Fox and Ice

Chapter 6- Lily's Sick day

Sleep provided no comfort for the pair that night. Lily that morning walked out of the shower area to see Silver brushing some dirt away from the stone tiles. A bird flew towards Silver's hand, Lily watched him as he allowed it to relax for a bit before it flew away.

Silver shortly after a few seconds noticed that Lily had been watching him and the bird, smiling was a little hard after what happened last night but he did it nevertheless.

"Good morning Lily, did you sleep well?" he asked politely. Lily grumbles for a bit before walking away from him. The fox blinked at her response before a chuckle escapes his lips. Must be tired Silver assumed before he continued his chores. It did seem like it would be a nice day, given that there were no grey clouds in sight.

Lily sat by the table in her casual clothes and groaned miserably. Her head was burning up slightly to the girl's dismay, which made her feel as if she was in a sauna.

"Fever again!" Lily whined but kept on a brave face. She did not want to miss another day of college, especially since Silver and the spirits would make a big deal about it. Luca noticed her miserable mood and smiled in order to cheer her up. Which would of lasted longer but given the unwelcomed fever, her mood soured from the throbbing pain in her forehead.

Lily lifted a hand up in return until Silver appeared. Both males sat down at the low table beside her and began to eat. It was getting tense given the uncomfortable atmosphere. Everyone felt like a bomb was about to go off the moment someone spoke, Lily wished that Silver would not notice her looking ill but knowing how observant he was. It was highly unlikely. She almost cursed her open book personality so during the years, Lily had tried to practice the motion of blocking her emotions from being seen by anyone. It was working well but Silver would always catch her out and she wanted to know what he was really up to. It really did bother the black haired teen but chose not to comment, after all nothing was accomplished when she spoke. In fact she had experience to say that it made things worse and created problems that didn't even exist.

"Ill Auntie?" Luca asked her, concern was evident in his eyes for a brief moment after sensing her need to not let Silver know. Why was beyond him after all Silver wasn't going to bite. Sure he would say she was 'useless' but the fox really did want to help Lily, in his own stubborn cold way.

"Please don't, my head is splitting and I need to get medicine but the chemist opens during college hours" Lily looked back at him with half lidded eyes as she fought to keep them open. Luca frowned at the information since that didn't sound too good.

"I could get some if you want? What do you need?" Luca asked. Silver who was drinking tea thanks to the sake until they were asleep ban watched the pair look at the other, almost looked as if they were having a silent mental conversation.

"Lily are you okay?" Silver asked snapping the pair out of their mental talk. Lily wanted to moan and grimace from the sudden movement of her head, dealing with the after shock of being startled out of a mental talk or reading left her nauseous when she was ill.

"Fine why wouldn't I be?" Lily asked feeling slightly defensive. If she missed any more lessons then she might have to repeat a year or worse both years in order to pass. The thoughts drove her mad to the point that she didn't notice Silver as he placed his hand on her head. Lily froze to the spot and almost snapped at his sudden movement. He was being very gentle as he touched her forehead.

"Just as I thought Lily, you have a fever don't you?" Silver's concern left her uncomfortable. Was it just because she was his master? Of course and part of her hated pity, his eyes were full of it.

"No I'm not!" Lily yelled as she threw her drink at the startled fox. Silver went rigid from what happened, orange juice ran down his hair and face as his eyes settled to Luca who was just as surprised as he was. Lily was already out the room and getting ready for class.

Lily frowned as she looked at the thermometer in Luca's hand– 41.4oC. The young boy started to shake as he eyed the item while Silver's eyes went wide from the item.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GOING AROUND WITH THAT KIND OF TEMPERATURE?!" Silver yelled as he looked at her. Lily almost shrank from being caught out for having a high fever.

"Don't go if you're ill!" Oishi cried as he and the other spirit clung onto her legs.

"No! No! I am not missing another day! I already missed twelve days of lessons and I need to catch up" Lily ranted as she moved.

"Master Silver! Master Luca stop her!" Dai pleaded as they grabbed her. Lily felt her head as it started to pound like mad and having two spirits stressing her out was no help.

"I don't miss days! Unless I've thrown up then that's when I miss days so get off please" Lily asked until Silver blocked her path. His eyes were full of concern but said nothing. Neither said nothing except looked at the other. Almost daring the other to argue.

"What if Silver transforms into Lily, then she wouldn't have to miss a day?" Lily froze at the thought while Silver began to feel anger creep up on him. Damn the spirits for blabbing no suggesting something so ludicrous! Unacceptable! It was degrading to turn into his own master just because she was ill... however it would mean that she would be at home resting- no he didn't want to do it! Out of the question-

Just then Lily grinned darkly at Silver who went rigid as he looked at her. That smile was not a good sign.

"Oh Silver~!" Lily said in a sing song tone despite being ill. However Silver dreaded what was going to happen next. And the worse part? There was nothing he could do about it. Luca at the same time began laughing at the annoyed familiar who glared at him for making it worse.

"Great nap time!" Lily yawned now going back to bed. Luca was getting dressed in his usual clothes while Silver turned himself into Lily using a leaf that had been tucked inside the sleeve of his white haori.

"Luca give it back to Kurama when your done please" Lily called from her room. Her voice was weak from being ill.

"Okay! Get some rest auntie" Luca replied while watching Silver stand near the door.

"You look so angry Silver, oh wait it's auntie Lily now right?" Luca chuckled as Silver gave him a dirty look.

"Damn Lily for getting sick" Silver muttered to himself as he opened the door.

"She didn't sleep last night, someone kept her up with his hugging" Luca's sly tone made Silver's face heat up from his words until his mind went to what Lily said that night. Luca patted his shoulder in sympathy.

"I don't know much about girls but Lily might have her reason for saying no" Luca reassured the transformed male.

"I don't fall in love especially with human girls" Silver said gruffly in Lily's voice. Luca scoffed slightly.

"That's what they say before it happens, I bet on your entire sake collection that you end up confessing to Lily" Silver threw a furious look.

"You are too young to be betting and it will never happen" Silver snapped coldly as he looked at Luca. The blond shrugged with a grin.

"Then why did I get the sense that you wanted to kiss her that night when she pushed you away" Silver's face went red. Trust her nephew to say something like that. Damn empath.

"Besides, maybe you should look in to the things that she finds you a turn off on and try and to improve-"

"You're barely an adult and you're lecturing a yōkai who's over five hundred years old on something you have next to no experience on?" Silver snarled as they stood near the crossing while gripping the bag strap of Lily's bag tightly. He just wanted to miss college but knew that was impossible. Lily would skin him if he did.

"Hey I may not now much but being an empath does have it's advantages" Luca shrugged. Silver had to agree with that statement grudgingly.

"Anyways I'll call her at lunch to see how she is. You just focus on getting notes and I'll text you how she is fair deal?" Silver sighed but nodded slowly.

"Great have a good day auntie" Silver wanted to yell and smack the boy for even calling him that. However Silver knew that he had to keep up the pretence of being Lily in order to avoid suspicion, so in the end Silver reluctantly said nothing and glared at the victorious smile coming from Luca. Although the smile didn't seem cocky, it was a pure child like smile to his surprise. Shockingly it reminded him of Lily but didn't say anything.

By the time he arrived at school, Silver noticed some people were looking at him and commented about 'Lily's' appearance. The clothes he was currently wearing were when Lily arrived at Himemiko's home, the difference was that his appearance added a more feminine appeal and the body was slightly more developed around the chest area.

Kurama who was walking past the library almost gawped at her appearance, almost wanting to hit on Lily without thinking of who she was to him. However Kurama remembered that he wanted to speak to her and used his hand to block Silver by the doors that were leading to the stairs, Silver in turn looked to see how annoyed the tengu much was to his surprise.

"Thank you for wasting one hundred and thirty yen on clothes from the mall, funny thing is that you also spent money at the food court with my card" Silver frowned at him. Not knowing what the pesky tengu was talking about. "Did you have fun wasting my money since I did pay for that foolish fox's new laptop in case you were forgetting that?" Silver almost glared at him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Silver shrugged while adjusting Lily's bag strap on his right shoulder. A piece of paper was forced into this face to his annoyance.

"This is my bank statement Lily, so don't go lying about what you did yesterday. Here I was worried about your health and yet you pulled that stunt yesterday" Silver began to sweat as he remembered that Lily went to the mall with Himemiko. Kurama notice the surprised look on 'Lily's' face.

"Looks like you remember, best give the card back now if you please"

"But I don't have it" Silver replied now looking at the tengu with honest but irritated eyes.

"Well I want it back soon, you have no idea how annoying it was. Finding out that it was missing around the time when I allowed you to bring that brat fox, it hurts my heart strings to see you nearly crying" Kurama said as he spoke in a melodramatic voice. Silver at that moment wanted to kill the tengu for bothering him but smiled suddenly.

"This fool! He doesn't even know that I'm not Lily, this transformation is perfect as I suspected" Silver's smile surprised Kurama.

"I'm sure that you were Kurama, after all it's not like you have feelings for me right?" Silver teased as he leaned closer. Kurama stuttered as he moved back quickly, surprised by a bold move that he never assumed Lily to even pull, he was more surprised to see that Lily was even flirting especially after last night.

"O-Of course not! I see you as a sister-oof!" Kurama quickly covered his mouth so he could not only shut himself up, but he wanted to mask his horror for saying what he thought of her out loud. Silver blinked looking completely shocked. This was something that he never saw coming.

"Is that so? Well that's good then" Silver said with a sly smile, part of him felt relieved to hear this but didn't know why.

"You're not going to tell anyone right? Not even that pathetic fox?" Silver almost glared at him but kept calm.

"I doubt he'd even want to know" Silver replied in a nonchalant tone. Kurama nodded agreeing with 'her' words as well.

"That's true, so how are you?" Kurama asked as he escorted Silver upstairs, ignoring the stares of some girls as they glared at Silver.

"Tired, I didn't get much sleep" Silver replied, Lily was always honest to the crow to his dismay. After all she hardly spoke to him about things that might be bothering her, it left Silver feeling emotions that almost angered him for allowing her to make him feel this way.

"I heard, you were online until six in the morning I have you know" Silver froze, how did he know that? Noticing the surprised look Kurama smiled.

"I was up on messenger to two in the morning. You were cutting your bangs which I think look amazing" Silver felt a blush come about. Something Lily would have done from receiving such a complement. The real emotion Silver felt was annoyance, the last thing he wanted to hear since Lily rejected his compliments.

"In reply to what we spoke about yesterday, I really think that fox is an idiot" Silver at that moment almost wanted to wrangle the crow's neck for hearing the comment.

"Why?" Silver asked looking puzzled. Kurama paused near the door that led away from the stairs.

"Well for one, watching him flirt with other women and didn't even think that it would annoy you. Not like you are interested in him anyways, but it would leave anyone fed up" Kurama replied as he placed his hands inside his trouser pockets. "Although I do have girls always fawning over me so I can understand on your side of it" Silver inwardly grimaced. Of course, that should have caught his attention also, but he couldn't do anything not when he was surrounded with three pushy Carp girls that night.

"I guess I should have seen that coming, Lily never did want to stand out and being pushed around like that. Anyone would be irritated right?" Silver wanted to phone Lily and ask how she was but remembered last night. It left him hollow and bitter for just wanting to call her now when the damage had already been done.

"We should talk at lunch time, class starts in five minutes for me" Kurama waved without giving Silver a chance to respond. Silver noticed that some guys were looking at him and spoke in hushed voices.

"Lily's gotten more hotter than usual" Joseph whispered to much to Silver's annoyance.

"Damn Lily! Why did you get sick? Now I have to deal with the dumb crow and these pests while pretending to be you!" Silver ranted angrily.

Silver during class time took notes diligently and tried catching up on as much work as possible. He even went to the teacher to get a better understanding on what they missed. Thankfully it wasn't a lot but it did include a lot of points on how to improve their work. So by the time it was lunch, he was ready to email the notes to Lily who in turn thanked him in an email.

"How are you fairing?" he emailed and had a reply which instantly left shocked him to know that he received one within seconds. Only the message was via messenger. Silver was surprised to know that their email had that feature.

"They want to cook a turtle! Make them stop! >_<" Silver almost shot out of his seat in the corner of their college library from seeing it. However he remembering briefly that he was in a public place and needed to calm down, otherwise there would be problems.

"Those morons! They're suppose to let her sleep now how is she going to get well?" Silver sighed now slapping his forehead at how the spirits were behaving. He leaves them for three hours and already it's chaos.

"Just tell them to stop and go back to bed. You need soup or something that doesn't involve eating solids" his finger's twitched as he typed up the reply. Already he could imagine his tail hitting the ground in anger.

"Tried to but they insisted on making turtle soup! Poor turtle... I want to puke!" Silver sighed again and pushed his short fringe back. This was not going well as he hoped. So much for having a peaceful day.

"Get the bucket that I've left in the bathroom, go to bed!" Silver typed as he pursed his lips.






"Oh come on! They won't stop with the turtle and they even had me put a stop talisman on it and placed it in a bucket" Silver could imagine her whining about it also and she wasn't even in the same room.

"They said they asked someone to come and crack it! My head and ears! I want to-" Silver stopped reading, he wanted to leave now but knew she'd be mad. Instead he took his phone from his pocket out and immediately logged out of the computer. Without waiting the kitsune went straight to the roof while ignoring the confused people on route. Silver pressed the home phone number and waited. Part Silver was thankful for the fact that Kurama was not in the area. It would have raised questions about what he was doing.

"Kill me now... hello Mikage residence?" Silver almost frowned from hearing Lily's grudging tone. She wasn't suppose to answer the phone and yet here she was doing just that.

"Lily put Oishi on the phone now" Silver said calmly now wanting to scream at the spirits.

"Don't snap. My ears are ringing and..." he heard her groaning before calling Oishi weakly.

"Don't puke! I washed that floor this morning" Silver lied; the kitsune just hoped that he didn't have to clean when he came back. In truth Silver really wanted to help her get better without having to get side tracked from dealing with messes on the floors.

"Thanks for the lack of concern, Oishi! Silver wants you!" Lily called again only her voice sounded like it was forced.

"How can I help Master Silver?" Oishi asked who sounded cheerful after receiving the phone. Lily grumbled about her head in the background.

"Leave the turtle alone and cook her a soup that doesn't involve sea food already, she said no! And need I remind you that she's ill" Silver barked crossly. Already he could hear chaos coming from the phone. Lily was arguing with Dai, while Oishi at the same time was trying to reason with the pair.

"Just don't make her throw up, I'll be home soon" Silver said before hanging up.

"Trouble?" Kei asked catching Silver's attention after heading down the stairs to the classroom.

"My nephew brought his friend over and she's not feeling well" Silver replied weakly. Kei gave him a funny look but nodded.

"I didn't know you had a nephew" Kei said as she looked at him with suspicious looking eyes.

"Neither did I, my sister left him with his father after running away" Silver replied and that was the truth.

"Is he doing okay though?" Kei asked now looking worried.

"He's doing well, just went to school today" Silver said sounding tired as he pushed his fringe back so it was away from his eyes.

"Must be busy there, is Silver taking care of things there or something since he's not here?"

"Yes but it's become chaotic" Silver said with a sigh, he did not want to even think about it right now. It would just make the situation worse. "Class time is in three minutes"

"I heard you were enlisted to take part in the singing group. Did you want to check it out?" Silver paused for a bit from the question. Since when did Lily take part in singing?

"I'll see how it goes" Silver murmured not noticing Kurama's smug grin as he stood by the door as he spied on them from a distance.

"This is too easy Lily, if only you knew that I was the one who gave them the idea to do that" Kurama thought as he walked away.

During the moment when Silver arrived at the music class Kurama was studying in, and within a few minutes he immediately just wanted to leave. People just looked at Silver as he sung completely off tune and within minutes Kurama had decide to show him up at the last minute. Even Kurama was stunned to hear her singing in such an awful voice that it nearly made his ears bleed.

"I'm surprised Lily, when you sang at my apartment you were much more in tune compared to now. Did something happen?" Kurama asked looking worried. People gossiped quietly near the pair. To think that Lily was aware of their idol lived and spent time with him. They began to resent her even more for associating with him.

"Yeah you happened to drag me into this! Dumb crow!" Silver ranted in anger now realising that it was a trick from the start.

Now he just wanted to catch the crow alone before turning him into an ostrich once more. Surely Lily wouldn't mind having ostrich for dinner once she was better; then again he could lock the tengu in the basement before killing and having him for dinner when he got bored.

What was more entertaining about that idea was- she did not have to know!

2 hours later

Kurama was singing a song from a rock band during class and felt his phone buzzing at a random part of the song. Curious he looked at his phone and pressed the link on the message.

"What is Lily?" Kurama smiled as he continued to sing while playing the clip. Not knowing what was in store for him when he listened.

"Bring me to-LILY?!" Kurama screamed loudly from what he heard, immediately the tengu forced himself to stop singing during practice while his earphones were still in his ears. His face now red from what he heard from the YouTube link. People who were standing around him were at a loss from not knowing what had happened, nor did they know what to do. All they did see was the famous pop star rushing out the room with a face that looked like he wanted to kill and laugh at the same time. That was too much even for him.

Kurama rushed up the stairs and immediately slams the door to Lily's classroom open shocking everyone in the room. Silver who was sitting on Lily's seat looked up with a confused look.

"You! Out now!" Kurama bellowed now marching over and pulling a startled Silver out the room, not once did the tengu care if he was creating a scandalous scene. People were at a loss of what happened and continued to stay still until the jumbled up sounds of a furious Kurama filled the stairway. Only then did people rush out despite the teacher's warnings about detention.

"What the hell is this?!" Kurama yelled now showing Silver the phone.

"It's a screen" Silver said bluntly now shrugging as he looked at it, Kurama's face had turned to a more darker shade of red from embarrassment.

"I had to stop singing because of what I heard! What the hell Lily?! I have class to attend to as well you know!" Silver noticed how red the tengu had gotten and wondered what Lily sent him. Part of him wanted to laugh at the foolish tengu as his face continued to go red.

"What is it about?" Silver asked looking curious while folding his arms. Only that made the tengu more embarrassed than angry.

"How about you listen? Maybe this will refresh your memory!" Kurama bellowed now shoving a pair of earphones in the startled kitsune's ears. Kurama pressed play and Silver listened intently, immediately his face went red and his body had gone rigid from hearing the reason as to why the tengu was so upset in the first place.

"What the hell are you sending this moron?!" Silver screamed mentally, now wanting to go back home and hide in the basement. That was not something he wanted to hear at all! Even if he is a male, that was uncalled for. Silver's own tail bristled while his ears went red from embarrassment.

Lily was sleeping finally after one in the afternoon with a cold compress on her head. Sadly after three hours she had to wake up to more noise. This made Lily stomp towards the kitchen and saw to her surprise that Mizuki was sitting with the shrine spirits.

"What are you doing here?" Lily asked before coughing. She was more surprised more than confused.

"Ah Lily! How are you?" Mizuki asked sounding chipper as he looked at her.

"Sick and tired thank you. What about you?" Lily's voice was hoarse from the illness.

"I'm doing okay, I wanted to thank you for what you did back at the Yonomori shrine" Mizuki said with a smile.

"Did you find closure?" Lily coughed loudly as she looked at him.

"Lady Lily you need to rest" Oishi said now running towards her.

"Well I would (cough) if people would (Cough) stop (cough, cough, cough) making (cough) noises!" Lily said between coughs.

"And second (cough) why did you show up Mizuki?" Lily continued to have a coughing fit to their dismay.

"Well Silver is not in today and they asked me to cook the turtle"

"Me no want turtle" Lily said now coughing once more, her cold was taking a turn for the worse to the girl's horror.

"So let me get this straight" Lily paused now from coughing and looked at Mizuki who turned to look at the spirit children. "Silver turned himself into a girl-"

"Put the turtle down!" Lily howled weakly feeling the turtle's agony and fear. They placed it down to her relief but only because it bit Mizuki.

"Serves you right! I told you to put it down" Lily coughed while she had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. "As for your question. Yes but I only asked Silver to"

"That's surprising since he is a wild fox, and they don't obey anyone without a reason I have you know" Mizuki said with a smile.

"Please don't speak as if you know him so well, wild or not he must have had his reasons for what he did in the past" Lily said feeling worn down and tired. This surprised Mizuki.

"He really has you wrapped round his finger. Foxes are sly creatures I have you know"

"So am I" Lily coughed a lot, she felt her head thumping from the pain.

"How so? You do realise that you need to keep a close watch on his behaviour, otherwise he'll end up killing you in the end"

"I have the ability to read minds Mizuki. Silver can try but I'll escape from his grip before he sees it coming" Lily frowned. Something wasn't right, why was Mizuki so determined to push her away from Silver was beyond her? If it wasn't for being ill she would of sussed him out without having to deal with whiplash.

"I see however, that won't be enough Lily" Mizuki said now giving her a dark look. Lily felt a shiver run down her spine. True she didn't know much about Silver but he didn't seem too dangerous, sure he can bite and could leave a scar metaphorically speaking. However Lily at that moment had a sinking feeling that Silver's past was something she needed to avoid at all costs.

"How about I show you his past with your own eyes" Mizuki offered now showing her a weird container.

"What's this?" Lily asked now leaning closer, it smelt horrible to her nose causing the girl to almost wrench.

"This is a Time Rotation Incense burner. It's a ritual that sends souls to the past" Mizuki said smiling slightly.

"A long before you were born, there was a Silver that you did not know..." Mizuki's voice faded from Lily as she passed out on the floor.

"I'll let her see the real Silver of five hundred years ago" Mizuki said now watching her sleep while the shrine spirits cried out in alarm.

Lily felt her spirit move towards a young female with black hair and brown eyes. She had a red maple leaf half coat and a brown hakama. Her hair was tied up while carrying an old version of a backpack made of wood. Immediately her soul merged for a brief moment with the girl and sat up slowly. Rubbing her sore head from the pain.

"Seriously Mizuki" Lily muttered darkly before noticed the changes in her body and stood up, shock filled her body as she took in her surroundings.

"I'm in the past?" Lily cried. She examined her body and almost stopped. This power the body contained felt familiar some how. Did she merge with a member of her family or something?

Lily began to run forward and stopped the moment she spotted an injured child. Sadness crept onto Lily like a plague and encouraged her to move towards the child out of instinct.

"You poor thing, what happened?" Lily asked now picking up the child gently.

"Don't go back to the village... the Demon King has taken over it" the child cried weakly from the pain.

"Demon King?" Lily asked feeling a sense of panic.

"He's looking for you" the boy said as he pulled her half coat with as much strength that he could muster. Lily felt dread from hearing his words.

"We'll look for shelter okay, don't worry" Lily reassured the child as she ran through the woods. To her relief a house was nearby and rushed towards it without a second thought. Something bothered her about this boy, but the need to help him came first before anything. To her relief Lily had managed to get them indoors before the rain started to come down.

"Who would injure such a young child?" Lily said now tearing the bottom part of her half coat. "It makes no sense"

"It's a good thing this house is abandoned. Otherwise we might not be able to get you better" Lily said now going to place the torn cloth on his back.

"It's a good thing that you happened to be working in the field instead of the village" the boy started to grin. Lily's blood ran cold from realising that she had been tricked.

"There is no way that the Demon king would miss such a beautiful virgin" the boy's voice started to change.

"No way! This boy is a demon?" Lily almost screamed as he revealed his true form. The green troll grabbed her neck and sent Lily to the floor.

"Those demons took all the valuable pray" the troll demon said now grinning.

"Before the Demon king finds out. I'm going have you" the demon said now salivating with glee. Lily tried to fight back but it was hard when he had her neck pinned to the floor. One false move and he could crush her neck.

"Someone stop this demon please" Lily pleaded as she struggled for air.

"You're a feisty one. It's a shame that I have to eat you" he reared his head closer until bluish black flames consumed him. Lily quickly moved back in fear in order to avoid the flames.

"M-Master Silver" was all the demon could say before he was reduced to ash.

"That's fox fire" Lily noted now looking at the entrance to the house.

"Trash does burn easily" a male voice said casually as if he was talking about the weather. Lily saw Silver wearing a black yukata with blue fire at the end of his sleeves. Over his yukata was a blue half coat. Was this Silver?

"A village girl?" Silver commented quietly before grinning at his latest find. Looks like coming to this abandoned building was worth it after all.

"How did he miss this one I wonder?" Lily heard his thoughts and flinched. This was not the Silver she knew that was for sure.

Lily moved back only to have his hand grab the collar of her half coat.

"Indeed, for a small village girl you are good catch" Silver said feeling proud for finding her. Silver pulled the part he was holding sharply. This caused Lily bit her lip and resisted the urge to scream; instead she winced as she felt air touch the part he ripped away.

"Interesting... she does not scream even when she faces a yōkai" Silver noted as he grinned at her pale face. Wasn't she scared?

"Not screaming? Such a shame" Silver said sounding disappointed before he leaned over towards her startled form "I do love it when they scream" he said darkly while smiling in a sadistic manner.

"Bastard" she resisted the urge to glare.

"Do cry for me human" Silver said as his smiled, his mouth opened slightly as he leaned closer which allowed Lily to see his fangs. Now putting his thumb near her lips. Lily's eyes suddenly hardened and bit the skin near his nail. Silver was surprised to see her fighting back. Most would plead or scream for help or better yet mercy, why was it good? Because their lives were in his hands and not once would he spare any of them. Girls that he took by force were ended after he finished having his 'fun' with them.

"Who are you?" Lily asked coldly.

"Hmph" Silver licked the part of where she had bitten him; Lily almost glared but did nothing, watching him smirking left her skin crawling from witnessing his sadistic side.

"Tch!" Silver staggered back when she spat at his right eye. Immediately Lily shot up and turned towards the room where one of the walls contained a hole that would allow her to escape from this Silver who was about to capture her.

"She's feisty I'll give her that" Silver thought while grinning as he began to chase after her, seeing that she started to crawl through the hole almost made him frown. He dived down at the hole in order reach and was able to grab for her ankle before she could escape. Lily screamed in terror, she desperately tried to kick Silver away with the foot that was currently in his hand. Without wasting time he tried to drag her back in.

"Ah so she screams, she has an interesting voice" Silver mused, he was thrilled at how she tried to run, that it left him more eager to claim her.

"Did you think I would let you escape?" Silver said with a glint in his eye. Lily's eyes shocked him for a brief moment for they showed defiance and yet they were emotionless, things other humans lacked when he came across them. It interested him to see such eyes. Not once did the kitsune notice that she used her other foot and used it to kick his jaw. Silver was pushed to the other side of the wall and rubbed his jaw.

"How the hell did she do that?" Silver asked now standing up as he held his injured jaw.

"To think a human girl would actually put up such a fight like that... interesting" a smile bloomed on his lips despite losing his latest catch.

"Oi Silver did you not hear me?" said a male voice. Silver's smile faded as he turned to see a demon he knew too well near the entrance he had entered from. The demon did not notice his predicament due to the darkness created by the rain clouds.

"Yes Akura-ou, I can hear you" Silver sighed knowing that he had to allow her to escape this time. The last thing he needed was Akura-ou finding out about her and snatching the girl away before he could get her.

Lily continued to run through the rain, she felt her body shake with fear with each step she took. That was not the Silver she knew. No this was a sinister yōkai who would hurt people be them man, woman or child. Silver's mind was filled with lust when he had her in his grasp. It sickened her to think that he was like that. But why? Why did he do this? Was this all a game to him?

She stopped suddenly as a thought came to mind.

"If this was true... then why is he different now? Why did Mikage allow him to stay at the shrine? It makes no sense" shaking her mind free from what she saw. Lily tried to keep a clear head and deduce on what she witnessed. As the girl walked on, Lily didn't pay any attention to her surroundings as she walked briskly through the woods. Without warning the side of the cliff collapsed causing her to cry out in shock.

"No! No! NO!" Lily closed her eyes and to her surprise, she vanished completely into thin air just as the water was about to claim her borrowed body. The last thing Lily saw before being pulled out of the body was a human filled town. Did that mean the girl she possessed is now okay? Lily hoped so with all her heart before blacking out.

"What happened to you? Don't tell me you were playing with someone behind my back?" Akura-ou asked sounding hurt. Silver chuckled and brought out his pipe, he bit the end after lighting the end. He took a puff before exhaling, creating smoke in the process. Silver knew that he had to keep his cool and hide the injury or his brother would be suspicious.

"Of course not" Silver said now taking another puff.

"I was taking shelter, didn't want to get wet brother" Silver explained sounding calm.

"Man you're a bad sport Silver" Akura-ou said sounding annoyed despite the fact that he was smiling at Silver. "I heard that there were beautiful girls in the village. Only to my disappointment they were old hags! Can you believe that Silver? All that way for nothing!" Akura-ou pouted as he stood away from the rain.

"Must of scared them off" Silver said with a sly smile. His mind went back to the girl he almost caught.

If only his brother hadn't decided to show up when he did, Silver would have had her then and there would be no escape for her. The girl was feisty and provided a good thrill for him, running away and fighting him off. This kind of thing was not something he would see in the females anymore. It was disappointing to say the least, not that he would say it out loud-

"There were some young girls though but they must have run away" Silver's attention went back to his brother and listened intently, taking a puff of his pipe from where he stood.

"To let girls escape like that. Don't tell me you are losing your touch? Evil king" Silver asked now looking bored.

"They are around here somewhere I know it. Hey have you heard of a girl named Umi? Some say she's the daughter of a Goddess in human form?" Akura-ou asked now standing near the broken door.

"Nope" Silver smirked at how Akura-ou had missed one, wait what was his brother talking about- a Goddess? What a laugh.

"I wonder if that girl was Umi" Silver thought to himself before taking a puff from his pipe. It really was a shame that Akura-ou had stopped him before he could get her.

"Rumour has it from a demoness that was imprisoned five hundred years ago by someone powerful. If you eat the heart of a girl born from such a Goddess you'll gain eternal life" Silver turned to frown at his brother.

"And you believe such a far-fetched rumour?" Silver asked bluntly. Even he, a yōkai had found such a rumour like that something hard to even believe in.

"Why not? It might end up being worth it. Although another rumour said that the girl might be a dragon's descendent" again Silver frowned. The thoughts of them being true were ludicrous to begin with. Who told him these lies he wondered.

"Then it would be wise not to bother the dragons?" Silver asked now looking at him from the corner of his eye.

"You're no fun Silver" Akura-ou whined while grinning. "Think about it! Invisibility and eternal life from ones enemies? We wouldn't even need the eyes of that Dragon King, we would just need to eat her heart and that's it!"

"I'd rather pass on that" Silver said now puffing on his pipe.

"Jeez Silver why must you be so mellow?" Silver heard his brother whine and felt a ghost smile appear on his lips. Only a thought came to the kitsune which left him slightly annoyed.

"Why did you take my kimono?" Silver asked dryly now glaring at his brother weakly. Akura-ou jolted slightly before grinning.

"Come on Silver" Silver briskly stormed over towards Akura-ou with murder in his eyes.

"I have you know expensive ones are hard to clean. Especially when they have been sullied by blood?" Silver snapped angrily as he placed the hand holding the pipe at the side of his hip. Being careful to avoid allowing the burning tobacco from falling onto his current yukata.

"I was being careful" Akura-ou said now putting his hands up showing that he meant no harm.

"Be sure not to do it again" Silver warned before turning away and puffed once more.

"All right jeez" Akura-ou said weakly. Count on his own brother to always throw a tantrum over clothes. However it was fun to see the look on Silver's face once he finds out that he took another one of his possessions.

"Lily? Wake up Lily?" Lily heard Mizuki's voice as she opened her eyes. Immediately the girl started to make gagging noises, Lily felt like she was choking and turned to one side. The trio watched her throw up and immediately grew worried. Lily started coughing continuously without pausing.

"It's alright, breath Lily. You're safe now back at the shrine" Mizuki said while trying to comfort the ill child. "I had no idea that this would have such a negative effect on you Lily. Please forgive me" Mizuki's voice sounded sincere as he looked at her with worry. Lily nodded slightly only that made her head worse and began throwing up once more. Thankfully Oishi placed a bucket below Lily's chin just in time to avoid making the sick stained floor worse than it already was.

"Did you find Silver?" Mizuki asked while patting Lily's back, he had hid the incense burner in his half coat before patting the ill girl.

"No, I didn't" Lily said softly before coughing once more.

"Who did you say that you didn't meet?" asked a very furious Silver. The spirits and Mizuki jolted while Lily turned to the sound of a door that had been slammed open sharply. Lily gasped for air as she took in her livid look alike, only the look alive had black fox ears and a tail. Beside Silver was Luca who looked worried from seeing Lily's haggard appearance.

"How come this snake in the shrine? No what I want to know is, which one of these idiots is responsible for letting you in?" Silver's voice was laced with venom. The last thing he needed was a dumb snake making his master more ill than she was suppose to be.

"Hello Silver! How was school?" Mizuki asked while scratching the back of his head. On the inside he was completely terrified of seeing the angry fox, so he tried to calm Silver down by being pleasant.

"What the hell did you do to Lily snake?" Silver barked angrily. He really did not need this right now. Not after the call from this morning.

"It's a secret" Mizuki said with a bright smile.

"Get the hell out of here right now you worthless piece of shit!" Silver roared now kicking a screaming Mizuki who was in snake form out of the house via the roof. Luca stared at where the snake was sent in horror. That was one furious fox indeed. But the boy did as he was asked. After getting the medicine, Luca rushed back to Silver while he gave the card to Kurama who questioned the boy and asked why he had some medicine in his bag. The walk back was kind of awkward for Luca who held the medicine bag while walking beside Silver, who in turn looked tense and wanted to head home as soon as possible.

"Damn snake! Why did you let him into the shrine?" Silver asked now changing back and glared at the spirits as he sat down. His long hair fluttered behind him before pooling round his waist.

"We thought we could let Lily eat some turtle hot pot" Oishi replied while he and Dai showing him the turtle.

"What the hell does that bastard have anything to do with hot pot?" Silver barked at the scared spirits. "And didn't I say to leave the turtle alone?"

"Lily...?" Silver froze after he turned sharply in order to look at her appearance. She looked awful and very pale, more pale when she was sent back to bed earlier that morning.

Luca now snapping out of his thoughts, smelt something foul and turned to see Lily looking very pale. Silver moved closer and felt a startled Lily's forehead. Images of what she saw hit Luca causing him to almost stagger from the how powerful her emotions were. What the hell did that snake do to his aunt? That was no ordinary visit and it's left her almost scared to even allow Silver to even going anywhere near her.

"You're burning up Lily..." Silver's voice was gentle and it left Lily almost flinching. He looked down and glared at the mess by her weakened form.

"And you threw up on the floor" Silver said dryly as he frowned at the mess by her hands, to his relief none of it hit her or the clothes or her skin. Sighing to himself, Silver went to pick her up gently in order to move her away from the vomit. Lily almost expected a scolding but Silver did nothing of the sort which shocked her.

"It can't be helped I'm afraid" Silver mused as he walked towards her room and layed her down gently on the futon.

"I think it's a virus... don't come near" Lily groaned now feeling her stomach become uncomfortable. She curled up into a ball in order to try and fight off the pain as she groaned in discomfort. Silver watched with pained eyes and rubbed her back gently.

"Just rest, I'll make some soup that'll help you with your illness" Silver stood up now turning to leave the room. Lily peeked at him from the corner of her eye.

"This Silver is the one I know, I want to know more though. I want to know why Silver was like that in the past, only then can I move forward with a clearer head" Lily thought until Luca came in to the room with worried eyes.

By the time Silver came back, he held a tray of tomato soup and placed it beside her with the turtle still on the tray.

"So... how was school? Anything fun happen when I was out?" Lily asked while she smiled weakly, she clutched the sheets near her chin weakly while looking at him.

Silver instead of speaking put the turtle's startled head straight into his mouth. He did not want to talk about it what so ever, not even the part when a demon licked him in the toilets. Silver was definitely not going to speak about the link he saw on Kurama's phone, no that was mortifying enough. Luca almost laughed from what he was seeing from Silver's mind but reduced it to muffled snorts. Silver nearly glared at him but said nothing.

"That bad huh?" Lily giggled before coughing for a bit. Silver's eyes grew worried from hearing her coughing violently. Knowing her illness was getting worse made him feel bad. "Mind taking the turtle's (cough) head out of your mouth please?" Lily asked still smiling weakly. It made Silver feel like he was having an outer body experience as he looked at her. Her smile made him want to smile as well and went closer, regardless of her illness.

"Do you want me to stay home and take care of you?" Silver asked softly. Lily shook her head slowly.

"No, wouldn't want you to get sick because of me" she replied weakly. Lily immediately covered her mouth as she coughed. "Just get some work done and I'll catch up, promise" but Silver didn't want to do that. He wanted to help her get well once more. Just looking at her weakened appearance tugged his heartstrings. Both good and in a bad way.

Did that make him weak?

He did not know the answer to that.

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