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About Dragons & Ferrets

A group of people laughed the next day as they admired their badges, "This is too funny! Malfoy is a complete genius. I knew he was planning to do something like this for Potter"

Peggy squirmed her way through a crowd, not even bothering to push them out of the way as she normally does. Still, upon noticing her within touching distance, the group of Hogwarts students took a big step backwards as they cleared the pathway to the courtyard. Draco was right, nearly everyone was wearing their badges proudly on their chest even some of the Gryffindors were wearing them. Peggy placed her hand in her pocket as she touched the badge, not too sure whether or not to wear it. In the morning, she placed it on her robes as well but seeing Cedric's face close to her heart made her stomach turn. Peggy crossed her legs and took out her Herbology assignment and started to work on it.

"I honestly feel like Cedric will win" a young boy commented, "He's very smart, brave, and knows how to play with his strengths. I've noticed in the way he plays Quidditch"

"I still think Fleur will be the champion. She's very light on her feet and I've heard she can even do magic without the use of her wand" a female commented.

Peggy sighed as she tried to zone out the outside conversations of the Triwizard Tournament that was going to happen on Saturday morning. It was only Tuesday and everyone seems to not stop talking about the first task. Even Professor Sprout was talking about how excited to see the four students compete. Peggy heard someone walk by, making her pick up her head to see Harry Potter make his way over to Cedric. She seized up as she noticed how close Cedric was but couldn't will herself to get up and leave.

"Can I have a word?" Potter asked.

Peggy quickly placed her head down as she continued to work on her homework as she realized that Harry was leading him in her direction. She remained as still as possible as she hoped that Harry wouldn't move his secret meeting from Cedric away from where she was sitting. Peggy craned her ear as she wanted to listen to what he had to say. She found it difficult as Cedric's friends were too busy taunting Potter about the stupid badges.

"Dragons" Was the only thing that she could hear making Peggy look up to the two champions, "They've got one for each of us"

"Are you serious?" Cedric questioned, "And um... Fleur and Krum, do they...?"

Cedric's friends started to yell for him to join them once more, losing Peggy's chance of listening to what else Harry had to say to Cedric. She silently groaned as she noticed that they were parting from each other just as Cedric's ridiculous friends decided to quiet down.

Cedric stopped Harry before he walked away, "About the badges. I've asked them not to wear them but-"

"Don't worry about it" Potter said as he walked away.

Peggy threw her books to the side and marched over to Cedric in a pace that she didn't believe wasn't jogging, Cedric didn't see her until she yanked his arm back so they were still behind the tree as she hissed at him, "Dragons!?"

"Apparently so"

"And what are you going to do about it?" Peggy placed her hands on her hips.

"I've just found out about the dragons 20 seconds ago, I didn't think up too much of a plan just yet" Cedric replied back.

"I would highly suggest a distraction then" Peggy advised, "Something faster than you"

"Why are you helping me? I thought that you wouldn't talk to me after our last conversation" Cedric suddenly said.

Peggy stammered as she stepped back, "Is it a complete shock that I care about your safety?"

"Oh no you don't, sonny!" Mad Eye was heard yelling in the distance, making Cedric and Peggy turn to see him turn Draco into a ferret.


"I'll teach you to curse someone when their back is turned!" Mad-Eye yelled out as he marched over to the white ferret as he kept on levitating Draco up and down, "You stinking, cowardly, scummy, back-shooting-"

"Professor Moody!" McGonagall yelled out as she ran over to the scene, "What are you doing?"


"Is that a-?" McGonagall stammered, "Is that a student?!"

"Technically, it's a ferret"

"I'm surprised you're not helping your cousin"

"I don't know what to do to help him" Peggy replied back.

"It's okay to laugh"

"But that's my cousin!"

"Who just got turned into a ferret by Mad-Eye Moody" Cedric laughed.

"I guarantee you that he will not like this once he's turned back into a human. He will mention his father. Just wait for it" Peggy commented.

"Now I will" Cedric smiled.

"Whoa!" Draco yelled out once McGonagall turned him back into a human, "My father will hear about this!"

"Is that a threat?" Mad-Eye yelled out as he chased Draco around the tree causing Peggy to giggle, "Is that a threat?"

"Good call" Cedric whispered, "I feel sorry for you. You're probably going to have to hear about this nearly 20 times back to back.

"You don't even know the half of it"

"I could tell you stories about your father that would curl even your greasy hair!"

"Alastor! Alastor. We never use transfiguration as a punishment!" McGonagall scolded Moody making him turn from a crazy teacher into a punished boy, "Surely Dumbledore told you that"

"He might've mentioned it"

"Well, you will do well to remember it" McGonagall scolded as she turned around and marched off.

"Don't worry too much about your cousin. I'm sure he's just fine" Cedric said as the crowd cleared, "No offense, but he probably deserved it. He's a big boy. He's probably almost finished writing his letter right now. Your uncle will undoubtedly be here in the morning"

"I can't believe it" Peggy mused, "Why didn't I help him?"

"Because he didn't need the help. You knew what he did was wrong" Cedric clarified, "You know how much he likes to get under Harry's skin and you know he can go way too far. You have to admit that it was kind of funny to see him as a ferret. I even saw that you were smiling"

"It was kind of entertaining" Peggy blinked, "But that was wrong! He shouldn't have done that! He knows that Potter is always heavily protected by either the staff or friends. It was stupid of him to even say anything to him. He's done enough with the badges. The boy's got enough on his plate"

"Are you really saying that? Defending Potter over your own cousin?" Cedric asked.

"Yes" Peggy slowly breathed out, "I guess I am"

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