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Bring Me to Life

A Hufflepuff

Draco looked over to his cousin, "Look at this! Can you believe we're here! This is incredible! This is going to be a night to remember!"

"Watch it!" Peggy quickly grabbed onto her cousin and moved him out of the way of a firework, "Contain your excitement, will you?"

"How are you not going insane about this?" Draco looked back to the stadium, "Look at where we are"

Peggy rolled her eyes and shook her head as she dragged her cousin through the crowd. She too was excited to be in the atomsphere of the World Cup but until they found their seats, that was when she was going to show her enthusiasm. She glanced down to her watch and picked up her speed as she realized that she and Draco had 15 minutes to find her uncle. Peggy glanced back to her cousin who still was looking around in awe. She released her hands from his and let the blond walk around aimlessly. Peggy let out a laugh when Draco had to suddenly stop himself from slamming into a pole.

"Watch your step" Peggy told him, "Stop acting like a 5 year old, will you? We need to find your father"

"I would've never have done that to you" Draco mumbled as he walked past her.

"No" Peggy walked in stride with her cousin, "You would've pushed me down the stairs"

"But then you would get me into trouble" Draco countered.

"Because it's so easy to do so" Peggy teased.

"Children" a familiar voice said up ahead, "I trust you made it here alright?"

"For the most part" Draco mentioned, "Aunt Helena gave us quite a scare on dropping us off. She wanted to go and explore the campsite a bit. It took a couple of tries but we convinced her to go back home. Wasn't really easy. Peggy now has to have 3 1/2 hours of training with her tomorrow"

"We have training" Peggy corrected.

"Aunt Helena can be a bit quirky at times" Uncle Lucious raised his eyebrow.

"Try being related to her"

"Yes" Lucious smiled, "Poor Peggy"

Lucious and Draco shared a smile as they both turned and followed the crowd. Peggy let out a huff as she remembered how her mother wanted to kill a few people on sight. She felt almost glad that Bellatrix was still wanted for murder, otherwise, she would've come to this event with wands out and curses blazing. Peggy often dreamed about being together with her family but now she realizes that her mother was borderline insane and her father wouldn't be able to speak five words to keep himself alive. The Lestrange daughter quickly pushed through the crowd in order to keep up with her cousin and uncle.

"Who do you think will win?" Draco questioned.

"Ireland" Peggy piped up.

"Please" Draco scoffed, "The Bulgarians have one of the best Seekers in the world"

"In the Professional Leagues it doesn't matter who catches the Snitch first" Peggy reminded her little cousin.

"She's right, you know" Lucious remarked.

"So who do you think will win then?" Draco asked his father.

"I will let you know once the match is over" Lucious responded.

"That's cheating! Pick one now" Draco and Peggy said in unison, "You always do this, uncle. Ever since we were little"

"That's because I don't want to jinx my team on their chances of winning the World Cup" Lucious replied.

"That means he wants the Irish to win" Peggy spoke up.

"I know my father" Draco looked over to his older cousin, "He was talking about the Bulgarians"

"Blimey, dad, how far up are we?" someone let out, making the three look over to see Arthur Weasley with his sons and daughter.

"I will let you two play with the weasels before the game" Peggy said as she quickly pushed her way ahead of her uncle and cousin to get a good view of their bullying.

"Hi" a voice said from up above her, "You're Peggy, right?"

"Whose asking?"

Peggy looked up to see a teenage wizard staring down at her with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He smiled a little bit brighter when their eyes met. Peggy's face still remained as a stone as she immediately recognized who this person was. He was known as Cedric Diggory, one of the Hufflepuff students.

"My name is Cedric" he began.

"I know who you are" Peggy responded.

"Then why did you ask? Was it to make conversation?"

"Right now, I want to finish my conversation with you. Go away" Peggy glanced at her watch, "The game is going to start in six minutes"

"I'm placing my money on Ireland" Cedric tried again.

"Why do you think I care? I'm not placing any bets on this game. I'm just watching for the fun of it as most people do" Peggy huffed, "Why must it always have to be about money?"

A light laughter came from Cedric which made Peggy even more irritated. She glanced over to her cousin and uncle who still seemed to be quarreling with the Weasels, the mudblood, and the Chosen One. Peggy rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her chest.

"It was a figure of speech" Cedric said slowly, "If I'm bothering you that much, why don't you just go?"

"You first!"

"No" Cedric let out, making Peggy surprised, "I'm waiting for my dad and his friend to stop arguing with your family. Otherwise, I don't know where I'm going"

"Well, I don't know where I'm going either. That's why I'm waiting"

"So I guess we're stuck talking to each other then"

"Not exactly. I can just choose to ignore you"

"Then why aren't you?"

"Don't you know who I am?" Peggy let out impatiently, "Who I'm related to? I'm not stupid, I know that's what people talk about when I'm in school"

Being Bellatrix's daughter wasn't really a given birthright that would make anyone proud but it did make all of the other students keep their distance from her. At first it bothered her but now she uses it to her own advantage.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Cedric asked.

Peggy looked up to Cedric who was still looking at her with bright eyes as if he was still smiling.

"People are usually scared of me because of that" Peggy stammered.

"I'm not" Cedric replied.

Peggy opened up her mouth to let out a snide remark, something she was always prepared to do but nothing came out. Her mouth just stayed frozen as she just realized that Cedric Diggory did what barely no one has ever done in her whole life. She studied him to see if he was just leading her on but the way he brought about himself was almost just and true. Cedric glanced over to his father who waved his hand to him as the others were climbing back up the stairs. His eyes went back over to Peggy who stood motionless from the last thing he had said. He gave her a small smile and a wave as he turned and quickly jogged up the stairs to catch up with his family.

Peggy turned and looked over to her Uncle Lucious and Draco as they both smiled and exchanged sayings that they had said to the Weasley's just a moment ago. Peggy glanced back over to the stairs and tucked her hair behind her ear as she waited for them patiently. With luck, the men didn't see her talking to Cedric. Not because she knew he was a lower wizard but because she didn't really want to explain what had just happened. She didn't really know how to explain it herself.

"Who was that?" her uncle asked as they passed her.

"No one" Peggy responded as she followed them, "Just a boy from school"

"Cedric Diggory" Draco spoke up.

"Diggory, you say?" Lucious let out a laugh, "Amos Diggory's son. Quite a looker, is he not? I wonder if he'll survive tonight"

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