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What You Want

"I shouldn't be here" Peggy crossed her arms over her chest, "No one wants me here. The Slytherins thinks I'm a traitor, my best friend is spreading rumors, and for what it's worth, everyone thinks I'm as crazy as my mother. I just want this tournament to be over with so that way I can stay in the shadows where I belong"

"Would you shut up already, Peggy?!" Draco hissed right next to her.

"It's the truth!" Peggy voiced out, "I just want to get out of this place already. I don't really care about who wins or loses in this match!"

The live band started up before Draco could say anything, making everyone around her scream and shout out their favorite contestants names. Peggy tried her best to preoccupy herself by adjusting her coat and rubbing her palms on the side to keep them dry. Amos Diggory ran out and waved up his arm and then waved it over to the entrance. Cedric casually walked out into the field making Peggy feel weak and shaking all over. He noticed that he was scanning the crowd, searching for something, Peggy already knew what he was looking for. But it would be difficult for him to find her as everyone around her was standing up and she was the only student sitting down.

"Lover boy's looking for you" Draco.

"Which is why I'm sitting down! He's got enough stuff on his plate. I don't really think seeing me here would be the best idea" Peggy huffed.

"So that's why you didn't want to come... because of his insane crush on you" Draco smiled.

"Yes" Peggy mumbled as she looked over to him, "You've got it all figured out"

More cheers came as Harry Potter was the last person to enter the arena. Draco quickly stopped clapping and sat down with a hard thump. Peggy felt her eyes transfixed on the 14 year old once again. He smiled and waved nervously to the crowd as he backed up and went to Professor Moody. Peggy cleared her throat and seized up as she noticed that the students were finally going to sit down.

"What do you think is in the maze?" Draco asked.

"I don't know, Draco" Peggy responded, "Something worth concealing. I don't even know what to suggest, maybe spirits or pixies? All I know is that it's not good"

"Whatever it is, I hope its traumatizing" Draco smirked, "I want to see Potter tremble in fear. He soon will once someone from his past comes back"

"So I've heard that the marks were burning all last week" Peggy said nonchalantly.

"Professor Moody hid the trophy somewhere in the maze!" Dumbledore announced, "The contestants will go in on separate times and try to retrieve the trophy. The first one to touch it will be the Triwizard Champion"

People cheered all around as Peggy clapped nonchalantly as she tried to remain stoic as possible. She really wanted to meet with Cedric in the secret room as he kept on pleading to her by owl, but Mr. Diggory's appearance made her remember what was in the outside world. People won't care that Cedric was a contestant, they would only care that she was a soon-to-be Death Eater. That is something that she can not run from even if she tried.

"Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter will go first" Dumbledore announced.

"Diggory, Diggory, Diggory! Harry, Harry!" students shouted out, making Draco roll his eyes, "Shut up"

"Followed by Krum" Dumbledore started, making Draco jump out of his seat, "KRUM!"

Peggy rolled her eyes, "Typical"

"Miss Delacour will be the last to go inside" Dumbledore responded, "Teachers are on the perimeter of the maze. If one contestant needs any help, just simply ignite a red spark. Doing so, also forfeits yourself from the match"

"What do you know" Draco nudged, "He sees you. Wonder what he will do now that he knows you're here"

Peggy furrowed her brow before looking over and noticing Cedric looking right at her. Upon their eyes meeting, Cedric ran up the stands, making people gasp and whisper as to what he was doing. Peggy only got to stand up before Cedric snaked his arms around her waist and kissed her forcefully on the mouth. Peggy cupped Cedric's face, kissing him back causing nearly everyone in the stands to chatter all around them. She felt herself being slightly lifted up causing her to smile as she tasted his kiss with great delight. Cedric broke the kiss and placed his forehead on top of hers as people chattered, cheered, and some even awed at the gesture.

"What was that for?" Peggy asked breathlessly.

"I'm pushing up the date" Cedric responded, "Win or lose. Tonight. We'll leave together. We'll start our life somewhere far away from here"

Peggy gawked, "But you've worked so hard on all of this"

"I don't care" Cedric shook his head, "All I need is you. No one else, alright?"

"We'll leave together" Peggy nodded with tears in her eyes.

"Wait for me at the end" Cedric kissed her forehead, "I'll show you a life without darkness"

Cedric took her hand and kissed it before he walked back down to the arena where all the other contestants were waiting for him. Peggy beamed from ear to ear as she sat down next to her cousin who glared at her.

"What in the bloody hell was that all about?" Draco spat.

"I'm not afraid of the public eye anymore" Peggy looked over to her cousin, "I don't care what people are going to say after tonight"

"It's not what people will say tonight" Draco hissed, "It's what they'll tell your mom. She out of everyone doesn't believe in love!"

"And that will be her downfall" Peggy looked over to Cedric, "But I know who does. He's not afraid to show it"

"Especially in front of Death Eater families" Draco rolled his eyes, "How brilliant"

"Let the Last Task begin!" Dumbledore announced.

Peggy watched as Cedric looked back to her as he walked through the maze on the other side of Harry. As the shrubs went around him, Peggy felt suddenly sick like as if she should go after him. Once the shrubs stopped rustling her body was trembling with overwhelming fear, something wasn't right.

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