Bring Me to Life

A Fake in the Maze

"You realize that people are staring at you. This is what you want? You do realize that hundreds of letters were sent out just because you were in the Black Lake last task" Draco whispered in a hushed voice, "You do realize how strict Slytherin family ties are, don't you?"

"I'm aware" Peggy replied simply.

"But you don't care. Why am I not surprised" Draco huffed.

"Exactly. Why should I let my House control my life. Ask anyone in Slytherin if they would marry me and I can guarantee you the answer" Peggy turned to her cousin.

Peggy looked around and noticed that people quickly stopped crowding around each other and pretended to look out at the maze. She rolled her eyes and turned to see her former best friend staring at her. Lately she's been wondering if Hilary's friendship was ever true to belief. Hilary has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with Peggy. Peggy would find Hilary roughly pushing Peggy out of the way, constantly laughed and mocked at. Peggy couldn't deny the fact that the way her best friend has been acting hurt her extensively as she found that she only had two people to talk to... now she's guessing it's shrinking down to one.

"It doesn't matter" Draco scolded, "We don't believe in love, remember? We only believe in one thing"

"The Dark Lord" Peggy finished, "I've been reciting that saying longer than you have, Draco. Out of everyone, I've been longing for my coronation day. But it wasn't out of faithfulness. It was because I was craving the love of my parents for so long"

Draco let out an exaggerated sigh, "Here we go again"

"Then stop questioning me" Peggy threatened.

"I'm not questioning you" Draco looked around, "I'm scared for you"

Peggy snapped her head over to her cousin and noticed the desperation in his eyes. Has it always been there? She knew that she and Draco have always been close but she never knew that her cousin felt scared for her safety rather than the fear of the mark that Peggy might put on their family name. Peggy gave a small smile and squeezed Draco's hand. He gave her a quick smile too as he grabbed onto hers before quickly moving it away before anyone saw.

"I can take care of myself" Peggy told him, "After this tournament, you won't have to be so concerned of me. Whoever tries to come between me and my happiness will be met with wraith. That's how fiercely I want to fight for this new life I've found"

Draco scoffed, "Your funeral"

"Thanks" Peggy replied.

"What in the bloody hell is taking so long?" Draco sighed.

"I don't really know" Peggy sighed, "But I'm going to go to the bathroom"

"Don't be too long" Draco moved, "You might miss whose the new champion"

Peggy nodded as she walked off the stands and bound down the stairs. She noticed that people became really quiet as she made her way over to the castle. Peggy kept her head held high up as she heard only the tapping of her own heels in the hallway. Suddenly, she was grabbed to the side and slammed into the wall with such force.

"What the bloody hell?!" Peggy spat out.

"I knew there was something between you two" Hilary hissed.

"Yes" Peggy rolled her eyes, "You've figured it all out. Happy?"

"Not yet" Hilary responded, "Not until your mother hears about this"

"I don't care what she thinks, or what you think so just leave it alone!" Peggy snapped.

"I'm pretty sure you will care if she's the one giving you the torture curse" Hilary smirked, "Then your life will be over"

Peggy watched as Hilary strutted away as Peggy rolled her eyes. She straightened up and touched something, making it fall down with a fragile thud. Peggy jumped and gasped as she noticed the Cup was on the floor.

She bent down and picked up the trophy, "What's this doing here? I thought Mad- Eye hid this in the maze"

"That doesn't make any sense" Peggy looked back down the hallway, "Why would it be hidden here? If this is the real one, what's in the maze"

Suddenly, it hit Peggy like the impact of a curse, "A portkey!"

"Cedric!" Peggy dropped the trophy back down onto the ground, "They don't know!"

She walked back over to the arena in hopes of alerting one of the teachers but then skidded to a stop as she remembered that Moody was there and she didn't know what his play was, "Looks like I'm on my own"

Peggy took out her wand and started to continued to run down the hallway as she ran over to the edge of the brush. She looked around and noticed that there weren't any staff that was around to keep a look out for flares, another red flag in Peggy's opinion.

Peggy backed up and pointed her wand at the wall of shrubs, "Incendio!"

Flames flew out of her wand and caught the leaves on fire, creating a pathway for her. Peggy didn't even wait for the fire to separate long enough as she ran through the weak branches and ran at full speed down a pathway, hoping she was either going to get to Cedric on time or just hope that she finds the portkey and deactivates it before anyone can touch it.

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