Fox and Ice

Chapter 5- Can You Fix My Taser Please? Part 2

A few hours passed without anyone's knowledge. During that time Lily had continued to look at the blond haired boy once more and almost kicked herself from frustration, of course he had her sister's eyes and hair. The boy meanwhile became self conscious from her constant staring.

"What? Is there something on my face or something?" the boy asked crossly. Silver watched Lily as she stared at the boy.

"What do you know about your mother?" this question took the boy by surprise, at the same time Silver rose a brow.

"I didn't know her. She died when I was young" Lily frowned from hearing his reply.

"Your mother did a runner years ago" the boy's face went pale, not knowing how and why she knew his mother. It wasn't true; his mother wouldn't do it, not to him or his father. "She was marked for death from some yōkai" Lily added in a hollow tone, hearing this took Silver by surprise. Why would his kind go after Lily's sister? Did she do something wrong?

"Y-Your lying, as if yōkais exist" the boy snapped now feeling nervous as he looked at the pair. Lily gestured to Silver and the boy blinked. Silver looked normal enough to him.

"Silver just show him please" Lily sounded tired and Silver for once didn't argue. Silver stood up slowly now revealing his tail and ears. The boy immediately cried out in alarm before falling out of the chair. Lily had to chuckle after all, she almost freaked out from seeing Silver appear along with his foxfires without warning as well.

"Who are you? No What are you?!" the boy cried in alarm. The first thing he wanted to do was run out the room and pretend that this wasn't happening, sadly his body refused to move leaving him at this strange girl and the man- demon's mercy.

"He's a kitsune Luca" Lily replied calmly.

"First of Kitsunes have nine tails and he only has one! Second they're make believe!" Luca cried now shielding himself behind the chair. His mind twigged for a second, he never did tell her his name so how did she find out? Lily began to lean closer on her seat, eyes never leaving his causing him to become more unsettled.

"I am like you nephew, I am an empath who can read the hearts and minds of others. I can also freeze things" Lily replied, nerves crept up on her as she spoke about her powers. It never was a good subject to talk about, especially since fear was the one thing that stopped her from progressing, that she knew.

Luca's gasped in fear now moving back, no she was lying this wasn't true. She was only saying this to trick him; yes this was all a trick-

"You can also see spirits right Luca? It's very hard to speak to something since people can assume that the spirits aren't there right?" Silver watched them closely, now that he thought about it, besides the hair and eye colour, they did look related. However his skin was slightly pale from the father the kitsune assumed. Luca's eyes wandered around the room, as he pondered more about that fact. Despite the uncertainty he could tell something was amiss, this girl Lily had an air about her and it left him slightly nervous to be in the same room as her.

"If that's true-"

"Then prove it? Your father is Laurence Aki am I right?" Lily started to chuckle at the startled boy's reaction- priceless. No, nobody knew that except Loez and his family. So how could she of known?

"Like I said Luca, I am an empath who can read minds and hear the hearts of others. Like you, I struggle to control it. It's hard when no one understands you right? Not even Loez can comprehend what goes on" Luca looked down slightly, she was right and he knew it. A chuckle caught his attention causing him to look up.

"I bet Hoshi had a fun time using the TV as target practice, especially when it came to throwing the phone" Luca's jaw slackened at how she knew. Silver frowned at the information.

"I never understand why humans break things Lily" Silver commented in a monotone voice.

"Meh never can I" Lily shrugged in reply. "I guess we are either accidental prone or we just get in the mood to break things" Lily replied with a grin.

"I don't understand" Luca said softly. Lily's gaze softened from seeing his saddened eyes.

"Your mother didn't want you in danger so she told your father to tell you that she died. She might still be alive but she can't stay for long. It's never safe for us girls" Lily said bluntly. Luca felt a soft smile appear.

"Thank you for letting me know" Luca was relieved to know what happened and why she did what she did. Yes he was upset with his mother but now that the truth had been revealed, he could feel some relief.

"If you want to be away from the rift raft called the old geezer I have room at the shrine, Silver you don't mind right?" Lily asked now putting the kitsune in an awkward spot; Silver however didn't hesitate in answering.

"As long as he doesn't leave a mess and helps out right?" Lily cuts Silver off before he could speak; he frowns but nodded mutely at her.

"Show off" Silver muttered to himself quietly, the duo immediately laughed at his reply.

"I want to come, I thought that I didn't have any close family left. Don't think that I'm ungrateful for the man who took me in but... I want to walk my own path for a bit and I think you can help right?" Luca asked looking sad and vulnerable. Lily smiled before patting his head lightly; he looked up to see her tender smile, he felt surprised to see Lily act like this towards him. After listening to what Loez had said about her from time to time, the man was actually wrong about her, so very wrong indeed.

"On the bright side the man has less stress to deal with and one less mouth to feed" Lily grinned at the horrified boy. Silver however just gave her a cold look but said nothing.

"But we have one more mouth to feed Mistress" Silver muttered. Luca gave him a stunned look. What did that fox just call his aunt?!

"Won't be too bad-"





"Let's get it started ha, ha let's get it started in here!

Let's get it started ha, ha let's get it started in here!" Lily then slowly turned to look at Silver with bewildered eyes, while at the same time Luca's eyes widened from listening to the ring tone.

"Silver? What an earth are you listening to?!" Lily cried before Silver hastily reached for his phone from his hakama pocket. His face was flushed from the singing and pressed call.

"I didn't know kitsunes can use a phone or are even interested in getting one" Luca commented to a nodding Lily, Silver's glare froze Luca.

"It was more of I forced him to get one in case of an emergency when he can't use fox fire" Luca gawked at his aunt for doing something like that. It should be a crime to force a supernatural creature to even use a phone.

"Hello?" Silver asked as he answered. His eyes narrowed.

"Probably Kurama-" Lily looked at Luca for a brief moment.

"For you" Silver without warning shoved the phone into Lily's hands, who in turn had almost dropped it from the sudden move.

"Hello?" Lily asked now looking at Silver oddly as he folded his arms, he looked displeased.

"Hello Goddess of the Mikage Shrine, it's Princess Himemiko. I hope that I am not bothering you" asked a timid voice. Lily smiled at the voice.

"Not at all Princess Himemiko, how are you?" Lily asked while sitting on her chair. Luca looked at Silver with confused eyes. Lily knew a princess? How was that even possible?

"I'm fine, I wanted to know how you are, I tried to see you a few days ago but your familiar told me that you are unwell" Lily had to smile at the gesture and mouthed thank you to a startled kitsune who's face went red.

"I'm fine thank you, I had a problem with my powers and was forced into a... I don't know how many days I have been asleep"

"Eleven days" Silver commented. Lily tilted her head to the side.

"You serious Silver? Eleven days? How did that happen?" Lily asked, she heard Himemiko gasp in shock.

"Are you alright now?" Himemiko asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah... I woke up today but an acquaintance of mine got sent to hospital because his grandson broke the TV" Luca snorted at the last part but he was worried about the sleep part for sure. He saw Silver's tail twitch slightly in the air, Silver caught him starting and frowned making the boy turn away.

"So you want to go shopping today? Now problem I'm well enough to go plus I have someone to talk to you about. How are things with Kotaro?" Lily asked. They heard the door knock before it opened.

"Just me- oh sorry" Vincent tip toed back into his seat with the results.

"Everything is going well, I can't thank you enough for what you and Silver have done" Princess Himemiko said sounding happy on the other end of the phone.

"I am more than happy to know that we helped. A friend in need is a friend indeed. So what time do you want to meet?" Lily asked.

"Around three if that's okay?"

"I wouldn't miss it, I'll see you at the shopping mall okay?" Lily grinned. She felt slightly odd and almost felt like a normal girl chatting to her friends about boys and stuff. It was slightly pleasing to say the least. The phone call ended on a bright note before giving it back to Silver.

"What's the score doctor am I okay?" Lily asked sounding chipper from the phone call.

"No" Vincent's blunt tone stunned the group.


"Lily your blood count is low! You're a mess!" Vincent snapped at his startled cousin. "You're malnourished and you hardly eat as it is! Your stress levels are through the roof as well and another thing! If you and dad don't get your levels down, then you are both going to end up killing yourselves!" Vincent snapped angrily.

Silver gave Lily a sharp look, but Lily however had just remained calm to his surprise.

"We both knew that Vincent and yet I'm still here" Lily replied bluntly as she frowned at her cousin.

"Lily! This is the third time I've had to rant at you for this!" Vincent yelled before turning to look at Silver. "Right I want you to put her on a strict healthy diet and makes sure she exercises regularly Silver. As her familiar I'm asking you as a doctor no telling you to make it happen" Lily whined slightly at the situation. So much for shrugging this off, this man was too much.

Vincent always did this to her dismay, call it being an older cousin or an older over protective brother but he never stopped lecturing her about this. Luca who was listening went pale at how bad the results were.

"Vincent you're skinner than me! Heck you were nicknamed the Skinny-"

"Hey! Hey! Let's keep this PG-13 please!" Vincent cried out in order to mask out the nickname. His face had gone red from the memory, and knowing that Lily would never let him forget about this made him mentally whine.

"Why? Silver swears like mad! In fact the guy beat up an old demon lady remember?" Lily asked; Silver frowned from the memory. The memory of how angry he had just left his mind only now the anger had surfaced, curse that hag for even bothering his master in the first place!

"It's her fault for going after you! And for you to be walking around the World Over Yonder! What kind of human walks around without protection?" Silver retaliated crossly.

"A girl who had to get a yōkai familiar out staying in a red district filled with sake and proste-"

"I get it!" Vincent's face went red from the conversation. Luca however chortled from hearing the nickname that was given to Vincent.

"That's a funny nickname!" Luca commented leaving Vincent to look at her embarrassed eyes.

"You told him didn't you?" Vincent asked weakly, he was beyond embarrassed- he was completely mortified from another person knowing.

"No your mind told me" Luca said as he laughed, this took Vincent by surprise from the sudden turn of events. Vincent smiled at them knowing that Lily had helped.

"I knew putting you two in one room would have helped. You were always closed off from people Luca. But it doesn't change a thing Lily; get your health sorted and no. Unlike father I won't be giving you pills-"

"Quick question" Lily asked now putting her hand up. Luca and Silver looked at her with confused expressions.

"What's up?" Vincent asked looking puzzled.

"Can you fix my taser?" Lily asked before showing him a taser from her bag. Seeing it made Vincent cried out in shock. Luca blanched from looking at the metal item, how long was she carrying that thing around?!

"Oh come on! Why Lily! Who are you planning to use it on now?" Luca was completely surprised to see the item in question. Silver however had no idea what was even going on.

"Silver says I'm useless and can't defend myself so I wanted to use it, just in case some idiot decided to try his luck on me" Vincent took it without complaint, his head was bent down from having to deal with this now embarrassing and yet stressful day, he just wanted to go home no thanks to seeing that thing again.

"Did she really use it on you?" Luca asked taking Silver by surprise.

"I scared her and that was the result" Vincent mumbled quietly.

"Tell you what fix the taser and I won't look after Loez" Vincent glared at the proposition.

"That's not fair then who will look after him? Hoshi? He's two years younger than you!" Vincent yelled only to pause; he noticed that Lily was staring at him as if he was clueless. "Oh no! Not me please! I don't want him in my house!" Vincent cried taking Luca by surprise.

"We both don't like him and you're his father, so deal with it!" Lily snapped coldly at the man. Vincent cried out from being trumped by his own cousin.

"Fine! You win but in exchange-"

"Sort my health out fine, I'll cut off my junk supply... not that I had much to begin with" Vincent glared at how sarcastic she was being.

"Just take Luca and go please... I just... I just need to be alone now" Vincent cried weakly. Silver was left completely surprised to see how she crippled him, and in such a short amount of time as well.

"Enjoy your last hours of freedom" Lily cackled now leaving with a stupefied Silver and a pale Luca. Luca knew for a fact that Loez was not easy to get along with.

"How can I enjoy it?! I have to deal with your taser and my hospital shift!" they heard him rant as Silver closed the door.

"I'd give him a week instead of a month but then again in less than a day, he's more likely to call. So want to pack your stuff now?" Lily asked. Luca nodded shyly. Silver was just glad that it was all over now; that was too much for him to even take.

"Yes please, aunty" it was funny saying this to someone around his age but Lily paid no heed. As it was also a little odd calling this boy nephew to someone about her age only he was two years younger.

"So what school do you go to?" Lily asked as they walked.

"Oh it's-"

"Well that's that" Lily said now putting the last box down.

"Break time" Silver called from the entrance to Luca's new room.

"Coming" Lily and Luca replied simultaneously, they paused to look at the other before laughing heartily from what happened. Silver paused from hearing the reply but went off ahead. He just wanted a drink to get over what happened.

"This will take some time to get use to" Lily said now patting his back.

"I agree" Luca chuckled.

"Oh and Silver no sake until dinner time please" Lily called out loud as they walked towards the kitchen.

"What?!" Silver yelled from the kitchen. First she banned the pipe and now sake! What is wrong with this woman?! Can't he drink in peace without her interfering?

"What's sake?" Luca asked.

"Alcohol" Lily said dryly and that was all he wanted to know.

By the time it was three, Lily was already meeting with her friend by the mall. Dressed in a decorative blue dress top containing purple patterned stitching around the neck like and sleeves, she wore a black lower knee high skirt which contained black shorts underneath to prevent accidents, white knee high socks and black trainers.

Himemiko was currently wearing a blue patterned dress, white socks and blue shoes. On her head was a cute pink bow that went with her hair and around her neck were pink beads.

"Hello Miss Lily, I'm sorry that I was late did you wait long?" Himemiko asked now stopping near Lily.

"No, not really. Please call me Lily Princess Himemiko. How are you today?" Lily smiled at the princess.

"I am fine and you can call me Himemiko if you want to talk without the honorifics when we're outside I don't mind" Himemiko replied while smiling.

"That's good, I never really like titles to tell you the truth, are Aotake and the others doing okay?"

"They're doing fine, so shall we go?" Himemiko asked now pulling Lily towards the mall.

"Sure! We have a lot to catch up on..." Lily mused while looking down; she did in fact have to confess to her friend as to why she was in a deep sleep for so long. Lily felt that she owed it to Himemiko for worrying the girl; yōkai or not Himemiko was generally concerned for her wellbeing.

They had fun looking through the clothes and tried some one as well. Lily showed Himemiko a white dress with red stitching; the shoulders were bare since the shoulder area had been cut diagonally as she appeared past the curtain. The dress was u necked and the skirt went past her knees. Doing a twirl Himemiko smiled at it.

"The dress looks beautiful" Himemiko said as she stood up. She saw that there was a ribbon that was tied up at the back of the dress making Lily look cute.

"Thank you" Lily blushed a lot from wearing the dress. She brought the dress and Himemiko's new blue dress. After browsing through the area, they made their way over to the food court.

"This is nice, I haven't done this before" Lily commented now drinking a drink. The drink was tangy and smiled at how it made her fuzzy.

"Me to, I'm happy that you were able to come. I was worried when I heard that you were unwell" Himemiko replied looking slightly sad. Lily smiled softly before leaning back.

"Lady Narukami stole my powers leaving me severely crippled. If she didn't give them back when she did, I wouldn't be with you now" Lily explained, she saw Himemiko's eyes were widened in surprise.

"I had no idea! Forgive me for bringing the touchy subject up" Lily waved it off.

"It's about time I told you, friends don't keep secrets that could lead to mistrust. I should be the one apologising Himemiko. I'm truly sorry" Lily said knowing that she sounded like she was pleading but it mattered not. The fact that this would of affected those close to her left a nerve, as it reminded her of her uncle's passing.

Unable to know why he was sick even though she could hear his thoughts but he always tried to close his mind off for her sake. Lily at that time almost resented him for doing that and now she wanted to make sure that she didn't repeat his mistakes. Himemiko smiled after listening.

"Do you want to talk about it? It's the least I can do since you listened to my problems" Himemiko asked as she patted her friend's hand.

"After we leave the mall, I don't want to many ears listening" Himemiko nodded, understanding that this must be serious to avoid talking about this in public.

"Give me your milk!" yelled a male's voice which came from Lily's phone catching their attention. Lily chortled along side the princess.

"What is that?" Himemiko asked with bewildered eyes.

"Oh a message alert, hmm Kurama texted me something" Lily opened the message.

"I want my card back now! I know you took it :(" Lily giggled at the message and texted back.

"Next time don't go calling my cousin, the last thing I needed from him was a lecture on my health which I already knew about! You and Joanna are in so much trouble when I get my hands on you both" Lily texted with a smug smile.

"Who is Kurama?" Himemiko asked brightly.

"A tengu friend" Lily replied only to hear the message alert buzz again. Himemiko tilted her head slightly, she appeared to be confused by how Lily had came across a tengu.

"I was worried about you! Plus the college wouldn't leave you alone. How are you feeling by the way?" Lily chuckled at the reply and texted back.

"My cousin's dad had a 'heart attack' over his busted TV, his grandson decided to throw a phone at it" That would shock Kurama once he reads it.

"So do you want to explore more and catch up as we walk?" Lily piped up from where she sat.

"Okay" after paying for their meal the girls began walking around once more. The stores showed a variety of music to clothes.

"Lily I am planning a tea party at my home, would you like to come?" Lily paused from the question and smiled.

"I would love to, it'll be an experience to travel to new areas and I'm also interested to see your home as well" Lily replied with a wide smile, this made Himemiko happy to hear those words.

"I guess now that we're mostly alone you'd be interested to hear about my abilities?" Lily asked shyly, her eyes were glued to what was ahead of her. Himemiko just then had noticed the uneasy look on the girl's face but patted her arm gently, showing that she was there for Lily in hopes of trying to cheer the girl up from her saddened state.

"If you want to, I won't force you" Lily grinned at the kindness her friend's words. Lily then began her tale of how her powers showed up, how it left her scared to even be close to people. Hearing people's thoughts to their emotions and then the icy powers that left her in gloves. Himemiko saw Lily's hands shake from mentioning the ice. Part of her felt sad to see her friend scared of who she was. Not knowing how to deal with this problem, how the fear took over her everyday life. Her mind went to the kitsune, did he know about this?

"Does your familiar know about this?" Himemiko asked looking worried. Lily pondered on this.

"Kind of. He doesn't know how bad it gets but I don't mind, I hate to be a burden to anyone" just hearing Lily's reply made Himemiko clicked her teeth in anger.

"You are not a burden Lily!" she cried at the startled Lily. Lily's eyes softened at her friend.

"It's hard not think that, people like my cousin's father hate me for even existing, blame me for hurting his twin. I think he blames me also for how estranged they became before his twin died" Lily began to feel numb once more. She felt tears that she tried so hard to bury into the deepest part of her heart surface. It was suffocating to say the least but she never complained, knowing that she was unusual, hardly fitting in with her own kind.

Himemiko watched with sorrow filled eyes before stopping, Lily noticed her friend stop and followed suit, Lily then started to turn round to see why Himemiko had stopped and froze. Himemiko hugged Lily tightly while shaking slightly, Lily at the same time had stood rooted to the spot unsure of why Himemiko was hugging her. She never did like or want sympathy but the sound of Himemiko crying made Lily go cold from guilt. This was her fault, she shouldn't have said anything and now look what she did. She made Himemiko cry.

"I'm sorry" Himemiko pulled back while rubbing her eyes with her hand. "I just feel sad to hear you had problems like that. You shouldn't be scared to tell me this after all I have powers to despite being a yōkai, so does your familiar! Don't be afraid of what you are okay?" Himemiko said with a teary smile. Lily continued to feel horrible for making Himemiko cry like that, knowing that Mikage's representative made a well known yōkai cry like that was not a good thing be known for.

"I didn't mean to make you cry like that Himemiko-" Himemiko put her hand up to stop Lily from talking.

"Nonsense! Now let's put this sad mood behind us. We have time before the tea party begins don't we?" Himemiko asked as she looked at a surprised Lily with a smile. Lily smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Let's do it!" both the Princess and Land God began to walk towards the shrine and spotted Luca sitting on the steps of the top shrine.

"Lily!" Luca called with a smile now standing up to greet his aunt.

"Hi Luca what are you doing outside? It's late" Lily asked while scolding her nephew lightly. He smiled at her with sheepish eyes.

"Silver wanted me to bring you to the living area because Princess Himemiko had left a gift for you" Luca replied as he smiled. Dressed in a green shirt and brown trousers the boy noticed Himemiko but didn't know who she was.

"Hello miss how are you?" Luca greeted as he lifted his hand out.

"I'm fine Luca, I see my gift has made its way here safely" Himemiko smiled at the shocked boy. Lily giggled at the situation.

"Luca this is Himemiko the Princess of Tartara Swamp, and this is Luca my nephew" Lily introduced the pair.

"I didn't know you had a nephew" Himemiko shook the boy's hand eagerly. She was happy to meet a family member of Lily. This boy seemed nice to her.

"I didn't know my sister had a son at all, she vanished when I was two so it was a surprise for the both of us" Lily replied now smiling.

"Is he gifted to?" Himemiko asked while observing him. Luca blinked at the question.

"He has the same mind abilities as I do, minus the ice" Lily replied. Luca nodded weakly.

"I see, well I'm having a tea party since it'll be a full moon out tonight. Do you want to come as well?" Himemiko asked eagerly. Luca smiled at the invitation.

"Okay but do I need something special to wear?"

"I can give you something at the house, don't worry" she replied reassuring the young male.

They walked inside the shrine while taking their shoes off by the door as they went.

"Lily, I was wondering" Himemiko asked the girl who was walking along side her.

"Yeah?" Lily turned to look at her friend.

"If you could change into a yōkai, what would you turn in to?" this boggled the girl as she walked.

"Not sure really. I'll have to get back to you on that" Lily replied while smiling. Silver looked up from where he was sitting, which was by the table in the main room. Immediately her eyes narrowed from what was in his hand.

"Silver the sake!" he growled deeply in reply, the livid kitsune began to tip the sake that he didn't touch back in the bottle. Next he walked back to where it originally was and closed the door which was located under the sink. Himemiko was shocked to see how he responded without complaint, well minus the growl of course. Silver went to sit back at the table with his head in his hand as it rested on his knee.

"The item is here" Silver muttered making Luca laugh at what had just happened, Silver glared in response.

"Okay so where is it?" Lily asked. Again he glared only it was at her, after standing up he moved to pick up a thin box, that had been sitting beside him and passed it to her.

"Don't strop when Princess Himemiko is here Silver" Lily scolded lightly. He frowned but said nothing.

"Would you like to try it on?" Himemiko asked now snapping out of her daze. She was left completely unsure about what had just happened.

"Sure I would love to" Lily replied as the girls walked towards her bedroom.

"Wow Silver, I think she bruised your ego a bit too much there" Luca whistled as he sat down.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready?" Silver asked coldly. Already regretting the part of letting Luca stay. Luca stuck his tongue out at the kitsune who snarled at the cocky human.

"I don't have anything to wear remember" Luca shrugged.

"Then make yourself scarce" Silver snapped angrily at the boy for not taking the hint that he wanted to be alone.

"I'll tell Lily about this kiss you pulled last night" Silver stiffened while his ears went beet red; his own tail bristled from the threat.

"How do I look?" Lily asked now showing them the kimono. It was mixture of red, white and green. Silver looked at the fabric while Luca smiled.

"It's awesome" Luca replied, he paused when Silver stood up and watched him put a bit of the kimono on her arm. Luca almost chuckled at how embarrassed she looked.

"It's not too flashy which is good, I need a plain red obi Oishi" Silver called from behind him.

"Silver I don't know how to put on a kimono, heck I've never worn anything close to that in my life" Lily said weakly, she smiled at his professional attitude whenever it came to clothing.

"That isn't a problem" Silver said now looking up while holding the kimono. Himemiko peeked into the room and looked at how the pair were behaving.

"I'll put it on for you so don't worry" Lily's face went red from his bold words.

"W-What? Silver?!" Lily cried feeling mortified that he was planning on dressing her himself.


Silver howled in pain as he clutched his right cheek with his free hand. His eyes were wide from the sudden move. Luca without warning began to release a full blown laugh causing the startled duo to look at him with mixed emotions. Himemiko however covered her mouth as she almost giggled from what she witnessed.

"L-Lily! What as that for?" Silver cried out in shock.

"Don't even think about dressing me you pervert!" Lily yelled as she turned to glare at Silver. The glare almost had no power over him, given how embarrassed she was. Silver's eyes widened from hearing her words.

"That was not my intention so calm down already!" Silver said now trying to calm down. After all she might have not been aware that he already did that.

"Absolutely not! I will not have you dress me so hands off!" Lily snapped now folding her arms to hide her chest. Luca snorted at them.

"Lily doesn't know that you changed her after taking her out the water does she?" Luca asked while looking at him with mischievous eyes, Silver's face went red from hearing the question. Oh that little brat was going to get it! He knew that Lily was here and yet he asked it. Lily however released a strangled cry as she looking at him with a more reddened face.

"SILVER!" she whined now realising that last night was definitely not a dream. She actually kissed her familiar to her dismay. Silver glared at the boy.

"I assure you I did nothing out of the ordinary, I just changed you into dry clothes that's all" Silver replied felling his face immediately heat up. Lily's glare almost froze him.

"Really? Cause I'm sure you definitely did something Casanova!" Lily screamed before leaving the room in order to cool off. She felt her face heating up to the point she might end up freezing the house down. This was too much even for her to handle at once; she suddenly paused now realising that Himemiko was looking at them. The kitsune made a startled cry now realising that the princess was still in the area.

"Nothing happened princess I assure you" Silver said trying to defuse the situation and save his dignity- sadly it wasn't going well.

"Silver no drinking for two days!" Lily snapped now wanting to be away from the kitsune as soon as possible.

"Lily you are being unreasonable" Silver said now frowning.

"Come on Himemiko" Lily pulled her friend out the room leaving a stunned Luca and horrified Silver. The spirit children stood beside the other, not knowing what to do after listening to that conversation.

Lily walked towards Himemiko's home wearing her blue long sleeved dress which fluttered below her ankles as she walked on the grass. She had a white cardigan that was up to her knees and continued to move behind her, this showed off the front part of the dress as she walked. She also wore white socks and white doll shoes.

Luca walked beside her with the clothes he had at the shrine earlier on and a dark green jacket, he was wearing brown boots that were done up by the laces.

Silver trailed behind them wearing a long black coat over his blue butterfly haori and a white hakama, white socks and brown zōris. In his right hand was a pumpkin lantern which gave them light as they walked.

"I don't see why you wouldn't wear the kimono" Silver muttered as they walked.

"I like this, besides it's not too flashy either and it's plain enough" Lily argued while walking ahead. Her cheeks were red from their argument.

"It's good that Himemiko and Kotarou are getting along well. She told me that she went on a date two days ago" Lily said now trying to change the subject.

"I don't see why she bothers" Luca looked back to see Silver annoyed. "She knows that it's forbidden for yōkai and humans to even have a relationship. It'll never work out" Silver said.

"Don't go saying that, girls even yōkai girls have feelings too and their not for you to squish down so carelessly. We're not guys so be nice" Lily said sternly. Silence immediately crept up on them again.

"So Silver what do you think about yōkai and human relationships?" Luca asked as they walked. Silver frowned slightly.

"As I've said before they are forbidden" The kitsune said bluntly.

"So you wouldn't fall in love with anyone?" Luca asked while Lily listened in.

"I see no reason to fall in love with human girls boy. You should be focusing on your own kind rather than being with a yōkai" Silver said coldly.

"You can't control who you fall in love with Silver" Lily retorted. "You never know it might actually happen" she felt annoyed by his stubborn behaviour. What had him so stuck on that motion of never falling in love with someone other than a yōkai? Luca also frowned at Silver's response. Looks like she wasn't the only one thinking the same thing and he was younger than her.

"So where does she live? Are we close?" Lily asked as they walked behind Silver.

"You have arrived" they heard Himemiko's voice to their left and saw to their surprise Himemiko's home was actually a palace.

"Welcome" said a few fish yōkai who stood behind Himemiko in order to greet them.

"So you still are in human form?" Silver asked as he saw Himemiko wearing a decorative pink and purple kimono and the headgear Lily had seen when they first met.

"I want to keep this form since it allows me to see Kotarou, it's my way of saying thank you for what you've done" Himemiko gushed as she covered her half her face with her fan, it masked her smile as she looked at them.

"Shall we go in?" the princess asked politely before guiding them inside.

"Wow this is amazing" Lily cried out in awe, even Luca was impressed by the grand appearance of the palace. "It's bright as well" she commented while admiring how lit up the palace was.

"That is because of the moonlight from the north" Himemiko explained as she began to show them around the place.

"Either ways it's still impressive to see this. Thank you Himemiko" Lily said, she turned back so she could smile at the princess. Silver felt a twinge in his chest from seeing the smile, almost disappointed for some reason but kept to himself. Why should he be effected by Lily's smile. Why didn't she smile at him? It almost made him feel something unpleasant but kept it to himself, however Luca who was looking at him frowned.

"Real childish Silver" Luca muttered.

"I heard that's the New Land God" commented a female's voice from behind a nearby curtain. Lily turned to see the curtain containing three sets of eyes that were narrowed in dislike.

"So that's the new Land God?" asked another female voice coming from the same curtain.

"Pretty plain" said a third voice dully. Lily at that time resisted the urge to frown at their cold auras. It left Lily slightly intimidated enough for her to pull on the sleeves of her cardigan. Silver peered at her from the corner of his eye now noticing the sudden change; Luca on the other hand almost huffed at how rude those girls were.

"What is it with girls and looking down at others just because of how different they are?" Luca thought crossly. Even at school some of the girls were very catty towards those who weren't pretty, they looked stylish but their attitude contradicted their 'beautiful/pretty looks. A wolf in sheep's clothing, or a shark pretending to be harmless before lashing out to take a bite of an unsuspecting person. Luca even felt embarrassed by how dumb some of his gender was in class, very immature and the only thing that allowed him to relax was Hoshi and the girl in his class. She seemed posh and snotty to the eyes of their peers, but she was a genuinely kind and a nice person. She couldn't help being born into a rich family that taught her to look down at commoners. However she did the opposite and he was sure that Lily would like her... wait what?

Just thinking about the girl made Luca's face go red and his heart began to beat quickly to his surprise. What was that about?

"I bet you're wishing that you were wearing the kimono" Silver whispered with a discrete smile on his face. Lily pulled a face at him, startling the kitsune slightly as he looked at her response.

"As if-" Lily was immediately shoved out the way, causing her to fall to the floor. Her elbows caught the fall but still ended up getting hurt and was sure that she was going to bruise for a while.

"Master Silver!" Cried a female fish yōkai wearing a floral kimono. Beside her were two more fish yōkai who were to Lily's displeasure, hugging a startled Silver who couldn't help Lily up from the floor.

"You don't visit us anymore Master Silver! Why is that?" moaned one of the females moving closer towards him in order to nuzzle her cheek on his arm.

"Don't tell me that girl is responsible?" said the second in a cold tone of voice as she hugged him with a smile on her face. Inside she was seething and hoped that Lily would catch the insult.

"Oh hello, you must be the three little Carp Princesses" Silver said with a surprised smile. "Long time no see. It's been a few decades hasn't it?" he said weakly as he waved at them lightly. Lily's brows almost furrowed in anger, while thanking Luca for helping her up Lily kept her eyes on the kitsune and the princess.

"Another pack of females he's been screwing with huh?" Lily bit crossly but kept her composure, almost wanting to cross her arms and tap her foot in anger but did not. After all this was Himemiko's home and it would be rude to lash out.

"We aren't little anymore Silver, how mean!" cried one of the princesses as she smiled while giving him an innocent smile. Lily was sure that she was about to gag from how they were throwing themselves at him. They wouldn't be so cocky if he was either ugly or a lower level demon.

"We've grown up to be beautiful you know" the second one said with a seductive smile as she looked at him.

"I can see that" Silver could feel sweat running down his brow. He really didn't want to be with a trio of Carp Princesses that only saw him as attractive, and the fox didn't need to read their minds like his master and Luca could. He had almost got annoyed by the girls in Lily's college since they behaving like the Carp Princesses, not to mention the girls at the red district were almost as bad. Silver was almost glad that he's priority lied in the shrine and from having to endure Lily's strict attitude, especially when it came to things he liked. Sake not something that he wanted to stop drinking but Luca was underage. And he knew that Lily had suddenly become protective of Luca, now that she knew her sister had left behind a son.

But what did that mean for him? Did Lily not care for him like she did for Luca and the shrine spirits? Smoking was definitely a no after the bomb shell about how it could kill humans even if was a slow process. That was not something he wanted to do any time soon. Red district- meant women and drinking which was almost banned as it was. At times he felt the need to be with a women but something about Lily stopped him. Was it guilt? He wasn't sure but Silver wanted to prove that he was useful and that she could rely on him, even though he had already been with various women, willing and some to his grief whenever his mind went had thought of it were unwilling.

"Would you be my partner tonight?" the question snapped him out of his thoughts and looked at the person who asked. Just his luck!

"Oh no Master Silver be mine" asked the second now moving closer. Lily felt right eye twitch, she wasn't jealous at all. But she didn't like the fact that girls were once again flocking him like flies. Couldn't she get a break for one day? Luca felt annoyed by the girls as they pushed his aunt and never even apologised for hurting her.

"My scales are more beautiful than anyone here, aren't they Master Silver?" the third one gushed as they tried getting his attention. Silver chuckled weakly in reply.

"You all look beautiful to me" Silver replied in order to ease the girls and to move away, sadly it wasn't going well.

"Don't be mean Silver who is more beautiful?" asked the second one as she pouted, she pulled his arm towards her chest.

"We're going to show Master Silver around the palace, is that alright?" asked the princesses who smiled at Himemiko. They deliberately ignored Lily and Luca who were almost frowning at them.

"Sure... would you mind Lily? Lily?" Himemiko looked round as she now noticed that Lily was not in the room anymore. What also took Silver and Himemiko by surprise was that Luca had also gone missing. Silver felt dread from Lily's sudden disappearing act. What if she was upset or hurt from the push?

"Oh dear did the Land God leave already?" asked the first one with a sly smile. Just hearing that sly tone grated on Silver's nerves, she was bold enough to insult Lily when he was in the room. After all he was Lily's familiar.

"Please don't be rude to my guest. I invited her even though she has ill for almost two weeks" Himemiko replied now feeling angry and annoyed by how shameless the carp princesses were behaving.

"Oh dear, that must be tragic" said the second one almost sounding sarcastic. Silver almost snapped but kept his composure for Lily's sake.

"Master Silver must have been annoyed to be babysitting such a weak girl" the third one said coldly.

"A human to make it more unbearable, how does he stand for such a thing?" the second asked shrilly. Despite being calm on the outside Silver was mentally seething from hearing them insult his master. Part of him guessed that their thoughts had driven her off.

"We'll show you the Moonlight Seaweed Master Silver" gushed the first one as they dragged him away. His eyes went to Himemiko who looked worried for a moment as she watched him walk away.

Himemiko walked outside to where the garden was, to her surprise it was snowing lightly around the palace.

"Why would it be snowing?" she asked herself while walking. As she observed the picturesque area, she was able to spot Lily sitting with Luca in the distance; Lily looked dismal as she looked at the grass.

"Are you alright Lily?" Himemiko asked softly now standing beside Lily.

"Just annoyed but I'll be fine. Sorry about the snow I'll try and get it to stop soon" Lily said weakly. This piped Himemiko's interest, to know that the snow was actually coming from Lily. To her surprise the air wasn't cold, only the snow was small and came in a light flurry leaving them at ease.

"You must be powerful to create such beautiful snowflakes like these" Himemiko commented with a smile on her face, she touched a random snowflake with her left hand. It was cold but soft to the touch. Seeing the cat fish princess' reaction to the snow made Lily smile slightly, knowing that Himemiko was enjoying it just like Luca was.

"I wouldn't say powerful Himemiko" Lily felt shy from the compliment.

"Our powers are tied to our emotions Lily, your emotions are powerful enough to summon snow and it's even controlled so there isn't a chance of a blizzard given how the clouds are formed" this took Lily by surprise but looked at her bracelets which sparkled from the light.

"These bracelets might be the reason, they suppress my powers so it won't be too damaging" Lily replied trying to shake off the compliment. Himemiko clicked her teeth causing Luca to stiffen slightly.

"Don't let those princess' ruin the evening, let me take you to my room" Himemiko said now pulling a startled Lily to her room, the princess smiled at the idea that came to mind. By the time they arrived the pair were in awe.

"There are so many of them" Lily gasped at the colours and patterns of the each clothing. She was left fascinated by the textures and fabrics that were used to make each kimono and yukata.

"You must have hundreds of them" Luca said looking at them as well.

"This one will suit you well, can you help my friend Ayaka?" Himemiko asked one of the maids.

"Certainly Princess Himemiko" Lily was moved to the changing screen, she looked slightly startled as they went behind the screen. Luca began to chuckle at her petrified expression.

"You care about your aunt don't you?" Himemiko asked as she looked at him. Luca was startled by the sudden question.

"Of course, she maybe the last person connected to my mother. Like me, auntie also misses mother a lot. I don't truly know why some yōkai want my mother dead however now isn't the time to be selfish. It's not my aunt's fault that mother left and she's hurting more than I am, confused even but doesn't show or say it much. But it's there" Luca replied while folding her arms. Himemiko was surprised to see how mature his answer was.

"Father died not to long ago so I was sent to live with her uncle. I didn't enjoy the negative aura he gave whenever she was mentioned. And he's wrong about Lily, so very wrong about her" Luca looked down feeling sadness creep up. After talking to Lily in the garden had influenced a bit of his perspective. No matter what there was always going to be misunderstandings, always be conflicts and problems. But it was how he dealt with it was up to him. No one else could tell him what to do when it came to his heart.

Himemiko smiled at his reply. There was definitely more than met the eyes when it came to this boy. He was definitely her nephew and to prove it, they shared the same kindness.

"She's done" said Ayaka with a smile as she moved away from the changing screen.

"I look weird don't I?" Lily mumbled slightly before walking out while looking self conscious. The pair gasped as they took in her new appearance.

"That's the Moonlight Seaweed Master Silver" gushed the first princess as they sat beside him.

"It's a kind of seaweed that only lights up on the full moon" said the second princess in hopes of captivating the fox.

"How beautiful, thank you for showing me something so wonderful" Silver said with a forced smile. He was ready to bolt but every time he tried to do it discreetly, they would somehow drag him back.

"Damn that Lily" Silver muttered darkly as he looked at them.

"Well then, I should head back soon" Silver said now turning away in hopes that he would succeed escaping for the fourteenth time.

"But where are you going?" cried the princesses who were in shock. Silver rammed his head against a wall from their question. Didn't they get that he didn't want them near him? How dense could they be?!

"Please stay in this swamp forever" cried the third one as they surrounded him.

"That's right, you don't have to serve a mere human" the first one said with a smile. As tempting as that last part sounded, serving Lily actually sounded more appealing then being here any time now.

"Please choose one of use as your partner" the second one pleaded as she clung tightly on to his left arm.

"Are you bloody kidding me? Lily how dare you abandon me with these princesses!" he ranted while trying to maintain smile. "This is why I can't stand these swamp girls... their too clingy and only care about their appearance! Their so vain I could hurl!"

"I am the most beautiful out of the three aren't I?" purred the first one.

"Oh my, how shameless. I'm the most beautiful" the second one purred as she leaned closer. Silver was starting to feel sweat running down his forehead, this.... wasn't going to end well and Silver was sure that he wouldn't be able to leave unscathed... or alive for that matter.

"Little Carps!" Himemiko's sharp voice caught their attention, why was she here? "You're too noisy and I won't have you be rude to our guests" the three princesses looked to each other in confusion. Suddenly the carp princesses gasped and cried out loudly from the shock as they took in the appearances the new arrivals, who had been standing for some time now.

Lead by Luca who was wearing a black kimono with white birds. Lily had held on to his sleeve. She was wearing a white kimono that had blue snowflake patterns, around her waist and was on a blue obi that was tied up in order to form wings. Her hair was in a tight bun while her fringe that had growing over the months continued to fan around her face, around the sides of her hair were snow flake clips that sparkled in the moonlight, her skin lightly decorated with make up around the cheeks, eyes and lips. Lily had a long blue scarf around the arms while the ends were resting near her knees. Seen on her chest area was a long necklace containing a green magatama in between four white beads.

"Sorry I'm late, Princess Himemiko was helping me put this on" Lily said softly now walking towards Silver, Luca moved towards Himemiko and grinned. Knowing that looking at Lily had left Silver utterly speechless from her appearance.

"That's alright, how are you feeling?" Silver asked. He felt that his heart was beating out of his chest as he took in her appearance. He was sure that most of the air had left his lungs as he looked at her. Silver was also sure that his face had gone red due to how hot his face had gotten, what was wrong with him? She looked nice so why-?

"I'm fine but how are you? Are you having fun with the Carp princesses?" Lily asked with a slight smile. She fought the urge to get upset, after all it was his life and decision to be with who he liked. "Do I look okay?" Lily asked warmly at him, she also wanted to try and keep his mind away from hers in order to be polite tonight so she was unaware of his feelings at the moment.

The three princesses pouted angrily at Lily as they saw her acting nice towards the one they were after, she was stealing him away without having to do much except put on a kimono that was delicate. They were sure that Princess Himemiko was responsible! It wasn't fair! Seeing how Silver was looking at her did not make them happy at all.

"Master Silver was having a discussion with us right now!" the first one said shrilly as they pulled him away.

"We're a hundred times more beautiful than that girl" the third one said scornfully as she glared at Lily.

"Much more beautiful" the second one agreed as the continued to move him away.

"Come on!" the second one cried angrily.

"Please choose the most beautiful girl among us!" the first one cried. Lily almost frowned but ended up sighing instead as she placed her hands together, masking her feelings of hurt with a smile. Silver's eyes almost never left her; part of him was pulling closer to Lily and didn't understand why. What was happening to him?! Why was he now looking at her as she wore something like that? It wasn't like she was plain; it was because she never showed off her beauty that bothered him. not that it should since it would mean that other males would be drawn to her.

"To be your partner tonight!" the second one said angrily. Lily tutted at their vain and rude behavior. She couldn't win with them no matter what so the girl continued smiling regardless. She was not going to get involved in this mess; this was why she hated fan girls and those who were too shallow to see how bad their attitude was. Silver however almost blinked at her reaction to the princesses.

"I'm going to the garden Luca, would you like to join me tonight and watch the snow?" Lily asked lightly now turning away before walking towards her nephew. She felt Luca's frustration as it started to rise up but nevertheless he smiled at her kind heart. Knowing that his aunt would hate to cause problems in her friend's own home. Himemiko however was speechless, she had hoped that the kimono would cause Silver to look at Lily in a positive manner and say how beautiful she looked. Given how he looked when Lily was ill and from noticing that Lily had left him alone with the princess, she was so sure that it would work.

"I'm sorry princesses" the three gasped in shock and anger as they saw him walking towards Lily, who in turn had her back to him.

"But for me there is no other girl-" Silver gently pulled the sleeve of her kimono gently, this caused Lily to turn around and notice him looking at her with soft eyes that showed something that she wasn't aware of. Lily however kept her heart steady, she didn't want to get her hopes up and assume something that wasn't true.

"Who is as beautiful as this Goddess" Silver said with a smile, he leaned his head down and brought her fingers to his face. Lily at that moment almost blushed as he kissed both gloved knuckles gently.

"Would you please be my partner for tonight?" Silver asked as he looked at her. Lily frowned slightly from the question.

"I'd rather be with my nephew tonight, especially since you're so busy with the princesses" Lily retorted bluntly. This caused Silver to almost fall to the floor in shock. What the hell?! The Carp princesses' jaws dropped at how easily she rejected him while Himemiko smiled softly at the reply.

"Such a selfless girl, she might be clueless after all" Himemiko commented to herself. Luca grinned at the princess as he agreed with her.

"There you see!" the first one yelled as she tried to pull him away from Lily's hands. Silver however ignored it, for he noticed that Lily's eyes revealed how hurt she was feeling about the whole thing but smiled regardless. Without realising what he had just done, Silver had knocked the Carp princess' fin off of his and walked back towards Lily. He masked his emotions as he looked at Lily.

"Even so Lily, I would rather be with you tonight okay?" Silver said softly. "I bid you all goodnight Princesses" Silver started to wave at them while walking alongside a skeptical Lily. Luca at the same time stood beside Himemiko.

"I'd give them ten minutes before joining them" Luca said to Himemiko who just nodded mutely in reply. Well... that was unexpected!

As soon as the door closed behind them, Lily could hear him sight loudly as he slammed his back against the door.

"Thank God, I'm saved" Silver said looking slightly pale.

"You have no idea how frightening those girls were, they wouldn't even leave me alone" Silver ranted now walking ahead. Ignoring his master as she looked at him.

"It's getting late so should we get Luca and go home?" Silver asked, he turned to see Lily frowning.

"Seriously Silver, don't start being nice and compliment my clothes like that. Especially when you don't mean it!" Lily said coldly. "I would have thought that being in the red district for numerous visits would have got you enjoying your time with the princesses" Lily said angrily as she folded her arms. Silver looked at her with bewildered eyes, what was going here?

"So don't use me as shield when you can't fight off three princesses" Silver's eyes narrowed slightly from her words.

"I was not using you as a shield, I thought you wanted to go home" Silver said now patting her head. She shrugged his hand off which confused him even more.

"I'm not a dog Silver. So don't treat me like on" she hissed before opening the door. "Luca come on! We are going home!" She hollered from the door. Silver stuttered in panic before pulling her away from it.

"Seriously Lily!" he cried now feeling frustrated by her actions. On cue Luca came in looking drowsy.

"Come you, let's go home" Lily patted her nephew's shoulder. Silver felt a twinge in his chest and frowned at how friendly she was towards her own nephew and not him. The kiss from last night entered his mind and left him slightly hurt.

"Wow Auntie the snow looks amazing" Luca said now looking up in awe. Silver looked at him before looking up, he almost gasped now seeing the snow fall, surely it was too early for snow.

"I'm glad you love it" Lily giggled slightly while covering her face with her sleeve.

"Thank you Aunt Lily" Luca said with a child like smile, Lily paused before smiling at him. Silver however was left speechless from finding out that this was Lily's doing. He smiled inwardly at how beautiful the snow looked. They continued to walk until they reached home. All three went their separate ways before going to bed.

Silver now dressing in his nightclothes began to lay on his futon. He was staring at the ceiling in a pensive manner, usually he'd smoke with the pipe in order to steady his nerves but that was banned.

The sound of footsteps made his ears twitched and looked at the door to his right, he saw to his disappointment that Luca was standing at the door. The boy looked at him with guarded eyes making the fox uncomfortable.

"You should bid her good night, it's the least you can do for upsetting her" Luca said with his arms folded.

"Shouldn't you be heading off to bed kid? You have school in the morning" Silver asked bluntly.

"I know you like her" Silver stiffened; his own tail bristled from what he had just heard. "You just choose to deny it and another thing, you're a horrible liar. Even Lily could tell" Silver hid his grimace from the boy. This was not something he wanted to talk about especially to her nephew.

"Auntie is just being nice and chose not to listen to your mind tonight but I find it hard to do something like that. Especially since there are a lot of negativity, you may not notice this, but you're too open mentally and it's hard to ignore how you feel about her. So tell Lily soon before it's too late" and with that Luca left now sliding the door shut.

Darkness greeted Silver once more. His arm rested near his body and watched the hands clench in discomfort and frustration. It wasn't that easy, part of him wanted to hide and never tell her anything. However Luca that young boy was right in some way. But it was hard to tell her anything, he was her familiar and wasn't human. A yōkai never mixed with humans, they also never mix with Deities either since it was taboo. The snow outside left him feeling at ease; she must still be awake to even allow it to snow more.

Now standing up, Silver moved out of his room and walked quietly towards Lily's. He knocked before entering. The first thing he saw was Lily; she was frowning at herself in the mirror and clenched her bangs.

Lily whined as she looked at them. Not realizing that Silver was looking at her with mixed emotions. She still wore the kimono and her hair was still tied. It suited her to some degree and wanted to move closer in order to look at her properly.

"Too long, I knew I should have had them cut" Lily muttered now putting her hand into the medicine draw and took out a pair of scissors. Next turning to get the bin she rested by the mirror in order to see what she was cutting.

"Do you need help?" Silver asked, it wasn't loud but the murmur caught her attention. Lily looked to see Silver standing, he looked nervous but she paid no heed.

"I'm not giving you a sleeping pill" Lily said gruffly now turning her attention to the mirror once more.

Silver moved closer in order sit behind her and felt Lily stiffen as he hugged the startled girl from behind.

"You looked beautiful tonight" his breath fanned lightly on her bare neck leaving goosebumps to form, it also made Lily shiver with mixed emotions.

"Do you need something?" Lily asked in a monotone voice. "I have to cut my hair"

Silver stayed still and saw their reflection in the mirror; his breath was caught at what he saw.

"Silver?" Lily asked looking uncertain as she noticed that he had gone still.

"I meant what I said Lily, you looked really beautiful tonight and you still do" Silver said quietly. Lily felt her face heat up slightly but said nothing.

"Thank you, although I'm sure that you've seen your share of beautiful girls huh?" Silver felt his ears flatten at how she was putting herself down. His own master really did not know how beautiful she truly was.

"Let's forget what happened these past few days" her words felt like a knife as they stabbed into him deeply, he was unable to comprehend what she said. Surly that should be a relief and yet...

"I don't understand"

"Let's be honest Silver, even if one of us felt something for the other. It's as you said, we are not meant to be together seeing as it's taboo" Lily replied numbly. Silver said nothing except look at her.

"Yesterday I thought was a dream, if I had known that it was real. I would have stopped it, please understand that" Silver did not like how she was pushing him away but accepted it nevertheless. It was probably an infatuation Silver was currently feeling nothing more, but it didn't stop the pain he was feeling.

"I know" Silver said without knowing what to feel anymore. He just wanted to sleep and forget tonight. The morning might provide some comfort if not the next day.

"Have a good night Lily" Silver wanted to kiss her but stopped the urge. She needed to rest and so did he.

"Rest well" Lily said softly. Silver had then noticed that the snow was gone, just like his nerves. They were gone leaving a dull ache that made him he want to leave.

Silver's ears twitched when he heard the sound of scissors cutting something. Hair he guessed but did not turn back.

The night provided no comfort so he went to the sake, a small dose might help the fox relax.


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