Fox and Ice

Chapter 4- Lily Loses her Home and Powers Part 2

The area was buzzing with excitement as they walked through the streets.

"Any reason why we're here?" Kurama asked as they walked. Silver during the journey was currently in Lily's arms as Kurama followed her; he looked up at the girl with curious eyes before taking in the area. It looked like the market in World over Yonder where some people would be selling their goods. During this time people were hardly awake but there was still business available.

"I know a lady who had ingredients for food I like, if I'm lucky I'll make some lunch to" Lily beamed at the thought of seeing the woman. "She has a lot of stuff imported but the food is so fresh you can't tell the difference" without warning Lily began running through the stalls until a shop caught her attention, it didn't look much on the outside but on the inside, it told a different story. Kurama noticed her run and started sprinting after her in order to make sure that she wasn't hurt.

"Don't run off like that-whoa!" Kurama looked at the variety of foods and jars that had been stored in their shelves with astonished eyes.

"Told you" Lily winked now moving towards the counter. Silver looked at the place in awe until the he saw a middle aged woman going towards the counter. She had brownish grey hair that was tied neatly in to a bun behind her head. She wore a jumper which was being covered by a white apron and white trousers.

"Hi Joanna, long time no see" Lily lifted her hand up to greet the woman. The woman looked up from sorting out the boxes and gasped, her eyes also went wide almost as if she was looking at a ghost.

"Bless my soul Lily! You're back" the woman chuckled as she embraced the smiling girl, she was mindful of the child who almost squirmed in Lily's arms from the lack of space. The woman gasped in shock once she spotted the small kitsune child.

"Who is this young man? Don't tell me he's yours Lily?" Joanna asked playfully making Lily laugh but Silver blushed slightly, Joanna chuckled as she moved closer and patted his cheek. This made Silver whine and he ended up trying to swat her hand away. The woman ended up laughing at his response showing that she wasn't offended.

"Well, he is my familiar... sort off" Lily replied politely, she almost looked away shyly from the thought of what Joanna would say.

"I see so who is that man over there?" Joanna asked as she looked at Kurama who immediately smiled at the woman, Lily almost rolled her eyes at how he was about to put on the 'charm' on Joanna.

"My name is Kurama Shinjirou miss, it's lovely to meet a lady such as yourself" Kurama greeted now putting on the charm to Lily's suspicions. The woman giggled as she covered her face with a hand. Silver narrowed his eyes at Kurama; the tengu ignored him and continued to look at the woman.

"Oh stop it" Joanna said before slapping his arm making the tengu grunt slightly from the force. "I know a charmer when I see one" Joanna said with a smile as she placed her right hand on her hip.

"I see" Kurama at that moment was embarrassed to know that his charm didn't work. She had a motherly attitude towards him and it left him slightly intimidated.

"It's good to see you with friends Lily for once, it's been a very long time since you even made human friends" Joanna commented with a smile, Lily giggled weakly catching the woman's attention.

"He's a tengu and this guy is a kitsune turned child" Lily said looking nervously at the woman. Kurama looked at Lily oddly while Silver frowned at Lily as he looked up. Joanna looked at Silver and almost giggled at how he reacted, he was such a little kid that it was hard to take him seriously.

"Oh my, I'm sorry about that you two. It's been so long since I caught up with this little madam. Do come inside and we'll have some tea" Joanna said cheerfully as she locked the front door that allowed customers in and put the closed sign on.

"Can I borrow some ingredients to make sasamochi?" Lily asked eagerly as she looked at Joanna.

"You can make as many as you want, after all I did teach you how to make those" Joanna giggled now pushing Kurama inside her house, the tengu yelped at the sudden push and ended up following Lily.

"Thanks Aunty" Lily grinned. Kurama looked at her as they entered the living room. It was quite plain except there was a cabinet and some pictures filled with people on a shelf. A TV was situated near what appeared to be a kitchen while there were some cushions and a table in the middle of the room. Overall it appeared to be have a homely presence minus the fact that it was just them.

"You are like family, you and your pesky uncle God rest his soul" Joanna said now going towards the kitchen. Lily placed Silver on a chair before getting started on food preparations.

"You know Lily's uncle?" Kurama asked now sitting opposite the kitsune, the last thing he needed was to sit next to the one he had a grudge against. Joanna didn't notice as she took a seat beside Silver while watching Lily work diligently.

"Of course, ever since he moved here around when Lily was five. I remember Lily who was covered in bandages and an arm cast when I first met her" Lily blushed lightly at the memory.

"Was she that clumsy?" Kurama joked; suddenly Lily's smile slipped catching his attention.

"No..." Joanna said looking confused as she looked at him.

"I had an accident before I moved from the UK" Lily said in a monotone voice.

"And when I heard about that young lady I was horrified! Never pull stunts like that again!" Joanna scolded before smiling softly.

"What happened?" Kurama noticed that Silver looked at Lily with worry even though he tried to mask it.

"I..." they saw that it was have been a bit painful memory given how her eyes had gone heavy. "I fell out of a tree and shattered every bone in my body" Kurama blanched in shock. Again the room went silent until Lily placed a tray containing sasamochi in the middle of the table.

"Here you go" Lily mumbled before sitting down between Silver and Kurama. Kurama was left speechless from what he heard; there was no way a person could live after something like that right?

Silver on the other hand almost clenched his trousers with mixed emotions, part of him wanted to see if she had any scars on her from the fall.

"I had no idea, sorry for bringing it up" Kurama apologised until Lily waved it off.

"I almost forgot about it, no worries" Lily smiled weakly.

"Still young lady that was very foolish" Joanna scolded lightly before patting Lily's hand. The girl chuckled lightly in reply.

"It's over now so don't worry" Lily said while smiling.

"You certainty worried Lidia when you stopped showing up here. How come?" Joanna asked with worried eyes.

"Uncle Loez sold the house without my knowledge and made me homeless" this made Joanna frown in reply.

"Foolish oaf and his grudges, honestly he has a grandson and another child to raise. Yet he pulls that stunt. Unbelievable! You'd think that after raising children it would of taught him about compassion, guess he won't ever learn" the woman growled in anger while Silver began eating the food quietly.

"How is it?" Lily asked now watching Silver.

"Average" Silver replied his voice void of emotions. This made Lily almost narrow her eyes at the blunt fox. Meanwhile Joanna had almost chuckled at the boy's attitude.

"Typical fox huh? Your attitude remains the same even when you shrank" Lily muttered darkly.

"Lily" Silver's words snapped her out of her musing.

"Something wrong?" Lily asked as she watched him swallow some water from his cup.

"Thank you" Silver smiled to Lily and Kurama's surprise.

"That fox just smiled!" Kurama stared at the child, part of him now wondered if the fox child was even okay. Lily however beamed at him.

"No problem, if you want some more just ask me okay?" Lily replied before patting the child's head. Joanna looked at them with a warm smile on her face.

"You would make lovely mother when you're older, although I'd say you are ready now" Joanna commented to a now blushing girl, Silver looked up at her with confused eyes and almost went red in the face.

"M-Miss! Please I'm only seventeen" Lily stammered in shock while trying to avoid Silver's eyes. Talk about embarrassing.

"Oh but in four months you'll be a wealthy girl eighteen year old who can support herself soon" Joanna giggled at the whining girl who tried to cover her ears so she could avoid anymore embarrassing comments to be heard.

"How much money is she entitled to?" Kurama asked now watching the duo. Silver blinked at the question, this he was not aware of and to think that the tengu knew when he didn't left him feeling annoyed.

"About a million thanks to her father and uncle who worked in machinery and computer industries, her mother worked as a commander in chief of the police force to" Joanna giggled at the embarrassed girl who wanted to hide under the desk.

"A-A million yen?!" Kurama cried out now looking at Lily with disbelief. That he did not see coming. Even Silver was also left speechless.

"Is that so?" Lily replied weakly while her hands were hovering near her face until Joanna patted her head.

"Yes dear, your parents saved enough after your sister went missing. 'Wouldn't want their last remaining girl to suffer alone' you uncle said" Joanna said now chuckling. Lily whined again from the embarrassing moment. Silver just looked at her oddly.

"I am sorry about your uncle, that monster will face the bars soon I hope" Joanna said as she moved closer in order to hug Lily fiercely, this was her way of showing that she was there for Lily.

"They didn't get him?" Kurama asked now feeling sad about that information.

"No dear, the police couldn't find much evidence, but on a good note. Lidia's coming back in three days with fresh supplies if you want to visit again" Lily had to grin at that, Silver looked at her with curious eyes once more.

"I wouldn't miss it!" Lily replied in a cheerful tone.

"Who's Lidia?" Silver asked bluntly.

"A kitsune Lily befriended when she came here" Silver looked at Lily with disbelief in his eyes.

"Another fox?" Kurama choked on water as he looked at her with stunned eyes. He started coughing for a bit until Joanna patted his back firmly. Kurama nodded his thanks to the woman before settling back down, Silver on the other hand almost scoffed at how foolish the tengu was, until Lily pocked his left ear causing him to look up sharply. She gave him a 'be nice' look causing him to grumble quietly.

"She's definitely kind and protective of Lily, like any younger sister would be. Ever since you helped her" Joanna commented with a smile.

"Wouldn't want to leave home either, I'm glad she's okay though" Lily said now standing up and faced Joanna.

"I need some ingredients for spaghetti if you have any available" Joanna's eyes glinted with glee.

"Do you want some parmesan cheese and the red cheese as well young lady? This girl knows how to make a mean spaghetti" Joanna boasted at the stunned males, Lily blushed slightly from the praise.

"She can cook?" Kurama asked looking bewildered.

"Only a few things" Lily muttered to herself, however she realised that it was an insult after a few seconds and glared at him. Kurama lifted his hands up signalling that he didn't mean offence.

"But they are good, your uncle wouldn't stop asking for them either" Joanna chuckled as she got some green tea ready for herself and the guests.

"I see" Silver commented quietly. Lily smiled before patting his head causing him to look up.

"I'll make some at Kurama's apartment okay?" Lily offered.

"Please do, I'm curious to see you make it" Kurama said sounding excited.

"Okay" Lily giggled at his enthusiasm.

By the time it was noon they began their journey back to the apartment, before leaving Lily had made a batch of spaghetti for Joanna as a parting present. Lily then had ingredients put inside a bag for them to take home. Kurama for once didn't complain when she made him hold the bag.

"I prefer to make it at home since it's better fresh" She explained along the way.

A pot full of spaghetti was boiling over a cooker back at the apartment.

"I must admit you almost had me scared then, if I had known that you would need money for food I would of had it delivered here" Kurama said casually as he stood nearby while running his fingers through his red hair.

"I know... but it was fun to see your reaction te he" Lily giggled as she looked at him for a brief minute. Kurama narrowed his eyes but said nothing. Meanwhile Lily was helping Silver onto a child's high chair so he could rest but look at the same time. The now turned child kitsune began to hate the fact that he was handicapped as he was forced to endure Lily's constant cooing and caring. She was too much for him and to add insult to his pride, he had realised that the bracelet on his wrist had originally belonged to Lily. How Silver found out that part was from seeing Lily who could be seen wearing no gloves much to his surprise, he did notice that one of her bracelets had gone missing which led the child to that conclusion.

"Explain to me though as to why I had to get a high chair for the brat?" Kurama asked coldly now gesturing to Silver with his thumb. Silver wanted to growl but chose not to retaliate. The last thing he needed was to get into a fight, this would mean that he and Lily would have to find somewhere else to live; the chances were very unlikely.

"Well it's a good time to learn things, this way he won't be missing out and he wouldn't have to lift a muscle or finger. I do have to admit that he's lucky right now... minus the fevers of course" Lily added now getting the red cheese grated on to a plate. Silver looked up feeling something bloom inside his chest from hearing her words, however the feeling almost vanished when she mentioned his sickness which left him scowling at her.

"So this is spaghetti? Doesn't look good" Lily pulled a face at Kurama's negative tone.

"Such a crab, honestly Kurama wait until it's done and no eating the cheese" Lily snapped before slapping his hand with a spoon causing him to yelp. Silver almost snorted from seeing the tengu getting injured by a slap.

"OW! Okay I won't jeez but why is he allowed?" he asked grudgingly while watching Silver nibble on the cheese slightly. It tasted foreign to the kitsune but overall it wasn't that bad.

"You would ruin your appetite plus children burn up more food than adults" she explained as she looked at the tengu.

"How would you know about that?" Kurama asked looking surprised.

"Child care studies" Lily replied to his surprise. Hearing the phone beep signaled that it was now time to use the colander. They watched her drain the water out before putting the spaghetti back in and poured some water inside. Next she poured the whole jar of sauce in to the pot and began to stir as it simmered over the fire. Next some of the cheese went into the pot along with some parmesan cheese after setting the time for eight minutes.

"So that's how you do it? Looks easy enough" Kurama smiled, part of him seemed disappointed from how easy it looked to make.

"Yeah but there's a key ingredient that makes it taste good" Lily grinned smugly at the confused tengu.

"What's that?" he asked.

"It's a secret that cooks take pride in as they include their dishes. I am not telling" Lily smirked at the stuttering tengu who went red in the face as she teased him. Silver watched with owlish eyes but said nothing. Lily passed Silver some water in a cup and leaned close to his ear.

"Being happy makes the food taste good right?" Lily whispered to a now rigid Silver. She was too close for his comfort and it was making his face heat up. Saying nothing Lily watched him briefly before going back to the pot.

"What did she say?" Kurama asked Silver quietly.

"That you're being nosey" Lily smirked at Kurama's annoyed look.

"Why keep me in the dark about it?" he asked.

"Cook some time and you'll find out" she winked at a blushing Kurama.

"Fine I'll do it some time later" Kurama said grudgingly. After eight minutes the phone beeped signalling that it was time. Lily immediately placed the food in three separate plates before putting them on to the tables.

"Make sure you all wash your hands" Lily instructed as she placed Silver on the floor so he could go to the bathroom.

"Alright jeez!" Kurama sighed as he watches her sprinkle some parmesan on to the food.

Now heading back the trio took their places around the table, Lily watched the males as they started to eat their food. Kurama and Silver's eyes widened at the taste.

"This is good Lily!" Kurama exclaimed before eating some more. Lily beamed at the compliment.

"You have my thanks" Silver mumbled slightly, he stiffened when she patted his head near where his ears were.

"You are most welcome, I even make thirds if anyone wants to eat"

"I'll take you up on that offer" Kurama said as his plate was half empty to her surprise.

"Do chew your food Kurama, you're wearing it all over you" Silver muttered dryly at how Kurama was behaving. Kurama gave him a dirty look.

"This is the first time I've eaten home made food in a while so shut up fox!" Kurama snapped.

"This stuff was imported from Italy thanks to Lidia" Lily commented with a weak smile. "She travels all over" and with that they eat in silence. By the time struck eight Lily was rolling her arms up.

"Okay Silver bath time" and with that the males froze from hearing the sudden phrase.

"You can't be serious Lily!" Silver cried now standing up at her with wide eyes, his face went beetroot red as he moved back a few steps. Kurama at the same time tried not to laugh at the thought of seeing Silver being mothered by Lily.

"Would you rather Kurama does it for you? Honestly I've had to baby sit a few children, there's nothing I haven't seen before" Lily giggled making Silver's face grow redder by the minute, Kurama on the other hand sounded like he was choking from having to wash Silver.

"Need I remind you that despite being in this small form, that I am currently being forced in enduring from the mallet. I am a man!" Silver barked until Lily scooped up the squirming child, Lily almost rolled her eyes at how he was acting. Surely he didn't think that she was stupid in forgetting that part? All she did was just keep in mind that he was now a child and needed help, which then allowed her to not take any notice. Although it wasn't everyday she had to babysit or look after children around his age, but she had the experience. Meanwhile Kurama started to cackle at the scene to Silver's displeasure, talk about embarrassing.

"I am not even going to bother commenting about anything Silver, anyways you need to wash off the sweat from last night. It'll keep some of the bugs away anyways, so suck it up and just deal with it" Lily ordered him as she took him to the bathroom.

"I can do it by myself!" Silver yelled as he fussed in her arms.

"Oh? But can you get into the tub?" Silver pulled a face and turned away feeling ashamed. The answer was no and it made the situation worse.

"Just give me your clothes and wash up, tell me when you are finished and I'll bring in a towel okay? If you are that desperate to save you masculinity you big baby" Lily said while shaking her head.

"While your at it she should dress you as well" Kurama said before howling with laughter, Silver glared at the tengu hatefully but said nothing. After all he could get back at him the moment he was back to normal.

"No that'll be your job since you love tormenting him Kurama" the males glared at one another.

"No thanks! You can do that since you brought him here" Lily grinned at his reply.

"Then don't make fun of him, what if this was you in his situation?" this made Kurama's mood do a one eighty and he was left sullen.

"I don't even want to respond" Kurama said now leaving the room. Lily looked at Silver who was feeling embarrassed to be in a room alone with Lily.

"I'm not going to judge, I'm just making sure that you won't faint or slip in the tub. Best keep that bracelet on okay?" Lily said kindly as she walked towards the bathtub. After putting him inside to the tub, she turned round in order to give him privacy.

"Okay put the clothes in my hand and I'll have them washed" Lily instructed while holding her hand out behind her. Silver squirmed from what was happening for a few minutes but he sighed in defeat. He fumbled slightly with the sash before making a noise of discomfort as it wouldn't unravel, Lily looked back slightly and ended up smiling at how frustrated he was getting when it came to the knot. She then turned around and knelt down by the tub in order to help the surprised kitsune.

"What are you doing?" Silver cried out in alarm.

"There's nothing wrong with helping you with a knot" Lily replied calmly. Silver watched her undo it easily to his dismay and watched her slide the yukata off his shoulders, this left the child blushing as he was only wearing his hakama.

"I'll turn round now" Lily said with a small smile.

"Doesn't it bother you to do this?" Silver mumbled weakly as he looked at her sharply despite the fact that she couldn't see him.

"Not really I lived with a guy since I was a few days old. So I'm not bothered now a days" this didn't make Silver feel any more at ease from hearing that statement. Silver looked down at the tub feeling more embarrassed than usual, the cold left him shaking slightly since his top had just been removed. Lily who was still standing shook her head while rolling her eyes. He looked up now glaring at her form.

"You said you wouldn't look!" Silver cried as she knelt down and stroked his arm gently leaving him with goosebumps. His face ended up going red as a result.

"You're getting cold if you stay half naked in the tub" Lily said while smiling. She slid his hakama down causing his heart to beat like mad. Now standing in the nude he watched Lily go outside.

"Oi! Wash these lazy!" Lily hollered as she threw the clothes on a spluttering Kurama who was sitting on the couch.

"Hey! I'm not a servant" Kurama yelled after yanking them off his face.

"We are guests and I did make you something smarty! Now mush!" Lily ordered, both heard Kurama muttering to himself about woman as he walked to the washer, hearing his words made the girl laugh.

"That guy" Lily chuckled lightly as she turned the water on and made sure that it was warm enough for Silver to be in. Silver meanwhile watched her while frowning; he was still feeling self conscious about having a girl wash his body. Something that he preferred Lily not to do, but there wasn't much he could do at the moment since he had been turned into a child, having her fussing and mothering him made him more uncomfortable as well. Silver immediately flinched as she began spraying the water on to his head and felt her other hand lightly scrubbing the water on to the rest of his hair, for a moment Silver almost leaned onto her touch.

"Her hand is soft, I still don't know why she even wears those gloves" he thought while watching her wash his hair diligently and rubbed his eyes with a towel when soap almost got in to his eyes. It surprised him to see a side to Lily that he had never had the chance to see before. A gentle side she hardly showed to anyone.

"Okay you, you're allowed to wash your body now. Call me when you are done okay?" Lily said cheerfully as she looked at him. Silver blinked as he realised that she was speaking to him.

"Huh?" Silver was left dumbstruck, not knowing what was happening and had forgotten that he was taking a shower.

"Well I don't think you want me to touch you there right?" Lily pointed down but only looked at his face. Silver's face went redder than usual causing him to cry out in alarm. Lily laughed at his reaction before stroking his cheek gently taking him by surprise once again. Silver's heart started to beat quickly as well leaving him breathless. Part of him wanted to hide behind the shower curtain but couldn't find the will to move at all.

"Thought so, here's the body wash gel" Lily said as she handed him the bottle gently so he didn't drop it. Silver however just stood holding the bottle with both hands, he had completely forgotten how to even open and use the item. That was until Lily took the bottle back, Silver jolted from the sudden move and realised that she had the bottle now.

"Alright Silver, hold out your hands" Lily instructed softly before opening the bottle cap. Silver did as he was told and felt wet runny liquid touch his hands, the texture almost left him squirming and wanted to run his hands under the tap given how slimy it felt.

"Now clean yourself up okay" she said before turning her head and sat down on the floor, this way she could rest her back and take a short breather. Silver remained standing until he looked at the clear liquid in his hands with curious eyes. His mind went to how she looked and treated him; she looked like a mother fussing over a child which left him with mixed emotions.

Not once did she see him as an adult yōkai or react in an embarrassed manner and it left him slightly unsettled at how calm and collected she was. Moving slowly he began washing himself while feeling his cheeks heat up as he did it. Part of him was thankful for having to do it himself and more thankful for having her look away in order to give him some privacy. Silver even noticed that she didn't even look down to his relief so he didn't have to be any more embarrassed. Silver also spotted that her hair was getting long and wavier compared to when she first arrived at the shrine, seeing how her fringe had now gone past her chin and was reaching for her neck, Silver noticed the hairband was almost undone from Lily's constant moving around. She looked different to his eyes and it made his face heat up more. Realizing that he was spacing out, Silver began to scrub himself vigorously so he could get out the tub and remove the disturbing thoughts from his mind.

"Lily" Silver called meekly once was done, his hands by his side as he waited for what she would do next. He watched Lily stand up and begin washing the soap off his body without looking down at his stomach, she also started rubbing the suds off his arms gently as it all ran down to his feet and then the plug. Once that was done she turned the tap off and took a towel from the rack, Lily began wrapping the towel round his body while taking another towel for his hair. Lily scooped him up gently without saying a word as she walked back to the bedroom. His face was almost scrunched up from being in her arms in such a delicate manner, he was no child and he didn't want her treating him like one either. However the kitsune didn't even have the heart to tell her off about it, fatigue was starting to take over causing him to lift his arm and rub his eyes. Lily looked and smiled at how cute he looked when he yawned causing Silver to pout, he noticed that she also was looking at him in a way that would involve his cheeks being pinched.

"Here's a shirt- hmm?" Kurama stopped to notice that Lily was walking to the bedroom with Silver, who in turn looked down at her shirt feeling slightly shy, his small hand clutching her shirt while his other hid under the towel. Kurama almost smiled at the scene until he remembered who the child was.

"I have some shorts from before, the clothes will be finished in an hour" Kurama said while Lily used the other towel to dry Silver's hair softly.

"Thanks, that would be helpful" Lily smiled at the almost surprised tengu. Seeing Silver just sitting on the bed while Lily handling him with such care wasn't something he would ever have imagined to take place inside his own home. If anyone had told him that Silver had been turned into a child and was being cared for by Lily in his own home, Kurama was have laughed it off but here he was. Watching a moment that left him feeling like a third wheel in where he even lived. It almost left him thinking about his own future for a brief moment.

"Kurama, thank you for everything" Lily smiled while rubbing Silver's arms dry. Kurama placed the small pair of shorts down by Silver and walked off.

"Call me if you need anything" was all Kurama had said as he exited the room. Lily sighed with relief.

"I bet it was killing you to have him see you like this huh? Wouldn't blame you" Lily commented at Silver who stared at her wordlessly. She placed the shirt over him, almost giggling at how big it was before helping him with the shorts. She rolled up the waistband a few times for him because they were too baggy for him.

"When your underwear is dry I'll hand them over as soon as possible" Lily said while pinching his cheek lightly as she smiled. Silver made a fussy noise while he tried swatting her hands away making her giggle.

"I know, annoying huh so-" Lily stood up in order to stretch her legs, towels in one hand.

"Do you want some water?" Lily asked him. Not trusting his voice, Silver nodded meekly as he looked down. Lily smiled at his expression before bending down to peck his cheek. Silver felt his breathing stop at that moment and felt his face heat up.

"Get some rest while I bring the water okay" Lily walked out the room silently. Silver moved under the quilt and watched her go. His face was filled with sadness knowing that he would of wanted to go himself and burden her less than he even wanted to.

Lily walked towards the hamper and dropped the towels in them. She sighed with relief.

"I'm just getting some water" Lily said now filling two cups of water. "Oh teeth!" Lily said now remembering the 2 spare toothbrushes that Kurama was forced to buy.

"Don't forget that" Kurama joked looking back from the couch. Lily stuck her tongue out playfully before walking away from the sink, two cups in hand.

Without knowing why Lily gasped loudly as she felt sharp pains coming from within her body.


Kurama shot out of his seat and moved towards the kitchen, once he stopped near the sink he spotted Lily on her hands and knees as she tried to brace herself with shaky hands on the floor. Glass and water had been sprayed out in front of her after colliding with the floor. Silver rushed into the kitchen to see what happened and saw Lily gritting her teeth in pain, she looked like her arms were about to give way, which would have meant landing on the glass.

"Are you okay?" Kurama asked looking quite alarmed as he quickly help her up and moved Lily away from the glass covered floor.

"Y-yeah tripped over myself, silly me" Lily grinned weakly before placing one hand on his.

"Your hand!" Kurama exclaimed as he moved her over to the couch and got his first aid kit, Silver stood by Lily as a big glass shard could be seen embedded in her right hand, blood continued to run down her fingers and left a stain on the clothes. Watching Kurama use tweezers to pull out the glass, he pressed a big cloth over the wound.

"Hold this while I clean up the mess" Kurama instructed now moving quickly to clean the glass off the floor. His body shook slightly from seeing that happen to Lily. Kurama didn't even think that he would see her in that state, nor did he know why this was happened.

"S-Sorry about that" Lily said weakly as she looked down at her hand. Silver immediately took the cloth from her uninjured hand and pressed it as hard as he could, he could hear her whimper from the pain and saw Lily's eyes squint as she tried not to move. His eyes were hardened from injury and from seeing her in such pain. Why he was feeling this, Silver wasn't sure since he was no longer bound to any contract nor was he a familiar much less hers. It didn't make sense at all.

"Don't worry, we all slip up and at least it was just your hand right?" Kurama replied, something about her slipping didn't add up to him. Was something happening to her that he wasn't aware of?

"Yeah" she chattered slightly from the pain. Lily felt herself growing physically weaker thanks to the lack of energy, it was as if losing her powers were finally deciding to take its toll over her ability to even hold things, the remaining power she had left was slowly leaving her by the hour.

"Still though, sorry to make you both worry" Lily tried to smile but Silver refused to smile for one minute.

"Why don't you both brush your teeth and head to bed, there's not much to do now anyways" Kurama said now putting the scooped up glass in the bin. Lily stood up slowly only to stumble slightly from feeling lightheaded. Silver tried to keep her steady as they walked to the bathroom.

"Don't worry, just tired that's all" Lily replied weakly. However Silver kept silent the whole time, inside he was berating himself for not being able to truly help Lily in her time of need. He even saw that she was finding it hard to even pick up a toothbrush of all things, which almost made him grimace at her sudden lack of strength. Silver was thankful for the box Lily had the tengu buy so he could stand up properly and look down at the sink. Now reaching for her brush Silver passed it towards her wordlessly.

"You must think I'm pathetic right? Can't even hold up a brush huh?" Lily grinned weakly, Silver wasn't smiling, instead he reached for his own and began putting toothpaste onto it before brushing. Lily too began putting the paste onto her brush and began to copy what he was doing. After competing that chore, they went to the bed. Lily helped Silver get on to the bed and placed the covers on his body.

"Have a good sleep, I'll be back in a minute" Lily said before turning towards the door, Silver gripped her sleeve stopping her.

"Just get to bed, you're not well" Lily had to smile at his determined expression; he was generally worried about her.

"I'm just going to ask Kurama to pass some water to you okay, be right back" Lily reassured him; he gave her a hard stare before releasing his grip.

"Let him do it okay" Silver warned making her laugh lightly.

"Oh alright Mr" Lily chuckled and walked out. When she closed the doors, Lily immediately staggered slightly from fatigue only to feel strong arms holding her up to prevent her from falling on the floor again.

"Mind telling me what's going on?" Kurama asked as he looked at her with concern.

"I think my losing powers might have now decided to cripple me slightly, I might not be able to get out of bed in a few days if this continues" Lily said weakly.

"What do you need?" Kurama asked sternly as he looked at her knowing that she had his full attention. Kurama hated himself for being so powerless to help her, but if there was something he would do then he would do it.

"Water please, make that two glasses please" Lily replied weakly as she almost slumped against him again from the strain.

"I'll get it, just make sure you head over to bed" Kurama helped her stand up, the tengu made sure that she was stable and could walk properly without stumbling before he released her. Kurama then proceeded to head over to the kitchen sink once more.

Lily's fingers almost couldn't grip the door but forced them to move and heard a soft click to her relief. She pushed the door open and staggered back towards the bed. Silver heard her grunting thanks to his ears as she walked back in but did nothing except close his eyes. He felt the covers go up and the bed dipped slightly meaning that she was now in bed.

"Water will be in a minute okay?" Lily asked weakly as she looked at him. Silver moved his head towards her and patted it lightly.

"Get some sleep" Silver instructed now looking at her with stern eyes, Lily paused before smiling. He felt his forehead being pecked by Lily and watched her close her eyes. Within minutes she was asleep to his relief. Footsteps caught his attention causing him to look at Kurama's pained expression. At that moment Silver could tell that Kurama was aware of what was going on with Lily.

"That Narukami has gone too far" Silver heard Kurama's quiet voice which was laced with anger.

"What is wrong with Lily?" Silver whispered, he hating himself having to plead with the tengu for help, but Lily wouldn't even tell him anything. So what was he to do when nothing was being said? It was almost as if she was trying to stop him from acting on something but what? He watched Kurama hesitate in whether he could reply at all.

"That woman took more than just the mark from Lily, it is now taking a toll on Lily's health and she might not wake up after tomorrow" Silver felt his body go cold, his own tail bristled from hearing the tengu's words. Silver's mind went back to when Narukami took Mikage's mark, he remembered briefly seeing a blue light within the mark but paid no heed to it, only now did he realise that was a mistake. Silver wanted to curse and yell out in frustration. How did he not see that the blue light belonged to Lily? What that light was beyond him. Could it be the reason as to why she couldn't touch him before?

"I'd wait until she's ready to speak about it, don't force it out of her" Kurama said softly part of him did sympathise with the fox, which was a first for him but he didn't comment on anything else. Instead he left the pair alone so they could rest, Kurama slowly closed the door slightly just in case something else happened.

"Alright you two I'm off to work okay. Here are my keys, some money and my number in case of any emergency" Kurama explained as he handed a standing Lily the items. He wore black clothes including his long black jacket that had been done up.

"I want you off your feet until you are better okay" Kurama warned as he looked at her.

"Okay! You act like I'm going to collapse again" Lily laughed lightly at his concerned expression which didn't waver in the slightest. Last night left him constantly debating in whether or not to go and practice for the live performance.

"I don't want you getting hurt, think of the damn fox will you" Kurama said quietly as he gestured to a blank faced Silver who was looking at the window. Lily now hated the fact that she couldn't hear what he was thinking but alas there was nothing she could do about it.

After heading out of his apartment, Kurama turned back to see Silver looking at him with blank eyes.

"Useless good for nothing" Kurama mouthed with a grin leaving Silver frigid in anger from the insult. That was until he saw Kurama's face go pale. Silver looked behind him only to see to his shock, Lily was standing right behind him with a thunderous look while her arms were crossed.

"You are so dead when you come back" Lily mouthed back only she moved her thumb from one side of her neck to the other. The pair watched Kurama splutter in fear before he ran away. It slightly amused Silver seeing the tengu run in fear from her for once. Lily was still scary as usual which was a good thing in some way.

"Well he's gone! Good riddance right?" Lily shook her head looking annoyed. Silver nodded slightly.

"What do you want to do today? I was thinking of seeing Joanna today" Lily said cheerfully before stretching her bones.

"How are you feeling?" Silver asked now looking up at Lily with guarded eyes.

"Still tired but that's normal. I was always sickly as a baby, that as until I was four when I started to get headaches. They only made me more tired but I suffered no anemia. More over I should be concerned about you, are you okay?" Lily asked looking at him with honest but concerned eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me about your condition? You should be focusing on yourself not me" Silver scolded while folding his arms.

"I didn't want you seeing me as weakling, since you already complain enough about me as it is" Lily replied while grinning. Lily grabbed her shoes and went to put them on. Silver looked down slightly.

"Maybe it's because that I'm already complaining that she finds it hard to even mention these things" he berated himself. Now moving towards Lily he opened the door while standing on tip toes.

"Thanks Silver, and I don't care if you're big or small. Silver is still Silver" Lily's comment made his face go red. He smiled as she looked to the side, his tail swished from the compliment.

Both walked through the park in order to reach Joanna's home. It was peaceful outside.

"No college today so we don't have to worry about work" Lily commented with relief in her voice.

"I've noticed that you hardly take enough breaks as it is" Silver said while walking ahead.

"Well I want to be the best as I can, I even practice drawing to" Lily beamed. She was not going to tell him about the sketch, that she did of him when he slept after arriving at Kurama's home. Silver felt himself smile slightly.

"First thing we need to do is get that mallet back but how? She's not going to give it back so easily" Lily commented as she bit her lip.

"We also need to get that blue light back as well, it's making you ill the longer your body is separated from it" Lily almost paused from his words, she winced mentally from the fact that she had to come clean about it.

"It's part of my life force" Lily admitted meekly, his body immediately stiffened before he turned to face her with angry eyes.

"And you are telling me this now? Lily you could die because of this!" he snapped loudly, Silver was more angry with himself than at her, how could he have let this happen? The question continued to hit his mind over and over again until it became hard to breathe.

"Silver, she hurt you and I couldn't just leave you alone to confront her. You are more important than my stolen life force, besides I was hoping to wait it out until she caved in and gave it back. She must be having a side effect to it now" Lily replied bluntly. Silver's tail bristled while his eyes narrowed from listening; he was getting a sinking suspicion that there would be problems from the side effects.

"What kind of side effect?" his voice almost shook from the thought.

"Headaches" Lily replied looking solemn. His eyes narrowed.

"Lily you need to take me to the shrine now and we are going to get this sorted. I don't care if I have to be a familiar to that woman! You need that light back" Silver felt angry as his body shook with each word he spoke, Silver was resisting the urge to cry, as tears of frustration were fighting to come out but he repressed them as hard as he could. Lily's eyes drooped from sadness leaving him agitated.


"Master Silver!" cried a voice, leaves started to circle around the pair causing them to look up.

"Thank goodness we found you" said another voice.

"Lady Narukami has been looking for you everywhere and needs you back now" Lily gasped as she heard the voices.

"I understand, take me to her now" Silver said bluntly as he looked at the floor.

"But Silver!" Lily moved towards him.

"You stay where you are Lily! You are too weak to even stand up against Narukami. Wait until she returns with the light" Silver ordered her with steely eyes, Lily faltered at his look and nodded.

"I trust you" was all Lily said before he vanished without a trace the moment the leaves vanished into thin air. Lily began walking towards Joanna's home now feeling her body go weaker with every step she took. The moment Lily opened the door she was greeted with the woman's friendly face.

"Hi Lily how are you feeling? Is Silver not with you?" Joanna asked as she looked round for the small child.

"...No" Lily shook her head feeling sorrow eat at her more than ever.

"LILY!" Joanna screamed as she rushed towards the fallen Lily who had collapsed on the floor. Joanna picked up the child softly and placed her on the spare bed. Next she closed the shop and checked the girl's temperature. Tears ran down the woman's cheeks as she felt Lily's forehead go cold.

"What kind of illness is this?" she looked though Lily's pockets to see a key, money and a number.

"Let's see if this person picks up" Joanna said in a rushed tone as she ran towards the phone. She immediately dialled the number and waited.

"Hello Kurama speaking"

"Kurama it is Joanna!" Joanna heard the panic in her own voice and tried to stay calm as best as she could but it was getting hard to breath.

"Miss?! Is everything okay? Where's Lily?" Kurama asked now sounding worried.

"She's collapsed in my shop, her body's going colder by the minute. Tell me what is going on? Do you know why she is like this?" she heard him curse and began hearing footsteps coming from the phone, followed by the sound of doors opening and closing, people's voice also came from his side.

"Her powers were stolen by Narukami the Lightning God after taking Mikage's mark from her forehead" Joanna bit her lip; she felt the urge to cry and scream in frustration. How could she have of not seen the signs? Lily wasn't wearing gloves like she usually did and that should of tipped her off. After all Lily never did leave the house without them.

"Is there anything we can do? Without them she could die" Joanna cried.

"I'll be at your home within an hour, I'll take her to Narukami who I think might be living at Mikage's shrine"

"Please hurry!" Joanna pleaded loudly; she could feel tears running down her face and couldn't stop them from falling.

By the time Kurama arrived at the house, Joanna was in tears while she stayed at Lily's bedside. His face had gone pale from seeing the weakened girl whose face had gone pale.

"I'll take her now, get some rest" Kurama said now picking up the sleeping girl.

"That girl can't die, please Kurama don't let her die. Remember when she gets her powers back. Put her in warm water immediately and make sure she stays in the warm water until she wakes up, her uncle said if the water is pure enough to taste. It will mean that she'll be okay and will wake up soon" Joanna instructed while looking at him with pained eyes. He nodded sternly before rushing out.

"Why did you go out? You know that you're dying and where is that bloody fox?" Kurama snapped as he looked at the pale girl. She was panting for air as he ran.

"Lady Lily!" Kurama looked up to see two spirit children heading towards them.

"Is Lady Lily okay?" Dai asked while flying beside Oishi.

"She's dying! I need to get to the shrine now" Kurama said as he ran.

"We'll summon the Night Fog Carriage. Silver's gone missing and Narukami's destroying the shrine in anger" Kurama had to laugh at that, typical of the fox to just disappear like that.

"Hurry!" he bellowed at them. By the time he was on the carriage, Kurama placed her down on the moving transport.

"What has happened to Lady Lily?" Oishi asked sitting beside Lily.

"Narukami stole Lily's powers and it's leaving her weaker by the minute" Kurama said until they approached the lighting filled area. His hairs started to stand on ends from how much electricity was being released by the woman. She was furious and showed no sighs of stopping.

"Narukami!" Kurama yelled at the angry woman who was sitting on a cloud. Fear began to crawl from inside him but repressed it as the need to keep Lily alive took over.

"Oh it's a tengu? And that human too, what's she doing here?" Narukami asked angrily, suddenly the woman clenched her stomach now feeling the power from within her trying to burst out of her. Narukami cried out in pain as she releasing ice in to the air. Kurama almost cried out as the ice nearly hit the carriage. Was that Lily's power? Was it too much for the Goddess to contain?

"Return Lily's life force you're killing her just by taking it!" Kurama yelled over the howl of the wind. Narukami sneered weakly.

"That girl is a thorn in my side for doing this to me and now that fox is missing to" she cried again as ice shot out from her body.

"Let's make a deal! If we find Silver then you have to return Lily's powers and give Silver back to her" Kurama said.

"I wish you luck tengu for I can't even find him!" Narukami said now looking at the shrine.

"Where is that damn fox?" Kurama yelled now getting annoyed by the minute, it had been one hour and no luck. Lily was growing weaker in his arms and he could do nothing but feel helpless from watching her. Lily's eyes opened slightly catching his attention.

"Lily are you okay?" Kurama asked now helping her stand. She pointed towards a room where a butterfly had appeared and started to flutter towards another room. Lily tried to move away from Kurama and began to walk on shaky legs towards the room, she staggered the moment she leaned on the table. There to the left was a mirror that the neon green butterfly was currently resting on. Smiling weakly, Lily reached for it and forced herself to stand without the table's support.

"Silver, I found you won't you come out now?" Lily asked weakly. Silver opened his weary eyes as soon as he heard her voice.

"Lily?" he asked to quietly. The kitsune stood up from within the mirror, his feet started to walk towards the exit until he found himself running. Silver felt his heart beating quickly from knowing that she was close. For some reason he didn't want to keep her waiting, he didn't want to be alone again and it encouraged Silver to keep running.

"Lily!" Silver's voice called out towards the sick girl as he was engulfed in a bright lightly.






"Lily?" Silver opened his eyes once more to see that he was outside the mirror. He tried to get up only to see that he was in Lily's arms, they had now gone limp to his surprise. Lily to his horror was passed out on the floor and had gone completely pale.

"At least... you're safe... Silver" Lily thought with a smile, she could feel her body going cold while darkness tried to take over her mind.

Kurama rushed into the room with fear etched on his face. Narukami continued to watch from outside.

"Fine I'll allow her to keep him, I don't want a familiar who isn't loyal to me anyways" Narukami muttered to herself.

"LILY!" Silver's anguished screams hit Narukami's ears catching her attention. She rushed over to see that Lily was on the floor.

"What is going on?" to her surprise Silver was in Lily's arms crying while Kurama had slumped to the floor while his hands were clenched near the floorboards.

"Give her back her powers... give them back now!" Kurama yelled at the startled Goddess.

As promised, Narukami had returned Lily's powers and the mark of Mikage back. Now that Lily's powers were back, Kurama immediately took Lily out of Silver's reluctant arms,

"What are you doing?" Silver asked now rushing after Kurama.

"I need warm water of she won't make it! Can you all put some warm water in to the tub?" Kurama asked as he looked back. Silver without asking rushed towards the taps and turned the hot water on. They heard Lily groaning as the water hit her skin before she slumped.

"Change me back" Kurama turned his head to see a furious kitsune staring back at him. "Change me back now Tengu!" tears were streaming down Silver's eyes and for once Kurama couldn't comment. One of Narukami's familiars handed him the mallet after appearing.

"Grow big Silver" smoke surrounded them, and within seconds Silver was standing tall once more only he had long red hair instead of short, he also now wore a long lavender yukata which fluttered from the air. Ignoring the change Silver immediately walked towards Lily.

"Let me look after her now" Silver said now standing by the tub and kept his eyes on Lily. Kurama nodded.

"Make sure the water remains warm, if the water starts to taste different then it means that she is getting better, Joanna knew of this for some reason so don't ask me what it means" Silver listened intently before nodding. In truth Silver didn't really know why he had to taste the water, but he trusted Joanna's judgement.

"You have my thanks tengu" Silver said softly.

"I'm just repaying a favour, she saved my life now I can feel at ease knowing that I've returned the favour in full" Kurama said before turning away.

"Joanna said also that the water will get pure in time, I don't know if that's Lily's ability but do not touch her hands. It almost killed her uncle just by doing that" Kurama commented and left. Silver looked at her with pensive eyes. But kept by Lily's side.

"How did he know about that? Please tell me what's wrong Lily" Silver pleaded as he watched the sleeping girl.

Days went by and no change took place, at first Silver was starting to think that Lily wasn't going to get better, however everything changed on the eighth day when he tested the water. It was different now, a little more purer than usual he realised when he sat up. Silver's eyes went straight to Lily's face, colour was coming back slowly to his relief. Silver started to sigh as he leaned back slightly; he pushed his long silky red hair back from his face and continued to watch the sleeping girl.

"Master Silver you need some rest, we'll take over" Oishi said now standing beside him.

"I need to make sure that she's okay. I'm not leaving until she's better again" he vowed now keeping a watchful eye on her. Silver watched the spirits go in order to fetch something for his stomach. The cold tiles continued hurting him since he refused to leave from his spot, but he cared not for being uncomfortable. Silver's eyes softened at the person who he had served for a short time.

"Humans are so fragile" Silver commented as he started to smile softly. He leaned closer towards Lily's face and kissed her lightly. Silver at that moment tried to resist doing anything else as thoughts started entered his mind but chose to ignore them.

"This is to show my thanks for what you have done. You didn't have to do anything Lily but you did it nevertheless" Silver mumbled before leaning back. He spied her hand but dared not touch it thanks to the earlier warning. Just thinking about how those hands could have killed her uncle left him shivering, not from fear but sadness.

"It must be hard not to touch anyone without worrying about whether it would hurt them" Silver asked softly knowing that she wouldn't reply. He wanted to hold her hand, but imagined the guilt of knowing that Lily would have to live with the fact that she had hurt him. Just thinking of it left the kitsune wanting to resist temptation. But knowing why continued to burn in his mind.

Silver wasn't a coward, he was strong so why should he let a warning get him scared enough to even touch her? Some people feared him as it is. That should encourage him to not be so silly enough to allow something like that to bother him. Pride stopped him from heading the warning, but it also provoked him to listen.

Silver looked back at Lily's sleeping form, her hair flowing around her slowly like a halo as she slept. His own mind going blank as the only thing he saw was her. Lily was different to him, never shy of seeing him as a child or adult. At times Lily was open even if she had a secret that scared her enough to encourage her not to tell him. Silver wanted her to confide in him and only him, no one else, not even Kurama, not Joanna or this Lidia. Silver moved up from his spot and leaned closer. Her cheek was soft and to his surprise didn't go saggy from the heat or from being in the water. It amazed him that much to watch the water almost surround her in a cocoon. Silver felt her lips against his once more and moved his hand slowly, feeling his body go tense from waiting to see what would happen when her hand touched his. At first Lily's hand was cold to the touch taking him by surprise. After all she was in a very warm tub filled with water.

"So that's it? Her hands were cold, that wasn't so bad" Silver thought as he felt relief enter his system. Silver had to laugh from that. Obviously the cold wouldn't bother him because of his foxfire.

"Ugh!" Silver forced himself to break from the kiss and clutch his head with his free hand as images started to swarm in his mind. The first image was of a hand covered in blood. Whose hand it was baffled him. Next was a body that laid on the floor while Lily, who looked very young in the image shook in fear. He could hear her crying for the person to wake up but covered her ears as they continued to haunt her. A man who he identified was Loez; he could see the man's horrified eyes as the looked at the scene before him. Seeing her as if she was a monster that hurt his twin.

'It was all her fault' his mental voice left her shaking with fear and pain. Unable to stop the guilt and dread as it slowly eat up her ability to want to go near people again. For fear of being treated as a monster until she as nothing more than an outcast, part of her wanted to make friends. But the other side of her wanted to abandon people and be alone. It left a negative effect on her powers as her room was filled with ice and snow almost every day since the incident. Even when her uncle recovered it wasn't the same. She hated being in the same room as him, she didn't want to hurt him so he made the gloves with another person, the ring suppressors were also created to curb her constant growing powers as they got stronger. The man she called father even though he was her uncle, had never once gave up on the girl to her surprise. She was too young to even be isolating herself, even Silver agreed on that as he watched on, realising that these were her memories, her emotions that she trusted no one with.

However what left him more upset was that the man she saw her uncle with was in fact her birth father, shortly after turning eight the man had gone completely missing and had been washed up by a local river. No one could say if it was murder or not but Lily felt nothing. She didn't even know this man after all; the girl avoided him for he too was scared of her. Almost as if he knew what she could do, would do if she was close enough... to touch. What kind of man would abandon his daughter? Where was her real mother? Her aunt Laura was the only woman she considered mother and Joanna her aunt. It left Silver completely heartbroken as he removed his hands from the sleeping girl, immediately the images vanished from his mind. Leaving a chill to creep in his bones.

Silence was almost deafening to his ears, but knowing that Lily had endured nothing but anger, fear and isolation. It was enough to make him ignore the silence; he pecked her lips and sat beside her.

"Get well soon Lily... I'm not going anywhere" Silver vowed in the darkness with only a candle lit in the darkness.

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