Bring Me to Life

Another Kind of Love

"I just had a very interesting talk with Hilary. For once, it wasn't with her flicking her hair and batting her eyes at me" Peggy let out a huff of breath as Draco sat down next to her, "You know, for a fake, she is pretty loyal to her cause. She told me how you were pulling yourself back because of your first introductions with your parents. Care to elaborate?"

"I don't want to talk right now" Peggy said slowly.

Peggy shifted her weight slightly as she tried to make Draco face her back as she continued to practice for her charms class. She didn't think that Hilary would go to the extent of sharing her concerns with Draco considering how much they both hated each other. Peggy tried her best to ignore it as she focused on the craft in front of her, but just like 15 minutes before Draco walked in, her mind was too crowded to possibly even lift a feather as of this moment. Draco placed a plate of food on top of her homework, making her stomach instantly growl and her mouth fill with saliva. Almost like it had a will of its own, Peggy scooted forward and started to eat in front of her cousin. She had purposefully skipped dinner but didn't realize how deprived that she was keeping herself as of late.

"You were just a baby when they were sent to Azkaban" Draco started again, "Bellatrix still thinks of you that way and Rudolphus doesn't know how to react around a 16 year old daughter"

"Like you would know anything about what I'm feeling" Peggy retorted, "You've known that all my life I've dreamed of reuniting with them and for all of us to be this big happy family. I've never been more disappointed in all my life"

"What about the family you had before the Lestrange came home?" Draco countered sharply, making Peggy look over her shoulder to him, "It doesn't matter if those two will ever give you love, they're incapable of giving it to each other anyways. You grew up under my parents and they loved you as their own, is that not enough?"

"I didn't mean it in a disrespectful manner" Peggy said slowly.

"I know you didn't, you were just blind" Draco gave her a smirk.

Peggy knew that Draco meant it in a playful manner but he couldn't have been more right upon the situation. She was selfish in just craving the love of her parents that she didn't think for one second about her Aunt Narcissa and Uncle Lucius. Nor did she ever think that her actions were hurting Draco's feelings the way that they were. Peggy gave him a tearful smile as she felt her throat restrict up, making it hard to swallow down her food. For what it's worth, she was thankful to have such a caring cousin as Draco was to her.

"Thank you" Peggy told him.

"That's good enough" Draco quickly stated, "Don't want you to cry me a river or anything"

"I wasn't going to" Peggy rolled her eyes.

"For your reputation, I hope not" Draco smirked.

"I've got it under control" Peggy nodded to the door, "Now go back to stalking Krum"

Draco scoffed and gave her a glare before he got up and walked over to the door. Peggy just chuckled as she shook her head and was about to get back to her dinner alone in the common room. Draco was almost to the hallway before he snapped his fingers together and turned around with a huge grin on his face. Peggy narrowed her eyes at the pale blonde boy as he fished for something in his pocket.

"I forgot to show this to you. The boys and I cooked it up this morning" Draco handed her a pin, "We made it for nearly every single student in Hogwarts"

"Cedric rules, Potter stinks" Peggy mumbled as she felt her head go a little faint as she stared down at the familiar smile, "Very interesting. But I thought that you supported Viktor"

"I do, but this was just too easy to scheme" Draco smirked, "Going to hand them all out tomorrow morning. You should wear that too, support the true Hogwarts Champion. I'm pretty sure the Diggory dog will like it in the end. He'll thank me by the end of the day. Potter's been eating up so much of the spotlight lately that it's making me sick to my stomach"

"I doubt he will" Peggy spoke up, "He likes to play fair. You can give this to everyone but Cedric won't like the idea"

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