly that it would have startled the residence in the shrine. Lily on the other hand was more interested in what her laptop was playing, she had yet notice anything at all. The petrified kitsune just stood hiding behind the shoji doors as he tried to regain his bearings. His chest continued to rise and fall like mad from what he witnessed.

"What the hell is she doing?" Silver asked himself as he moved back into the room. Silver started to walk slowly towards the peppy girl, who was in her own little world to notice or care.

"M-Mistress Lily?" Silver stuttered as he tried to get Lily's attention, however Lily just kept dancing on her knees. Her arms swung like mad as she listened to the song.

"Mistress Lily are you okay?" still no response. Thinking that something was wrong with her, Silver began to grow worried as he looked at the dancing girl.

"What if she was in trouble and I am just standing here?!" The fox thought left him panicking, he moved a bit closer in order to check what was wrong with her.

"Mistress Lily?" Silver stopped to see what was on her laptop. Still the girl didn't acknowledge him to his frustration.

"Mistress Lily is something going on?" Silver asked again. Unfortunately that didn't work either which left him growing more angry by the minute, his own tail swished as he glared.

"LILY!" Silver roared at a now startled Lily, who in turn leaned forward and quickly pressed something on the laptop, what Silver did not know that she paused the song and looked behind her. Lily almost blinked to see a furious Silver staring back at her.

"Oh hi Silver, how long were you there for? And erm why are you giving me a funny look?" Lily asked as she tilted her head to the side in a cute manner. It would have swayed him but he was too angry to even care.

"What are you doing is what I would like to know? I called you five times and you didn't respond" Silver replied bluntly while masking his anger. Lily looked down shyly from the reply.

"Sorry I was listening to music" Lily replied in a meek voice, after hearing her reply Silver immediately narrowed his eyes at her. Interrogating his master in order to know what she did in the library with the crow would have to wait.

"I thought you would like to know that Princess Himemiko would like a moment of your time" Lily blinked from his words.

"Who?" Lily asked bluntly causing his eyes to go wide from shock. What the hell? What does she mean who?!

"Princess Himemiko of Tartara swamp" Silver explained coldly as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Never heard of her, sorry" Lily replied bluntly again. Now sitting on the futon properly, Lily was able to look at him properly. He looked mad for sure and his tail was a dead giveaway.

"I told you last night!" Silver replied angrily. Lily blinked once more as she tried to think of when he would have told her.

"I don't think you did" Lily looked unsure to his surprise.

"Last night when you were doing homework I told you the princess wanted to give her blessings" Lily frowned at his reply.

"I couldn't have heard you say that" Lily replied sharply and this left him baffled.

"And why would that be?" Silver asked now gritting his teeth as he felt an incoming headache coming along.

"I was listening to loud music on my earphones" time stood still for Silver. The kitsune was sure that he had been doused with frozen cold water. Was he awake right now? Silver at that moment was praying that this was all a dream.

"But you said yes!" Silver felt his pulse quicken from shock, his tail also bristled as he looked at her. Was she really that clueless?!

Last night

Silver was going through Lily's wardrobe in order to make sure that everything was neat and tidy. Not that he complained, Lily was always cleaning up after herself to his relief. However after receiving a message today left him slightly nervous.

"Listen Lily I received a letter from the Princess of Tartara Swamp, she wants to give her blessings since she has ties with Mikage" Silver explained while Lily was doing something on the laptop.

"I think it's best that you let me deal with this meeting, since it could destroy ties with the princess if anything were to go wrong" Silver explained, already he frowned at how his Mistress remained more focused on the thin object than him. Part of him hated that the computer was more important than anything in the house and took most of her time away.

"Mistress Lily should I allow the princess to enter the shrine?" Silver asked. Silence continued to fill the room causing him to glare at her. He moved towards Lily so she was within reach.

"Oi Lily!" Silver yelled as he started to shake Lily by the shoulders.

"Yes fine! Okay! Just lay off already!" Lily snapped as she shrugged him off. What Silver didn't know was that the music she was listening to, was too loud for her to even hear a single word of he had just said.


Silver was frozen to the spot while Lily gave him a sheepish smile.

"Oh! So... that's why you bugged me that time... ooops" Lily said now as she lowered her head down from his furious gaze.

"Well... This was embarrassing" Lily thought now looking up at him slowly.

"You... IDIOT!" Silver's furious voice carried over to where the princess was.

"Unbelievable! This is unacceptable Lily! D-Do you have any idea of what you have done?!" Silver barked angrily as he dragged Lily though the hallway to where the princess was.

"I'm sorry! You know I would listen, but I had a piece of the building that I wanted to finish. Besides most of the things that spew from your mouth are insults" Lily tried to explain while walking, at the same time she tried not to trip over the floor. Given how quick Silver moved as he dragging her to the room. Silver at the same time had mentally slapped himself. Of course she would do that. But that was no excuse!

Silver slid the door open and placed Lily in the room.

"Princess Himemiko I am so sorry about this! I thought you were friends of Silver, my familiar" Lily bowed as a form of apology. The sound of clacking teeth hit their ears, however to Lily's relief. The princess was not angry, only surprised.

"Who would want to be friends with this wild fox?" the male scoffed to Lily's dislike.

"That is not nice, so please don't be rude. After all accidents happen sir. Don't tell me that you haven't made a mistake before?" Lily asked as she sat down politely. The male stuttered in shock, Silver however almost scoffed in anger. At least she was here talking and hadn't caused a single problem which was a good sign.

"T-That's besides the point" the male stuttered, his face went hot from being lectured by a human girl.

"I accept her apology" a sweet female voice caught their attention. Lily's eyes widened before smiling at the princess, Silver glanced at Princess Himemiko with one eye while his ear twitched.

"Thank you Princess Himemiko, you are very kind" Lily said kindly before holding out her hand.

"I have a favour to ask, if it is alright with you?" Princess Himemiko asked as she looked at Lily, she was unsure about what to do with the hand gesture.

"Sure what is it that you need?"

"Shouldn't you ask before accepting" Silver asked bluntly, his tail swished slightly as he watched.

"It's the least I can do after all, a certain someone didn't remind me this morning about this" Silver tensed slightly. So she was going to play the blame game huh? To his displeasure it wouldn't have ended well if he did attempt to regain his pride by arguing his case.

The princess explained about this child that she met at the swamp. Now that ten years had gone past, The princess explained that she was here to know if Lily could her in order to reconnect with him. Lily agreed without a second thought to the males' surprise. The princess was also surprised but very happy that Lily was agreeing to help.

"What? It's a good idea" Lily said in a slightly high pitched tone.

"I do not approve" Silver replied bluntly.

"Oh shove off Silver! There is nothing wrong with Yōkai meeting or socialising with humans, besides she's genuinely interested in him. And I see no reason to give it at try" Lily replied, her tone meant that she wasn't going to change her mind to Silver's dismay.

"Even if you are the Goddess of Marriage Lily, the fact is that Yōkai and humans are not allowed be together it is taboo, completely unnatural and unheard of after all. I'm sure that Princess Himemiko knows about this this" Lily raised a brow from hearing his words, Lily then turned to see the princess' eyes become downcast to the girl's dislike.

"Your face is unnatural and yet I still tolerate it, go figure" Lily replied coldly. Silver's eyes went wide in anger, that his tail bristled from the insult. The guests looked at the pair with mixed emotions, mostly surprise came to thought.

"What did you just say you brat!" Silver roared, for once he did not care if he was making a scene in front of the guests.

"SHUT UP!" Lily roared and to her surprise- he did.

"Erm... what just happened?" Lily asked as she started to wonder about what she had just witnessed. Silver was completely silent and didn't even talk back to her surprise.

"A God's words are binding when it comes to the familiar, so when you ordered him to be quiet-" Oishi explained as the spirit children appeared. Silver went rigid as he watched them.

"He did" Dai said as they stood beside her.

"Those damn brats told her!" Silver was seething in anger until a chill hit the room. The other male flinched as he saw Lily's eyes darken with fury.

"Is that so?" a voice laced with cynicism and anger entered Silver's ears. He turned towards the voice slowly only to almost cried out in fear, if it wasn't for the word binding. Lily was giving him the most angriest look he had ever seen, it even left his tail shaking as well as he stared at her.

"SILVER YOU NO GOOD JERK!" Lily bellowed before slapping Silver in the face with her glove. Silver in turn howled mentally from the pain and was forced to sit outside on the grass as punishment. The male shivered in fear, meanwhile the princess just watched at her with alarm in her eyes. This was no ordinary girl that's for sure.

The next day Lily was looking round town with Silver who walked behind her, he wore his white hakamashita over his blue hakama, a pair of white two toed socks and brown zōris. Over his hakamashita Silver was wearing a light blue haori.

"I don't see why we have to find this mortal boy" Lily's look silenced him once more.

"Mind hiding your ears and tail, people are staring" Lily's tone was laced with fury as they walked over towards a wall. The last thing she wanted as they walked thought the streets, were for people to stare at them just because Silver looked in their opinion out of place. Lily could hear them talking about his ears and tail to her dismay.

"I don't see why you are angry" Silver asked now thankful that his face had healed. That slap had rattled his teeth so much, that it left him stunned at how hard her slap was. Part of him was more thankful that she wore gloves, the thought of having to endure a gloveless slap left him shivering in fear, not that he would admit it aloud. Part of him was unsure as to why he was even scared of her in the first place, she was a frail human girl... but her temper however caused him to over look that fact.

"Oh really? Well... Let's see here... someone didn't tell me about God Binding words and their effects, like that wouldn't that annoy someone. And just when I thought I could trust the idiot, my bad" Lily snapped coldly, she shrugged causally after talking and turned her back to him. It left Silver unsettled at how she was behaving. But hearing her say that she was not fully able to trust him, had made Silver feel as if he had been hit by a ton of bricks. Not that he blamed her in some way, and it wasn't like he was going to admit it.

Silver used a leaf that he took from his right sleeve in order to make his ears and tail vanish.

"If only I could make you disappear" Lily muttered darkly as she glared at him from the corner of her eye.

"I heard that you know" Silver replied in a nonchalant tone as he sat on a stone wall.

"Oh I'm sorry should I of said it more loudly?" Lily snapped in a shrill voice before going off in a huff. This left him baffled, surely her temper would of left by now. This was new for him as a whole, seeing her show how angry she was left him wincing mentally. In turn he did deserve that response.

They arrived at an ice cream shop leaving Silver puzzled but didn't say anything as he followed his master into the simple shop. Immediately Lily took a seat by the window and sighed in relief. Silver who remained silent took a seat opposite her.

"How long are you going to continue to mope?" Silver asked looking slightly lax as he spoke. Lily gave him a dark look before turning her head to one side.

"The sooner we find the guy, the sooner I ca-" Lily jolted slightly from the sudden grip on her left shoulder. It was more of a slap leaving her eye twitching from the unsuspecting move.

"Hey hey hey! If it isn't the poor girl" said a familiar voice. Lily cringed the moment she heard the voice.

"Joseph" Lily muttered darkly as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Why the long face Lil? Did you get chased out of a bench by another hobo?" Joseph asked before cackling with laughter from his joke. Lily remained calm knowing that she could potentially get kicked out for retaliating. It wouldn't have ended well for anyone.

"Why are you here?" Lily asked coldly while smiling.

"Oh you know me, who would resist a break during the weekends?" Joseph replied with a grin.

"We have an assessment on Monday" Lily snapped coldly at the male.

"I know that Lil, lighten up already little miss dirt poor! Hey who's this guy?" Joseph asked as he noticed Silver, Lily stared to look angry from the having to deal with two bad days in a row. Silver continued to watch the teens from where he sat. "Don't tell me this guy wants to date a homeless girl like you?!" Joseph asked rudely.

"I must ask you to be quiet and to leave my master alone, she does not like the way you are treating her" Silver asked politely. This took Joseph by surprise from hearing the red haired male's reply.

"Wha-? Master?!" Joseph stuttered as he looked at them while moving his head.

"And hiding things from her doesn't help" Lily's voice was getting colder by the minute. Both males raised a brow from seeing her temper flare up.

"Wow what crawled up you and died?" Joseph asked until a hand went on his shoulder, Silver was giving him a disapproving look.

"Mind your manners fool" Silver said tonelessly.

"Please don't fight in the shop" said a boy with brown hair and big glasses. At the same time Lily growled loudly and stood up as she banged on the table. The males immediately ceased their bickering before turning to look at her with shock filled eyes.

"Honestly all I wanted to do was find Kotarou Urashima and yet I have to put up with this? Can everyone please stop trying to get on my nerves? Is that too much to ask?!" Lily snapped at the bickering duo, who had froze to the spot the moment she snapped. Silence echoed in the room as people stared at them.

"I'm Kotarou Urashima" the boy said catching their attention. Lily felt relief enter her system knowing that at least something was going right. He looked nervous and it did make sense. After all trouble they were causing.

"Hi I'm Lily, you may not know me but I wanted to ask, if it is possible to talk to you after work please?" Lily asked after walking up to him and held out her hand in a friendly gesture.

"S-Sure" Kotarou stammered now feeling a blush coming along from seeing her smile at him. Silver narrowed his eyes at the scene but said nothing.

After enduring a scolding from Lily, Silver was forced to watch by the trees in a park. He saw Lily talking to Kotarou about introducing him to a friend of hers tomorrow. At first Lily could tell that he was sceptical but she insisted that it was no prank.

"I know it's hard to believe but she's had this crush on you for so long and you have never left her mind ever since. I know you'll like her once you get to know her I promise" Lily said as she beamed at him. She saw that he was messing with a rubix cube and smiled. He was definitely the shy type and that was a good thing since Princess Himemiko appeared to be an ongoing person.

"It's not that I believe you... but what if it doesn't work?" Kotarou asked meekly. He flinched when Lily's hand patted his back slightly.

"You'll never know until you try. You might like her" Lily replied in a soft tone, his eyes caught hers and after a pause. The shy boy nodded.

"Is tomorrow at five in the afternoon alright?" Lily asked.

"I still think that this is a bad idea Mistress" Silver said in a monotone voice as they walked away from the park.

"For once Silver... I don't care, I really don't. So are you going to help me with Princess Himemiko or do I have to order you to?" Lily asked coldly. Silver stopped without warning as Lily continued to walk ahead of him, he was growing more and more angry at how rude she was towards him. It was beginning to grate on his nerves, Lily who noticed that his footsteps had ceased turned round.

"What is going on with you?" Silver hissed as he grabbed her chin, forcing her to look up.

"Let go" Lily's angry tone shook him slightly, without wanting to he released his grip.

"Explain why you are choosing to be like this?" Silver asked coldly.

"If you can't trust me, then I wonder why we are even having this talk" Lily grunted as Silver gripped her chin again but was mindful of his strength.

"I do trust you foolish girl" Silver hissed darkly.

"Could of fooled me after all. You've been constantly insulting me, always lecturing me and treating me like I am nothing more than a worthless, idiotic, weak child. You're not my father or my uncle so who do you think you are?! Treating me like this?" Lily snapped at a stunned Silver. His grip did not slacken even as he felt like he had been punched in the stomach.

"What is going on? Why is she acting like this?" Silver thought as he watched her with narrowed eyes.

"I have been alive far more longer than you girl, so stop acting like a child" Silver continued to stare down at her.

"Living longer doesn't mean that you have that much experience you know" Lily bit back.

"I never said that" Silver said in a low voice.

"And in case you haven't noticed, I am a teenager which also means that I am a child!" she added before looking away. Silver took a deep breath and looked at her angry expression.

"Why are you so upset?" Silver asked softly.

"Why do you care?" Lily responded darkly, she still not looked at him.

"Even if I am a little harsh, I do worry" Silver admitted softly but it was almost on deaf ears. Something about Lily screamed that something bad had happened to make her distant from everyone. But what he was unsure.

"Then at least show it by trusting me! I know next to nothing about you Silver!" She snapped leaving him with surprised.

"All I did that night was help your previous master Mikage. Then the next thing I know is that he told me to come to the shrine, only instead of having respite I was insulted by a pompous arrogant fox who thinks he's better than anyone else! Do you expect me to trust and believe you?" Lily exploded at a stunned Silver who stood still as he listened to her rant. His fringe covered his eyes as he looked down. Lily realised she had slipped up before taking a few steps back and started to walk away from him.

"Lily wait!" he faltered from talking to her without using titles, however the damage was already done.

"Just help the princess and we'll call it a night" Lily's stern voice hit his ears causing them to flatten against his skull from repressed sadness.

The duo watched Princess Himemiko who disguised as a human thanks to Silver, who had used one of his transformation leaves. Princess Himemiko was conversing with Kotarou, the boy blushed from how she clung on to him. Sadly things took a turn as a gang turned up the moment he left the area for a brief moment to get them drinks. Despite the setback it worked out well to Lily's relief, once the pair had made sure that the newly made couple were safe. It was then time for Lily to head home and do some work. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon if she did say so herself.

An hour after heading home, Lily was once again on the laptop doing work with her earphones on. At the same time Silver had paused with cooking and looked back at where Lily was. It was about time they spoke properly, after all it did occur to him that they never even spoke on equal grounds, given that she was his master and he was her familiar. It even surprised him that he hardly knew anything about Lily. Only that she had a hot and cold personality that would leave him burned and worried at the same time. She would even wear gloves when it was hot or when she was in the bathroom, which was odd to the kitsune.

The next thing Silver knew, he was walking out the kitchen but didn't know where to, that was until he stopped at Lily's door without him even noticing. At first he was hesitant to even knock, what was stopping him? His right hand shook as he lifted it up against the door.

Slowly but surely Silver had took a few seconds in order to recollect himself and knocked politely. No one responded. Silver then opened the door slowly to see Lily with the laptop as usual, only now he noticed the black wires near dangling near her white shirt.

"Earphones again" he thought grudgingly before walking towards her. Only instead of taking the wires away from Lily, he sat in behind the laptop and waited until she had his attention. Occasionally she did look at him but only for less than two seconds before working again.

"Mistress Lily I want to talk to you" Silver said softly. Unknowns to Silver, Lily had already turned the music off leaving her with silence. She swallowed quietly before finally taking the right earphone out of her ear. Silver was almost relieved but kept his guard up.

"I'm sorry for upsetting you" the silence now became uncomfortable for them but Lily remained quiet so she could hear him out.

"I... you were right we don't know anything about the other, and it should have been obvious to me that it would affect the way we would behave towards each other. Especially with trust, I was wrong and I am sorry" Silver said softly, his own tail wrapped itself round his waist as he remained sitting on the mat, nerves entered his mind on what she would say. Would she accept his apology or not was leaving him surprisingly on edge.

"Repeat that" Lily asked sternly, this made him almost chuckle at her childish antics, and yet part of him frowned at how he had to apologise to a mere human.

"I am sure that you are not deaf Lily" Silver replied bluntly. Lily to almost giggled at his response.

"Oh I'm sure I would like to hear that once more if you don't mind" Lily said now moving closer as she pulled her laptop head down. Both could almost smell the other ones scent leaving them surprisingly at ease. It didn't make sense at how they were always going at each other's throats at one minute before being polite the next.

Sighing deeply Silver relented.

"Mistress Lily I am sorry" Silver replied as he bowed in respect. This took her by surprise before patting his head, Silver almost snapped at how her hand was near his ears but kept his composure.

"No need to bow idiot" Lily smiled leaving him relieved. "So what do you want to talk about?"

"First off I want to know what you are allowed to eat since you've been picking at your food" Silver said as he looked at her. Now sitting with his back straight.

"I don't eat eel, octopus, lobsters, squid, crab-" Lily was ticking off the list with her fingers.

"So basically shellfish?" Silver asked with a bemused smile.

"Only tuna, salmon, sea bass, trout and prawns since I don't trust the way the other sea creatures are farmed. Eels just leave me on edge because they are slimy. Also I don't eat pigs" Lily's nose scrunched up from the thought, that it made him smile more without realising it. What Silver didn't know was the real reason as to why she wouldn't eat the sea creatures she ticked off, which was because of a horrible prank Joseph had pulled on her a few years ago when she was young and naïve. It left her shaking and squirming just from looking at them as they moved.

"I'll keep that in mind. I was planning on making ramen since you didn't seem hungry today" Silver replied as he made a mental note on what to get.

"That's fine but can we have sushi as well please?" Lily asked, Silver raised a brow from the question.

"That is fine" Silver then stood up and began to get himself ready to cook. "We'll talk more at dinner okay?" he asked.

"I don't mind" Lily smiled, to Silver the smile showed that she was happy indeed and it left him feeling warm inside, that was until he realised what he was thinking about.

Both chatted about how their day was and hardly spoke about their pasts. It was fine since Lily had mentioned that she wanted to 'make a fresh start', it confused him at first but said nothing. Maybe it was for the best. After all he noticed her hesitant gaze when it came to speaking about it, his mind went back to the old man who turned up at their door step, he claimed to be her uncle which might have had something to do with it. Despite that small hiccup they continued to talk until it was time for bed.

Both bid the other good night before going to bed. It was dark and quiet in their rooms, meanwhile Silver was thinking about how Lily hardly interacted with almost everyone except Kurama and only had to clash with that foolish boy. Silver's eyebrows started to furrow from thought of what to do, within minutes his eyes slowly began to close on their own accord until an idea forced him to open them.

"That's it!" Silver shot out of bed and sat with his back straight.

It was perfect.

"WHAT?!" Lily screamed in horror, she was looking at Silver who had dressed himself in a black jacket over his white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. It had been three months after the princess' visit and things looked as if they were going back to normal.

"I am sure that you are not deaf Lily, it is as I said" Silver replied in a nonchalant tone. Lily started spluttering in shock.

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