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KHR: Another Eleventh

By Kairi Stella

Adventure / Fantasy

Target 1: The Beginning

This is my first story on this site and I hope this one is good enough~! This is a cannon from my other KHR fanfiction about Akari Sawada, KHR: Eleventh's Story. That story is on Link is on my profile.

I always wanted to be a boy, let's see if I can pull it off! REVIEW! KHR does not belong to me~!

The Other Eleventh

Target 1: The Beginning

"Hey! You're going to play with me right?" A girl's voice rang, making the boy open his eyes to see that he was floating in darkness. "What's your name?"

"Huh?" The boy asked as he looked into the darkness. He turned his body to see who was speaking, but found it hard since it was too dark. Yet he found it strange that his body was glowing. "Where am I? Who's there?"

"Here!" The voice giggled. "Tell me your name first!"

The boy blinked again as he blushed. "I'm…"

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

The boy jumped up when he heard his alarm on his phone. He went to grab it and turned it off. He looked at the time and saw that it had a text on the screen.

It read:

"Hey, Dame-Akato. Remember about the meeting with Tsuna and the others after school. I'll give more torture if you're late. Your weapon came in today. Also, no training today. Chaos, Reborn."

"Man… That man is my tutor…" The brunette sighed as he went to the bathroom to shower.

This is Akato Sawada. He lives in a mansion with his parents, mostly because of his father who is the boss of this mansion. You see, Akato's father is the one and only Vongola Decimo, boss of the Vongola family, Tsunayoshi Sawada. His mother, Kyoko, was just a housewife that looked after his younger siblings.

When the boy got out of the shower, he dried himself and put on his school uniform. It consisted of a white button up with tan pants. He had on his brown school shoes and an orange tie around his neck. He rolled up his sleeve that revealed a black and white beaded bracelet on his wrist. He never took that bracelet off because someone precious gave it to him.

He dried his chocolate brown hair and glared at it with his brown eyes, watching the hair stick up from his head. He really did hate that he resembled his father a lot, but it was something he couldn't help.

The brunette exited the restroom and grabbed his bag, heading towards the door. He was starving and he had about an hour until school started, so he decided to eat breakfast at the mansion.

He reached the kitchen to meet the kitchen staff. They all showed him respect as he grabbed his tray of food and sat in the dining hall. He ate in silence, knowing many of his friends and family had left to do other things or they weren't awake yet.

"It's too quiet here…" Akato said as he ate the oatmeal that was prepared for him. "I don't like it…"

"Well, you are alone."

Akato looked up to see a girl with short raven black hair and ocean blue eyes. She wore an outfit similar to his except she had a skirt with black thigh tights under. She regarded him with a carefree grin.

"Saki." Akato smiled at her. "I thought you had morning practice."

The raven-haired girl named, Saki, shrugged. "I had to come back for my shoes. Apparently I can't use any type of shoe for basketball. I have to have high-tops. I seriously hate that loser coach of mine."

Saki Yamamoto, daughter of Takashi Yamamoto and was the most popular girl with sports. She did everything in sports, but she was amazing at softball. Although all of these sports didn't hide the fact that she was badass with a long sword. Her father had been teaching her before she could walk. She, like her father, was chill with anything, but got mad whenever she couldn't go her own flow.

The brunette couldn't help but laugh that his friend's comment. "He's teaching you very well. Be respectful." He warned her with a soft smile.

"I know!" Saki waved as she started to walk towards the door. "Later, Boss! See you at school!"

Akato's smile didn't fade until he was sure he was all alone. After he ate his breakfast, Akato walked towards the gardens. The boy was admiring the beautiful flowers when he saw a couple of children.

"Axel! Lexa! Ako!" Akato waved at the three kids in the flower beds. The two girls were making flower crowns and the boy was just sitting there with them.

The girl with light orange hair was the first to see Akato. She got up with her flower crown and raced towards the boy. "Akato-nii!"

The brunette caught the small girl when she jumped into his arms. "Lexa, be careful. You could have fallen."

The girl smiled at her brother and shook her head. "Nope! Akato-nii was there to catch Lexa!"

The other two children came to the two siblings, hugged the brunette. "Woah!" Akato laughed. "Axel! Ako! I'm gonna fall!"

The only boy, Axel, resembled Lexa, signaling that he was her twin brother, just laughed at his older brother. "Why not? Akato-nii will fall!"

Ako, the youngest of them all, smiled as her green eyes shined with an innocent evil. "Grab his leg, Axel!" She grabbed onto one of Akato's leg as the twin boy did the same with the other leg.

"Hey!" Akato yelled as he struggled to keep balance. In the end, gravity won and pulled the four onto the flower bed, killing and smashing the innocent flowers. Akato, the one who landed on the ground first and taking most of the fall, groaned in pain. "Oww…"

The three children hugged the teen as they stared at him with puppy-dog eyes, signaling that they were trying to get out of trouble by acting cute. "We're sorry, Akato-nii." They said together.

The brunette simply sighed as they hopped off of him. "You three are so troublesome…" He smiled as Lexa put her flower crown on her older brother's head.

Lexa is six years old and she was the oldest twin. She had short hair that reached under her chin and she always had a headband in it. Her eyes resembled Akato's and she knew very well on how to use them. Her personality resembles a shy princess that knows her manners.

Her twin brother, Axel, looked just like her except his hair was as short as Akato's. He was the youngest out of the three and he was her opposite. He was loud and outgoing, something his older siblings did not possess.

Ako was just like Axel, except younger by a year. She had long black hair that was in two braids. She was just like her father when he was young.

"Oh man. You look pathetic, Class Prez."

The four on the ground looked up to see two dark brunettes that looked similar. "Raph! Yuzen!" Akato recognized the tallest one and smiled.

Raph was the same age as Akato and had dark brown hair with emerald green eyes. He had long dark brown hair that was in a natural messy hairstyle that made him look like a rebel. He wore the exact same uniform as Akato except he had a red tie and some piercings. Raph was a delinquent and was a smart one at that. His parents are Hayato and Haru Gokudera and he inherited his father's looks but his mother's hair color. He was really famous with the girls in Akato's school and was Vice President of the Student Council.

Akato wasn't as popular as Raph, but he did get some love letters time to time. He was Student Council/Class President and third top best student. He had okay athletic abilities, but they weren't the best. Raph always was better than Akato with school stuff.

"What the hell are you doing?" Raph smirked as he helped his friend to his feet. "How did three kids tackled you to the floor?"

Akato sweatdropped. "It was an ambush…"

Yuzen looked like his brother except he had brown eyes. The boy was the definition of polite unlike his older brother. He helped Lexa and Ako up to their feet as he smiled at them. "Are you okay, Lexa? Ako?"

The orange-head nodded. "Yeah. Thank you."

Ako nodded as well. "Yes!"

Raph looked at his watch and sighed. "Time to go, Class Prez."

Akato nodded as he gave the four little ones a hug. "Behave you guys, okay?"

"Okay!" The children smiled as the two teens left them and walked towards the gates.

Raph looked at his friend to see him in a daze. "What's up, Class Prez? Worried about the math test?"

The brunette shook his head. "No… I had a weird dream." He started as he played with his bracelet. He always did that when he was thinking about something important to him.

Raph saw this and looked forward. "Want to talk about it? I'm all ears."

Akato thought about the girl's voice and nodded. "I was in space with no stars. There was no light whatsoever. Then I heard a girl's voice."

"A girl?" Raph blinked at the mention of a girl. Akato was the type of guy to fall in love once and never let that love go. If he fell in love with the girl in his dreams, he would have no future waiting for him. If that happened, then the Vongola Famiglia would have no future either.

"It was strange." Akato continued. "I knew that voice yet at the same time I didn't. She seemed out-going and cheerful."

Raph sweatdropped. "Is that his type?! Oh shit!"

Akato closed his eyes and thought more about it. "I didn't see her but she seemed to be able to see me. She was asking me to play with her."

Now the other brunette was lost. "Wait, play?"

Akato only shrugged. "Dunno. I want to see her though."

Raph nodded and patted the lighter brunette's back, still worried about him falling in love with someone who could not even exist. "Well, if you met her in your dreams once, you will probably see her again in your dreams tonight."

The Vongola boy only laughed. "Yeah, you're probably right."

"Don't tell me you fell in love, Cub."

The two best friends turned to see a boy, one year older, with the same uniform, except with a dark blue sweater vest and an orange tie. He had fluffy black hair and he had a straight face, making his expressions hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Eichi!" Akato jumped when he saw the oldest of the three came near them. "Why do you pop out of nowhere?"

"It's my thing, Cub." The boy shrugged as he threw a pen at the Vongola. Eichi Hibari always called Akato 'Cub' ever since they were little. It was a nickname that Eichi made for the boy and would hurt anyone who took it from him.

"A pen?" Akato examined the pen. It was black with an orange grip. The top and bottom tips of the pen were silver and had a small, deformed mirror image of Akato on it.

"That's your weapon." Eichi smirked.

Both brunettes looked at the pen then back at the raven haired teen. "How?! How is anyone suppose to fight with a pen?!" They asked together.

This was a habit they got into since they were little. They were only two days apart on their birthdays, Akato being younger, so the two of them were 'brothers from another mother' (and father). Both sets of parents thought it was cute that they're hearts and minds were together, allowing them to speak at once.

Eichi, on the other hand, thought it was annoying. "Click the pen, Cub, but don't hold onto the grip." He commanded as he rubbed in between his eyes.

The said brunette held the pen, making sure not to touch the orange grip, and clicked it. To the boy's surprise, the nozzle of the pen extended into a blade and the grip folded back and up to form a hilt.

"Woah…" Akato said as he stared at the weapon he now wielded. "That's awesome…"

Eichi just rolled his eyes. "Click the pen again and it'll return to it's original state as a pen." He said, pointing at the weapon. "It's also a regular pen. Just hold onto the grip so the blade doesn't come out."

Akato clicked the pen again and the blade collapsed back into the handle as the hilt crawled back into the grip. The brunette looked at his friends with a small smile. "That was cool."

On the way to school, Akato was playing with his weapon, changing it into a rapier to a pen with every click. He finally stopped when the three were in public. Eichi was a third year (Akato and Raph were second years), so the three separated when they reached the stairs.

When the two brunettes arrived at their classroom, Akato was tackled the moment he opened the door by a white haired girl.

"Akato~!" The girl smiled as she made him fall backwards, Raph moving aside. "I missed you~!"

The said boy blinked at the girl with long white hair, that was in two low pigtails. "Hey, Lisanna." He smiled.

Raph just stared at the Vongola. "Again?" He smirked.

Akato frowned as he and Lisanna got up. "Not a word."

Lisanna Sasagawa, youngest daughter of Ryohei and Hana Sasagawa and Akato's cousin. She's very perky and friendly which allows her to make friends easily. She's president of the drama club and loves to act, but will never become famous due to her dream of becoming the next Sun guardian. Lisanna lived with her mother in Japan when Hana got an amazing job as a fashion designer's assistant. After a few years of being separated from her friends and family, Hana and Lisanna came to live with Ryohei after Hana quit her job. The girl never regretted moving, because she was now able to hang with her friends, family, and her boyfriend.

Raph felt arms around him from behind and saw Lisanna with a smile. "What?" He asked, knowing the answer.

She smiled as she leaned in closer to the boy's face. "Good morning, Love~!" She giggled as she kissed his lips. When she pulled back, both teen's cheeks were pink as they stared into each other's eyes.

Raph, the first to recover, rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arm around her, enjoying her warmth. "Spoiled brat." He smiled as he kissed her forehead, causing her to giggle.

Yep, that's right. These two are dating. Can you image what Hayato and Ryohei did when they found out? Of course they didn't accept it at first but when they were against their wives and their kids, they had to.

Akato smiled at the lovebirds as he went inside the classroom where he was ambushed again. The girls of his class came up to him, asking for help with the homework they had.

"Sawada-kun, can you help us with this math problem? It's too hard!" One girl complained as she grabbed one arm.

Another girl grabbed the other. "And could you help us with English? It doesn't make sense to me!"

Before the boy could answer, a voice yelled at the girls. "You all need to pay more attention in class than staring at a certain boy."

Akato looked back to see the teacher of their homeroom class. He narrowed his eyes at the girls who backed away from the Vongola.

"Noel!" The brunette called him as he smiled a thank you at the man.

This is Noel Hibari, Eichi's older brother by eight years. He's calm and collected, so he rarely gets mad. He finds it annoying whenever the girl's ignore his lessons and stare at a certain Vongola boy, but it couldn't be helped since he only cares that his family are learning. Unlike Eichi, Noel has short black hair and slender gray eyes. He always smiles and tries to understand his students, making him have very inviting face.

"It's Mr. Hibari in class, Sawada." Noel tapped the brunette's head as he called the other students, the ringing from the bell signalling the students to come inside the room. "Okay! Time to start class!"

Akato sat down as he listened to the lesson. He drifted off to stare outside the window where he saw a black limo pull up at the front. "Huh?"

"Sawada!" The brunette looked forward to see Noel in front of his desk with a book opened. "Pay attention. This is going to be on your test."

"R-Right!" The Vongola yelled as he blushed, causing everyone to laugh at him. When Noel was back at the board, Akato looked outside to see the limo driving away. "Who came here?"

Akato walked around the campus, looking for something to do. It was free period and the boy finished his homework. Noel had kicked the boy out of the classroom when the girls tried to ask for his help again.

The brunette sighed as he turned a corner and bumped into someone. "I-I'm sorry!"

"Watch where you're going!"

Akato blinked at the female voice and looked to see a girl with red/hotpink hair glaring at him from the floor. She wasn't wearing the school uniform so the boy knew she wasn't a student.

"Um… I'm really sorry." Akato said as he extended a hand towards the fallen girl.

She stared at the hand as she took it and he helped her up. "You should be! Now I'm covered in dirt!" She yelled at him as she patted off the dirt.

"I'm really sorry." The boy sighed. He was already making a bad impression as president to her. "My name is Akato Sawada. I'm the Student Council President. May I ask of your name?"

The girl stared at the boy with shock, anger, and disbelief. "Do you live under a rock?!" She yelled at him, bringing a bit of fear into the boy.

Akato just stared at the girl , confused. "Um… Am I supposed to know?"

The girl, with a red, angry face, turned around and marched away. Before she disappeared from his vision, she turned around and yelled at him. "THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME!" Then she ran off, leaving the boy with a confused impression.

"That was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced." Akato whispered to no one as he walked back to his classroom.

Around the corner was the same girl, holding a black and white beaded bracelet. "It's... him..."

Well That's my new story of Tsuna's child~! Hope you all like~! Read more to find out about this girl~! Please review~!

Write a Review Did you enjoy my story? Please let me know what you think by leaving a review! Thanks, Kairi Stella
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