Fox and Ice

Chapter 3- Requests and Snakes part 2

"B-B-B-But! But you don't even know a thing about computers!" Lily cried as she followed Silver through the hallway as he placed his shoulder bag on. It was uncomfortable at first but Silver was able to adjust the moment he started walking. Lily flailed as she tried to put on her shoes and walk at the same time. She was in a state of panic from the fact that he was coming to her college, this will not end well, she had a sense of dread that it wouldn't.

"Well it's a good thing that I have you and the teacher to help Lily" Silver replied, Lily was left dumbstruck by his words. HE and in Silver needed her help? That was a first. "On the bright side I can look after you without problems, now that you'll be in my line of vision" this did not sit will with Lily.

"..." Lily looked down while adjusting her bag so it rested comfortably on her healed shoulder, that was until she saw him reach out and take the bag from her.

"This is heavy so let me carry it, it is my job to make sure that you don't hurt yourself after all" Silver said looking slightly glum, but his tone didn't give anything away.

"Thanks" Lily replied dryly as she followed him. "Wait a minute! What happened to calling me mistress?" Lily asked while she continued to walk behind him, Silver looked back and shrugged.

"Got bored, besides at school it'll be unwise to even call you that right?" Lily felt herself twitch on the right side of her eye but kept silent. He did have a point, even if he was looking smug about it.

"I bet it's just an excuse" she growled darkly. Silver however was still smiling to himself as they walked towards the school.

"So this entrance to the college?" Silver asked switching from his smile to a frown, he looked bored as he looked at the school like building and it wasn't even past ten.

"Yes for the art students, but you need to enrol at the main site. You did fill in an application right?" Silver raised a brow.

"I spoke to the college and they gave me this a few days ago" Silver replied as he looked at her. Lily pursed her lips before nodding.

"Are you sure that you want to be in my class? There is an actual drawing class that hardly uses computers" Lily asked him sternly. Silver just glared at her but said nothing until his hand reached for her shoulder. Lily paused in order to look back.

"I told you I will be in your class, do not wriggle out of this young lady" Lily almost smiled at his attitude, Silver's worry was oozing off of him in waves even if he did looked like nothing would be bother him.

"It's sweet to some degree but isn't he pushing himself too far?" Lily pondered while walking towards her classroom. It did look spacious thanks to the way their computers were stationed. The computers were on tables that they faced the wall, some tables created a block shape in the center of the room. Silver as soon as he entered looked round the room, confusion settled inside him because this would be the first time he is entering Lily's classroom. Silver was aware that this will be difference, since he was no longer watching the room from outside and will be seeing what was going on through his own eyes. Part of him felt claustrophobic from the enclosed space but said nothing. Instead he watched Lily sit near the right hand side of the room where the block of computers were stationed. Silver followed mutely until he sat down beside her.

"Alright class get started on your please and log in" the teacher called as he entering in. The man had greyish brown hair, he wore a green jumper and black slacks, on his feet were a pair of black dress shoes that made a taping noise whenever he walked. The man immediately turned his computer on in order to do the register.

"Silver Mikage? Is Silver Mikage here?" the teacher called out to the class. The students minus Lily and Silver looked round in order to see who the person was. The students were sure that there was nobody with that name who was attending the class. Unless he was new to the group which would be odd, since the first semester was almost over.

"Hai" Silver answered politely as he stood up, this allowed the teacher know where he was sitting.

"Ah! there you are. Do you know how to log in young man?" the teacher asked as he looked at Silver.

"I think so" Silver now looked uneasy due because he wasn't aware on how to log on. Yes Silver watched Lily as she typed on the computer just a few minutes ago but he didn't understand what she was doing. After a few minutes of silence Lily turned round in order to stare at him. She knew that he was stuck already on what to do.

"Your ID the username but is in lower case and then higher case for passwords" Lily replied bluntly, it wasn't the second day yet and he was already having trouble.

"I knew the idiot had no idea on how use a computer! If he finds trouble with my laptop then what makes him think that he could pull this off?!" Lily started to glare at him while she continued to fume from how stubborn he was. The teacher coughed at how cold Lily was towards Silver.

"Thank you Miss Hikari, now can everyone get started and please read the brief. Mr. Mikage can you come here so I can brief you in on the project" Silver walked briskly towards the teacher while his ID moved from side to side as it hung on his neck like Lily's. Silver spied Lily wearing the same clothes that she wore when Princess Himemiko visited, her hair was once again in a messy bun almost leaving him frowning at how little she cared about her hair appearance. However he remained listening to the teacher and watched what was needed to be done on the teacher's computer. Silver went back to his seat without delay and logged on.

"So far so good, then again watching Lily working on her laptop mades this look easy. So how hard can this be-?" Silver paused once the computer finished logging him in. Immediately the colours and lack of icons took him by surprise and began looking on where to start his project.

"This is going to be harder than I thought, how does she even deal with this?" Silver thought as he looked at the computer in a grudging manner.

Lily who was watching almost sighed before moving her chair towards his. Silver looked at her wordlessly, he saw Lily take the mouse from him and accessed the search engine, she typed up something and it came up with a list of blue words that had been underlined.

"This is the internet, the words I searched up is to do with the project" Lily informed him as she looked at the screen. "This is a document where you can type up what you've found but make sure it's your own words" Lily instructed before going back to her own station. Silver felt his eyes widen at how quick she was when it came to helping him and she was already doing her project. Part of him felt subconscious for being far behind on work.

"The teacher will give you an extension since you came rather late. Don't worry" Lily drawled while typing something on a near blank white screen.

During his first day in the morning class, Silver was able to see Lily in her environment when it came to studying. Part of him was impressed at how she did her work diligently and realised that her work wasn't so easy as he assumed it to be.

"And here I thought that she was making excuses and was always shirking off with her responsibilities at the shrine. I think I might need to cut her some slack after today" Lily who was listening in on his thoughts blinked in shock.

"Wow he's actually being nice about this... even though some times I do just mess around at home until he shows up at my room" Lily almost giggled from the thought causing Silver to look at her oddly.

"What's so funny?" Silver asked coldly. His eyes narrowed at her suspicious smile.

"Oh nothing dear fox" Lily replied in a playful manner, Silver was stunned to see her eyes light up and it was because of him no doubt. Part of him felt happy even if she was up to something.

"Sorry I'm late teacher I was at a dentist appointment" Joseph called the moment he ran into the classroom. Lily felt her mood sour the moment he showed up. Silver frowned but said nothing.

"That's fine but do not run in the college again, am I clear?" their teacher warned sternly.

"Y-yes sir" Joseph replied with a sheepish smile, that smile lasted until he saw Silver and Lily sitting beside one another.

"H-hHey I know you! You're the guy from the ice cream shop" Joseph cried while pointing at Silver.

"Joseph you're in class" their teacher said who was looking cross as he watched the male student from the corner of his eye.

"Sorry Mr Tadashi" Lily had to scoff at that, for once he was getting his comeuppance and it felt good.

"Must you be cynical?" Silver asked as he tried to read the words on screen.

"Heh he deserved it" Lily replied quietly as she typed up some research.

Lunch time somehow involved them in the refectory area thanks to Silver, why? Because it was raining outside.

"Come on Silver, I hardly eat lunch and I'm fine with it" Lily complained as she looked at the bento that lay on the table in front of her.

"It's time to rest your eyes and you missed breakfast. I will not have you getting ill over this and that's final" Silver replied bluntly before eating.

"Hey it's a snake!" a boy exclaimed.

"Kyaaaa!" a girl screamed catching their attention. Lily huffed before standing up, that was until Silver caught her arm.

"Just checking to see what's going on, be right back" Lily said before going off to investigate what was happening, Silver frowned as he watched her go before taking a bite of his lunch. In truth he didn't really need to eat but did it anyways in order to blend in. He shrugged in defeat.

"She knows her own mind" and that was end of the matter.

Lily walked towards a group of people forming a circle near the wall.

"S-Snake!" a guy stuttered.

"What's it doing here?" asked a girl now hugging the guy next to him. A few were using their bags and a few brooms to force the snake back until Lily began to push them out the way in order to see what was going on. Immediately the crowd went silent.

"What's the ice queen doing here?" a girl asked Lily almost scoffed at the nickname.

"I guess being silent and cold has it's perks if people like calling me those types of names" Lily muttered to herself as she observed the girl from the corner of her eye.

"She's so poor it makes me wonder where she's staying at now, in fact I'm actually surprised that she's still studying here since she can't afford it" another girl whispered to her friends. Lily just kept walking towards the snake while brushing off their words both vocal and mental, now seeing that it was actually a white snake Lily began to frown at the cruelty of the students. Didn't they know white meant purity?

"You know a white snake is suppose to be a messenger of the Gods right?" Lily asked bluntly before putting her arm down. Some people gasped while some had petrified expressions on their faces from what she was doing.

"That brat's going to get bitten" a girl said looking squeamish as she looked at Lily.

"Good! It'll kick her out the school that's for sure" another girl with platinum blond hair and green eyes. She was twirling her hair with her index finger and almost smirked at the thought.

"Like you care Lily, you only believe in one God foreigner" she rolled her eyes before looking at the snake.

"It's okay I won't harm you but I need to get you out okay?" Lily asked it softly. The snake looked at her with curious eyes before slivering up her arm until it's head began to lay on her elbow. Lily had to stifle a giggle as the scales tickled her skin. Its body was smooth Lily noted as she stroked its head. She immediately turned back to the door she entered from while the crowd moved away in fear.

"He's harmless you cowards" Lily mocked angrily as she gave them glares.

"Easy for you to say!" a boy yelled.

"Yeah! We're not freaks like you" a girl snapped viciously.

"For all we know, you might have planted it here before lunch" the platinum blond haired girl snapped. She flipped her blond hair from the front of her body so it was now on her back. Lily tutted at the ludicrous accusation since it held no water- no evidence for that matter.

Lily snuck past Silver and went to press her ID onto the monitor in order to open the doors.

"Might want to stay away my curious friend" Lily finally smiled at it softly while stroking it's head. A few students almost yelped from the shock before staring at her as she walked away.

"How did it get in school?" Kei an orange haired girl around Lily's age had asked as she noticed her walking away from the college. Lily had heard the name from another student during one of her lunch breaks. Kei did fashion and loved to use her phone a lot, most of the time she would be dating a guy before dumping him before going to find another next guy. Lily knew for a fact that Kei wasn't so bad, although she had an emotionless mask from time to time. It just seemed that her luck for finding the right guy wasn't going too well.

"I don't know but a group tried to hit him with a bag" Lily replied, she was astounded from the way the students were behaving, since it was never a good idea to antagonise a snake. Whether they were poisonous or not. After finally finding a safe space by some trees Lily had placed her arm down in order to let the snake go.

"Okay off you go and don't go looking for trouble again. Being curious it nice but it will get you into trouble" Lily said. The snake watched her before slivering away through the trees and vanished without a trace.

"You know, I don't see why you act all icy to people. You're too nice" Kei replied with a rare smile. Lily smiled back now seeing that they were getting wet from the rain.

"It's not that I don't want to have friends... it's just it's hard to make friends" Kei's eyes almost narrowed in thought.

"Given rumours I can see why" Lily felt her smile grow more.

"I wish I could tell the other half of it... but even you will think I am crazy" Lily said as she looked at her with honest eyes. Kei blinked now looking confused from the statement.

"Given what you did, I doubt it" Kei gestured them to head over towards the huge supermarket in order to talk some more without being spotted.

"What if I told you, hypothetically speaking... I..." Lily felt her heart beating like mad from what she was about to say. Was she truly ready to confess?

"Go on" Kei offered while squeezing the water out of her hair.

"I can hear and feel what people are thinking and feeling" Lily muttered the last part. Thinking about it left her sombre which was noticed by Kei who was deep in thought from what she had heard.

"Well hypothetically if that was true, I don't think I would think of you differently. There's nothing wrong about being different" Kei patted Lily's shoulder lightly. Kei wasn't much for the unknown but knew that something was out there, even if it didn't seem like there was. Lily smiled softly from the reply. "Does the one you live with know about this?" Lily shook her head to Kei's surprise.

"It hurts to be in a room with people, I almost had to drop out of kindergarten because of it" Lily admitted, Kei as she listened felt her jaw go slack. It was suppose to be a hypothetical question and yet she was saying something like this! Wait she almost had to drop out because of something like that?

"You're serious?" Kei asked as she looked at Lily with bewildered eyes, Lily could hear the surprise in Kei's voice.

"You're scared right?" Lily asked confirming the startled female's suspicions.

"Wow... that sucks" Kei said bluntly as she placed her left hand on her hip. Lily's eyes widened in shock.

"You're not mad or scared?" Kei chuckled as she shook her head.

"Nah Lily, I can see that something was bothering you when you showed up at our college. I should have known why you would always put your earphones on. So while we're on this subject is there a reason why you have those gloves on constantly?" Kei gestured to the Lily's hands.

"I accidentally projected my memories to my uncle and he passed out. The doctor had said that his brain was suffering from sever brain freeze and couldn't find out why or how" Kei stiffened in horror, how awful must that time been, to be scared of touching anyone and knowing that just one tap would hurt them. The thought of having to isolate themselves from people left Kei shivering from the thought.

"When was that?" Kei looked at Lily with worry.

"I was four... it was shortly after I started to get bad headaches. My uncle's brother still hates me and said that 'I almost killed my uncle' out of spite. They never spoke to each other until the second to last week when my uncle was ill" Kei nodded as she listened, Lily could feel anger radiating off of Kei.

"Does it hurt... to have these thoughts enter your mind?" Kei asked numbly.

"It's a nightmare since I can't turn it off if I wanted to. Just when I think that I've got it under control... they just keep getting stronger until uncle gave me these bracelets, one for each wrist and ankle" Lily replied while showing Kei the wide yellow bracelets, they were thin enough to be on Lily's wrist. The bracelets had a symbol pattern on all of them and looked beautiful to look at.

"They're beautiful" Kei said as she looked at them with awe.

"They are the last things I have of him" Lily mused while smiling weakly. It felt uncomfortable to talk about it but seeing Kei. A near stranger who just took the time to listen and talk... it felt nice somehow.

"You really miss him don't you?" Kei's voice snapped Lily of her thoughts.

"Yeah... he was the dad I never had... or knew" Kei pushed a strand of hair away from her face.

"What happened? Forget the rumours, I would rather hear it from you since they seemed dumb anyways" Kei asked bluntly. Lily barked out a laugh which had some bitterness in it.

"You're the first... I'm surprise anyone wants to know actually since they always assume what happened. Very well" Lily paused before looking at the sky.

"The day I came back from school, uncle was in a pool of his blood in his lab. Someone broke into the house or so I think and attacked him. Uncle developed a severe infection from the incident and died a year afterward, he was in so much pain and refused to let me be taken in by social services. He wanted to stay with me until his last breath" Kei who was listening nodded in some parts.

"I can't say that I understand, but I can say that you shouldn't have had to deal with that. I'm sorry for your loss" Kei replied softly.

"Uncle wasn't crazy or mad, he just wanted to help people" Lily said while looking at the orange haired girl with defensive eyes, Kei on the other hand chuckled from hearing her comment.

"I heard about that. He was a nice man some have said. However what's done is done and we can't change what happened" Lily smile in reply. "Well Lily it's getting late, should we head into class?"

"Yeah... thanks for listening. I really appreciate it" Lily replied now looking bashful as she looked at the ground, Kei smiled at the comment.

"No worries, we should hang out sometime. I'll even invite a friend over if it's okay" Kei said before crossing the road with Lily.

"I agree and I would like to meet your friend. What's their name?" Lily asked.

"Ami although I think you already knew that didn't you?" Kei asked while smiling, Lily chuckled as she looked back.

"Just being polite" Lily grinned in reply. Kei on the other hand shook her head at how kind Lily was.

And just like that they both made their way to college. However what they didn't know was that Kurama had been listening in the whole time after leaving the supermarket door, or so he thought. His face was ashen from shock.

"So that's why" Kurama thought as he looked at the sky with solemn eyes.

Silver eyed Lily as she arrived in class, something was off about her but was able to take his master home without complaint.

"What happened to you? You skipped lunch" Silver asked bluntly.

"Just talking to someone" Lily replied in a nonchalant voice. Silver frowned but said nothing except take his out pipe when they sat near the side of the shrine where the porch was located. His tail curled round his the side of his waist as he relaxed while laying on the floor.

"Good grief Silver! You're still smoking that thing?" Lily asked shrilly as she glared at a carefree Silver, who just sat back and took a puff from the pipe.

"What I do is my business!" Silver replied curtly before taking another puff from the pipe.

"Unlike you idiot I don't to die! So put that out before you set the grass or worse the shrine on fire!" Lily snapped before lunging over to get the pipe out of his hand.

"Oi!" Silver yelled as she snatched the pipe off of him. She grimaced from the smell as it wafted into her nose and tipped the tobacco from the pipe on to the small table near them.

"Oishi get rid of that smell please" Lily cried as she held her nose. Her voice went weird as she squeezed her nose.

"Get back here!" Silver yelled before immediately pushing Lily to the floor in order to get the pipe back from her grasp.

"Not in a million years! Don't you know how lethal this thing is?" Lily cried as she tried to push herself away from his grip. His long nails and supernatural strength made it hard to do so. Silver at that moment had been confused by her statement but was also desperate in getting his item back. It had been with him for five hundred years so what made her think he would part with it now?

"Lady give that back now! It's mine!" Silver grunted as he tried to pull her close so she was underneath him. Seeing Lily hold it with two hands made him panic instantly.

"Give me that-!"

*Snap!* Silver froze from the sound as he saw her snap the pipe in half. His own tail bristled in midair from the shock.

"HA! Now you can't use it!" Lily cheered before handing the broken bits to a stunned Silver's hand.

"Lily may I make this perfectly clear..." Silver started shaking while his red hair covered his silver eyes, rage took over his body while he looked down at the floor. "NEVER TOUCH A FOX'S STUFF!" Silver roared angrily as he looked up at her face, Lily however just laid on the ground and huffed.

"Well considering that I just saved my own life, you're welcome" Lily muttered darkly. Silver's eyes narrowed.

"What the hell are you muttering about?" Silver snapped until Lily slid out from under him and sat cross legged with her arms folded.

"My friend... I am about to show you the most inconvenient truth about why smoking is harmful around humans" Lily gestured for him to follow her. Curiosity left him wanting to see what she was on about, even though part of him was moping about the damaged pipe that lay in his hand.

An hour later

Silver froze in his seat as he watched how the lung went black as tar consumed it from the laptop. Part of him shrivelled up in horror and disbelief as he turned his head to a fuming Lily.

"I am so sorry" Silver said meekly, however Lily's sympathy wasn't with him as she stood up.

"What ever, watch the rest tobacco boy" Lily was fuming as she left the room in a huff. Silver's ears flattened from guilt while his tail went down slowly. Sadly for him breaking the habit was easier said than done since he had been doing it for five hundred years. So to try and break the habit, Silver began purging the shrine of tobacco including the smell that it produced and began throwing the leftovers in the bin. Meanwhile Lily was getting ready for dinner and began to get some ingredients together. The girl started to prepare a small meal for herself as Silver continued operation: purge the shrine of tobacco. The spirit children even were at a loss of what to say as they watched him work vigorously until everything was in order. What did Lily do to him to scare him off smoking?

By the time Lily had finished her meal, Silver entered the room looking flushed and tired.

"Done- wait did you just eat?" Silver asked, the kitsune tsked as he took Lily's empty plate from her hands. He immediately washed the dish and cutlery in silence.

"So... did you enjoy your time cleaning? You have homework" Lily commented dryly as she watched him.

"It's not funny! What if you end up dying from smoking... honestly you humans almost die from anything don't you?" Silver muttered as he finished cleaning.

"Well excess alcohol consumption can kill..." Silver flashed her a sharp glare causing her to pause. "I'll leave now" she said quietly as he dried his hands. Silver's hand grabbed her left arm.

"What happened to your arm?" Silver asked sternly as he spotted a long line had wrapped itself around her right arm. Lily looked down at the arm and blinked.

"Huh... I did not see that" Lily lifted her arm up to see two dots in the middle of the line. She heard Silver sigh and looked up to see him looking annoyed.

"Honestly did you have to get engaged to a snake?" this took Lily by surprise.

"When did that happen?" curiosity was evident on her face, it almost made Silver relieved to know that she wasn't aware or had agreed to this. Sadly though the thought of her being taken away by a snake left his blood boiling for some reason. Just thinking about her going for good left him with an ache, it made him want to hold onto Lily as tightly as he could and never let her go.

"You must have done something to get a snake to mark you as his future wife" Silver said as he stared at the mark. Lily clicked from the memory.

"I did save a white snake" Lily without warning banged her fist into her cupped hand from remembering, a smile appeared on her face from the thought of helping a creature in trouble. However the moment ended when Silver glared at her with such malice that it nearly made her gulp from the intense glare.

"You're serious? I leave you alone for a few minutes and you end up causing me more grief by getting a snake to leave his mark on you... why Lily?" Silver groaned before walking towards his room. His own tail swished from side to side in a slow and miserable manner, while at the same time his ears had flattened against his skull. The urge to smoke left Silver more rattled than ever, and the kitsune knew that he couldn't smoke knowing that it could potentially kill her one day.

"Go eat a dog biscuit if your blooming craving for a smoke, swap a craving for another thing fool and I don't mean going to whore house!" Silver flinched from the mention of the red district. So much for that idea his ears flopped once more from hearing her don'ts. "Or touching yourself!" Lily snapped angrily as her face went red from the thought, once again she cursed Joseph for tricking her to see something that mentally scared her for life. Silver however saw red and grabbed her arms in anger.

"Who in their right mind would do that idiot?!" Silver yelled angrily, the very thought was humiliating to say the least.

"Errrm do I have to answer that and do not link me with those people please!" Lily barked before Silver pulled away and sighed.

"Jeez too much hassle girl! Why did you have to complain about my pipe? I was fine with it" Silver asked in a grotty manner while he folded his arms.

"Well excuse me!" Lily lifted her hands up in defeat. Silver stopped which caught her attention, immediately the girl noticed that his eyes were stern but she could see fear deep inside his eyes. Lily could feel his hand tense up as he grabbed her arm. It left her baffled to see him act this way.

"I'm not letting that snake get anywhere near you. He will be back to get you, you know" Silver said crossly before going off in a huff. Lily folded her arms now feeling annoyed by his attitude.

"What is it with men and their pride?!" Lily asked the spirit children who looked at one another.

During the night Silver was getting more and more antsy because of the smoke withdrawal and from the snake incident. He began to move around his room in a huff until he grew curious about what Lily was currently doing. He entered the master bedroom to see her sleeping with the blanket around the whole of her frame. Silver crept closer and saw a stuffed doll in her arms as she slept. It did seem amusing to say the least but didn't say or do anything, after all she would get back at him somehow. Instead he peered at her make shift medicine draw which was in the cupboard and saw some tablets in a bottle. Silver then remembered that Lily would often take a pill from a blue box, Silver eyed the box before popping a pill out, he was curious of what it does after reading the box.

"Sleeping pills huh? Why does she even have them?" Silver went to the kitchen and took the pill with a gulp of water, he immediately grimaced from the taste.

"That is the most foul thing I've ever tasted, how does she take these without gagging?" Silver asked as he covered his mouth with his sleeve in order to prevent himself wrenching up the pill. He washed the glass and immediately placed it back on the rack. Next Silver walked back to his room and felt his eyes close after twenty minutes had passed.

"Silver!" Lily bellowed loudly as she fixed her blue blouse over her black trousers. Her ankle white socks already put on as she rushed to find Silver.

Silver meanwhile was dead to the world thanks to the pill. Not even her screaming jolted the fox out of his slumber. So when she slid the shoji screen door sharply, Silver remained sound asleep. Frowning Lily asked Oishi to fetch her a pail of water. Next she chucked the water right on top of his face, leaving Silver to shoot up and splutter from the water as it trickled into his nose and mouth.

"Nice to see that you're awake, now GET UP you have college smartass!" Lily said with her hand on her hip. Meanwhile Silver glared at her while hacking from the nonstop coughing as water had entered his nose.

"There was no need to chuck water on me Lily" Silver said between coughing and stood up shakily in order to look down at her.

"Well excuse me but you looked dead to the world and wake up or respond when I called you. Didn't you get any sleep last night?" Lily growled before going off in a huff. Silver blinked from the information, that pill is dangerous and yet she takes it! How does she even get up on time?

"But why though she doesn't need it right?" Silver pondered for a few minutes of standing still.

Shaking his head as he realised that he wasn't getting anywhere by standing and doing nothing. Silver rushed to get himself ready only to see that Lily's shoes were gone as he walked towards the entrance while doing the last button to his shirt, seeing the lack of shoes meant that she was already on route. He cursed to himself for being slow and rushed off after her.

To his relief Lily was just walking with her earphones on thanks to her hair. Silver took that as a moment to regain his composure before walking slowly.

"By the way, I checked my medicine cupboard and someone's been rooting through my stuff. Have any idea why?" Silver stiffened at how cold the tone was when she asked him, her furious glare made him gulp.

"I couldn't sleep alright! It's you're fault human!" Silver snapped now walking ahead. Lily yawned but didn't say anything, she was too tired to care about his mood swings.

By the time they reached the college, both had swiped their ID cards on the monitor that allowed them access to the building. Kei was the first person to spot Lily and waved casually, Lily waved back and smiled at Kei taking Silver by surprise.

"Kei's a nice person Silver" Lily tone warned Silver to not insult her new friend. Silver scoffed quietly before walking up the stairs while she followed afterwards.

School as a whole was exhausting to the pair until lunchtime started. Kei chose to join the pair during that time. As promised she brought her friend Ami who was a pink haired girl who was shy when they introduced themselves to the other. Lily smiled at Ami which left the girl at ease and just like that, they began talking about how their course was going. Silver remained aloof and chose to eat in silence.

"Doesn't the silence bother you?" Kei asked them before taking a bite of her meal. Ami also looked at them while eating her sandwich.

"I have my MP3 player to entertain me" Lily replied looking slightly happy.

"It makes me wonder how your ears aren't damaged" Silver muttered darkly before stuffing a portion of rice into his mouth.

"What's got him angry?" Kei asked looking surprised at how hostile he was today.

"Don't mind him, I snapped his pipe in half so now he's sulking" Lily said causally until Silver flashed her a dark look before eating. Lily giggled at his response. The other girls looked at each other and then at the pair.

"He's trying to kick the habit but ended up using my sleeping pills almost making him late for school" Lily continued while Kei and Ami continued to look at them. A snort left the orange haired girl's mouth.

"I didn't picture him as a smoker" Kei commented. Lily smiled at the comment.

"Neither did I, I just snapped after the forth month and took it out of his hand" they heard a low growl leaving them staring at the furious kitsune.

"Can I help you?" Lily asked sweetly. Silver kept staring at her but said nothing leaving everyone quiet.

"So Ami, what course are you studying?" Lily asked as she took a bite of her sandwich which contained tuna and cucumber. Lily had to throw them together earlier that morning since Silver had been asleep.

"E-erm it's art and design" Ami replied meekly.

"Interesting are you in your first or second?" the question allowed Ami to feel slightly at ease at how interested Lily sounded. Silver observed Lily as she interacted.

"First" Ami replied, Kei almost smiled at how easily Lily was speaking to them.

"I'm amazed that Silver is sitting here" Kei added bluntly. Lily and the trio piped up.

"How so?"

"First off, he doesn't seem like a computer nerd" Lily didn't argue with that while Silver's eyes remained void of emotion.

"Second girls are always flocking him, don't you get worried?" Kei asked before eating her bento.

"No not really I just ignore them. It's a waste of time and I just don't see why they flock over in the first place" Silver replied coldly. Lily stared at him catching his attention.

"They think your hot, you carry this aura that is similar to Kurama" Lily replied bluntly, her eyes almost hinted something. while Silver's brow rose at the reply.

"It's a waste of time, comparing me to that guy" Silver said coldly before eating the bento Lily had mad earlier on. It shocked him that she could cook something...even if it was average. The bento consisted of rice and some fish while the chopsticks were in his hand, Lily however would often use either a spoon or a fork to his surprise.

"I've been wondering" Ami asked meekly. Lily piped up from hearing Ami's voice signalling that she had her full attention.

"Were you born in Japan? Or did anyone in your family originate from here?" Lily paused knowing that Silver was listening.

"My mother yes, my father no and no I was not born here" Lily replied softly but made sure that her voice could be heard.

"I see" Kei replied before taking a bite of her lunch.

"Where were you born?" Ami asked after finishing her sandwich.

"The UK" Lily knew the questions were harmless but was confused as to how Ami had not heard the rumours.

"It does explain why your skin is slightly different" Kei asked catching their attention.

"How so?" Lily asked.

"It's slightly not as white as it should be, it's a little olive to say the least" Lily sighed while smiling.

"My dad had the same skin as me" Silver just listened but said nothing, instead he was observing the area just in case the snake decided to show up.

They remained silent until it was time to go. Lily and Silver went back to their classroom and began working diligently until it was time for them to go. Lily then suggested the library because she needed to do something important on the computer. Silver not knowing what to say agreed and continued to do some work on her laptop while she went to the nearest computer available.

"I didn't expect you to be here" a voice startled Lily out of her concentration, to her surprise it was Kurama.

"Oh hi, I didn't see you there how are things?" Lily asked now giving him her attention.

"Not bad, just practicing for a new concert" Kurama shrugged before looking at the computer.

"You're buying a new mac? What happened to the other one?" The tengu asked as he looked round, his eyes spotted Silver who was asleep behind it. Kurama blinked at the unusual scene.

"Silver needs it for studying so I need to talk to my bank about getting another loan" Lily's eyes were closed while she gave the pop star a weak smile. He did not see that one coming.

"Aren't you worried about having to pay them both back? at once" Kurama asked looking surprised hear about this.

"Well the thing is my uncle paid for half of it already but left me some money to pay the rest back in instalments. Only the downside is that I have to wait until I'm eighteen to access the money left in his will so the bank has been giving me a hard time about it" Lily replied glumly.

"She's really going to give herself a headache if she takes out another loan, how is she even in one piece?" Kurama thought to himself. Lily stood up and checked the details of the computer while the palms of her hands rested on the table.

"Don't let anyone touch the computer please, I need to get my details and check to see if the work is saved"

"Sure go on ahead" Kurama agreed with a smile and proceeded to sit down by the computer in order to prevent anyone going near it. Lily smiled back before going to check on Silver.

She almost smiled from seeing that Silver was asleep from fatigue, the day had taken a toll on him as she suspected and placed her coat over his shoulder. Without thinking Lily placed her hand on his hair gingerly and felt one of his ears near her fingertips, even though they were suppose to be invisible. She started stroking the ear softly causing it to twitch from the foreign touch leaving a smile to bloom on her face. Silver made a small sound and began moving towards her as she stood to the left of him, almost as if he wanted her to continue. However getting the stuff sorted out had to come first to her dismay.

"Who knows, maybe doing that will help him get to sleep properly" Lily mused before turning her attention to the laptop and as she suspected, he did not save at all. Lily pressed a few buttons in order to save the work he did and knelt down in order to get her documents. Before she moved away, Lily placed his head on the desk so he could rest properly while moving his coat under his head so it didn't hurt his neck or cheek.

By the time Lily went back, Kurama was already looking at a website for number one pop stars.

"Please tell me that you didn't turn the website off?" Lily asked weakly, hearing his weak chuckle had confirmed it.

"Sorry but the mac has been sorted out so don't worry" his response left her startled at how it could be done so quickly.

"Wait so my loan went through?" Lily asked now looking at him with disbelieving eyes.

"Yeah, so are you heading home now?" Kurama asked now standing up.

"I'll need to nip out and get a drink, can you mind Silver and the stuff please?" Lily asked while her mind still on the second loan. That was not possible though, they would have opposed it sooner or later.

"Bring me back a drink as well and you have a deal" Kurama smiled at the girl. Lily shrugged.

"Alright but no funny business you two" Lily warned.

"After what happened last time, no thank you" Lily shook her head while smiling and went out the library. It was chucking it down to her dismay but kept going until she reached the drink's machine.

"Lily Hikari?" a voice behind her made the girl stiffen, how did she not see the person? Lily turned round slightly, the last thing that she saw was white hair and an umbrella.

Silver shot up from the sudden uneasy that flowed through his body.

"Lily!" Silver called now looking round.

"She went to get drinks" Kurama said while shrugging.

"Lily's missing! I can't sense her- wait YOU LET HER GO ALONE?!" Silver yelled at a surprised Kurama.

"She's not a little girl Silver-" Silver's glare froze Kurama as he tried to calm the kitsune down.

"YOU IDIOT! THERE'S A SNAKE TRYING TO GET HER AND YOU LET HER WALK OUT WITHOUT PROTECTING HER?!" they heard the librarian shush them before walking off. Silver refused to care about the librarian and went back to glaring at the tengu. Meanwhile Kurama's face went pale and without waiting, they both rushed out the library to see no one around.

"Lily? Lily?! Where are you? Answer me!" Silver cried out franticly for his master and saw no one. He summoned blueish black flames from his hands.

"Foxfires look for Lily!" Silver ordered before turning to a worried Kurama.

"If anything happens to her, I swear I'll turn you back into an ostrich and eat you personally" Kurama shivered as he saw how angry Silver was.

Lily opened her eyes to see a rundown shrine, the wood looked old and the rooms were empty.

"You woke up I see" the same voice asked now sounding relieved.

"Where am I?" Lily asked now looking around the room to see a screen blocking something.

"Hi there human!" two creatures stood near her with a umbrella for a hat. They had sharp teeth and grinned at her, the girl almost yelped from the sudden appearance but kept her mouth shut.

"You are in the Yonomori Shrine" the male replied with a calm smile, he had white hair that stuck out from both sides and had green eyes, he wore white clothes that looked like what Silver would wear when he worked.

"Okay, so uh...who are you?" Lily asked bluntly knowing that she was out of her element with the new spirits.

"Oh, I'm sorry my name is Mizuki and I wanted to thank you for saving me back at your school" he said looking cheerful.

"So he's a happy go lucky guy...good. But why does his heart bleed with sorrow? It doesn't make sense. Best tread cautiously" Lily thought to herself.

"So by making me a bride was your way of thanking me?" Lily asked dryly, part of her couldn't stop herself from talking in a grudging manner. After all who does things like that and expects a positive result?

"I-" Mizuki paused as he felt the room grow cold.

"And you did not once think about how this would affect me in any shape or form?" Lily continued to hit his heart with guilt and words to the shrine spirits' surprise, it was working and best of all none of them suspected a thing.

"I admit that I did rush things along Miss Hikari" Mizuki said now feeling slightly upset for the sudden turn of events.

"Please darling, call me Lily since you have no interest of what I feel at the moment" Lily purred while throwing her right hand down so it pointed to the ground, it was her way of saying that it's water under the bridge. Mizuki was thrown off by the sudden turn of events once again.

"Although being happy is not exactly what I'm feeling right now" he paused as he took note of her smile which was now slipping away.

"I must apologise for the abrupt action but it was necessary-"

"Oh? Good so..." Lily proceeded to stand up and closed the space between them. "Care to tell me why you BLOOMING KIDNAPPED ME YOU STUPID SNAKE! YOU HAD BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXPLANATION SINCE THE LAST THING I WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW IS MARRY YOU! OOOOOH NO!" Lily boomed as she gave Mizuki a thunderous dark look, who in turn started to shake as he landed on the floor, the shrine spirits moved so they were either side of him and cowered in fright.

"So...? Who's talking or do I have to brain freeze the three of you until you crack like eggs? Which in turn will make you wish that you had never been born you lousy host!" Lily snapped angrily at the petrified trio.

"Where the hell is Silver?! He's taking too long!" Lily growled at the thought causing the frightened inhabitants shake some more.

Silver during that time was still at the shrine and had missed school. He was currently cleaning bottles in various sizes, one after another while hearing the shrine spirits panicking from the loss of their recent master.

"It's-it's a good thing Master Silver's calm" Dai commented as they watched him. Silver almost glared at the crying duo but did nothing.

"He must have a plan to get Mistress Lily back, he's so smart" Oishi hiccupped while dabbing his eye with his sleeve.

"I never did think that having Lily kidnapped would bother me this much" Silver mused as he cleaned another bottle. His hand almost shook as he cleaned from anger and worry. Not realising that his long nails were digging themselves into the bottle.

"Lily can't even defend herself, her temper might even get her into trouble..." the bottle shattered in Silver's grasp but it was ignored. His eyes were wide from the thought.

"The idiot might end up getting killed!" Silver summoned his foxfires again and ordered them to search for the missing girl.

Immediately one came back looking startled to his surprise.

"M-Master Silver there's a disturbance near a lake!" A foxfire cried in fear. Silver immediately jumped on to the torii gate entrance and gasped. Normal humans wouldn't be able to see it, but in the far distance ice in the form of bolts of lightning were hitting a lake causing it to freeze for a short time before vanishing almost as if they never appeared.

"Where is that coming from?" Silver felt his heart beating quickly, could this be a sign that he was looking for?

"There was suppose to be a shrine but it was damaged and it is now underwater" the foxfire replied.

"I'll head over there now" Silver summoned the Night Fog carriage and went straight through its doors before sitting in the center.

"Be alright you fool... what is going on over there?" Silver gritted his teeth from the thought. However just before he could reach half way, the bolts were gone within the blink of an eye to his surprise.

Lily stood in front of a blossom tree and a gazed at it with sad eyes.

"I see... I too would be sad in losing someone I cared about. But what you did was wrong I hope you know that now?" Lily asked sternly to a saddened Mizuki who sat on the porch watching her by the tree.

"I am, it was wrong and I ask for forgiveness" his head was down showing that he was really upset.

"I'm not marrying you" Lily said bluntly causing him to chuckle but his heart was saddened from the thought of being alone once more.

"I understand"

"However... I do have some room at the shrine I live in" Mizuki piped up from the news.

"Shrine? What does she mean?"

"I don't understand, you live in a shrine?" Lily's smile shocked him.

"I was given a shrine by Mikage as a place of refuge. I even have a familiar who's often annoying as hell but I think he's okay" Lily explained. "If you want, I can offer you a room as long as you pull your weight and also you can bring a sapling of the tree"

"YES!" Mizuki yelled stunning the trio. Lily smiled at how he accepted her offer without hesitation.

"So that's it, loneliness was the problem and so was sadness" Lily commented now folding her arms.

"However!" Lily added sharply causing him to stiffen. "You must think this over properly. I want you to get closure, it's better to heal before moving to somewhere that will leave you with saddened memories" Mizuki listened closely.

"You sound like you've had some experience" Mizuki commented to a saddened Lily, she turned her head to the tree.

"My uncle died last year, he meant so much to me and his home left me with good and bad memories. It hurts to know that I can't see his smiling face again but his memories are in my heart" Lily said while placing her hand on her heart. Mizuki listened closely while trying to understand what Lily was talking about. It did help him slightly.

"However just hearing me talk won't help, you have to find your closure for I won't be able to. Not after being kicked out of my home so soon, the bright side... I have a new home with memories and maybe...I'll forget about the bad memories, in order to move towards a better future" Lily now turned to Mizuki with tears forming in her eyes, it hurt him to see her so sad.


"Wait a month or two at best before coming to the shrine okay?" Lily asked softly. Mizuki nodded feeling some hope bloom in his chest. He stood on the wooden porch before moving towards her.

"Thank you for listening" Mizuki said while smiling.

"Heh, I know the look of grief when I see it" Lily shrugged while smiling back at him. Mizuki then moved closer in order to wipe her tears away but a ball of fire blocked his path causing them to look up. Mizuki gasped as he recognised the one who fired at them.

"So... you think it's okay to steal my master and get away with it?" Silver asked as he glared at Mizuki.

"Silver no! Bad boy get down here now before you burn us to death!" Lily scolded a now stunned Silver who was forced to stand on the grass. Mizuki turned to look at her with wide eyes that were filled with disbelief.

"W-What?!" Silver stuttered in anger.

"He's your familiar?" This was new for Mizuki, to think Lily could tame a wild fox like Silver was beyond him. While he was thinking the duo began bickering again.

"I came to save your life! How dare you do this to me!" Silver barked angrily.

"Silver..." Lily sighed heavily. "Mizuki was about to let me go so just lay off already" Lily ordered. Silver felt a twitch appear on the side of his left eye.

"Why should I? The bastard-"

"Is grieving you fool! Unlike Mizuki's master, Mikage and I are alive" Lily snapped before slapping an angry kitsune who yelped from the slap.

"Why should I care-?" Silver paused when he saw her frown and folded her arms. Immediately he went silent.

"Imagine if I died Silver, think long and hard" Lily asked darkly. Silver grumbled but didn't argue. "Mizuki is in pain and was no is lonely, the last thing I want you to be is lonely either if I die. No one took over the Yonomori shrine so now Mizuki and these two are alone, cut off from the world they live in. Can you imagine that?" Lily asked. Silver kept quiet.

"How did she get so wise?" Silver pondered while placing his hands on his hips. His fiery red kimono fluttered as he looked at her.

"No you can't Silver! Unlike Mizuki, you have Mikage who is still walking around in the land of the living. Sure he did a runner for twenty years but he's alive" Lily said crossly. Silver's ears flattened at the thought.

"I'm going away for a while, I'll be back soon so look after the shrine for me please Silver" Mikage said in a kind voice as the image of his former master appeared in his mind. He subconsciously clenched his hands tightly, ignoring the pain that was being inflicted by his nails.

"Fine but we're going home now" Silver's voice had gone soft to their surprise, however he moved closer in order to pick her up.

"I'll see you soon Mizuki, I hope you find what you're looking for" Lily called as she waved as Mizuki. Meanwhile Silver glared at a smiling Mizuki, not caring if it was a sad smile.

As soon as they made it back home, Lily was surprised to be hugged tightly by Silver.

"Never leave my sight like that again you idiot! What if something bad had happened to you?" Silver snapped as he held her. Lily was rooted to the spot from his sudden move, shortly after a few minutes Lily wrapped her arms round his shaking frame. He wasn't crying but he was upset for sure.

"Idiot... as if I would kick the bucket so easily like that" Lily scolded her familiar lightly. She patted his back lightly before pulling back. However he kept her in his arms.

"Just for a few minutes" whatever Silver was saying after that was muffled but Lily smiled at him and stayed put.

"I was worried when I saw ice hitting the lake, I thought you were in danger" he felt Lily stiffen causing him to pull her back so he could see her expression, surprise and fear were etched on her face.

"Y-You saw what?" Lily's voice shook badly taking him by surprise, Silver looked at her carefully. Seeing her move back a few steps left him curious.

"I-I need the bathroom, don't follow!" Lily called as she moved towards the shrine.

"Lily!" Silver called but she didn't stop, only when she approached the door did she pause. Lily looked at her gloved hands and moved them shakily to the door, her breathing quickened as she slid it open. To her relief the door was fine and ran straight to her room.

Silver who had been watching her leave was confused. Seeing her act like that with the door and then her sudden reply to the ice. It didn't make any sense what so ever.

"What aren't you telling me Lily?" Silver asked weakly before going indoors. He ruffled his hair while walking through the hallways. Silver was immediately greeted by Oishi and Dai who asked him a stream questions leaving hime with a headache, his thoughts however were still with Lily.

Meanwhile Lily slid the door shut, ignoring the sound it made and went straight towards the mirror.

"It wasn't suppose to happen, I- no we were sure that this wouldn't happen" Lily muttered quickly as she stood before it and moved her sleeves back to see the bracelets. They seemed fine and undamaged but it didn't ease Lily of her worries.

"Don't tell me it's getting stronger?" she cried weakly as her knees buckled from the thought. She felt a sob bubbling from inside her throat, images of her uncle on the floor, slightly cold to the touch left her completely unsettled.

Elsewhere Silver was dealing with dinner in order to give her space, after laying out the last plate containing bread down. Silver walked slowly towards Lily's room. The room seemed the untouched except the blanket contained a lump inside it. Silver sighed before walking closer and proceeded to sit down beside her.

"Lily, it's time for lunch" Silver said softly as he shook Lily's arm gently.

"I don't want to, let me be tonight" Lily's voice was muffled but it could be heard still, Silver's ears flattened from hearing her sad tone.

"Lily do you want to talk about it?" Silver asked as he looked Lily.

"No" Silver moved his hand and patted her shoulder softly.

"I'll take your pills again if you don't" Silver said with a sly tone, this got Lily to pull her blanket so it was under her chin.

"You wouldn't dare" she grumbled. Silver leaned closer with a smile on his face leaving her heart beating so quickly, that it made the startled girl's ears go red from how close he was.

"Oh? You underestimate me Lily, after all you broke my pipe" he said with a smirk. However Lily's glare left Silver intrigued by what her comeback would be.

"Do that and I'll pour every single bottle containing sake down the sink and to add more pain, I'll force you to watch your beloved sake go down while I do it. How would you like that? Huh?" Lily's tone almost made him sigh with relief, she was back... slightly.

"Well Lily you'll end up losing a familiar if you do that" Silver replied sweetly. However Lily's smile almost made his smile slip.

"I asked Mizuki to be my familiar if he wanted to, so even if you go... he can come" Silver felt a growl coming from the back of his throat. There was no way in hell that he would allow that filthy snake anywhere near her, even alone that snake could harass her and no one could stop him if she was asleep" thoughts continued to swarm the worried kitsune until Lily went up.

"Alright I'll eat your stinking food, jeez! And here I was going to do something nice in order to get you to sleep easily... such a meanie" Lily drawled while waving her hands near her shoulders. A stunned Silver watched her go and made no move to get up.

"There is no way you are allowing that snake in here!" Silver barked now chasing after Lily with slit eyes.

"Who's going to stop me? You?" While they were out the room, a light green butterfly which was glowing fluttered towards Lily's bag.

"Obviously!" Silver hollered in reply as he marched over to where she was.

"Even if I order you not to stop me?" Lily began to cackle from knowing that Silver had lost, given how he growled at her in anger.

After slipping into a long sleeved white pyjama top and long black trousers, Lily was fully ready to sleep. She made her way over to her futon and took the sleeping pill with water.

"Hopefully he'll stop raiding my stash! They cost money I hope he knows!" Lily thought while swallowing the bitter pill. The effects would take twenty minutes to leave her drowsy but it should do. Shortly after five minutes the sound of knocking caught her ears.

"Come in" Lily called while getting her brush. She looked at her gloved hands and almost frowned as she hardly took them off. They would often leave her uncomfortable but it had to be done.

Silver entered the room to see Lily with a brush and walked straight to were she sat.

"Allow me" Silver said now plucking the brush from her hands.

"Hey!" Lily pouted but allowed him to brush her hair. While she sat listening to the sounds of her hair being brushed, it had given them time to relax until the sound of the brush touching the tatami mat softly.

"Okay Lily it's time for bed-?" Silver stiffened as he saw her lift her hand up and patted his head until she touched one of his ears. Immediately his face went red.

"W-What are you doing?" Silver stuttered as he moved slightly in order to get out of her reach, Lily pouted.

"I was trying to see if it would make you sleepy? Are your ears that delicate?"

"Y-Yes!" Silver stammered. He watched her frown before sitting cross legged on the futon.

"Silver lay down here please" Lily asked as she patted to the left of her.

"Are you crazy Lily?" Silver asked loudly he wasn't sure about this. It felt weird for her to even be near his ears let alone touching them without knowing how it meant to him.

"Now!" Lily ordered sternly which meant that Silver had no say now. Hearing him groan Lily watched him move towards the area she pointed to and proceeded to lay down.

"Don't move" hearing her ordering him around left a bitter taste in his mouth. However who was he to complain? After all he sealed the contract first, not Lily and to his surprise. He didn't regret it one bit.

Feeling her gloved hand stroking his ears softly made him feel slightly at ease, minus the fact that the gloves almost felt weird on his head. Silver felt his own tail go on to the floor with a slight thump and his head moved slightly closer in order to allow her to do it more. Lily almost smiled at how Silver trusted her, not only that but the noises coming out of his mouth had nearly made her chuckle, at the same time his face went red for the slip ups. Already his eyes were drooping signalling that Silver was close to sleeping. Finally after a few minutes Lily could hear sounds of him breathing quietly, Lily was feeling drowsy as the pills had decided to take effect and began to close her eyes. A feeling of happiness filled her knowing that she allowed him to fall asleep. But the dread of when he would ask about her gloves left her upset, no she would try to avoid suspicion at all cost after all:

Lily didn't want him hurt once he had found out.

"Whenever you are scared, remember the gloves are your shield and the bracelets are your armour. Conceal your gifts, don't allow the fear to take over, push your memories aside until nothing can show"

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