Fox and Ice

Chapter 4- Lily Loses her home and powers part 1

Lily entered the kitchen while scratching her stomach; she still wore her blue pyjamas from last night. The young girl stopped in the middle of yawning as she saw Silver plucking a dead bird on a board.

"Please tell me that's not a duck" Lily asked as she resumed yawning, Silver rolled his eyes as he continued plucking. After what happened five weeks ago, Silver was feeling odd from the time after Lily stroked his ears. It was weird even to allow anyone to touch them. Not that he was complaining but his ears were really sensitive and even when he was intimate with the women in the red district, he never allowed them to touch his ears or tail for sure. Even now after having Lily touch his ears, he was confused slightly but kept the emotions to himself. The thought of having Lily touch them the way she did back then, felt a part of him with this feeling-

"Silver finger!" Lily hollered causing Silver to look down.

"What the hell?" Silver looked to see that he was so distracted that he didn't know that he was pulling his finger instead of the bird.

"How did that happen?" Silver moved his hands away from one another before plucking the bird.

"I have you know Lily that this is a chicken" Silver replied in a monotone voice when he saw Lily walking in to the kitchen, who still under dressed leaving him to frown slightly.

"Huh, so why aren't you dressed?" Lily asked as she took in his shrine clothes. Silver looked down before frowning at her.

"There is a guest coming here" Silver replied bluntly.

"So I can't see the guest, got it" Lily nodded while speaking in a monotone voice due to being slightly half asleep, Silver pursed his lips but nodded.

"It'll just be today so I won't be at school" Silver added while working on the chicken.

"No problem there isn't much to do today but remember to get work done, I'll email what I learned at college to you" Lily replied while eating her breakfast. Spying the clean laundry to her right, she moved over to get a pair of black trousers, some white socks and a black dress top.

"If I can understand what the laptop's saying" Silver muttered coldly. Now sitting back in her seat with the clothes on her lap. Lily almost snorted while drinking her orange juice.

"Oh Silver, I just love messing with you and you don't even know it. Shame you didn't know that I messed with the settings and changed the language" Lily mused.

"Why are you smiling Lily?" Silver drawled as he glanced at her with one eye. Lily was fighting to have the smile go wide.

"Whatever do you mean my dear familiar?" Silver almost shivered at how sickly sweet her voice was towards him.

"Oh look at the time, I've to be going ciao for now Silvy" Lily waved as she walked out with her bag. Silver bristled from the nickname.

"LILY GET BACK HERE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO THE LAPTOP!" Silver yelled angrily and began rush out the room in order to catch his run away master, who was now dressed in the clean clothes evidence? Bedclothes were scattered all on the floor as she rushed out the shrine much to his annoyance. Already she was on the steps leaving him peeved off by her sudden mad dash. His tail almost thumped on the brick tiles with her bedclothes tucked under one arm.

"I will get even you cheek" Silver bit his inner cheek before going back inside. Spying the mobile phone he dialled her number.

"Yes Silver?" Lily asked almost sounding tired.

"Lily Seriously what did you do to the laptop?" Silver asked coldly.

"Nothing Silver" Lily replied almost sounding innocent had her voice not cracked slightly.

"Lily I can't even read what it says" now holding a big knife by his face as he spoke.

"Did you check the settings?" Silver felt a tick on his right eye.

"Obviously! I went through everything!" Silver cursed now feeling himself become more stressed out the more he spoke. The whole thing was driving him crazy and it had been two weeks. Seriously shouldn't Lily have sorted it out by now? And having the spirit children watching him did not help one bit, the reason- they did not know a single thing about technology and were just as clueless as he was.

"Well I don't know what to say Silver, should I call the technician~?" She asked in a sing song voice.

"Oh she'd like that wouldn't she?" Silver gritted his teeth in anger from imagining the look on her face.

"No I'm sure the problem will be resolved soon. I'll check again" he sighed weakly he was too tired to even kick up a fuss anymore.

"I'd say check now" Silver eyed narrowed as he looked at the phone before going towards the laptop and turned it on, after placing it on the table he waited to log on with the password.

"HUH?!" Silver felt the twitch in his right eye get worse.

"W-What the-?"

"How did it go back to normal?" Silver cried now feeling his fingers twitch in shock.

"Lily... the computer's back to normal" Silver's voice was void of emotions but Lily could still sense disbelief in his heart. That was definitely amusing; switching the language to English and then Portuguese -only she didn't understand one of the languages which stilled her progress with work. Still it was so funny messing with his mind.

"There you see, now behave until I get back and do homework" Lily said before hanging up.

"Don't you dare hang up Lily! Lily?!" Silver heard a low tone on the phone and looked at the screen, she hung up to his annoyance. His eyes went back to the chicken and smiled darkly at it while lifting his huge knife in the air.

"Well... you can't escape me can you?" Silver just as he was about to behead it, he jolted from something that came from his pocket. Confused by the noise he took out the phone and saw message.

"Silver I ordered something, it should be here, tomorrow or the next day after. Please check mailbox I had you make at the bottom of the stairs- it's important. Have fun Lily" Silver frowned at the text before pocketing it in order to continue his fun in beheading the chicken, that was until the phone buzzed again his pocket.

"Spare the chicken CHECK IT NOW!" Silver had to wonder how she even knew about what he was about to do, shrugging to himself Silver walked out the shrine before going straight down the steps. Now at the bottom of the stairs, he lifted the big mailbox that was made so they could avoid missing packages. This would mean that they have to walk to the post office just to collect it. Nothing so far so Silver texted back as best he could.

"Nothing" Silver pressed the send on his phone before pocketing it, next he jumped gracefully past all the steps until he was on the top step.

"Time to cut the chicken, even if I can't get to Lily... the chicken isn't so lucky" Silver chuckled darkly as he went to the kitchen, spying his pray Silver took the knife and slammed it hard onto the chopping board. Immediately he bristled from the sound of thunder and looked outside his window.

"Looks like Narukami is furious again... that woman never changes" Silver muttered while sighing. Just as he went back to doing the cooking, a thought came to his mind causing him to look outside.

"Why aren't the clouds heading here? They look like they're moving towards-" his face paled in horror as realisation struck him.

"She wasn't intending to come here at all!" Silver grabbed his purple half coat and rushed outside towards Lily's school. "Darn it! I knew I should have went after that girl!" Silver cursed angrily.

Lily continued to look at her bank account and her loan details online. It didn't make sense, how did the loans get paid off so quickly? She didn't even have any money to give as well, not until her eighteenth birthday which was in four months. The offering money couldn't of even been able to even scratch most of it anyways. Here lied before her the details on the loan, which said in block capitals on the screen that it had been cleared on the sixteenth of June.

"This makes no sense" Lily frowned now feeling a migraine coming along, as she rubbed the sides of her head in order to ease the frustration.

"Are you okay Lady Lily?" Oishi asked while floating besides Dai. Earlier on it came to her attention after opening her bag that the two spirits hiding in it, Lily also learned that Silver had sent them there as bodyguards. Which she then replied darkly about much 'faith' he had in her. Sure Kurama wasn't in but it wasn't like she needed him either.

Lily continued to pout and frown at the screen.

"Oishi I was sure that the loan was set up just until I reach the age of eighteen" Lily commented at the children, both looked at one another. Both were aware of what a loan was thanks to Lily, the spirits watched on either side of her silently as she racked her brain on what had happened.

"Maybe someone paid it off" Dai suggested, Lily grimaced at the thought.

"Who though? Silver can't access online banking and no one knows of my bank details" Lily grumbled until a thought came to her.

"Kurama was acting odd with the page and said that the order went thought... but how did he-? Unless he paid for it! But why? I owe him nothing" Lily continued to rack her brains in until the sound of thunder caught her attention, not only that but a dark aura was emanating from inside the storm clouds.

"What's going on?" Lily asked quietly until the area around her went purple. On instinct Lily placed her earphones in and played a piece of cheerful music, but made sure that it wasn't loud so she could listen for any voices. The area was getting colder by the minute to her dismay.

"So you are the Land Goddess Chosen by Mikage?" said a voice. Lily turned towards the voice and saw a woman with white hair, on her head was a yellow headdress and she wore a white kimono with purple at the edges of it.

"Yes Miss" Lily replied looking tense.

"You must feel saddened from this terrible burden that has been placed upon you-hmm?" Lily moved back just to avoid the hug from the woman. It almost took the woman by surprise by how Lily reacted.

"Who are you and why have you come here?" Lily ordered coldly.

"Lady Lily that's Narukami she's the Goddess of Lightning" Dai said looking at her with worry. Lily humphed angrily.

"So she thinks it's okay to barge her way into my learning time without asking for my say so? How stuck up can you be woman? Goddess or not it's rude!" Lily snapped coldly, she felt her hands go cold almost warning her about what would happen if she lost her temper. Narukami pursed her lips at the insult.

"A mere child lecturing me? The nerve" Narukami snapped. She paused when she saw a blue glint appear in Lily's eye.

"Don't screw with me woman! I don't play nice" Lily bellowed back.

"Lily!" Silver's voice caught their attention; he was looking at the two with uneasy eyes.

"Lily come here quickly" Silver held out his hand. Sensing an attack Lily dropped to the floor and swept the stunned Goddess from where she stood.

"Don't try anything funny" Lily snapped at the stunned group.

"H-How did you know that I was near you?" Narukami asked shakily.

"You're too loud" Lily replied coldly before walking away, Silver sighed with relief as Lily caught his hand.

"You are a hand full you know that?" Silver asked weakly. His eyes widened before pushing Lily out the way.

"Turn small" Narukami's voice hit Lily's ears as she watched the Lightning Goddess swing her mallet onto Silver's head causing smoke to appear. Immediately Silver was sitting on the floor with a dazed look, to Lily's surprise, she was looking at a child version of Silver wearing a white yukata.

Lily's urge to coo had to wait as she sensed Narukami coming towards her again.

"Don't mess with what you don't know!" Lily snapped now feeling her heart beating like mad. This wasn't good, Lily could feel her hands humming with cold and if she didn't do something soon...

"Silver!" Lily dived on to the flood in order to scoop the child in her arms. Her right arm hurt like mad but the worry of hurting him outweighed her injury.

"I'm impressed that you would dodge my attacks for so long but I grow tired of this farce, maybe I should use the Ookuninushi's Lucky Mallet on you to?" Narukami spat before summoning lighting. To Silver, the spirit children and Narukami's surprise- a barrier was blocking the lightning from touching the duo. Silver looked to see Lily panting while beads of sweat ran through her brow.

"Not letting her get you, you hear me?" Lily grinned weakly while he stared at her with helpless eyes. However the next lightning shattered the barrier causing Lily to cry out in pain, sadly Silver could only watch in horror as she almost passed out. He bristled when he saw Narukami walk over towards them.

"Get away from her" Silver yelled now baring his fangs at her. The woman frowned before tossing him out of the weakened girl's hands and sent him tumbling nearby.

"You're too weak child and having you run a shrine of Mikage's makes my blood boil" Narukami smiled sweetly now touching Lily's forehead. The next thing left their skin pricking from the sudden ear splitting sound. Lily began screaming in agony as Narukami pulled the mark from Lily's forehead, at the same time a blue ball left her head while it was inside the glowing mark. Narukami frowned before smiling.

"I have the mark! Now I am the Goddess of the Mikage shrine. Oh Silver won't you join me as your fami-" Narukami felt her eyes twitch as Silver sent a leaf at the side of her right head. His eyes showed defiance until she hit him with lightning causing him to cry out in pain.

"Do be a dear Silver, if you want to go back to normal all you'll have to do is become my familiar. With that in mind I'll bid you all a good day" Narukami cackled before leaving the area. Silver however tried to make his way over to Lily who wasn't moving, immediately he hid himself under her arm to prevent suspicion once the room was back to normal.

Lily sighed as they continued to sit on the bench. Lily had just left the nurses office with a few bandages and plasters on her face, hands, legs and neck.

"Well this sucks" Lily muttered darkly as she looked up at the sky, talk about déjà vu only this time Mikage wasn't there to help. She looked at Silver who was facing the ground with pensive eyes, he to was just as miserable about their new predicament.

"At least we're alive right? That's a good thing isn't it?" Lily piped up slightly in order to stay positive; sadly Silver did not share her enthusiasm and continued to look down.

"You should go, I'm not even your familiar so you shouldn't worry about me" Silver immediately stiffened when he felt her arms wrap themselves around him and lifted him onto her lap.

"I am doing no such thing, after what we just went through, there's no way in hell that I'm abandoning you fool. Never say such things got it?" Lily said sternly as she looked at him. Silver didn't move while his cheek was pressed against her chest. He was too tired to complain.

"If only though she had waited four months, we could of booked a hotel or something" Lily muttered while looking up. She turned to see Silver that wasn't listening to her surprise.

"So Silver... Silver are you okay?" Lily asked as she felt his head through her glove. She almost groaned as the glove hardly helped her know if he was okay. The sound of laboured breathing caught her attention as she tried to wake him up.

"Silver wake up, I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong" Lily pleaded as she placed Silver's head on her cheek; she bristled from the sudden heat.

"Oh no, hang in there" Lily stood up before sorting out her bag as she tried to juggle the weight of the feverish kitsune child in her arms at the same time. Once that was done Lily began to run towards the nearest clinic. It started to rain on the way and to her dismay the clinic was closed.

"What am I doing? There's no way for them to even know how to treat yōkai" Lily cried as she looked at the building. The girl began to use her cardigan as an umbrella since she hadn't packed one from home, since she wasn't aware that she would need to pack one in the first place. To Lily's relief she was able cover Silver with it in order to keep him dry and warm.

"Lily!" a voice caught her attention; Lily whirled round to see to her relief a person she could ask for help.

"Kurama! Please Silver's sick and I don't know what to do" Lily cried as she felt tears running down her cheeks, maybe it was rain she wasn't sure but it mattered not. Not when her friend was sick and could be dying. Kurama rushed over to help while holding an umbrella in his left hand.

"I have to say you have timing" Kurama noted as she ushered them towards an apartment. Lily ignored the interior as they made their way towards a lift. The ride was quiet and only the sound of Silver panting made Lily miserable.

"I don't know what to do, Narukami a Goddess of Lightning did this using a some sort of mallet" Lily explained as she tried to rub her eyes with her damp sleeves, it left Kurama upset and angry to see her in this state.

"Let's just get indoors and talk about this properly, you're soaking wet Lily" Kurama patted her shoulder lightly in hopes of soothing the distressed girl but it wasn't working leaving him slightly unsettled. In truth he was hardly comfortable with girls who cried in front of him.

"She took my powers too Kurama, I don't know what to do. I don't know if I'll hurt him without meaning to" this took the tengu by surprise.

"Your powers as a Goddess? She took them?" Kurama asked; his eyes went wide from the news. But if that was true? What about her other powers? Are they still there? Just thinking about what Lily said to the other student-Kei, still left him immensely guilty for being the reason of her unease, for being the reason as to why she weary of even trusting him in the first place. By the time they arrived at his apartment, Lily was shown to where his bed was and gently placed the feverish Silver inside the bed covers. Meanwhile Kurama watched Lily as she stared at Silver with helpless eyes. It pained him to see her this way.

"It's a good thing you didn't take him to the doctors, they can't treat yōkai illnesses. In fact they might end up using him as an experiment or something" Kurama said with his arms folded.

"Do you know what's wrong with him?" Lily asked, her eyes pleaded for him to know exactly what was wrong with Silver, she was desperately in need to know the exact cause of his pain and wanted to know how to heal him.

"What exactly happened? How did he turn into a tiny brat?" Lily would have pursed her lips but her eyes showed fatigue to Kurama's surprise.

"She used a mallet... I think she called it 'Ookuninushi's Lucky Mallet' and then used it to turn him small" Lily replied as she took Silver's small frail hand in hers. Kurama frowned before turning towards a cupboard.

"That's not good for sure, now that Silver has turned small his powers aren't coping well since it was only his body that changed. He could die from it to since his powers are going berserk at the moment and can't handle the change well. Which is why he is suffering from a fever" Lily's eyes widened in horror.

"Please can you help him?" Lily pleaded almost close to tears. Kurama looked at her briefly before hearing himself sigh, that fox really didn't see how caring his master or ex master was. Worried over something like this.

"It's temporary but this should help the fox slightly" Kurama then proceeded to show her a box and opened it, allowing Lily to see small pills.

"Their bitter but they should do" Kurama said before moving closer towards Silver, suddenly a dark grin began to form on his face. "Well what do you think Silver you dirty bastard? At my mercy as well, but don't worry this pill is bitter as hell. So it shouldn't bother you too much right?" Kurama said while he chuckled. Lily raised a brow from watching the tengu grin, looks like the ostrich grudge still lingered after all.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" Lily said while smiling.

"Oh I'm sure that he'll be fine... very fine about this indeed you little-!" Kurama paused as Silver bit his finger.

"Gyaaaaah!" Kurama released a loud scream as blood ran down his finger.

"I told you Kurama! So did he take it?" Lily asked while watching the tengu weakly as he began to whine and cry, from the injury and blood loss before running to the bathroom while tripping over himself due to the pain.

"How should I know? No! But is that all you can think about? I'm bleeding here woman!" Kurama cried as he ran back in to the room. Lily shook her head before taking another pill from the box and placed it near Silver's mouth.

"Silver please open your mouth, I know it's gross but it'll help you" Lily tried stroking his cheek slightly in order to coax his mouth open. Meanwhile Silver groaned from the pain of his fever leaving Lily to feel sad and helpless, from not being able to help much. Lily moved his chin down slightly. "It's just me okay" Lily said softly while she continued to stroke his cheek, Silver started panting for air but opened his mouth slowly to her relief, Kurama who stopped screaming saw the whole thing and froze.

"That brat is actually listening to her!" Kurama thought with disbelieving eyes, this was something he didn't see everyday. Lily continued stroking the child's cheek and looked at her gloved hands with worried eyes.

Fear filled her eyes but moved the gloved hands away slowly. Lily's hands shook as she moved her right hand over to her left gloved hand, slowly pulling the gloved tips away from her hand to reveal skin and removed the other glove. She placed the gloves on the bedside table before moving her glove free hands closer. Her breathing quickened at the thought of hurting him.

Kurama watched her with surprised eyes; will her powers affect the sick fox?

Silver shivered slightly from the sudden cold object that touched his cheek but leaned over towards the object as it provided some relief. Lily almost chuckled nervously now feeling relief from the fact that she didn't hurt him at all, Kurama felt the tense atmosphere vanish leaving him at ease. She was okay.

Within minutes Lily then moved his back and legs up so she could ease in to the bed and placed him on her legs, his head rested on the her chest as he rested properly. At the same time she placed the blanket on top of them so he could had something to grab on to, however Silver grabbed on to her wet top to their surprise as she continued to stroke him.

"You have nice hands" Kurama blurted without thinking, Lily looked at him causing the embarrassed tengu to turn his head in order to hide an incoming blush.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked curiously.

"You wear gloves I mean so it makes sense... wait you did dry your clothes right?" Lily paused before shaking her head.

"I'll look after him, have a shower while I'll leave some clothes out okay. I promise no funny business" Kurama reassured the worried girl.

"Please, let him be okay" Lily placed the now fussing child back onto the bed before unhooking his hands off her top. She took her right bracelet off and slid it onto Silver's wrist. The bracelet released a faint light before shrinking so it fitted his wrist, not tight but just right.

"That's a magic bracelet?" Kurama asked. Lily pulled a piece of her long hair before putting it over her shoulder.

"It's a ring suppresser, it'll weaken his powers slightly" Lily explained now standing up.

"Just like it weakens your powers of the mind and ice" Kurama asked as Lily walked past, frozen the girl was stunned to hear those words coming from him.

"I heard you and Kei talking when I left the supermarket, does that mean the woman stole your powers too?" Lily shook slightly as fear grappled her deeply; she held her arms tightly as she shook.

"...Yes. But I can still see spirits" Lily commented quietly.

"...I see, take a small break before back coming here-"

"Why aren't you scared of me? I'm too dangerous, I could have hurt you if I had my powers" Lily asked looking at his with frantic eyes. Seeing his calm smile took her by surprise.

"You care too much for me to fear you, we are friends right? I can guess that Silver doesn't know" Kurama gestured to the sleeping figure.

"I can't hurt him, my family doesn't last long anyways" Lily moved away leaving silence to settle over the room. Kurama shortly afterwards moved a chair over to the bed and sat on it.

"You lucky bastard, honestly you had better figure out her problem soon or she might end up gone before you know it. I even hope for your sake that you don't make her cry" Kurama warned before sitting quietly. His arms nestled under his head while he leaning on the back of the chair. Seeing the sleeping child made him sigh from fatigue.

Lily now donned on a white shirt, black shorts and white socks that were up to her ankles, was walking around the room quietly and slowly now with the sleeping child in her arms.

After nagging Kurama to get a fever medicine from the chemist for four years olds, the tengu had began to feel his pride slip when she had him running out to get it. Lily had slipped the medicine into the sleeping child's mouth, after doing that Lily then placed him in her arms as she began to walk around. Singing quiet songs in order to ease the ill child. Kurama watched still wearing the clothes from before.

"She has a good voice" the tengu commented as he watched them.

"I know it was you who paid for the loan you jerk" Lily said now glaring at the startled tengu, Kurama started to chuckle weakly from being caught out.

"What makes you think that?" Kurama asked while smiling. Lily frowned taking him by surprise.

"My uncle had the loan sorted so I could pay it until the age of eighteen, then there was the other loan I had sorted. Strangely the bank says that the loans were paid off on the same day by 'a generous donor' now I know for a fact that I hardly know anyone, plus my uncle's twin wouldn't do that unless he wants something from me. So that leaves me with you" Lily said while raising a brow.

"Okay you got me" Kurama said while smiling. "I just wanted to help out since you've done a lot to help me" he explained. Lily smiled softly leaving him feeling warm inside.

"There's no need to do that. I am more than happy to help without wanting anything in return" Lily said looking slightly cheerful and relaxed now that she knew the truth. He had some doubt lingering inside his mind but tried to ignore it, the last thing anyone needed was a fight.

"So how does it feel to not worry about your powers?" Kurama asked; part of him was desperate, as he wanted to know if she was going to be okay.

"Hmm? It's okay but the rings still have some left over power left. It won't last long but I'll be fine, thanks for asking" she grinned at his caring question.

"So who was the laptop for?" Kurama asked. Lily chuckled softly before looked down and gestured to the sleeping child, Kurama blanched in shock.

"That fox on a computer?" the thought shocked Kurama a lot. He would never imagine Silver on a computer; after all it seemed impossible just thinking about it.

"He's a beginner but... I do hope that he's asleep" Lily giggled. Kurama raised a brow.

"Why's that?" seeing her smirking left him intrigued.

"You see not to long ago, I tried to break his mind using the laptop and he didn't even notice... or at least tried not to let me know how bothered he really was" Lily snorted, Kurama on the other hand was blinking while stared at her with stupefied eyes.

"W-What? So wait, you actually had him losing his temper over a small computer?" Kurama asked shakily now looking at the sleeping child in his arms. A chuckle was threatening to burst out of his lips from the thought.

"Not only that but he tried to look on the settings but everything was either in English or Portuguese. Te he he got so frustrated that he almost destroyed the computer" Lily giggled quietly. Kurama after processing the information began to feel a laugh bubbling up. In the end he laughed so loudly that Lily had to shush him with her hand.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry but Silver actually losing his temper over a laptop. How did you even get work done I wonder?" Kurama asked while covering his face with his hand.

"I know English so it was easy to do work still" this made him snort from what had happened. Silver who was sleeping almost opened his eyes from the loud noise; instead he scrunched his eyes and whined softly before clutching her top lightly.

"This is hilarious! Just wait until he finds out about this! I knew the fox was dumb but this is a new low! Didn't he even ask the college for help or the technicians?" Lily shook her head adding more laughter to the tengu. Silver at the same time had tried to close his eyes and ignore the annoying male who was waking him up, not much luck so far.

"You are in some ways evil Lily, pranking your own familiar like that" Silver pondered on what Kurama was saying but the urge to sleep was getting more harder to ignore.

"Pranking? What did Lily do?" Silver asked weakly.

"I gravely underestimated you Lily" Kurama said with a grin.

"Please keep your voice down, he's asleep" Lily hissed quietly.

"Not anymore" Silver thought grudgingly.

"And speaking of! How come you didn't come to college today?" Lily asked now walking around while moving slightly, it lulled Silver back to sleep before he knew it.

"I faked illness, after all I have work to do at the music industry and the college was so understanding too" Kurama said while putting on a dramatic pose. Lily frowned in reply.

"Then why come to college and study? It seems like a waste especially since someone who wanted to study music would have lost a seating because of you. Do take it seriously please" Lily scolded lightly.

"What about you? Did you tell the school?" Lily nodded.

"I just said my brother was ill and my guardian needed me to look after him" Lily replied smugly. Kurama raised a brow.

"Wow, that is one smooth lie. I might need to watch out for you in the future if you try something like that again" Kurama noted after staring at Lily in awe.

"It was important" Lily said sternly and that the tengu couldn't complain about.

"I don't get it though, why bother going to school? I highly doubt Silver is up for you to even leave the shrine?" Kurama asked while fixing his pink shirt. Lily looked down at the child and sighed.

"Uncle before he died asked me to pursue a dream that I wanted. For me it involves gaming so I wanted to pursue it more. I just love games and I love to draw as well, not just that but I want to inspire people. So I pushed myself even more until I skipped a grade in school so I could be in college" Lily replied while stroking Silver's head softly. The male nodded after listening carefully.

"That seems like a tough dream to follow, how will you support yourself? University does cost money"

"Uncle took care of that in his will" Lily grinned. "I didn't tell you why his twin hates me enough not to take care of me and made me homeless" this took Kurama by surprise.

"Why did that old man do that?" This made the hairs on Kurama's neck stand on its ends.

"Because Uncle left nothing to his twin except the house only the condition that I stay there and he pays for the mortgage. Only that man sold it and gave me nothing to live on. The will stated that once I turn eighteen I'll inherit the money my parents and uncle gave me" Lily replied. Kurama blinked.

"How much are we talking about? Since it must be a lot to have that man angry at you"

"No idea but I'm guessing over a thousand. Plus I might have to deal with student finance for income if there is a policy for students available, since in some countries they have maintenance allowance and grants" Kurama whistled at the amount.

"Your parents must have loved you enough to save that much huh?" Kurama noted.

"Yup, I'm happy to have known my uncle since I don't know much about them" this left him saddened.

"I'm sorry by your loss, I didn't even know my mother either so..." Lily nodded with understanding eyes.

"At least you have some friends who like you for you...even if you are an arrogant pain in the ass" Lily patted his shoulder lightly; he gave her a weak glare but smiled afterwards. "Have faith and be kind" she commented as she began to walk once more.

"You're too honest for your own good, do you know that?" Kurama asked dryly even though he was smiling.

"I say how it is" she smiled in reply.

They looked at the sky and then at the time.

"It's getting late, you should head over to sleep okay, I'll take the couch" Kurama said while yawning.

"Are you sure?" Lily asked with worried eyes, Kurama at that moment felt uncomfortable from looking at them but nodded in reply.

"Thank you Kurama" Lily grinned as she looked at his kind nature. Kurama stopped for a moment and smiled back, he pat her on the head as he looked at her.

"No need to thank me, just keep smiling and... tell that fox about your problem. He seems to worry at times, even if he's an arrogant stuck up fox" he said softly.

"You really don't like him, don't you?" Lily grinned at his sour expression.

"As if! He's a thorn in my side anyways" and with that Kurama was out the room. Lily smiled at his attitude, in some way he did care but the pride of yōkais made it hard to even admit anything. Lily sorted out her shirt after placing Silver on the bed. She sat beside him, watching his peaceful look as he slept.

"Get well Silver" Lily said before laying down, she placed his head under her arm Lily could hug him as they slept.

"After your wounds heal, let's go fishing by the river okay?" asked a child.

"I hope you get well soon, I'll give you some sasamochi once you wake up okay?" a girl concealed by darkness asked in a voice so soft that it soothed him.

Silver woke up to see that it was now morning. Last night was a blur just like his dream. What was it about? He continued to ponder on what was going on until he saw an arm around him. The shirt was unfamiliar to him so Silver looked up, only to see to his surprise that he was in the arms of Lily who continued sleeping with a peaceful expression. His face went slightly red from the embrace.

"H-How long was I sleeping?" Silver began to ask himself as he tried to move his left arm. A foreign object caught his eye.

"A bracelet?" Silver looked at it with curious eyes until he felt Lily move. The kitsune watched as she opened her eyes slowly, Lily started yawning as she used the back of her right hand, that she had used to hold Silver with before moving it back down to his waist. Now seeing that Silver was awake, she smiled at him with half lidded eyes.

"Hey stranger, did you sleep well?" Lily asked in a tired voice. Silver stayed still and watched her as she sat up, now touching his forehead she smiled once more.

"Fever's gone so, do you want to eat or drink anything?" Lily beamed while Silver continued to look at her in a spaced out manner.

"S-Sasamochi, I could like some" Silver said softly as a memory of having sasamochi appeared in his mind. Lily smiled and patted his head in a thoughtful manner; this took him by surprise at what she was doing.

"Coming right up but we'll need to go out okay?" Lily asked before standing up.

"It's fine" he mutters softly.

"Right, wait here so we can get ready okay?" Lily said now moving towards the door, she paddled softly towards the living room door once she approached it.

Without warning Lily slammed the door open to see a shirtless Kurama sleeping on the couch with his black wings out. Ignoring the half naked guy who was covered by only a blanket before her, Lily began to glare at the tengu as he jolted slightly from the noise.

"Lily? What happened now?" Kurama asked weakly before yawning.

"Right! I want your money! Dignity! Your ID and your keys!" Lily boomed at a now awaked Kurama who shot up from hearing her words. Silver blinked at sudden change in behaviour.

"WHAAAAAT?!" Kurama's face went pale from what she had said.

"You heard! Now get up I have to go shopping" Lily said now slamming the door shut behind her.

"B-But why?" Kurama whimpered weakly due to being half asleep as he scrambled out of the couch for his shirt. Due to the sudden shock Kurama immediately slipped and fell off the couch causing him to moan weakly.

"Kurama's up" Lily said cheerfully while the injured tengu who was whining about his injured side as she walked towards a confused but slightly dazed Silver. After picking up the ill kitsune child she walked towards the living room again to see the tengu fully dressed.

"Jeez hurry up! And you had better not do anything stupid with my money!" Kurama snapped as he led them out the apartment.

"Just shut up and keep walking" Lily snapped behind her.

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