Bring Me to Life

Made of Stone

Peggy let out a frustrated sigh, "I should probably just not go then. I look like a troll!"

Peggy looked into her reflection as she couldn't believe that she was in a green silk dress that honestly felt too tight for her. Speaking of tight, Peggy grunted as she took her wand and started to itch the back of her head, not caring if a couple of curls were coming out. She felt a stinging pang in her hand as Hilary grabbed the wand and placed it back on the bedside table as she continued to get ready. Hilary was wearing a black one-sleeved dress as she made her hair as curly as possible. Peggy couldn't help but stare at her best friend as she traced a dark red lipstick over her lips. When Hilary straightened up, she noticed why she was looking at her friend in a peculiar way.

"What?" Hilary asked impatiently.

"Nothing" Peggy countered, "You just look like my mother, is all. Was that intentional?"

"Of course it was!"


"I've always dreamed of having your mother's reputation and dresses when I'm out of this hell" Hilary fluffed her hair.

"I could've dressed up like my mother" Peggy said but her confidence wasn't even in it.

Hilary let out a huff, "You're way too soft for her kind of reputation, I've told you that already"

Peggy was about to open up her mouth to argue about that statement but then suddenly stopped. Lately, she has been feeling too soft for the role of the Death Eater. In fact, she hasn't really put much thought into becoming one ever since she got into a relationship with Cedric. A relationship that most likely ended a week ago. Ever since their fight, she felt like she hasn't seen him around except on the newspaper or the stupid badges.

"Let's get going" Peggy mumbled as she walked over to the door.

"Alright, then!" Hilary smiled, "Tonight will be a fun one. You'll see"

"Let's hope so"

"Don't worry, at least Mike doesn't have his brother's messed up teeth"

"No, but he does still stick of troll blood" Peggy shuddered.

"Maybe after one or two spiked butterbeer you won't be thinking about that" Hilary encouraged as she walked with Peggy down the hall.

Hilary bounded into the common room as she opened up her arms to the two Slytherin's waiting in the room, "Boys! Sorry, we made you wait"

Peggy watched as Hilary looped her arm around her date's shoulders and smiled as she leaned in to kiss him. Peggy straightened up and looked over to Mike who was too busy looking Peggy up and down like as if she were a piece of meat. She cleared her throat impatiently as Mike found his way up to her eyes. She gave him a glare but he only gave the hideous smirk that the Flint's were only known for.

"Hello, Peggy" Mike said in a husky voice.

"Hi" Peggy spat out, "We're all here now. Let's get this over with"

"Pushy, isn't she?" Matt broke Hilary's kiss.

Hilary rolled her eyes, "You have no idea"

"I kinda like it" Mike said in a creepy way.

"Don't think you'll be getting a reward for that compliment" Peggy hissed.

Hilary let out a gleefull laugh, "Isn't this exciting. It looks like it came out of a fairytale!"

Peggy couldn't help but feel at awe with how the inside of the Grand Hall was decorated. For once, she forgot about everything that's been bothering her. That was, until she saw Cho Chang hanging off of Cedric Diggory's arm.

"Cho Chang, really?!" Peggy spat out.

"I know, right?" Hilary responded, "That tramp was under both Krum, Diggory, and Potter's noses just to go to the ball with one of them. She probably would've gone with Delacour if she swung that way"

"What was he thinking?"

"That he's going to get laid with a 4th year of course"

"You girls want to head on into the Hall?" Matt asked.

"I'll be right back" Peggy said in a low voice to no one in particular.

Cedric shook his friends hands, "Enjoy the Ball. I'll be in there shortly"

Cedric grunted as he felt a sharp pain in his ribs, making him turn around and face his angry girlfriend. He glanced over to Cho and quickly took Peggy around the corner so no one could see them.

"You decided to bring Chang as your runner-up?" Peggy let out.

"She didn't have a date" Cedric countered, "I felt sorry for her. At least she didn't shut me down multiple times in one day"

"She didn't have a date because she wanted one of the champions to ask her out, you idiot!"

"Why does it bother you when you were the one who said I should just go with someone else?

"I didn't think you would bring someone as desperate as Cho"

"Not everyone who I go out with is considered desperate for attention, Peggy" Cedric let out.

Peggy took a step back, "Is that what you think about me?"

Cedric's eyes widened as he realized the mistake that he just made.

"Peggy, wait" Cedric said as she tried to walk around the corner.

"No!" Peggy yelled, "Have fun tonight. Don't forget to give her a good night kiss at the bottom of the Ravenclaw Tower"

"I would've never let it go that far"

"I highly doubt it"

Peggy turned the corner and marched into the Grand Hall and quickly found Hilary who looked at her curiously, "What happened to you?"

"I'll tell you everything when we got back into our dorm" Peggy let out as the first song came on.

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