Bring Me to Life

What Has Come Over Me?

"Diggory! Diggory! Diggory!"

"Please be safe" Peggy whispered under her breath, "Remember what I taught you. Please remember"

"Did you say something?" Hilary questioned.

"Nothing" Peggy quickly shook her head, "I just want this to be over and done with already"

"I'm sure they're picking out their dragons right now" Hilary commented, "I wonder which one Krum's going to get. Hopefully the easiest one. I want Fleur to get the most difficult"

"Is there any real 'safe' dragon out there?" Peggy countered.

"I guess not" Hilary shrugged, "I wonder how Diggory and Potter are going to hold up. They better make a good representation to this school"

Peggy sighed as she continued to let Hilary drone on and on about the mindless crap that she's been going on all morning. She couldn't really concentrate on anything else but Cedric's task at hand. She even tried to see him before the match but the Hufflepuff entrance was already crowded up with his posse that she couldn't possibly slip by unnoticed. A sudden canon bang exploded, making Peggy jump and shake from the unexpected sound. The Diggory chants started up again as Peggy looked over to Hillary. She expected her best friend to exchange a glance of some sort but instead, Hilary leaned forward with a dark smile on her lips.

"Please remember what I told you" Peggy whispered once again.

"Look! Here comes his dragon! The Swedish Short-Snout!" someone from behind her yelled out.

"That one's going to be a tricky one" another boy commented.

"Great!" Hilary squealed, "I want to see someone burn tonight"

"I hope he gets scorched!" a Slytherin said.

"There's no doubt about it!" another Slytherin replied, "The short-snout has an extremely hot fire breath, possibly one of the hottest from all dragon breeds. If Cedric even thinks about running off with a broom, this dragon is the fastest one upon record. He's a dead wizard walking, that's for sure!"

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