Bring Me to Life


"You did it. I can't believe you did it" Cedric smiled, "I'm really flattered that whole fight was because of me. I didn't think that it mattered that much to Hilary. Then again, she does like having drama wrap around her"

"You've just noticed" Peggy joked.

"I'm very proud that you stood up to her" Cedric wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple, "Everything happens for a reason"

"Will it?" Peggy looked up to him, "How can you be so sure? What will happen now that I'm considered a traitor"

"You're only a traitor if you try to fight against them" Cedric pointed out, "Don't worry so much about them. You do what you want to do"

"My mother will want me on her side or die" Peggy told him.

"So then we leave" Cedric said in a comforting voice.

Peggy looked up to Cedric's eyes and noticed how serious he was under the moonlight. She turned and looked back over to the Hogwarts Castle just beyond the lake. Could she really leave behind the legacy that was built up for her? Peggy tried to recall her fantasies of causing chaos and death but suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She shuddered and leaned back into Cedric as he wrapped his arm around her as if he already knew what was going on through her mind. Peggy felt a small smile form on her lips as she realized that she couldn't really care less about what happens to her parents in the future, just as long as she isn't tied into their demise.

"Can we move to Russia?" Peggy asked.

Cedric let out a light-hearted laugh, "We can move to Russia. Just as long as you finish your final year here"

"Why?" Peggy turned to him.

"You need as much education as possible" Cedric responded as he pulled a strand of hair away from her face.

"I know more about the Dark Arts then you can possibly imagine" Peggy told him, "I probably have the most knowledge on that field then everyone in the Slytherin common room"

Cedric stared at her until she suddenly looked embarrassed and looked back down to her fingers in thought. He knew that she was feeling guilty about talking about the Dark Arts like as if it was something to be proud of. He knew she didn't mean anything by it, Peggy grew up hearing nothing but praises about it. He leaned in and placed his forehead on top of hers as her hair tickled the sides of his face. Peggy let out a little huff as a smile spread across her lips.

"It'll be okay. Just one more year and you will be done" Cedric smiled, "And when you come back, I'll have already bought us a house and have a stable job"

"You're putting a lot of thought into this" Peggy whispered, "Are you sure you can leave your family behind? I don't want you to choose between either me or them"

"They are just a floo powder away" Cedric reminded her, "I know they'll visit. In fact, my father is coming in a couple of days. I'd really love it if you met him. I only told him your first name, I didn't want him to jump into conclusions. I know he'll like you, he's said so himself already"

"You've talked about me to your dad?" Peggy blinked as Cedric nodded, "I didn't think that you have gone to that extent of telling them about me. Are you sure you want them to meet me?"

"Of course I do. He already is excited to see you. I think it'll be good for you" Cedric cocked his head to the side so that Peggy was forced to look at his face, "Please? You don't have to see him ever again if he is horrible to you"

Peggy let out a scoff as she rolled her eyes and looked away from him. She bit her lip as she wondered how Cedric's father would react to her. Peggy realized that she was living her life in fear, the way she always has. She turned to him and let out a big exhale as a smile formed on her lips.

"I would love to met your father" Peggy answered.

"Brilliant!" Cedric beamed as he leaned in and kissed her, "You can't back down from this now"

"Who said I was backing down?" Peggy raised her eyebrow, "I will meet your father the second he comes to Hogwarts. I'm just hoping that you made me look better than my family's reputation has brought me up to be in here"

"He taught me to never judge a book by its cover" Cedric told her, "He's going to have to hold up on his word on that one too. He's a very firm believer on second chances"

"What have you told him about me?" Peggy asked.

"That you were from Slytherin, very hard to get to talk to me but told him I pulled through, and that I've had this insane crush on you since my 5th year" Cedric let out in a very fast breath.

Peggy slowly nodded before her head stopped midway as she jerked and looked over to him. Cedric stared at her with determination and kindness in his eyes and noticed that he was speaking the truth. Peggy gawked as she realized that she was at a loss of words for his last explanation.

"You've fancied me for that long?" Peggy asked.

Cedric nodded, "You were sitting in Three Broomsticks twirling your drink as you were reading a book in the corner. I guess you were waiting for Hilary to show up because you kept on looking up and glancing around the room before finishing your drink and leaving alone.

"I remember that day" Peggy whispered.

"I couldn't work up the nerve to talk to you until finally I decided that I will try my best on my last year at this school... just to see what would happen" Cedric blushed.

"And look at where it got you" Peggy smiled, "You got me out from the shadows, become your girlfriend, and even already having plans on moving to another country together.

Cedric smiled and stroked her face as her cheeks burned under his touch. Tears came to her eyes as she realized how long her boyfriend has loved her and knew that this defied all the odds of what she came to believe about him in the beginning.

"I meant it, Peggy. I want to start a life with you" Cedric stared into her core, "I don't want to just throw this all away and think that it was just some school crush"

"What about the upcoming war?" Peggy asked, "Letters have been coming in from my parents. The Dark Lord is getting stronger and soon things will start to become somber"

"Then we will remain hidden. We will look out for one another" Cedric promised, "Your mother isn't going to take you away from me, understand? She can torture me all she wants but I will never give you up. Whatever decision you make, I will stand by it with full loyalty"

"No one has ever said anything like that before to me" Peggy whispered as she looked down at her fingers again.

Cedric brought his fingers under her chin and made her look at him, "You better start getting used to it because you will be hearing it for a long time. Nothing bad will happen to you as long as I'm at your side"

Peggy smiled tearfully as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with such force that Cedric lost his balance and fell onto his back as he let out a chuckle through his lips.

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