Fox and Ice

Chapter 5- Can you Fix my Taser Please? Part 1

After the tenth day passed by, it began to feel like a never-ending nightmare. Silver was even beginning to think that it would never end, that nothing would change. That they were doomed to be frozen in their current states; these days had taken a toll on Silver, he had refused to leave the room, lest she woke up without him noticing. This room became his bed and only informed the school that he will not attend for a while due to Lily's 'incident' with a flight of stairs that led her to a coma. Their story almost didn't check out thanks to the school's principle who had enquired about Lily's status with the hospital. Kurama to Silver's relief had sent a doctor to monitor Lily's vitals and told the school that she was indeed in a comatose state. Not really knowing why she was in water, the doctor dared not ask nor had even informed anyone thanks to the idol.

Silver began to test the water and to his relief it was better than yesterday. The water was now in fact completely pure which meant that she would indeed wake up soon. To prove that theory Lily's eyelids had started to twitch as she began to move from her comatose state. Lily moved her right hand and placed on her face while she made weak noises.

"What was I doing?" she asked herself, memories hazy, nothing seemed right and yet her hearing was a little funny. The last thing she remembered was finding Silver's mirror and then complete darkness. Was she alive now? Lily had wondered before her mind drifted due to fatigue.

"Lily" hearing a muffled voice to her left, she turned slightly to see a faint outline of a red haired person with long hair, the red things sticking out from his head were also hazy to her eyes but said nothing, the will to speak left her from not being able to use her voice for a while. Who was this stranger? Was that Silver? No he had short hair not long hair so who was this guy?

"Lily can you hear me?" the voice was still muffled but began to get clearer with each minute. Blinking in order to dispel her clouded vision, Lily began to look down to see herself in water. Why water though? How did she not notice this though? Fingers slightly twitching from her watery bed as the girl began to wake up, her own hair still flowing beside her face as she lay. Who put her there and why? What was the purpose for even putting her in there? Her vision almost darkened until the something pulled her up, slowly but the sound of a heartbeat settled by her left ear. It took her a minute to realise that she was arms of someone that was picking her up, who began to take her out the room. Her own arms were moved onto her lap as the stranger walked, she doubted very much that it was Silver, he seemed different, more gentle and dare she think kind.

"Don't worry Lily I've got you" the voice was reassuring to her ears, as silence followed the sound of slightly muffled footsteps that paddled on the floorboards. The red long hair almost covered her face as the person walked. This person was cradling her close so Lily didn't fall off or get injured by anything as they walked, almost as if she was important to them. She wanted to look up but her body couldn't move, her bones too stiff from sleep. Did she nearly die or something?

The sound of a door sliding open caught her attention. Lily could see from the corner of her eye that it led to a dark room, her eyes slightly adjusting to the area around her now despite being hazy.

"What time is it?" Lily asked herself, her throat was slightly parched from drinking nothing. Did she feel hungry? Not really, just tired.

The arms placed her down near bed covers, and walked towards something nearby. This person felt her cheek slightly and made a slight noise of disapproval.

"You're getting cold because you have been brought out of the water. I'll change you so you won't freeze" the voice she now identified as male said softly. She wanted to do it herself but her body wouldn't move, fatigue fought for control, wanted her to sleep.

Slowly she felt her clothes being pulled without her realising it, the shirt's buttons were being undone. She could feel the male's nerves making the young girl become uncomfortable.

Silver felt his heart skip a beat, she was wearing nothing underneath the shirt as he had originally hoped, if she had then it would be less uncomfortable for both of them even if she was still awake. It would also mean decrease the level of embarrassment for the kitsune. However now wasn't the time to feel bashful about this, she was getting colder by the minute. Not to mention, he had seen plenty of females naked at his feet so why would this make him uncomfortable?

Her own skin was soft and slightly cold to the touch as he ran his finger slowly down Lily's arm, her skin prickled from his touch shaking him out of his stupor. Next he undid her black shorts and white socks, they proved the hardest since they clung onto her feet greedily. But the kitsune was able to get them off, now Lily was laying half naked in his arms and it left him slightly uncomfortable to see her this way. After all this was his master and he never once had indecent thoughts about her except during that one time when he kissed her in the bath. Silver immediately shook off the thoughts again before picking the black yukata that lay beside him and slid her arms gently inside the sleeves. Next he fastened the folded yukata with a sash, before placing her under the covers of her futon. Silver for a minute looked at the bracelet he was made to wear and slipped it off, now placing it back in Lily's bare wrist. It automatically changed size so it fitted her perfectly once more.

Lily started to shiver still from the cold leaving him to frown, so he moved closer and laid beside her with his arms around her, after doing that Silver placed her head onto his chest. Her eyes weren't sure whether they should stay open or closed as she remained laying there there.

"She must still be tired to not say anything, after all she did escape death right?" Silver asked himself as he looked at her with sad eyes, he couldn't shake off the guilt that plagued him. Lily could have died and he wouldn't have known and that was the cruel truth. What then? What would he have done once he discovered her corpse? It left him feeling a part of him would have died along with her. The thought of another person leaving would have damaged him scared him. Silver's mind slowly went to Mikage, the man who took him in, who saw him as a son and then abandoned him without warning. The question was why. Why would such a man he considered kind do such an unforgivable thing? It didn't make sense at all. Without thinking or knowing why, Silver tilted her head up and kissed her lightly.

Lily wasn't sure if this was a dream or not, it was a weird dream to say the least. After all, this Silver look alike who had long hair had never left her side the entire time. First this guy was changing her clothes after removing the wet ones that clung onto leaving her uncomfortable and cold, who treated her like she was made out of glass, who was being kind and thoughtful during her weakest hour. The next thing she knew was that he was now kissing her, a strange man indeed and it left her puzzled, as to why he would do such a thing since it didn't make sense what so ever. However instead of doing anything that would stop this stranger, Lily deciding to humour herself, after all this was a dream and the chances of this actually happening was never. The reason she kept telling herself was that she had to look after this shrine; Mikage relied on her to keep it safe whether he said had it aloud or not. She was not going to let this kind man down at all, nor would she allow herself to feel for a yōkai or familiar, especially one who had no feelings for her either. Silver was always guarded and had often spent his night at the Red District before he became her familiar much to her annoyance.

After all he didn't exactly give her a good first impression, instead he gave her a look that said she was useless and that she would never be good enough to do anything right. That she would fail before she began which irritated the young girl deeply. Sure he worked hard but was it worth it to have him sully himself both in body and health? Over drinking himself and sex whether it was meaningless or not? She wasn't happy at all was her reply but didn't tell him, she had no right to tell him since she wasn't the boss of his life or heart. If Lily did think about settling down, it would be a guy who only looked at her and had no involvement with lavishing with women and drinking.

Smoking in fact left her irritated and refused to think otherwise. So overall Silver was not someone Lily would imagine herself with right? Maybe their relationship was truly platonic she pondered, after all Lily never did react when she was giving him a bath, nor did he show any signs of affection except the need to serve his master only.

Feeling proud of herself for ignoring the allure of men, she now wanted to deal with the current dream. Maybe giving in once, dream wise wouldn't be problematic, right? After all what was the worst that could happen?

Lily started to kiss back taking the Silver look alike by surprise, taking care to not move her hands in case she touched his skin by accident. She pecked his lips a few times before she deepened the kiss.

Silver now did not know what to think as she kissed him back; the only thing he did was close his eyes and stared to savour the taste of her lips. Silver groaned as he wrapped his arms around her tightly, it left him with a strange feeling, this yearning for her. His own red hair hid their faces like a curtain from outsiders, this way no one could interfere or assume who they were.

What was this girl doing to him? Was it the contract that was messing with his mind? The yōkai felt that he did something like this before but where and when had left the kitsune baffled. He wanted to deepen the kiss, so he coaxed her mouth open slightly and slipped his tongue in, she seemed experienced enough to his surprise. However that thought went to the back of his head, now taking in the flushed appearance of his master as Silver pulled back. Both panted for air and felt a part of him react to what they were doing causing him to stiffen.

No this had to stop, he could never do that to her, not when she's too weak and tired. As he took in Lily's scent, he knew for a fact that she was a virgin and it made him feel guilty inside. Pushing his own desires on to a sick girl hit him more than he'd ever admit. Instead Silver stroked her cheek in order to coax her to sleep once more, it took a while for Lily to settle since it seemed that her body was too awake to feel fatigue, again his fault to the male's shame. Silver's ears flattened while his eyelids and tail went down, Silver shuffled slightly so he could lay beside her and moved his tail so she could hold onto it.

Only before she could touch it did he remember what would happen if her hands touched him. Silver reached for the gloves that Kurama had entrusted him with from his pocket in order to give them back to Lily. Silver carefully slipped her gloves back on and kissed both knuckles in a tender manner. He didn't want to see her wearing gloves but that was the price to pay if she wanted to keep people safe.

Now placing his tail near her, the girl caught it slowly and smiled slightly, meanwhile her eyes began to close slightly from feeling content. Silver started to feel warm from seeing her happy and knowing it was because of him. It left him to have this feeling; Silver watched as her eyes started to droop before sleep took over.

"Sleep well Lily" Silver said softly before feeling the call of sleep as he continued to lay beside her.





"It's all a dream right? Nothing will happen when I wake up" Lily started to stir from her slumber to see herself in her own futon. She looked down to see herself in a strange yukata and sat up.

"How did I get here?" Lily asked quietly, she looked around feeling puzzled from the strange turn of events.

"Good morning Lady Lily" Oishi greeted before hugging the awakened girl. Dai too followed suit and hugged her on the other side, Lily was at a loss of what to say but allowed them to hug her.

"How are you feeling Lady Lily?" Dai asked as he looked up, Lily was able to feel his worry and smiled, sure she didn't like having these curse like powers but knowing that they helped slightly eased her.

"I'm fine just a little stiff from sleep, how is everyone?" Lily asked with calm eyes. The spirit children floated up so they were level with her head.

"We're okay Lady Lily" Dai replied sounding chipper.

"Master Silver hasn't stopped worrying about you Lady Lily" Oishi commented as he looked at her before turning to look at the door. Lily paused as she took in his words.

"Really? Could of fooled me after all, he hardly even cares about what I think anyways"

Silver stood by the door as he listened in the conversation, his sky blue yukata sleeves ruffled slightly as he stood close as he brooded on what she said but did not come to the door.

"Guess it's hard to really believe that I was worried" Silver almost chuckled at Lily's remark.

"By the way guys, did the parcel come yet?" Silver immediately stiffened from the question. He had completely forgotten about the item in question and silently rushed out the shrine to get it. Seeing that the parcel was in fact inside the large mailbox left him relieved. The last thing he needed was for Lily to go on a war path for losing the parcel. It did seem heavy and very thin for a human like Lily to carry, but the kitsune went back up without complaint. Part of him was thankful for tying up his hair as he walked towards his Lady and Mistress' room; he hated the thought of look scruffy, especially since he never did know if anyone was coming to visit. Although there was a visit from Princess Himemiko not long ago, but Silver had to turn her away and explained to the cat fish princess that Lily was very unwell to even receive visitors. Saddened by the turn of events the princess said to inform her the moment Lily recovers, the fox agreed still looking sullen but said nothing. Part of him hoped that she didn't notice and would assume that it was because of the lack of sleep. Sadly it didn't go unnoticed by the princess as she went home.

Silver's hand paused as he stood by the door, knocking slightly and then just like that the sound of voices died away in an instant. He felt nervous to see her. Happy mostly but worried about what to say especially about what happened last night.

"Come in" the sound of Lily's voice made his own heart race like crazy, slowly he slid opened the door and paused. Taking in Lily's appearance, Silver noticed that she was shocked to see him but why?

"Silver is that you?" Lily asked while she continued to look at him with disbelieving eyes.

"...Yes, is there something wrong?" Silver asked now feeling self conscious about how he looked.

"Silver what happened to your hair?" Lily cried as she looked at Silver with bewildered eyes. Oh? So that was what bothered her. He laughed mentally; Silver had thought something was wrong with how he looked for a minute. Now realising that his newly grown hair had surprised her, Silver within minutes began walking towards Lily and sat down before her on his knees.

"Here's the parcel you were waiting for" Silver handed Lily the parcel while her hands remained on her lap. At first Silver was confused as to why she didn't claim the parcel. He immediately went rigid as Lily's glare made him swallow thickly. Something told him that he was in trouble.

"I know you forgot about it fool" Lily said grudgingly nevertheless she took the parcel and inspected it for damages, within minutes she began to smile softly knowing that it was okay before she looked at him. Silver looked at her with blank eyes, his stomach had suddenly become a bundle of nerves without knowing why. "Although you would be shooting yourself in the foot if it was lost you know" Silver blinked from hearing her words, what was she talking about? Why would he worry about the parcel after all it was his master's right? Lily left him completely surprised as she handed him the parcel.

"What is wrong Lily? Isn't this yours?" Silver asked; he looked at her with bewildered eyes. Lily smiled at his confused state.

"This is something for your hard work and I know you always hog my laptop in order to do work, so this is for you" Lily grinned while placing her hands on her lap.

"Hog?" Silver repeated now looking more confused than ever.

"You always try and use my laptop which stopped me from doing homework" Lily corrected herself as she smiled. Silver looked down feeling his ears not only flatten against his skull, but they also went red from embarrassment. Not wanting to waste more time, Silver began to open the parcel carefully knowing that his nails were sharp. After opening the outer package his eyes frowned, it had the picture of something but it was too thin to tell so he took the inner package out.

"What is it?" Silver asked still not knowing what Lily gave him.

"Open it already" Lily laughed now leaning back with her hands on the floor. Silver gave her an odd look before opening the inner package. To his surprise it was the same laptop Lily had.

"Surprise!" Lily said with a weak smile.

"Lily... I don't know what to say" Silver felt touched by how she thought about how he wanted to get work done. "But Lily, didn't this cost a lot?" he turned to look at her with blank eyes.

"Thank Kurama" this got both his brows to rise up, that bloody tengu was responsible for this? Oh now the warm feeling had vanished from just hearing that accursed name. "Do you remember when we were at the library before I had kidnaped by Mizuki" Silver frowned. He didn't want to remember how the thought of losing Lily had affected him so much, remembering how he was left feeling nothing but with worry and anger. I was trying to sort out a loan and the git not only went behind my back, but he ended up paying for it in his name, just as I was about to get the details for the loan as well. Thankfully I managed to confront him the night you were turned into a child" Lily shrugged causally. Ignoring the fact that Kurama was responsible for paying for this item, Silver was surprisingly happy to have been given something by Lily, at that moment he started to feel slightly guilty for angering her on some occasions by insulting her, looks and skills included.

"Thank you Lily" Silver's sudden hug took Lily by surprise and smiled softy at the gesture.

"You're welcome, so do you want me to show you how to set it up?" Lily asked now looking at his face. Despite the fact that he was hugging her, Silver's eyes showed how guarded he truly was.

"As much as I would say yes, but now isn't the right time. You need to eat before going to college" Silver said in a monotone voice, he moved back in order to sit back in his spot.

"Speaking of college, do you know what I need to do in order to catch up?" Lily asked, Silver's face went pale.

"My apologies Lily. But I was waiting for you to wake up to the point, that I lost track of the days that went past. The school did say to ask the tutor once we return" Silver replied in a monotone voice. Lily pursed her lips from the setback and nodded.

"Fair enough, Silver I'm really sorry for worrying you like that" Lily said feeling really guilty for potentially scaring the fox, whether he was worried or not. Meanwhile Silver felt his heart plummet from remembering her dying, even as she held him in her arms. The thought of losing her without having the ability to help her made him sick with guilt.

"No, I was reckless and ended up almost getting you killed. I should be the one saying sorry" Lily grinned at his sincere tone as he bent his head.

"How about we both say sorry and call it even?" Lily offered. A smile tugged at his lips as he looked up.

"I am sorry" they said to the other. Lily nodded looking satisfied.

"So what's on the menu chief?" Lily joked causing him to sigh and stand up.

"I'll bring it over, I didn't cook any food since I wasn't sure if you were going to wake up at this hour" Silver replied before standing up. He walked silently through the hallway until the house phone rang. Irked by who would be calling them at this hour, Silver changed direction and headed over towards the phone and picked it up. Remembering his manners Silver placed the phone close.

"Hello can I ask who's calling?" he asked calmly.

"Good morning sir my name is Anna, I am calling from Mayva hospital. Can I speak to a Lily Hikari please?" Silver frowned at the response.

"I'm afraid Miss Hikari isn't feeling well at the moment but if you like I can pass her a message if you like?" Silver asked politely.

"O-Okay, we don't usually do that but I was told that it would be fine" this confused Silver. By whom?

"I was given information that Lily's uncle Loez has been admitted to hospital after collapsing this morning. Since she was registered as next of kin I was told to inform her as soon as possible" Silver didn't like where this was going but decided to see what Lily would do.

"I see, I'll be sure to pass on the message"

"Thank you and also his doctor wants to see her at eleven thirty today if that's possible" Silver grimaced as he looked at the clock. In two hours and thirty minutes she had to leave the house.

"I'll see what I can do"

"Thank you sir, have a good morning" Silver placed the phone down and sighed. The last time Lily was confronted by this man it didn't end well. Now this, she was not going to take it well.

Silver walked back to the kitchen and obtained some cereal along with some orange juice; next he took out a tray from a nearby cupboard in order to place the items on top. Moving out carefully with the tray Silver walked back to the room.

"Who was on the phone?" Lily asked after thanking him for her breakfast.

"The hospital" Lily's spoon stopped near her mouth.

"What about it?" Lily asked now looking at him with unreadable eyes.

"Your uncle Loez has collapsed and was sent to hospital this morning" immediately Lily's eyes narrowed in anger and placed the spoon back in the bowl. She wasn't hungry anymore, not after hearing that man's name.

"And I suppose they want me there just to put on a happy face?" Lily muttered darkly before standing up. "Might as well see what the fool did now. Let's just hope it's not a scheme to get me to move out the shrine" Silver tensed slightly from hearing her sarcastic comment.

"I won't allow them to do that" Silver said quietly to himself, Lily hadn't lived her for year and yet her power was already changing the shrine. Making the air purer and had a way of uplifting a person's spirits.

Meanwhile Lily moved behind a screen to change since Silver was in the room. Lily as she removed the yukata froze; she was only in her panties so the question now was who changed her? Lily hoped that Silver wasn't the one responsible, no last night was a dream. He couldn't have done that.

"Is everything okay?" Silver asked causing Lily to shake out of her daze. No he didn't change her, not possible. Lily placed a blue shirt on and then a white fleece before putting on a pair of black trousers. She then walked away from the screen to get her white socks. Silver who was looking felt himself go tense, did she know that he changed her clothes last night? Did she know about the kiss?

Finally Lily was done and walked out with a backpack on which contained her purse and a book.

"Let's go" Lily droned weakly. Silver had to agree with her on this one; even he was worn out from just thinking about recent the turn of events. Oishi and Dai stayed behind in order to guard the shrine while the pair took a bus towards Mayva hospital. Lily immediately grimaced at it.

"Did something happen there?" Silver asked as he looked at her. He saw her hands shake slightly as she looked at the building.

"This is the last place I saw uncle before he died" Lily commented softly. Seeing her with distressed eyes made him sad.

"We could go home and say that you were busy" Silver offered. Lily shook her head softly.

"No just get it over and done with" Lily waved off her anxiety and went inside the building. The place smelt like sterilized chemicals as usual, not something that she wasn't familiar with. People sitting near a reception area, long corridors that seemed to walk on forever, elevators at the other side of the room. Intercom announcements started to hit her ears, and what was more painful- the emotions of others as they bombarded her with pain, anger, happiness and worry. Silver took note of her discomfort and patted her shoulder.

"Come on" Silver said now trying to get her to ignore the noise. He may not be able be affected by the people's emotions but that didn't stop him from diverting Lily's attention. Lily was thankful for his help, not really understanding why he was so intent on distracting her from people, however it didn't stop her for feeling relieved. It was not a nice thing to have people constantly invading her mind. They made their way over to the reception desk. Both waited until the lady sitting at the desk looked at them.

"We received a call about Loez" Lily's tone was curt and her eyes bored into the woman's eyes, almost daring to say nothing was wrong and that she didn't need to be in the hospital. The woman nodded before checking the computer.

"Yes a Loez Hikari was checked in just this morning for a suspected heart attack. Would you like to direct you over to where he is currently resting in?" The woman asked warmly.

"If the doctor is there then yes, if not I'll wait outside the room. I refuse to look at the old man" Lily's anger oozed out of her from being in the same room as that man. Seeing her act like this worried her familiar, but he kept silent in order to prevent her temper from flaring. The woman paused but nodded slightly.

"Miss Hikari isn't on very good grounds with her uncle" Silver explained to the receptionist on Lily's behalf. This Lily did not see coming. The woman then gave her with a sympathetic smile also shocking the girl at the sudden sympathetic aura.

"I see, you don't know this I too have that problem with my father. So in a way I know how you feel. Loez is currently in room four zero ten" the woman said as she looked at them with kind eyes. Lily nodded meekly in reply and went to the elevator.

"Are you alright Lily?" Silver's asked as they walked in silence. Lily was unsure of what to think and feel anymore. Was this man finally leaving her life for good? Was she free from his harmful actions and influence?

"We're here" Silver's voice cut through her thoughts once more. This was it, no turning back now that she was here. Lily's hand shook as she moved it to open the door; fear consumed her to the point that she didn't move an inch. Seeing Lily so conflicted encouraged Silver to help her. Their hands touched without warning catching her attention.

"Let me go in first okay? Remember a familiar's job is to help protect his master" his tone was void of emotions but eyes were filled with concern. Lily at that moment felt silly for making him worry. She nodded at his reasoning allowing him access.

Lily swallowed as the door opened revealing the man she dreaded since childhood, there he lay on a bed with two boys around her age sitting by the bed.

One had blond hair with blue eyes while the other had lavender hair and red eyes. Lily frowned at the lavender haired boy but said nothing, the lavender haired boy said nothing either but nodded his thanks for coming, despite the fact that she didn't have to come. The nod was discrete but noticed by the pair. The other boy was confused, he wasn't aware of her. Not that it surprised her. She was the 'disappointment' in that man's family.

Loez took notice of her from his bed but said nothing, neither did he budged or smile. It was mutual dislike for one another.

"Well it looks like Lily's showed up" a cheerful man said who appeared behind them. Silver almost jumped at the sudden appearance of the peppy man, Lily however frowned at the man.

"Look just tell me if he's going to die or not, I have a party to plan" Lily replied dryly. She heard Loez's disapproving response to the insult. A small comment afterwards involving the words 'ungrateful child' entered everyone's ears, Lily however gave him a sharp glare that froze the man.

"Just like her mother" Lily heard his comment and frowned.

"I'd rather be my mother than be a bitter old fool like you Loez" Lily snapped. "By the way one last thing to say before I see the doctor and do you know what that it is?" She asked coldly. No response from Loez encouraged her to continue.

"Drop dead- oh wait!" Lily suddenly gave him a dirty look as she placed her index finger to her lower lip. "You already did but still live, continuously ruining my life" the next thing Lily knew; Silver had pulled her close to his chest. Lily however ignored the sudden move and kept her eyes on the old man.

"Calm down, he's not going anywhere" Silver assured the angry girl. He wanted to stop her from losing more of her temper; something told him that it wouldn't end well. Loez's eyes however widened in horror from hearing those words before he glared at her. The boys were also left dumbstruck from hearing her angry words, and continued to stare until the man behind Lily coughed into his fist lightly. The man's face went a little red due to the hostile vibes that were being given off by the pair.

"Lily as much as I want to see you bully my father, we need to talk about his health" the man said with a weak smile.

"He actually collapsed over seeing a busted TV?!" Lily asked now giving the man a bewildered look; Lily started to snort without warning and began to let out a laugh from the predicament, her voice even echoed in the silent room as they stared at her. Lily was completely shocked to hear that such a thing had happened and she had missed it.

Silver on the other hand just looked at the man as they left the room. He too was speechless over how her uncle wounded up there. The man led them to a private room and closed the door after Silver entered. The man in question had black hair with some lavender streaks. He also had red eyes like one of the boys and wore doctor's scrubs underneath his long white coat.

"I know, just seeing my son and the boy drag him into the hospital was surprising enough" the man replied while feeling slightly embarrassed as he looked her. The man immediately sat at the opposite end of the wooden desk.

"It's been a while since he's even had a check up" the man began getting a clipboard and looked at them.

"I take it you're the guy staying at the Mikage shrine? I'm also guessing that you're not normal?" the man asked with mirth. Silver immediately stiffened. Who is this man? And how did he know?

"Sorry about what happened at the room, my name is Vincent Hikari. My lovely cousin you know" Silver's eyes darted towards a frowning Lily.

"Just tell me how long that man has to live?" Lily asked now looking annoyed from the introduction.

"I heard you skipped college" Vincent countered bluntly as he turned to look at Lily, he did seem worried to Silver.

"I had a black out spell, no big deal" Lily replied tonelessly. Vincent however wasn't smiling.

"I had to go to the shrine you know, Kurama even asked me to come after tracking down your remaining family members down. The boy was worried about you, you know?" the pair frowned from hearing about Kurama's involvement.

"Jeez, why bother searching?" Lily asked dryly as she shrugged.

"It's a good thing he did!" Vincent snapped as he stood up with his hands now on the desk. His eyes showed that he was anything but happy. "Lily you almost died! J-Joanna even called me to tell me what happened! Joanna of all people who is supposed to keep the fact that I have contact with you in secret, especially when it came to your health! Do you know how upset I was? I was in the middle of operating on a patient as well Lily, very dangerous!" Vincent scolded angrily. Silver almost rose in order to defend Lily, however when he looked at her. She remained impassive and said nothing to his surprise. Instead her eyes narrowed in anger.

"I can't help what happens, you of all people know that" Lily barked at him in a calm manner.

"But Lily! You're powers were taken; one of them is even connected to your spirit! You're lucky I told the school that you fell down some steps, which had caused a temporary coma due to the concussion!" Vincent yelled at the confused pair. Silver was not aware of that information, and Lily's expression also revealed that she hadn't been aware of this either. To prove this theory of the doctors lied in how she immediately stiffened. Lily had pursed her lips and her fingers almost twitched

"Look! Just tell me why I'm here and why I have to deal with that oaf?" Lily asked while sighing deeply. Vincent frowned from how she could just simply change the subject, and think it was okay to shrug it off without a care.

"This isn't over Lily! Your uncle would be upset with you and so would Auntie Laura" Vincent snapped but sat back on his seat without a fuss. Lily meanwhile was too angry to listen, how dare he mention their names! What nerve!

"Never bring those two into this!" Lily bellowed but stopped speaking in order to listen to what her cousin had to say. In a way she owed him that for isolating herself.

"Dad's stress level's have risen and it's effecting his health, badly I'm afraid" Vincent said sounding worn and tired.

"What do you want me to do about it? I'm not staying with him" Lily snapped at him as she gave him a dark look. Silver kept silent, he wanted to know what was going on and knew better than to tread on dangerous grounds.

"I thought as much but Lily, some of his stress is to with you... some of it is also to do with the boys at his home" Vincent said weakly, he pulled at his collar slightly before leaning on his chair.

"Why not let them stay with you then?" Lily asked coldly.

"I hardly stay at home because I work here Lily" Vincent stressed while looking tired.

"I'm studying cousin, I have no time to care for him" Lily replied bluntly.

"Lily has responsibilities at the shrine. She's in charge of the Mikage Shrine" Silver added to Vincent's surprise.

"Why is that?" Vincent asked looking puzzled, this was new to him and he had a feeling his father was not aware of it either. Lily within minutes began to fill him in on everything, including to when Narukami had stolen her powers. The man after listening intently to her story had frowned.

"This is a heavy burden Lily, you even need a check up right now that telling me about this" Lily who listened to his reply had began to cry out in frustration. Silver looked at him oddly.

"Just routine check up whenever she comes, by the way how are your powers now? Still finding problems with them" Lily immediately lifted her gloved hands up confirming his suspicions. Vincent sighed deeply before thinking for ways to help.

"Try to think positive Lily, fear makes things go chaotic" Vincent explained.

"I tried but..." thoughts of her fallen uncle and then Loez's reaction made her hands shake slightly. At the same time Vincent's eyes softened with sympathy as he looked at her, Silver on the other hand felt helpless from seeing her this way.

"I told dad off for what he did, he had no right for saying those things. He is not a woman who has to carry these powers. Each power is random but has a water attribute to them... try using an emotional outlet and not your earphones" Vincent almost snorted as he saw her groan at the idea of not having them. "Do you have a gym room?" Lily narrowed one eye at the man, where did he think she lived in? Surely he was aware that it is a sacred shrine so why would there be something like that in one of the rooms? Silver on the other hand was confused and wasn't sure about what it was, nor did he think it was a good idea to have one.

"No we don't, it is a sacred shrine Vincent" Lily glared at the man as he bit his thumb in frustration.

"What about the yōkai world? Does it have a secluded place to practice? You need to get rid of all that stress and balance out your emotions. You'll end up so tense, that you might end up hurting someone if you don't" Vincent said as he looked at her. Lily's eyes trailed to her shoes.

"I don't know how..." Silver placed a hand on Lily's shoulder which caught her attention.

"I could make a part near the shrine a place for you to practice" Silver offered the stunned girl. If this could help her then he'd do anything to help.

"There you see, now that's sorted" Vincent immediately stood up and began to rummage through his draw now wearing latex gloves. Lily on the other hand wasn't listening; her attention was towards Silver who looked back. He knew that she was uncertain but it wouldn't hurt to try. Who knows, it might work.

"Silver... I don't know- ahhhck! Man really?!" Lily snapped as she turned to glare at Vincent who had stuck a needle in her arm. Silver shot out of his seat until he saw Vincent's hand signalling him to stop, his eyes trailed to the needle which was attached to a glass vial.

"Just taking some blood to see if she's okay. It'll take a few hours to do so she can rest here" Vincent assured the fox whose ears and tail had suddenly appeared. Once the vial of blood had been filled, Vincent slid the needle out slowly and placed a cotton ball on the spot of where the needle had been.

"Silver your extra parts are showing" Vincent hinted as he took the vial and placed it in a clear bag, after that he began to write down the details of who it belonged to. Meanwhile Lily looked up to see the tail and ears, she almost snorted at how Silver was unaware of this fact.

"Well we're in here so no one in their right mind will see the tail and ears" Silver began to blush as he realised why they were being so cryptic, without delay he used another leaf to make the tail and ears vanish from sight.

"Well I'll be back, oh and by the way that boy with my son is..." Lily looked at him, puzzled as to why Vincent had brought it up. "Well your sister left someone for you to... well look after" Lily's breathing was cut short. No way, that boy is-?!

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