Bring Me to Life

Wake Me Up Inside

"Are you sure you want to go back there?" Cedric asked the next day.

Peggy smiled as she couldn't deny the fact that her heart was racing. She wanted to go back into the private room and spend the rest of her day in there with Cedric but she couldn't. So instead, Peggy took a step closer, leaned up and placed her lips on Cedric's lightly. He kissed her back and placed one hand on the side of her face. Peggy broke the kiss and smiled up to Cedric. She knew she had to face the Slytherins' sometime soon.

"Mike probably twisted up a rumor already" Peggy sighed, "I might as well go to my cousin and best friend in order to set things straight. Plus, I can't stay in that room forever, you know?"

"You can" Cedric said in a sing-song voice.

"You don't even do that" Peggy told him.

"I actually do" Cedric then gave a side nod, "Well, before a Quidditch match. Except now, its before Tournaments. Which just so happens to be tomorrow"

"Are you trying to snake me back into this room" Peggy looked around the comfortable space, "I haven't even left and you're begging me to come back. I thought you would want some peace and privacy"

"What's a matter with a little company?" Cedric smiled, "I enjoy spending my time with you. Everyone in my common room and students that root for me think of me as some sort of celebrity. Being here with you, I can just be myself"

"Fine, you know what? I'll think about it" Peggy smirked.

"I'll take that as a yes" Cedric beamed.

"Before I go off to the common room, I'm going to go to Snape's office to figure out what punishment Flint is under" Peggy told her boyfriend.

Peggy gawked, "Expelled?"

"Why so surprised? I thought you would be happy to hear those words" Snape said, not even looking up from his morning newspaper.

"I am" Peggy quickly responded, "It's just that I didn't think Dumbledore would do such a thing. I am grateful, just shocked, I guess"

"Mr. Flint tried to rape you" Snape said, making Peggy flinch.

"I understand" Peggy nodded, "What do the others think happened?"

"Whatever you tell them" Snape commented, "I didn't go to the common room to tell them the news. Although, some of his roommates might wonder what happened when his items started to pack themselves all up. He was escorted out on the train not 20 minutes after entering the Headmaster's office. His eardrums are most likely still ringing from Dumbledore shouting at the top of his lungs to him. I already sent out letters to both his parents and yours. I assume your mother isn't going to be too happy with him. I'm pretty sure he is under the torture curse right about now. Something that should've crossed his mind when he threatened to take your life"

Snape suddenly stopped as he let out a grunt and rub his forearm. He rolled up his sleeve to show his Dark Mark as he fished out an ointment from his desk and started to spread it all over to symbol, seeming to take away the burning from the Mark. Peggy's eyes were fixed on the moving snake as she knew that it only burned when the Dark Lord was getting stronger. Surely her mother would be sending an exciting letter to her soon enough. Peggy blinked as she thought back to the letter.

"Did you mention Cedric?" Peggy asked, "Please tell me you left him out of this"

"Of course I didn't mention him in both of the messages" Snape looked up to her, "I'm not a complete idiot"

"Thank you. He doesn't deserve to be in some sort of crossfire. He's a good lad" Peggy took a step back.

"Speaking of Diggory, I've been meaning to ask you something about him" Snape said, making Peggy stop and seize in her place.

"What? He was just a student that came at the right timing. He is a true Hufflepuff, no doubt about that" Peggy responded, "Nothing is happening between us. He only wanted to protect me from harm"

Snape raised an eyebrow, "Nonetheless, he treated you like a prized possession. Something that is going to be of a value for him in his next task. I've reported to Dumbledore of what I've seen and asked if I could get your permission in becoming apart of the Second Task. Cedric needs someone to be of great value to him in order to persue into the Black Lake and retrieve you before the time is up"

"Are you serious?"

"You can always say no" Snape shrugged.

"With everyone watching? You know this will strike controversy" Peggy told him.

"I can always tell Dumbledore to talk to one of his friends and you remain hidden" Snape responded, "I just thought that I should bring it up to you before Dumbledore makes the mistake of asking Cho Chang instead"

"You do realize what you're asking of me" Peggy found it difficult to swallow.

"I know, Miss Lestrange. But Slytherins are not that smart, remember?" Snape hinted a smile, "They will think that you are getting to the champion to show pride in our House before even thinking about wondering why you are his treasure"

"I'll do it for him... not for my House" Peggy responded.

Snape raised an eyebrow before her nodded in approval. Peggy didn't know what game he was playing but she was sick and tired of it. Last night proved to Peggy that she shouldn't take pride in her House before her own feelings. If Slytherins figure out the connection between her and Cedric, fine, she was ready.

Peggy left the room and marched over to the dungeons. She didn't know where this fire came from but she didn't want it to stop. Her feelings for Cedric were only going to make her more powerful and she could take on any student who comes in her way.

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