Bring Me to Life

My Only Savior

"Can we go now?"

"But it's only 10:20, Peggy"

"I don't fancy dancing, my best friend is snogging your best friend, and I have a lot of homework left to do" Peggy said as she glared at Cedric and Cho.

"Alright, then. If you wish" Mike smiled, "I'll bring you back over to the common room. I'm still not ready to leave but I'll escort you back"

"That's very kind of you" Peggy said slowly, "Thank you"

"My pleasure" Mike turned and lent his arm out to her, "Just trying to help you out"

"I didn't want to come out to the Yule Ball anyways" Peggy replied as she suddenly felt guilty for her rude behavior, "I just wanted to stay in bed all night if I had the choice to"

"I know the feeling" Mike responded as they walked out to the deserted, dim-lit hallway.

They walked along quietly with only the sound of their heels walking in unison. Peggy felt Mike scoot closer and gently placed an arm around her, warming her with his body heat. She ducked down her head as she felt weird being in another man's embrace other than Cedric's. Peggy gasped as Mike suddenly shifted his body weight and slammed her into the wall, crushing his body on top of hers. She didn't realize what was going on, even when Mike's slobbery kisses covered her lips as he held her arms in a painful hold. Peggy tried her best to knee him in the groin but was restricted because of her dress.

"Get off of me!" Peggy screamed out as he kissed her neck.

"You know you want to" Mike said in a low voice.

"Not with you, never with you!"

"Then who else would?" Mike whispered, "Just relax"

"Get off! Someone help!" Peggy screamed out, "Let me go! You don't want to do this with me! My uncle will hear about this!"

"Who cares?" Mike huffed, "You can even scream at the top of your lungs and no one will care. They're scared of you, you know that? The whole school could be standing right behind me and no one will step up to help you. Besides, I'm doing you a favor"

"I don't want it. Get off of me!" Peggy whimpered as she tried to push the man off of herself, "Please, I'll do anything"

"Then shut up!" Mike hissed, "Before I use the Imperius Curse on you"

Peggy let out a strangled sob as Mike trailed down his kisses to her chest as she felt her arms and legs shaking tremendously. She yelped as she felt her dress tear by her waist, making her legs hug onto Mike's waists. Her vision blurred as she wanted herself to be numb just as a bright yellow beam blinded her eyes. The force of the hex hit Mike all the way down the hall but it also made Peggy collapse into a sitting position along the wall. Running shoes came echoing closer to her as a dirty blonde haired wizard with grey eyes knelt down next to her and examined her tear-stained, torn dress, and messed up hair body.

"Oh, Cedric" Peggy whimpered as he traced her face, "I'm sorry for everything. I'm so sorry"

"It's alright" Cedric whispered as he helped her up, "I'm here now"

"You'll pay for that!" Mike growled as he stood up.

"Not as much as you'll pay for causing harm to her" Cedric yelled out with as much anger as the Slytherin, "Trust me when I tell you that I'm going to enjoy this"

"No!" Peggy screamed out as she placed herself in front of Cedric, "Don't do this! Don't stoop down to his level"

"He's got to learn his lesson" Cedric glared, "He should've never done that to you"

"I know" Peggy said in a low voice, "But this will look bad upon your part"

"I don't care" Cedric whispered as he moved her out of the way.

"Let's see what you've got, Diggory! You know nothing of the Dark Magic that I know of" Mike yelled out as he readied his wand.

"Stop, please!" Peggy yelled out as the two men got ready to duel.

Suddenly, both of the wands flew out of their hands and skidded down to the the other section of the hallways where Professor Snape was standing, "What is going on over here?"

"Diggory is mad!" Mike yelled out, "He came out of nowhere, hexing me! I was just passing by when they both came at me! She started ripping her dress and convincing him to try to attack me!"

"You're a liar!" Peggy screamed out as she tried to run down the hallway to Flint but Cedric grabbed onto her and pulled her closer to him.

"Flint was trying to take advantage of her" Cedric turned to the professor, "He ripped her dress right open and would've continued right on through the night if I hadn't come this way"

"Cedric is speaking the truth, sir" Peggy let out, "Flint even threatened to place me under the Imperius Curse for his bidding. He was going to if Cedric hadn't come to save me. I owe him my life"

"Then I highly suggest that Mr. Diggory escorts you back to your common room" Snape laid his eyes on the other boy in the hall, "You, on the other hand, Mr. Flint, we are going to have a rather long talk with you, me, and the Headmaster"

"Are you okay?"

"What do you think?"

"I'm sorry for all of this happening to you" Cedric whispered as he gently placed a hand on her skin.

"I guess I had this coming. What was I even thinking anyways" Peggy sniffed, "Being a total bitch to everyone doesn't make people scared of you. Especially when it comes to toads like Flint"

"What happened tonight wasn't because you deserved it" Cedric told her, "Nobody deserves that kind of treatment"

"I don't want to go back to my common room" Peggy shuddered, "I don't want to be around people like him"

"I know of a place" Cedric said, "I'll take you there"

"Thank you" Peggy whispered.

Cedric pulled off his dress robe and placed it on her shoulders, gently took her hand and led her down the opposite way of the dungeons. Peggy almost felt like she was in a dream as Cedric walked her farther away from the Hufflepuff common room as well, some place where she thought that's what he had in mind. She didn't know where Cedric was leading her but she hoped it was far away and secluded from the Slytherins. Peggy muffled a cry as she quickly walked over to Cedric and laid her head down onto his shoulder.

"It's alright" Cedric whispered.

"How can it be alright?" Peggy whimpered.

"Because I'm here, and no matter what, I'll always protect you"

"What were you doing by the dungeons?" Peggy asked, suddenly, "You had no business over there"

"It turns out that you were right. Cho was just using me" Cedric let out a huff, "I caught her snogging with Viktor Krum. I wasn't too upset about it. I just wanted to stop you and explain that I was sorry for doubting you"

"Really?" Peggy commented, "I'm sorry. None of this would've happened if I hadn't have said no to you. I guess both of our dates kind of were horrible to us. I'm just glad that you came when you did"

"I am too. I can't deny that I'm still pretty upset about it" Peggy could feel Cedric tense up, "I want to go back there and hurt him even more"

"No!" Peggy let out, "Please, don't do it"

Cedric didn't say anything as he went over to the wall and lifted up a tapestry. It took Peggy's eyes to adjust but she noticed a hidden door behind the drapery. With one hand he opened the door and the lanterns, fireplace and candles flickered on once they both stepped into the room. Peggy stood in awe as she noticed that it was a small room with a bed, couch, desk, fireplace, and even another room for a bath.

"I found this place in the middle of my 4th year" Cedric said as he took off his cuffs and placed it on the desk, "Whenever I want to get away from everyone, this is where I go. You'll be safe here"

"And no one knows of this place?" Peggy asked, "Not even the staff?"

"I never asked them" Cedric told her.

"Why not?" Peggy questioned, "Don't you want to know whose room this belonged to?"

"Well, yes" Cedric leaned on the desk and looked around the room, "But if it means that Dumbledore will block this place off and make sure no one uses it then no. I'd rather not"

"That's actually quite brilliant" Peggy responded, "I would've never thought of what he might do to this place"

"I'll check on you in the morning" Cedric told her, "I'll even lock the door when I leave"

Peggy looked over to Cedric, "You're not staying?"

"I don't want to intrude. You've had a pretty rough night already" Cedric told her.

"But I don't want you to go" Peggy insisted.

"I'll stay until you fall asleep" Cedric responded.

"No" Peggy ran over and threw her arms around him and looked at him with their faces inches apart, "Stay with me. I don't want to be alone tonight. I want you to stay with me"

Cedric studied her face before he whispered, "Are you sure?"

"Yes" Peggy brought her forehead to his "I've never been more sure in my life"

"Alright" Cedric told her, "I'll stay with you. We can even stay here for a couple of days if you want. I just want to make sure that you're safe"

"Thank you" Peggy smiled as she looked down at her torn dress, "You don't mind if I throw this piece of trash into the fire, do you?"

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