Bring Me to Life

I Miss the Misery

Peggy coughed out the water that was in her lungs as she exhaled the refreshing air. She opened her eyes to see the docks filled with people already turning their heads together to talk about who Cedric had just picked out of the water. She casted her eyes over to the side to see Cedric wiping his hair out of his face. He gave her a reassuring smile as cheers resumed all around for Diggory. She gave him a small smile in return as they both went over to the docks. Peggy tried to keep her head down and ignore the rather loud mumbling as she tried to think of only getting herself out of the freezing cold water.

Someone clapped above them, "Well, done Ced! You finished first!"

Peggy pulled herself up onto the platform, not really expecting Cedric's friends to give her any mind. She glanced over to her boyfriend who was already crowded around by his friends and supporters asking about the task. She let off a tremendous shiver and turned to see a light blue towel was nearly being shoved into her face. Peggy looked up to see Severus Snape offering it to her with no expression on his face. She took it and only barely moved her head to nod before Snape turned on his heels and disappeared into the crowd.

"Are you alright, Peggy?" Cedric came up beside her.

"I think I'll survive" Peggy smiled to him as she draped the towel around her shoulders.

A gasp came from behind them as they turned to see Harry shoot out of the water and slam onto the deck. He coughed up some of the lake's water as all of his friends came to his aid. Peggy couldn't help but stare at the boy in a new light. She all of a sudden felt sorry that Voldemort was so reluctant on letting his one person live because of something that happened so far back that even Hary doesn't remember.

Peggy turned away and looked up to Cedric who gave her a proud smile. She felt a slight squeeze on her hand and looked down to realize that Cedric had already moved his hand away from her. When her eyes glanced back up to him, he gave her a small wink.

She watched as Dumbledore moved over to the front of the deck and started to try to get everyone's attention. Peggy drew in her breath as she waited for Cedric's verdict to come out.

Cedric and Peggy glanced to each other before they turned and listened to Dumbledore announce who the winner was of this task.

"Mind on telling me why you were at the bottom of the lake today?" Hilary asked the second Peggy walked through the doors to the common room.

"It would appear to seem that I was an item that a champion would sorely miss"

"I heard what Dumbledore said earlier" Hilary cut her off, "I want to know why you were Diggory's item"

Peggy took a glance around the room and noticed that all of the Slytherins seemed to be crowded around the space making it look more cramped than vast. She could easily spot her cousin, Draco, sitting in a corner with his head turned away as he tried not to look at her. Peggy looked back at her friend who had her hands on her hips and a raised eyebrow. Hilary was clearly enjoying this attention that she was giving the others. Peggy walked past her and made her way over to the fire and spread out her arms and felt the heat wrap itself around Peggy. She secretly prayed to the fire to give her courage to stand up to her only friend and to make her realize that she is not some child that needs to be scolded.

"Who knows" Peggy shrugged.

"You're lying" Hilary said in a dark tone.

"Maybe I am a prized possession in his eyes" Peggy turned around and folded her arms over her chest.

"You've never once talked to him" Hilary narrowed her eyes.

"Maybe he just has a mad crush on me, is all" Peggy shrugged.

"Why would he ever think of you like that?" Hilary scoffed

"Probably because I'm not easy" Peggy countered.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It doesn't take me one cup of Dragon Scale to get me to lie on my back!"

Hilary's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as people snickered and commented around her. Peggy watched as her best friend drew out her wand and aimed it at her, making everyone in the room back up and gasp. Peggy felt her throat go into her stomach as she realized that her own wand was in her room. Peggy seized up and closed her eyes as she waited for an impact to come. A flash of sea green came behind her eyelids as she heard Hilary let out a shriek, making her open her eyes.

"Never try to curse my cousin again. I swear to you, it will be your last" Draco said as he had his wand still aimed at Hilary.

"You're standing up for a traitor?" Hilary hissed.

"I'm not a traitor, me being at the bottom of the lake proves nothing" Peggy rolled her eyes.

"The mudblood and Krum are not dating, he clearly has an obsession over her. She was at the bottom of the lake like Peggy" Draco said; even though he was using Granger as a way to make Peggy look innocent, it was clear to Peggy that he was disgusted by bringing her up.

"Fine, have it your way" Hilary glanced at Peggy, "But don't think we're going to be friends anymore"

"Why would I want to be with someone who is using me to get to my mom's reputation" Peggy glared.

"Very true" Draco did a side nod.

"I don't need you around anymore... I've got all I need to know now" Hilary smirked as she got up from the couch and left into the crowd.

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