Bring Me to Life


The next couple of days have been strange for Peggy. She still found it shocking to know that she had voiced out her opinions like that to someone that she had just known from around the school castle. But it got the Slytherin girl to think if that's what she really meant to say. Peggy strolled on one of the trails on a cloudy Saturday morning as she kept on contemplating what was the reason behind her words to Cedric the other day. Peggy brought her coat tighter around her body as the wind blew her brown curls into her face. She felt burdened with these feelings inside of her, wanting to tell Hilary or Draco about them but also wanting to keep it to herself for the time being.

Peggy stood up straighter as she imagined herself dressed in a black dress, similar to her mothers. Waving her wand around and causing destruction wherever she went. All around her, muggles were screaming as they tried to run away from her wrath but their legs were no use to the speed of her curses. She would turn around and see her father standing in the alleyway with a smile of approval crossing his lips, something she was hoping to see the first time she actually met him. It's something she's been craving nearly all her life and almost feels depleted, knowing that she didn't get to see that on their first summer together.

A person ran up right next to her and shoved her in the arm, "There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you"

Peggy looked over to see Hilary with her hair brushed back as if she's been running for a mile with her cheeks so flushed that they looked as pink as the tulips in the garden honoring Helga Hufflepuff. Peggy suddenly felt a sickening feeling as she remembered how bright and radiant the garden is and how much it blossomed in spring time. She bit her lip as she tried her best to shake off the strange feeling that she's been having all day but it seemed like it was stuck to her like glue. Peggy tried her best to ignore it the best she could as she turned and faced her friend.

"I told you that I was going out for a walk, Hilary" Peggy reminded her.

"I didn't expect you to be out for nearly 3 ½ hours" Hilary pointed out.

Peggy stopped, lifted up her sleeve and checked her watch and noticed that it was 15 minutes into 12 o'clock. No wonder Hilary went out to look for her. Peggy's been gone since the very second she woke up.

Now that she's taken a break, she realized how much her legs and her lower back were so much pain. Peggy brought her hands up to her hips and let out a sigh.

Hilary slowly cleared her throat as she waited for some kind of explanation.

"What?" Peggy questioned.

"There's someone on your mind" Hilary said with a hint of a smile.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you haven't been acting the same since last weekend" Hilary pointed out, "Don't think I haven't noticed"

Peggy wondered if it was alright to tell Hilary about Cedric and his recent pursuits. She wanted so badly to talk about how he confessed to liking her but something held her back. Her mind drifted back to when Draco kept on telling Peggy that she was only friends with her because of her mother's legacy. Her cousin couldn't be right about that kind of thing. She knew how to tell where someone's loyalties would lie and knew for a fact that Hilary was her true friend, Peggy felt unsure about even opening her mouth up to talk about her current feelings.

"I'm just stressed" Peggy lied.

"I don't buy it" Hilary rolled her eyes.

"I have 6 papers due in Muggle Studies" Peggy let out.

"About what?" Hilary questioned.

"The lifespan and death ceremony of muggles" Peggy brought up.

"Seriously?" Hilary made a face.

"Unfortunately" Peggy sighed.

"Good luck with that then"

"I don't think luck is going to cover even ¼ of it"

Hilary just did a side nod before turning Peggy around so that they could walk back to the castle. Peggy felt almost relieved that her best friend bought the whole Muggle Studies subject. It was true that Peggy was assigned 6 pages of homework about both of those chapters. But Peggy was so into the chapter that she had done the whole thing in one night and had already turned it in. It felt good to know that when in doubt, always play the Muggle Studies card to a pureblood.

"You'll get through it. Just one more year" Hilary tried to be optimistic.

"It's this year that I'm mostly worried about" Peggy spoke truthfully.

"Why did you even take Muggle Studies, anyways?" Hilary questioned.

"Makes Dumbledore believe that I'm on the 'right path'. It's fooled him so far" Peggy winked.

"Peggy... Remind me to congratulate you if he doesn't suspect anything before we graduate" Hilary chuckled.

"So where is the old man?" Peggy asked.

"Last I checked, he was talking to the Golden Boy and that Diggory dog" Hilary mentioned.

"That's wonderful" Peggy let out a breath of hot air and just shook her head at the coincidence.

Peggy honestly couldn't find the irony in how hearing Cedric's name in just mere seconds after getting her best friend to divert from talking about him. For a moment, she hated Cedric, she wanted to yell at him and blame him for everything that she was feeling inside as of this moment. Peggy went as far as wishing that something bad would happen to him at the World Cup but found herself holding her breath at the thought. What's going on with her?

"Peggy!" Hilary yelled out.

"What?" Peggy spat out.

"You're walking too fast!" Hilary complained.

"Sorry" Peggy mumbled as she slowed down to a near stop, making Hilary catch up to her.

"What's up with you?" Hilary questioned again.

"I told you. I've been really stressed out lately" Peggy countered.

"I know it's not just that. You've been acting weird lately" Hilary responded.

"What do you mean?" Peggy asked.

"You keep to yourself, you barely go outside of the common room, and when you do leave it's like you want to just hurry up and go back inside" Hilary explained, "It could be because of the paper but now I feel like it's something more. I feel like you're tensed up because of your father. You can't keep blaming yourself for what happened at home"

"You don't have him as a father. He was vile, cruel, and unloving" Peggy decided to give Hilary what she wanted, "I never wanted it to be like that. All I want is to be appreciated by him. Why is it that the only one that I want love from seems to just shut me down all the time?"

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