Bring Me to Life

Amos Diggory

Peggy looked up to Cedric, "I want to back out of this. I'm not ready for this. Maybe I can meet him after your final task"

Cedric only laughed as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and still lead her down to the train station. A few students were coming back from Hogsmeade and were very quick to stop in their tracks and whisper to one another. Ever since the Second Task, Cedric and Peggy still have been keeping a low profile on their relationship. Cedric didn't really enjoy the fact that the Slytherin's were on Hilary's side and started to cast glares at both her and Cedric. Peggy felt her heart pump in a fast beat as the train was in site with a small gathering at the deck. Cedric took Peggy's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze to try and calm her down.

"Whatever he says to you, know that it means nothing to me" Cedric whispered to her.

"Well that doesn't really give me that much comfort" Peggy said in a hushed voice.

"Will it give you comfort to know that he is by far one of the most optimistic person I have ever grown to know?" Cedric suggested.

"A little bit. It's just not everyone is the most forgiving type when your last name is Lestrange" Peggy mumbled.

A man broke through the crowd up ahead of them and had his arms out wide in the air with a smile plastered on his face. Cedric smiled just the same and did a light jog, leaving Peggy standing alone to hug the rather short, slightly plump man. If one word could describe anyone, then Peggy would've definitely have picked cheerful for Cedric's father. He had a smile and a twinkle in his eye that fit him almost so naturally that she was pretty sure the man was born with it plastered onto his face. Peggy quickly pulled hair around her face as she tried to make herself invisible at the moment.

"Merlin's beard, she's a lot prettier than you let on, Cedric!" Amos Diggory let out once his eyes set on Peggy.

"Dad, I would love for you to finally meet Peggy" Cedric placed a hand on her back and pushed her forward close to Cedric's father.

"Nice to meet you, sir" Peggy quickly shoved out her hand in arms length.

"Enough with the nonsense! You can call me Amos, my dear" Amos grabbed onto her hands with both of his and gave her a kind smile.

"If you insist" Peggy tried her best to smile, "Cedric has been talking about you nonstop ever since he got the letter that you will be coming to the Final Task"

"He hasn't stopped talking about you since he saw you at the World Cup"


"I had to tell her" Amos let out a chuckle.

"It wasn't really that much" Cedric denied.

"I don't think I believe that" Peggy shook her head, "In the beginning of the year, you were nearly everywhere I was"

"That's because he put a Finding Charm on you. Very clever lad, isn't he?" Amos winked.

"What?!" Peggy turned and looked up to Cedric.

"That's a lie, he made that up!" Cedric quickly yelled out.

"I was just pulling your tail"

"You really need to stop doing that" Cedric scolded his father, "People take you too seriously sometimes. They don't know your humor"

"Which is why I love doing it as soon as I meet new people" Amos countered.

"You must be really tired" Peggy spoke up, "Shall we bring you over to the Headmaster so he could show you to your guest room?"

"Actually, I slept on the train"

"Why don't we all go out to eat?"

"That would be lovely" Amos rubbed his small belly.

"Then you two should go off to Hogsmeade"

"And just where do you think you are going?"

Peggy glanced between Amos and Cedric, "Surely, the two of you would love to have some food right now and it would be a great time to catch up"

"And also to get to know each other. Don't think for a second that I am letting you out of my sight. I've been dying to finally meet you and within five minutes you already want to disappear into the castle" Amos said.

"You want me to join you?" Peggy stammered.

"Of course we do" Cedric wrapped his arm around her waist, "Where do you think we should go?"

"I'm having little flashback memories of this place" Amos sighed, "How about we go to the Hog's Head?"

"That's where you want to go?" Cedric raised his eyebrow, "Out of all the places? I never would once think of you ever going to Hog's Head"

"That's where my first date was with your mother"


"Of course not! But talking about it makes me want to go there more. Come on, I'll pay for tonight" Amos waved his hand out in the direction of Hogsmeade.

"Miss Lestrange, a word, please?" Mad Eye's voice came from the entrance to Hogwarts, making Peggy's heart stop and turn to ice.

Peggy hesitated for a minute as everyone else stood still. She couldn't even look to see Mr. Diggory's face as she turned and walked over to the professor. As she left, she could hear Amos talking in a hushed and hurried voice to his son. She almost felt crushed as she had hoped that Mr. Diggory was everything Cedric claimed he would be.

"Yes, sir?" Peggy asked in a quiet voice.

"Going off into Hogsmeade, are we?" Mad- Eye commented.

Peggy felt her mouth go as dry as a dragon's scale, "Just for a little bit. Mr. Diggory just arrived and we wanted to have dinner with him. We would've been back before curfew anyways"

"And what about your Slytherin friends and what would they think of you if they saw you with them?" Mad- Eye questioned.

Peggy looked up to him in a dark set, "Whatever I tell them. They don't scare me anymore, nor their parents"

"You should really choose your words wisely, Miss Lestrange" Mad- Eye said in a dark tone to the point that it almost scared her.

Peggy squinted her eyes up at Mad- Eye as she suddenly felt like he was changing before her eyes. He didn't look like himself as he glared down to her. Peggy blinked as she noticed a sudden flick of his tongue before he wiggled around.

"Are you alright, Professor?" Peggy asked cautiously.

"I'm fine!" Moody shouted, making Peggy jump back.

"It was just a question" Peggy mumbled as he took a swig of something inside a flask.

"Just be back before curfew" Moody snapped.

"I had no intentions of staying out that long anyways" Peggy replied.

"You just best hope that your mother and the Dark Lord doesn't hear about this" Moody hinted.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Peggy demanded.

Instead of answering her, Moody sneered, turned around and left down to the Castle. Peggy let out a low exhale as a hand was placed on her shoulder, making her jump.

"Easy!" Cedric smiled, "It's just me! Are you alright? What did Moody want to talk to you about?"

"Nothing" Peggy shook her head as she turned toward Hogsmeade, "Let's just go and get something to eat"

"Actually" Cedric responded, making Peggy stop, "My father wanted to talk to me about my mom and family, something's come up"

Peggy rolled her eyes, "You're by far the most terrible liar of them all, Cedric... it was because of my last name, wasn't it?"

"He will come around, I promise" Cedric took a step closer to her.

"No, he wont, just like everybody else" Peggy replied as she turned back over to the Castle, ignoring Cedric calling out her name.

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